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Cherry Hill Cemetery

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GATES, Joseph b. 1 Sep 1806

d. 13 Jun 1871

Born in CT.
GATES, Jennett b. 1 Jan 1811

d. 3 Aug 1838

Maiden name Langdon - Wife of Joseph - dau of Joseph and Sally (Bird) Langdon
GATES, Olive Louisa b. 16 Dec 1811

d. 4 Jan 1897

(2nd) wife of Joseph Gates - born Mass.
GATES, Henry Spencer b. 8 Oct 1842

d. 10 Dec 1867

Son of Joseph and Olive - Soldier of the Civil War
GATES, William A. b. 1821

d. 1917

Frank B. Miller places William A. Gates as son of Ephraim and Sarah (Lord) Gates.
GATES, Harriet S. b. 1822

d. 1914

Maiden name Seabury - dau of William and Sarah (Baldwin) Seabury - wife of William A.
GORMAN, Michael O. b. 1819

d. 1891

Death date taken from Obit.
GORMAN, Mary H. b. 1817

d. 1885

GOURLEY, James A. b. 1838

d. 1917

Co. K. 49th Regt., NYVols.
GOURLEY, Kate M. d. 24 Aug 1882 age 36y, 6m, 23d. Maiden name Reimer. Wife of James A. Gourley
GOURLEY, Edward b. 1838

d. 1910

GOURLEY, Margaret b. 1846

d. 1893

Wife of Edward
GOURLEY, Ezekiel B. b. 1866

d. 2 Oct 1890

GOURLEY, Martha b. 1836

d. 1911

Maiden name Wells. Wife of J. A. Gourley
GOURLEY, Martha J. b. 1863

d. 1864

dau of Edward and Margaret
GOURLEY, Margaret   See Margaret Mathewson
GOURLEY, Elizabeth b. 1812

d. 1895

in lot with Philetus Messenger
GRAN, Hjalmar F. b. 1831

d. 1907

GRAVES, Cordelia M. d. 24 Aug 1843 age 13y, 4m, 20d.
GRAY, Hester   See A. E. Buel
GRAY, Hiram d. 26 Jul 1833 age 43y, 6m, 0d.
GRAY, Eliza d. 4 May 1836 age 43y, 11, 0d. - Wife of Hiram -This is a New England line-no relation to James Gray
GRAY, James b. 18 Nov 1785

d. 30 Jun 1858

Born in White Deer Valley, Northumberland Co., PA. Soldier of 1812 - "One of the earliest settlers and much respected for his moral worth and character on Erie and Warren Co., PA, where he resided from 1803 until his death". - Son of William Gray - His wife was Mary (called Polly) Miles, dau of Robert Miles, Sr.
GRAY, Robert M. b. 8 Jan 1813

d. 17 Apr 1898

Son of James and Polly (Miles) Gray
GRAY, Hannah b. 8 Jan 1820

d. 2 Nov 1862

Maiden name Wells - Wife of R.M. Gray
GRAY, Ellan d. 9 Dec 1849 age 4y, 9m, 17d. - dau of Robert M. and Hannah
GRAY, Fred H. b. 14 Feb 1858

d. 12 Feb 1900

Son of Robert and Hannah
GRAY, Lizzie S. b. 12 Sep 1864

d. ?

Wife of Fred GRAY
GREEN, Elsa d. 5 Mar 1870 age 70y 0m, 6d. - Wife of George Stoolfire
GREEN, Eva J.   See Eva J. Harrington
GREEN, Jane b. 4 Nov 1851

d. 22 Oct 188?

Wife of Frank B. Green
GREEN, Nancy   See Comstock
GREEN, Otis b. 26 Dec 1799

d. 11 May 1877

born in Mass.
GREEN, Charlotte b. 20 Feb 1815

d. 2 Sep 1880

Born in Adams Co., PA. Maiden name was Noel
GREEN, Ira b. 20 Dec 1832

d. 10 Mar 1834

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Sarah J. b. 27 Oct 1834 Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN Thomas N. b. 21 May 1836

d. 8 Jun 1883

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Benjamin F. b. 7 Sep 1838

d. ?

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Mary A. b. 20 Sep 1840

d. ?

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Emily S. b. 31 Jan 1843

d. ?

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Isadore b. 20 Mar 1845

d. 23 Feb. 1861

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Harriet L. b. 3 Aug 1847

d. ?

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Richard O. b. 16 Jul 1852

d. ?

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Frank B. b. 4 Jul 1855

d. ?

Child of Otis and Charlotte
GREEN, Survina   See Joseph Langdon
GREEN, Thomas d. 29 Nov 1866 Died in his 70th year
GREEN, Sarah d. 1 Sep 1862 age 73 - wife of Thomas
GREEN, Susan M. b. 2 Sep 1835

d. 29 Oct 1916

Maiden name Jenks - Wife of Thomas N. (son of Otis) Green - Taken from newspaper obit.
GREEN, Charley W. d. 19 Jul 1871 age 3 yr., 11mos, - Son of Thomas N. and Susan (Jenks) Green
GREGG, Clara A.   See Clara M. Abbott
GREGG, Eleanor b. 1842

d. 1882

Wife of Irvine Stoolfire
GREGORY, Betsy   See Rufus K. Houghwot
GREGORY, Clifford J. b. 4 Nov 1850

d. ?

GREGORY, Elnora S. b. 15 Sep 1854

d. 7 Apr 1882

Wife of Clilfford J. Gregory
GREGORY, Elen D. d. 11 May 1857 Maiden name Smith - dau of Asa and Polly (Waite) Smith - Wife of Charles H. Gregory
GREGORY, Eva d. 24 May 1857 age 8 months and 24 days. - dau of C. H. and Elen D. Gregory
GUIGNON, Julia Ann b. 1829

d. 1922

Maiden name Runyan - Wife of Joseph Guignon
GUIGNON, Grace E.   See Marvin Curtis
GUIGNON, Lawrence E. d. 22 Mar 1846 age 1y, 9m, 0d. - Child of L.E. and E.
GUIGNON, Alice J. d. 11 Feb 1854 age 2y, 4m, 0d. - Child of L. E. and E.
HAGGERTY, William M. b. 17 Mar 1830

d. 22 Sep 1906

1st wife was Harriet (Allen) by whom he had a dau. Ina, b. 1858
HAGGERTY, Christie A. b. 15 Feb 1846

d. 14 Nov 1902

Maiden name McLean-dau of Hector and Isabella (McIntosh) McLean. (2nd) Wife of Wm. M.
HAMILTON, Emmaline b. 13 Oct 1825

d. 30 Oct 1888

Dau of John and Catharine (Brown) Hamilton - Emmaline was (2nd) wife of Newton J. Frazine
HAMILTON, James C. b. 1832

d. 29 May 1903

Son of John and Catharine (Brown) Hamilton - 1st wife was Lucy E. Pratt
HAMILTON, Eliza F. b. 1846

d. 1925

Maiden name Younie - dau of James and Margaret (Stuart) Younie. She was the 2nd wife of James C.
HAMILTON, Mary b. 1861

d. 1868

HAMILTON, Margaret b. 1872

d. 1949

HAMILTON, John b. 22 Jun 1782

d. 29 Oct 1857

Born in York, PA
HAMILTON, Catharine b. 13 Mar 1789

d. 29 Sep 1862

Born in Belfast, Ireland - Maiden name Brown - wife of John Hamilton
HAMILTON, Cynthia G. d. 23 Aug 1831 age 11mos., 20days - dau of John and Catherine
HAMILTON, Mary b. 24 Apr 1861

d. 25 Apr 1881

dau of James C. and Lucy (Pratt) Hamilton
HARMON, Emma   Wife of John Power Miller - See under Miller
HARMON, Hosea b. 1818

d. 1895

Son of Nason and Anna (Bennett) Harmon.
HARMON, Sally b. 1827

d. 1908

Maiden name Johnson - dau of Merritt and Almira (Scranton) Johnson - Wife of Hosea
HARMON, William b. 1847

d. 1859

Son of Hosea and Sally - (William is actually buried in Wesleyan Cemetary at Five Points - note from Frank B. Miller)
HARRINGTON, Eva J. b. 1869

d. 1896

maiden name Green - dau of Thomas N. and Susan (Jenks) Green - Wife of L. P. Harrington
HARRINGTON, Murray W. b. 1848

d. 1914

Son of Horatio and Lucina L. (Deland) Harrington
HARRINGTON, Ida V. b. 1848

d. 1923

Maiden name Pickard
HENRY, Jannet   See John Dallas
HILL, Fuller d. 17 Jul 1888 Son of Pliney and Charlotte (Skinner) Hill. He married Jennie Northrop. They had a dau. Marjorie Hill
HILLMAN, Roy   Spanish American War -- Co. I, 16th PA. Inf.
HINSDALE, Cythera E.   Infant dau of Ralph L. and Emma (Gourley) Hinsdale.
HODGES, Almira   See Lyman Root
HODGES, H. C. b. 1 Mar 1813

d. 31 Jan 1899

Full name Hazzard C. Hodges - son of Abram and Esther (Kennedy) Hodges
HODGES, Isabel b. 1823

d. 1904

Maiden name Carter - Born in Ohio - Wife of H.C. Hodges. (They were parents of 12 children)
HODGES, Fenton b. 1864

d. 1894

Son of Isabel and H. C. - Fenton commited suicide
HODGES, James M. b. 1851

d. 1932

HODGES, Ellen A. b. 1861

d. 1924

HODGES, James H. b. 1889

d. 1932

HODGES, Gladys E. b. 1924

d. 1936

HODGES, Leslie d. 12 Feb 1935 Air Services, Pvt. 1st Class WWI
HOLMES, Priscilla d. 24 Jul 1881 age 49y, 10m, 27d
HORN, Catharine M. b. 27 Jul 1822

d. 10 Jul 1901

Maiden name Miller - dau of Richard Biship Miller and Cynthia Catlin his wife. She was 2nd wife of Hiram Horn of Spring Creek. (Hiram is buried in Spring Creek.)
HOOD, Catherine   See James Stuart
HORTON, Abram (Abe) b. 1825

d. 1897

HORTON, Hannah d. 16 Apr 1875 Maiden name Crouch - age 41 - wife of Abe
HORTON, George d. 24 Aug 1885 age 26 - son of Abe Horton
HORTON, Fannie d. Mar 1871 age 1 year - dau of Abe and Hannah (Crouch) Horton
HOUGHWOT, Rufus K. b. 1852

d. 1907

Son of Alexander and Betsey (Gregory) Houghwot, Grand-son of Daniel and Catherine (Stuart) Houghwot.
HOUGHWOT, Florence T.   Maiden name Dennison - wife of Rufus
HOUGHWOT, Earl Dennison d. 20 May 1890 ag 3mo, 26d. - son of Rufus and Florence
HOUGHWOT, Edith Arena d. 28 Feb 1886 age 2y, 1m, 28d. - only dau of Rufus and Florence
HOUSTON, Thomas b. 1859

d. 1923

HOWLES, John W. b. 9 Aug 1832

d. 24 Jan 1891

HOWLES, Rhoda b. 19 Apr 1837

d. 18 May 1909

Maiden name Barrett - dau of Michael and Matilda (Taylor) Barrett - wife of John W. Howles - She wed second Adam Shutt
HOWLES, Orris A. b. 29 Oct 1857

d. 30 Oct 1861

HOWLES, Mabel A. b. 25 Sep 1878

d. 10 Jul 1889

HOWARD, Richard E. b. 1896


Gold Star 1st Pa. Inf WWI

He was the son of William and Mary

HOWARD, Tillie d. 23 Mar 1892 age 0y, 9m, 2d. - dau of William and Mary Howard
HOWE, Clarissa   See Robert F. Weld
HUSTON, Thomas d. 14 Nov 1874 age 92 years - Born in County Cavin, Drumlum, Ireland
HUSTON, Jane d. 3 Nov 1874 age 74 years - wife of Thomas
HUSTON, William b. 1818

d. 1876

HUSTON, Janet b. 1823

d. 1903

Wife of William
HUSTON, Marion b. 1850

d. 1878

HUSTON, Jane d. 17 Jul 1856 age 2y, 5m, 0d - dau of William and Jane Huston
INWOOD, William d. 7 Mar 1890 age 77y, 7m, 0d.
INWOOD, Ann H. d. 6 Mar 1888 age 73y, 9m, 0d
JACKSON, Isadore b. 17 May 1833

d. 4 Oct 1887

Wife of Reuben Dalrymple
JAGGER, Eliza   See James B. Abbott
JAGGER, James b. 1802

d. 1866

He was a brother of Stephen Jagger
JAGGER, Mary b. 1807

d. 1891

Maiden name Brown - dau of David and Jennet (Broadfoot) Brown - wife of James
JAGGER, Enoch F. b. 1830

d. 1887

Child of James and Mary (Brown) Jagger - Sgt. Co. B 9th N.Y. Inf
JAGGER, Agnes b. 1839

d. 1868

Child of James and Mary (Brown) Jagger
JAGGER, Harriet b. 1841

d. 1872

Child of James and Mary (Brown) Jagger
JAGGER, Charles b. 1848

d. 1918

Child of James and Mary (Brown) Jagger
JAGGER, David B. b. 1828

d. 1891

Child of James and Mary (Brown) Jagger
JAGGER, Dorcas b. 1829

d. 1911

Maiden name Bullock - dau of William and Polly (Phillips) Bullock - wife of David B. Jagger
JAGGER, Willie L. b. 1869

d. 1878

Son of David B. and Dorcas (Bullock) Jagger
JAGGER, Stephen d. 8 Mar 1874 age 81y, 6m, 11d - War of 1812
JAGGER, Mary d. 12 Aug 1875 age 73y, 5m, 26d - wife of Stephen
JAGGER, Nancy d. 21 Oct 1836 ag 12y, 2m, 23d - Child of Stephen and Mary Jagger
JAGGER, Caroline d. 20 Aug 1832 age 4y, 6m, 3d - Child of Stephen and Mary Jagger
JAGGER, Amanda d. 16 Aug 1832 age 2y, 3m, 24d - Child of Stephen and Mary Jagger
JAGGER, Loretta d. 11 Apr 1855 age 15y, 3m, 0d. - Child of Stephen and Mary Jagger
JAGGER, Sylvester b. 8 Oct 1833

d. 31 May 1905

Child of Stephen and Mary Jagger - Civil War
JAGGER, Mary Jane d. 30 Jun 1872 wife of Sylvester Jagger
JAGGER, Susannah b. 27 Jun 1826

d. 10 Dec 1889

She was the dau of Stephen and Mary Jagger - She was the 1st wife of Arba Bullock -
JAGGER, James Sylvester b. 4 Apr 1859

d. 1 Oct 1933

JAMIESON, Alexander   (No dates given- - burial recs show death as taking place 5 Oct 1893 - age not stated. He was son of William and Mary Jamieson.
JAMIESON, Margaret d. 31 Dec 1886 age 78 - Child of William and Mary Jamieson
JAMIESON, Hugh d. 28 Feb 1877 age 73y, 3m, 22d - son of William and Mary, natives of Scotland
JAMIESON, Jeanette d. 29 Sep 1874 Wife of Hugh Jamieson
JAMIESON, Mary b. 31 Dec 1826 d. 13 May 1847 age 20y, 4m, 13d. - dau of Hugh and Jeanette
JAMIESON, Susan b. 31 Jul 1833 d. 19 Nov 1862 age 29y, 3m, 19d. - dau of Hugh and Jeanette -
JAMIESON, Jeanette   age 1 year - dau of Hugh and Jeanette
JAMIESON, William d. 4 Apr 1866 age 97 years, 7 mos.
JAMIESON, Mary d. 7 Jun 1866 age 87 years, 9 mos. - Wife of William
JAMIESON, William K. b. 1826

d. 1904

JENKS, Susan M.   See Thomas N. Green
JOHNSON, Merritt b. 28 Aug 1800

d. 17 Feb 1885

born in Connecticut
JOHNSON, Almira b. 17 Mar 1802

d. 27 Jan 1885

Maiden name Scranton - wife of Merritt Johnson - born in Connecticut
JOHNSON, Amos H. b. 1838

d. 1898

son of Merritt and Almira - Soldier of Civil War
JOHNSON, Sally   See Hosea Harmon
JOLLS, Eliza b. 1812

d. 1899

wife of George W. Buel
JONES, Hattie E. d. 7 Feb 1884 age 40y, 5m, 7d. - Wife of Theodore M. Jones
KAY, Benjamin F. b. 10 Sep 1844

d. 1 Sep 1922

Son of James and Elizabeth (Matther) Kay
KAY, Elizabeth   Mother of Benjamin
KAY, Elizabeth b. 1845

d. 1910

wife of David Newton Stilson
KAY, Ida M. d. 3 Oct 1869 age 23y, 3m, 3d - Maiden name Stuart - wife of Henry Kay
KAY, James b. 2 Jul 1815

d. 15 Jan 1892

KAY, Sarah b. 11 Mar 1796

d. 12 Mar 1874

Wife of James
KING, Lydia   See Catlin
KINSMAN, Cynthia J. b. 14 Jul 1842

d. 1 Sep 1885

Wife of John Kinsman
KINSMAN, Mary (Buel) Cummins   See Mary Buel
LAING, Isabella b. 1814

d. 14 Jan 1884

born in Forres, Scotland - wife of James McIntosh
LAING, John d. 17 May 1874 age 62 years - born in Morayshire, Scotland
LAING, Christine d. 1 Jun 1890 age 61 - wife of John Laing
LAING, Sarah Ann b. 23 Mar 1856

d. 12 May 1867

dau of John and Christine
LAING, William d. 5 Jun 1870 age 16y, 7m, 27d. - son of John and Christine
LANGDON, Adelia S. d. 3 May 1850 age 10mo, 26d - dau of Laurens A. and Lucinda (Blodgett) Langdon
LANGDON, Lovisa d. 5 Jul 1834 age 1y, 3m, 19d - dau of Laurens and Lucinda
LANGDON, Andrew C. d. 5 Dec 1846 age 30y, 6m, 5d - Full name Andrew Corydon Langdon - son of Joseph and Sally (Bird) Langdon
LANGDON, Barbara   see Barbara McIntire, wife of Jas.
LANGDON, Jennett   see Jennett Gates
LANGDON, Joseph b. 13 Jan 1780

d. 27 Apr 1857

born in Berkshire, Mass - (Deacon Joseph Langdon--DEA. on stone
LANGDON, Survina d. 8 Jun 1833 age 37y, 10m, 23d - Maiden name Green - 2nd wife of Joseph Langdon
LANGDON, Joseph Bird b. 4 Jul 1834

d. 1909

Son of Noah B. Langdon and Barbara (Brown) Langdon
LANGDON, Margaret b. 1838

d. 1908

Maiden name Younie - Wife of Joseph Bird Langdon
LANGDON, Lillian   see Lillian Nichols, wife of John Nichols
LANGDON, Laurens A.    
LANGDON, Noah B. b 1803

d. 30 May 1882

LANGDON, Barbara (Brown) b. 1809

d. 11 Aug 1840

Wife of Noah B. Langdon - dau of David and Jennett (Broadfoot) Brown
LANGDON, Jennett b. 1829

d. 10 Dec 1854

dau of Noah and Barbara
LANGDON, Catharine b. 1832

d. 27 May 1886

dau of Noah and Barbara
LANGDON, Brown b. 1839

d. 31 May 1863

LARSON, Violetta (Shaw) b. 1855

d. 1923

Wife of John B. Larson
LAWRENCE, Ellmore D. d. 22 Jan 1861 age 2y, 6m, 0d - son of D. L. and V. J. Lawrence
LEWIS, Eliza b. 1842

d. 1912

Wife of Stewart George Lewis
LEWIS, Jennie d. 8 Aug 1883 age 30y, 11m, 0d - Maiden name Reeves - wife of Milford D. Lewis
LEWIS, Nellie d. 18 Aug 1881 age 7 years, 2 mos - dau of M. D. and Jennie Lewis
LOMAS, Thomas b. 1830

d. 1903

LOPUS, Francis Chauncey b. 1 Sep 1814

d. March 1910

LOPUS, Rosannah b. 1 Sep 1810

d. 17 May 1880

Born in Ireland - Wife of Francis
LOPUS, James C. b. 15 Jun 1841

d. 6 Jun 1897

LOPUS, Mary J. b. 7 Sep 1856

d. 7 May 1927

Wife of James C. Lopus - Also married 2nd Mr. _____ Appleby.
LOPUS, James Jr. b. 1889

d. 1906

LOPUS, J. Chancy   Co. F 112th NY Inf. - (could possibly be the James C. Lopus mentioned above)
LORD, Samuel b. 1837

d. 1903

Soldier of the Civil War
LORD, Fidelia b. 1845

d. 1929

Maiden name Phillips, dau of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips - wife of Samuel
LOVELAND, Jimmie no dates son of Lodowick and Christie (Stuart) Loveland. Stone is in J and J. L. Stuart lot.
LOWTHER, Barbara   See Cumming