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Family Lines

July 2010: Additions and corrections to this site continue to be made.

"We live as long as we are remembered."

Often cited as an old Russian proverb, this line is one of the most quoted amongst genealogists when asked why they do what they do. They believe they have a responsibility to honor the memories of their ancestors so that they will not be forgotten. Another way of explaining this feeling among genealogists is that we are called to be the "storytellers" of our families. If you have an interest in genealogy, please take time to read Della M. Cummings Wright's description of why genealogists are the "chosen ones" of each generation.

Publishing on the Web allows me to "tell the story" of my ancestors in a way that is easily updated as more family information is discovered. My research has benefitted greatly from work done by those before me and I am sincerely grateful to the authors of the many sources I cite within these pages.

My immediate ancestral family surnames include Nielsen and Biel on my father's side; and Pittman and Witzke on my mother's side. I have made the most progress on the Pittman and Witzke family lines and am currently working on the Nielsen and Biel genealogies.

Any questions, comments, additions, and corrections can be sent to me at the email address below.