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The Mysterious Moore's of Georgia
or Illinois or
Where did they come from where are they Now

Undated Jan 31, 2004

My Name is Ronnie Moore, I started my reaserch on my Moore's 6 years ago. Just thinking I would make this (fun yea sure) but soon got hooked on finding the Moore families. Where I started was in a small cemetery in Greene County Arkansas. Not knowing anything about the family made the starting hard to do but thought I would give it a try. There were Two headstones of my grand parents Thomas Moore (TP) and Daisy Moore.
Thomas P. Moore was born 19 May 1881 in Carmi, White County Illinois. The son of Thomas P. Moore Sr. and Elvira Moore both born Georgia. Thomas P. Moore Jr. was called T P all his life from shortly after his birth because of the two same names. Thomas's dad died when he was real young so he never knew who his dad really was. Thomas P. Moore Sr. died about 1885 in IL.
On July 25 1900 Thomas P. Moore Jr. married Daisy Bramlet daughter of Henry Bramlet and Ida Jordan. Dasiy was raised by her grand mother Martha Yates, Jordan,Miller. After many months of searching We have connected Daisy to who her real dad was Henry Bramlet son of Sanford Bramlet. I found that her real name was Mollie Madge Bramlet b. 3 June 1887 in Carmi, White County IL. Thomas and Daisy had children in Illinois Leroy r. b. 1902, Clyde C. b. 1906
John F. (Johnny) b. 1912 or 13. They had two other sons Henry and Harrison one in 1901 and one in 1903, One of the sons died at birth maybe Henry and the other lived to be about a year old. They are both burried around Carmi IL.
In 1914 Thomas and Daisy moved to Greene County Ar. where they had more children. Christine T. 1915, Hubert M. 1917, Joe V. 1920, amd Elvis A. 1924.
Thomas P. Moore Jr. died 23 Feb. 1935 and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Fontain Ar. Later in 1947 Daisy remarried to Albert Hays. On 5 July 1950 Dasiy past away in Peach Orchard Ar. and was taken by family back to Fontaine Ar. and buried beside Thomas as Daisy Moore.
The 1920 Greene County Ar. census says that Thomas P. Moore was born IL. with both parents born GA. but I think the information may be wrong.
Thomas and Elvira Moore nor Thomas and Daisy Moore could not be found on any southern Illinois census from 1880 through 1910. Also I was told that the Moore name was Irish with maybe a little Dutch thrown in.

Just my thought but I think I'm right!

There are so many things that fit to the Joab/Fuel Moore lines in Saline County Illinois Fuel had a son named Thomas P. Moore married Nancy Bean, They had a daughter Emma Moore in Saline County IL. Here also Thomas P. Moore Sr. died about 1885 in IL. There are to many common names that match on these lines to just say they don't fit. On the marriage of Thomas Moore to Daisy Bramlet it stated that he was the son of Thomas Moore and Elvira Moore. Maybe Elvira was the grandmother and just signed the licenses because his father had died in 1885. I have found some other family tree files that line all these names up but the Elvira name is a mystery and also the place of birth as Georgia.
Remember this is just my thoughts and should not be used as true but just something to go on kind of a place to start again.
I have found that Elvira Moore in White Co. IL. 1880 she was the mother of Thomas P. Moore b. 1881 no marriage record found, but from the family info. I think Thomas P. Moore b. 1855 the 8th child of Fuel Moore and Elvira Moore of GA. had a son out of wedlock. ( just a thought)

If there is anyone that can help me on this research of the Mysterious Moore's of where ever please contact me at my E-mail below.
Notice the Date matches on the Thomas P. Moore's. The Moore names and Bramlet names appear to go back a long way in the family history.

Thomas P. Moore b. 19 May 1881 White County IL.
I have it later that after Thomas Sr. died his wife married Andrew J. Kirk there is a record of 1891 mariage of Andrew Kirk to Alvira (Mrs) Moore maybe Elvira? They married and moved to Ar where she died and Andy moved back to White County where he died in 1929. My uncle remembered my dad going over to there house and staying for days they'd have to go bring him home.
This is just thought on Fuel Moore and should not be used as fact unless it can be proved!

NOTE: Joab Moore was not the son of John Moore and Sally Goodman there son was Joel. Joel is listed in the 1850 Scott Co. Ky. census Joab Moore was in Saline Co. IL and had been there for quite some time. Sally Goodman later went to Ky from TN.

I have made so many great connections to some of the lines of Davis, Songer, Davis 2nd line, Clayton, Howard, Samons/Sammons, Bramlet with lots of help from Deb Dennis of IL. Great resource for Bramlet information. But the Moore's are still out there and I hope someday to break though the wall.


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