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MACDONALD, John b. 1830

d. 1907

MACDONALD, Agnes b. 1829

d. 1902

Maiden name McGleod - wife of John McDonald
MACDONALD, Archibald D. b. 23 Feb 1852

d. 10 Feb 1886

Son of John and Agnes - Masonic emblem
MACDONALD, Mary E. b. 1882

d. 1955

Wife of John MacDonald
MACDONALD, M. Minerva b. 1863

d. 1918

Maiden name Dunham - dau of Daniel Dunham and Tobiatha (Scheelmader) Dunham. - 1st wife of John G. MacDonald
MACDONALD, Alice d. 6 Feb 1896 age 15 months - dau of John G. and Minerva (Dunham) MacDonald
MCCOLLIN, Allan Chapin b. 24 Feb 1881

d. 24 Feb 1883

Son of William H. and Ada T. McCollin
MCCOLLIN, Charlie b. 20 Nov 1873

d. 1 Jan 1875

Son of William H and Ada T. McCollin
MCCOLLIN, Maggie b. 28 Feb 1871

d. 27 Mar 1872

dau of William and Ada
MCCOLLIN, William H. d. 20 Sep 1909 age not given
MCDOWELL, Delilah E. d. 12 Feb 1845 age 45y, 6m, 5d. - wife of Samuel H. McDowell
MCINTOSH, Ann   See Ann Martin, wife of Christopher Martin
MCINTOSH, Christian   See Loudy McKelvey
MCINTOSH, Donald, Sr. d. 15 Jan 1834 age 73 - Native of Scotland
MCINTOSH, Margaret d. 3 Feb 1849 age 70 - Consort of Donald - maiden name Brodie
MCINTOSH, George d. April 1892 Born Scotland - wife Caroline
MCINTOSH, James b. 1803

d. 1889

Born in Ayr, Scotland
MCINTOSH, Isabelle (Laing) b. 1814

d. 14 Jan 1883

Born in Forres, Scotland - wife of James McIntosh
MCINTOSH, Juliett b. 1845

d. 1850

dau of James and Isabelle
MCINTOSH, Elizabeth b. 1836

d. 1850

dau of James and Isabelle
MCINTOSH, John D. d. 11 May 1879 age 65y, 6m, 21d - Native of Scotland - (Frank Miller adds-his wife is buried beside him
MCINTOSH, Lucy d. 4 Jun 1835 age 22 - wife of Donald McIntosh Jr. - maiden name Catlin - dau of Henry and Sally (Pratt) Catlin
MCINTOSH, Margaret   See John Stuart
MCINTOSH, Mildred (Smith) b. 1889

d. 1918

dau of Alonzo (Lon) and Jennie E. (Russell) Smith and 1st wife of James Alexander McIntosh.
MCINTYRE, Alexander b. 26 Feb 1826

d. 30 Jan 1891

MCINTYRE, Jas. A. b. 1831

d. 1872

MCINTYRE, Barbara (Langdon) b. 1837

d. 1868

Wife of Jas. A. McIntyre - dau of Noah B. and Jennett (Brown) Langdon
MCINTYRE, Mary H. b. 1862

d. 1883

MCINTYRE, Addison L. b. 1863

d. 1872

MCINTYRE, John W. b. 1847

d. 1913

MCINTYRE, Mina L. b. 1855

d. 1930

MCINTYRE, John b. 1879

d. 1883

MCINTYRE, Coral b. 1883

d. 1883

MCINTYRE, Rev. Lansing b. 12 Mar 1820

d. 12 Feb 1895

MCINTYRE, Polly M. b. 14 Feb 1824

d. 28 Feb 1885

MCINTYRE, Lizzie J. b. 16 Aug 1860

d. 22 Sep 1886

MCINTYRE, Robert b. 7 May 1791

d. 5 Jan 1872

Born at Mill of Buchanan, Sterlingshire, Scotland
MCINTYRE, Robert A. d. 11 Jun 1862 age 6 years, 7 mos - son of R. and E. McIntyre
MCINTYRE,William b. 1876

d. 1922

MCINTYRE, S. Jennie b. 1867

d. 1934

Wife of William McIntyre
MCKELVEY, Henry b. 1838

d. 1923

son of Loudy and Christian (McIntosh) McKelvey
MCKELVEY, Alice b. 1843

d. 1908

wife of Henry McKelvey
MCKELVEY, Loudy d. 8 Aug 1888 aged 80
MCKELVEY, Christian (McIntosh) b. 25 Aug 1811

d. 4 Mar 1898

Wife of Loudy - dau of Donald and Margaret (Brodie) McIntosh
MCKELVEY, Jonah b. 1839

d. 1898

Son of Loudy and Christian McKelvey
MCKELVEY, Robert d. 23 Dec 1865 aged 22y, 3m, 1days - son of Loudy and Christian
MCLAIN, Rev. Wm. Wylie d. 10 Nov 1855 age 40 years
MCLAIN, Mary (Miller) d. 1 Jan 1858 age 39 years - dau of Richard Bishop and Cynthia (Catlin) Miller-Wife of Rev. Wm. Wylie McLain
MCLAIN, Christie A.   See Haggerty, William
MCLEOD, Archibald d. 29 Jul 1850 age 22 years
MARKHAM, Henry d. 19 Aug 1871 age 35y, 0m, 17days
MARKHAM, William d. 2 Mar 1861 age 32 (Masonic funeral-F.B. Miller diary)
MARKHAM, William G. d. 8 Apr 1859 age 60y, 0m, 10days-born Dunham, Nottinghamshire, England
MARKHAM, Edith (Clements) d. 1 Jan 1875 age 69y, 2m, 21days-born Boldock, Westfordshire, England-wife of William G.- wed (2nd) Stephen Crouch
MARSH, E. Hubbard b. 1840

d. 1930

MARSH, Mary b. 1834

d. 1893

MARSH, Edna J. b. 1856

d. 1921

MARSH, Sally Ann (Martin)   dau of William and Roxa (Pier) Martin-wife of Lyman Northrop
MARTIN, Alvin b. 6 Nov 1817

d. 17 Jul 1902

MARTIN, Pamela A b. 11 Aug 1821

d. 22 Aug 1908

Wife of Alvin Martin
MARTIN, Ellen V. b. 25 Jul 1848

d. ??

dau of Alvin and Pamela
MARTIN, Helen b. 23 Mar 1845

d. 2 Sep 1905

dau of Alvin and Pamela - (they also had a sister Grace --diary information)
MARTIN, Christopher b. 6 May 1801

d. 8 Mar 1874

born in Town of Glennon, Ireland
MARTIN, Ann (McIntosh) b. 16 May 1804

d. 2 Mar 18??

born Parish of Aldern, Scotland - wife of Christopher

dau of Donald and Margaret (Brodie) McIntosh

MARTIN, George D. b. 18 Sep 1832

d. 30 Jan 1899

child of Christopher and Ann (McIntosh)
MARTIN, Annis C. b. 4 Sep 1834

d. ??

child of Christopher and Ann (McIntosh) - wed Harrison Pike
MARTIN, Ann E. b. 10 Mar 1837

d. ??

child of Christopher and Ann (McIntosh) - wed Daniel Lowe
MARTIN, James M. b. 16 Nov 1840

d. 1915

child of Christopher and Ann (McIntosh)
MARTIN, Florence P. (Pratt) b. 1847

d. 2 May 1894

dau of Linus and Julia (Catlin) Pratt - (Note: died a suicide)
MARTIN, Lucy   see Scott, Albert C.
MARTIN, Rhoda A.   see Dennison, James
MARTIN, Sally Ann d. 7 May 1880 dau of William and Roxa (Pier) Martin -married Lyman Northrop, - Sally Ann went to Oregon with some of her children, died and is buried there. Her name is on the S. G. monument--Cherry Hill Cem. also names of 3 of their children: Eugene L., Wilbert D., Adaline A.
MATHER, James d. 13 Mar 1856 age 73 years, 10 mos.
MATHER, Nancy d. 3 Jan 1879 age 86y, 0m, 2days - wife of James Mather
MATHER, Elizabeth   see Kay, Benjamin
MATTHEWSON, Samuel b. 1824

d. 1891

MATTHEWSON, Margaret (Gourley) b. 1829

d. 24 Mar 1864

age 34y, 11m, 0days - wife of Samuel - maiden name Gourley
MATTHEWSON, Sarah b. 1851

d. 1855

child of Samuel and Margaret
MATTHEWSON, Samuel Jr. b. 1854

d. 1855

child of Samuel and Margaret
MATTHEWSON, William A. b. 1859

d. 1877

child of Samuel and Margaret
MATTHEWSON, Mary A. b. 1861

d. 2877

child of Samuel and Margaret
MATTHEWSON, Anna M. b. 1863

d. ??

child of Samuel and Margaret
MATTISON, Albert B.   see Helen b. Mattison
MATTISON, Carrie E. b. 1833

d. 1918

dau of Eugene and Margaret (Meehan) (Price) Mattison
MATTISON, Helen (Brand) b. 1830

d. 1907

dau of Robert A. and jame E. (Pickett) Brand - married (1) Alden Diver Blodget (2) Albert Mattison
MESSENGER, Philetus b. 1842

d. ??

All in one lot
GRAHAM, Elizabeth b. 1845

d. 1912

All in one lot
GRAHAM, Elizabeth b. 1812

d. 1895

All in one lot
MICKELSON, Louise S. b. 1850

d. 1917

All in one lot
MICKELSON, Josephine b. 1854

d. 1935

All in one lot
MIDDLETON, Charles S. b. 1849


MIDDLETON, Alice A. (Stilson) b. 1857

d. 1895

Wife of Charles - dau of David Stilson, Jr. and Margaret Page, his wife
MILLER, Caroline b. 5 Apr 1825

d. 14 Oct 1907

dau of Richard Bishop Miller and Cynthia (Catlin) Miller
MILLER, Eliza d. 12 Feb 1832 age 16 - dau of Richard Bishop Miller and Cynthia (Catlin) Miller
MILLER, Eliza   See Robert Falconer
MILLER, Emma (Harmon) b. 31 Oct 1849

d. 10 Nov 1887

Wife of John Power Miller - dau of Hosea and Sally (Johnson) Harmon
MILLER, George H. b. 1869

d. 1899

Spanish American War - Child of John and Emma Miller
MILLER, Willie C. b. 12 Jan 1872

d. 23 May 1881

Child of John and Emma Miller
MILLER, Minnie May b. 26 Apr 1867

d. 25 Jun 1867

Child of John and Emma Miller
MILLER, Franklin R. b. 6 Jul 1827

d. 29 Mar 1899

Son of Richard Bishop Miller and Cynthia (Catlin) Miller
MILLER, Christie (Younie) b. 14 May 1834

d. 6 Dec 1908

wife of Franklin R. Miller - dau of James and Margaret (Stuart) Younie
MILLER, Jane M.   see Payne, Mortimer G.
MILLER, Linus H. d. 16 Jan 1839 age 39 - son of Amok and Rachel (Bishop) Miller, brother of Richard B. Miller, brother of Eliza (Miller) Falconer, brother of Mary (Miller) Cumming
MILLER, Clarissa (Clark) d. 1 Jan 1873 age 67 - (2nd) wife of Linus - dau of Gardner Clark, sister of Celia Clark Blodgett and sister Green Clark - she wed 2nd Joseph Gallop.
MILLER, Mary   see McLain, Mary Miller
MILLER, Mary   see Cumming
MILLER, Richard B. b. 10 Mar 1791

d. 10 Jun 1832

War of 1812 - Son of Amok Miller and Rachel Bishop, his wife of New Hartford, Oneida Co., NY. Amok Miler a Soldier of Rev. from Brimfield, Mass. Richard Bishop Miller died in Maysville, Ky and is buried there. He was down the river on a raft.
MILLER, Cynthia (Catlin) b. 4 Mar 1791

d. 1 Mar 1883

Wife of Richard B. Miller - dau of John and Sarah (Look) Catlin, sister of Henry Catlin, sister of Clarissa Miller Miler
MINORE, James H. b. 1860

d. 1915

MIX, Wesley Hiram b. 1847

d. 1915

son of Horace and Marilla (Woodruff) Mix - aspnic emblem
MOORE, Jas. S. b. 1848

d. 1928

MORGAN, Henry b. 30 Aug 1790

d. 7 Oct 1865

Note-Henry Morgan, Betty Nelson and the Nichols Family seem to be in one lot - #104
NEILL, Margaret   see Brookmire, James G.
NELSON, Betty b. 20 Aug 1829

d. 14 Feb 1908

NICHOLS, John d. 24 May 1839 age 71y, 10m, 13days - War of 1812
NICHOLS, John Henry b. 1823

d. 1896

age 74 -
NICHOLS, Ardelissa (Langdon) d. 21 Mar 1871 age 42y, 7m, 23days - wife of John Henry Nichols - dau of Joseph and Survina (Green) Langdon
NICHOLS, Lillian J. b. 1855

d. 1890

NICHOLS, Mary (Brander)   age 91 years, 6 months, 22 days - see Brander
NOBBE/NOBB, John A. b. 1878

d. 1948

Soldie of Spanish American War
NOBBE/NOBBS, Priscilla b. 1883

d. 1945

NOEL, Charlotte b. 20 Feb 1815

d. 2 Sep 1880

born in Adams Co., PA - wife of Otis Green
NORRIS, Alice S.   see Russell, James D.
NORRIS, Mary   see Abbott
NORTHROP, Lyman   see Martin, Sally Ann
PAGE, Alice A.   see Middleton, Charles S.
PAGE, Margaret J. b. 1834

d. 1900

wife of David Stilson
PALMER, Sarah Maria b. 1831

d. 1907

wife of Jason Frank
PARKER, Westley d. 27 Dec 1849 son of Z. A. and Semantha Parker
PARKMAN, Julia A.   see Dallas, James
PARMLEE, Sally (Eveleth) b. 28 Jul 1801

d. 2 Sep 1896

PARMLEE, Minerva   No dates and impossible to tell whether she is a Morgan or a Parmlee. Both buried on the Parmlee and H. Morgan lot. (Sally Parmlee lived alone in 1850, aged 48 and born in NY)
PAYNE, Mortimer G. b. 12 Oct 1831

d. 9 Nov 1855

PAYNE, Jane (Miller) b. 13 Jul 1831

d. 24 Aug 1887

dau of Richard B. and Cynthia (Catlin) Miller
PECKHAM, Bracie d. 22 Jul 1880 age 13 months, 8 days - son of W.G. and Louisa Peckham
PETTINGILL, Eleanor B.   wife of Bartlett, Gilman -see Bartlett
PHELPS, Susan M   see Firman, James H.
PHILLIPS, Dr. Joseph b. 6 Oct 1805

d. 19 Apr 1881

born in Rensselliar Co. NY
PHILLIPS, Almira (Sexton) b. 5 Jul 1812

d. 15 Jul 1876

born in Herkimer Co., NY
PHILLIPS, Abner b. 1 Mar 1831

d. 17 Feb 1864

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Abel P. b. 24 Nov 1832

d. 20 Feb 1913

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Mary G. b. 29 Apr 1837

d. 10 Apr 1858

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Corydon b. 1 Aug 1849

d. 8 Feb 1901

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Fedelia A. b. 22 May 1845

d. 1929

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips - Wife of Samuel Lord
PHILLIPS, Perry M. b. 6 May 1847

d. 9 Jan 1864

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Lottie C. b. 31 Jul 1853

d. ??

Child of Dr. Joseph and Almira (Sexton) Phillips - Wife of Harrison MEAD
PHILLIPS, Polly   see Bullock, William
PICKARD, Ida V.   see Harrington, Murray W.
PICKETT, Jane E.   see Brands, R. A.
PIERCE, Lemuel P. d. 18 Jul 1866 age 79y, 1m, 11days - Vet of War of 1812
PIERCE, Sybil d. 12 Jul 1881 age 89y, 2m, 23days - wife of Lemuel P.
PIKE, Lois (Wright) b. 1853

d. 1901

wife of Carter Pike - dau of David Wright, Sr., and his wife Anna Read
PILLING, Mary   see Clark, Job H.
PORTER, Mary   seee Woodburn, James
POTTER, Mrs. Willice {Jennie O. (Thomas)}   see under Thomas, Jennie O.
POWER, George W. b. 1846

d. 1912

PRATT, Linus H. b. 6 Apr ??

d. 9 Mar 1898

born in Windham, Greene Co., NY - son of John B. and Hannah (Steadman) Pratt
PRATT, Julia A. (Catlin) b. 31 Dec 1814

d. 21 Feb 1903

born in Rushville, Ontario Co., NY - wife of Linus - dau of Henry and Sally (Pratt) Catlin
PRATT, Edgar R. b. 16 Mar 1839

d. 15 Aug 1857

PRATT, Lucy E. b. 15 Jan 1841

d. 21 Dec 1864

She was 1st wife of James Hamilton
PRATT, Marshall S. b. 30 Dec 1843

d. 28 Feb 1844

PRATT, Florence b. 1 Apr 1847

d. 2 May 1894

(on Martin stone) She was wife of James M. Martin. She died as a suicide
PRATT, John B. b. 25 Feb 1781

d. 5 Mar 1869

born in Saybrook, Ct. - War of 1812
PRATT, Hannah (Steadman) b. 15 May 1795

d. 2 Nov 1868

born in New Britain, Ct. - wife of John B. Pratt
PRATT, Salmon S. d. 8 Mar 1842 age 14y, 3m, 0days - son of John B. and Hannah
PRATT, Mary A.   see Curtis, Ransom
PRICE, John S. b. 1872

d. 1916

Mother was Maggie Meehan (Note made by Frank B. Miller)
QUINN, Hugh   on 1850 census Hugh Quinn was age 40 and born in Ireland. He was living with Samuel H. McDowell