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Moore Census and Information

A lot of this information is credited to Darrell Wesley Thank You for the Lookups
I have not found proof yet that Thomas P. Moore born 1881 is the Grandson of Fuel Moore
There was a Rev. Thomas P. Moore down the road from Fuel Moore that may have had a son also named Thomas. Page two coming soon censu of other Moore's in White and Saline Co. IL

NOTE: Joab Moore was not the son of John Moore and Sally Goodman there son was Joel. Joel is listed in the 1850 Scott Co. Ky. census Joab Moore was in Saline Co. IL and had been there for quite some time. Sally Goodman later went to Ky from TN.

Joab Moore was born c 1785-87 and died in August 1860 in Saline Co. IL.

-----1830 Christian Co. Ky.-----
Joab Moore
Males 10-15 1
Males 50-60 1
Females 10-15 1
Females 40-50 1

-----1840 Gallaton Co. census-----
Joab More (Moore) males 0-5 2
males 5-10 / 1
males 10-15 / 2
males 16-20 / 1
females 5-10 / 1
females 10-15 / 1
females 15-20 / 2
females 40-50 / 1

Saline County was created from Gallatin County in 1847. The Bramlets and Moores settled in an area of Gallatin County that later became Saline County when the boundaries changed. They didn't move, the boundaries and the county name just changed.

-----1850 Saline Co.IL. Raleigh 33 33-----
Joab Moore 63 M farmer SC
Sarah 52 F
to con't

---- 1860 Saline Co IL. Raleigh PO ----
HH 1015
MOORE, Fewel 50 farmer 1300 360 NC
Elvira 38 IL
Wm. A. 17
John H. 16
Joab 13
Joseph E. 11
Margaret 09
Daniel 07
Lucinda J. 05
Thomas T. 02 could be P.
Willie H. 6/12

-----1860 Head of HouseHold-----
--- 1860 White County Head of Household ---
Hiram 28 KY with wife Elizabeth 23 IL
James 24 KY with wife Sarah 25 KY
William 37 KY with wife Hannah 38 KY
J. J. 36 KY with wife Elizabeth 31 KY
George 50 KY with wife Emily 40 KY
Elijah 65 NC with wife Emily 61 NC
John 39 IL with wife Amanda 35 OH
Samuel 36 IL with wife Tabitha 40 IL

-----1870 Saline Co. IL Census-----
Moore, Fuel 60 M W Farmer 3000 500 NC
Elvira 48 F W Keeping house IL
Margaret 19 F W At home IL
Daniel 16 M IL
Thomas P. 12 M IL
Willis 10 M IL
Robert 8 M IL
Nancy 5 F IL

---- 1880 Saline Co IL. Raleigh Pct ---
HH 59
Elvira wife 56 IL NC KY
Wm H son 20 IL IL KY
Robert son 18 IL IL KY
Nancy dau 16 IL IL KY

HH 65
MOORE, Thomas P. 23 IL IL KY
Nancy wife 16 -- -- --

In between Fuel and Thomas P were :
Wm. A. and wife Jane
John H. and wife Josephine
Joab and wife Martha
Joseph E. and wife Lucretia
Daniel and wife Harriet

-----1880 White Co. IL Census.-----
Page 117 Carmi Township
#118 Moore, John 68 Farmer NC NC NC
Sarah A 66 Wife NC NC PA
Elvira 32 Dau GA NC NC
William G 14 G-son NC NC GA
James H 12 G-son IL NC GA
Columbus G 05 G-son IL NC GA

Thomas P. Moore, eighth child of Elvira Easley and Fuel Moore, was born
circa 1858 in Saline Co., Ill. He died March 13, 1883, and was buried in
Wolf Creek Cemetery. Thomas P. Moore, age 21, married Nancy Elizabeth Bean

---1900 White Co IL. census Carmi Township HH 269 ---
Fam 274
Moore, Columbus C. head Nov 1878 22 M 5 IL IN IN
Margaret A. wife Oct 1880 19 M 5 IL IL IL
3children 1 living
Minnie dau July 1895 04 S IL IL IL

MOORE, James head May 1870 30 m 12 IL GA GA
Jane wife Jan 1873 26 m 12 IL IL IL
John son Feb 1893 07
Green son Jun 1895 05
Mary dau Aug 1899 9/12
4 children 3 living

Fam 275
RENSHAW, Joseph head Oct 1875 24 M 1 IL IL IL
Annie wife Jun 1889 19 M 1 IL IL IL

Fam 276
DEWEASE, William head May 1873 28 M 1 IL -- --
Ora May wife Jan 1885 15 M 1 OH IN OH

-----Hawthorne Township, White County, Illinois 1900-----
Page 146A
June 22, 1900
Martha Miller, head, b Feb 1844, age 56, widow, b IL, parents b TN, laundress
Charles, son, b Aug 1886, age 13, b IL, parents b Germany, farm laborer
Daisy Bramlett, daughter, b June 1886, age 13, b IL, parents b IL, at school
(Martha Miller was the mother of Ida Jordan Bramlet

Illinois Marriages
groom: MOORE, THOMAS S/O Thomas Moore and Elvira
bride: BRAMLET, DAISY D/O Henry Bramlet and Ida Jordan
county: WHITE
date: 07/25/1900
volume/page: 021/

Undocumented if this Thomas Moore was the Grand son of Fuel Moore

----- 1910 White Co IL. Carmi Township HH 192 -----
MOORE, Columbus C. head 35 M1 15 IL PA NC
Margaret A. wife 28 M1 15 IL KY KY
the record shows 0 children 0 living.

MOORE, James head 40 M1 27 IL US US
Jane wife 36 M1 27 IL IL IL 7-6
John son 17
Green son 13
Molly dau 10
Robert son 07
Raymond son 05
Emma dau 0/12

-----1920 White Co. IL. Carmi Township-----
Columbus Head M W 48 Il US LA
Margaret wife F W 38 IL Il KY
Lena dau F W 06 IL IL IL
Eva Dau F W 03 IL IL IL

------More on Columbus Moore (Dink)-----
It was in Enumeration District 171, Carmi Third ward and appears to be First
Street. He is shown as a laborer on the rail road.
Owned his home , free of mortgage.
On the Secretary of states web site there is a Columbus C Moore married to
Margaret A Graves on 05 Feb 1895, found in Vol 019.
According to Harriet Vaught's marriage books for White Co.
Columbus C Moore 21 s/o John Moore and Elvina Moore
Margaret A Graves (Groves?) 15 d/o Nelson Graves and Jane Parks

Source: Deb Dennis---
Also, Daniel David Moore and family moved to Jonesboro, Ark.
Daniel David Moore, sixth child of Elvira Easley and Fuel Moore, was born
May 21/27, 1853, in Raleigh, Saline Co., Ill. He died July 19, 1922, in
Jonesboro, Craighead Co., Ark., and was buried there in Pine Hill Cemetery.
Dan farmed in Saline County before moving his family to Arkansas about
1894-95, They traveled in covered wagons, crossing the Mississippi at Cairo
by ferry boat. Dan married Harriett Ann Garrett on April 7, 1878, in Saline
County. She was born there Oct. 1, 1859, the daughter of Joseph S. Garrett.
She died Dec. 11, 1914, in Jonesboro and was buried in Pine Hill Cemetery.
Daniel Moore, 24/26, born in Illinois to a father born in North Carolina
and a mother born in Tennessee, and wife, Harriet, 20, born in Illinois to
parents both born in Kentucky, are listed in the 1880 U.S. Census for Saline
Co., Ill., with one child: James, 1, born in Illinois. Their children are
James A., Joseph E., Fuel E., Eva C. Nora E., John H., Nancy, Silas E. and
Prudence Elvira Moore.

-----1920 Greene Co. Ar census Shady Grove TWP-----
108/109 Thomas P. Moore H WM 38 M IL GA GA
Daisy W WF 32 M IL IL IL
Roy R. S WM 18 S IL IL IL
Clyde S WM 13 S IL IL IL
John F. S WM 7 S IL IL IL
Christine D WF 5 AR IL IL
Hubert M. S WM 30/12 AR IL IL

-----1930 Greene Co. Ar census Shady Grove TWP-----
(Source) J. Pitt

1930 Greene Co. census, Shady Grove Township; Enumeration District #28-26; Supervisor's District #3; Sheet #2B Dwelling #40; Line 75-84 Enumerated on April 22, 1930
Moore, T. P. Head of family; Rents; does not live on a farm; does not own a radio; male; white; age 49; married at age 19; has not attended school since Sept 1, 1929 and cannot read or write; born in IL; father in IL; mother in GA; can speak English; occupation - tie hacker; industry - timber; class of worker - O(own account); yes for at work yesterday; no for veteran.

Dasy; wife; F; W; 44; M (at age 15); no for school; yes - can read & write; IL; IL; IL
Roy; son; M; W; 28; Wd (married at age 23) no; yes; IL; IL; IL; tie hacker; timber; not a veteran
Clyde; son; M; W; 24; S; no; yes; IL; IL; IL; tie hacker; timber; not a veteran
Johnnie; son; M; W; 18; S; no; yes; AR; IL; IL; no occupation
Christine; daug; F; W; 15; S; no; yes; AR; IL; IL; no occupation
Hubert; son; M; W; 12; S; no; yes; AR; IL; IL; no occupation
Joe; son; M; W; 9; S; no; blank; AR; IL; IL; no occupation
Elvis; son; M; W; 6; S; no; blank; AR; IL; IL; no occupation
Odim, Louis; boarder; M; W; 28; divorced; married at 19; no; yes; AR; AR; AR; tie hacker; timber; not a veteran

NOTE: Thomas P. Moore b. 1881 IL. may well be the grandson of Fuel Moore

(Source Deb Dennis)
-----1850 Wilson County, TN 1978-785-----

-----1850 Jefferson County, GA-----
694 Moore Henry H 30 M
Moore Sarah W 29 F
Moore Mary A D 8 F
Moore Penelope D 6 F
Moore Martha A D 4 F
Moore Etheldred S 1 M
714 Moore Henry H 35 M
Moore Susannah W 35 F
Moore William S 7 M
Moore Freeberry S 4 M
Moore Thomas S 2 M

732 Moore William H 49 M
Moore Martha D 15 F
Moore William S 12 M
Moore Thomas S 9 M
Moore Amanda D 8 F
Moore Lucinda D 6 F
Moore Beniah S 4 M
Moore Sarah J D 2 F

(Living near Fuel Moore)

-----Saline Co. IL.Cottage Grove Precinct, 1880-----
Rebecca, 33, wife, IL TN TN
William F., 8, son, IL IL IL
Linie, 6, dau, IL IL IL

(Source: Deb Dennis)
-----Saline Co.Eldorado Precinct, 1880-----
Angeline Moore and family came to Saline County by 1863. That's when married
again: Mrs. Angeline Moore married Napoleon Choisser on 05/19/1863 MB-A:144.
Napoleon had died by 1880.
Angaline Choisser, 50, widow, disabled, TN VA VA
THOMAS MOORE, 27, son, farmer, TN TN TN
Mary Moore, 21, dau, TN TN TN
Julia Choisser, 15, dau, IL IL TN
Mariah Choisser, 13, dau, at school, IL IL TN
Eva Choisser, 7, dau, IL IL TN
(Looks like this family came from TN between 1859 and 1865)
This Thomas Moore probably is the Thomas C. Moore who married Elizabeth
Endicott on 11/02/1881 in Saline County MB-A 1: 54.
p. 175 & 176
21 Moore, Thomas head Feb 1859 41 M 20 Ind Ind Ind
Netty wife Sep 1862 37 M 20 Ind Ky Ind
Florence M dau Sep 1883 16 S Mo Ind Ind
Freddie O son July 1885 14 S Mo Ind Ind
James L son Dec 1887 13 S Mo Ind Ind
Flettie G dau Aug 1893 7 S Mo Ind Ind
Mary J dau Feb 1896 4 S ILL Ind Ind
Richard son May 1900 1/12 ILL Ind Ind

-----Adams County, Illinois Directory, 1898-----
Thomas P. Moore Farmer Richfield Post Office IL 1892

(Source: Charles Baker Bowman of TX.)
Prairie Farmers Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders, Saline and
Gallatin Counties, Illinois
Moore, Arthur (Ida Bovinet) Ch Lois; "Locust Lea Farm" Harrisburg R1 Carrier Mills Sec 14N O27a (1900)
Moore, Austin (Ruey Hall) Harrisburg R1 Carrier Mills Sec12N O40a Libbie
Moore (1894)
Moore, Bert (Della Allen) Ch Hubert, Gladys, Dorothy, Ronald, Dale, William
A.; Harrisburg R1
Brushy Sec15 T80a W. A. Moore(1880)
Moore, C. John (Louis Harggrave) Ch Kenneth, Frieda; Equality R2 Cottage
Sec23 T80a S. J. Moore (1892)
Moore, George W. (Mary S. Bonds) Silas, *Arlette; Harrisburg R4 Cottage Sec22
nO189a (1859) Independent Tel. Equality
Moore, Harrison (Mary M. Sinsabaugh) Ch *Henry, John, *Clarence; Derby
Mountain Sec.27 O50a (1853)
Moore, Henry (Jennie Tarleton) Ch Paul, Mary, Claude, Ulie; Equality R3
Mountain Sec24 O48a T13a T. L. Ozment (1877)
Moore, James H. (Katie V. Hull) Equality R3 Mountain Sec36N T20a Joseph Moore (1895)
Moore, Jesse (Nettie Abney) ChNina Lee, Anna Haura; Harrisburg R1 Brushy
Sec10 O10a (1895) Independent Tel. Harrisburg
Moore, John T. (Mary Abbott) Ch Jess, *Arthur, *Austin, *Celestia, "South
View Farm" Harrisburg R1 Brushy Sec2 O80a (1897)
Moore, John T. (Aldora Kelley) Ch Evert, Anna, *Elija; West End Tate Sec30 )
148a T148a P. J. Walker (1864) Moore, Joseph (Angeline Barnett) Ch Herman, *James; Equality Star Rte.
Mountain Sec1 )20a T120a W. A. Aydelott (1868)
Moore, J. Perry (Katie Davis) Ch Ralph, Guy, Lawrence, J. P.; Eldorado R3
Eldorado Sec14 )40a (1887) Independenmt Tel. Eldorado
Moore, Milo (Nealie Dempsey) Ch Oral; Equality R3 Mountain Sec12 )50a (1882)
Independent Tel. Equality
Moore, Robert ( Ella Barker) Ch Frieda; "Midway Farm" Harrisburg R5 Raleigh
Sec35 )210a (1868) Independent Tel. Eldorado
Moore,Roy (Ellen Dunn) Ch Pauline, Anna, Grace, Roy, Burtis; Eldorado R1
Eldorado Sec29 T120aW. A. Moore (1893)
Moore, R. M. (Stella Cummins) Ch Norval, *Charles, *Berry E., *Ada, *Lillie,
*James; Equality R1 Cottage Sec15 O96a (1865) Independent Tel. Equality
Moore, Silas ( Callie Barnett) Ch Byford; Harrisburg R4 Cottage Sec23 T189a
G. W. Moore (1887)
Moore, William A. (Margaret M. Lebo) Ch *Harvey, *Bailey, *Bert, *Daisy,
*Alex, *Robert, *Jesse, *Amanda, **Nelson, *Christie, *Mary Belle, *Clyde;
Harrisburg R1 Brushy Sec15 )130a (1859) Independent Tel. Harrisburg
Moore, William A. (Sarah Jane Beamlett) Ch *Andy, *Lloyd, *Leota, *Seward,;
Percy Moore; Eldorado R1Eldorado Sec29 O400a (1856) Independent Tel. Eldorado
Moore, William F. (Phoebe Smith) Ch Edward, Earl, Ernest, Esther; Raleigh
Raleigh Sec15 ) O2 1/2a
(1872) Independent Tel. Raleigh
Abbreviations used in this directory
a - Acres; Ch - Children; O - Owner; T - Tenant or Renter; R - Rural Route;
Sec - Section;

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