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Cherry Hill Cemetery

Located in the village of Sugar Grove, Warren County, PA

" Some inscriptions were copied by a Mr. Horton in 1923, and others by Mrs. Frances Ramsey"

Some notes are from the diary of Cynthia Catlin Miller

(Records of all interments started being kept by Mr. F. R. Miller in 1858)

Electronic Transcription by Robin Carpenter, June 2000

ABBOTT, Addie M. (Cooper) b. 17 Oct. 1865 1st. Wife of Eugene W. Abbott and dau of Nathan J. and Mary (Woodburn) Cooper
ABBOTT, Amelia (Temple) b. 1842

d. 1881

ABBOTT, Clara A. (Gregg) b. 1851

d. 1921

Wife of John P. Abbott and dau of Andrew and Margaret (Woodside) Gregg
ABBOTT, Dwight E. d. 30 Sep 1849 age 10 mos. 15 days-son of Abijah C. and Melissa Abbott
ABBOTT, Eugene W. b. 1867

d. 1914

Son of Noah W. and Mary (Norris) Abbott
ABBOTT, George P. d. 25 Dec 1847 age 5 mos. 23 days-son of George and Hannah Abbott
ABBOTT, James B. b. 17 Jul 1834

d. 23 Dec 1874

son of George and Hannah Abbott
ABBOTT, Eliza (Jagger) b. 4 Oct 1834

d. 26 Nov 1871

wife of James B. Abbott and dau of James and Mary (Brown) Jagger
ABBOTT, John P. b. 1844

d. 1929

Son of William Francis and Catharine (Parkhurst) Abbott- Soldier of Civil War
ABBOTT, John Robert b. 1835

d. 1917

son of John G. and Agnes Nancy (Allen) Abbott- Soldier of Civil War
ABBOTT, Laura Belle b. 20 Jul 1899

d. 2 Mar 1906

dau of Eugene W. and Addie M. (Cooper) Abbott
ABBOTT, Lennie C. b. 1874

d. 1875

son of Noah W. and Mary (Norris) Abbott
ABBOTT, Mary Jane d. 27 Mar 1853 age 16 years, 9 mos, 6 days-dau of George and Hannah Abbott
ABBOTT, Mary M. b. 1846

d. 1918

wife of Noah W. Abbott and dau of Thomas and Ann (Heap) Norris-
ABBOTT, Matilda J. b. 1865

d. 1913

First wife of John M. Eastman
ABBOTT, Nora W. b. 1846

d. 1910

ALBRO, Marcus P. b. 1850

d. 1916

son of Seymour Albrough
ALBROUGH, Seymour d. 4 Feb 1883 age 61 years, 10 mos, 18 days
ALGER, Albert J. b. 1841

d. 1919

ALGER, Hannah b. 1856

d. 1910

ALGER, Seth R. b. 13 Dec 1818

d. 19 Sep 1882

ALGER, Benajah d. 8 Jan 1852 age 78 years
ALGER, Anna d. 29 Jan 1854 age 72 - wife of Benajah
ALGER, Catharine b. 1874

d. 1900

ALGER, John   Official Marker "Potter's Co., 27th N.Y. Militia War of 1812" (died prior to 1858, the date when F.R. Miller began keeping a record of interments)

"Old Mrs. John Alger was buried 19 July 1876" --F. R. Miller's buriel record (no marker)

ALLEN, Betsey Ann   See E. R. Wheelock
ALLEN, Emily Ellen d. 25 May 1855 age 17 years - Dau of William and Polly Allen
ALLEN, John d. 5 Nov 1848 aged 84 years- Native of Scotland
ALLEN, Margaret (Holmes) d. 25 Apr 1846 aged 69 years- wife of John Allen - native of Scotland
ALLEN, Millicent R. b. 22 Jan 1880

d. 4 Apr 1880

First born of W. O. and H. R. Allen - W.O. Allen was a Methodist Minister
ALLAN, William d. 2 Sep 1881 aged 71 years
ALLAN, Polly d. 21 Jul 1882 aged 65 - wife of William
ALLAN, "Baby" d. 17 Mar 1861 aged 2 months
ALLAN, Webster d. 3 Jun 1861 aged 20 years
APPLEBY, Mary J.   See Mary J. Lopus
AYLING, Jesse F. b. 1835 d.1825 Civil War
AYLING, Polly Ann b. 1838

d. 1921

Wife of Jesse F. Ayling
BARR, Janett   See Stuart, John
BARR, John d. 9 Jan 1839 age 73 - Native of Ireland and early settler of Sugar Grove, PA - He arrived circa late in 1798
BARR, Sarah (McFall/McFail) d. 4 Apr 1853 Wife of John Barr
BARR, Mary   Se Sweet, Stephen
BARRETT, Carrie J.   See Van Horn, Floyd A.
BARRETT, Edmund M. b. 1 Dec 1808

d. 24 Feb 1896

BARRETT, Matilda (Taylor) b. 6 Apr 1810

d. 10 Oct 1889

Wife of Edmund - Matilda Taylor wed 1st. Michael Barrett, brother of Edmund.
BARRETT, Michael d. 3 Dec 1838  
BARRETT, Reuben d. 20 Nov 1840 From the diary of Cynthia Catlin Miller, the Barretts came from Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England
BARRETT, Ellen   See Russell, A. D.
BARRETT, Rhoda   See Howles
BARRETT, Gilman d. 28 Dec 1862 Soldier of the Rebellion - A soldier of the U. S. Army Civil War flag holder
BARRETT, Eleanor B. (Pettengill) d. 18 Nov 1861 age 31 years, 1 mo, 21 days - wife of Gilman
BATSON, Catharine 12 Sep 1883  
BATSON, Charles 1 Feb 1887  
BATSON, John 12 Jul 1880  
BATSON, Louisa (Brown) 14 Feb 1823 Mother of John Batson
BATSON, Mary 17 Oct 1854  
BATSON, Nancy b. 1848

d. 1913

Wife of John
BATSON, Sarah L. d. 26 Dec 1855 age 12 years, 5 mos, 0 day - dau of John and Nancy Batson
BATSON, Harry 13 Feb 1876  
BEARDSLEY, Martha A   see Spencer
BINDLEY, John d. 17 Jan 1863 age 78 - Born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, died in Freehold, PA
BINDLEY, Sarah d. 12 Nov 1859 age 73 - Born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, died in Freehold, PA
BINDLEY, Jabez b. 28 Mar 1824

d. 21 Apr 1882

BINDLEY, Sarah E. b. 11 Oct 1827

d. 21 Oct 1905

Wife of Jabez
BIRD, Sally   See Langdon
BLAKESLEE, ELiza b. 25 Oct 1860

d. 21 Sep 1897

Wife of Philip Blakeslee
BLODGET, Alden D. d. 28 Sep 1862 age 35y, 9m, 25d. - Son of Cyrenus and Celia (Clark) Blodget
BLODGET, Charlie d. Nov 1855 Son of A.. D. and H. Blodget
BLODGET, Rallie d. Oct 1862 Son of A. D. and H. Blodget
BLODGET, Clarissa M. b. 21 Dec 1816

d. 3 Mar 1887

BLODGET, Marian b. 16 Oct 1814

d. 26 Apr 1889

BLODGET, Sylvia A. d. 26 Dec 1849 Age 22 years
BLODGET, Wm. O. d. 3 Jan 1866 age 41 - G.A.R.
BLODGET, Esther A. (Spencer) d. 30 Dec 1865 age 35 - wife of Wm. O. Blodget
BLODGET, Belle d. 4 Apr 1855 age 1y, 9m, 27d. - daug of Wm. and Esther
BLODGET, Willie d. 26 Sep 1861 age 1y, 2m, 11d. - son of Wm and Esther
BLODGETT, Adelia   See Adelia E. Smith
BLODGETT, Arba b. 28 Mar 1789

d. 28 Nov 1848

age 48-8-0 (so says the stone-must be an error in inscription for the "Diary of Cynthia Miller says - "Nov 13, 1837-Arba Blodgett was injured at the cave-in of the sand bank, Nov. 28, 1837, Arba Blodgett died.

Arba was the son of Solomon Blodgett and a brother of Cyrenus. His wife was Bebe Bullock. After his death she married Joshua Van Deusen

BLODGETT, Beba (Bullock) b. 8 Mar 1790

d. 21 Jun 1878

Wife of Arba Blodgett
BLODGETT, Cyrenus d. 29 Sep 1862 age 68y, 11m, 23d.- War of 1812-Son of Solomon Blodgett-came from Oneida Co. NY in 1815 and settled 1 and 3/4 miles N. of the State Line just a short distance inside NY state. He married Celia Clark, a sister of "Old Mr. Green Clark" She d. 29 Mar 1858 age 59
BLODGETT, Helen   see Helen B. Mattison
BLODGETT, Lucinda   see Adelia S. Langdon
BOICE, Lucina   see Thomas J. Stuart
BRANDER, James F. b. 1842

d. 1862

NICHOLS, Mary Brander b. 1845


age 91 years, 6mo, 22 days.
BRANDER, James S. b. 1800

d. 1876

BRANDER, Ann b. 1813

d. 1893

BRANDER, Margaret   see William B. Smilie
BRANDS, R. A. b. 1796

d. 8 Feb 1882

born Forres, Morayshire, Scotland
BRANDS, Jane E. (Pickett) b. 1790

d. 15 May 1871

born in London, England
BROADFOOT, Jennet   see David Brown and James Jagger
BRODIE, Margaret   see Margaret McIntosh, wife of (consort of) Donald McIntosh, Sr.
BROOKMIRE, Ezekiel b. 11 Jul 1822

d. 14 May 1900

born in County Antrim, Ireland
BROOKMIRE, Martha b. 1 Jun 18?2

d. 11 Dec 1889

Born in County Antrim, Ireland
BROOKMIRE, Ellwood d. 15 Jul 1880 age 0y, 4m, 24d. - son of John and Maggie Brookmire
BROOKMIRE, James G. b. 1810

d. 11 Apr 1901

age 91 - born near Belfast, Ireland
BROOKMIRE, Margaret (Neill) b. 1812

d. 16 Jun 1887

age 75 - wife of James G. - born near Belfast, Ireland
BROOKMIRE, James S. b. 1837

d. 1915

BROOKMIRE, Mother   age 65
BROUGHTON, William   born Grinisby, Lincolnshire
BROWN, Barbara b. 1809

d.11 Aug 1840

dau of David and Jennet (Broadfoot) Brown
BROWN, Catharine   see Hamilton, John
BROWN, Cyrus F. b. 1854

d. 1906

BROWN, David b. 7 Sep 1777

d. 8 Nov 1825

born Belfast, Ireland
BROWN, Jennat (Broadfoot) b. 4 Nov 1781

d. 4 Jun 1841

born Wigton, Scotland
BROWN, James b. 28 Mar 1819

d. 13 Nov 1851

BROWN, H. L. d. 17 Sep 1865 in his 29th year
BROWN, John d. 25 Jan 1823 age 36 - Native of Belfast, Ireland - 19 years in this state
BROWN, Louisa   see Batson
BROWN, Mary   see Jagger, James
BROWN, Nathan W. d. 29 Aug 1866 age 68y, 10m, 4day
BUEL, d. 12 Aug 1843 age 15 days- Infant dau of G.W. and E. Buel
BUEL, Artemas d. 23 Apr 1833/53? age 73
BUEL, Druzilla   see Crouch, George
BUEL, George W. b. 1809

d. 1884

BUEL, Eliza (Jolls) b. 1812

d. 1899

wife of George W. Buel
BUEL, Hester (Gray) d. 5 Jul 1865 age 54y, 7m, 26d. - wife of A.E. Buel
BUEL, John P. d. 19 May 1849 age 4y, 1m, 8day
BUEL, Julia E. d. 1851 age 3 years
BUEL, Mary b. 1835

d. 1909

dau of George and Eliza (Jolls) Buel

Married (1) Charles Cumming, son of Robert &Mary (Miller) Cumming - Married (2) John A. Kinsman

BUEL, Polly d. 5 Oct 1836 age 19 years - wife of A. Buel
BULLOCK, Arba b. 1824

d. 1900

son of William and Polly (Phillips) Bullick

(2nd) wife Mary ----

(3rd) wife Minnie Ricker, b. 1853, d. 1891 - dau of Joseph Ricker

BULLOCK, Susannah (Jagger) b. 27 Jun 1826

d. 10 Dec 1880

(1st) wife of Arba - dau of Stephen and Mary Jagger
BULLOCK, Beba b. 8 Mar 1790

d. 21 Jun 1878

Wife of Arba Blodgett - after death of Arba she wed Joshua Van Deusen, spoken of as Van or "Old Van" in diaries of that period.
BULLOCK, Elon d. 10 Jan 1867 age 41 years - son of Jonathan and Melinda
BULLOCK, Salley E. (Spencer) d. 2 Jul 1865 age 30 - wife of Elon
BULLOCK, Dea. Jonathan d. 15 Apr 1855 age 65y, 4m, 28days
BULLOCK, Melinda d. 23 May 1833 age 48 years - wife of Jonathan
BULLOCK, Louisa d. 12 Jan 1833 age 16 - dau of Jonathan and Melinda
BULLOCK, William d. 22 May 1888 age 93y, 9m, 22days - War of 1812
BULLOCK, Polly (Phillips) d. 10 Jul 1879 age 85y, 9m, 18days - wife of William Bullock- dau of Jonathan Phillips, sister of Palmer Phillips
BULLOCK, Martin d. 19 Jan 1831 age 8y, 1m, 5days - son of William and Polly
BULLOCK, Clarissa d. 19 Jun 1839 age 7y, 8m, 23days - dau of William and Polly
BURRES, Baby 1898 (the mother was a dau of Robert Weld)
CARR, Corp. G. T.   Co. L, 2nd Mass. Cav. Civil War
CARR, George T. d. 6 Jun 1847 age 51 - native of Kent, England
CARR, Thomas d. 24 Jan 1863 Co. K., 49 N.Y. Inf.
CARTER, Isabel   see Hodges, H. C.
CATLIN, Clarissa b. 31 mar 1826

d. 13 Aug 1902

dau of Henry and Sally (Pratt) Catlin
CATLIN, Emmons d. 4 Nov 1876 age 64y, 11m, 10days - son of Henry and Sally (Pratt) Catlin
CATLIN, Cynthia   see Miller, Richard B.
CATLIN, Lydia (KING) d. 2 Feb 1877 age 64y, 10m, 22days -wife of Emmons - she was the widow of Amos Wright, when she married Emmons Catlin
CATLIN, Henry b. 15 Jan 1785

d. 30 Jul 1845

born in Conway, Mass. - son of John and Dinah (Look) Catlin - brother of Cynthia Catlin - Soldier of 1812
CATLIN, Dr. James b. 30 Jun 1824

d. 14 Jan 1890

son of Henry and Sally (Pratt) Catlin
CATLIN, Martha (VanRensslaer) b.9 Nov 1823

d. 12 Nov 1892

wife of Dr. James
CATLIN, Albert M b. 28 Nov 1852

d. Mar 1910

son of Dr. James and Martha Catlin
CATLIN, Lucy   see Lucy Catlin McIntosh, wife of Donald McIntosh
CLARK, Celia   see Cyrenus Blodgett
CLARK, Clarissa   see Linus Miller
CLARK, Job H. b. 1824

d. 1889

son of Green and Betsey (Brown) Clark
CLARK, Mary (Pilling) b. 1829

d. 1916

wife of Job Clark
CLARK, George b. 1838

d. 1895

CLARK, Walter L. b. 1870

d. 1871

son of Job and Mary (Pilling) Clark
CLARK, Olivia   see Dennigan
CLARK, Sarah d. 3 Sep 1848 age 23y, 11m, 0days - wife of Russell Clark
CLEMENTS, Edith b. 1806

d. 1 Jun 1875

age 69y, 2m, 21d.- born at Boldock, Westfordshire, England - wife of William G. Markham - she married (2nd) Shephen Crouch - (Markham died 3 Apr 1859)
COMSTOCK, Charles b. 1822

d. 1912

COMSTOCK, Nancy (Green) b. 1820

d. 1883

COOPER, Addie M   see Addie M. Abbott
COOPER, Thomas b. 1830

d. 1891

Civil War
COOPER, Mary Ann (Veness) b. 1826

d. 1900

wife of Thomas Cooper - dau of John and Harriet (Davis) Veness
COOPER, Walter T. d. 28 Mar 1862 age 8 mo. 21 days
CROUCH, Edith   see Edith Clements (wife of Shephen)
CROUCH, Fannie Horton   dau of Abe Horton and Hannah (Crouch) Horton
CROUCH, George b. 1836

d. 1919

CROUCH, Druzilla b. 1838

d. 1920

wife of George - dau of George W. and Eliza (Jolls) Buel
CROUCH, Frankie d. 23 Nov 1877 son of George and Druzilla (Buel) Crouch
CROUCH, Zenia B. b. 11 Jun 1887

d. 15 Jun 1893

child of G. W. and Ida M. Crouch
CROUCH, Zella b. 20 Apr 1889

d. 27 Apr 1889

chid of G.W. and Ida M. Crouch
CROUCH, Hannah   see Abe Horton
CROUCH, Harry Dennison d. 21 Nov 1890 age 3y, 15days - son of Dwight B. and Kate (Dennison) Crouch
CROUCH, Jesse d. 7 Nov 1855 age 34y, 7m, 0d.
CROUCH, Harriet C. b. 29 Feb 1828

d. 23 Dec 1862

wife of Jesse and Charles Crouch
CROUCH, Louisa C. b. 4 Dec 1854

d. 24 Mar 1862

dau of Jesse and Harriet Crouch
CROUCH, Julia A. d. 7 Aug 1859 age 41 - wife of Stephen Crouch
CROUCH, Emma J. d. 16 Apr 1862 age 19 years - child of Stephen and Julia Crouch
CROUCH, Albert d. 29 Mar 1853 age 11 months - child of Stephen and Julia Crouch
CROUCH, Wesley d. 10 Apr 1860 age 9 mos. - child of Stephen and Julia Crouch
CROUCH, Stephen L. d. 29 Feb 1849 age 4 years - child of Stephen and Julia Crouch
CROUCH, Jesse E d. 10 May 1849 age 4 mos - child of Stephen and Julia Crouch
CROUCH, Lesley d. 21 Feb 1860 age 8 mos. - child of Stephen and Julia Crouch
CUMMING, Eliza F.   see Stuart, John
CUMMING, Robert b. 1789

d. 19 Dec 1869

age 80 years. - Native of Scotland
CUMMING, Barbara (Lowther) d. 30 Jun 1823 age 25 - wife of Robert Cumming - dau of James Lowther
CUMMING, Mary d. 24 Apr 1842 age 38 - (2nd) wife of Robert Cumming - dau of Amok and Rachel (Bishop) Miller
CUMMING, Laura d. 2 Nov 1831 age 6 years - dau of Robert and Mary Cumming
CUMMING, William M. b. 1829

d. 1903

son of Robert and Mary (Miller) Cumming
CUMMING, Jennet (Stuart) b. 1832

d. 1904

Wife of William M. Cumming - dau of James L. and Margaret (McIntosh) Stuart
CUMMING, Mary b. 1863

d. 4 Apr 1866

dau of William M. and Jennet (Stuart) Cumming
CUMMINGS, Charles b. 26 Mar 1831

d. 29 Aug 1888

Son of Robert and Mary (Miller) Cumming
CUMMINGS, Mary E. (Buel) b. 1835

d. 1909

Wife of Charles - She was dau of George and Eliza (Jolls) Buel - she married (2nd) John A. Kinsman
CUMMINGS, Lettie B. b. 23 Oct 1863

d. 23 Jan 1884

child of Charles and Mary
CUMMINGS, George W. b. 17 Aug 1856

d. 29 Dec 1880

child of Charles and Mary
CUMMINGS, Robert T. b. 15 Dec 1840

d. 1 Feb 1879

son of Robert and Mary (Miller) Cumming
CURTISS, Gertrude   see Gertrude Wiard
CURTISS, Marvin b. 1848 Born Busti, NY
CURTISS, Grace E. (Guignon) b. 1850

d. 1897

wife of M.W. Curtis - dau of Joseph and Julia (Runyan) Guignon
CURTIS, Marvin E. b. 1 Oct 1882

d. 2 Feb 1883

child of Marvin and Grace (Guignon) Curtis
CURTIS, Carl E. b. 27 Apr 1876

d. 17 Jan 1883

child of Marvin and Grace Curtis
CURTIS, Ransom d. 16 Apr 1876 age 72
CURTIS, Mary A. (Pratt) d. 10 Jun 1873 age 54 -wife of Ransom Curtis - dau of John B. and Hannah (Steadman) Pratt - sister of L.H. Pratt
CURTIS, Ellen E.   1st wife of Albert M. Catlin
CURTIS, Clement P.    
CURTIS, Sidney R. d. 27 Aug 1852 age 23y, 3m, 0days - Sidney was son of Ransom and Mary (Pratt) Curtis and father of Marvin
CURTIS, Priscilla d. 24 Jul 1881 age 49y, 10m, 27days - Wife of ---- Holmes