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Marie's Garden 2005

I will be adding pics as time allows. Hope everyone enjoys the pics as much as I enjoying my gardening. You can view last yr's flowers at this page. Also visit my Garden Blog --Marie

Buds on Peony 1st yr in frontbed--moved from sidebed Catmint Yellow Iris was 1st to bloom this year Pink Rosebush was the lst of the roses to bloom Deep pink azalea bush
The Peony bud is about to open--April 28th assted flowers--hosta, lilac bush, azalea, rose campion lychnis Rose Campion Lychnis My Butterfly Bush Purple & Yellow Iris
Peony Buds begin to open The Peony after all buds opened Red Amaryllis Bloom Rose--Coral in Color pale pink rose
Coral Rose Pink Rose Coral Rose Rose Campion Coral Rose
Lavender Butterfly Bush Bloom Gloriosa Daisy Echinacea Bloom Gloriosa Daisy Sweetpeas Bloom
Gloriosa Daisy Caladium Dark Foliage Cannas before they have their red blooms Closeup of Red Hot Poker
Gloriosa Daisy Red Hot Poker First Cosmo Bloom of the yr--Lavender An assortment of plants--Freesia, Chives, Catmint, hosta, with cosmos and rose foliage Coral Roses cut and arranged in a watering can
Bee Balm Gardenia Bloom Hibiscus Bush Echinacea Hibiscus Bush
Orange and Lavender Cosmos Small Pink Zinnias Petunias Echinacea Hibiscus Bloom
Close up of a Canna with large orange bloom and wine foliage Cardinal Vine Canna with large orange bloom and wine foliage Odd Gladolia bloom Color Yellow-Green with Red veins Canna with large orange bloom and wine foliage
Purple Iris that usually blooms in late April Bloomed on Oct 1, 2005 Pink Zinnias Buds on Pink Rosebush--Oct 2005 Purple Wildflower that grows in the outeredge of the backyard yellow wildflower that grows at the edge of the backyard

Created on ... April 20, 2005