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Source of Bramlet information Deb Dennis

Larkin Bramlet
Born: c 1810 Kentucky Parents: ? Died: c 1840-44 White Co., Ill. (no probate records) Buried: ? White Co., Ill. Marriage: Lydia Caroline "Liddie" Berry Marriage Date/Place: Nov. 19, 1830, White Co., Ill. Born: c 1814 Died: post-1860--pre-1870, White Co., Ill. Buried: ? probably Carmi Township Children: Sanford E., Sarah E., Edwin M. Marriage 2 for Liddie: Felix G. Harris Marriage Date/Place: March 14, 1844, White Co., Ill. Born: c 1812-13 Died: post-1870 Children: Dolly J. Harris (married Robert Rice)

Proof of Sanford's parents, you can find it only in one record in White County--his brother Edwin's 1870 probate records in Box 156 in the courthouse in Carmi--because Sanford isn't enumerated or named with his parents (Larkin and Liddie) in any census record. Sanford is named as a brother and heir in those 1870 probate records. For proof of Edwin's parents: Edwin is listed with his mother and stepfather in the 1850 census. (Larkin and Liddie married in 1830, Larkin died c 1840-44, and Liddie second married Felix G. Harris.) Also named as an heir in 1870: Edwin's nephew James Robert Jameson. James is the son of Sarah E. Bramlet and William C. Jameson. They married in 1854 in White County. Sarah had died by 1870. Proof of Sarah's parents: Sarah is listed with her mother and stepfather in the 1850 census. And half sister Dolly J. Rice also is named as an heir in Edwin's 1870 probate records. Larkin married Caroline Lydia "Liddie" Berry on Nov. 19, 1830, in White County. Their marriage was recorded. They had three children: Sanford, Sarah E. and Edwin M. Then Larkin died c 1843-44, and Liddie married Felix G. Harris on March 14, 1844. Their marriage was recorded. They had a child named Dolly J. Harris. Dolly married Robert Rice. (Dolly is half sister "Dolly J. Rice" who is named as an heir in Edwin M. Bramlet's 1870 probate records.) Now if I could just find proof of Larkin's father. As I've said before, I think he is William who went to Lawrence Co., Tenn., but I'm not sure. And that William probably is the son of Elizabeth and William Sr. of Fauquier Co., Va., and Laurens Dist., S.C. I'm thinking Larkin, Henry, Joel and probably James who all lived in White County in the 1830s-40s are brothers. And the names Larkin, Joel and Sanford are names that are used over and over in Elizabeth and William Sr.'s family

Census data:
Liddie C. Harris, 36, and husband, Felix Harris, 38, farmer with $100 worth of real estate, head of the family, are listed in the 1850 Census for White Co. Ill., with three children: Sarah E. (Bramlet), 16, and Edwin M. (Bramlet), 14, (children of Larkin) and their child Dolly Harris, 2. Lydia C. Harris, 46, and husband, Felix, 48, head of the family, are listed in the 1860 Census for Carmi Township, White Co., Ill., with one child: Dolly J., 12. All were born in Illinois. Felix Harris, 57, is listed in the 1870 Census for Carmi Township, White Co., Ill., as head of a family that includes Dollie Rice, 22, and her husband, Robert Rice, 27, and their daughter, Ann, 2. All were born in Illinois.

Sanford U. Bramlet
Sanford U. Bramlet Born: March 27, 1831, White Co., Ill. Parents: Larkin Bramlet and Lydia Caroline "Liddie" Berry Died: Oct. 17, 1872 Buried: Sumpter, White Co., Ill. War Service: Mexican War, 1847-48, Capt. Lawler's Company. Civil War, private, Company B, 29th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, U.S. Army: enlisted Aug. 12, 1861, Carmi; mustered in Aug. 19, 1861, Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill.; discharged Nov. 6, 1865; pension 171.508, certificate 286.461, filed Jan. 5, 1872, in Illinois; wife, Mary (Sumpter) Bramlet, widow's pension, 269.655, certificate 211.961, filed in June 1880 in Illinois, $36.

Marriage 1: Mary Ann Sinks, Aug. 8, 1853, White Co., Ill. Born: ? Died: c 1855-56 (may have died in/shortly after child birth) Children: Henry Bramlet, born c 1855-56

Marriage 2: Melissa Wade 1856. Divorced 1858. Children: none?

Marriage 3: Mary Sumpter, May 28, 1859, White Co., Ill. Born: c 1830 Illinois Died: Oct. 14, 1908, White Co., Ill. Children: Edwin M., born c 1860, Sanford "Samuel" Jr., born c 1861-62

Census data:
Sanford Bramlet, 27, born in Illinois, farmer, and wife, Mary (Sumpter), 26, born in Illinois, 1860 Census, Mill Shoals, White Co., Ill., and two children: Henry, 5, and Edward, 4/12. Also listed: William E./W. Patrick, 26, farmer, and wife, Elizabeth A. Patrick, 29, and their children: James R. Patrick, 6, and William F. Patrick, 2. All were born in Illinois.
(Note: Henry, 5, is Daisy's father.)
Mary (Sumpter) Bramlet, 49, born in Illinois to a mother born in Virginia and father born in Pennsylvania, widow, 1880 Census, Carmi Township, White Co., Ill., and three children, all farm laborers born in Illinois to parents who were both born in Illinois: Henry, 25; Edwin, 20; and Sanford, 19.
(Note: Henry, 25, is Daisy's father.)
Mary Bramlet, 69, born in Illinois to a father born in Pennsylvania and a mother born in Virginia, in her son Sanford/Samuel Jr.'s household in the 1900 Census, Carmi Township, White Co., Ill.

Sanford U. Bramlet son of Larkin Bramlett and L. Caroline Berry married Mary Ann Sinks
in White County Illinois, the parents of Henry Bramlet born 1855 White County Illinois.
I'm sure that this is the parents of Henry Bramlet
My Uncle Elvis A. Moore recalls going to see him in Carmi IL. when he was 7
years old this would have been 1931 or 1932. He also Recalls Henry Bramlet being Blind
He stated that Henry died about a year after his father Thomas P. Moore Jr. died.
Thomas died in 1935.All the information I have found indicates that Henry was the son of Sanford U.
Bramlet and Mary A. Sinks.

Sanford U. Bramlett/Bramlet, Pvt, Pvt, Co B, 29th Regt, IL Inf; Residence: Carmi, Ill., Enlisted there 12 Aug 1861; Mustered in 19 Aug 1861, Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill.; Discharged 6 Nov 1865; Also served in Mexican War 1847-48 [Son of Lydia Caroline Berry and Larkin Bramlett of White Co., Ill., and husband of Mary Ann Sinks and Mary Sumpter, born 27 Mar 1831, died 17 Oct 1872, buried Dasher-Sumpter Cem, Sumpter, White Co., Ill., soldier's headstone: "Co. B 29 Ill. Inf."]. National Archives Service Record: Bramblet Sanford 29 Illinois Infantry. B Private Private 000539 0009 00003086; Bramlet Sanford 29 Illinois Infantry. B Private Private Bramblet Sanford 000539 0009 00003112; Bramlet Sanford 29 Illinois Infantry. B Private Private Bramblet Sanford 000539 0009 00003112.
Sanford Bramlet, private, Captain Lawler's Company, an independent company, enlisted Aug. 13, 1847,0 at Shawneetown, Gallatin Co., Ill. (page 310).

Henry Bramlet
Henry Bramlet son of Sanford Bramlet and Mary Ann Sinks married Ida Jordan circa 1885.
Poor house 1920 census
Henry Bramlet married Ida Jordan circa 1885. Ida was the daughter of George Jordan and Martha A. (Yates)Jordan, later Martha married Harmon Miller.

NOTE: The story of Henry going blind and being in the Poor Farm in Carmi is consistant with the stories from family members of Thomas P. Moore Jr. and Mollie (Daisy) Bramlet. Meeks H. Bramlett talked to Henry in 1923. FACT 1: Henry was visited by Daisy and family in 1931 or 1932.
FACT 2: Henry died about 1 year after Thomas P. Moore Jr. Thomas died in 1935.FACT 3:
Henry was in the poor farm and he was blind or almost blind this could be why Meeks didn't
say Henry was blind in his book, Maybe Henry could see, but just not good.

Daisy Bramlet
born: Mollie Madge Bramlet
The daughter of Henry Bramlet and Ida Jordan.Born 3 June 1887 White Coutny Il. is listed in the 1900 White County census for Hawthrone TWP as 14 living with her grand mother Martha,Miller

Hawthorne Township
264/267 Miller, Martha A. head Feb 1844 56 Wd --- Ill Tenn Tenn
Charles son Aug 1886 13 Ill Ger Ger
Bramlet, Daisy dau Jun 1886 13 Ill Ill Ill

She is also Listed in the City of Carmi:
City of Carmi
203/206 Miller, Martha head Feb 1844 56 Wd 7-1 Ill Tenn Tenn
Charles son Aug 1886 13 Ill Ger Ill
Bramlet, Daisy g-dau Jun 1886 14 Ill Ill Ill
The second census City of Carmi shows the right information Daisy WAS NOT Martha's Daughter

NOTE: Daisy's birth name was Mollie Madge but her father called her Daisy and she used this name all her life it's even on her headstone.

Mrs. Ida Bramlett" second married Caleb P. Blagg on Oct. 14, 1888, in White Co., Ill. He was born circa 1850 in Illinois. Their child is Claude Blagg, born circa 1892 in Illinois. Caleb and Ida must have divorced circa 1892-94, and Caleb married again to a woman named Annie. They are listed in the 1900 White Co., Ill., census with four children, including the oldest, Claude, 8, born in Illinois. CALEB BLAGG IDA [Mrs] BRAMLETT MD 14 Oct 1888 White IL JASPER JAMERSON IDA MAY JORDAN MD 15 Aug 1896 White IL

My own conclusion not a part of Deb Dennis's work
Thomas Paytney Moore
Born 1881 in Carmi White County IL. to Thomas P. Moore and Elvira Moore. Though I have not found the information needed to confirm the following, I do have first hand stories from a son my father Hubert Melvin Moore of Fuel Moore, Elvira and Nancy Bean so I am almost sure there is a close tie in to the families.
As new information if any comes up I will update.(Spelling of midle name not for sure)
Thomas P. Moore married Mollie (Daisy) Madge Bramlet, in Carmi White County IL. on 25 Jul 1900 this from a copy of there marriage license. Moving to Greene County Arkansas in 1914. In the 1920 Greene Co. census Thomas is listed as being born IL with both parents born GA. I feel this information is wrong. Thomas P. Moore died 23 Feb. 1935 in Fontaine Greene County Ar. and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery simply as T. P. Moore.
THOMAS MOORE to DAISY BRAMLET MD 25 Jul 1900 White IL. Source Marriage License Copy
Mollie Madge Bramlet, Moore,Hays wife of Thomas P. Moore was born 1887 in Carmi, White County IL. the daughter of Ida Jordan and Henry Bramlet. After Thomas P. Moore's death in 1935 Daisy remarried Albert Hays 1947 in either Greene County or Clay County Ar.
Mollie Hays died 5 July 1950 in Peach Orchard Clay County Ar. She is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery Fontaine Greene County Ar. Mollie was buried as Daisy Moore by Thomas's side.

Thomas P. Moore Sr.
Thomas P. Moore Sr. married Elvira ?? the marriage of the son shows her maiden name as Moore
After Thomas Died about 1883 to 1885 Elvira may have married Andrew J. Kirk in White County IL
ANDREW J. KIRK ALVIRA [Mrs] MOORE MD 05 Feb 1891 White IL.
The name may be a type "O" Elvira/Alvira and Andrew moved to northern Ar. where she may have died Mid 1920's.
Andy then moved back( This has to be true because my father stayed with them in Ar. where he was born.
to White County Il. where he died in 1929 ( still researching)
NOTE:(In question) Could it be that Thomas Moore husband of Nancy Bean married in 1879 are the same person? This Thomas was the son of Fuel Moore. There dates of birth and of death are so close if not the same?

Source: B. David Duncan:
1 Thomas P. MOORE b: Abt. 1859 in Saline County, Illinois
.. +Nancy BEAN b: Abt. 1866 in Saline County, Illinois m: November 4, 1879
......... 2 Thomas P. MOORE b: 1881 in Carmi, Illinois
............. +Molly Madge Daisy BRAMLET
End Source B. David Duncan (NOTE: Undocumented)

Moore's who moved from Illinois to Arkansas
Source: Deb Dennis

W. Elbert Moore, son of Joab, did move to Jonesboro, Ark., circa
1914 or so. Here is what I know about him, which is not too much:
W. Elbert Moore, second child of Joab and Martha A. (Smith) Moore, was born
circa 1874 in Saline Co., Ill. He is listed in the 1880 U.S. Census as being
the same age as his brother George M. Moore; however, he probably was born
about a year earlier. Elbert's first wife, name unknown, died circa 1914.
They probably married circa 1893, most likely before 1900 since he is not
listed with his parents in the census that year. (She may be Icey Moore,
born in 1893 and died in 1914, who is buried in Bramlet Cemetery. Or Icey Moore
may be Isaac Moore, below, whose two sons are buried in Bramlet Cemetery;
no one seems to know who Icey is for sure.) Elbert then left the
area and lived in Jonesboro, Ark., but later returned to place markers on
his familyıs graves in Bramlet Cemetery. His second wife is named Pearl.
Elbert's children are Bonnie Moore, born in 1912 and died in 1914; Thelma
Moore, Infant of W. E. Moore; and Bettie Moore, Infant of W. E. Moore, who
are buried in Bramlet Cemetery near their grandparents, Joab and Martha Moore.
End Source: Deb Dennis

Thomas P. Moore b. 1858 Saline Co. IL not listed here because he didn't move to Ar.
There seem to big a large move in 1914 of Moore's from IL to Ar.
Where was Thomas P. Moore Jr. b. White Co. IL.he only shows up one time in IL. 1900
marriage didn't leave IL. until 1914 moved to Greene Co. Ar. or

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