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If you know of names to add please E mail them to me I will get them on the list My goal is to get as many family marriages as possible

Larkin Bramlet to Lydia "Liddie" Berry 19 Nov. 1830 White County IL.*
Sanford U. Bramlet to Mary Ann Sinks 8 Aug. 1853 White County IL.*
Marriage #2: Melissa Wade Divorced 1858 White County IL.?
Marriage #3: Mary Sumpter 28 May 1859 White County IL.
Thomas P. Moore Sr. to Elvira Moore about 1880 White County IL*
George Jordan to Martha Yates 24 Oct 1867 White County IL.
Harmon Miller to Martha Jordan White County IL.
Caleb Blagg Ida [Mrs] Bramlet MD 14 Oct 1888 White County IL.
Jasper Jamerson Ida May Jordan MD 15 Aug 1896 White County IL.
Henry Bramlet to Ida Jordan circa 1885 White Co IL*
William Clayton to Lucinda V. McGee 3 may 1848 Lawerance County TN.
George W. Clayton to Thenie E. Jones 31 July 1887 Ar.
Andrew J. Kirk To Alvira/Elvira Mrs. Moore 5 Feb. 1891 White County IL.*
Thomas P. Moore Jr. to Mollie (Daisy) Madge Bramlet White County IL 25 Jun 1900*
Albert Hays to Mollie M. Bramlet (Moore) 1947 Clay County Ar.
Frank J. Howard to Angeline circa 1880? Ar. *
Frank J. Howard to Wyoman (Omie) Mitchell abt 1880 Ar.*
Silas R. Maple to Martha L. Clayton 31 May 1908 Greene County Ar.
George W. Howard to Ines E. Maple 3 Feb. 1929 Greene County Ar.
George W. Howard to Gracie Jackson 1918 Greene County Ar.
Leonard (Buck)Maple to Lida ? Greene Co. Ar.
Raymond Maple to Lorane ? Lawerence County Ar.
Elmer Maple to Thelma ? Greene Co. Ar
John G. Bush to Ines Howard 19 Sept 1953 Dunklin County Mo. (Cardwell)
Lawerance Risinger to Ines Bush 197? Dunklin County Mo.
Leroy R. (Roy) Moore To Lorene Neil ? Greene County Ar
Clyde C. Moore to Opal Maple Greene County Ar.
Clyde C. Moore to Louise Veal Greene County Ar.?
John F. (Johnnie) Moore to Osie Maple Ar. or MO.
Hubert M. Moore to Gay Maple about 1941 Craighead County Ar.
Hubert M. Moore to Violet V. Howard 9 March 1946 Craighead County Ar.
Christine T. Moore to Thomas Songer AR.
Joe V. Moore to Ruth Songer (1) Lawrence or Craighead County Ar.
Joe V. Moore to Sylvia Stone 197? Craighead County Ar.
Elvis A. Moore to Earlene Songer 11 Aug 1943 Craighead County Ar.
Frank J. Howard to Ernestine Howlett 19?? Dunklin Co. Mo
Lafe Gray to Flora Maple Ar or Mo
Charlie N. Howard to Dorathy Webb Mo.
Charlie N. Howard to Lilly Henson 1953 Greene County Ar.038 0593
John F.(Johnnie) Moore to Osie Maple Ar. or Mo.
Edward F. Howard to Rachell Sheets Dunklin Co. Mo.?
Cleo Dean to Gay Maple (Moore)
Howard Avon to Parnell Mary 028 0536 1942 Greene County Ar.
Howard Avon to Burnett May 033 0598 1947 Greene County Ar.
Howard Avon to Gates Mildred 044 0218 1966 Greene County Ar.
Howard Avon to Gates Mildred 044 0256 1966 Greene County Ar.
Howard Avon F. to King Mary H. 030 0613 1944 Greene County Ar.
Howard Avon F. to Puckett Nellie 032 0328 1946 Greene County Ar.
Howard George to Jackson Gracie 016 0091 1919 Greene County Ar.
Howard George to Maples Inez 021 0333 1929 Greene County Ar.
Howard Nation to Lively Ella M. 035 0153 1949 Greene County Ar.
Howard Valentine to Jackson Pearl 015 0457 1918 Greene County Ar.
Howard Tine to Skaggs Irene 032 0620 1946 Greene County Ar.
Howard Worlick to Dough Dorothy M. 024 0397 1934 Greene County Ar.
Howard Yukon to Fortson Verna L. 033 0056 1946 Greene County Ar.
Norman Eugene (Bill) Hodges 18 to Lela G. Samons 16, 12 Oct 1940 Success Clay County Ar.
Edmond R. Davis b. Ky. 1850 to Mary T. Jones after 1882 Memphis TN
Jewel R. Davis to Lela G. Samons 29 June 1949 Clay County Ar.
Lydia Myers had prev. marriages Myers
Robert M. Davis to Lydia Myers 1922 Randolph County Ar.
Robert M. Davis to Flora Belle McCall Abt. 1902 Clay County ? Ar.

* Still Researching
** Lived in Rockford IL. or

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