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Photo by Evelyn Flood 1992


Some collateral Names:
Bowman, Brasel, Breedlove, Burdine, Casey, Cockran, Cough,
Creekmore, Crouch, Davis, Dickerson, Essex, Fauk, Ferney, Flood,
Flud, Gladden, Goodman, Hampton, Harkins, Harmonson, Hawkins,
Hays, Hughes, Janson, Johnson, Kent, Mathis, Maynard, Medlock,
Merriman, McFadden, McKuin, Moody, Moore, Morris, Morton, Nichols,
Parn, Payne, Peoples, Rainwater, Ray, Rice, Ricketts, Roberson,
Robinson, Ruffin, Searcy, Smith, Stone, Sutton, Taylor, Wacker,
Waller, Welch, Wheeler, Wilburn, Williams, Wynn

Welcome HARRIS researchers.
Am hoping that anyone doing the William G Harris research will
write me and we can exchange information.
William G. Harris was the father of our great-great grandmother
Rachel Caroline Harris Flood.

Will be adding more information and photos to this story from time to
time, so please come back again.

WILLIAM G HARRIS was born 1 May 1825 in Jackson County,Alabama.
William was my husband Kenneth Flood's third great grandfather.
Believe his father was James Harris.
Believe his Mother was Mary Polly ? (McGEE?) b 1794 in VA
His mother Mary Polly was living with him in 1850 in Dekalb County,
Alabama with Martha Harris, age 18.
and 1860 census in Crawford County, Arkansas in Mountain Township,
Visit 662.
She is thought to be a McGEE?
Had an E-mail in February 2003 from Peggy McFarland who stated that
her g/g/g/grandfather was John Harris who had brothers William G,
Needham, Lee,Gaines A. and Martha Harris.

William served in Co. D,Second Arkansas Cavalry(Union) during Civil War.
His physical description states he was 5 feet 7 inches tall, dark
complexion, blue eyes, dark hair. He was First Sargent
He did not live long enough to apply for Civil War Pension.
I have Widows Civil War Pension record of Louisa Anna Robinson
Harris(Wife No. 2) applied for after his death.(see below)

William G Harris was Clerk of Newton County after the Civil War
He also served as sheriff.
From Crawford County, Arkansas he served in State Senate
He was apparently a well educated man.
He wrote the names of George W Flood's children in the Family Bible
Tried to photograph this bible but the pictures did not turn
out. The bible was very old and do hope someone is preserving this
bible in Newton County.

William G Harris married(1) JANE (maiden name unknown) born in
1823 in North Carolina.
Long ago I viewed the early DeKalb County, Alabama Marriage Records
but did not find a marriage for this couple.
JANE (mnu) HARRIS died 27 March 1853 in Crawford County, Arkansas.
Have this gut feeling she was a NICHOLS
On the 1850 DeKalb County, Alabama census the Harris family lived as
neighbors to many Nichols families.
Because of the first names given the Harris children, could wife
Jane have been a NICHOLS?They used the same first names when naming
their children.
Have been researching the NICHOLS families also as the Flood
children are related to "old John"Nichols.

William G and Jane(mnu) Harris' children were:

(1)MARY ANN HARRIS born 1842 in Dekalb County, Alabama.
She married JOSIAH WYNN on 8 Jan 1860\61 in Crawford County, Arkansas.
(See the WYNN STORY in my 'Kinfolks Stories').
There is a photo of the Wynn family there also.
Josiah also served in the Union Army during Civil War, in Co.I,
First Arkansas Infantry.He drew Civil War Pension.
Josiah's Childrens birth dates are from his pension record.
The Josiaah Wynn known children:
i:PETER P WYNN born 30 Nov 1861 Crawford County, Arkansas.
He married SUSIE TAYLOR (19)of Coal Hill on 29 Dec. 1889(543)in
Johnson County, Arkansas.

1900 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township
WYNN, Peter P, H, Nov1861, 38, AR
...... Susan A, wife, Feb1873, 27,AR
...... Benjamin H., son, Dec1890, 9, AR
...... Minnie S, daug., July1893, 6, AR
...... Josiah M, son, Jan1897, 3, AR
...... William F, son, Dec1899, 6/12, AR

1910 Sebastian County, Arkansas, Cole Township, Visit 147-147
WYNN, Peter P, Head, 48, M2 22yrs, AR,TN,TN, Farmer
..... Susan, wife, 38, M2 22yrs, 11 children-7 living, AR,AR,AR
..... Benjamin H, son, 19, single, AR,AR,AR
..... Minnie, daug., 17,single, AR,AR,AR
..... Joseph, son, 14, single, AR,AR,AR
..... William, son, 10, single, AR,AR,AR
..... Mollie, daug., 7, single, AR,AR,AR
......Erin (Evia?), daug., 4, single, AR,AR,AR
...... Glen (Olen?), son, 2/12, single, AR,AR,AR
(writing is very hard to read)

1920 Sebastian County, Arkansas, Cole Township
WYNN, Benjamin "Ben", head, 29, M, AR,AR,AR
...... Sudie, wife, 23, M, AR,AR,AR
...... Earl, son, 1, AR,AR,AR
PERTLOW, Dennis (unreadible), 12, AR

1930 LeFlore County, Oklahoma, Cameron-Tahoma Township, Visit 233
WYNN, Peter, owns, head, 69, M@23, AR,KY,AL, coal miner
...... Suzie A, wife, 60, M@15, AR,AR,AR

ii:JULIA WYNN, born 20 Feb 1866 at Van Buren,Crawford County, Arkansas.
She was "hopelessly demented" per census records.

iii:WILLIAM WYNN, born 25 Feb 1868 in Limestone Valley,Newton County,
He married MATTIE HAYS (15) on 6 June 1889(489)Johnson County,

iv:JOSIAH M. WYNN, born 27 Mar 1872 in Limestone Valley,Newton County,

v:TENNESSEE WYNN, born 13 Aug 1874 at Clarksville,Johnson County,
She married NEWT HAYS of Coal Hill on 19 Feb 1889 (461)Johnson

vi:SUSIE WYNN, born 11 Oct 1876 at Clarksville,Johnson County,
She married J A MOORE on 15 April 1894 (317R)Johnson County, Arkansas.

vii:NARCISSUS WYNN, born 25 Aug 1878 at Clarksville,Johnson County,
She married J M JANSON (22)of Clarksville on 3 Feb 1901 (324)Johnson
Bride was 22 and lived at Cline,Arkansas.

viii:MELISSA WYNN, born 10 Sept 1880 at Clarksville,Johnson County,

ix: OVELLA WYNN, born 9 July 1885 at Clarksville,Johnson County,

The family lived at Hackett,Arkansas from 1903 to 1912.
Josiah Wynn died on 23 May 1914 in LeFlore County, Oklahoma,
but is buried at Hackett,Sebastian County,Arkansas
Mary Harris Wynn died 23 March 1919 at Hartman,Arkansas(Johnson Co.)
This family researched by Evelyn Flood (RKinfolks@yahoo.com)

(2)SARAH E. HARRIS b 1843 DeKalb Co.AL.(died young).
On 1850 DeKalb County Alabama census.

(3) RACHEL CAROLINE HARRIS born 1843 in DeKalb County,
Alabama(my childrens great great-grandmother)
She married GEORGE W FLOOD on 4 October 1866,in Newton County, Arkansas.
Rachel may have been adopted by William G Harris.
On her death certificate it lists WILLIAM G HARRIS as her father and
her mother as POLLY RAINWATER (Cherokee?)
There is also a mention of the name BLEVINS.
It is possible that Rachel Caroline Harris Flood was a BLEVINS
by blood and William G Harris raised her.
There was a Gaines BLEVINS in Alabama
This remains a mystery.
Have not tried to trace Polly Rainwater yet.
I was told that Rachel was ashamed of her Indian blood,
but this is just a story. She was a tiny woman, much smaller than
her husband George W Flood, who was a tall man.
Rachel died on 16 Sept 1936 and is buried in Smith Cemetery at
Vendor,Newton County, Arkansas.
George W "Uncle Wash"Flood died 27 Jan 1935 with burial in Smith
Keep in mind that some spell their last names FLUD while others
spell it FLOOD.
(See the George W "Uncle Wash" Flood Story on Kinfolks Website)
Their Flood children were:
(1)EMELINE FLOOD(twin) born 6 Jan 1868
She married JAMES ANDERSON BRASEL in 1892 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Emeline died 9 Oct 1912 with burial in Union Hill Cemetery, Newton

(2)JOHN FLOOD(twin to Emeline) died about 2 weeks old.
Emeline only weighed about 3 pounds while John weighed about
7 pounds.
Rachel was afraid they would get cold and since Emeline was the
smallest kept her close at night and little John apparently got
chilled and perhaps died of pneumonia.
It was cold in Arkansas in January.
John is buried in the Smith Cemetery at Vendor,Newton County, Arkansas.

(3)WILLIAM RILEY FLUD, born 27May1869 in Newton County
He married (1)LOUISIANA BRASEL on 6March1890 in Newton County,
(SEE the William Riley Flud 1869 Story in my Kinfolks Stories(
She was the mother of his children.
After Louisiana Brasel Flud died in December of 1915 in Eufaula,
Oklahoma,William Riley Flud married (2) SUSANNA JANE PIERCE SMITH on
6 August 1916 in Newton County.
But there were too many children in both families and the marriage
did not work out.
William Riley Flud also married (3)PERMELIA BRASEL MATHIS in
Eufaula, Oklahoma (she was sister to Louisiana Brasel Flud.
That marriage did not work out either as she remarried someone else
William Riley Flud married (4)MRS. FREDDIE KENNEDY on 8July1918
in Eufaula,Oklahoma.
She had several Kennedy children at the time of her marriage to
William Riley Flud.
William Riley Flud died 13 April 1956 at Claremore,Oklahoma.

(4) JAMES C FLOOD,born 25 April 1871.
He married (1)NANCY BRASEL in 1893 in Newton County, Arkansas.
They were apparently divorced.
He married (2)FEBARY ANN SMITH in 1895 in Newton County, Arkansas.
James C Flood died 20 May 1953 at Tahlequah,Oklahoma.
(See the James C Flood Story in my Kinfolks Stories

(5)NANCY JANE FLOOD, born 21 Feb 1873.
She married (1)BEN WELLS 26June1895 in Newton County, Arkansas.
TheY were apparently divorced.
Ben Wells died in Bristow,Oklahoma in his 90s.
Nancy married (2) CHARLEY CHAMBERLAIN, a store owner
in Nederland,Texas.
It is said she wrote to him and met him through the mail....
what some call a "lonely-hearts club".
Nancy Flood Wells CHAMBERLAIN died 31 July 1954 at Nederland,Texas.

(6)SIMON DAVID FLUD, born 6 Aug 1875 in White Township
He married Hester Hosannie RICKETTS on 4 Dec 1902 in Newton County,
They are the direct line of this author's children.
Simon David Flud died April 1957 at Nowata,OK.
We have a "Long-Tom shotgun the couple bought on their wedding day

(7)MARY OVA FLOOD, born 18 Mar 1877.
She married ROBERT ISAAC TAYLOR 38Feb1898 in Newton County,
She died 29 May 1917 at Eufaula,Oklahoma with burial in Mellette
Cemetery there.

(8)JOSEPH "JOE" FLOOD, born 7 Feb 1879.
He married ROSE SMITH on 11November1905 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Rose Smith was daughter of Old Ece Smith and Nancy Jane Flood Smith
They had one daughter, Alba Flood Price
Joe Flood died 4 June 1912 with burial in Smith Cemetery,Newton
County Arkansas.
After Joe's death Rose Smith Flood married GROVER CLEVELAND PIERCE
Someone contacted me about sending a photo of Alba to me, but so
far they have not sent the picture.

(9) ULYSSUS S GRANT FLUD, born 28 May 1881.
He married: (1)NORA STANDRIDGE on 6 April 1903.
She died in childbirth on 24March1905 and is buried in the
Sexton Cemetery in Newton County.
Grant then married (2)SARAH EMELINE RICKETTS on 6 Dec 1905.
Sarah Emeline was sister to Hester Hosanna RICKETTS.
Grant Flud died 8 Mar 1969 at Bixby,OK.
His daughter May Flud lives by herself near that area.

(10)LAFAYETTE "FATS" FLUD, born 27 Mar 1883.
He married AULCIE M RICKETTS on 6 Dec 1905 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Lafayette "Fats" Flud died 15 Aug 1956 with burial in Jasper the
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

(11)WASHINGTON HOYLE FLOOD, born 5 Jan 1885.
He married GLADYS KENT 15 Jan 1924 in Newton County, Arkansas.
His widow Gladys Kent Flood just recently died and is buried in Smith
Cemetery at Vendor, Arkansas.
She spoke so highly of her father-in-law George W Flood. She
said he was a kind,gentle man who never spoke a harsh word to her.
Hoyle Flood died 18 Oct 1977 with burial in Smith Cemetery,Newton
County Arkansas.
In addition to these Flood chilldren, Rachel and George Flood raised
two other children:
Artie last lived in Stuttgart,AR when I wrote her in 1988.

William"Bill" NICHOLS ,born 1864 married MARY LIZZIE PIERCE in
1887 in Newton County, Arkansas.

William and Mary Lizzie Pierce Nichols Family

They were actually first cousins.
William Nichols was actually the son of MARTHA NICHOLS and
George W. "Uncle Wash" Flood, born before his marriage to Rachel,
and while he was a cavalry soldier in the Union Army during Civil
War time.
This Nichols family moved to Eufaula,Oklahoma.
A daughter, Mary Nichols Moore still lived at Eufaula in 1992.
She gave me much information on her Nichols side.
All these families researched by Evelyn Flood (RKinfolks@yahoo.com)

continuing with children of William G. Harris

(4)JAMES C K HARRIS b 1845 in DeKalb County, Alabama.
He also served in the Union Army during Civil War. His physical
description gave his height as 5 feet 6 inches, grey eyes, dark
He was still trying to get his Civil War Pension when he died on
7 March 1899 at Garretts Bluff, Lamar County, Texas.
Have his Civil War Pension application.
Also have a copy of a picture of a family whom I believe is the
James C Harris family, taken at Bailey Studio in Henderson, Texas.

I believe this to be a copy of picture of James C Harris and family
Picture was given to me by Gladys Flood when I visited her 1988
in Newton County. She was not sure if this were family of James C
Harris. Rachel Caroline Harris Flood had the picture tacked on a wall. My
copy was a xerox copy of the picture which turned out good.
Does anyone out there on the Internet have information on this
Please share your research with us.

James C Harris Family

James C Harris married:
(Book A,pg 11) Newton County, Arkansas marriages
Tennessee Arabell ROBINSON died ca 1889 in Baxter County, Arkansas.
Her mother MARY HARMONSON ROBINSON died ca 1889,also in Baxter
Their graves were probably moved when a dam was being built in that
James and Tennessee Arabell Harris children:
i: MARY HARRIS, born 1867(died in infancy)

ii: RACHEL ROSE HARRIS "Aunt Bug", born Sept 1869 in Newton
She married
(1) B H MERRIMAN on 25 Oct 1889, in Baxter County,Arkansas.
One son, Bryant Z. Merriman, born 2 September 1890 in Mt. Home,
Baxter County, Arkansas.
She later married BEN F MAYNARD(see below)

1910 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, Canadian Township, Visit 2590248
She had 8 children, with 7 living.
MAYNARD, Benjamin F, head, age 38, M1 18years,AR,US,TN(farmer)
........Rosey A, wife, age 40, M2 18years, 8-7 living,AR,AR,AR
........Ethel, daughter, age 17, AR,AR,AR
........Pearl M, daughter, age 15, AR,AR,AR
........Dyer J, son, age 9, OK,AR,AR
........Ophelia A, daughter, age 7, OK,AR,AR
........Benard H, son, age 4, OK,AR,AR
........Virgie E, daughter, age l-7/12, OK,AR,AR
Merriman, Bryant, stepson, age 19, single, AR,ILL,AR Farm laborer

Rachel Rose's children:
1) Bryant Merriman, born 1891 in Mt.Home, Arkansas.
who was born on 11 February 1896.
Roxie Bristow, was daughter of John Henry Bristow and granddaughter
of Samuel Arthur Bristow. This still continues to be a small world
after all. No matter how many people there are in this world, I keep
running into people who are related to the families I am researching.
I have the "Samuel Bristow Story" elsewhere on my website.
Roxie married BRYANT MERRIMAN in 1912.
Roxie Ona Bristow Dickerson Merriman died on 3 May 1963 at Amarillo,
She is buried in Happy Cemetery, Swisher County, Texas.
Roxie's survivors were sisters:
Martha Ledford, Flossie Dawson, Ola Cox, and Mayme Phipps of
McAlester, Oklahoma.
Sister Lottie Bornheim of Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Pearl Myrick of Seminole, Oklahoma
Clarice Turman of San Rafael, California
Brothers: Virgil Dickerson and Andy Bristow of McAlester, Oklahoma
Roxie and Bryant Merriman known children:
1. daughter who married JACK CROW

2. daughter who married ROSS DAVIS

3. Maude Merriman, born 2 August 1913 who married D. F. BOWE
Maude is buried in Happy Cemetery, Swisher County, Texas.

4. daughter who married J. B. McCARLEY.

5. Almetta Merriman, born 26 November 1918 at Crowder, Oklahoma
She died 5 May 1939 at Canyon, Texas.

6. son who died before 1939

7. son who died before 1939
Bryant Z Merriman died in January 1966 at Amarillo, Texas. He is
buried in Happy Cemetery, Swisher County, Texas.

Rachel Rosa Harris Merriman "Aunt Bug" married:
(2) Benjamin F MAYNARD on 23 July 1891 in Baxter County, Arkansas.
Maynard Children:
2) Ethel Maynard, born 1893 in Arkansas.Married Mr. GOODMAN.

3) Pearl M Maynard, born 1895 Arkansas. Married Mr. HARKINS or

4) Dyer J Maynard, born 1901 in Oklahoma
He married FLEDA RICE (1909-1985)in 1929 in Clovis, New Mexico
Fleda was born in 1909 in White Deer, Texas.
Dyer J Maynard known Children:
1) daughter who married LEON CROUCH.
2) daughter who married GAYLORD COOK
3) Bennie Bonnington Maynard lived in Tucson, Arizona.
4) Clarence Maynard who lived in Los Angeles, California
5)Hollis Maynard of Lubbock, Texas.

Fleda Rice Maynard died on 18 July 1985 in Canyon Texas.
She is buried in Memory Gardens Cemetery, Canyon, Texas.

5) Ophelia A Maynard, born 1903 in Oklahoma.
She married WALTER F WELCH

6) Benard Hurley Maynard, born 22 November 1905 in Crowder, Oklahoma
He married ELSIE (mnu).
Benard Maynard died on 2 May 1963 at El Segundo,California and is
buried in Vega Cemetery, Canyon County, Texas.

7) Virgie E. Maynard, born 1909 in Oklahoma.

8) Detherage C Maynard

The Maynard family attended a funeral from Seminole,Oklahoma in 1928.
Benjamin F Maynard died on 11 April 1940 in Snyder, Kiowa County,
Oklahoma. He is buried there.
Rachel Rosa Harris Merriman Maynard died 19 December 1957 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas .
She is buried in Happy Cemetery, Happy, Texas.

continuing with children of James C. Harris

iii: JOHN HARRIS born 1871 in Arkansas(died young?)in Baxter County, Arkansas.

iv: LAFAYETTE HARRIS, born 1873 in Arkansas( died young?) in Baxter County, Arkansas.

v: GAINES BENJAMIN HARRIS, born 28 March1876 in Arkansas.
He married MARY MAYNARD in Baxter County, Arkansas 15 Oct 1895.
Known children:
1) Beulah Arabell Harris
2)Linnie ?(S.E.)Harris
3)Luther D Harris
4)Trinber? "Dick" Harris
Does anyone know what happened to this family? Please write.

1) Beulah Arabell Harris
Born 9 October 1899 in Arkansas
Married ARTHUR ROBERSON on 23 Feb 1919 in Floyd County, Texas.
Known Arthur Roberson children:
1. daughter who married BILL McQUILLIN

2. daughter who married GENE VINCENT

3. J. B. ROBERSON of Phoenix, Arizona

The Robersons were Lockney merchants many years before moving to
Lubbock, Texas in 1956
Beulah died 23 May 1963 in Houston, Texas of cancer
She is buried in Lockney Cemetery, Lockney, Floyd County, Texas.
Arthur died on 26 Jan 1972.
1900 Baxter County, Arkansas Census, Mill Township, Visit 58
Harris, Benjamin, head, age 24, Mar1876, M4yrs, AR,AR,AR
.......Mary A.,wife, age 23,Oct1876, 2children-2living, AR,AR,AR
.......Linnie,daughter, age 3, May1897, AR,AR,AR
.......Bulah, daughter, age 1, Mar1899, AR,AR,AR

2) Linnie (S.E.)Harris, born 1898 in Arkansas.
She married FRED PAYNE on 11 Dec 1920 in Floyd County, Texas.

On 1920 Texas Soundex there were three children listed, but there are probably more children.

3) Luther D Harris born 1904 in Oklahoma

4) Trinber? Harris born 1906 in Oklahoma

Have been trying to find descendants of all these Harris families since 1989. By following the birthdates of the children and the marriage dates, one can get an idea of the whereabouts of the families.

Gaines Benjamin Harris died 4 Nov 1940 at Lockney,Floyd County,Texas
of cancer of the liver and pancreas.
He had lived in Floyd County, Texas for about 25 years. Was a
blacksmith and machinist and owned the G.B. Harris Machine Shop.
I have his Texas death certificate No. 50206.
Phone calls to Harris families in Lockney,Texas failed to uncover
anymore clues.An L D Harris was the informant on his death

(continuing with children of James C Harris):

vi:SARAH ROBINSON HARRIS, born 29 July 1879 in Arkansas.
at unknown place.
She died 10 Dec1970 Kress,Swisher County,Texas with burial
in Kress Cemetery,Lot 106.
Husband Benjamin R Morton born 18Dec1851,died 13Sep1934 with burial
Kress Cemetery,Kress,Texas.
Known Benjamin Morton children:
1)Wiley Marvin Morton
born 5 Aug 1899 He married MARY LOUISA WALLER
Wiley died 27 Nov 1989 with burial Kress Cemetery,Kress,Texas
wife Mary Louisa Waller Morton, born 29 Nov 1897,
died:29 Aug 1988 with burial Kress Cemetery,Kress,Texas
Swisher County,Texas

vii: MAUDE HARRIS born 1881 (died in infancy)

viii: GUS IRVING HARRIS,born 1884. Supposedly died in 1904?
Whereabouts unknown.

ix: BEULAH LEORA HARRIS, born 1887 in Baxter County, Arkansas

Beulah Leora Harris Ruffin

Beulah married JAMES "TEBE" RUFFIN on 27 Sept 1903 in Lamar County,
James Tebe Ruffin's parents were:
Father: James Johnson RUFFIN born 12June1847 in Tolbert Georgia
(on grave marker).
James Johnson Ruffin died 18Jan 1931 Rush Springs,Oklahoma
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Frances Busby born 12Mar1851 Carroll County,
Mother Elizabeth died 30 April 1931 Rush Springs Oklahoma Cemetery.
married 3 June 1866 in Alabama

James Johnson and Elizabeth Busby Ruffin with Cora and unknowns

Do you know who the two girls are in this picture?

The James "Tebe" Ruffin children were:
1)Floyd Ruffin born 4 Sept 1904

2)Floren Ruffin born 5 June 1906. Died Feb 1971.

3) Odessa Ruffin born 5 Nov 1908.
Married(1) ? KING.
She married(2) ? THOMAS.
She died 24 Mar 1997 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

4) Clifton Clarence Ruffin, born 26 Sept 1911 at Boswell
Choctaw County, Oklahoma.
Clifton married JENNIE LEE KILGORE on 2 Aug 1938, place unknown.
Clifton died 1964-65 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Beulah Leora Harris Ruffin died 1944 at Boswell, Choctaw County Oklahoma.

Cornelious Ruffin Family in Tillman County, Texas

Photo sent to me by Milda Mason
Thank you Milda for your information
Some sources of Ruffin information:
Thank you for helping me with this family.
Jeanne Ruffin (ruffinj@citizen.infi.net)
Milda Mason (milda@zianet.com)
Janet Lucia (J8day@cs.com>

continuing with children of William G. Harris by first wife:

(5) MARGARET HARRIS born 1847 in DeKalb County, Alabama
She married SAMUEL T COUCH 11 Feb 1868 in Newton County, Arkansas.
They must have divorced as Margaret lived with her father on several census records.
One known daughter:
1. Jane Couch b 1869 who married JOHN W CLAYBORNE ON 3 Jan 1889 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
If you have any information on this family, please write.

(6)JOHN MELVIN HARRIS born 2 Aug 1849 in DeKalb County, Alabama
John married ELIZABETH ESSEX on 27 Jan 1869 Newton County, Arkansas.
John died 20 Jan 1915 Muldrow,Oklahoma and is buried at Muldrow or
Elizabeth Essex Harris died Jan 1945 Morris, Oklahoma with burial there.
The John Melvin Harris known Children:
i: James B "Jim Buck"Harris, born 23 Feb 1870 in Arkansas.
He died 15 Sept 1900 Johnson Co.AR with burial Ft. Douglas Cemetery.
There is a place in Johnson County,AR called "Jim Buck Holler"which
must have been named for him.
James B Harris married MARGARET"Maggie" B. RAY on 7 March 1889 in
Johnson County,Arkansas.
James B Harris known children:
1) Andrew J Harris born 13 Aug 1890.Died 23 July 1891,buried Ft.Douglas Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas.

2) Christopher C Harris born June 1892. Married ROSE KRUEGER.
Two adopted children.Lived California

3) Sarah E Harris born Sept 1894. She married SOLOMON PATTON.
Son Arthur Lee Patton. They Lived in California.

4) Jesse C Harris b Sept 1897

ii: Mary E Harris born 1871, died 1878 Johnson Co.AR.

iii: Samuel J Harris born 1873 in Arkansas.
Samuel married M A WHEELER on 17 Oct 1889, Johnson County, Arkansas.
Samuel J Harris died 10 Feb 1893 in Johnson County, Arkansas.

iv:William G Harris born 8 Nov 1875;died 1880 Johnson County,

v: Ed Harris born 6 Jan 1878 Johnson Co.AR.
Ed married MATTIE RAY in 1904. He died 1948.
Their children:
1) Vernal Harris
2) Ross Harris
3) Albert Harris
4)Bill Harris
The family lived in Oklahoma. After family was grown, they moved to
the San Joaquin Valley of California.

vi: George W Harris born 20 Oct1880 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
He died 13 Feb 1946 at St Joseph Hospital in Santa Ana, California
(Orange County).Buried at Fairhaven Cemetery,Orange County,
George married ESTHER MARYBELLE CREEKMORE on 16 April 1908 in
Esther Creekmore, born 17 Feb 1888 at Graphic,Arkansas,died
20 May 1974 at Santa Ana,California with burial in Fairhaven Cemetery.
The George W Harris known children:
1) Clarris Maude Harris, born 30 Jan 1909 at Muldrow, Oklahoma
She married CLAUS FREDRICK WACKER on 29 Nov 1931

2) Dortha T Harris, born 18 Nov 1910 at Muldrow,Oklahoma
She had 5 daughters.

3)Edith Opal Harris born 25 Oct 1912 Muldrow,Oklahoma
Edith married CARROLL MOODY 16 May 1931
Opal Harris Moody helped me with the Harris information and I greatly
appreciate her help. In 1992 she lived in Santa Ana, California.
Sent her a list of questions and she filled in the answers for me.

4)Ereka Louise Harris born 22 July 1915 at Morris,Oklahoma.
She married MAURICE COCHRAN. Ereka Louise died 9 Dec 1966.

5)William Howard Harris born 12 April 1918.
William married BONNIE BELL LEE FORNEY on 30 Jan 1938.
They had one son.
Found the George Harris family living in Sequoyah County,Oklahoma
in the 1910 Soundex in Gans Township.

Found the George Washington Harris family in 1920 Soundex,living
in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma at Morris,OK.

vii:Josiah Harris born 26 Dec 1882.
He died 20 Sept 1889 in Johnson County, Arkansas.

viii: Nancy A Harris born 24 Sept 1885.
Nancy married (1) WES FAUK
Fauk Children:
1)Charley Fauk
2) Irene Fauk
3) Ursa Fauk
4) Melvin Fauk (lived Bakersfield,California)
Nancy A. Harris Fauk married: (2) EVERETT SEARCY.
Searcy Children:
5)Everett Searcy (lived Hayward,California)
6) Don Searcy (lived Hayward,California)
7) Doyle Searcy (killed by car)
Nancy lived in Livermore,California in her last years.

ix: Alfred Harris born and died 1888 Johnson Co.Ark.

x: Arch M Harris born 1889
He married VERDIE ?
Arch M Harris died in 1968?
In 1990 his daughter Clara Harris SUTTON lived in Bartlesville,Oklahoma.
She was to be 90 years old on 5th of July 1990.
No answer when I called by telephone.

xi: Charley Harris born 1892 died 1894

xii: John Calvin Harris born 1896. Marriage unknown.
He died 1968?

continuing with children of William G. Harris by first marriage

(7) MALINDA J HARRIS born 1851 in DeKalb County, Alabama
She married ANDREW JACKSON "JACK" DAVIS on 12 Aug 1869 in Newton
County, Arkansas.
Andrew J Davis,was born 1848\1854? in AR.\MO?
Malinda died before 1900 in Newton County, Arkansas
Burial place unknown.

Their known children:
i:Julie C Davis born Oct 1871 Newton County, Arkansas.
Julie married JOHN McFADDEN (born May 1854 in Arkansas)
on 25 Sept 1890 Newton Co.AR.
She died 1909 and is buried in McFadden Cemetery, Johnson County,
Arkansas up Big Piney Creek 3 miles from Ft.Douglas(Johnson County,
Known McFADDEN children:
1)Mem McFadden born Aug 1892 married W B BREEDLOVE (19)of Deer,
Arkansas on 24 Dec 1905 (H124)Newton County, Arkansas.

2)Anna McFadden born June 1894

3)Andrew McFadden born Jan 1896

4)Isaac S McFadden born Aug 1899

5)Lucy McFadden born 1901

6)Emma J McFadden born 1905

ii: Sarah E DAVIS born August 1875.
She married WILLIAM STONE( born Aug 1872) on 28 Jan 1892 in Newton County, Arkansas.
known children:
1) Netta Stone born Dec 1894
2) Stella Stone born Aug 1899
3) Mandy Stone
4) Luster Stone.
Married ELSIE LONG(19) on 13 Feb 1927 in Newton Co.AR.
5) Gracie Stone

On the Johnson County, Arkansas Soundex, William STONE is living with
his family and his mother SARAH ESSEX STONE lives with them.
His wife's name was BELLE. So perhaps Sarah E. Davis Stone
had died before 1920.

iii: Luiza A Davis born 1878. Did she marry J C HURST, age 30
on 5 Feb 1892 in Newton County??

iv: Jarusha Abbie Davis born May 1882
Jarusha Abbie Davis Stone died in 1920 with burial in Essex Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas.
She married SQUIRE STONE (born Oct 1876)
Married on 14 May 1896 in Johnson County, Arkansas (517R)
Their known Stone children:
1)Floyd Stone born 1901 died young in 1920 of typhoid.
2)Vesta Stone born 1903 m:JIM DOTSON TILLEY on 26 April 1925 in AR.
3)Preston Stone born 1908 married IRENE MINNEY
4)Laura Stone born 1916 married ALBERT HUGHES

5) Oma V Stone born 18 April 1920 married JESS HAMPTON
Oma died 2 May 1959 with burial in Coleman Cemetery,Pope County,

6) Clayborn Stone?
7) Squire Stone Jr.
8) Joe Cefus Stone.He married MARIAM D ROSS
9) Mitchel E Stone ,born 17 Feb 1926. He married BETTY WISECARVER in 1955.
Mitchel died 30 Sept 1983 in Zanesville,Ohio.

V: James Polk Davis born Feb 1884
He was living with father Andrew J Davis in 1910 in Newton County, Arkansas
I believe Andrew J Davis' parents were James Davis and Asberine Posey Davis Blackwood.
(See the "Blackwood Story"in my Kinfolks Stories on my website.)
James Polk Davis married SALLY McGEE on 20 Mar 1902, in
Newton County, Arkansas. It is said that after his wife Sally died,
James put his children in an orphanage.

The 1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Union Township, Visit 131
DAVIS,James P, head, age 26, M1 8yrs, AR,MO,AL
......Sally, wife, age 24, M1 8yrs, 4children-3 living,KY,KY,KY
......Nora E, daughter, age 5, AR,AR,KY
......John H.,son, age 3, AR,AR,KY
......Jefferson, son, age 1-4/12, AR,AR,KY
......Andrew, father, age 62, widow, MO,TN,TN

continuing with William G. Harris

After his first wife JANE (MNU)HARRIS died in 1853 in Crawford County,
Arkansas, William G Harris married:
(2)LOUISA ANNA ROBINSON on 27 Nov 1859 in Crawford County,
Arkansas. She was daughter of William ROBINSON and

The children from this second marriage were:
(8) GAINES A. HARRIS born Nov 1863 in Newton County, Arkansas.
He married NARCISSUS BELLE BOWMAN(born Aug 1864 in Kentucky) on 15 June 1882 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
She was sister of John Wesley Bowman, the U.S. Deputy Marshal.
Her father was John Wesley Butler Bowman and her mother was
Elizabeth MILLS.
Elizabeth Mills Bowman, born 1837, died in 1910 and is buried in
Hickson Cemetery Franklin County, Arkansas.
Information from Franklin County Cemeteries Book.
Gaines A Harris known children:
i:Nora Harris born 1885 in Arkansas.
She may have married a PYRON?
She married: WILLIAM S. RICKETTS II 30 Jan 1900 (363)in Newton
County, Arkansas. They were later divorced.
William S Ricketts married a third time soon after to
Nora Harris, age 24, married W. M. MOUNCE on 25 Mar 1911 (H470)
Franklin County, Arkansas.

ii:Ethel Harris born 1887 in Johnson County, Arkansas
Ethel Harris, 19, married L. SMITH, age 24, on 23 June 1908 (H-217)Franklin County, Arkansas.
She is living by parents on the 1910 Franklin County, Arkansas
Census, Wallace Township, age 22, married 1 for 2 years.
one known child:
1) Joycie SMITH, born 1910

iii:Samantha Harris born 1890 in Johnson County, Arkansas.

iv:Alice Mae Harris, born Aug1896 in Johnson County, Arkansas
She married JACOB NEWTON McKUIN(McKUEN) (born 22 Feb 1892 in Van Buren County, Arkansas)Married 30 July 1913 (I-206) Franklin County, Arkansas.
Known McKuin children:
1)Ruby Jewel McKuin ,born 26 July 1914 in Cleveland, Conway County,
Arkansas,Nichols Township(Birth Certificate)
She married CEBURN L"Lewey" MORRIS on 14 July 1931 Morrilton,
Conway County,Arkansas
Ruby died 17 Oct 1986 at Anadarko,Caddo County, Oklahoma,with burial
in Gracemont Cemetery, Gracemont,Oklahoma.
Ruby had at least 7 children.

2) Rosetta McKuin married W.D. “Bill” HUDDLESTON

3)Jacob Gaines McKuin b 14 Sept 1919 in Ozark, Franklin County,
Arkansas.He married JEWEL MARIE BREWSAUGH.

4)Mollie Bell McKuin b 8 April 1922 in Conway County, Arkansas.
She married ERVIN "Buddy" BYRD.
Mollie Bell McKuin Byrd died 2 Dec 1985.

5) Dean McKuin (female) married ? BROOKS

6) Bobbie Jean McKuin married ? MURPHY

7)Louis McKuin

McKuin information given to me by Judy Smith of Binger,Oklahoma
With her help, hope to find out more about this branch of the Harris family.

V: Willie HARRIS, born 1903 in Franklin County, Arkansas.

1910 Franklin County, Arkansas, Wallace Township, Visit 25
HARRIS,Gains A, head, age 45, M1 28yrs, AR,AL,AR
...... Belle, wife, age 43, M1 28yrs, 9children-5living, KY,KY,KY
...... Alice, daughter, age 12, AR,AR,KY
...... Willie, son, age 7, AR,AR,KY
...... Zelen, brother, age 31, widow, AR,AL,AR
PARN,(Pyron?) Nora, daughter, age 24, M1 4yrs,1-1 living, AR,AR,KY
..... Orville, grandson, age 3, AR,AR,AR
SMITH, Ethel, daughter, age 22, M1 2yrs, 1-1 living, AR,AR,KY
......Joycie, granddaughter,age 7/12, AR,AR,AR

1920 Franklin County, Arkansas, White Oak Township, page 206
HARRIS, Gaines, rents, age 55, Married, AR,AL,AR
....... Belle, wife, age 55, Married, KY,KY,KY
....... Willie, son, age 17, single, AR,AR,KY

1920 Franklin County, Arkansas Census, White Oak Township,Visit 218
MOUNCE, Wiliam, rents, head, 30, M, AR, AR,AR
...... Nora, wife, 33, M, AR,AR,KY
...... Orville, son, 12, S, AR,AR,AR(Is he a PYRON or PARN?)
...... Dorothy, daug., 5, S, AR,AR,AR
...... Monte, son, 2-5/12, S, AR,AR,AR

Continuing with William G Harris children by second marriage.

(9)JERUSHA L. HARRISb 1865 in Arkansas. Nothing further.

(10) MARIAH ALABAMA HARRIS b 1870 in Arkansas
married ABSALOM A C CASEY on 27 July 1887(Q291)in Johnson County,
Arkansas .

Mariah Alabama Casey and three of her children
Two of the young men in this picture were cut off

i: Andrew Jackson Casey born 9 Sept 1888 Newton County, Arkansas

ii:Bertha Maude Casey b 9 June 1892, Demersville,Flathead County

iii:Ruth Anna Casey b 9 Nov 1894, Kila, Flathead County,Montana

iv: Winfield Scott Casey b 30 Nov 1896 Newton County,Arkansas

Mariah Alabama Harris Casey married
(2) Mr. CAMPBELL,date unknown. They had a son
v: Paul Campbell but his name was legally changed to PAUL CASEY.

Mariah Alabama Harris Casey Campbell died 1920 in Montana
Casey information from Louise Casey and Johnson County,Arkansas
census and marriage records.
Thank you Louise for your help.

Alabama Harris Casey and children

continuing with William G Harris children by second wife.

(11) WILLIAM A. HARRIS b 1873 in Arkansas. Nothing further.

(12) WASHINGTON HOYLE HARRIS born 24 Aug 1875 in Arkansas.
Married AMANDA GLADDEN on 10 April 1893, Newton County, Arkansas.
Amanda Gladden was daughter of Cicero and Sarah Roberts Gladden who
are buried in Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County.
Washington Hoyle supposedly died 1906 in Newton County, Arkansas.
I believe he is buried in Ricketts Mountain Cemetery, Newton County,
Arkansas without a marker, in the same cemetery as his mother.
He had homesteaded 160 acres in Newton Co.AR in 1901.

Louisa Anna Robinson Harris applied for Widows Civil War Pension.
This is a sample of a page from this pension application.
Note that it lists the last three children who were under six years
of age. This is actually birth certificates for the last three
Depositions were taken by people who are present at the birth of the
children and verified their births.
You can find information such as this when you send for Complete
Civil War Pension records.

Louisa Anna Robinson Harris died 4 Feb 1901 and is buried in
Ricketts Mountain Cemetery without a stone.
The date of her death comes from the Civil War Widows Pension

Amanda Gladden Harris family moved to McIntosh County, Oklahoma later.
Amanda Gladden Harris later married DAVE THOMAS after 1920.
She died on 12 May 1958 with burial in Union Cemetery, Bakersfield
Washington Hoyle Harris' known children:
(i)Sherman Harris born May 1894
He married DARTHULA (maiden name unknown)

(ii) Lloyd Harris (twin) born Dec 1898 Johnson County, Arkansas
Lloyd married ALTA WILLIAMS
one known son: Truman Harris born 1920 in Oklahoma.

(iii)Claude Harris (twin) born Dec 1898 Johnson County, Arkansas
Claude married IDA RILLA MATHIS
one daughter Edith L Harris, b 1920, on 1920 census McIntosh Co.OK

(iv) Chloe Harris born 1900
Chloe married ARCH DEAN WILLIAMS(he born 1890 Poteau,OK)
Arch died 1928.Chloe Harris Williams died 1976.

On 1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma census, Burton Township, Visit 196
HARRIS, Sherman C, head, age 25, married
...... Mandy, mother, age 44,widow
...... Chloe, sister, age 19, single
...... Thula, wife, age 22, married

Visit 197
HARRIS, Loyd, head, age 21
...... Alta, wife, age 18
...... Truman, son, age 7/12

1930 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census, Burton Township
HARRIS, Lloyd, head, age 31?, AR
....... Alta, wife, age 26, AR
....... Truman, son, age 10, OK
....... Almeada, daughter, age 9, OK
....... Elveta, daughter, age 5, OK

Have some photos of this family which I will place on website later.
(13) ZELEN “FELLER“ SEABORN HARRIS born 25 Feb 1879 in
He married MATILDA GLADDEN on 12 Feb 1903 Newton County,Arkansas
They had one daughter Sarah Elizabeth"Bessie" Harris, born 1904 and died 1910 with burial Newton County, Arkansas.
Matilda was sister to Amanda Gladden Harris.
Matilda Gladden Harris later married (2)JOHN KELSE SHATSWELL in
"Feller"Harris was in Montana at one time where his sister
Mariah Alabama Harris Casey lived.Nothing else known.
Last found on 1910 Franklin County, Arkansas census living with brother Gaines A. Harris.

(14) OLLIE E. HARRIS, born 2 Feb 1883 in Arkansas
Married JEREMIAH "JERRY"RICKETTS on 11 Jan 1900 (pg 349)Newton
County, Arkansas.
Ollie died ca 1920 Newton County, Arkansas with burial in Deer
Cemetery there in Newton County.
Their children:
i:Bertha Ricketts b 1901; married KIVEL J MEDLOCK
Bertha died 2 Jan 1937, place unknown.

ii: Fred W Ricketts,born 2 Jan 1903

iii:Johna Merle Ricketts born 12 Mar 1905

iv:Rotha Leora Ricketts born 15 Jan 1908
She married JAMES DAVE BURDINE. She died in CA.

v: Ira Buford Ricketts b 20 Nov 1910\11 in Ozark,Franklin County
Ira married (1)AUDIE MAE ?(mnu) in Oklahoma and had a son by her
around Cartersville,Oklahoma.
Ira married (2) DECIMA DEAN LAWRENCE on 7 Dec 1937 in Yakima,
Ira Ricketts died in 1968 at Stockton, California
The Ira Ricketts family lived about a mile from me in California and
my children went to school with his children.

vi: Alma Ricketts born 3(5?)June 1913 in Arkansas
Alma married ARVIL SHATSWELL on 9 Oct 1929 in Newton County,Arkansas

After Ollie Harris Ricketts died,Jerry Ricketts married (2)FLOY HEYDENRICH PEOPLES on 6 Aug 1922 in Newton County,Arkansas.
Their children:
vii:Arvilla(Glatha?) Ricketts born 30 May 1923

viii: John Henry Ricketts born 28 Mar 1925 in Muskogee County,
Oklahoma. He married LORENE PETERSON on 20 Aug 1951

ix:Helen Marian Ricketts born 13 May 1927 Muskogee County, Oklahoma

x: William Osmond Ricketts born 6 Oct 1929,
William O Ricketts lives in Wichita, Kansas

Jerry Ricketts died on 21 Jan1958 in Oklahoma with burial in
Haskell Oklahoma Cemetery.

William G Harris died 1886 in Johnson Co. Arkansas of pneumonia and is buried in the Ft. Douglas Cemetery there.

I did not know this until about 1990, but the Ira Ricketts children
who went to school with my Flood children here in California, were
grandchildren of Ollie Harris Ricketts.
These Ricketts children were also related to my children via
Hester Ricketts(Jerry Ricketts' sister) who married our great
grandfather Simon David Flud.
I passed up the opportunity to visit Ira before he died to ask
questions. He had one small picture of his mother but was of such
poor quality I could not scan it.

Never,ever give up the opportunity to talk to the old folks while
they are here with us. When they are gone, you won't find the
information that you are looking for now.
This continues to be a small world.

Some sources of information:
1850 DeKalb Co.Alabama census, Dist. #24, visit 331-331
1860 Crawford Co.Ark. Mountain Township, visit 680/662.
1870 Newton Co. Ark. Union Township
1880 Johnson Co. Ark. Pilot Knob Township
1900 Newton Co.Ark. census-Louisa Anna Harris & son Seaborn,Visit
Hoyle Harris lived at Visit 217. Gains Harris lived at visit 219
Newton & Johnson County, Arkansas Marriage records
Newton County,Arkansas Cemetery records
Baxter County,Arkansas Marriage records

Will be adding pictures from time to time, so if you do not see them now, come back later and visit again.

Will be adding more pictures and articles to this story, so please
come back and visit later.
I have worked long and hard in gathering this information for Harris researchers. Can you help fill in the missing blanks for this family?

30 May 2006
Dec 2016

Evelyn Flood

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