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Local Boy Hit by Car

From the early 1960's


A 14 year old boy was seriously injured last night when

he ran in front of and was struck by an automobile at the nortern

city limits on Highway 25.

Authorities at Dunklin County Memorial Hospital reported today

that Edward Howard, son of Mrs. Inez Bush of 1708 Harris St. was

in serious condition. He sustained a fractured right arm, laceration of the tongue,

and numerous abrasions.

Police Chief Ed Fuller said the pedestrian - automobile accident occurred at 7 last night

as Howard and Mike Davis were chasing a rabbit near Kennett's north city limits.

According to Fuller, Howard was running after a rabbit on the west side of Highway 25.

Apparenty the rabbit ran across the highway and Howard followed it running

into the path of a 1955 Oldsmobile driven by William C. Bradley, 19, of Kennett

Route Two, Chief Fuller stated Bradley is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Bradley

of Kennett Route Two.

Kennett City Police officers investigated.


Transcribed by RJM.

To my knowledge no charges were filed.. Chasing rabbits was something we all did as kids back then

we didn't watch then, weren't as many cars.