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Cherry Hill Cemetery



DALLAS, James b. 1836

d. 1917

son of John and Jennet (Henry) Dallas - Civil War
DALLAS, Julia A. (Parkman) b. 1841

d. 1903

wife of James Dallas - dau of Benj. Parkman
DALLAS, John b. 2 May 1802

d. 24 Oct 1881

Native of Scotland - emigrated to U. S. in 1834
DALLAS, Jennet (Henry) d. 8 Jun 1830 age 37 - wife of John Dallas - Native of Scotland
DALLAS, Mary d. 10 Jun 1863 age 43 years - (2nd) wife of John Dallas
DALLAS, (Jennet, Ann, T.H.) died in infancy daughters of J. Dallas
DALLAS, (Jamie, Nettie) died in infancy children of James and J. Dallas
DALLAS, Frederick P. d. 14 Dec 1869 age 2y, 4m, 18days
DALRYMPLE, Clark b. 10 Feb 1795

d. 14 Jul 1869

DALRYMPLE, Elizabeth (Shoff) b. 25 Apr 1795

d. 17 Feb 1883

Wife of Clark Dalrymple
DALRYMPLE, Elizabeth   see Elizabeth Fay
DALRYMPLE, Mark b. 1823

d. 1904

with Clark and Elizabeth
DALRYMPLE, Eunice (Fancher) b. 1823

d. 1898

wife of Mark Dalrymple
DALRYMPLE, Mary d. 26 Jan 1865 age 10y, 4m, 17days - dau of D. and B.
DALRYMPLE, Mary A. 1819 with Clark and Elizabeth
DALRYMPLE, David 1821 with Clark and Elizabeth
DALRYMPLE, Wm. F. 1825 with Clark and Elizabeth
DALRYMPLE, Oliver 1830 with Clark and Elizabeth
DALRYMPLE, Sheldon M. b. 1834

d. 1885

with Clark and Elizabeth
DALRYMPLE, Noah H. b. 1832

d. 1903

son of Clark and Elizabeth (Shoff) Dalrymple, grandson of David
DALRYMPLE, Margaret (McIntosh) b. 1838

d. 1905

wife of Noah H. Dalrymple - dau of James and Isabella (Laing) McIntosh
DALRYMPLE, Reuben b. 24 Aug 1828

d. 26 Jan 1902

DALRYMPLE, Isadore (Jackson) b. 17 May 1833

d. 4 Oct 1887

wife of Reuben Dalrymple
DAVID, Betsey b. 20 May 1836

d. 6 Jan 1886

dau of Job and Sarah David
DAVIS, Agnes b. 1836

d. 1904

wife of Edward Davis, Sr.
DAVIS, Betsey b. 20 May 1833

d. 6 Jan 1886

DAVIS, Caroline (Guignon) b. 12 Oct 1861

d. 20 May 1950

(2nd) wife of Pardon Davis - dau of J. and Julia Guignon
DAVIS, Charles C. b. 1827

d. 1914

son of William and Mary (Blakeslee) Davis - He went insane.
DAVIS, Lodema (Green) b. 1837

d. 1915

wife of Charles C. Davis - dau of Orson and Elsie (Mead) Green
DAVIS, Elsie b. 1860

d. 1923

dau of Charles C. and Lodema Davis
DAVIS, Emily   see Emily Fenton
DAVIS, Job b. 18 Jun 1808

d. 7 Apr 1882

for 29 years he was Justice of Peace in Jamestown, NY
DAVIS, Sarah (Fancher) b. 17 Dec 1811

d. 18 May 1901

wife of Job - dau of Asel and Urania (Clark) Fancher
DAVIS, Pardon b. 8 Oct 1839

d. 2 Apr 1911

son of Job and Sarah Davis
DAVIS, Susan (Veness) b. 19 Apr 1837

d. 30 Jan 1885

wife of Pardon - dau of John and Harriet (Davis) Veness
DENNIGAN, Ida G.   see Stephen L. Taber
DENNIGAN, James d. 5 Nov 1864 age 45 - son of Michael and Catharine (Bannan) Dennigan
DENNIGAN, Michael d. 29 Jul 1848 age 70 years
DENNIGAN, Olivia (Clark) b. 24 Feb 1828

d. 4 Aug 1916

age 88y, 5m, 10days - wife of James - dau of Green and Betsey (Brown) Clark
DENNIGAN, Patrick b. 1820

d. 1899

DENNIGAN, Jane E. b. 1823

d. 1908

DENNIGAN, Rita b. 1856

d. 1923

DENNIGAN, Charles W. b. 1853

d. 1937

DENNISON, Angeline A. d. 29 Dec 1886 age 38y, 3m, 5days - wife of Ira H. Dennison
DENNISON, Florence   see Rufus K. Houghwot
DENNISON, James b. 1817

d. 1890

son of Ezekiel and Margaret (Pulver) Dennison
DENNISON, Rhoda A. (Martin) b. 1830

d. 1902

wife of James Dennison
DENNISON, Mary R. b. 1865

d. 1884

dau of James and Rhoda
DENNISON, J. Ellsworth b. 1861

d. 1891

son of James and Rhoda
DENNISON, Edgar P. b. 1857

d. 1887

son of James and Rhoda
DOANE, Catharine E. (Sanford) d. 7 Oct 1854 wife of S. Doane - dau of Jeremiah Sanford
DUKE, Jane (Swanson) b. 1875

d. 1920

dau of Gust Swanson (buried in his lot
DUNHAM, Minerva   See M. Minerva MacDonald
DYKE, Nettie A. (Wright) b. 1874

d. 1917

wife of Reuben Dyke - dau of George B. and Matilda (Gifford) Wright
EASTMAN, Matilda J   See Abbott
ELLIOTT, Mary   See Capt. John I. Willson
ELLIOTT, James   See Willson, John I. This man is reputed to be the first person buried in this cemetery
ELLIOTT, Eliza   (1st) wife of Robert Falconer
EVELETH, Sally   see Sally Parmlee
FALCONER, Christina S.   see William Weld
FALCONER, James b. 1799

d. 27 Mar 1886

FALCONER, Christina (Stuart) b. 1803

d. 6 Oct 1892

wife of James Falconer - dau of John and Christina (Falconer) Stuart of Banffshire, Scotland
FALCONER, Patrick A. b. 1846

d. 13 Oct 1866

son of James and Christina
FALCONER, Robert b. 22 Dec 1780

d. 20 Oct 1851

born in Inveraven, Banffshire, Scotland
FALCONER, Eliza (Miller) b. 15 Oct 1802

d. 20 Jan 1850

(2nd) wife of Robert (note: 1st wife was Eliza Elliott) - born New Haven, Oneida Co., NY - dau of Amok Miller, a Rev. Sol. who came from Brimfield, Mass and Rachel Bishop, his wife.- sister of Richard Bishop Miller
FALCONER, Robert J. b. 18 Aug 1809

d. 10 Feb 1876

born Brooklyn, Long Island, NY - son of Robert and his first wife, Eliza Elliott
FALCONER, Mary (Sill) b. 5 Jul 1811

d. 3 Jun 1885

born Black Rock, NY - dau of Nathaniel Sill of Warren
FARNSWORTH, Anna   see Ricker, Wentworth
FARNSWORTH, Moses b. 1753

d. 1827

Soldier of the Rev.
FARNSWORTH, Ruhamah b. 1765

d. 1849

age 84
FARNSWORTH, Catharine b. 1800

d. 1863

age 63
FAULKNER, Sarah (McIntyre b. 1856

d. 1952

FAY, Elizabeth (Dalrymple) Stuart b. 1792

d. 1873

Note: She was Elizabeth Dalrymple. She married (1st) William Stuart, (2nd) Thomas Stuart, and (3rd) _____ Fay.
FENTON, Emily (Davis) Emory b. 19 Nov 1830

d. 21 Jun 1913

born Providence, NY - dau of Job and Sarah Davis - Wife of (1st) Morgan Emory (2nd) Barry Fenton. - sister of Pardon and Betsey D. Davis
FILER, Sylvia (Smith) d. 2 Feb 1867 age 22y, 8m, 24days - wife of Wallace Filer
FINCH, Mary E. d. 27 Nov 1883 age 26y, 11m, 18days - wife of W.C. Finch
FIRMAN, James H. b. 8 Oct 1809

d. 25 Jun 1898

FIRMAN, Susan M. (Phelps) b. 17 Jun 1817

d. 16 Jan 1887

Wife of James H. Firman
FIRMAN, Alice M. b. 4 Nov 1857

d. 16 Jan 1862

FIRMAN, Abner P. b. 7 Oct 1845

d. 12 Dec 1865

FIRMAN, Alton D. b. 27 Feb 1850

d. 20 Aug 1868

FIRMAN, Albert J. b. 1 Oct 1840

d. 12 Feb 1841

FIRMAN, Adelaide L. b. 9 Jan 1837

d. 6 Oct 1841

FIRTH, Clayton J. b. 1858

d. 1907

He died by suicide - parents were John and Jane (Clayton) Firth, brother was James Albert Firth b. 31 Oct 1854. Clayton md. Sarah Fidelia Hill b. 12 Dec 1852 in Spring Creek
FOX, Deidamia d. 22 May 1834 age 60y, 10m, 0days - wife of Thomas Fox
FRANK, Jason M. b. 1825

d. 1903

son of Michael and Elizabeth (Steward) Frank
FRANK, Sarah Maria (Palmer) b. 1831

d. 1907

wife of Jason M. Frank
FRANK, Margaret A. (Stuart) b. 18 Apr 1839

d. 29 Aug 1880

wife of A. D. Frank - dau of James L. and Margaret (McIntosh) Stuart
FRAZINE, Newton J. b. 3 Sep 1821

d. 4 Oct 1888

Born at Cato, Cayuga Co. NY
FRAZINE, Emmaline (Hamilton) b. 13 Oct 1825

d. 30 Oct 1888

(2nd) wife of Newton Frazine -- His first wife was a Simmons girl. Emmaline's parents were John and Catharine (Brown) Hamilton.
FRAZINE, Herbert N. d. 12 Mar 1894 age 45y, 10, 0days - son of Newton Frazine
FRAZINE, Cordelia b. 29 Oct 1851

d. 29 May 1879

wife of Herbert Frazine
FRAZINE, Hiller b. 7 Oct 1862

d. 20 Jul 1909

son of Newton J. and EmmalineFrazine
FRAZINE, Mabel b. 5 Apr 1877

d. 25 Apr 1896

dau of Herbert N. and Cordelia Frazine