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This is the family of JOHN and REBECCA SMITH, their son
THOMAS (1802)and his wife FEBARY TACKETT SMITH (1802) and their
nine children and their families.

Have listed the following children in their separate story:
William Eson Smith b:1821
Claiborne M Smith b:1828
Malissa Smith Brassfield b:1833
Henry Woody Smith b:1836
Martin Tackett Smith b:1838
James Calvin Smith

John and Rebecca Smith had a son Thomas Smith who married
Febary (February\Phoebe?) Tackett ca 1819 in probably Jackson
County, Alabama.
Thomas Smith's known children were:
(1) William Eson Smith(1821) who married DYAMIE(Diana) HUDSON ca
1840 Carroll County, Arkansas
(SEE WILLIAM ESON SMITH separate story)

(2)James "Calvin" Smith(1824) who married (1)UNKNOWN and
......(2)SUPHRONA (mnu)ca 1850;

(3)Claiborne M Smith(1828) who married (1)MARGARET JANE MACKEY and

(4)Pleasant J Smith 1831 (marriage unknown)

(5)Malissa Smith (1833)who married ABNER BRASSFIELD Jr.

(6)Henry Woody Smith (1836) who married :

(7)Martin Tackett Smith (1838)who married (1)RHODA LUCINDA STANDRIDGE

(8) Polly Ann Smith (1841)who married SEDRICK PERRY BRASSFIELD
as his first wife

(9) Elizabeth Smith (1843)(nothing further known).

Will be adding more photos and information from time to time to each
story, so please come back later to read any additional information
and new photos.
Am typing this story on my Notepad the "old fashioned way",without
benefit of an HTML program, so please excuse any typing errors you
may find (my Notepad has no spelling check).

Had been hunting for years for the "lost" son of Thomas and
Febary Tackett Smith.
Many thanks to DEBI CLARK who contacted me via E-mail, sending
information and pictures on William Eson "Esau" Smith and his family.
She is the person who furnished most of the information on
William Eson Smith.
SEE his separate story
Thank you Debi.(
Am so proud to have this Smith information and photographs

Also want to thank everyone who helped me with this large family.

After discovering which area the William Eson Smith family settled
in, found that area of Christian County, Missouri on the Internet
and added what information I could find from the census and marriage
Also used the " Arkansas 1850 Every Name Index" .

Began searching for THOMAS and FEBARY TACKETT SMITH after I sent for
their son Henry Woody Smith's Confederate Civil War Record
(Henry Smith was my husband's maternal great-grandfather ).
Found that JOHN and REBECCA SMITH (grandparents of Henry),lived at
one time in Jackson County, Alabama. So many kinfolks hailed from
Jackson County, Alabama who ended up in Newton County, Arkansas
They used the same family names in all their childrens'

The 1830 Jackson County, Alabama census at LDS Family History Center,
Film No. 2,328 listed three John Smiths. Did not check any other
Alabama counties. Madison County, Alabama is another possiblity I
need to check out.
This family IS NOT related to Jeremiah and Margaret Armstrong-Byrd
Smith family of Newton County,Arkansas that I am aware of.

1830 Jackson County, Alabama census:
2/John Smith
10/John A Smith
12/John D Smith

SMITH, John...Old war pension application. O.W.Wid.Cert.#1717, file
@11475. Served as Captain in Alabama Volunteers, Florida Seminole
Indian War, Widow, Rebecca.(not abstracted in book)
DO NOT KNOW if this is our John and Rebecca Smith.

Alabama Pension Rolls of 1835 had one JOHN SMITH, from Anson County,
North Carolina, 1778, 5yr, Pvt, Capt Parsons; Col Chiles;
General Wayne.
Born 15Mar1763 Anson County, North Carolina
Enlisted April 1778 for 5 years.
To Hillsboro to receive discharge.
Lived in Anson, North Carolina to 1783.
Around 1803 to Georgia
Georgia to Tennessee about 1811
Tennessee til about 1832
1832 to Alabama (Jackson and Madison Counties)
Aplied pension 1833 in Madison County,Alabama at Brownsboro
can come at the present time.

Also while researching in the LDS Family History Center, ran across
the Fische No. 6,019,335, The 1911 Arkansas Confederate Soldiers
Census record. Not every Arkansas county is represented. But I was in
luck as Henry Smith had filled out the questionaire and "lo and
behold", there was the clue I needed on his parents.
The original copy of this record is at the Arkansas History
Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas. Would like to read it so I could
check the spelling of the Tacketts names listed on film.
Believe instead of LANGSTON TACKETT (as noted), it should read
Perhaps the person transcribing the film thought the name was
Langston when it really was Lewis Tackett??
MARY POLLY BASHAM was the wife of Lewis (Langston)Tackett.
The Tackett Association did not agree that there was a Feraby(Phoebe)
Tackett from the Lewis Tackett Family. But they did acknowledge
Martin Tackett (Feraby's brother) in the Association. And Martin
Tackett was Feraby (Pheobe)Tackett Smith's brother. She even named
two of her sons Pleasant Smith (after Pleasant Tackett) and Martin
Tackett Smith (after her brother Martin Tackett).
What I need to do is send the original film copy of Henry W Smith's
Confederate Service Record to the Tackett Association, which I have
not as yet done.

Since getting a copy of this record, recently purchased the set of
books,"Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans" and the book
showed an exact copy of Henry Smith's 1911 CSA entry as it appeared
on the LDS Fische No.6,019,335.

Henry Smith CSA Record on LDS Fische 6,019,335

1830 Alabama Index showed a THOMAS SMITH in Jackson County, Alabama,
page 324 of the Alabama Index found in the Midcontinent Library,
Independence, Missouri.

My research then centered on the 1840 Carroll County, Arkansas
census showing the family of Thomas Smith.
2-1-1-2-0-1...........0-1-000-1 (total of 7 children)
two sons under 5 (Henry 1836 and Martin Smith 1838)
one son between 5 and 10(Pleasant J Smith)
one son over 10 (Claiborne M Smith)
two sons over 10 (Wiliam Eson"Esau" and James Calvin"Calvin")
one daughter over 5 (Melissa Smith)
This fit the known children profile up to 1840.

1850 Johnson County, Arkansas, Spadra Township, Visit 30
LDS Microfilm No. 2,481
SMITH,Thomas 48, TN
..... Feraby, 48, TN (Fenaby,Feraby,Phebe? TACKETT)
..... Pleasant, 19 (1831), AR
..... Henry, 14, AR
..... Martin, 12, AR
..... Polly Ann, 9, AR
..... Elizabeth, 7, AR

Also living in Johnson County, Arkansas in 1850 in Spadra Township,
Visit 95-100:
TACKETT, Martin, M, 40, TN
........Cynthia, F, 42, TN (Cynthia Miller)
....... Pleasant, M, 18, AR
.......++ William H, M, 16, AR
....... Marion, M, 13, AR
....... Sebundy?, M, 11, AR
....... Matilda, F, 9, AR
........ James M, M., 7, AR
........ Jones M, M, 5, AR

Daughter Eloah Angeline Tackett, age 20, had married:
JOHN MILUM JONES .She, along with her husband and children were
killed at Mt.Meadows Massacre in September 1857 in Utah.

Martin Tackett had died prior to 1857 so he was not murdered at
Mt. Meadows. This entire family, with exception of ++William H
(age 16)above, were murdered by the Mormons at Mountain Meadows
Massacre(8 Total)

++William H Tackett, son of Martin and Cynthia Miller Tackett, had
married FRANCES ANN WALKER on 4 Jan 1857 in Pope County, Arkansas and
was not with the wagon train that met their fate at Mt.Meadows.
William H had two children: James R and Sarah L Tackett.
William H Tackett died before 1862, probably in Pope County, Arkansas
(perhaps in the Civil War?)

1860 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Dover Township, Visit 517
William H Tackett, 26 yrs.(listed as Jackett)
Frances Tackett, 24 yrs
James R Tackett birth 1858 - Arkansas
Sarah D Tackett 5/12,Arkansas

Frances Walker Tackett remarried later to THOMAS COOK on 13Mar1867
(D-147) in Pope County, Arkansas.

1870 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Dwelling 149
WALKER, Mary, 67, AR
COOK, Fanny, 34, AR
TACKETT, James 13
" , Sarah D 10
COOK, Jane W 2, AR
" ,Thomas E 0, AR
Frances Tackett children:
James Rufus TACKETT (2 Mar 1858 AR-6Jan1925)
Fowler Cemetery, Saline Co, Arkansas
James married (1)SALLIE ELIZABETH HOLLADAY (2Dec1861-27Mar1896;
Martindale Cemetery,Pulaski Co.Arkansas
James Rufus Tackett Children from first marriage
i:Mattie Lee TACKETT b: 25 Jul 1883 Arkansas.Died July 1973.
She married ED GOODSON

ii:Claude E TACKETT b: Feb 1885 in Arkansas

iii:Eppie Tackett (6Dec1887-23Sep1888 Martindale Cemetery,Pulaski

iv:Hyacinth Tackett (26Mar1889-15Aug1889 Martindale Cemetery

v:Roxie TACKETT b: Sep 1891 in Arkansas
Roxie married DAVID RUSSELL SMITHERS (b:28Aug1881) on 22Sep1907 in
Saline County,Arkansas
1900 Census : Holland, Saline, Arkansas

James Rufus Tackett married (2) CORA BRESHEARS CRAIG (b:3Feb1878 AR) on 13Aug1896 Saline County,Arkansas(Book H,303)
children from second marriage:
vi::Fay Hempstead Tackett (4Jun1900,Paron,Saline Co.AR-May1970
Pulaski Co.AR; Oakland & Fraternal Historic Cemetery Park

Fay married MAUDE ELIZABETH GRAY (b:3Sep1906 Oak Grove,Pope Co.AR)

vii: May Tackett, b: ca 1901 Saline Co.AR

viii: Floye Tackett,b: ca 1911 Saline Co.AR

Cora Tackett died 30Dec1929,Fowler Cemetery,Paron,Saline County,

1920 Census : Holland, Saline, Arkansas

James Rufus Tackett tombstone

Frances Ann Walker Tackett's parents:
They married in 1823
Thomas J Walker (13 Dec 1802 TN-11Nov1858 Pope Co.AR.)
Mary Walker (12Jan1803 Maury Co.TN -19Oct1887)
Walker Family Cemetery, Dover, Pope County,Arkansas
Known Thomas J Walker Children:
John T., Mary BEWLEY, Martha A. F., Nancy E., Filena C. ORRELL
(1840-1909), Christina A., and William Thomas Walker.
Obituary states they had a total of 13 children with six of them
dying prior to 1887, when Mary died.
Frances Walker Tackett Cook ;1880 Not found in Pope County,Arkansas Census

Pleasant Tackett, along with his wife and four children were in the
Mt.Meadows Massacre and only two infant children of
Pleasant Tackett's children survived.
Will be writing about this Mountain Meadows Massacre later on in my
"Kinfolks Stories".

Martin Tackett had purchased land in Newton County, Arkansas in very
early time. I have a copy of his land records.
Vol. AR0930.456, Land Ofc.Fayetteville, 01-May-45, Doc #4600, Cash
Entry, Part #1: W NE, Sec24, Twp. 17N, R19W, 80.000 acres.

What I want to do is provide all the information I have up to now on
Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith's children
Know that there is much missing information and there will are
corrections to be made. This is the information as I know it at the
time of this writing.
If you have any additional information, please write me.

Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith's known children:
(1)WILLIAM ESON "Esau" SMITH,born 28Dec1821 in Jackson County,
Alabama married:
(1)DIANA "Dymie" HUDSON ca 1840, probably Carroll County, Arkansas
(they had 12 children).
(SEE William Eson Smith Story)

continuing with children of Thomas & Febary Tackett Smith
(2)JAMES 'CALVIN' SMITH, born 1824 Jackson County, Alabama
He married (1)UNKNOWN
He married (2) SUPHRONA (mnu), born 1838.
James Calvin Smith Known children:
i: JANE SMITH born 1847 in Arkansas.

ii:CYNTHIA SMITH born 1849 in Arkansas

iii: JOSEPH SMITH, born 1851 in Arkansas.
Married MARTHA ELIZABETH SMITH, his first cousin, and daughter of
Claiborne and Margaret Jane Mackey Smith.
Martha was born 4 Feb 1856 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
They were married ca 1877.
(SEE CLAIBORNE M. SMITH Story for more details)

1880 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Calf Creek, Visit #3
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township, Visit
121-128. Had 12 children with 6 living.
Known children:
1)James T. Smith, born 1878 in Searcy County, Arkansas.

2)John Clayborn Smith, born 16 Sept 1880 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
He married (1) ARTIE INEZ COWELL on 28 Sept 1901 in Newton County,
Arkansas. Artie was daughter of Milton Travis Cowell and
Martha Frances Doherty.
Known children:
1. Allcie M. Smith, born April 1903
2. Lula F Smith, born Aug 1905
3. Martha A Smith, born Dec 1907
4. Loretta "Retta" Smith, born Mar1910
5. Marvin Smith, born 1914. He died in 1935
6. Joe Travis Smith, born 1915. He died in 1917
7. Zetta L Smith, born Sept1917
8. J.R. Smith, born Oct 1922
Artie Inez Cowell Smith died in Indianola, Oklahoma.
John Clayborn Smith later married (2) MYRTLE ALICE LANE on
29Nov1929. Myrtle was the daughter of W.J. Lane and Martha Cartmel.
Children from this second marriage:
9. Betty Sue Smith, born July 1931
10. Olga Jane Smith, born Sept 1933
11.Oleta Smith, born Oct1938
12. Bobby Dean Smith, born Dec 1940
13.Gary Dwane Smith, born Dec 194?
>p> Myrtle Alice Lane Smith died 23 Aug 1960 of tuberculosis. She is
probably buried at Stigler, Oklahoma.
John died 9 Dec 1973 in Stigler, Oklahoma.

(continuing with Joseph Smith children)

3) Nancy J. Smith, born May 1885 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
She married ALONZO COWELL, age 20, on10Feb1901 (G-1)in Newton County,

4)Robert Marion Smith, born Feb 1887 (twin) in Searcy County,
He married REBECCA "Becka" ANGELINE FLUD on 18 Feb 1906 (page 147)
in Newton County, Arkansas. Rebecca was born 4Oct1889 in Newton
County, Arkansas. Rebecca died 18Feb1976 with burial in Ashland,
Oklahoma Cemetery.Rebecca was the daughter of Nathaniel Harvey Flud
and Louisa Catherine Shatswell.
see 'NATHANIEL HARVEY FLUD STORY' in my 'Kinfolks Stories'.
Robert Marion's Children:
1. Martha Louiza "Bessie"Smith, born 25 Feb 1907 who married

2. Elzie Augustus Smith, born 10 Mar 1910. Did not marry. He died

3. John Thomas Smith, born 19May1912 McCurtain, Oklahoma who married
John died 9Feb1979 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

4. Sarah Irene Smith, born 1Feb1916 who married ERNEST GLASS on

5. Florence LaVern "Vern" Smith, born 31Jan1918 at Stigler, Oklahoma
who married CARL B. ELZEY in Ashland, Oklahoma.
She died 18June 1958 with burial in Ashland Oklahoma Cemetery.

6. Curben Grover Andrew "Andrew" Smith, born 12Apr1921 at McCurtain,
Oklahoma who married JUANITA OWEN. He died 2Feb1979 at McAlester,

7. Rosie Bell Smith, born 1 Oct1923 McCurtain, Oklahoma.
She married PERCY LAMB on 19Sept1939 at Ashland, Oklahoma.

8. Dorothy Lou "Dottie "Smith, born 5July1925 at Indinola, Oklahoma
who married JESSE LEE GLASS on 9 April 19?

9. Floyd Jr. Smith, born 13 Feb ? who married CAROL MEADOWS at
Coalgate, Oklahoma.

10. Hubert Lee Smith who married WILMA HARTVILLE CURRY at McAlester,
(continuing with Joseph Smith children)

5)Rosa Smith, born Feb 1887 (twin) who married U.GRANT BRASSFIELD on
26Dec1907 in Franklin County, Arkansas.
Found them on 1910 Haskell County, Oklahoma Census records in 1910
and 1920.

6) Rebecca A Smith, born Nov 1891.

7)Floyd M. Smith, born Feb 1898.

(continuing with children of James "Calvin" Smith)
iv: Frances (f) Smith, born 1856 in Arkansas

v: Thomas Smith, born 1858 in Arkansas.

A James Calvin Smith married MARY JAIN MILLER, age 42, on 2Feb1868
in Newton County, Arkansas. Married by P.C. Campbell, J.P. Both of
them from Newton County. Is this our "Calvin" Smith??

Calvin may have served in Co. K, 35th Arkansas Infantry (CSA)during
Civil War, in same outfit as his brother Henry Woody Smith.

Was unable to find Calvin Smith on any 1850 Arkansas census.
In 1860 he was in Sebastian County, Arkansas, Upper Township, Visit
1115, living with Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith Family
1870 not found
1880 in Searcy County, Arkansas, Calf Creek Township, Visit No.3 with
son Joseph Smith and no other children.

continuing with children of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith

(3) CLAIBORNE M. SMITH, born 6June1828 Jackson County, Alabama
He married (1)MARGARET JANE MACKEY 6 August 1848 in Searcy County,
(SEE the Claiborne M Smith Story)

William H Tackett, son of Martin and Cynthia Miller Tackett, had
married FRANCES WALKER on 4 Jan 1857 in Pope County, Arkansas and
was not with the wagon train that met their fate at Mt.Meadows.
He had two children: James R and Sarah L Tackett.
William H Tackett died before 1862, probably in Pope County,
Frances Walker Tackett remarried later to THOMAS COOK on 13Mar1867
(D-147) in Pope County, Arkansas.

The Tackett Association does not recognize Febary Tackett as being
from this family, even though she named two of her sons after the
Tackett family (Pleasant Smith and Martin Tackett Smith).
Her brother was Martin Tackett whose family was killed at
Mountain Meadows Massacre in September 1857. Martin Tackett
was dead before September 1857 and was not in the massacre.
He owned land in Newton County, Arkansas in early records.
I told the Tackett Association of Henry W. Smith's Confederate War
records and that this was listed in the 1911 Arkansas Confederate
Soldiers Census.
I do not have the original of these records, so did not contact them
further. Understand the original 1911 Confederate Soldiers Census is
at the Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas. Will
try to send for it.

(continuing with children of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith

(4)PLEASANT J SMITH, born 1831. He was on the 1850 and 1860
census with parents Thomas and Feraby Smith. Unable to find him on
any later census records.

(5)MALISSA SMITH, born 1833 Carroll County, Arkansas.
She married ABNER BRASSFIELD Jr., the son of Abner Brassfield and
Cindarella "Lucinda" Gee.

(continuing with children of Thomas Smith and Febary Tackett)

(6)HENRY WOODY SMITH,born 12 Mar 1836 Carroll County,Arkansas

(7)MARTIN TACKETT SMITH,born 27Aug1838 Carroll County,Arkansas

continuing with children of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith

(8)POLLY ANN SMITH, born 1841 Carroll County, Arkansas
I believe she married SEDRICK PERRY BRASSFIELD in 1858 in Newton
County, Arkansas
Sedrick Perry Brassfield was born 19 June 1838 in Grundy, County,
Missouri. Son of Abner Brassfield and Cinderella Lucinda Gee.
Polly Ann Smith Brassfield probably died in childbirth as
Shedrick Perry married right away to MATILDA GEE on 3 June 1860 by
J.A. Meek, J.P.
Matilda Gee was the daughter of Samuel Gee and Martha Tinney.
(I have Sedrick Brassfield's Civil War Pension Record).
Sedrick served in Co. C, First Arkansas Infantry from 11 Feb 1863 to
10 August 1865. Enlisted at Fayetteville, Arkansas.
He had been conscripted into the Confederate Army under Capt Buyck
Dawson, Brooks Regiment in Fall 1862 at Mt. Comfrey in Carroll
County, Arkansas. He deserted the Confederate Army and joined the
Union Army. Pension Certificate No. 1,056,715
Also have Family Group Sheets on Shedrick Perry Brassfield
Will list Sedrick and Matilda's family briefly.
Remember, these are Sedrick and Matilda Gee's children:
i: John S Brassfield, born 1861

ii: Mary A Brassfield, born 31 July 1866.
She married (1)Mr. McFARLANE, (2) Mr. STOE and (3 Mr. FORD.

iii: Abner S. "Will" Brassfield, born 17 July 1868.
He married Ethel G EDWARDS (1861-1911) ca 1900.
They were on 1919 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census.
They were on 1920 Washngton County, Oklahoma Census.

iv: Sallie Emeline Brassfield, born 8 Jan 1870.
She married MR. HELMS

v:Sarah Angeline Brassfield, born 8 Feb 1873.

vi: General Sheridan Brassfield, born 15 Aug 1875.
He married ADDIE BELLE HENSLEY. General Sheridan Brassfield died
on 28Dec1905 at Fame, Oklahoma.

vii:Charles Sherman Brassfield, born 31 Oct 1877.
He married GERGIE MOSS on 27 April 1908 at Eufaula, Oklahoma.
On 1900 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census.
On 1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census.
Sherman died 29Sept1960 at San Bernardino, California.

viii:William Roosevelt Brassfield, born 11 May 1880 in Marion County,
Arkansas.. He married MARTHA HULDA MOSS ca 1900 McIntosh County,
On 1910 McIntosh County, Oklahoma census.
On 1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma census.
He died 16 Feb 1961 in McAlester, Oklahoma.

ix: James Abner Garfield Brassfield, born 10 Sept 1882.
Do not know who he married. Was in Service 1917-1921.
He died ca 1921 in Auburn, Oregon.

x:Martha Matilda Melvina Brassfield, born 19Oct1884.
McIntosh County, Oklahoma. She died in 1960 at Nashoba, Pushmataha
County, Oklahoma with burial in Nolia Cemetery.

xi: Perry Lincoln Brassfield, born 16 Feb 1887.
He was in Hughes County, Oklahoma in 1910.

1850 Newton County, ARkansas, White Township,age 13, with father
Abner Brassfield
1870 Newton County, Arkansas, Richland Township, Visit 16
1880 Marion Couny, Arkansas, Tomahawk Township, Visit 237-237
Perry, 40
John, 18
Mary, 14
Abner, 12
Angeline, 11
Emaline, 10
Sheridan, 8
Sherman, 6,
On Visit #230 he is listed as Shedrick Brassfield, age 43.
Why two different listings? Was there a Perry Brassfield and a
Shedrick P. Brassfield? Confusing?

On Civil War papers Sedrick listed the following places:
1855-1891, Newton County, Arkansas
1891, Indian Territory and Oklahoma
1891-1906 Eufaula, Creek, Indian Territory
1900 Creek Nation, Indian Territory
1908-1909, Hanna Township, Hughes County, Oklahoma
Sedrick Perry Brassfield died 10Sept1909 at Hanna, Hughes County,
Oklahoma with burial in Fame Cemetery in McIntosh County.
Matilda Gee Brassfield died 23 Jan 1909 and is buried in Fame
Cemetery, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

(continuing with children of Thomas Smith and Febary Tackett

(9) ELIZABETH SMITH, born 1843 in Carroll County, Arkansas.
No further information on her
Have not really searched for her. She probably married a soldier
who served in Civil War. I will find her someday.
Thomas and Febary Smith were in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1840
There were 7 children born by the 1840 census, two after 1840.
So I believe this information accounts for all their children.

Thomas and Febary Smith were on 1850 Johnson County, Arkansas Census
in Spadra Twp.,Visit 30

On the 1860 Sebastian Co. AR, Census, Upper Township, Visit 1149-1115
Thomas was a chair maker..Children: Elizabeth, Calvin,
Malissa Brassfield and Martin Tacket Smith were living with Thomas &
Febary Smith.

1870 could not find Thomas and Febary Smith.
Claiborne was in Christian County, Missouri.
Henry was in Newton County, Arkansas.
James Calvin was in Searcy County, Arkansas.
One of his sons (Joseph) married his first cousin Martha Elizabeth
Smith (Claiborne's daughter).

1880 FEBARY TACKETT SMITH was living with son Claiborne in Searcy
County, Arkansas...blind, age 78.

Have listed all the Smith children in this story, and also made
separate stories on each child except PLEASANT and ELIZABETH SMITH.

If anyone has corrections or additions, please send me an E-mail.
Do not like to list living people in these stories and if I do,
do not use dates.
Yes, I probably repeated myself.
Yes, there are probably errors

Evelyn Flood
22 March 2017

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