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Joab Moore---b.1823 KY. d.1896 Saline Co. IL.
Fuel Moore---b.1810 TN. d.1883 Saline Co.IL. Thomas Moore Sr.---b.abt 1858 d.abt 1883 White Co. IL
Larkin Bramlet/tt--d. 1840-44 White Co. IL.
Caroline Lydia Berry/Bramlett--b.c 1814--d.between 1860/1870 White Co. IL. wife of Larkin
Sanford Bramlet/tt--b. 27 March 1831--d.17 Oct. 1872 Sumpter Cemetery, White Co IL
Mary Ann Sinks--b??--d.1855-56 White Co. IL. first wife of Sanford
Mary Sumpter--b.1830--d.14 Oct 1908 prob. Sumpter Cemetery White Co. IL. 3rd wife of Sanford
Henry Bramlet--b.1855--d.19 Jun 1936 Maple Ridge Cemetery, White Co. IL.
Henry Moore--b.1901? d.1901? White County IL. son of Thomas and Daisy Moore
Harrison Moore--d. 1903? White County IL. son of Thomas and Daisy Moore
Ernestine Howard--b. 193?--d. 199? Rockford, IL. wife of Frank Howard
Robert Novotny--d. 199? Rockford IL. Husband of Glenda Howard
Rhonda Byers--b.28 May 1970--d.9 Jun 1970 Mem. Gardens Rockford IL.(North Park)


Elvira/Alvira Moore/Moore/Moore/Kirk wife of Thomas P.Moore Sr.b.1861 Lumpkin Co. Ga. d. 1928 Ravenden Ar. Opposition Cem. Lawrence Co. Ar.
Thomas P. Moore---b. 19 May 1881---d. 23 Feb. 1935 Shady Grove Cemetery, Greene Co. Ar.**
Daisy Bramlet/Moore-b. 3 Jun 1887---d 5 Jul. 1950 Shady Grove Cemetery, Greene Co. Ar.** Parents of Leroy,Clyde,Christine,Hubert,Joe,and Elvis
Roy Moore--b.1902--d. 1974 Whittaker Cemetery Lawerence Co. Ar.
James Moore--b.0000---d.0000 Whittaker Cemetery Lawerence Co. Ar. son of Roy Moore
Clyde C. Moore--b.6 Jan 1906--d.13 may 1959 Old Military Cemetery, Lawerence Co. Ar.
Joe Moore---b.26 Jun 1920--d. 14 Apr 1993 Crossroads Cemetery Greene Co. Ar.
Ruth Songers/Moore--b.1917--d.1960 Crossroads Cemetery Greene Co. Ar. wife of Joe Moore
(Together forever)
Elvis A. Moore b. April 02, 1924, d. Dec. 31,2005, buriel Lorado Cem. Greene Co. AR.
Edna Erlene Songer/Moore wife of Elvis b. Sept 23, 1925, d. July 07, 2009, buriel Lorado Cem. Greene Co. Ar.

Mt Home Cemetery Greene Co. Ar.
Frank J. Howard b.Oct. 09, 1872--d. Dec. 18, 1927 Mt. Home Cem.
Angeline Wyoman (Omie) Mitchell b.Nov. 13, 1876 IN. d. Dec. 06, 1947 Mt. Home Cem. Wife of Frank J. Dau of Isiah Mitchell
Howard George M. 1899 1953
Howard Irene (Skaggs) Jun 16,1910 Nov 8, 1968, 2nd wife of Valentine
Howard Valentine Oct 9, 1885 Oct 23,1984
Howard Edward Franklin (paul) Nov 16,1920 Aug 12,1944 Son of George Howard
Howard Pearlie (Aranes) 1888 Jul 8,1946 Age 58 Y. 3 Mo. 2 da.
Howard Tennie Nov 6, 1878 Aug 8, 1964
Howard Nation V. Apr 5, 1929 Jul 26,1989
Howard Vernon "Natior" 1929 Jul 26,1989
Howard Gracie (Jackson) 1905 Apr 2, 1952 1st wife of George M. Howard
Mitchell Isiah Feb 24,1834 Feb 11,1876
Mitchell Sarah May 13,1838 Aug 1, 1903
(End Mt.Home Cem.)

George W. Clayton b. 19 Mar 1864--d. 12 Jan 1950 Clay Co. Ar.
William Clayton--b. 28 Mar 1806--d. 1 Oct 1885 Randolph Co. Ar.
Lucinda V. O Jane McGee d. between 1910 and 1920 maybe Ar.
William W. Clayton--b.Sept 26, 1893--d. Aug. 18 1974 Jones Ridges Cemetery Greene Co. Ar.
Leonard Maple--b. 16 Aug 1913--d. Jan 1985 Lorado Cemetery Greene Co. Ar.
Lidia C.Maple--b. Nov. 12, 1912--d. 1990 Lorado Cemetery Greene Co. Ar.
Alvin C.Maple--b. 1944--d. 1988 Lorado Cemetery Greene Co. Ar. son of Leonard and Lidia Maple
Donald Wayman Maple--b.Oct 14, 1947 d. Sept. 29, 2007 Lorado Cem Greene Co. Ar.
James Sammons--b. Mar 1816 d. after 1903 Cox, Parker, Samons Cemetery Maynard Ar.
Parmelia E. Hurn,Sammons-b. 12 Jun 1836--d.13 May 1852 Cox,Parker,Samons Cem. Maynard Ar. wife of James Sammons
Simon Peter Samons--b. 11 May 1862--d. 14 Sept 1944 Cox,Parker,Samons Cem. Maynard Ar.
Margine J. Parker,Samons--b. 14 Oct 1877--d .29 Jun 1951 Cox,Parker,Samons Cem Maynard Ar. wife of Simon Peter Samons
Horace M. Samons--b. 3 Jan 1898--d. 17 Jan 1967 Hitt Cemetery Success, Clay Ar.
Emily G. Gould Samons--b. 19 Apr 1904--d. 14 Nov 1962 Hitt Cemetery Success Ar. Wife of Horace Samons
Audis R. Samons--b. 10 May 1932--d. 13 Jan 1990 Hitt Cemetery Success Ar.
Helena U. Tyler,Samons--b. 6 Dec 1932--d. 21 Oct 1992 Hitt Cemetery Success Ar. Wife of Audis R.


Edward Howard b. 1948 Dunklin Co. Mo. d. Jan. 21, 2006 buriel: Elm Hill Cem. Huntsvill Al. Son of George and Ines Howard


John F. (Johnny) Moore--b.1913--d. 19?? in Ca. Maybe near Brisbane
Osie Maple/Moore--b.????--d.???? maybe near Brisbane wife of Johnny Moore
Johnny Franklin(Mack) Moore--b.????--d. 1962 San Mateo Ca. son of Johnny and Osie Moore
Christine Moore/Songers--b.1914/15--d.???? Ca. prob near Brisbane Ca. wife of Thomas Songers
Thomas Songers--b.????--d.---prob. near Brisbane Ca


Hubert Melvin Moore b. 26 Sept 1917--d.17 Apr 1985 Hickory Grove Cemetery Grove Ok.
Violet V. Howard Moore b. 20 Jan 1930--d. 18 Feb 1993 Hickory Grove Cemetery, Grove Ok. wife of Hubert
Children of Ronnie and Cathey Moore
Samantha Joe Moore--b. 27 Nov. 1971--d.28 Nov 1984 Hickory Grove Cemetery Grove Ok.
Ronnie Joe Moore Jr.--b. 15 Apr 1977--d.28 Nov. 1984 Hickory Grove Cemetery Grove Ok
Jewel R. Davis--b. 14 Feb 1925--d. Jun 1984 Hickory Grove Cemetery Grove Ok


Ines E. Bush--b. 14 Mar 1911--d. 8 Mar 1986 Cardwell Cemetery, Dunklin Co. Mo.
John G. Bush--b. 4 Mar 1898--d. 28 Aug 1969 Cardwell Cemetery, Dunklin Co. Mo.
Silas R. Maple--b. 27 Jun 1886--d.Jan. 1969 Cardwell Cemetery, Dunklin Co. Mo.
Martha L. Clayton--b. 12 Jan 1892--d. 4 Sept 1968 Cardwell Cemetery, Dunklin Co. Mo
Flora Maple--b. 1 Jan 1910--d. 25 Apr 1963 Cardwell Cemetery, Dunklin Co. Mo.
Elmer W. Maple--b.15 Jan 1922---d. 27 Mar 1985 Cardwell Cemetery, Dunklin Co. Mo.


Thenie E. Jones b. 1870--d. before 1920 maybe GA.

** Daisy-- Mollie Madge Bramlet daughter of Henry Bramlet and Ida Jordan
NOTE: Daisy was married to Albert Hays when she died but was buried as Moore

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