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Old Photographs What Do They Tell Us?

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One of my favorite parts of my family history research is looking at old photographs of my family. I don't have alot of them that are pre-1900--in fact, most of the photos I have were taken in the 1930s. Still I feel fortunate to have been the one who was given my Grandmother's scrapbooks when she passed on. They contained many notes clippings and photographs about a time period which I did not experience first hand. Hopefully, these links will be useful to help you find out information about the different types of photographs and how you can figure out the time period in which they were taken.

1880 Federal Census of TN
Person's Who List Photography as Occupation

Below is a listing of people who listed photography as their profession in the 1880 Federal Census for the state of Tennessee. Please keep in mind that the persons listed were supposedly in that county on the Census Day. I say supposedly because Charles Judd, in addition to being listed in Giles Co. (along with his brother) as a boarder at a hotel, is also listed in Grundy Co. TN (apparently was his actual residence) along with his wife and children.

Bedford Co. TN
Benj. T. Gregory(age 32)--Had a studio with Charles A. Hall around 1870 located in Pulaski TN.
More on that at Giles Co. Page
Thomas Smith(age 27)

Blount Co. TN
Jesse Richardson(age 35)

Coffee Co. TN
Wm. Tillett(age 28)living in boarding house
Irwin Hawkins(age 32)He along with his wife Maggie, and sons Ovid(3) & Charles(1) are living with his parents in Coffee Co. during the 1880 Census. His parents, George and Margaret are listed as having been born in Maryland and Pennsylvania respectively. He and Maggie both list Ohio as their state of birth while their children were both born in Tennessee.

Crockett Co. TN
James M. Klyce(age 33)--He is listed as buried in Alamo City Cemetery

Davidson Co. TN
Wm. E. Armstrong(age 48)
William Einbush(age 29)
William Fearn(age 22)
Jacob Hirshstein(age 42)
C. C. Hughes(age 65)
James W. Kimbro(age 36)
Amiel Koellian(age 35) More details at Dave Price's Essay: Thuss Koellein & Giers
W. S. Mahon(age 32)
Charles Paret(age 35)
T. F. Pattsman(age 54)
Rodney Poole(age 40)--Briefly mentioned in Amber Barfield's Essay: The Story of Calvert Photography
George Robertson(age 21)
William J. Root(age 26)
Tenny Sexton(age 20)Female listed as Photo Artist
T. M. Schleir(age 48)
Sarah M. Sharp(age 26) listed as Retouches Photographs. Place of birth given as England
William Thuss(age 24) More details at Dave Price's Essay: Thuss Koellein & Giers
Frank Ward(age 21)--See Hamilton Co. entry for Frank Ward who apparently was counted twice in the 1880 Census.
Hiram Winnery(age 33)

Dickson Co. TN
Wesley Show(age 30)

Dyer Co. TN
Nathan C. White(age 52)

Fayette Co. TN
Thomas C. Owen(age 22)
Lycurgus Warr(age 37)

Franklin Co. TN
William Cheney(age 30)

Gibson Co. TN
Thomas A. Roberts(age 21)
Walter Delbridge(age 30)

Giles Co. TN
Chas. S. Judd(age 35) Place of birth given as Arkansas More on him at Giles Co. Page
Spencer C. Judd(age 24)POB: Minnesota
It is my belief that Chas. & Spencer are brothers given that they both give their father's POB as CT & their mom's POB as NY. Also this entry finds them residing in a hotel/boarding house. I believe Chas. was counted twice in this the 1880 Census see entry for C. S. Judd of Grundy Co.

Greene Co. TN
Edard Carson(age 48)

Grundy Co. TN
C. S. Judd(age 35)Place of birth given as Arkansas

Hamblen Co. TN
Thos. Bayless(age 43)

Hamilton Co. TN
Berney J. Linn(age 35)
Frank Ward(age 21)--Place of birth given as England. Listed in census with parents James and Rebecca Ward in Chattanooga Hamilton Co. TN as well as in 1st Ward in Davidson Co. TN where it looks like he and William Fearn were ran a photography studio.

Hardeman Co. TN
J. W. Robertson(age 30)

Hardin Co. TN
Theodore Lowry(age 40)
Robert Reed(age 26)

Haywood Co. TN
Charles Woodall(age 24)
W. T. McCarly(age 31)

Henderson Co. TN
Frank Eggle(age 43) Place of birth given as Germany
B. F. Test(age 47)Place of birth given as Ohio

Henry Co. TN
R. A. Wade(age 39)

Hickman Co. TN
Jackson A. George(age 37)

Humphreys Co. TN
Lee Williams(age 28)

James Co. TN
Leander Lane(age 32)

Jefferson Co. TN
John Drummond(age 36)

Johnson Co. TN
H. M. Gibbs(age 36)
Robert S. McDade(age 29)

Knox Co. TN
E. Storey(age 34)
Pyshus J. Neil(age 32)

Lawrence Co. TN
Harby C. Calahan(age 19)

Lincoln Co. TN
H. N. Pettes(age 27)

Macon Co. TN
John H. Stone(age 36)

Madison Co. TN
Jesse J. Harper(age 18)
David F. McClintock(age 36) Bro. in law of Jesse
Wm. T. Shelton(age 21)
Andrew Langford(age 45)Place of birth given as NC

Marion Co. TN
Daniel Lowery(age 28)

Maury Co. TN
William F. H. Harvey(age 29)
W. B. Norman(age 22)

Montgomery Co. TN
W. D. McCormac--(age 42) Place of birth given as Ireland.

Obion Co. TN
William Berry--(age 28) state of birth Kentucky
Edwin C. Carroll(age 42)
T. B. Albrittam--(age 33) state of birth Kentucky

Polk Co. TN
James S. Reese(age 22)State of Birth given as Georgia he is living with his parents Wm W and Louisa C. Reese
Mollnix ELI (age 22) State of Birth given as Georgia

Putnam Co. TN
Travis Bullington(age 19)--Leaving with Bro. Wm. Bullington who is a school teacher.

Rhea Co. TN
Dwight Culver(age 45) State of Birth given as MA(Mass?)

Rutherford Co. TN
A. DeAnquinos(age 40) Lists Spain as place of birth. I believe that his first name was Alex and that he advertised in the PULASKI CITIZEN in May of 1884. More on him at Giles Co. Page
Lawrence DeAnquinos(age 17)--listed among photographers with pictures in TN Historical Society Picture Collection 1800-1970. He is listed as Lawrence Leon DeAnquinos with notation Box 4 Number 26.
Wm. Snell(age 30)

Shelby Co. TN
James Borbers(age 37)--Place of birth given as Kentucky. His parents were born in Ireland.
John B. Glanning(age 19)
D. C. Hilliard(age 32)--Place of birth given as Maryland which is also listed as parents place of birth.
Andrew Templeton(age 48)--Place of birth given as NY Parents both born in Ireland.
John W. Moyston(age 48)--Place of birth given as Virginia. Parents were also of Virginia.
C. Gebhardt (age 32)--Place of birth given as Germany.Parents also originated from Germany.
Ben Bingham (age 45)
Thomas Bingham (age 37)living with his brother Ben.
A. E. Geurin(age not given female)--Living with her sister Mary Welch. State of birth given as Indiana.
Willie Lamastus(age 21)

Smith Co. TN
W. E. Adams(age 24)
Daniel Irvin (age 39)

Stewert Co. TN
R. W. Acrie(age 34)

Sumner Co. TN
Gustaus C. Rhine(age 40)Place of birth given as Prussia

Unicoi Co. TN
Samuel W. McInturff(age 24)
David B. McInturff(age 23)

Warren Co. TN
C. W. Prior(age 60)Place of birth given as Ireland
J. Fletch Woodward(age 42)--Check on the Cooksey Researchers page for more info on J. Fletch Woodward
Lavater Woodward(age 19)

Washington, Tennessee
Lilbern W. Keen (age 56)
M. C. Perry(age 39)--Female

Wayne Co. TN
William E. Grimes(age 23)-- Nephew of Jonathan A. & Ann Keeton

White Co. TN
Levater Woodward(age 18)--Living with Samuel & Margaret A. Moore in White Co. Counted twice during 1880 Census

Williamson, Tennessee
Thomas Smithson(age 33)
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