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Mildred Clark ( me information on
19 Jan 2004 about "Uncle Billy" Martin.
This started my hunt for the families of "Uncle Billy" Martin>
Checked my census and other records and am adding notes to the data
she sent me.
My research on the MARTIN FAMILY is entered after below
Please read my research before writing me an E-mail.
My research differs from the notes that are listed directly below

Included in Mrs. Bowman's information was a news article from
probably an Ozarks, Arkansas newspaper

Will Pearlie Bowman of Ozark,the owner of this photo of
"Uncle Billy" Martin please contact me??

RE: News Article in probably Ozarks, Arkansas newspaper
Arkansas, Thursday, September 13, 1979

"Lives to age 118"

This old photo, loaned to us by Pearlie Bowman of Ozark, shows
her great grandfather, William Martin, at the age of 117.
He died in January 1917, at Fallsville (Newton county) at the age
of 118.
The Cassville Cemetery records show:
MARTIN, "Uncle" Billy, died age 114

His parents are unknown, according to Mrs. Bowman, who said he was
taken from his mother by his father when he was about five years
old and was given to a man named Pat Wolfe to raise.

Mr. Martin was a longtime resident of Newton County, Arkansas.
He and his first wife, Polly Rhodes were the parents of two sons
and two daughters.
Following her death, he married Nancy Cole, and they had three
daughters and two sons, Jim Martin and Willie Martin, the latter being the grandfather of Mrs. Bowman. (end of article)

The above information was told to Pearlie BOWMAN by her father Rev.
Claudie Chester Martin not long before he died, for whom she had
cared in his battle with cancer.
Rev. Chester Martin married Easter Ollie McGuire.
Chester was the son of William F. "Willie" Martin.
William F. "Willie" Martin was the son of William M. "Billy" Martin
and Nancy C. Cole of near extant Cassville,Newton County,Arkansas

Pope County, Arkansas land records
1890-ALLEN L. BROWN Vol. AR 2030.475, Land Entry Office Dardanelle,
18 Apr 1890, Doc #5054, Misc Doc #16812, Homestead Original Part #1
E SE Sec 4 Twp 8North, Range 19West

William F. "Willie" Martin and his first wife Delitha Ann "Deely"
Brown married in Moreland Township, Pope County, Arkansas on
October 24, 1886 (W. F. age 22 to Delia A. age 21, Book F page 40)
and later divorced.

In the Pope County, Arkansas 1880 Census Book:
Pope County, Arkansas, Moreland Township, June 1880
Visit 46/48
BROWN, ALLEN, 38, farmer, MO, MO, MO
.......HULDA, 39, wife, keeps house, AR, TN, TN
.......DILLY ANN, 11, at home, AR MO AR
.......ALLICE, 6, at home, AR MO AR

The three children of Willie and Deely Brown Martin were taken in
by their relatives. The children's names were:
1. Claudie Chester Martin
2. Nancy Ann Mahulda Lieuticia Martha Elizabeth Jane "Tishie" Martin
3. James William Allen Martin who lived in 1900 with their widowed
grandmother, Nancy Mahulda Ann Hulda (Nichols) Brown
1. Claudie Chester Martin lived for a time with his grandparents
Billy and Nancy (Cole) Martin in Newton County, Arkansas who lived
near extant Cassville, Arkansas (Cooley Gap) with a Fallsville Post
Office and was enumerated in a census as a son although he was
their grandson and he also lived with his aunt Alice BROWN in
Paris, Arkansas until he was thirteen years old.

1900 Pope County, Arkansas Census
1-1 HULDAH BROWN head of household, White, Female, born Dec 1839,
age 60, widow, AR ,TN, TN
MARTIN, TISHIE ,gr-daughter w, f, July 1887 age 12 AR AR AR
MARTIN, WILLIAM A., gr-son, w, m, June 1890 9 AR AR AR

.06 miles from MORELAND, Pope County, ARKANSAS
Pope County Cemeteries "Cemeteries of the Hatley, Gravel Hill and
Moreland Communities"1995
(Four graves in a row are the family of Allen Brown and Mahulda
ALLEN BROWN (1843 MO date 1880 Pope Co, AR Census)
married 12 Dec 1866 Pope County, Arkansas D-145

mother DELITHA "Dilly" COOPER
children: JOHN B., DELITHA A., ALLICE. (no marker)

BROWN infant daughter (no marker) (NOT Allice Martin)
BROWN Infant son (JOHN?)
mother DELITHA "Dilly" COOPER
spouse ALLEN BROWN, married 12 Dec 1866 Pope County, Arkansas
MARTIN DELIA ANN (no marker)

Delitha "Deely" "Delia" Ann Brown, daughter of Allen Brown and
Mahulda Nichols. born 1869,
died Mar 5, 1916 Russellville, Arkansas

William Allen Martin and Nancy Ann Mahulda Lieuticia Martha
Elizabeth Jane "Tish" Martin (named after her aunts) moved after the
1900 Pope County Census to Duncan, Comanche(Stephens?) County,
Claudie Chester Martin lived in the Coal Hill and Ozark, Arkansas
areas. Chester later lived with his son Rev. John Martin between
Huntsville and Wesley, Arkansas.
Then he moved back to Ozark, Arkansas until he died.

Chester and Tish never again saw each other.
Chester's brother James William Allen Martin found Chester in 1941
Chester didn't know he had a brother William.

Other members of the family had different stories regarding
William M. "Billy" Martin that included his age and where he was
1. " William "Billy" Martin was born l799. He was stolen from his
mother by his father and his father gave him to a family by the
name of WOLFE to raise. "-Chester Martin's descendants' info.

2. "I guess I know what my granddaddy said to me. He (Uncle Billy
Martin) was born in Missouri!"-another descendant of Chester Martin

3. Billy Martin's youngest son was James Newton "Gambling Jim"
Jim's second wife was Amanda Dunnam. Their son was Virgil Marvin
Virgil's widow:
"He was from New Mexico. He didn't know his real name.His parents
were killed in the war and the parents who raised him were Martins
They gave him his name.
He saddled the general's horse standing on a box and would have
been about 7 or 8 years old.
They used that to figure how old he was.No one knew how old he was.
He had a brother Thomas and a sister Martha.
He was married when he was in the Civil War, was caught,and a guard
helped him escape. He came home and went back."
"Uncle Billy lived just behind Pa's place (Jim Martin was Pa, her
father-in-law ) and Jim's 2nd wife Amanda Dunnam at Cassville.
When Virgil and I married a wall of his cabin was still standing."

(note: note War of 1812 had Andrew Jackson but he wasn't killed in
this war. There were later Indian wars.)

2. "Uncle Billy was from Baxter County. He lived near the Old Wolfe
home in Norfork built by John Wolfe, who was the foster-father of
Uncle Billy. Thomas Wolfe was a brother to John. Pat Wolfe raised
Billy Martin.
William Irvin Martin went to visit the Wolfe house and to visit
the daughter (Susan)Caroline Martin in Alabama who Uncle Billy gave
away because Nancy was so mean to her.
They also took him to Estancia, New Mexico, where Jim and Uncle
Billy lived for a short time in about l907-08.
His (Uncle Billy's) mother was a BROWN but his father's name is
unknown. The WOLFE family told him his mother's name.
Billy married first POLLY RHODES. Her birth and death dates are
unknown. Their children were:
Lee, Hedrich, Angeline, and Lou Ellen.
Billy served in the Confederate Army."....
-Daughter of another son of James Newton and Amanda Dunnam Martin

Our William and Nancy were in the 1870 Census in Fulton County,
Arkansas. Caroline lived to be very old and she could remember
Jasper as being the county seat and said she lived there all her
life. She was born about 1850. -------------

Notes regarding the above:
The SUSAN CAROLINE MARTIN who eventually ended up in Alabama COULD
have been the daughter of WILLIAM P. MARTIN (Civil War soldier)
died 1869 Newton County, Arkansas of cancer per: Arkansas 1870
Mortality records, his wife was NANCY A. BUFFINGTON, Nancy
was living 1870 Newton County, Arkansas census near Dennis Cole (a
merchant) Jasper, Arkansas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. "I am trying to locate information on my grandmothers brother
and sister whose name was Will and Mary Martin. They were listed in
the U S census for Newton county in the 1900 census.
My grandmother lived in Newton county in Cassville,Arkansas in 1893
when she married A. J. Criss.
see note below regarding the 1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census
in Evelyn Flood's research.

- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I would appreciate any information about the brother and sister and
their parents names. I understood they were from CHICKASAW INDIAN
background. ."-descendant of a daughter, Dorothy Lieutitia Martin
of Billy and Nancy (Cole) Martin

He also found descendants of the Susan CAROLINE Martin that
Uncle Billy gave away and more about her including a photo and the
information about the second marriage of Dorothy Lieutitia Martin

4. "Grandpa Martin was either l09 or ll9. He was in the Civil War.
On his way home (from in the Civil War) he was asleep under a tree.
When he woke up a wolf was sniffing his face. In his fright he
leaped up waving his arms and fell over the bluff". He came in to
Arkansas through Izard County.".....
-Descendant of Samantha Jane Martin, daughter of Billy Martin and
Nancy C. (Cole). Samantha Jane Martin married John Wesley Clark.

5. Cassville Baptist Church Cemetery, extant Cassville, Newton
County, Arkansas. The church is located on Highway 16, immediately
adjacent to the highway with the cemetery next to the church.
"Uncle Billy" age 114
This stone was probably erected by James Newton Martin.

A. J. Criss stone, apparently bought by the Martin's has only his
name, no dates. A. J. Criss died Oklahoma.
He married Dorothy Lieutitia Martin.

Dortha Lieutitia Martin Criss re-married Robert Lee Lankford
a/k/a Rome Lankford, the son of Prier Lee Lankford and Annie of
Grayson Co, TX.
Willie Rowe in Wapanucka, C.N., I.T. on June 4, 1892.
Prier married Mary Elizabeth Seymour. He died Portales, NM.

From research done by Mildred Clark Dotterer
on the MARTIN and RHODES Families
Rhoads GenForum, Message 851.
Mary Polly Rhodes (Rhoads) ws born 1834 in Missouri and died
probably Fulton County, Arkansas.
She married William M."Billy" Martin about 1856 in Fulton County
William "Billy" Martin was thought to be son of Joshua? Martin
William was born May 1830 in Izard County, Arkansas or possibly
Wayne County, Tennessee.
Billy died January 1917 at Cassville, Newton County, Arkansas and
is buried in Cassville Cemetery.
Children of Mary Polly Rhodes and William Martin:
i: George W. Martin, born 1857 in Missouri

ii: Thomas J. Martin, born 1859, probably Fulton County, Arkansas
in South Fork Township.
Married Sarah A. Johnson 8 Nov 1891 in Fulton County, Arkansas.

iii: Nathan B. Martin, born 1861

iv: Susan Caroline Martin, born 1862 Fulton County, Arkansas.
She married Francis Butler MOON 11 April 1878 in Guntersville,
Marshall County, Alabama, son of Jonas Moon and Julia (mnu).
Susan Caroline Martin died before 1958 near Guntersville, Marshall
County, Alabama.

Is this the daughter that William "Billy" Martin sent to Alabama
because his second wife Nancy Cole Martin was so mean to her?
William Irvin Martin went to visit the daughter in Alabama who
"uncle Billy gave away because Nancy was so mean to her".
Evelyn Flood's research finds:
William M "Uncle Billy" Martin, born May 1830 per 1900 census.
Died January 1917. This would make him 87 years old at death
Married (2) Nancy COLE ca1864 (per 1900 census they had been
married 36 years (1864)

Have the 1850 Arkansas Census Index for everyone living in the
State of Arkansas. It also has a section for people whose last
names were different than the head of household, and these are
listed in separate index.
1850 Izard County, Arkansas, Richwoods Township, Visit 22
Thomas RHODES, 23, born KY
Martha, age 23, born unknown
Polly Ann, age 1, born AR
(this is brother to Mary Polly Rhodes)

1850 Newton County, Arkansas, Prairie Township,Dwelling 26
KING, Fountain 26; Martha 21; Joel 22,
MARTIN,William 23 (possible?)

1850 Carroll County, Arkansas, Jefferson Township, Dwelling 663
TAYLOR, Thomas 36/Nancy 28; Rutha J 7; Cyrus E 3; William T 1
NC/TN; MARTIN, William P, age 21 (possible?)
(this may be the William P Martin that Nancy A. Buffington
married and her and her children were in Newton County, Arkansas
where she filed for Widow's Civil War Pension later on.

1850 Bradley County, Ouachita Township, Dwelling 147
COOPER, Bennett 35; DAVIS, William H. 25, Elizabeth 23, Martha 1
MARTIN, Wiliam T 26, Mary 21, John L 2 (possible?)
HARRALSON, Geerman E 23

1850 Van Buren County, Arkansas, Hartzogg Township, Dwelling 33
GRIGGS, Samuel 40, Fanny 38, Felix 15, Nancy 10, America 7, John 5,
Duke 3, Samuel 4/12, John 5
MARTIN, Wm 25 (possible?)

1850 Izard County, Arkansas, North Fork Township, Dwelling 331
LANGSTON, Absalom 63, Darcus 63, Lucinda 20, Jane 15,
RHODES, Jacob 12, Elizabeth 10
SC/SC (The Rhodes family again)
There were several LANGSTON families living in Izard County in this
time frame
I often find who I am looking for by searching in related or
collateral families

1850 Van Buren County, Red River Township, Dwelling 256
ROADS, Samuel 41, Eliza 30, Thomas H 10, Robert L 7, Martha E 5,
John H 3, Mary J 1, James M 3/12

1850 Izard County, Arkansas, North Fork Township, Dwelling 285
WOLF, Elizabeth 42, George W 22, Charles 18, Eliza 15, Nancy 14,
John 10, Sarah J 8, Jacob 5, KY/AR

1850 Fulton County, Arkansas, Big Northfork Township, Dwelling 24
WOLF, George 37, Malinda 32, Sarah 14, Jacob 12, Asa 10, Mary 6,
William 3, Ann 1 KY/AR

1850 Izard County, Arkansas, North Fork Township, Dwelling 301
WOLF, Jacob 64, Cynthia H 43, Andrew J 20, Tabitha 17, Malinda 15,
Nancy 13, John V 11, Joseph 8, Mary 6, Charles ll/12
PIERSON, Mary 25
SHIPP, William 18, Hardin 14, Louise 13, Amanda 11, John 8

1850 Fulton County, Arkansas, Big Northfork Township, Dwelling 48
WOLF, Jesse H 24, Nancy 20 AR/AR

1850 Izard County, Arkansas, North Fork Township, Dwelling 291
WOLF, L.D. 39, Martha 40, Josephine 20, Martin 17, Mitchell 15,
Charles 10, Phebe 8, Azariah 6, Mary E 2, Margaret C 6/12
WOOTEN, Nancy 22 KY/unk

1850 Izard County, Arkansas, North Fork Township, Dwelling 314
WOLF, William M 29, Phebe E 27, George M 8, John R 7, Jacob H 5,
James M 3, Mary Jane 1
KEILER, Mariah J 14, Sarah E 12 KY/KY

Am checking the 1860 Arkansas census for any information on
Martins and collateral families
William M. "Uncle Billy" Martin's first wife was Polly Rhodes
and by looking here in Izard County, hoped to find the Martin
family, but did not
The 1860 Fulton County, Arkansas Census was not on-line.
1860 Izard County, Arkansas, Union Township, Benbrook's Mill
Visit 76
Richard RHODES, 28,m, born ILL, farm laborer, $100
Dianah, age 33, f,TN
Margaret, age 12, f,TN
Melissa, age 7, f,AR
Jno W., age 6,m, AR
Nancy, age l? or 4?, f,AR

Visit 477-478
Thos. RHODES, age 28, farmer, $300, $300, KY
Martha, age 28, f, TN
Mary A, age 12, f, AR
Elizabeth, age 10, f, AR
Wenna, age 7, f, AR
Jane, age 6, f, AR
Thomas, age 4, m, AR
William, age 1, m, AR
Kezzear HATFIELD, age 34,f, TN

Visit 479-480
Jacob RHODES, age 23, m, farmer $75, AR
Hazy, age 23, f, TN
Thos, age 8/12, m, AR

Visit 481-482
John RHODES, age 28, m, farmer, ILL
Catherine, age 27, f, TN
Saml Haggard, age 10, m, AR
Elmira, age 8, f, AR
William Rhodes, age 7, m, AR
Richard, age 5,m, AR
Alex Rhodes, age 11/12?, AR
Samuel Rhodes, age 24, m, farmer, ILL
David Rhodes, age 17, farm laborer, AR

1870 Fulton County, Arkansas Census, South Fork Township
Pilot Hill PostOffice.
MARTIN, William, age 40, farmer, AR (would be born 1830)
....... Nancy, age 26, TN
.......Elizabeth, age 7, AR (was she from his first marriage?)
.......William, age 5, AR (William F Martin, born 18Mar1864)
.......Mary, age 4, AR
.......Samantha, age 1, AR
Because of his age, William was probably married before.

Visit 4-7 (see above in 1860 Izard County, Arkansas)
ROADS, Richard, age 45, M, blacksmith, KY
......Deanner, wife, age 40, TN
......Maliscey, age 16, AR
......John, age 14, farm laborer, AR
......Richard, age 7, AR
......Auston, age 6, AR
......Susan, age 3, AR
This Richard Roads (Rhodes) was apparently the brother of William
Martin's first wife, Polly Rhodes.
Thought I might find a record of William and Polly Rhodes Martin
if I looked among the Rhodes families. Always search collateral
families when doing research.

William "Uncle Billy"M. Martin supposedly had been married (1)to
(Mary Polly?) Polly Rhodes and they had several children.
They were supposed to have two sons and two daughters.
Found this list of children from a source on Rootsweb:
(these names have not been confirmed)

William M "Uncle Billy" Martin married:
(2)NANCY COLE ca 1864,although if he were in Civil War, he
probably married after 1865.
They supposedly had three daughters and two sons
On the 1900 census, Nancy Cole Martin stated she had had six children
and three were living
Children from this marriage were (continuing his number):

v: ELIZABETH MARTIN, born 1863 (possibly from first

vi:WILLIAM F."Willie" MARTIN, born 18 Mar 1864 in Arkansas,
probably Izard County, Arkansas.
William F. "Willie" Martin married:
(1) to Delitha Ann "Deely" BROWN, born 1869,the daughter of
Allen Lincoln BROWN and Nancy Mahulda Ann "Hulda" NICHOLS.
Nancy Mahulda Ann NICHOLS was daughter of Wilson L. NICHOLS
and Delitha "Dilly" COOPER.
Delitha "Dilly" COOPER was the daughter of John COOPER, born ca1771
in Northern Mississippi Territory or North Carolina.
Her mother was Nancy Ann PILES, born ca 1786 in VA,NC, TN or KY.

Evelyn Flood has been researching the COOPERS and have contacted
Donald N. Panther-Yates about the COOPERS in the
past and shared my COOPER information with him.
Visit his website for more Cooper information.
The Floods are related to the Coopers several ways.
I keep saying this is a small world and will connect the Floods
in someway to the families I am researching.

Delitha Ann "Deely" Brown Martin died 5 Mar 1916 at Russellville,
Poper County, Arkansas.

William F."Willie" and Nancy Mahulda Nichols Martin children:
i: Nancy Ann Mahulda Lieuticia Martha Elizabeth Jane "Tishie"
Martin. Born July 1887 in Arkansas.
Tishie married a Mr. MULLIN.She moved to Duncan,Comanche(Stephens?)
County, Oklahoma after the 1900 census.

ii: James William Allen Martin, born June 1890 in Arkansas.

He also moved to Duncan, Comanche(Stephens?) County, Oklahoma after
the 1900 census.

iii. Claudie Chester Martin (1893-1969)
Belt Cemetery Records, Franklin County, Arkansas
Row Six
Rev. Chester Martin, born 19 Aug 1893..died24 Mar 1969
Easter Martin, born 18 Jan 1898--died May 11, 1979
"The Gift of God is Eternal Life"
Do not have a list of Chester Martin's children

William F. "Willie" Martin married:
(2) Nancy Lavernia "Vernie" SPENCER on 23 Feb 1896 (E-298)
in Newton County, Arkansas
Vernie's parents had come from Iron County, Missouri to Newton

(Newton County, Arkansas Marriage Books E, F, G, I and J were
compiled and published by Evelyn Flood 1999-2004)

Nancy Lavernia Spencer was daughter of John Samuel SPENCER and
Elizabeth JENNINGS SPENCER. John and Elizabeth Spencer are buried
in Mt. Sherman Cemetery in Newton County, Arkansas.

Evelyn uses "Newton County Cemeteries Book" by Herman and Oleta
Haddock in much of her research. This book can be purchased through
It is a "goldmine" of information.

John Samuel Spencer (17Nov1843--10Sept1933)
Elizabeth Jennings Spencer(20Mar1843--25Feb1929)
They were married on 24 April 1864 in Evanston, Indiana

Records show Willie and Vernie Spencer Martin had five children
and possibly six:
1. Floyd Martin
2. Tip Martin
3. Preston Martin
4. Elsie Martin
5. Goldie Jewel Martin
6. Bonnie Martin
(not confirmed)

Willie Martin is buried Mountain Pine, Garland County, Arkansas
(near Hot Springs, Arkansas).


viii:SAMANTHA JANE MARTIN, born 1871.
married John Wesley CLARK on 29 July 1883 in Johnson County,Arkansas
(P-550).Per Johnson County, Arkansas marriage book
John Wesley Clark, born 1852. Died ca 1898 in Johnson County,
Arkansas. Children: (per Mildred Clark Dotterer)
1) Mary Temperance "Tempy" Clark, born 19 Apr 1884 Fayetteville,
Married (1) John ROBERTS (he was murdered)
She married(2) Francis Franklin WILSON who died Memphis, Arkansas.
Tempy Clark Roberts Wilson died Haroldton, Crawford County,

2) Eliza Jane (Ann)Clark, born 5 Aug 1885 in Arkansas.
Married (1)William SHEPPARD
Married (2)William James BEARD.
She died Orange County, California

3) Rufus Clark died as a child

4)Jessie Clark died as a child

5) Callie Marie Clark died as a child

6) John Robert "Rob" Clark, born 3 Jan 1890 Kingston, Madison
County, Arkansas. Married Nona SMITH on 2 Feb 1913 Boston, Madison
County, Arkansas.She was daughter of Simon Peter SMITH and Rachel
HOLLAND.Died Wichita, Kansas.

7) James Edgar (Edward) Clark, born 20 Feb 1892 Conway, Arkansas.
Married 16 Feb 1916 Jordan, Madison County, Arkansas to Frances
Penelope "Nep" KECK, daughter of Simon Redmon KECK and Margaret
Jane JONES. He died 17 Feb 1968 Pettigrew, Madison County,

Evelyn Flood's Notes about finding a William Martin in the
Confederate Army during Civil War:
In the Index of Arkansas Confederate Soldiers Pension Applications:
MARTIN,W.P.; Widow Nancy A; Co. B, Third AR Infantry. She applied
1901 from Newton County, Arkansas. He died 11/16/1869.

Did not find an entry for any William Martin serving in Confederate
Army during Civil War Time who applied for pension from Newton
County, Arkansas other than above.
Nor is there an entry for any William Martin in the 1911 Census of
Confederate Veterans.
Did not find a Union soldier by the name of William Martin

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Jefferson Township, Visit 30
MARTIN, WILLIAM "Uncle Billy", born May 1830, age 70, married
........36 years, born AR. father born AR, mother born AR
........NANCY , born Aug 1844, age 55, married 36 years, TN, TN, TN
........she had 6 children with 3 living.
........CHESTER,born May1893,age 7, son(really grandson)AR, AR, TN

ix:JAMES NEWTON MARTIN, born 7 Oct 1874; died 13 Feb 1958
He married:
(1) Delilah GARDNER
Children from this marriage were
i: Mary Martin
ii: Monroe Martin
iii: Beacher Martin

James Newton Martin married (2):
Amanda Dunham NICHOLS in August 1903 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Amanda Dunham , born 1 Oct 1883; died 7 Jan 1951
Amanda Dunham was daughter of Andrew A DUNHAM and Marsilla A.
Amanda Dunham first married John Mathew NICHOLS in 1897.
John Mathew Nichols was from the David Crockett Nichols and
Forence Norris Nichols family.
Amanda had two Nichols children:
1. Alpha Nichols, born ca 1898 who married Alvin Snearly on
1 Aug 1915 in Newton County, Arkansas.

2.Alvin Nichols, born 19 Sept 1899.
Alvin Nichols married Mary DONAHOO in 1921 in Newton County.
Alvin and Mary, plus their baby, were killed in a tornado on
4 Jan 1922 which destroyed their home and also killed Mary's mother
Etta Donahoo who had gone to the couple's home to help with their
Newborn baby.
They are buried in Cassville Cemetery.

James Newton and Amanda Martin children from this second marriage
iv: Minnie Martin, born 18 May 1904-died 27 May 1905
Buried Cassville Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

v: Bertha Martin, born 1 May 1905. Died Oct 1959.
She married William Otis GARLAND

vi: William Irvin Martin, born 9 Nov 1906. He died 11 Sept
Irvin married Polly Elizabeth "Bertha" BEASLEY
Polly was born 3 Mar 1905 and died 16 Jan 1967.

vii: Virgil Martin, born 10 Dec 1907. He died in Jan 1987
Virgil married Margie Belle BRISON

viii: Orlen "Jack" Martin, born 13 Dec 1913. Died 1959
Married Edith BECKHAM

ix: Beatrice Martin, born 16 May 1917.
Died July 1981 and is buried in Cassville Cemetery.
Beatrice Martin married:
(1) Luney GILMORE
Luney Gilmore had been previously married to Clemo FLUD, daughter
of Simon David Flud and Hester Hosannah Ricketts Flud.
Luney and Clemo had two daughters:
1. Peggy Gilmore Manley
2. Niva Sue Gilmore Renfroe (deceased)
Evelyn Flood was well acquainted with Peggy and Niva Sue Gilmore
They were her husband's first cousins. Niva Sue lived in the same
house in Kansas City, Missouri in 1950 as Evelyn and her husband
Really had a lot of fun with Niva Sue Gilmore. She had a large family
and lived in Delaware, Oklahoma when she died.
This continues to be a small world after all

Luney and Beatrice Martin Gilmore had three children
3. Luney Claude Orran Gilmore, born 25May1938--died22June1939 and
is buried in Cassville Cemetery in Newton County.
4. living Gilmore
5. living Gilmore
Beatrice Martin Gilmore married (2) Charles SPRADLEY and
(3) Quinton FARMER.

x:DORTHA LUTISHA MARTIN, born Oct 1876 in Arkansas.
She apparently married Jack CRISS ca 1893.

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Jefferson township, Visit 31
Living next door to William and Nancy Cole Martin:
CRISS, Jack, head, July 1863, 36, M7yrs, IL,IL,TN
......Dortha, wife,Oct1876, 23, M7yrs, AR,IL,TN
......Dona,daughter,Jan1894,6,single, IL,IL,TN
......Mary,daughter,May1895,5, single, AR,IL,TN
......Jessie,daughter,Jan1899, 1, single, AR,IL,TN
SMITH,James D, servant,Jan1855, 45, KY,KY,KY
(It appears that the Dortha above was Dorothy Lieutitia Martin.

There are four unmarked CRISS graves in Cassville Cemetery. Could
those graves be of this family?)

Visit 45-45, Jefferson Township, 1900 Newton County, Arkansas
CRISS, Steve,head, Mar1874, 26, M1yr, AR,AR,AR,
......Mollie, wife, May1880, age 20,M1yr, 0-0, AR,AR,AR
(Mollie GARDNER married Steve CRISS on 16 April 1899 in Newton
Visit 46-46
CRISS, George, head, May1870, 30, M3yrs, AR,AR,AR
......Genevia, wife, Apr 1880, 20, M3yrs, 1-1, AR,AR,AR
......Zona, daughter, My1900, 0/12,single, AR,AR,AR
(Genevia DILLON married George Criss on 19 Dec 1897 in Newton

The 1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Jefferson Township
Visit 135-137
MARTIN, William, head, age 90
.......Nancy K. wife, age 66

Visit 139
GARDNER, Eugene J, Head, age 31
....... Sarah, wife, age 54
CRABREE, Martha, not listed, age 70
CRISS, Irene J, not listed, age 8

Visit 101
MARTIN, William E, head, age 25
.......Minnie F, wife, age 27
.......Donald C, son, age ll/12

1920 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Boston Township, Visit 61-65
27 Jan 1920
MARTIN, James, head, 45, M
.......Manda, wife, 36, M
.......Bertha, daughter, 14
.......Ervin, son, 13
.......Virgil, son, 12
.......Orlen, son, 7
.......Beatrice, daughter, 2-7/12
NICHOLS, Alvin, step-son, 20, single
MARTIN, Nancy, mother, 74, widow, AR,.........

Do hope that anyone who is researching the "Uncle Billy"Martin
families will contact me and maybe we can solve some of the
mystery surrounding this MARTIN family.
Evelyn Flood

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