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McKibben Research Notes

last updated 7-24-00  (Rob's comments are in italics)

John D. McKibben, d:1799 3.

Autrey McKibben, b. abt 1730,d.1811 (Oughtry, Aughtry, Arthur) from Cumberland Co. PA 2., 12.

John A. McKibben, b. 3/28/1801, d. 10/23/1874 10.

2nd wife: Frankey 4.

m. in Newcastle DE, Jean Howe, d. 1810

m. 2/3/1825, Mary Deweese, b. 1/3/1798.


  • Alexander, b. abt 1775, m. Agnes Wiley 16. 22.

  • Thomas, b. 1775, m. Margaret 5., 5a.

  • Rebecca, m. James Miller 9.

  • James 6.

  • John 6.

  • Isabella, m. Moses Vandergrif


  • Mary, m. William Gilmore

  • Ann, m. James Spain

  • Margaret, m. John Mathews

  • Jane, m. James Stitt

  • Nancy, m. Robert Mathews


(note: no male children?)


  • Rachael

  • Nancy S.

  • William Adam, b. 8/17/1829

  • Sargent

  • James E.

  • Mary A.

  • Hezekiah

  • Martha J.






14. 15. 17.

21. 24.


b. Providence Presbyterian Meck. Co., 
buying land in Mec. Co. in 1764

Migrated to Mississippi 184x. 


May be McCabin in 1790 Mec. Co. census






Thomas McKibben, d. 1804 (son of John D.) 5., 5a

James S. McKibben, b. 11/30/1806, 7. 

John McKibben, b. 1798, d. 1835 8.

m. Margaret, d. 1848


m. Sarah Hanagon


  • Mary, b. 1790, m. Alex. Craig

  • Margaret, b. 1791, m.  Sam. Rape

  • Alexander,  b.7/22/1793 25.

  • Hannah, b. 1796, m John Laney

  • John, b. 1798 8.

  • Thomas, b. 2/26/1800, m. Eliz. Duffey 26.




  • James Taylor McKibben

  • Margaret E.

Margaret migrated to GA 13.

Migrated to Henry/Butts Co. Ga.

Remarried James Teal

15. 20. 21. 23.







Joseph McKibben, b. Ireland, died PA 1. (?10.) 30.

James McKibben, b. 1736, d. 1786, Lurgen Twp. Cumberland Co. PA 11a

John McKibben, b. 1728, Ireland, d. 1798, Wash. PA. 11.






  • James

  • John

  • Hugh

  • William

  • David


  • John 1763-1823, rev. war vet








Alick McKibben 16. 18.

Alexander McKibben 22.

John McKibben, d. 9/4/1791, Granby SC 33.

m. Agnes Wiley

m. 6/10/1796 Agnes Wiley 31.

m. Nancy


Disputed connection here.

  • Alex, b. 1795 (born before the marriage?)

  • Thomas, b. 1796

  • Margaret, b. bef 1800

  • John A., b. 1804



Who was their family?!?!?!


  • James (died w/o children?)
  • Mary
  • Nancy

John A.'s 2nd child was named Nancy.

Brother = James Sr.

? 15. 19. 20. 21. 24.

24. 29. 32.

Bought land in August Co. VA  in 1786





Subject: McKibben to date

Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 14:47:58 -0400 (EDT)

From: Clint

Hi Rob: Here is what I have pieced together thus far on McKibben line.  You may have all of this already but again there might be a new clue for you.

1 A MCKIBBEN book has been written and there is a genealogical chart on Joseph MCKIBBEN who was Bonnie's immigrant ancestor. She also has done some research on the Scottish clan they all originated from, it is the GRAHAM's of Mentieth which once was a part of the GRAHAM's of Mentrose.

Her mother is a MCKIBBEN and Bonnie has most of the lines from them. Originally, the story goes that five brothers came over from IRELAND and most settled in PA and fought in the Revolutionary War. One of the migratory patterns after the war was from PA to NC, but she does not know if this is how John ended up in NC or if he came from Ireland to NC.

2.Autry McKibben was born abt 1730. Church Cemetery in Mecklenburg Co NC say Autry died 1811, age 80, and Jean in 1810, age 76. Autry (Oughtry, Aughtry) shows up in the early Mecklenburg Co records (and Ann believes in the 1790 Mecklenburg Co census as McCabin) and may qualify as a possible father of our John D. (See note 12 for much more on Autry.)

Wylena wrote: An Aughtry/Oughtry/Arthur McKibben D:1811. Name spelled different on these papers. A Jane McKibben/McCubbin married James Stitt 1-24-1799 bought goods and a Robert Matthews who married Nancy McCubbin/McKibben 2-11-1802 bought the Family Bible. James and Jane Stitt had two children before James died in 1811, the son was named William McKibben Stitt, the daughter was Elizabeth.

3 John D. McKibben was a revolutionary soldier. He died in 1799 Mecklenburg, NC. His wife was Frankey (?) Laird b abt 1750 and died 11 Aug 1801

  1. Alexander b abt 1775

  2. Thomas b abt 1775 m Margaret_______ 1789

  3. Rebecca b 20 Apr 1779 m James Miller 5/2/1796 Mecklenburg NC

  4. James b abt 1780

  5. John b abt 1780

  6. Isabella b abt 1785 m Moses Vandergriff

4.Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Will Abstracts 1791-1868 Book A-J by Herman W. Ferguson lists the following will:

94, p 153. FRANKEY McKIBBEN. 11 Aug 1801 prb in oct 1802 Ct. I will to my son Samuel Laird f20; to Caroline Matilda Alexander my best feather bed, three blankets, two sheets, a counterpane, bolster, and pillows; to Polly Sharpe a bed, a sheet, a pair of double blankets, a quilt and bolsters; to John Miller, son of James, a cow and calf; to Rebecca Miller a sugar case; to Polly Patterson a calico gown and a Dutch oven; and to Polly Sharpe a brown coat, a pine chest, and two chairs. I allow my exrs to divide the residue of my wearing apparel between Dorcas Alexander and Polly Patterson. I also allow my exrs to collect the legacy coming to me from Richard Rankin, and to receive my third part of the corn crop except 20 bushels due Mr. Patterson for mending the fence. Sole exr: Trusty friend George Alexander. Wit: John Miller and John (X) Sharpe.

Wy wrote: ... a breakdown on Administration papers of McKibben men on file at the NC Archives. Namely: John McKibben D:1799. He died in a mysterious manner, an autopsy was held. Frankey, his wife, and Alexander, a son, had a misunderstanding over the settlement of the estate; James Miller helped get the family to settle their differences. Alexander, Thomas, Rebecca or James Miller and Isabella or Moses Vandergriff signed. At that time James and John were mentioned as children but did not sign anything. These children may not have been Frankey's since she didn't mentioned them in her Will. She did leave Rebecca a small item.

John Miller who is mentioned as a witness could be the father of James.

Tax records show that John McKibben had 350 acres and 1 slave; Thomas had 150 acres; Alexander paid tax but owned no land (See below at 22.); Oughtry owned 272 acres and may not have paid taxes. These are not complete records for these periods some records were lost. These are the only McKibben men to appear on the tax lists in this book.

  5 - Papers for Thomas McKibben D:1804 (Margaret signed for Thomas's share of the John McKibben estate). These papers included Guardianship papers for four of six children; Alexander (our line), John, Thomas and Hannah. Two older daughters were married early and evidently didn't have to have a guardian. A deed is on file where the three daughters and their husbands sold land back to Margaret. She in turn sold her land to finance the trip to Georgia for all of these families. They settled in Henry Co. GA and many descendants live there today. This genealogy, I (Wylena) am sure about.-

6. The following genealogy, I am not sure about. A John McKibben died 1809 and Alexander McKibben filed the Administration papers 4-27-1809 (Another McKibben researcher and I think that this could be the son of John D:1799 since Alexander was the Adm.) No mention of any family was made. - A James McKibben died before 3-20-1807 who may be the son of John D:1799. His papers mention a wife but no children.

5a. Thomas McKibben was born abt 1775 and died 1804 Mecklenburg Co. NC

His wife, Margaret died 1849 Henry Co. GA

  1. Mary abt 1790 m Alexander Craig in NC

  2. Margaret abt 1791 m. Samuel Rape in NC

  3. Alexander 22 Jul 1793 died 1872 m Hannah Moore 1 Mar 1818 Meck. Co. NC

  4. Hannah abt 1796 m John Laney, Jr. NC/SC

  5. John C. abt 1798 D: 1833 m Sarah Hannigon 9-07-1827 Meck. Co. NC

  6. Thomas abt 26 Feb 1800 D died 1881 m Elizabeth Ward Duffey 3-01-1825 Meck. NC

The first five children and their families are found on the 1830 Census of Henry Co. GA. Henry Co. was a huge area, later divided into at least 10 other counties, Butts Co. was one of these, Wylena has checked the 1830 Census and found no listing for Thomas or Margaret. The first land record for Thomas is dated 1833, so this may mean that Thomas and Margaret arrived after 1830.

NC counties were divided into other counties just as GA counties were. Also, in the beginning NC and SC were one territory known as Carolina. Genealogist are still trying to separate the records and place them in the correct location or state. Part of Sugar Creek is found in York Co. SC and Wy wonders if that area was at one time part of Mecklenburg Co. NC. York Co. SC records are lost. All of these changes make it hard to understand and requires checking all surrounding areas.

7. When Margaret McKibben and her families came to Henry Co. GA a James S. McKibben came also. James S. was B:11-30-1806; he married in Henry Co. and settled in Polk Co. GA. One of his descendants and Wylena have tried to prove a connection but have failed miserably so far. This man bought land, awarded in the lottery of 1832, from the McKibben children after Margaret's death in 1849. She drew this land as a Revolutionary War Widow.

8. On the Census of 1830 Henry Co. GA there is no record of Margaret, Thomas (son) or James S. McKibben, they either arrived in GA after the other children or didn't get counted. John McKibben B:c1802 and his wife Sarah Hannigon are listed with 1 boy and 1 girl. John dies c. 1835, his wife filed guardianship papers for the two children - the son was named James Taylor and the girl was Margaret E. Sarah remarried a Thomas Teal/Teel and continued to live in Henry Co. 

9. Rebecca McKibben was born 20 Apr 1779 NC and died 20 Dec 1854 Bonicord, Dyer, Tn. She married James (Jim) Miller (b 17 Dec 1776 and died 29 Jul 1845 in Dyer Tn ) in Mecklenburg Co., NC 4 May 1796. It was said of Rebecca that she had so strong a Scottish accent, she was hard to understand. In the early 1800's they went to Tennessee (probably near Davidson County). Jim and Rebecca continued to have children as they moved. They later moved to Missouri and by 1828 were in Dyer Co., TN in the western part of the state. They settled in an area called Miller's Chapel, which was later named Bonicord when a post office was established. Several of the children settled in the same area. Jim & Rebecca were buried in the Miller's Chapel cemetery. James and Rebecca had the following children:

  1. John 4 Dec 1797 d 25 Nov 1832

  2. William 7 Oct 1799 d 10 Mar 1869 Bonicord, Dyer, Tn

  3. James C 10 nov 1801 d 6 Aug 1821

  4. Peggy 3 Jun 1803 was born 3 Jun 1803 and died 21 Nov 1864.

  5. Elizabeth 26 Mar 1805 d 20 Aug 1827

  6. Mary (Polly) b 24 Dec 1808 d 1864 Ar

  7. Grundy 2 Dec 1810 d 6 Apr 1811

  8. Mariah 23 Jun 1812 d 2 Sep 1839

  9. Thomas 14 Sep 1814 Tn d 21 Jan 1885 Bonicord, Dyer, Tn

  10. Rebecca 23 Jun 1816 d 15 Jul 1886 Bonicord, Dyer, Tn

  11. George 27 May 1818 Tn, d 6 Sep 1877 Bonicord, Dyer, Tn

  12. Mahala 25 Jun 1820 d 17 Mar 1861

  13. Joseph 25 Feb 1823 Mo, d 17 Mar 1861

  14. Penelope A. BUCK (Adopted)11 Apr 1834

Family bible has entry by James Miller: This is the end of the births of my family. In addition Penelope Buck, whom I adopted was born on April 11, 1834.

Birth and death dates from family bible. Birth location from 1850 Dyer Co Census. 1850 census shows Rebecca living with Thomas and Louisa Miller

 10. John McKibben - abt 1800

There was a John A. McKibben born c. 1800-1804, married 1/31/1825 to Mary Duest (Deweese) in Mecklenberg Co. N.C. who migrated to N. Mississippi in 184x with 6 of his 8 children. That could have been this John or one of his nephews. One of his descendants is Rob McKibben.

From "Clan Dig"

11a .I trace my McKibbens back to James McKibben (abt 1736-86) of Lurgen Twp. Cumberland Co. PA. He was supposedly a son of Joseph McKibben whose will of 1756 mentions 1/3 to wife (Eliz),1/3 to John, & 1/3 to Joseph, Wm, Eliz, & Agnes. James got his 200a. in 1767 with John McK. as his neighbor to the W, James

James is on the 1768 tax list. His will of 1786 names sons James, John, Hugh (my ancestor), Wm & David. John & Hugh were twins who married twins. Twin wives were Agnes & Hanna, daughters of John Beard who died in Guliford Twp Franklin Co. PA in 1805. I can't trace this family back at all. Lots of name similarity here.

11 I have a descendency record of another John McKibben b. 1728 in Ireland d. 1798 in Washington Co. PA. His son John (1763-1823) was a Rev War Vet. this is from Cumbine. Back in 1970's my sister found lots of McKibbens. I was lucky to find the right one in 1995.

The McKibben book I used is "McKibbens of PA" by Ruth F. Viggers. 921 E. Washington ST. Washington, IA 52353.

From Gary 

7a.The McKibben's of Mecklenburg County NC are in my line, I just haven't put all of the pieces together yet. A large number of the McKibben's left Mecklenburg County NC somewhere between 1820 and 1830 and went to Henry/Butts County Georgia for land won during one of the Cherokee land lotteries. This is where I find the first reference to James S. McKibben my 3g grandfather born in Mecklenburg County NC in 1806. I am still looking for definitive evidence of his parentage.

I have been to the state archives in Raleigh and have copies of the estate administration for the John D. McKibben that you mention. I suspect that this John D. is the grandfather to my James S. I have all of the McKibben papers that were in the file in Raleigh. They range in date from 1798 to about 1830. I have copies of the real estate transactions for McKibben's in Mecklenburg County NC also.

If you feel that any of this would be helpful to you, let me know. I'll be happy to make copies of them for you. Also, if you have any other information of the group in Mecklenburg County NC, I'd love to know about it.


Subject: Oughtery McKibben

Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 23:20:08 -0500

From: Rob

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place....

I wrote to Ruth Viggers, the author of the "McKibbens of PA" and asked if she knew of any McKibbens that went south after the Rev. War. She wrote back with the following:

Margaret H. also wrote Ms. Viggers a letter looking for N.C. McKibben connections. (And, as fate would have it, her letter arrived at Ms. Viggers house the very same day as mine!) Margaret said that she read Ms. Viggers' book in the library but found no reference to her McKibbens who went to Mecklenburg Co. N.C. Her family includes:

12.Autre (Oughtery) McKibben, born 1731, married Jane/Jean Howe/Howie in 1763 in New Castle, DE, where the license states he is from Cumberland Co. PA. Autre died in 1811. Children included -

Ms. Viggers said that she sees no connection between her McKibbens and mine. They do have a Joseph McKibben, a Lt. in the Rev. War, moving to Helena, Ky, where he died in 1801. He had 6 children; Hugh, Joseph Jr., William, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Mary Ann.

The information from Margaret is helpful because #1 - no male children from Autre and Jean, #2 - this connects several of the McKibben marriages from the N.C. archives to this line (I have been wondering where some of these girls came from) and #3 - New Castle, DE is a new place (for me anyway) to look for other McKibbens. The fact that Autre and John D., the Rev. soldier, were both in Mecklenburg Co. N.C. at the same time suggests that they were related.


Subject: Re: Oughtrey McKibben

Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 16:14:40 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

I have thought for a long time that the females in the family may hold the "trump card".

13.The first McKibben Genealogy that I found was in a book prepared by the DAR in Butts Co. GA, it said that the family came from "Tyron Bridge, County Tyrone, Ireland to Maryland. At that time they used the Scottish spelling of the name, "McCubbin", which later evolved into McKibben. John McKibben's family lived near Mt Vernon, VA and migrated later to Mecklenburg Co. NC. (The following information is in error as noted in the second and third paragraphs, and at 26...) He married Margaret Alexander, daughter of Abraham Alexander, one of the signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. They lived on Sugar Creek near Charlotte, NC. After John McKibben, a Revolutionary soldier, died in Mecklenburg Co., Margaret McKibben sold her home on Sugar Creek to finance a trip for her sons Thomas and Alexander McKibben to Henry (later Butts) Co. GA. The deed recorded at Charlotte, NC reads, " my home on Sugar Creek toward the sunrising". In the 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of GA, Margarette McCibben, as a widow of a Revolutionary soldier, drew a fraction of lot no.338 in the 22nd Dist., 3rd Section originally Cherokee now Floyd Co. GA."

This information was provided by the family of Thomas McKibben, son of Thomas McKibben D: 1804 Mecklenburg Co. NC and Margaret. I have never been sure of this information, some of it applies to the Duffey Family on the maternal side. The lady became a DAR member on the merits of her Duffey ancestor.

One wrong statement is that John was Margaret's husband - John was Margaret's father-in-law. Another point to question, Margaret's maiden name is unknown - this material says she was an Alexander and daughter of a signer of the Mecklenburg papers. I have read a book about these men that gives their genealogy and no one had a daughter Margaret who married a McKibben. Leonard and I think that John D: 1799 may have been married to an Alexander who was the Mother of the six children.

It is true that Margaret drew in the 1832 Land Lottery. James S. McKibben, Leonard's ancestor, bought this parcel of land from Margaret McKibben's offspring after she died in 1848. Her children or their spouse signed the deed: Mary Craig (Mrs. Alexander); Margaret Rape (Mrs. Samuel); John Laney (Hannah McKibben's husband); Thomas Teal/Teel as guardian for the children of John McKibben (John's wife, Sarah applied for guardianship papers for these two children James Taylor and Elizabeth before she married Thomas Teal/Teel); Alexander McKibben and Thomas McKibben. Alexander McKibben is my husband's gggrandfather.

14.In Mecklenburg Co. NC deed abstracts 1763-1779:

Ebenezer Alexander, planter of Meck. to Aughtrey McKiblin - 116 acres on Courtney's branch a fork of six mile creek - granted to sid Alexander 6 Apr. 1765 - Wit. Aaron Houston - Geo. Alexander

Feb. 1775 - Douglas to Houston - Wit. Oughtrey McKibben Oct. session 1775

28 May 1773 - Geo. Neel of Meck. - planter to Oughtrey McKibbin of same for money land on Sedar fork off twelve mile creek granted to John Hagins by Gov. Thomas Boone of SC Dec. 20, 1762 - April Court 1764

Just thought I'd share this info to give you some idea how long Oughtrey had been in Mecklenburg Co. NC. Oughtrey and Jean McKibben had been married 11 years when Mary was born in 1774, chances are they had sons.

I had hoped that Gary would check on the land deeds to see how that issue was handled after the deaths of these McKibben men. Tax records don't help that much as far as I can see. Alexander McKibben, son of John D:1799, paid taxes but owned no land for instance.

I was happy to get this information so thanks for sharing. As Leonard would say, " we'll find John A. a daddy" and maybe the daddy we find will be the daddy of James S. as well.


Subject: McCubbin/McKibben

Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 12:09:31 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

Yes, I do think that McCubbin was an early spelling for McKibben. I have heard the theory that people didn't know how to spell and would write down the sound of the name. Years ago when Pack (my hubby) traveled, he called on a wholesale Broker in Oklahoma by the name of Sid McCubbins. At their first meeting, Sid told him that they were kin somewhere down the line. Other spellings can be found of the name like McKiblin; McCibbin; which to me indicates that the person didn't know how to spell.

As a self-taught researcher, I, like many others didn't understand the importance of writing understandable notes, writing down the source etc. Now, it is sometimes hard to refer to a piece of info because I can't be sure of just what it means. If I am quoting from published material, or a letter from someone, I will insert a personal incite (1790 Census SC wpm) to separate my remarks from the text, I add my initials "wpm" to indicate that those are my remarks.

While searching Census records from a book on the shelf, I found this 1790 Census NC - Salisbury Dist. - Rockingham Co.

James McCubbin,   John McCubbin,    Nicholas McCubbin
1 M +16;
2 M -16                  1 M +16; 
1 M -16                 1 M +16;              1 M-16
1 F                         4 F's                      3 F's

I found a 2nd reference on the above Census and it refers to Salisbury Dist. in Mecklenburg Co.

A Craig researcher sent me this info on the 1790 Census - Salisbury Dist. Rockingham Co. NC. The only name she found was for a J. A. McCubbin with the same people in his family as my record of James McCubbin above. The mystery lies in the questions, are these two men the same? And, why are Census records not the same even if they are researched in two different areas? The Craig info came from the U of GA; mine came from the LDS library in Tampa. I thought this would be interesting to you since your ancestor was John A. or J. A.

15.The same Craig researcher sent me the 1800 Census record for: (I messed up the line-up below, will fix soon.)

Alex McKibben     Thomas     Aughbry McKibben
1 M up to 10         2 M -10         1 M +45
2 M 10/16             1 M 26/45     1 F 16-26
1 M +45                2 F -10          1 F +45
1 F -10                  1 F 10/15
1 F 26/45               1 F 26/45

 John McKibben
1 M -10
1 M 26-45
2 F -10
1 F 26-45

Aughbry McKibben on page 601; Alex page 602; Thomas page 580; John page 548. She also states that all of these men came to Henry Co. GA which is not true.

16. More marriage records:

You are right on target about the boundaries of states and counties changing. All of NC and SC were once known as Carolina. I have seen a map in a Genealogical magazine that shows the southern eastern coastal states all ranging as far as the Mississippi River. Parts of GA were once in SC; parts of AL were once part of GA etc. I know that Mecklenburg Co. was formed from Anson Co. in 1762.

Leonard wrote me that a John McKibben was on the 1830 Census of Mecklenburg Co., this is probably the father of Robert who married in 1840.

Pack's mother was a Hughey. Her grandfather had 20 children, some spelled their name Hughey others spelled it Hughie. The story goes that during some war, a horse and a blanket were offered, l to a family, the men changed the spelling so they would each get a dole. Fact or fable? Just interesting.


Subject: McKibben

Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 16:58:10 -0400 (EDT)

From: Margaret

Thanks for writing. I am from Autry McKibben through John Matthews who married his daughter Margaret. This family along with Robert moved to Maury Co TN. I do not know anything about the family bible sold to Robert.

A little more detail on Autry

17. He was born 1731, m. 19 Nov 1763, d 12 March 1811 and buried Providence Presbyterian Church. Jane Howe/Howie was born 1740 and died 18 May 1810. One other marriage date for the children is Jane to James Stitt on 24 Jan 1799 in Mecklenburg. Whether there were any sons or other children I do not know. In the 1790 census in Salisbury, Meck. Co NC he has himself, 1 male under 16 and five females. In 1800, no males but himself and Nancy is the only daughter still at home. There is an Alex and a Thomas McKibbon nearby who could be sons. By 1810 only he is listed though there is a Jonathan near. No reference to males in the deed of his estate. Of course he may already have given his son his land.

You might want to look at Union Co NC deed records as there are James and John Mckibbons listed in deeds of John and Nancy McKibben (John and Nancy?  Who are these people? See note 33.). Union is next to Mecklenburg and I found James Stitt' s Will there.

Let me know if there is anything else. I am betting that my Autry was another brother of the three McKibbens who came to Cumberland Co PA. At the least he was a contemporary agewise.


Subject: Re: McKibben

Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 16:39:43 -0400 (EDT)

From: Margaret

18. Just got a mailing with info on Autry from Richard. Assume he is sending you the same. He said John A. McKibbon is the son of Alex McKibbon and Agnes Wylie, Alex being the son of Autrey (See below at 21.). Agnes Wylie is the daughter of John Wylie and Elizabeth McKibbon. This is a twelve page printout which I will be happy to copy and send to you if he does not send you the same. Alex and Agnes (See below at 21.) had Alex b 1795, Thomas b. 1796, Margaret B bef 100 and John A. b 1804 Cabarrus NC.

The other 3 brothers who came to Cumberland Co PA were John, Joseph and Thomas.


Subject: McKibben

Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 16:43:43 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

It seems that Richard can't clear the picture for us either. If Autrey and Jean married in 1763; the child Mary was born 1774; were male children born during those 11 years? Certainly a possibility.

19.To analyze Alexander of the 1800 Census:

l M +45 would mean that he was born on or before 1755

If he is the Alexander that married Agnes Wiley 6-01-1796 (James Miller was the bondsman and could have been his brother-in-law).

2 M 10/16 (born between 1784/1790) indicates that the mother of these sons died.

1 M up to 10 (born 1790/1800) could have been born in 1797 to Agnes.

1 F -10 (1790/1800) could be the child of Agnes.

OR, the two Males 10/16 could be Alexander's brothers - John and James. Those two did not sign legal papers concerning the death of John D:1799. I have often wondered why? Were they the oldest and already living in other parts of the country or were they too young to sign legal papers? If they were too young, why weren't guardianship papers filed for them? Who knows the laws that protected young children and provided for their care? Was there an age limit that governed such action? If this John and James were brothers to this Alexander, they could not be your ancestors.

If John on the 1790 Census is the John who D: 1799; he had a M -16 who could be his son John/James with the second son born after the Census was taken OR, that male could be Frankey's son, Samuel Laird. If we could find the marriage records of these older McKibben men.

About Union Co. mentioned by Margaret - This would be a part of SC Old Ninety-six Dist. SC was made up of Abbeyville, Edgefield, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg and Union. These new counties were formed in 1785. One of Thomas McKibben's daughters married John Laney. His Census records always said that he was from SC, yet he married a NC girl before 1830. His father's WILL was found in Laurens Co. SC.

Leonard and I sent for the Administration papers on Autrey John D:1799- John D:1809 (Alexander filed the Adm. papers) - James D: before 3-20-1807 - and Thomas D:1803/4 who is our ancestor. I may have told you before that four of his children had guardians - the two older girls did not. When he died they were probably 12 and 13 years old. I think that they married very young.

My LDS Library doesn't have much material for quick reference on NC. You have to dig out "bits and pieces" by looking through books. Early Census films are too hard to read accurately so I leave those for you in the younger generation to peruse.

The Union Co. deed records mentioned by Margaret relates to the info I sent you that was found in the Scotch-Irish Vol. II.

Oh yes, I sent for the Administration papers on Alexander McKibben and was told there were none. Other counties around Mecklenburg may hold the answer for him.


Subject: [Fwd: Re: McKibben]

Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 23:36:59 -0500

From: Rob

To: Wylena

Refresh my memory... your husband is descended from Alexander b. 1793, son of Thomas b. abt 1775 (and Margaret), son of John D. died 1799 Mecklenberg Co.? And, Thomas and Margaret had Mary, Margaret, Alexander, Hannah, John C., and Thomas (all born between 1790 and 1800).

20.This email says that Alex, Thomas, Margaret, and John A. (born between 1795 and 1804) are the children of Alex who is the son of Autry and Agnes Wiley. We need to get the sources for this information. If they had a Mary and a Hannah, their set of children would be identical to your Thomas and Margaret family. It sounds like we are connecting one family to two different sets of parents???

All these John's and Alex's are making me dizzy! At least I have a hard reference to say my John A. was born 3/28/1801 and married Mary b. 1/3/1798.


Subject: Re: McKibben

Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 05:00:27 -0400 (EDT)

From: Margaret

21.Will make copies and send soon. Richard only shows 1 male under sixteen in the 1790 census along with the five female for Autre. That is what I had found too. He's got that Alex and Agnes Wylie McKibben had (this is where the confusion starts) Alex b 1795, married Hannah Moore, (another researcher connects this Alex/Hannah to Thomas) Thomas b 1796 who married Elizabeth Duffey (this Thomas is son of Thomas D: 1804), Margaret b before 1800, and John A. (THIS IS THE ONE I WANT TO CONNECT TO SOMEBODY!) b 1804 who married Mary Duest Deweese. The reference he gives is Broderbund Family Archives #317 whatever that means. Lists their children as Nancy A, Rachel Elizabeth, Harvey Gillon, William Adam, James Earl, Mary Ann, Hezekiah, and Martha. Does that match yours? If your children are different than these I would like a list of their names. The Scotch/Irish names are some of the biggest clues for doing research.

In the info on my Mathews family there were several mistakes. So take everything with caution.


Subject: McKibben

Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 12:26:33 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

22.I base my family connection on the Administration papers found in Mecklenburg Co. NC on John D. McKibben D:1799. An inquest was held at the time of his death which indicates that he died mysteriously. Alexander McKibben and Frankey were the first Administrators. There were several suits between Alexander and Frankey which indicates that they did not get along. (I believe this Alexander is the son of John who lived on his father's land having none of his own, but with the understanding that some of this land would be his in time.) Alexander is named on tax lists for 1797, 1798, 1799. John is named on the tax list for 1797 and 1799 as having 350 acres of land. Oughtrey is listed in 1797 with 272 acres and Thomas is listed 1797, 1798, 1799 with 150 acres of land.) This Alexander married Agnes Wiley in 1796. He is mentioned in the Will of John Wylie dtd. 12-27-1806 prb. in Nov. 1812 court, as a son-in-law. James Miller who married Rebecca McKibben was bondsman for Alexander and Agnes when they got married. (This marriage ties together two of the children of John D:1799.) Of course this is my opinion and may be wrong, but logic seems to tie them together.

John's papers took years to settle, during that time Frankey and Thomas died. After Frankey and Alexander had their falling out (because of land?), Frankey asked Richard Rankin, the sheriff, to be her co-Administrator. He died and his son William Rankin had to step in. October 22, 1804 a meeting was held where the family agreed to allow Alexander Morrison and Isaac Alexander, Clerk of Mecklenburg Co. to settle the estate of John. Those who signed this paper were William Rankin; Alick McKibben; James Miller (who married Rebecca McKibben); Isabella Vandagriff; and Margaret McKibben (wife of Thomas D:1803). On another scrap of paper a list reads: James Miller; Alex McKibben; Thomas McKibben; Moses Vandagriff; John McKibben; James McKibben; widow. This means to me that these were the children and widow of John D:1799.

23. Son Thomas D: 1803 - I have his Administration papers, Margaret was one of the Administrators. Four of his six children had guardians Alexander B:1793; John B; c. 1798; Hannah B: c 1796; and Thomas B: 1800. All of the children of Thomas and Margaret came to Henry Co. GA before 1830 with the exception of Thomas B: 1800 and their Mother. I could not place them on a version of the 1830 Census of Butts Co. either. Butts Co. was originally a part of Henry Co. but Thomas did buy land in Butts Co. in 1833. In 1832 Margaret drew in the Land Lottery as a RW widow, After she died in 1848, this land was sold to James S. McKibben, all of Margaret's children signed this deed Mary Craig (wife of Alexander); Margaret Rape (wife of Samuel); Thomas Teal/Teel as guardian for the children of John McKibben desc; John Laney (husband of Hannah McKibben); Alexander and Thomas McKibben. A deed exists in Mecklenburg Co. (Mck D B 19, p 413-14) where Mary and Alexander Craig, Margaret and Samuel Rape, and John and Hannah Laney sold a portion of land to Margaret McKibben; land on 12 Mile Creek, given as a legacy from the estate of their father Thomas McKibben. This deed is dated April 20, 1821. These deeds help tie this family together. One of the descendants of Thomas McKibben B: 1800 tried to get into the DAR but got there on the virtue of the maternal side of the family - John Duffee. BUT, this lady thought Margaret's husband was named John. Bible info is in the Georgia Archives, DAR area, for Thomas and Alexander McKibben.

On one of the DAR Bible records mentioned above it reads that there has been a Thomas in every generation. It did not specify for how long or when this notation was made.

Re: Administration papers of Oughtrey/Aughtrey/Autrey/Arthur McKibben the Administrators were James Spratt; William Gilmore and Robert Matthews, dtd. May 27, 1811. We know that William Gilmore and Robert Matthews were son-in-laws, James Spratt may be also. The McKibben name is not found in any of these papers except for the desc. Oughtrey.

24.Evidently Richard is the source of the material that places Alexander McKibben who married Agnes Wylie in 1796 as the son of Autrey. In John Wylie's WILL he names his wife as Elizabeth. Richard names Alex b 1795, this does not prove to be true since the marriage did not take place until June 1, 1796 - the 1800 Census for Alex did indicate two children 1 M and 1 F (I have found before where the Census taker thought a baby was of one sex and it proved to be wrong.) I have always thought that Alexander was the most likely father of James S. McKibben (Gary's ancestor B: 1806) and for your John A. B: 1801. Hopefully you will get the information from Richard and be able to at least fit more of the puzzle together.

It has been my experience to find several generations of brothers who named their sons by the same list of family names. The only thing I challenge in Richard's information so far is that he was Autrey's son. I look forward to his research papers.

25.For your information this is the genealogy for Alexander B: 1793, son of Thomas and Margaret.

Alexander McKibben B:7-22-1793 NC D: 1872 Butts. Co. GA

Married 3-01-1818 Mecklenburg Co. NC, Hannah Moore B: 2-14-1798 D: 187? Butts Co. GA


Henry Co. GA marriages

26.Thomas McKibben B: 1800, son of Thomas and Margaret used the names Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas Alexander, and John F. for some of his 11 children.

The lady of the DAR application got this genealogy terribly mixed up but it's in print and still confusing people. If you ever get the DAR info on Thomas as it appears in "The History of Butts Co. GA", which was compiled by the DAR, don't take it for truth as I know it to be wrong.


Subject: Our John

Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 16:13:45 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

27. Our John (birth year is questionable) married Sarah Hannigan 9-07-1827 in Mecklenburg Co. NC. They are listed on the 1830 Census of Henry Co. GA.

Married in 1827; two children by 1830.

John died c 1833 in Henry Co.; Sarah married Thomas Teal/Teel 7-12-1835 in Henry Co. GA

Jan. court 1834 Sarah McKibben files for guardianship of Margaret E. and James Taylor McKibben orphans of John McKibben. At a later court she was given guardianship.

After Sarah McKibben married Thomas Teal/Teel the picture clouds because Sarah was Thomas' third wife and he had children by the first two. I have not tried to trace the Teal/Teel family. BUT, remember that Thomas Teal/Teel signed the deed to Margaret's land as guardian for the orphans of John McKibben.

A Margaret McKibben married Emanuel Teal 1-22-1844 in Henry Co. For years I thought this was Alexander's first-born. Last year I learned that his Margaret died as a child; to bear this out, Alexander's WILL names all of his children and goes into detail about what each will receive, except for Margaret, no mention whatsoever.

Researching my Hughey line, on the 1850 Census of Carroll Co. GA, I saw the name of Emanuel Teel, wife Margaret with 5 or 6 children. A James McGivens, age 18, was counted with the family. By some chance, this may be James Taylor McKibben. I have not been able to find anything on Margaret E.

Leonard (Gary's line) knew McKibbens who lived in his area and they always wondered if there was a connection but could never establish it, I don't think they tried. I came to the conclusion that their James S. and the Margaret who married Emanuel Teel were probably brother and sister. James S. was not on the 1830 Census of Henry Co. but he married Margaret Phillips 1-19-1832 in Henry Co. He also bought land in Henry Co. in the same area as Alexander and his married sisters. He left the county before 1840.

For people to qualify for a Land Lottery drawing, they had to meet certain requirements such as live in GA a certain length of time, if I remember right, you had to be a resident of GA for two years. For Margaret to draw in 1832, indicates that she was living in GA in 1830. 

I'm convinced that John who married Sarah Hannigan is our John.

By the way, the bondsman for your John A. and Mary was Marcus Alexander McKibben. I have always wondered if this is our Alexander, a first name would be nice to know.


Subject: Autrey McKibben

Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 10:57:41 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

I think you have corresponded with Clint but you may not know Ann. She descends from Rebecca McKibben Miller also. I received this from her in my morning "Flash Session", and I copy below.

Since we're on Autry (sp?) McKibben, I don't know if I sent you the note about him (Autry-Aughtry) being appointed guardian of Lettice (sp?) McKibben in Mecklenburg Co 25 Apr 1798. She is identified as the orphan of James McKibben. I have been told there is but one paper in the file. Just who this James was I have no idea - maybe a son or brother of Autry. Obviously a relative.

This may solve the missing link - the son of Autrey - if so, it seems that James only left one orphan, a girl, and left no male children to carry on the name. This James, if son of Autrey, certainly could not be the father of McKibben children born after 1798.

Re: the birth of John McKibben who married Sarah Hannigan Administration papers for Thomas McKibben desc. were filed April 23, 1804 by Margaret McKibben, Moses Cochran and Andrew Rea. Margaret could have given birth to John after the death of Thomas.


Subject: Bible?

Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 23:53:20 -0500

From: Rob

To: Margaret

Richard McKibben also sent me a copy of the information you provided to him. This is basically the same thing as you gave me except he added the following: In the middle of page 1 is a statement "... Information on May 12 1997 from Margaret ..."

Then just before "Children of Alex McKibben and Hannah" on page 4 is a statement "Information on May 12 1997 is from Margaret it came from Alexander McKibbon Bible owned by Mrs. Robert Clark of Macon, Georgia."

Is everything between page 1 and 4 from this Bible? Specifically, did Autre have a male child Alick? Our previous correspondence seemed to indicate that Autre and Jean only had girl children. Have you discovered some new data? Also, are the children listed on page 2 of Alick and Agnes Wylie from this Bible?

The key question for me is John McKibben b. 1804. I have a copy of Bible pages from my John A.'s Bible which gives his birth date as 3/28/1801, and his wife as Mary, b. 1/3/1798, m. 2/3/1825. We know that Mary is Mary Duest/Deweese.

If not the Bible, what is the source for the Children of Alick and Agnes? I see a "Roll M33 -84, page 187" Is this N.C. census records? This census had names? I also see references to "Broderbund Family Archive..." Do they have their sources documented?

Please write back and help me sort this out. It seems like we are getting close to finding a daddy for my John A. I need some good references to convince MY dad that this is the right connection.


Subject: Re: Bible?

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 18:01:31 -0400 (EDT)

From: Margaret

The only info I have proof of on Autre's children were the five girls. There is a male under 16 listed in the 1790 census however. But Richard put in the Alex. I do not have a name though I have written for deeds in NC to see where Alex may have gotten his land. That would be an answer for why a son is not listed in the Will, having already gotten his share.

The only records from the bible were those of Alex and Hannah.

Yes the census records have names. Census number M33 probably 1850, though I am not positive, 84 is the roll number, probably NC and 187 is page number.


Subject: What a confused accounting

Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 08:13:15 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

You asked about the "roll" mentioned - I would guess that that is the number of the Federal Census roll for Mecklenburg County NC for the year 1820. Alek McKibben would be found on page 189 on that roll. I also guess that they have assumed the names of these unknown persons to be the ones listed as 6 -  7 - 8 and the female Margaret.

#6 Alex b 1795 NC m Hannah Moore is my ancestor who settled in Henry Co. GA and bought land in that county in 1825.

# 7 Thomas b 1796 NC m Elizabeth Duffey is the brother of Alex who settled in Butts Co. GA. The only Margaret McKibben in NC that I know of married the Matthews and is the daughter of Oughtrey.

#8 is your John A.

I have "The Family Tree" software by Broderbund. I have a CD-ROM with 12,000 "actual family trees contributed by Family Tree customers and other family history enthusiasts". I have checked out all of the McKibbens on my CD (which has no number to identify it by like #312 cited in this info), and none of them relate to the NC families. Broderbund sells a large assortment of CD's. My CD came as part of a package, but if you order a certain Census from a list it is identified by a #300 number. People on the Internet do not have a very high opinion of Broderbund's methods, they seem to think that they just want to sell CD's.

In this info reference is made to Jim and Barbara McKibben of Texas and they seem to have used CD's for their Census info. A reference is made to Root Celler and Family Roots. I am not familiar with those names.


Subject: Puzzles and more

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 08:12:24 -0400 (EDT)

From: Wylena

Re the material you sent: Who knows the truth about Alex and Aughtrey - guess its only natural for me to stand behind the things that make sense to me based on legal papers. Oughtry's administration papers made no mention of a male McKibben.

From the copy of the 1800 Census Record, only 2 McKibben men are listed; it is a fact that Thomas lived in Mecklenburg Co. at that time (The recorder may have spelled Thomas' name McCubbin, causing it to be overlooked.) My book on the tax records show Thomas and Oughtry in Capt. Seacrest's District in 1797.

Thomas has 150 acres and Oughtry has 272. (This is the only year that shows Oughtry. I have been told that men over a certain age didn't have to pay taxes. We know that he was old because he died in 1811 at the age of eighty.) Thomas is listed in 1798 in the same District. In 1797/1798 John and Alexander were in Capt. Barnett's District, John owned 350 acres and Alexander none. They are listed in 1799 in Capt. Moore's District (he had replaced Capt. Barnett as the tax collector.) with the same 350 acres for John and none for Alexander. This same book covers the years 1806/1807 but no McKibben names appear on these records. They are incomplete however because some pages were lost.

I do not know if Leonard and I exhausted all records on McKibben men at the NC Archives. I asked for the papers on Alexander but the Archives had changed their procedures and I had to give a "time frame" for them to use in their search. They could find no papers, but my "time frame" could have been wrong. (I had hoped that Gary could determine if Alexander or others had papers on file.)

Re the 3 brothers: Our John certainly could be one of the brothers, it would be nice to know just when they arrived in this country.

28.Re the PA families: They fit nicely into the picture - Ann said that Oughtry was appointed guardian of Lettice McKibben, daughter of James in Mecklenburg Co 25 Apr 1798. James of PA named a daughter Lettice. He also had a daughter named Hannah (this name was given to one of Thomas' daughters). Ruth Vigger's information included a tax list for Cumberland Co. PA which shows 1751 Joseph McKibben Lurgan Township; 1753 Widow McKibben; 1763 James McKibben Lurgan Township 100 acres. The widow McKibben may be the wife of Thomas. Somewhere in her remarks I read that no one knows anything about Thomas. His family could have migrated into VA then NC (In a record on our Alexander McKibben of Henry Co. GA is a notation that there has been a Thomas McKibben in every generation.) A chart on a Marcus A. McKibben B:1810 caught my eye also, the bondsman for the marriage of your John A. to Mary Duest in 1825 was a Marcus Alexander McKibben. I don't know if a 15 year old male could serve as a bondsman, but if possible, he could be a younger brother to your John A. It seems that Marcus A.

29 . married in Rutherford Co. NC in 1842, maybe you should look for Alexander's administration papers in that county.


Subject: McKibbon

Date: 2 Mar 1998 00:06:53 EST

From: Margaret

Have you made any headway on your Mckibben line? I read all the estate papers on McKibbens in Mecklenburg and at least three of them mention an Alexander but not Autry so I think I'll rule him out as a son as he is not mentioned in any of Autry's deeds either. In case you have not read the estate papers------John D., the rev. War soldier died 1799 had wife Francis and son Alexander. The John that died 1809 also had son (son or brother? see note 6.) Alexander who was his administrator so probably was his oldest child. And Thomas, who died 1804, left two orphans, Alexander and Hannah (Thomas left a large family, but mother, Margaret, was still there. see notes 5, 5A, and 23.).


Subject: McKibben ancestors

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 03:49:57 EDT

From: Brenda

I think you may be on the right track about our John Adam (Adam?) being related to John D. I had thought so but have been unable to make a positive connection.

I'll give you what I have on Alexander and Agnes:

30.Joseph McKibben was born bef. 1716 in County Down, Ireland, and died abt. 1761 in Lurgan Township, Cumberland County, PA. He married Elizabeth Gibson. Alexander, William and Elizabeth Gibson, siblings, all came to America from Northern Ireland between 1740 and 1749. The family was originally from Westmoreland County in England, and migrated to Ireland about 1616. According to a family member who wrote a history in 1856 (Rev. James Gibson), Elizabeth married "Mr. McKibben." The presumption is that she married Joseph McKibben.

Children of Joseph McKibben and Elizabeth Gibson are:

  1. James McKibben, b. 1731, Tyrone, Ireland; d. Jan. 30, 1786, Lurgan Township, Cumberland County, PA.; m. Lettice ?; b. 1735, Lurgan Township, Cumberland County,PA.

  2. William McKibben, b. 1735, Tyrone, Ireland; d. Feb. 18, 1808, Metal Township, Franklin County, PA.; m. Hannah Blair; b. 1745, Fayette Township, Cumberland Co., PA.; d. Feb. 10, 1808, Metal Township, Franklin County, PA..

  3. John McKibben, b. 1740 County Down, Ireland; d. 1814, Green Township, Clinton County, OH.; m. Margaret Jane Copper, 1776, Westmoreland County, PA.

  4. Joseph McKibben, b. 1741, Ireland or Coumberland County, PA.; d. 1801, Helena, KY; m. Mary, 1771, b. ?, d. July 17, 1824.

  5. Agnes McKibben, b. 1744.

  6. Elizabeth McKibben, b. 1745.

Elizabeth McKibben ( # 6 above) m. John Wylie on Feb. 3, 1766. He died Dec. 27, 1806 in Mecklinburg County, North Carolina.

Children of Elizabeth McKibben and John Wylie are:

  1. unknown daughter, b. North Carolina; m. Samuel Parks.

  2. Joseph Wylie, b. North Carolina; m. Margaret Smith.

  3. Jane Wylie, b. North Carolina; m. Robert Wylie. (relative ?)

  4. Robert Wylie, b. North Carolina; m. Elizabeth Haire.

  5. John Simon Wylie.

  6. William Wylie, b. North Carolina; m. Polly Riley.

  7. 31. Agnes Wylie, b. 1780, North Carolina.

Agnes Wylie ( # 7 above) m. Alexander McKibben on Jan. 1, 1796 in Mecklinburg County, North Carolina. He was b. before 1775 and is believed to be (I think we are confident of this connection) the son of John D. McKibben. John D. McKibben was married two times, cannot find the name of his first wife but she is believed to the mother of Alexander and Thomas. Frankey Laird was John D. McKibben's second wife and the mother of the younger children (Maybe, maybe not. See 3rd paragraph note 13.).

32.Children of Alexander McKibben and Agnes Wylie are: (Where are the references?!?)

1. Margaret McKibben, b. bef. 1800.

2. John Adam McKibben, (?Adam???) b. March 28, 1801, Cabarrus County, North Carolina; d. Oct. 23, 1874, Yalabusha County, MS. m. Mary Duest Feb. 3, 1825 in Mecklinburg County, NC. She was b. Jan. 3, 1798 in Caswell County, NC. and d. 5-3-1845.

It was after the death of Mary that John Adam moved the family to Mississippi. The first census I found him on was 1860, Oakland Township, Yalobusha County, MS. From there the family is easy to trace.

My husband's line (he's another John ) goes from John D. - Alexander - John Adam - William Adam - Theophilus Theodore - Buron Cosby - Joyce Glenn - to my husband, John Glenn McKibben.

I'm still trying to find out more on the Wylie side but haven't had a lot of luck so far.


Subject: Re: Some answers - some questions

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 01:57:27 EDT

From: Brenda

William contacted me in March of this year. An e-mail from him stated that the father of Alexander was John McKibben who died in 1799 in Mecklinburg County, NC. He said Alexander had a brother named Thomas, from whom he is descended. Bill stated that after the death of Thomas his wife, Margaret, moved the family to Georgia. This branch of the family still lives in the Henry and Butts Co., GA area. He seems to feel the Virginia McKibbens are some how part of the family but can not make the connection.

I have no idea where the " Adam " ( what is the "A" in John A. McKibben, m. Mary Deweese?) comes from. Back in that time period people tended to give sons middle names from the mothers side of the family. But in this case I don't know.

I found some original Court Records of Augusta County, VA 1745-1800 Circuit Court Records, Section "I" Judgements McKibben's heirs vs Lohr--O.S. 256; N.S. 90--Bill, 1814

33.I can't tell exactly what the case is about but it mentions James McKibben, Mary (McKibben) , wife of Isacc Renfroe; Nancy (McKibben), wife of John Gaye, Jr., only children and heirs-at-law of John McKibben of South Carolina, who died, intestate, and who in 1786, together with his brother, James McKibben,Sr., bought land in Augusta Co., VA. It also states that James died without children.( how can he be Sr. if he had no son ?) John died in Granby, SC on Sept. 4, 1791. His wife was Nancy, three children- James, Mary, and Nancy.

I have no idea if they are related to our family.