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This is the family of JOHN and REBECCA SMITH, their son THOMAS (1802)and his wife FEBARY TACKETT SMITH (1802) and their eight children and their families.

John and Rebecca Smith had a son Thomas Smith who married Febary (February\Phoebe?) Tackett ca 1819 in probably Jackson County, Alabama.
Thomas Smith's known children were:
(1) William Eson Smith(1821) who married DYAMIE(Diana) HUDSON ca 1840 Carroll County, Arkansas;
(2)James "Calvin" Smith(1824) who married (1) unknown woman and (2)SUPHRONA (mnu)ca 1850;
(3)Claiborne M Smith(1828) who married MARGARET JANE MACKEY and SARAH "Sally" ATKINSON BOLIN;
(4)Pleasant J Smith 1831 (marriage unknown);
(5)Malissa Smith (1833)who married ABNER BRASSFIELD Jr.;
(6)Henry Woody Smith (1836) who married (1) MARIAH BRASSFIELD and (2)BARBARA ALLEN PIERCE HOUSE;
(7)Martin Tackett Smith (1838)who married (1)RHODA LUCINDA STANDRIDGE and (2)SARAH JACKSON MIDDLETON;
(8) Polly Ann Smith (1841)who married SEDRICK PERRY BRASSFIELD as his first wife; and
(9) Elizabeth Smith (1843)(nothing further known).

ARE YOU RELATED TO THESE FAMILIES? If so, please write and help me complete this family information.
If you have any additions or corrections, please send me an E-mail.

Because this is such a large group of Smith people, I chose to list them here and list each family under a separate story in my 'Kinfolks Stories'.

Will be adding more photos and information from time to time to each story, so please come back later to read any additional information and new photos.
Am typing this story on my Notepad the "old fashioned way",without benefit of an HTML program, so please excuse any typing errors you may find (my Notepad has no spelling check).
Am developing cataracts in my eyes and they are not "ripe enough" to have surgery and it is sometimes hard to tell the i from the l. Am depending upon "your eyes" to help find any errors.

Had been hunting for years for the "lost" son of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith.
Many thanks to Debi Clark who contacted me via E-mail, sending information and pictures on William Eson"Esau" Smith and his family.
She is the person who furnished most of the information on William Eson Smith.
Thank you Debi.(
Am so proud to have this Smith information and photographs

Also want to thank everyone who helped me with this large family.

After discovering which area the William Eson Smith family settled in, found that area of Christian County, Missouri on the Internet and added what information I could find from the census and marriage records. Also used the " Arkansas 1850 Every Name Index" .

Began searching for THOMAS and FEBARY TACKETT SMITH after I sent for their son Henry Woody Smith's Confederate Civil War Record
(Henry Smith was my husband's great-grandfather on the maternal side).
Found that JOHN and REBECCA SMITH (grandparents of Henry),lived at one time in Jackson County, Alabama. So many kinfolks hailed from Jackson County, Alabama who ended up in Newton County, Arkansas area. They used the same family names in all their childrens' names.

The 1830 Jackson County, Alabama census at LDS Family History Center, Film No. 2,328 listed three John Smiths. Did not check any other Alabama counties. Madison County, Alabama is another possiblity I need to check out.
This family IS NOT related to Jeremiah and Margaret Armstrong Smith family that I am aware of.

1830 Jackson County, Alabama census:
2/John Smith
10/John A Smith
12/John D Smith

SMITH, John...Old war pension application. O.W.Wid.Cert.#1717, file @11475. Served as Captain in Alabama Volunteers, Florida Seminole Indian War, Widow, Rebecca.(not abstracted in book)
DO NOT KNOW if this is our John and Rebecca Smith.

Alabama Pension Rolls of 1835 had one JOHN SMITH, from Anson County, North Carolina, 1778, 5yr, Pvt, Capt Parsons; Col Chiles; General Wayne.
Born 15Mar1763 Anson County, North Carolina
Enlisted April 1778 for 5 years.
To Hillsboro to receive discharge.
Lived in Anson, North Carolina to 1783.
Around 1803 to Georgia
Georgia to Tennessee about 1811
Tennessee til about 1832 1832 to Alabama (Jackson and Madison Counties) Aplied pension 1833 in Madison County,Alabama at Brownsboro
DO NOT KNOW IF THIS IS THE CORRECT JOHN SMITH, but is as close as I can come at the present time.

Also while researching in the LDS Family History Center, ran across the Fische No. 6,019,335, The 1911 Arkansas Confederate Soldiers Census record. Not every Arkansas county is represented. But I was in luck as Henry Smith had filled out the questionaire and "lo and behold", there was the clue I needed on his parents.
The original copy of this record is at the Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas. Would like to read it so I could check the spelling of the Tacketts names listed on film.
Believe instead of LANGSTON TACKETT (as noted), it should read LEWIS TACKETT.
Perhaps the person transcribing the film thought the name was Langston when it really was Lewis Tackett??
MARY POLLY BASHAM was the wife of Lewis (Langston)Tackett.
The Tackett Association did not agree that there was a Feraby (Phoebe) Tackett from the Lewis Tackett Family. But they did acknowledge Martin Tackett (Feraby's brother) in the Association. And Martin Tackett was Feraby (Pheobe)Tackett Smith's brother. She even named two of her sons Pleasant Smith (after Pleasant Tackett) and Martin Tackett Smith (after her brother Martin Tackett).
What I need to do is send the original film copy of Henry W Smith's Confederate Service Record to the Tackett Association, which I have not as yet done.

Since getting a copy of this record, recently purchased the set of books, "Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans" and the book showed an exact copy of Henry Smith's 1911 CSA entry as it appeared on the LDS Fische 6,019,335.

Henry Smith CSA Record on LDS Fische 6,019,335

1830 Alabama Index showed a THOMAS SMITH in Jackson County, Alabama, page 324 of the Alabama Index found in the Midcontinent Library, Independence, Missouri.

If the information is correct in son William Eson Smith's obituary, he was born in 1820\21 in Jackson County, Alabama and moved to Washington County, Arkansas when he was 8 years old (1829), the Thomas Smith family should be in the 1830 Arkansas Census Index.
I found a John Smith listed in Washington County, Arkansas and a Thomas Smith in Phillips County, Arkansas in 1830 Arkansas Census Index. What were the county boundaries in 1830??

My research then centered on the 1840 Carroll County, Arkansas census showing the family of Thomas Smith.
2-1-1-2-0-1...........0-1-000-1 (total of 7 children)
two sons under 5 (Henry 1836 and Martin Smith 1838)
one son between 5 and 10(Pleasant J Smith)
one son over 10 (Claiborne M Smith)
two sons over 10 (Wiliam Eson"Esau" and James Calvin"Calvin")
one daughter over 5 (Melissa Smith)
This fit the known children profile up to 1840.

1850 Johnson County, Arkansas, Spadra Township, Visit 30
LDS Microfilm 2,481
SMITH,Thomas 48, TN
..... Feraby, 48, TN (Fenaby,Feraby,Phebe? TACKETT)
..... Pleasant, 19 (1831), AR
..... Henry, 14, AR
..... Martin, 12, AR
..... Polly Ann, 9, AR
..... Elizabeth, 7, AR

Also living in Johnson County, Arkansas in 1850 in Spadra Township,Visit 95-100:
TACKETT, Martin, M, 40, TN
........Cynthia, F, 42, TN (maiden name Miller)
....... Pleasant, M, 18, AR
.......++ William H, M, 16, AR
....... Marion, M, 13, AR
....... Sebundy?, M, 11, AR
....... Matilda, F, 9, AR
........ James M, M., 7, AR
........ Jones M, M, 5, AR
Daughter Eloah Angeline Tackett, age 20, had married John Milum Jones.She, along with her husband and children were killed at Mt.Meadows Massacre in September 1857.
Martin Tackett had died prior to 1857 so he was not murdered at Mt. Meadows. This entire family, with exception of ++William H (age 16)above, were murdered by the Mormons at Mountain Meadows Massacre.

++William H Tackett, son of Martin and Cynthia Miller Tackett, had married FRANCES WALKER on 4 Jan 1857 in Pope County, Arkansas and was not with the wagon train that met their fate at Mt.Meadows.
William H had two children: James R and Sarah L Tackett.
William H Tackett died before 1862, probably in Pope County, Arkansas (perhaps in the Civil War?)

1860 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Dover Township, Visit 517
1870 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Dwelling 149, Fanny and the children.
1880 Not in Pope County, Arkansas census.
Frances Walker Tackett remarried later to THOMAS COOK on 13Mar1867 (D-147) in Pope County, Arkansas.

Pleasant Tackett, along with his wife and four children were in the Mt.Meadows Massacre and two infant children of Pleasant Tackett's children survived.
Will be writing about this Mountain Meadows Massacre later on in my "Kinfolks Stories".

Martin Tackett had purchased land in Newton County, Arkansas in very early time. I have a copy of his land records.
TACKITT, MARTIN Vol. AR0930.456, Land Ofc.Fayetteville, 01-May-45, Doc #4600, Cash Entry, Part #1: W NE, Sec24, Twp. 17N, R19W, 80.000 acres.

What I want to do is provide all the information I have up to now on Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith's children
Know that there is much missing information and there will are corrections to be made. This is the information as I know it at the time of this writing.
If you have any additional information, please write me.

Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith's known children:
(1)WILLIAM ESON "Esau" SMITH, born 28Dec1821 in Jackson County, Alabama married:
(1)DIANA "Dyemie" HUDSON ca 1840, probably Carroll County, Arkansas (they had 12 children). Dyemie Hudson was related to the HUDSON families who lived in and around Carroll County and Newton County, Arkansas. Her parents were John D Hudson and Jane Breeding.

Rev. John Hudson of Round Rock, Texas wrote the "History of the Hudson Family" and much of my Hudson information comes from this book.
My dearest friend and cousin, FRAN FLOOD EMMERICH (now deceased) sent the Hudson information to me long ago.
I miss her so.......we did so much research together. Just the thought of Fran brings back so many fond memories.
We used to "talk" late at night on the computer IM. We also researched the CAMPBELLS together. I visited with her and her hubby in Kansas City, Missouri and we had such good times together.
Fran, I miss you so much. Your were such a good, kind, broad-minded, loving person and we became as close as sisters.

The HUDSON Family is of English descent. Three brothers came from England along with the early Colonists and settled in what is now Virginia, in the United States.

EDWARD HUDSON, the grandfather, was born in South Carolina. He served 7 years under General Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox)in the Revolutionary War. See my "Francis Marion Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website.
After the close of the war, EDWARD HUDSON married MARYANN WHEAT in that state. She was of Irish descent. He afterwards moved to Smith County, Tennessee and from thence to Lawrence County, Arkansas (now Randolph County, Arkansas).
EDWARD HUDSON was born 25Dec1756 in what is now Kershaw County, South Carolina. He died 4Apr1845 in Randolph County, Arkansas with burial in Upshaw Cemetery, Ravenden Springs.
MARY ANN WHEAT HUDSON, born ca1770, died 9Nov1848 in Randolph County, Arkansas with burial in Upshaw Cemetery at Ravenden Springs.

There were six sons and three daughters.
1. WILLIAM HUDSON (1789-1814),never married and died in Creek Indian War.
2.JOHN HUDSON (1790-died before 1850) married PHOEBE LEWIS in Tennessee. They had 3 sons: SAM, *ANDREW and CARROLL Hudson.
Son *ANDREW JACKSON HUDSON,(1818-ca1891), married SARAH L. HOLT (1823-)in Randolph County, Arkansas. Sarah was the daughter of JAMES SIMPSON HOLT and ELIZABETH FORTNER. The Andrew Jackson Holt family moved to Newton County, Arkansas. Andrew and Sarah Holt Hudson are buried in Hudson Cemetery in Newton County. Some of their descendants still live in Newton County and many Hudsons from this couple are spread world-wide.

John and Phoebe Hudson separated and John married JANE BREEDING. John and Jane had 5 sons and 2 daughters: Sherida, Seburn, Gibson, John, Darrell, DYEMIE and Emily Hudson.
John Hudson belonged to the Tennessee Rifles and was in the Battle of New Orleans under General Andrew Jackson.
Seburn Hudson married MARY BRISTOW and moved to Oregon.
Emily Hudson married JOHN BRISTOW
All but Seburn were in Northwest Arkansas in Carroll County (now Boone County).

3. ELEANOR "Nellie" HUDSON born ca1794 in Green County, Tennessee. She married(1) JAMES BELLAH and (2) HENRY WHITE.

4. JOSEPH HUDSON moved to Howard County, Missouri. He lived there 16 to 18 years and then moved to Oregon County, Missouri.He married (1)SARAH MOULDER and (2) SARAH ANDREWS.He died after 1870 in Oregon County, Missouri.

5. HENRY G HUDSON married ELIZABETH BELLAH, a first cousin. He got into a fighting scrape while in Randolph County, Arkansas. He cut a man badly with a knife and ran off to Texas around 1835. He was in the Texas Revolution in 1835 and 1836. He was with Colonel FANNIN at Goliad. He escaped the massacre. He went back to Arkansas and again moved back to Texas and died in Brazos County, Texas on 24 Mar 1877. Henry is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Harvey, Texas.

6.JAMES HARRIS HUDSON was born 6 April 1804 in Smith County, Tennessee. Settled in Lawrence County, Arkansas (now Randolph County, Arkansas). He married SARAH BELLAH. They had 6 sons and 1 daughter: Wiley, Harris Wheat, John, Allen, Edward and Joseph Hudson. Daughter was Bathsheba Hudson.
James Harris Hudson died 22Feb1884 at Walnut Grove, Missouri with burial in Hudson Cemetery there.

7. NANCY HUDSON, born 1806 Smith County, Tennessee.
She married JOHN JACOB WALLACE on 11 July 1821.

8. EDWARD HUDSON Jr., born 1808 in Smith County, Tennessee. He married (1) SARAH NEAL and (2) SARAH ANN FRANCES WATSON of Howard County, Missouri. He died in 1873 in Travis County, Texas and is buried in White Rock Cemetery.

9. BATHSHEBA HUDSON, born 1809 in Smith County, Tennessee. She married (1) JOHN RICE and (2) TILFORD BOZORTH.

10. MARY ANN "Polly" HUDSON, born ca 1810. She married NATHAN BELLAH. They died in Randolph County, Arkansas.


Now the children of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith:
(1)WILLIAM EASON "Esau"SMITH, born 28 Dec 1821 (cemetery shows 28Dec1820)in Jackson County,Alabama, (son of Thomas Smith and Febary Tackett). He married (1) DIANA "DYEMIE" HUDSON, ca 1840 in probably Carroll County (now Boone),Arkansas.
Dyemie Hudson was born 16 Aug 1820 in Fulton County,Arkansas (daughter of John D. Hudson and Jane Breeding).Dyemie died 16 Dec 1915 in Sparta, Christian County, Missouri and was buried: 17 Dec 1915 in Ozark City Cemetery, Ozark , Christian County,Missouri.
William Eson married (2) Ms. Johnson.??
NOTE: This is a mystery to me. If William Esau died in 1899 and Dyemie died in 1915, when did he marry Ms. Johnson? Had William Esau and Dyemie divorced and then he married Ms Johnson?? William died 29 Nov 1899 in Ozark, Christian County,Missouri and is buried in City Cemetery, Ozark , Christian County, Missouri.


Died at his home two miles southwest of Ozark, Christian County, November 29, 1899, William Eason Smith, of heart disease, age nearly 78 years. Eason Smith was born in Jackson County, Alabama Dec. 28th, 1821.
When but 8 years old (1829) he moved to Washington County, Arkansas where he lived only about two years, when he moved to Carroll County, Arkansas where he lived almost all the time until the breaking out of the Civil War. He was a Union man and on this account he was compelled to move again and came to Missouri in 1865 where he has since resided.
In 1840 he married Diana Hutson, and from this union were born twelve children, eleven whom grew to manhood and womanhood and nine are still living. Two of his sons, John and Marion, enlisted in the Union Army and served throughout the Civil War.
When about 28 years old Eason Smith professed faith in Christ and credited with the Presbyterian Church, and although meeting with many reverses during life, he was always industrious and honorable and lived peaceably; and was highly respected in the community.
Mrs. Smith says that having lived with him 59 years, that since his profession of religion, he has lived a consistant Christian life.
The funeral services were held in Ozark, at the Baptist Meeting House on November 30, and the remains were buried in the Ozark Cemetery.



Grandma Diana Smith died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.N. Farmer in Sparta, Missouri at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, December 16, 1915, aged 95 years and four months. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon December 17 at the Presbyterian Church in Ozark followed by burial in the Ozark City Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.
Christian County Republican - Ozark, MO, Dec 24, 1915, page 1, col3. Contributed by Geraldine Ford.


From "Arkansas 1850 Every-Name Index" by Bobbie Jones McLane and Desmond Walls Allen:
1850 Marion County, Arkansas, Prairie Township, Visit 289
SMITH, William E, 29, Diana 27, John 9, Thomas J 8, Mary F. 7, Edward 6, Martin 5, AR/AR

1860 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Prarie Township, Visit 460-452
SMITH, William C, 38, M, Farmer,RL EST Value 15C\PP 7C, AL
.....Dianna, 38, F, born?
.....John, 18, M, AR
.....Thomas J, 17, M,AR
.....Mary F, 15, AR
.....Edward, 13, M,AR
.....Martin, 11, M, AR
.....Seaborn, 9, M, AR
.....Synthia Jane, 7, F, AR
.....Permelia, 6, F, AR
.....Francis, 5, M, AR
.....Eliza Jane, 2, F, AR

1860 Sebastian County, Arkansas,Upper Township, Visit 1149-1115
SMITH,Thomas, 59, M, Chair maker
....Phereby , 59, F, TN
....Elizabeth,17, AR
SMITH, Calvin, 36(1824),M, AL(James Calvin Smith,son of Thomas)
....Suphrona? , 22, AL (second wife of Calvin?)
....Jane, 13, F, AR
....Cinthia, 11, F, AR
....Joseph, 9, M, AR
....Frances, 4, F, AR
....Thomas, 2, M, AR
BRASSFIELD, Malissa, 27, F, AR (Malissa Smith,daug.of Thomas)
...Thomas, 10, M, AR
... Abner, 7, M, AR
....John, 4, M, AR
.... Henry, 2, M, AR
SMITH, Martin, 22, M, AR (Martin Tackett Smith,son of Thomas)
..... Rhoda, 18, F, AR (Rhoda Standridge Smith)
..... Sarah, 3, F, AR
..... Malsey, 3/12, F, AR (Malissa?)


**1850 Marion County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 289
SMITH, William E, 29, AR
.... Diana, 27, AR
.....John, 9
.....Thomas J, 8
.....Mary F, 7
.....Edward, 6
.....Martin, 5

i:JOHN HENRY SMITH, born 6 Sept 1841 (Carroll County, Arkansas)...died 4Jan1913 buried at Ozark, Missouri.
Served Co. H, First Arkansas Cavalry (Union)Civil War
The "Arkansas Damned Yankees Union Soldiers Index" shows: SMITH, John H, enlisted Co. H, 1st AR CAV 27 Aug 1863 at Cassville, Missouri, age 22, born Carroll Co. AR.

Married SUSAN PARMELIA HARPER on 24 Nov 1865 in Searcy County, Arkansas by J M Hamm, JP
Susan Parmelia Harper was born 12Nov1843 in Tennessee.Died 5Sept1914
Buried Ozark,Missouri.

1870 Christian County, Missouri Census, Linden Township,Visit 89
SMITH, John H, 29, M, AR
......Susen P, 27, F, TN
......Sarah F, 4, F, MO
......Victoria, 1, F, MO

Known Children:
She married J.M. WILLIAMS.

2)VICTORIA GRANT SMITH, born 05 Apr 1869 in Missouri.
Married SAMUEL GRANT JAMES on 10 Nov 1887 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri by JD Lamb.
Samuel was born 4Sep1867 in Missouri and died 19Apr1942 in Hargrill, Texas. Victoria died 18Nov1930 in Mission, Texas.
1.Dessie Josephine James, born 20July1897 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. She married JAMES HARRIS LAWSON on 2Nov1913 in Kellyville, Creek County, Oklahoma. James was born 21Mar1891 in Creek County, Indian Territory, Oklahoma and died 19Jan1960 at Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. Dessie died 2 July 1969 in Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma.

2.Thelma Pauline James, born 2 AApr1904 in Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma. She married (1) MR. CONRAD. She married (2) MR.VAUGHN.

3.Flossie Marion James, born 11 May 1895. She married WILLIAM PARKER FIELDING in 1908.

4. Beulah Beatrice James, born 29 Dec 1908.

5. Janie Susan James, born 17Jan1912. She married CURT BRUMLEY in 1930. Janie died in Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma.

6. Ira Edna James, born 21Oct1906. She married (1)VIRGIL FARRIS. She married (2) CHARLES UPTEGRAFT.

7. Charles Ross James, born 2Oct1888. He married LUCY CONRAD. Charles died 1954 in Hargrill, Hidelgo County, Texas.

8. John Grant James, born 30 Nov 1889. He married VELMA LAVENDER. John died in 1950.

9. Cecil Clyde James, born 21 April 1891.

10. Thomas Clarence James, born 6Mar1893. He married MARY FRANCIS SPANGLER. Thomas died in Stroud, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

11. Bessie James, born 20 July 1897 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. Died 1Aug1897 in Ozark City Cemetery, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri.

12. Ida Irene James, born 5 Nov 1899. She married JAMES CONRAD. Ida died in 1915.

13. Robert Harry James, born 3 Nov 1901. He married LETA JOHNSON. Robert died in 1978 in Stroud, Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

14. Eugene James, born 2 Apr 1904.

continuing with children of John H Smith & Susan P Harper.

3)ALONZO "Lon" SMITH, born 26 Oct 1873 in Christian County, Missouri.
He married ELIZABETH "Lizzie" McLAIN, born 1876, on 23Jan1897.
Alonzo died 31Dec1941 Christian County, Missouri.
Mrs. Smith, married again on 31 Dec 1941.
She died in 1965 with burial in Ozark Cemetery.
Known children:
1.W. NEAL SMITH, born 3Mar1898. Died 7Nov1912 with burial in Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.

continuing with children of John H. Smith

4)WILLIAM ECK SMITH, born 28 Mar 1875, died 21 Dec 1945 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. Who did he marry?

5)ELMER SMITH, born Mar1876 in Missouri.

She married WESLEY WEATHERMAN.They(lived at Selmore)

7)HARDY SMITH, born 7Oct1880. Died 19Oct1880 with burial in Ozark Cemetery.

front row:John H & Susan Smith
Back:Alonzo,Mary F, Victoria, William Eck,Eliza Jane

About four o'clock last Saturday morning, John H Smith, an old resident and well-known in this community, living on the Highlandville road in the south part of town, suffered a stroke of apoplexy from the effects of which he never rallied, passing away about seven o'clock Saturday evening, January 4, 1913, surrounded by his family and friends, aged 71 years and 4 months. Mr. Smith had been in his usual health up to the time of the stroke, and was in town some time Friday afternoon.
Mr. Smith was born in Searcy County, Arkansas and served over two years in Co.H, 1st Ark. Cavalry. He came to Christian County immediately after the war and was soon married to Miss Susan Harper who survives him. His aged mother, still living at age 92 years preceded him in locating in Christian County.
Uncle John, as he was familiarly known, was the eldest of a family of twelve children, six of who are stil living, to-wit:
Martin Smith of Webster County; Edward Smith of Barry County; Irvin Smith of Sparta; Marion Smith of Ozark; Mrs. Eliza Farmer of Sparta, and Mrs. Melia Roberts of Sparta.
He also leaves five children, two sons and three daughters, to-wit:Mrs. J.M. Williams of Ozark; Mrs. Wesley Weatherman of Selmore; Mrs. Sam James of Kelleyville, OK; Mr. Lon Smith who resides on the old home place south of town, and Mr. Eck Smith who lives north of town.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternnon at the Baptist churck by his pastor, Rev. Vanover. Mr. Smith had been a devoted member of the Ozark Baptist Church for over 26 years.
In the death of John H. Smith, Ozark loses a good citizen and the family a kind and loving husband, father and brother, who feel their loss keenly. The Republican sympathizes with the family in their bereavement.

Contributed by Geraldine Ford.


ii:THOMAS "ERVIN" SMITH, born 17 April 1843 in Dardenelle, Prairie Township, Searcy County, Arkansas.
He enlisted in Co. H, 1st Arkansas Cavalry, Union, on 27Aug1863 at Cassville, Missouri. Same outfit as his cousin Claiborne M Smith.
He married (1) ELIZABETH "Jane" ROBERTS on 20 Nov 1858 in Searcy County, Arkansas by Davis Robison. Elizabeth was born 16 Mar 1842 in Arkansas, (daughter of Mr. Roberts and Mrs. Roberts)
Elizabeth Jane Roberts Smith died 14 Jan 1905 in Fairland, Ottawa County,Oklahoma and is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Oklahoma.
Thomas Irvin Smith died on 16 Sept 1935 with burial in Ozark Cemetery.
Children from this union (may not be in order of birth)
1)ADELIA SMITH ,born 24 Feb 1862 in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Married WILLIAM HOMERSON EIDSON in 1878 in Missouri. William was born August 1857 in Tennessee and died in 1925. They lived Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Adelia died 11 May 1945 in Billings Hospital, Billings, Montana. Buried in Red Lodge, Montana.
1. Nania V. Davis, born June 1884 in Missouri.

2. unknown Eidson, born ca 1885. Died before 1945.

3.Margaret "Maggie" Eidson, born Nov18908 in Cherokee Nations, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. She married MR. HARRIS.

4.Elza Eidson, born 27Mar1902 in Missouri. Died April 1971 in probably Poctello, Bannock County, Idaho.

continuing with children of Thomas Ervin Smith:

2)WILLIAM "Willie" EASON SMITH, born 09 Jan 1866 in Missouri.
He married LAURA NEAL DAVIS in 1887. Laura was born July 1868 in Missouri. William died 1Apr1941 in Perryton, Texas.
1. Floyce B. Smith, born April 1888 in Missouri
2. Virgil B. Smith, born March 1890 in Missouri
3. Linia Smith, born June 1892 in Missouri
4. Lay C. Smith, born Jan 1899 in Indian Territory, Cherokee Nations, Oklahoma.

NOTE: Each son of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith named their children after their brothers' children. There was also a William Eason Smith living in Newton County, Arkansas who married Mary Willie Flood.

continuing with children of Thomas Ervin Smith:

3)JOHN R SMITH, born May 1867 in Tennessee?
He married ELLA E. COFFMAN. Ella was born in Oct 1867 in Missouri. John died before 1935 in Alrich, Missouri, buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery at Alrich, Missouri.
Known Children:
1. Vernon Smith, born Sept 1896 in Polk County, Missouri.
2. Hershal Smith, born April 1900 in Dade County, Missouri.

continuing with children of Thomas Ervin Smith:

4)THOMAS REDMOND SMITH born 1871 in Springfield, Missouri

Thomas Redmond Smith

Thomas married EFFIE MAE RICHARDS on 25Oct1894 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri. Effie was born 9Jan1881 in Andrew County, Missouri, daughter of Zachariah Franklin Richards and Mary Ellen Graham.
Effie died 11Jan1960 at Auburn, California.
Thomas died 6June1959 in Fair Oaks, California and is buried in Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, California.

Thomas and Effie Smith

Children (may not be in order of birth)
1.Norma Smith, born 2July1895.

2. Everett Smith, born 25 June 1897.
one known son, Robert Smith.

3. Sabre May Smith, born May1900

4. Thelma Elizabeth Smith, born 12 Sept 1903

5. Lucille Smith, born 1905

6. Marie Smith, born 10 Apr 1910

7. Thomas "Willard" Smith, born 10 June 1913.
He married THELMA MORGAN. One known child: Katherine Smith.

8. Neoma Smith Diaz Freshour.
9. Eunice Doshi Smith

Evert and Willard Smith, sons of Thomas Redmon Smith

continuing with children of Thomas Ervin Smith:

5)ISABELLE SMITH, born 1872 in Missouri, died bef 1935.

6)THEODOSIA "Doshey Jane" SMITH, born 28 May 1874 in Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri.
She married WOODFORD "Woody" HARVEY, 29 Jul 1891 in Bk G, p. 79, by A.J. Griffin in her father's home, Polk County, Missouri.
Woody Harvey was born 08 Oct 1863 in Polk or Dade County, Missouri, (son of John Harvey and Cynthia (Sinthy) A. Grogan)
Woody died 13 May 1950 in Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Seminole County, Seminole, Oklahoma
Theodosia died 23 Feb 1943 in Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma. Buried: 25 Feb 1943 in Maple Grove Cemetery, Seminole, OK.
1.Infant Harvey, born 1892, died 08 Jun 1892.

2.Obediah "Obbie" Laren Harvey, born 21 Nov 1894.
He married VEDA ETHEL RICKS on 15May1921. Veda was born 9Apr1902 and died 28Jan1978. Obediah died 12May1959 with burial in Strothers Cemetery, Seminole, Oklahoma.
i:Paul L. Harvey, born 15 Apr1922. Died 26Nov1957 with burial in Strothers Cemetery, Seminole, Oklahoma.

ii:Pauleen Harvey MASON.

iii:Reba Lee Harvey.

3.Willard Ervin Harvey born 25 Jan 1897 in Oklahoma.
He married BESS DAVIS on 4Sep1915. Bess was born 28June1900 near Woodward, Oklahoma. Willard died Nov1964 in Kansas.
4.Golda Myrtle Harvey born 07 Jun 1904 in Oklahoma.
She married JOSEPH NICHOLAS WALDRIP on 15Oct1924. Golda died in May1940 with burial in Carselowey Cemetery, Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma.
i: Mary Francis DADY.

ii:Homer Eugene (Waldrip)Asbury
5.Roy H.or W. Harvey, born 30 May 1906 in Oklahoma. He married LOLA SIMPSON on 06 Apr 1930. Lola was born 19 Nov 1908 and died 12 Jun 1991 in Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma; buried in 11, 22 SP7, Little Cemetery, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.
Roy died 10 Mar 1967 in Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma with burial in 11,21 Little Cemetery, Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma.

6.Ruby Dean Harvey,born 01 Dec 1911 in Needmore, Delaware County, Oklahoma. She married CECIL WAYNE ASBURY on 31May1926 in Miami, Oklahoma by David S. Pickett.
Cecil was born 8Jan1905 in Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri, the son of Wade Hampton Asbury and Rosetta Helen Fraker.
Cecil died 21May1982 in Seminole Hospital, Seminole, Oklahoma with burial in ,Little Cemetery, Seminole, Oklahoma.
Ruby died 14Aug2000 in Dorothy King's Home, Bixby, Tulsa County, Oklahoma with burial in Little Cemetery, Seminole, Oklahoma.
i: Phyllis Marie Asbury LAWSON ROSE.
ii:Dorothy Jo Asbury KING.

iii: Billie Dean Asbury PATTERSON.

iv: Mary Elaine Asbury ALLEN

NOTE: I leave birthdates,etc. from the sixth and seventh generations for privacy reasons.

continuing with children of Thomas Ervin Smith

7)ELIZABETH "Ada"SMITH, born 22 Nov 1876 in Dadeville, Dade County, Missouri. She married OGILVIE DEE LAFFOON, (son of Euel Venable Laffoon and Arrena E. Russell). Elizabeth died 25 Jul 1902 in probably Fairland, Oklahoma, with burial in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Oklahoma.

8)WESLEY L. SMITH, died before 1935.

9)"OTIS"FRANKLIN SMITH born 22 Mar 1879 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. He married LULA ETTA ETHRIDGE on 11 Oct 1905 in Missouri. She was daughter of Frank Ethridge and Sarah Elizabeth Sooter.
Otis died 26Dec1974 in Las Cruces, Dona Ana, New Mexico.
One known child: Genoba Smith.

10)LLOYD M. SMITH, born 16 Jun 1882 in Ozark, Missouri.He died 27 Oct 1895 in Fairland, Ottawa County, Oklahoma with burial in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Delaware County, Oklahoma.

11)HILLEY SMITH. She married HENRY DAVIS. Hilley is buried in Obieetie, Texas.
1. Oral Davis, born 1May1905 in Oklahoma. He married LULA DAVIS. Oral died Oct 1977

12)MARY FRANCES SMITH, born in Arkansas. She married JOHN F. LOWERY. Mary is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Aldrich, Polk County, Missouri.

Thomas Ervin Smith married (2) MRS. MARGARET ANN E."Peggy" PRUITT on 25 July 1907 in Arden, Douglas County, Missouri by James Allen, JP
Margaret Pruitt waas born Feb1863 in Missouri. Margaret was born 3 Feb 1863 in Arden, Douglas County, Missouri and died 18 Jan 1952 with burial in Seymour Webster County, Missouri.
Thomas died 16 Sep 1935 in Sparta, Christian County, Missouri. Buried on 20 Sep 1935 in City Cemetery, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri.

Ervin Smith was born near Dardanelle in Searcy County, Arkansas in 1843 and passed away on Monday, September 16, 1935.
In 1860 he was united in marriage to JANE ROBERTS, who preceded him in death. To this union were born ten children, those surviving being T.R. Smith of Hatch, N.M.; Willie of Parriton, Texas; Mrs. Wood Harvey of Seminole, Oklahoma; Mrs. Adeline Eidson of Idaho Falls, Idaho.
On July 25, 1907 he was again united in marriage to Mrs. Margaret Pruitt. Besides the above children and the widow, he leaves to mourn his departure, one brother Marion of Sparta and a host of nephews, nieces and other relatives.
He united with the Baptist church at the age of 17 in the town of his birth. He later moved his membership to Sparta.
He fought in the Civil War and was a member of the First Arkansas Cavalry.
Funeral services will be held Friday at Sparta with Rev. Worth Caughron will officiate. Burial will be made in the Ozark Cemetery under the direction of Klepper Funeral Home.
Contributed by Debra Clark.


continuing with children of William Eson Smith

iii:MARY FRANCES SMITH, born ca 1843 in Searcy County, Arkansas. She married Mr. GARRISON. Mary died in Alrich, Missouri; buried: in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Alrich, MO.


iv:EDWARD D SMITH, born ca 1847 in Arkansas. He married MARY W. KESSIGNER on 25 Oct 1868 Mary was born in 1851 in Missouri.

1870 Christian County, Missouri, Porter Township,Visit 12
SMITH, Edward, 23, M, TN
...... Mary, 19, F, MO
......Leusilla, Oct 9/12, F, MO
Edward died after 1913. Lived in Barry County, Missouri.
1)Leusilla Smith, born Dec 1869 in Christian County, Missouri.


v:MARTIN T SMITH, born 24Jan1849 in Carroll County, Arkansas.
He married ARTRE MILISSIA WILSON on 20 Sept 1870 in Christian County, Missouri by John Adams, J.P.
Melissa's parents are on the 1870 Christian County, Missouri Census, In Linden Township, Visit 90
(Francis (41) and Lucinda (37)Wilson.
Artre Melissa Wilson was born 5 Sept 1850 in Missouri and died 28Nov1920 in Missouri. Martin died 1Mar1922 at Ozark, Christian County, Missouri with burial in Linden Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.
1) F. M. SMITH, born 9 Feb 1875. He married G.I. PATTON.
F.M. died 20 Jan 1900.

2)PEARL SMTIH, born 26 Dec 1880.

3)BERTHA SMITH, born 6 Sept 1882.

4)JESSIE SMITH, born 16 Mar 1884. She married ZEB BEARD.

5)DRUE SMITH, born 26 July 1886 in Christian County, Missouri. He died 1June1908 in Christian County, Missouri with burial in Linden Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.

6)EFTON C SMITH, born 26July1888. Died 2Apr 1966 in Webster County, Missouri.

7) GEORGE C. SMITH, born Dec 18?? in Missouri.


vi:SEABORN SMITH, born 1851 in Prarie Township, Searcy County, Arkansas.
Nothing further on Seaborn Smith.


vii:CYNTHIA "Jane" SMITH born Jan 1853.
She married LORENZO MELTON on 18 Dec 1881. Lorenzo was born in July 1852 in Tennessee.
1)Miss Melton, born 16 Nov 1883 in Arkansas.


viii:PERMELIA "Melia" SMITH born 03 Jul 1854 in Arkansas.
Married OLIVER ROBERTS in 1871 in Christian County, Missouri
Oliver was born 2May1852 in Taney County, Missouri. His parents were William G Roberts and Mary Burkhart.
14 children:
1)infant child, born ca 1871 Christian County, Missouri

2)May Roberts, born ca 1872 Christian County, Missouri

3)Minerva "Minnie" Roberts, born 22Mar1877 Christian County, Missouri

4)Lena "Lennie" Roberts, born 22Mar1877 Christian County, Missouri

5)Linnie Roberts,born 22 Mar 1877 Christian County, Missouri

6)Ora Roberts, born 12 Oct 1878 at Sparta, Missouri

7)Theresa Roberts, born ca 1879 Sparta, Missouri

8)Birdie Roberts,born ca 1880

9)Lambert T Roberts, born 17Nov1881 Christian County, Missouri
10)Amy Gertrude Roberts, born May 1885 Christian County, Missouri

11)Austin Lewis Roberts, born 30Sep1887 Christian County,Missouri

12)Altie "Alta"Roberts, born Nov1890 Christian County,Missouri
She married WILLIAM STEVEN MILTON on 9Aug1908 in Christian County, Missori, byJames Baucom. William waas born 25Aug1889 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. Altie died in 1932 in Kansas.

13)William L Roberts,born 30June1893 Christian County,Missouri

14)Zella Viola Roberts,born 13Jan1895 Christian County,Missouri

Permelia Smith Roberts died 11Jan1931 in Christian County, Missouri with burial in Roberts Cemetery. Oliver died 5Nov1925 at Sparta, Christian County, Missouri with burial in Roberts Cemetery in Christian County.


ix:FRANCIS MARION SMITH of Ozark, Christian County, Missouri. He was born 3Mar1856 in Arkansas and died 30July1954.


One of Christian County's oldest residents died early Friday morning, July 30, 1954 at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Lee Garrison of Ozark.
Funeral services were conducted Sunday, August 1, at 2 p.m. in the Chaffin Chapel with the Rev. Harold Hurst officiating.
Burial was in the Ozark Cemetery under direction of Chaffin Funeral Home of Ozark.
A retired blacksmith, Mr. Smith moved to the Ozark community 89 years ago, traveling from Southern Arkansas with his family in an ox cart.
He is survived by four other daughters, Mrs. Belle Canard of Ozark, Miss Bessie Smith and Mrs. Maude Weyer, both of Portland,Oregon, and Mrs. Kate Webb of Edmond, Washington; three sons, Charles and Frank (addresses unknown) and Harold Smith who lives in California; 32 grandchildren, 49 great grandchildren and 17 great-great grandchildren.
He married SARAH M RHODES on 18Mar1877.Sarah, born 1862,died 1924 with burial in Ozark Cemetery, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri.

Known children (may not be in birth order): 1)Catherine "Kate" Smith, born 1882 in Missouri. She married MR. WEBB. They lived in Edmond, Washington.

2)Charles Smith, born 1882

3)Belle Smith, born 21 Sept 1883....died 15Jan1969
She married Mr. CANARD.

4) Hallie D Smith, born 21Nov1887....died 1Jan1894. Buried in Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.

5) Harry C. Smith, born 4Oct1888....died 9May1944. Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.
Harry married GRACE T. HAGUEWOOD on 29Dec1910 in Christian County, Missouri. Grace was born 1888 and died 1987 with burial in Ozark Cemetery.

6)Mrs. Lee Garrison of Ozark, Missouri

7)Herbert Smith, born 1892

8)Bessie Smith, born 1895, of Portland, Oregon

9)Frank Smith, born 1896.

10)Mrs. Maude Weyer, born 1899, of Portland, Oregon

11) Harold Smith, born 1902 of California

Francis Marion Smith married (2) TERRY CAUDILL on 12 May 1928 in Sparta, Christian County, Missouri. Terry was born 6Oct1868 and died 21Sept 1952 in Sparta. She is buried in Shipman Cemetery, Sparta, Christian County, Missouri.


x: ELIZABETH ANN SMITH born 2July1858 in Prairie Township, Searcy County, Arkansas. She married JASPER NEWTON FARMER, born 2July1855, the son of Jackson Farmer and Nancy Preston. Jasper died 9Jan1924 in Ozark, Christian County, Missouri with burial in Farmer Cemetery there. Elizabeth died 24 July 1920 and is buried in Burton Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.
Jasper Newton Farmer is living with his mother and siblings on the 1870 Christian County, Missouri Census in Linden Township, Visit 71.


ix: WILLIAM E SMITH, born 6Sept 1861. Died 1Dec1884. Ozark Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Debi Clark has the following notes: Will be able to figure out more children when I find them on the census records.
Buried in the Ozark City Cemetery are the following who I do not know parents of:
Jack Smith , born 4June1916. Died 18Dec1974. Husband of Neva. Master Sgt U S Army. Son of Art & Roxie Smith

Everett Smith, born 5Sept1897. Died 18July1972. Husband of Irene Marley.who are his parents?

Herbert D Smith, born 20Jan1892. Died 19 Jan 1919. Who are his parents?

Art Smith, born 19Feb1881. Died 3May1974. Husband of Roxie. Who are his parents?

James H Smith, born 13Mar1877. Died 12Mar1935. Who are his parents?

Otto E. Smith, born 26July1899. Died 16Feb1954. Husband of Opal A.
Father is Fred Smith. Who are the parents of Fred Smith?
Can anyone answer the questions above? If so, please write me.

WAS THE FOLLOWING A CHILD OF William Eson and Dyemie Hudson Smith?
He is listed as a child, but was born in Tennessee???

xii:JOHN EPHRIAM SMITH, born 14 Aug 1851 in TN. He married DIANNAH "Dicie" ISABEL MELTON, married 22 May 1873 in Christian County, Missouri by Ephraim Wray.
Was John Ephriam a son???

continuing with children of Thomas & Febary Tackett Smith
(2)JAMES 'CALVIN' SMITH, born 1824 Jackson County, Alabama
He married (1)?
He married (2) Suphrona? (mnu), born 1838.
Known children:
i: JANE SMITH born 1847 in Arkansas.

ii:CYNTHIA SMITH born 1849 in Arkansas

iii: JOSEPH SMITH, born 1851 in Arkansas.
Married MARTHA ELIZABETH SMITH, his first cousin, and daughter of Claborne and Margaret Jane Mackey Smith.
Martha was born 4 Feb 1856 in Searcy County, Arkansas.They were married ca 1877. SEE CLAIBORNE M. SMITH for more details.

1880 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Calf Creek, Visit #3
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township, Visit 121-128. Had 12 children with 6 living.
Known children:
1)James T. Smith, born 1878 in Searcy County, Arkansas.

2)John Clayborn Smith, born 16 Sept 1880 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
He married (1) ARTIE INEZ COWELL 28 Sept 1901 in Newton County, Arkansas. Artie was daughter of Milton Travis Cowell and Martha Frances Doherty.
Known children:
1.Allcie M. Smith, born April 1903
2. Lula F Smith, born Aug 1905
3. Martha A Smith, born Dec 1907
4. Loretta "Retta" Smith, born Mar1910
5. Marvin Smith, born 1914. He died in 1935
6. Joe Travis Smith, born 1915. He died in 1917
7. Zetta L Smith, born Sept1917
8. J.R. Smith, born Oct 1922
Artie Inez Cowell Smith died in Indianola, Oklahoma. John Clayborn Smith later married (2) MYRTLE ALICE LANE on 29Nov1929. Myrtle was the daughter of W.J. Lane and Martha Cartmel.
Children from this marriage:
9. Betty Sue Smith, born July 1931
10. Olga Jane Smith, born Sept 1933
11.Oleta Smith, born Oct1938
12. Bobby Dean Smith, born Dec 1940
13.Gary Dwane Smith, born Dec 194?
Myrtle Alice Lane Smith died 23 Aug 1960 of tuberculosis. She is probably buried at Stigler, Oklahoma.
John died 9 Dec 1973 in Stigler, Oklahoma.

3) Nancy J. Smith, born May 1885 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
She married ALONZO COWELL, age 20, on10Feb1901 (G-1)in Newton County, Arkansas.

4)Robert Marion Smith, born Feb 1887 (twin) in Searcy County, Arkansas.
He married REBECCA "Becka" ANGELINE FLUD on 18 Feb 1906 (page 147) in Newton County, Arkansas. Rebecca was born 4Oct1889 in Newton County, Arkansas. Rebecca died 18Feb1976 with burial in Ashland, Oklahoma Cemetery.Rebecca was the daughter of Nathaniel Harvey Flud and Louisa Catherine Shatswell. see 'NATHANIEL HARVEY FLUD STORY' in my 'Kinfolks Stories'.
Robert Marion's Children:
1. Martha Louiza "Bessie"Smith, born 25 Feb 1907 who married JOHN SALEE

2. Elzie Augustus Smith, born 10 Mar 1910. Did not marry. He died 5Jan1961.

3. John Thomas Smith, born 19May1912 McCurtain, Oklahoma who married (1) BERNICE ORR and (2)LENA LONG. John died 9Feb1979 at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

4. Sarah Irene Smith, born 1Feb1916 who married ERNEST GLASS on 20Sept1933.

5. Florence LaVern "Vern" Smith, born 31Jan1918 at Stigler, Oklahoma who married CARL B. ELZEY in Ashland, Oklahoma. She died 18June 1958 with burial in Ashland Oklahoma Cemetery.

6. Curben Grover Andrew "Andrew" Smith, born 12Apr1921 at McCurtain, Oklahoma who married JUANITA OWEN. He died 2Feb1979 at McAlester, Oklahoma.

7. Rosie Bell Smith, born 1 Oct1923 McCurtain, Oklahoma. She married PERCY LAMB on 19Sept1939 at Ashland, Oklahoma.

8. Dorothy Lou "Dottie "Smith, born 5July1925 at Indinola, Oklahoma who married JESSE LEE GLASS on 9 April 19?

9. Floyd Jr. Smith, born 13 Feb ? who married CAROL MEADOWS at Coalgate, Oklahoma.

10. Hubert Lee Smith who married WILMA HARTVILLE CURRY at McAlester, Oklahoma.
5)Rosa Smith, born Feb 1887 (twin) who married U.GRANT BRASSFIELD on 26Dec1907 in Franklin County, Arkansas.
Found them on 1910 Haskell County, Oklahoma Census records in 1910 and 1920.

6) Rebecca A Smith, born Nov 1891.

7)Floyd M. Smith, born Feb 1898.

continuing with children of James "Calvin" Smith:
iv: Frances (f) Smith, born 1856 in Arkansas

v: Thomas Smith, born 1858 in Arkansas.

A James Calvin Smith married MARY JAIN MILLER, age 42, on 2Feb1868 in Newton County, Arkansas. Married by P.C. Campbell, J.P. Both of them from Newton County. Is this our "Calvin" Smith??

Calvin may have served in Co. K, 35th Arkansas Infantry (CSA)during Civil War, in same outfit as his brother Henry Woody Smith.

Was unable to find Calvin Smith on any 1850 Arkansas census.
In 1860 he was in Sebastian County, Arkansas, Upper Township, Visit 1115, living with Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith Family
1870 not found
1880 in Searcy County, Arkansas, Calf Creek Township, Visit No.3 with son Joseph Smith and no other children.

continuing with children of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith

(3) CLAIBORNE M. SMITH, born 6June1828 Jackson County, Alabama He married (1)MARGARET JANE MACKEY 6 August 1848 in Searcy County, Arkansas by Theo Parks. It is said they were divorced on 3June1888 but I have no record of the divorce.
Margaret Jane was daughter of James Mackey and Ann Bennett

Regarding the Tacketts and the Mt. Meadows Massacre:
Actually I believe the name Langston was misspelled in Henry W Smith's CSA papers and should be Lewis Tackett.
Polly was MARY ELIZABETH BASHAM. Mary is often called Polly.
Feraby Tackett Smith's brother was Martin Tackett, born 1810 in TN.
Martin Tackett died before 1857.
His wife Cynthia (Miller?) and children were killed in September 1857 at Mt. Meadows Massacre in Southern Utah.
The eldest,son Pleasant Tackett, his wife and children (2 survived and were raised by their Miller grandmother) were killed at Mt.Meadows Massacre.
Martin and Cynthia Miller Tackett's Children:
Marion, Sebundy?, Matilda, James M, and Jones M Tackett were killed at
Mt. Meadows Massacre in September 1857.
William H Tackett, son of Martin and Cynthia Miller Tackett, had married FRANCES WALKER on 4 Jan 1857 in Pope County, Arkansas and was not with the wagon train that met their fate at Mt.Meadows.
He had two children: James R and Sarah L Tackett.
William H Tackett died before 1862, probably in Pope County, Arkansas.
Frances Walker Tackett remarried later.
Such a sad story.

The Tackett Association does not recognize Febary Tackett as being from this family, even though she named two of her sons after the Tackett family (Pleasant Smith and Martin Tackett Smith).
Her brother was Martin Tackett whose family was killed at
Mountain Meadows Massacre in September 1857. Martin Tackett
was dead before September 1857 and was not in the massacre.
He owned land in Newton County, Arkansas in early records.
I told the Tackett Association of Henry W. Smith's Confederate War records and that this was listed in the 1911 Arkansas Confederate Soldiers Census.
I do not have the original of these records, so did not contact them further. Understand the original 1911 Confederate Soldiers Census is at the Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas. Will try to send for it.
Claiborne Smith's brothers and sisters were:
William Eson (Esau)Smith; James Calvin Smith; Pleasant Smith; Malissa Brassfield; Henry Woody Smith ;Martin Tackett Smith;
Polly Ann Smith (m: Shedrick Brassfield?)and Elizabeth Smith.

1850 Searcy Co. AR. Census, Tomahawk Township, Visit 87-88.
Margaret Jane Mackey's father was James Mackey and, as I understand it, James Mackey is in the Searcy County History Book.
Margaret Jane Mackey's mother is said to be Anna Bennett?

1860 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Campbell-Calf Creek Township,Visit 262-255.

Claiborne was a member of the Peace Society, a secret organization, thought to be pro-Union in Searcy County, Arkansas (Arkansas was then a Confederate State).
After November 1861 Governor Rector ordered members of this Peace Society marched to Fayetteville in chains and accused the men of insurrection.
You can read more about the "Chain Gang" by going to a search engine and putting in "Chain Gang of Arkansas" and read about the men involved.
The men were ordered to join "or else". Several refused and were later tried and released. Many fled the state to join Union forces. Many who joined Confederate Army died early in the Civil War.

Claiborne Smith is listed as joining Cockes CSA, Co. G... 35th Arkansas Infantry(no date)
Claiborne apparently deserted and went back to Searcy County,Arkansas. He later fled to Missouri and joined the Union Army, Co. H, First Arkansas Cavalry. He served as bugler.

The following excerpt is from the Ancestor Exchange Newsletter of Searcy County, Arkansas.
On or about 3 Jan 1863 on Buffalo Fork of the White River, Arkansas
Proceedings of a General Court Martial assembled at Camp of C.S. Forces en route to Missouri.
Men were accused of firing on Confederate Forces.
Among the cases tried were (there were more not mentioned).
JOHN SMITH, Private Co. A, Williams Regiment, AR Infantry, (wonder if this John is Claiborne Smith's cousin?)
CLAIBORNE SMITH and EDMUND ADAY citizens of Searcy Co. AR.
"The court then proceeded to trial of another case. Prisoner Claib. Smith called.
The order convening the Court having been read the accused was asked if he objected to any member and he having answered that he had not, the Court was duly sworn by the Judge Advocate and the Judge Advocate was duly sworn by the President of the Court in the presence of the accused. The accused was then arraigned by the Judge Advocate on the following Charge and Specification viz:
Charge & Specification preferred against Claiborn Smith a citizen of Searcy County Arkansas C States. Charge: Treason.
Specification in this that he Claiborne Smith a citizen of Searcy Co. Arkansas in the Confederate States did form one of a band unlawfully organized to resist the execution of the laws of the Confederate States which band did on the second day of January 1863 resist and did fire upon a body of Confederate troops while on the proper discharge of their duties when one Confederate soldier was shot and killed.
All this in Searcy Co. Arkansas on the Boston Mountains.
JS Marmaduke Brig Gen.
The accused was then asked by the Judge Advocate to make his plea to which the accused pleas as follows:
To the Specification "Not Guilty" To the Charge. "Not Guilty" witness WILLIAM SMITH called and duly sworn. Question by the Judge Advocate:
What do you know of the accused Claiborn Smith?
Answer: I know but little of him lately-didn't know he was with Taylor's band-- didn't see him when taken prisoner by Confederate troops. But when the militia of Searcy County were called out last year I knew he was searched for and could not be found, and the general report was that he was in Secret bands which was organized in the County to rob & murder & was then concealed.
When he lived near me he was a unionist & still goes with that character.
The witness was here dismissed & the prisoner having no witnesses for his defence made the following statement:
'I was with Taylor's band but had no arms and didn't drill with them. I ran when we were pursued by the Confederate States troops. I walked from home 7 miles away to see Taylor's men but had no idea of joining them".
Prisoner was here dismissed and the Court being closed after mature deliberation finds Claiborne Smith by a two-thirds vote of the Specification "Guilty" of the Charge "Guilty" and the Court did thereupon sentence Claiborne Smith a citizen of Searcy County Arks to be shot to death.
Henry Ewing Capt, A at J Gentl and Judge Advocate
G W Thompson Col Pres Court".
End of excerpt.

Claiborne Smith somehow escaped from custody and fled to Missouri.
He joined Co. H, First Arkansas Cavalry (Union Army)on 27 August 1863 in Berry County, Missouri. He was a bugler.
I have his Civil War Pension Record.
Pernsion No. 431,567. Widow's Pension 555,985

The family is on the 1870 Christian County, Missouri census. They were apparently afraid to return to Arkansas.
Tried to figure out if Claiborne Smith had relatives living near him on the 1870 Christian County, Missouri census, but did not notice any relatives. But it was later found out that his brother William Eason Smith's Family went to Christian County, Missouri.
Claiborne Smith apparently went back to Searcy County about 1878.
His brother Henry W. Smith was in Confederate Army during Civil War and by sending for Henry's pension record, found out the parents names. Henry filled out that 1911 Confederate Questionnaire.
Henry W Smith was great-grandfather of this author's husband Kenneth Flood.

Claiborne M and Margaret Jane Mackey Smith's children:
born 1850 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
He married MARY F. MILLICAN about 1878 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
No children. Did find him on a later census.

ii: ESON "Old Ece" SMITH. born 11 July 1852 Searcy County, Arkansas.
He married NANCY JANE SMITH FLOOD 6March1887 in Newton County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of GILBERT and MARY BRASSFIELD SMITH.
She was widow of WILLIAM FLOOD(Nathan and Mary Polly Jones Flood family).Nancy married William Flood on 14Dec1879 in Newton County, Arkansas. Nancy Jane had one daughter:
MARY WILLIE FLOOD, born 16 Feb 1881, who married William Esau "Little Ece" Smith, son of Martin Tackett Smith(see their family information in Martin Tackett Smith Section).
You have to remember, there were not that many people living in these areas and families married back and forth; cousins married cousins.
Esau"Old Ece" and Nancy Jane Smith Flood Smith's children:
1)ROSE ANN SMITH, born 21 Jan 1888. She married (1)JOSEPH FLOOD (son of Nathan and Mary Polly Jones Flood).
One daughter, Alba Flood.
Rose Ann married (2)GROVER CLEVELAND PIERCE. Rose Ann Smith Flood Pierce died 6 Oct 1965 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton, County, Arkansas.

2)ARGUS ROSCO "Ross"SMITH, born 15Nov1889. He married ANNA LEE NICHOLS on 21Sept1911 in Newton County, Arkansas. Anna Lee Nichols was daughter of William Nichols (Flood)and Mary Elizabeth Pierce.
1. Mildred Smith, born 28 Mar 1914 who married TOM COLLINS on 11 April 1926
Mildred died 4 March 1998 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

Bentonville, Arkansas
Mildred Mae collins, age 83 of Bentonville, Arkansas, died March 4, 1998 at her home. She was born March 28, 1914 at Vendor, Arkansas the daughter of Roscoe A. and Annalee Nichols Smith. She attended First Assembly of God in Bentonville. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, one daughter, two grandsons, one brother and one sister.
Survivors include 2 sons; Eugene Collins of Western Grove and Jim Collins of Orrick, Missouri; 2 daughters, Goldie Farmer of Cave Springs, Arkansas and Carla Anderson of Centerton, Arkansas; 1 sister, Ellen Smith of Kansas City, Missouri; 2 brothers, James E Smith, Raytown, Missouri and Orvin H Smith of Grandview, Missouri; 11 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren.
Services were Saturday, March 7, 1998 at Big Creek Assembly of God with Rev. Dick Rogers officiating. Burial was in Smith Cemetery at Vendor under the direction of Holt Memorial Chapel of Harrison.
Pallbearers were William Jones, Jesse Jones, Jermery Farmer, Kalen Anderson, Anthony Collins and Candice Anderson
Honorary pallbearers were grandsons, W P Collins, Dale Farmer, Don Farmer, Tommy Collins and Ben Collins.

2. Lessie Smith, born 18 Sept 1916. She married DEWARD HAMILTON, son of Tom and Pearl Reddell Hamilton. Lessie is deceased.

3. Nancy Ellen Smith (twin), born 13July1921. She married CHARLEY SMITH, son of H. Columbus Smith. She lived in Kansas City, Missouri.

4.William Elmond Smith (twin), born 13July1921. He died 1Aug1923 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

5.James Eldon Smith who married DOVIE RUTH BAUCOM.

6. Harold Smith who married VIRGINIA BEARD.

7. Dorvin Farold Smith, born 28 Nov 1931, who married HAZEL ADAMS. Dorvin died 15Mar1997 and is buried in Belton Cemetery, Belton, Missouri.

Belton, Missouri

Dorvin Farold Smith, age 65 of Belton, Missouri died March 15, 1997
He was born Novembetr 28, 1931 at Vendor, Arkansas the son of Ross and Annie Lee Smith.
He attended Eastside Assembly of God Chruch. He was a resident of Belton, Missouri and a prior resident of Newton County, Arkansas.
He was preceded in death by his parents Ross and Annie Lee Smith, and a sister, Lessie Hamilton.
Survivors include his wife Hazel Smith of the home; two sons, Mike Smith of Belton, Missouori and Terry Smith of Independence, Missouri; two sisters, Mildred Collins of Centerton, Arkansas, and Ellen Smith of Kansas City, Missouri; three brothers, Rev. James E. Smith of Raytown, Missouri and Harold Smith of Grandview, Missouri and Elmond Smith; three granddaughters, Julie, Amanda and Lindsay and a host of family and friends.
Services were March 18, 1997 at Carson Blue Ridge Chapel with burial in Belton Cemetery.

Ross Smith died 5July1963. Anna Lee Nichols Smith died 8 Feb 1973; they are buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

3)Three infant SMITH children born and died here and buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
6)VESTA ETTA SMITH, born Dec1896. She married JIM WILL TENNISON on 11Aug1918 in Newton County. Vesta died in 1925 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

7)FLORENCE RACHEL SMITH, born 19Aug1899. She married OTIS HOLT (son of Will Holt) on 23Sept1917 in Newton County. Florence died 7Sept1971 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

8)ORVIL FLOYD SMITH, born 23Nov1901. He married DELLA BOLIN on 12Mar1921 in Newton County. Orvil died 12Nov1942 with burial in Smith Cemetery. After his death DELLA BOLIN SMITH married LAWRENCE EDDINGS.

"old Esau" Smith died 3 April 1914. Nancy Jane Smith Flood Smith died on 20 Dec 1923. They are buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County,Arkansas.

continuing with children of Claiborne M Smith and Margaret Jane Mackey Smith

born 27 Jan 1854 in Searcy County, Arkansas
He married MARTHA LOUISE TUCKER ca 1878 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
She was born 25 Dec 1851 in Searcy County, Arkansas
Her father: John Allen Tucker
Her mother: Elizabeth Jenkins
Children I have record of were:
1) William E Smith
born DEC 1878 Searcy County, Arkansas
2) Lily R Smith
born April 1880 Searcy County, Arkansas
3) Eversey T Smith
born August 1881 in Arkansas
4) Hubbard G Smith
born Feb 1884 in Arkansas
5) Teccoa? E Smith (daughter)
born Jan 1887 in Arkansas
6) Benjamin H Smith
born Sept 1888 in Arkansas
7) George E Smith
born Mary 1891 in Arkansas
(8) Bertie M. Smith (daughter)
born December 1892 in Arkansas
Probably two more children, names unknown.
1880 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Calf Creek Township, Visit 2-2
1900 Van Buren County, Arkansas Census, Archey Valley Township
Married 22 years. 11 children with 10 living, but I can account for only 8 children. He was a farmer and owned his farm.
Henderson Walker Smith died 1912 and is buried in Archey Valley Cemetery near Leslie, Arkansas. Martha died in 1927 at Haskell, Oklahoma.
born 4 Feb 1856 in Searcy County, Arkansas
married JOSEPH C. SMITH (first cousin and son of James Calvin, brother of Claiborne Smith). They moved to Oklahoma.
See their family under JAMES CALVIN SMITH FAMILY above.

v: JOHN SMITH, born 1858 (nothing further known)
born 1860 (nothing further known)
born 16 June 1863 in Arkansas
She married ROBERT W. MILLICAN(Milligan?) ca 1883. Robert was son of Robert H & Nancy Millican of Madison County, Alabama.
Family in Franklin County, Arkansas in 1900, Walker Township
1)Nancy Jane Millican, born April 1884 in Arkansas.
2)Mary E Millican, born Marh 1885 in Arkansas.
3)William E Millican, born Dec 1887 in Arkansas
4)Delina F. Millican, born June 1890 in Arkansas. She married OSCAR SUTTON in 1909.
5)James T Millican, born April 1894.
6)Jesse B Millican, born May 1898.
7) Emmet Millican, born in 1906.

NOTE: On the 1900 Franklin County, Arkansas Census, in Walker Township a SIMON PIERCE, born Feb1883, age 17, Arkansas, was living as a boarder with the family.
SIMON PIERCE was son of Matilda Standridge Pierce Flud.

Hester A Smith Millican died before 1906 in Haskell County, Oklahoma.
Family is on the 1910 Haskell County, Oklahoma Census in Beaver Township.

born 25 Oct 1866 in Missouri (probably Christian County).
She married: WILLIAM J COLE on 22 Sept 1887 in Newton County, Arkansas. William was the son of Dennis Cole and Martha Hicks.
Children: 1) Martha Jane Cole, born 18May1890 in Arkansas. She married Mr. CHASTAIN in Oklahoma.

2)Garland Lee Cole, born Dec 1891 in Arkansas. He married EFFIE MAE THOMASON on 25 Dec 1912 in Haskell County, Oklahoma.

Garland Lee Cole died 23 Jan 1968 at Stigler, Oklahoma.

Garland Lee Cole and wife Effie Mae Thomason

1920 Haskell County, Oklahoma Census, Center Township, Visit 195-196
COLE, Garland, head, 28, AR, TN, MO
..... Effie, wife, 21, OK, US, US
..... Alvie, daug., 4, OK, AR,OK
..... Vernon, son, 2-6/12, OK, AR, OK

Francis Marion and Martha J Thomason family

(1) Garland Lee Cole,(2)Effie Mae (5) baby Eddie Lee Cole
front row (3) Francis Marion Thomason (4) Martha J Thomason

Garland and Effie Thomason Cole had the following children:
i: Alva Irene Cole Patton
ii: Vernon Wesley Cole
iii: Vera Edith Cole Johnson
iv: Eddie Lee Cole who married Lucille Orr
Eddie Lee Cole died on 17 February 1963
Have been corresponding with Eddie's son Ed Cole of Nebraska.

Jennifer and Stephanie Cole, twins, 1986
Daughters of Ed Cole of Nebraska

v: Evelyn Ossie Cole Forrest
vi:Francis DeWayne Cole

3)Dennis C. Cole, born Feb 1893 in Arkansas.

4)William A. Cole, born May 1894 in Arkansas.

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 246-261
1910 Haskell County, Oklahoma Census, Center Township; 5 children with 4 living.
William J Cole died 28 Feb 1916 in Osage County, Oklahoma. Buried at Bigheart, Oklahoma (Hominy). It is said he drank carbolic acid to kill himself. He was a doctor.
Ferby Ann Smith Cole died 9July1916 at McCurtain, Oklahoma in Center Township. Buried in Old Sans Bois Town Cemetery, Haskell County, Oklahoma. Grave is unmarked. ==========================================================

born May 1870 in Missouri.
Nothing further known. Probably died young.

1870 Christian County, Missouri, Linden Township, Visit 160
1880 Searcy County, Arkansas, Calf Creek Township, Visit 2-2
Do not know if Margaret Jane Mackey Smith died or if they were divorced.
Claiborne moved to Newton County, Arkansas.
Claiborne married (2)SARAH "Sally" ATKINSON BOLIN on 22 June 1899 in Newton County, Arkansas.
She was divorced from John Bolin in 1885.

1900 Newton County, Arkansas census finds Claiborne living with son Esau(Eson)"Old Ece"Smith in White Township, Visit 216-229.
Claiborne M Smith died 8 August 1901 with burial in Smith Cemetery in Newton County, Arkansas.
His widow Sally Atkinson Bolin Smith drew his Civil War Pension until her death in 1928. She is buried in Yardell Cemetery, Newton County,
(4)PLEASANT J SMITH, born 1831. He was on the 1850 and 1860 census with parents Thomas and Feraby Smith. Unable to find him on any later census records.
(5)MALISSA SMITH, born 1833 Carroll County, Arkansas.
She married ABNER BRASSFIELD Jr., the son of Abner Brassfield and Cindarella "Lucinda" Gee.
i:Thomas Barnes Brassfield, born 1850 in Arkansas.
He married PHERLEA ANN HAMILTON, age 16, on 24Aug1872 in Newton County, Arkansas.Pherlea Ann Hamilton was daughter of Thomas B. and Mary Hamilton. Her brothers and sisters were: Mary E Cross, Rachel Lane and Jesse Hamilton.
Her father Thomas B Hamilton had married (2) Rebecca Johnson Lane after his first wife died.
Known Brassfield children:
1)Thomas Barnes Adams, born 17 Aug 1873 in Arkansas. He married ALICE BROOM on 1Feb1905 in Davis, Oklahoma.

2)William Pleasant Brassfield, born 1876 in Arkansas. He died in 1897 at Jasper, Arkansas.

3)Jesse Abner Brassfield, born 1878 in Arkansas. He married AGNES ANGELINE DEES on 4Jan1902 in Davis, Oklahoma.

4)John Wiseman Brassfield, born 5Mar1881 at Jasper, Arkansas.He married LARA GOAINS in 1901 in Davis,Oklahoma.
John died 20 Mar 1948 at Springville, Tulare County, California.

5) Robert B Brassfield, born 9Feb1891 in Newton County, Arkansas.He died before 1951 in Stephensville, Texas.

6)James Henry Brassfield, born 25Oct1885 in Pope County, Arkansas. He married IDA EDGMON on 23 July 1905 in Davis, Oklahoma. Children were: 1.John Brassfield
2.Alex Brassfield
3.Ethel Brassfield
4. Maggie Brassfield
5. Margaret Brassfield
6. Roy Brassfield

7)Perry Lincoln Brassfield, born 1887 in Newton County, Arkansas. He died in 1908 at Hugo, Oklahoma.

8)Corllie Franklin Brassfield, born 27Feb1896 at Paris, Arkansas. He married HATA DURM ca 1916.

1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 401

continuing with children of Abner Brassfield Jr. and Malissa Smith:
ii: Abner S. Brassfield, born Nov1853. So many Abner Brassfields and do hope this is correct information.
These families married round and round with neighbors and cousins. I try to be careful in listing the relationship of all families.
Abner S married NANCY J. MILLIGAN MACKEY on 24Sept1878 in Searcy County, Arkansas. She was the widow of Henderson Mackey who died shortly after the Civil War on 1 Sept 1875 in Searcy County from illness. He had served in the Union Army during the Civil War in Co. E, First Arkansas Cavalry from 2 July 1862 to August 65. Was wounded at Fitzgerald Mt.,ARkansas and was in the Army hospital at Cassville, Missouri.
Nancy Jane Milligan Mackey was daughter of Robert H. and Nancy Milligan from Madison County, Alabama.
See the "Henry Woody Smith Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' for further details.

children in this family:
1)Nancy Ann Mackey, born 23 Sept 1870 in Arkansas. She married (1)John Henry Smith (son of Henry Woody & Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith) on 29 Dec 1885 (page 238)in Newton County and they had 1.Barbara Jane Smith who married JEFFY SHULER and Mr.SCOTT. Barbara died in Texas.
2.John "Little Henry" Smith who married ZELLA DAVIS and LILLY GREENHAW McDOUGAL. "Lille Henry Smith" died in 1924 in Newton County, Arkansas as a result of a dynamite accident.
3. Effie Melissa Leoma "Omie"Smith who married CHARLEY CLARK on 4Nov1924 at Eufaula, Oklahoma. Omie died in 1965 in Chowchilla, California.
Nancy Mackey Smith married (2) DAVID BROOKS on 19Aug1894 (page 137)in Newton County.They had a daughter Minnie Brooks who married HORACE HATLEY in Oklahoma. Minnie died in 1963.
Nancy Ann Mackey Smith Brooks then married GEORGE W. ADAMS on 17 Dec 1896 (page 399) in Newton County. Their children were: Reed C Adams (1898-1968); Neely P Adams (1902-1968) and Blaine Adams (1904-?). Nancy Ann Mackey Smith Brooks Adams died 22Mar1924 in Muskogee, Oklahoma and is buried in Mellette Cemetery at Eufaula, Oklahoma. George W Adams died in 1923 in Oklahoma with burial at Schooldin, Oklahoma.

2)James W Mackey, born 9 Dec 1872. No further information

3)Sarah Arminda Mackey,born 9Sept1874.
She married THOMAS PETTY on 25Feb 1900(PAGE 374)Newton County, Arkansas
On 1910 Johnson County, Oklahoma, Bromide City, Visit 272-181 census...No children.

4)Thomas Brassfield, born 1879. No further information.

5)Katy Brassfield , born Dec 1881. She married WILLIS PIERCE, 24, on 13 Sept 1903 (G-222)Franklin County, Arkansas.

6)Ulysis Grant Brassfield,born Mar 1888. Married ROSA SMITH on 26 Dec 1907 (H-186) Franklin County, Arkansas.
Rosa was daughter of Joseph Smith (son of James Calvin)and Martha Elizabeth Smith (daughter of Claiborne M Smith).
Found Grant and Rosa Brassfield on the 1910 and 1920 Haskell County, Oklahoma census records with children:
1. Vestus Brassfield, born 1910
2. Floyd Brassfield, born 1912
3. Harmon Brassfield, born 1913
4. Goldie Brassfield, born 1918
There may be other children

7)Laura "Susie" Brassfield, born July 1890. She married ELDON COX on 1 Jan 1908 (H-188) in Franklin County. Arkansas.
Also found a Laura Brassfield, age 17 of Lequire who married JOHN HICKS, 21 of Lequire on 19Feb1908 (page 76) in Haskell County, Oklahoma.

1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township,ED 116, Vol9, S3, L10; he age 23,Jane age 33.
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 247-262, 11 children with 6 living.
1920 Murray County Oklahoma, Sulphur, Vol 50, ED94,S14, L63, with W.N. Gibson as father in law . Abner S Brassfield was age 65, born Arkansas.(was this our Abner?)

continuing with children of Abner Brassfield Jr. and Malissa Smith Brassfield.

iii: John Calvin Brassfield, born 1856. He married (1) SIRENA BOMAN on 27Sept1876 in Newton County, Arkansas. He married (2) SAVINA BURDINE in 1882 in Newton County. He married (3) ALLIS SMITH, age 27, on 1Jan1888 in Newton County, Arkansas.
No further information.

iv: Henry Brassfield, born 1858 (nothing further)

v: Sarah Brassfield, born 1860 (information per Michael Brassfield.) She supposedly married JOHN WISDOM in Pope County, Arkansas. I have not tried to locate Sarah in later records.

1850 Arkansas Census, not found
1860 Sebastian County, Arkansas Census, Upper Township, Visit 1150 Malissa living with father Thomas Smith family.
(6)HENRY WOODY SMITH, born 12 Mar 1836 Carroll County, Arkansas. He served in Confederate Army (conscripted)during Civil War, Co. I, 22 (35th)Arkansas Infantry.
Henry married (1)MARIAH BRASSFIELD, born 1835 in Missouri. They lived Pope County, Arkansas in 1860
While he was in Service, his wife Mariah and two children died.

Henry Woody Smith, ca 1916

Henry enlisted (or was conscripted?)into the Confederate Army during the War between the States, on 20 June 1862 at the age of 26 at Dover, Pope County, Arkansas. His regiment was Company I, King's Regiment, 35th Confederate. Northwest Division, Trans-Mississippi District and sometimes called Rector's Arkansas Infantry or 22nd Regiment Arkansas Infantry.
Henry was left by his regiment at Little Rock, Arkansas on 10 Sept 1863 because he was sick. He was described as 5 feet 9 inches tall, light hair, gray eyes with light complexion and a native of Arkansas who was a farmer.
He was captured by Union forces in September 1863 and sent to Alton Illionis Union Prison. He was transferred to Rock Island, Illinois on 7 December 1864 still as a prisoner of war. On 17 Jan 1865 he was transferred to Maj. Gen Canby, Commanding West Division of the Mississippi for exchange. He was exchanged 4 March 1865 at New Orleans, Louisiana, then transferred from New Orleans, Louisiana and exchanged at Red River Landing, Louisiana on 4 March 1865 by Col. C.C. Dwight, Commissioner of Exchange, under the cartel of 28 July 1864. He was "paroled" from the Confederate Army at Marshall, Texas July or August 1865.
Henry applied for the Arkansas State Confederate pension and was granted $100 pension in 1912 due to cataracts of both eyes and rheumatism, pension No. 8359.
His first wife Mariah Brassfield Smith and their two small children died while he was in the Confederate Army. They were living at Geisville, Pope County, Arkansas in August 1860, so that is probably where she and the children died. They were on the 1860 Pope County, Arkansas census but had no children then.

Henry married (2) BARBARA ALLEN PIERCE HOUSE ca 1867 in Newton County, Arkansas. Barbara was the daughter of John Lindsey Pierce Sr. and Mary Polly Burdine.
Barbara first married a Mr.HOUSE. Her husband and two children died during the Civil War time.

Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith

See the "John L & Mary Polly Burdine Pierce Story" on my website for details
Henry had sons: John Henry, Thomas Martin,James Calvin, J.P.(James Pleasant?),William E Smith and Grover Cleveland Smith. (Notice how they followed the naming pattern all throughout their brothers children, and their sons followed these same naming patterns). Henry also had daughters Martha Isabelle, Febary Ann, and Mary Louvina Smith. He was also father of Fanny Leoma Smith.

BARBARA ALLEN PIERCE,born ll August l843 in Arkansas.
I believe she was named for the old folk song "Barbara Allen".
If you have not heard this song, try to listen to it.
Really a nice old folk song. That is the song that is playing while you are reading this story.
Barbara married:
(l) Mr. HOUSE ca l860 and they had two children who died during Civil War Time. Do not know his first name.
So many little children died during the Civil War time; many of starvation.
I have not been able to find her on the 1860 census in Arkansas as yet when she was married to Mr. House.
Barbara and Henry Smith are my husband's great grandparents.

Their children were:
i: JOHN HENRY SMITH who married NANCY ANN MACKEY on 29 Dec 1885 in Newton County. Nancy was the daughter of Henderson P. Mackey and Nancy J. Milligan Mackey Brassfield.
Nancy Ann was born 23Sept1870 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
Her father Henderson P Mackey served in Co. E, First Arkansas Cavalry (Union) during Civil War from 2July1862 to August 65 and was wounded at Fitzgerald Mountain, Arkansas. He was in the Army Hospital at Cassville, Missouri in September and October of 1863. He later died at home in Searcy County.
After Henderson Mackey died, his widow Nancy J. Milligan Mackey married ABNER S. BRASSFIELD, son of Abner Jr. and Malissa Smith Brassfield.
John Henry Smith's Children:
1)Barbara Jane Smith, born 7Oct1886. She married (1)JEFF L. SHULER on 21June1904 (page 364)in Newton County. Jeffie was son of William Alen Shuler and Sarah Hamilton.
children were:
1)William Shuler, born 1906
2)Addie Shuler, born 1906.
3)Buster Shuler. After Jeff's death (1926?)she married a Mr. SCOTT and lived in Texas.

2)John "Little Henry"Smith, born 8 Jan 1889. He married (1)ZELLA DAVIS on 10Nov1907. Zella Davis was born 9Jan1891 in Newton County, daughter of Daniel Davis and Nancy Crashaw.
1.Nancy Smith, born 1909. She married EZRA HOLT on 17Oct1926 in Newton County. Ezra was son of John and Letha Wheeler Holt.
Nancy is deceased

2. Carrol Smith, born 13Apr1910; died 18 July 1910 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

3. Ray Smith, born 11July1911; died 11July1911 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

Zella Davis Smith died 19 Aug 1912 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Little Henry Smith married (2) LILLIE IDELLA GREENHAW McDOUGAL on 1 Oct 1914 in Newton County. Lillie was daughter of George W Greenhaw and Amanda Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw. Lillie had first married S.H. McDOUGAL on 12 May 1912.
Lillie and Little Henry had one son:
4. John Clay Smith, born 17 June 1919. After his parents deaths, his grandma Amanda Yates Martin Greenhaw raised him up to about 1934 when he went to live with Cleve and Lula Smith.
Clay married DALLAS HEFLEY on 18 May 1940 at Lurton, Arkansas. They had one daughter Lu Ann Smith. John Clay and Dallas Hefley Smith are deceased. They are buried in Parkview Cemetery, French Camp, California.

Little Henry Smith died 22May1924 with burial in Smith Cemetery. He was killed by a dynamite explosion. He worked with dynamite and a cap exploded, killing him.
Lillie Idella Greenhaw McDougal Smith, born 6Feb1895, died 25Oct1920 and is buried in the Mt. Judea Cemetery in Newton County, Arkansas.

3)Effie Melissa Leoma "Omie" Smith, born 17Sept1890 at Mt. Judea, Arkansas. She married CHARLEY CLARK on 4Nov1924 in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Effie died in 1965 at Chowchilla, California.

John Henry Smith died 22Jan1893 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
His widow Nancy Ann Mackey Smith then married DAVID BROOKS on 19Aug1894 in Newton County. One child:
4) Minnie Brooks, born July 1895. She married HORACE HATLEY in Oklahoma. Minnie died in 1963 at unknown place.

Nancy Ann Mackey Smith Brooks married a third time to GEORGE W ADAMS on 17 Dec 1896. George Adams was son of David M Adams and Martha E (Gordon?). Geore W Adams had been married previously to Martha Holt, daughter of Charles K Holt and Mary Barnett Campbell and their known children were Bonnie, Hester and Willie Adams.
5) Reed C. Adams, born 14May1898. He married DELLAR SMITH on 29 Aug 1920 in Newton County. My records show he died in March 1968 at Poteau, Leflore County, Oklahoma and another note states he died at Spur, Dickens County, Texas.

6)Neely P Adams, born 23June1902. He married LUCY (mnu) at Spiro, Oklahoma. Neely died 6 Feb 1968 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

7) Blaine Adams, born 1904. He married MAGGIE DARNELL. He died at Dos Palos, California.

Nancy Ann Mackey Smith Brooks Adams died 22March1924 at Muskogee, Oklahoma and is buried in Mellette Cemetery, Eufaula, Oklahoma.
George W Adams, born 1855\58\61 in Franklin County, Arkansas, died 1923 in Oklahoma and is buried at Schooldin, Oklahoma.

ii: THOMAS MARTIN SMITH, born 4 July 1869. He died 5 Feb 1888, age 18years, 6 months and 11 days and is buried in Smith Cemetery in Newton County.

iii:JAMES CALVIN SMITH, born 13 May 1871. He married JULIA CAMPBELL on 3 Jan 1889. Julia was daughter of Peter C Campbell and Nancy Catherine Smith. Julia was born 2March 1872.
1)Talmadge Smith, born 1890. He married HILPA YORK on 10July1909.
Known children:
1. Thelma Smith Lynch, born 1911 who recently died in Grass Valley, California

2. James E. Smith, born 1912

3. Pauline Smith, born 1914

4. Darrell Smith, born 1915

5. Otto Smith, born 1918

6. Eli E. Smith, born 1920
Appears they had at least ten children.

1930 Muskogee County, Oklahoma, Moore Township, Visit 35-37:
Smith, Talmage, head, 40, M@20, AR,AR,AR, Farmer, Rents
......Hilpa, wife, 35, M@15, AR,TN,AR
..... Thelma, daug., 19,S, AR,AR,AR
.......James E, son, 18, S, AR,AR,AR
......Talmage D, son, 15, S,AR,AR,AR
......Burton?, son, 13, S, AR,AR,AR
......Erton?, son, 11, S, AR,AR,Ar
...... Wayne, son, 9, AR,AR,AR
...... Rose K, daug., 7, AR,AR,AR
...... Robert, son, 4-3/12, AR,AR,AR
..... Loraine, daug., 3, AR, AR,AR
..... Jewel H, daug., 1-6/12, AR,AR,AR


Thelma Smith Lynch, age 82, of Grass Valley, California, died April 6, 1993 of a massive heart attack.
She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Talmage Smith, natives of Newton County. Thelma was reared in Newton County and taught school there many years before moving to California.
She is survived by one son and daughter-in-law of Sacramento, California; two grandaughters and two great-grandsons and several sisters and brother of Grass Valley.
She was preceded in death by her husband.
She was loved by all who knew her and will be sadly missed by family and friends.

2)Nancy Ann Smith, born 1892. She married JAY C. YORK on 17May1908 in Newton County. Northing further.

James Calvin Smith died 2Dec1892 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Widow Julia Campbell Smith then married GEORGE RILEY GILMORE on 25Mar1897 in Newton County.
There were several Gilmore children. Am listing them here as they were half-brother and sister to the Smith children:
3) Alabama "Allie" Gilmore, born Dec1896. She married A.J.PIERCE on 19Oct1913

4)Gertrude "Gertie"Gilmore, born 28Nov1898. She married (1)JOHNNIE COONTS in 1917. She married (2)OTHAR HARP. Gertrude died 19 Aug 1982 and is buried in Jasper Cemetery, Newton County.

5)George Dewey Gilmore, born 1900.He is buried in Smith Cemetery with no dates on stones.

6)Floyd Gilmore, born 10Mar1901. He married ARKIE MAE HOLT on 1 April 1923 in Newton County.Floyd died on 20Aug1975 with burial in Crossroads Cemetery in Newton County.

7) Mathew Ace Gilmore, born 19Mar1905. He married NANCY SMITH on 16Sept1928 in Newton County. Ace Gilmore died 2May1994 at Springdale, Arkansas and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

8)Clara Gilmore, born 18Feb1907. She married (1)LESTER DAVIS in 1933 in Newton County. She married (2) THOMAS MART REDDELL. Clara died 21July1982 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

9)Luney Gilmore, born 28Aug1910. He married (1)CLEMO FLUD ca 1930. He married (2)BEATRICE MARTIN on 9July1937. Married (3) EARLINE MARSHALL in Boone County, Arkansas (T-421).
Known children:
Peggy Gilmore Manley
Niva Sue Gilmore Renfroe
Stanley Gilmore

10)Randy Gilmore, born 1912. She married ED BELL.

10)Tessie Gilmore, born 1914.She married (1)JOHN MONROE HALLUM.
She married (2)WILLARD JERALDS and (3)TED TORIX.

George Riley Gilmore died 21 Nov 1916 with burial in Smith Cemetery. Julia Campbell Smith Gilmore married (3) SIMON W. HALLUM on 9Oct1920. Julia died 21 April 1956. Simon Hallum died in 1951. They are buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

continuing with children of Henry W & Barbara Pierce Smith

iv:J.P.(James Pleasant?) SMITH, born 5May1873. He died 22May1873, at 17 days old.Probably buried in Smith Cemetery.

v:MARTHA ISABELL SMITH, born 15June1875. She married JERRY CAMPBELL on 22 June 1890 (page 298) in Newton County, Arkansas.
1)Nancy Jane Campbell who married JOSEPH HARVEY MARTIN.
2)Henry C Campbell who married MARTHA REDDELL
3)Garrett Campbell who died in World War I
4)Lillie B Campbell (1897-1900
5)Grover C. Campbell who married MARTHA REDDELL
6)George W Campbell who married SARAH ANGIE REDDELL
7) Barbara Campbell who married GEORGE W. MARTIN
8) Gracie L Campbell (1906-1906)
9)Jerry Roosevelt "Velt" Campbell who married EMMA RIDDELL
10)Charles E Campbell(1909-1910)
11)Nina Campbell who married GERMAN FLOOD
12)Jay Campbell who married DAISY RIDDELL

vi: FEBARY ANN SMITH,born 21Apr877, married JAMES C. FLOOD\FLUD on 30Jan1895 in Newton County. James Calvin Flood had been married previously to NANCY BRASEL on 9 April 1893 (divorced).

James C and Febary Ann Smith Flud with children Elmer and Ola Mabel Flud

All children by James' second marriage to Febary Ann Smith.
1)Elmer E. Flud, born 28 May 1897.He married (1)MARIE THOMAS 1918-1920 in Eufaula, Oklahoma (Book 6, Page 193) and (2)TREVA DAVIDSON. Elmer served in World War I as a Private.
1.Talmage Flud, born 22Jan1920. Died 12Feb1920, Artussee, McIntosh County, Oklahoma with burial in Bower Cemetery

2.Eula Flud. She married MR. RASMUSSEN. Last known address was:
Eula Rasmussen
P O Box 516
Auberry, California, 93602

Elmer died in 1966 and is buried in Molly Fields Cemetery, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.. Marie died in 1940 with burial in Molly Fields Cemetery, Grave No.375.

2)Rachel "Bessie"Flud (twin), born 31Oct1899. Died 18Aug1900 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

3)R.D. Flud (twin) (1899-1899)Smith Cemetery,Newwton County.

4)George W Flud (1901-1905, Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

5)Lealer Flud (1903-1905)Smith Cemetery, Newton County

6)Ola Mabel Flud,born 23May1906 who married DEWARD CHARLES
They had no children. Ola died 15 Feb 1960 with burial in Molly Fields Cemetery, Oklahoma.

7)William Howard Flood, born 1Dec1908 who married GRETCHEN HUGHES on 27Dec1937 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. They lived at Pryor, Oklahoma. Howard is deceased.
1. William Howard Flood Jr., born 1940 who married DANYA SUE McNAIR in Miami, Oklahoma. They have a son Mark Edward Flood.

2. Thomas Edward Flood, born 1943, who married CATHERINE LEE CURRAN in 1968.They are divorced. Have two sons, Thomas Michael Flood and Stephen Christopher Flood.

8)Henry Woody Flood, born 3Feb1912 who married ADA BLONNIE CHARLES (1907-1967) Henry died 16Sept1983. They are buried in Chelsea Cemetery, Rogers County, Oklahoma.
One known son:
Gene Paul Flood of Pryor, Oklahoma who married WANDA WHITEFIELD.
They have children: Patricia Eileen; David Paul; Shelly Dawn and Paula Jean Flood. Last lived at Chelsea, Oklahoma.

continuing with children of Henry Woody Smith:

vii: WILLIAM E. SMITH,born 1879 and died 26Sept1880 (1 year, 6 months and 11 days old)with burial in Smith Cemetery.

viii: MARY LOUVINA "Viney" SMITH, born 6April 1881. She married (1)JAMES FRANKLIN BURDINE on 31Dec1896 in Newton County, Arkansas.
See the "James Franklin Burdine Story' in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website.
Children:(many have died but I do not have their death dates listed as yet.
1)Cyl Vester "Vester" Burdine, born 27Mar1897 who married SALLIE CHEATHAM on 3 Feb1916 in Newton County.

Vester Burdine and Fine Gilmore ca1915

2)William Casal Burdine, born 15Dec1898. He died 26Jan1899 with burial in Smith Cemetery at Vendor, Arkansas

3)Dailey Russel Burdine, born 14June1900. He married (1)BERTHA LEE NORTON on 6Oct1917. Bertha was daughter of H.C. & Martha Jane Taylor Norton.
1. Denver Burdine, born 8Oct1918; died 19Dec1918; Smith Cemetery

2. Eugene Evans Burdine,born 13Mar1920.


Eugene E. Burdine, age 71, of 417 Skyline Drive, Harrison, Arkansas, died at the North Arkansas Medical Center on August 2, 1991. He was born Marh 13, 1920, at Vendor, Arkansas, a son of Russell and Bertha Norton Burdine.
He retired from the Kansas City School District, in Kansas City, Missouri in 1983 and moved back to Harrison.
He is survived by his wife, Ineva Edwards Burdine of the home; one daughter Janet Lee Rhoades; a son-in-law, Ray Rhoades; one granddaughter, Stephanie Rhoades all of Harrison; three brothers, Robert of Harrison and William and Russell Burdine of Jasper; two sisters, Alice Bryant of Jasper and Linda Lloyd of Camdenton, Missouri and his stepmother, Linda Burdine of Jasper.
He was preceded in death by his parents, three brothers and a sister.
He was a member of the Northside Church of Christ, East Gate Lodge #630, member of the Scottish Rite. He was a 32nd degree Mason and Father Advisor for Order of Rainbow Girls, a veteran of World War II and a member of VFW.
Funeral services were Tuesday, August 6, 1991 at Holt Funeral Home with Greely Kirkpatrick officiating and graveside Masonic services by Jasper Lodge #21 A.F. and A.M.
Burial was in Maplewood Cemetery in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas
Pallbearers were his nephews.
Memorials can be mde to the church of your choice or heart, lung or cancer research.

3.Lela Burdine, born 21Aug1923. She married JOHN KILGORE. Their children were: David, Donald, and Gary Kilgore and Sherry Kilgore Harms.
Lela died 11Dec1989 in Kansas City, Missouri.Buried in Memorial Park. She had lived in Kansas City for 41 years.I remember you could see their house through the alley from my father-in-law's home on 1229 Benton Blvd.,Kansas City, Missouri.

4. James Clinton Burdine, born 27Jan1925. He married ANNA BELLE PIERCE. James Clinton died 21 July 1989.

5. Infant son, born 29 April 1926. He died 18Sept1926 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

6. Robert Deward Burdine. He was born in 1929. Robert married (1)FAYE PRICE and (2) EDNA WATERS. Do not have a list of his children.

Bertha Lee Norton Burdine died on 20May1931 and is buried in Smith Cemetery in Newton County.

Dailey Russel Burdine married (2) LINDA ARIZONA DAVIS. Linda was born 9 Oct 1905 at Erby, Arkansas, daughter of James Irvin Davis and Alice Waters Henderson Davis. Alice Waters (1863-1948) had been married to (1) Frank M. Henderson on 25Oct1903; Frank was murdered in 1893 and is buried in Tarlton Cemetery.
Alice Waters was daughter of John J. and Frances Schemadah Waters.
Linda Arizona Davis Burdine died 10 Sept 1997.
Dailey Russel Burdine died 4 Sept 1975. They are buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County.

children from this marriage:
7. Alice Lavina Burdine, born in 1933. She married FRANK BRYANT.

8.William Irvin Burdine, born in 1935. He married BETTY LUCILLE HEFLEY in 1955.

William and Betty Hefley Burdine

9. Russel Daily Burdine Jr., born 1940. He married LORENE KAY HARBAUGH.

10. Linda Lu Burdine, born 1943. She married CURTIS LEE LLOYD.

continuing with children of James Franklin and Mary Louvina "Viney" Smith Burdine:

4)Gertie M. Burdine, born 3 Aug 1902 in Newton County. She married WILLIAM M. BAKER, age 19, of Red Rock on 7July1918. William was son of Elihue and Peggy Emiline Smith Baker.
1. Jim L Baker (lived Warsaw,Missouri in 1989)
2. George H Baker (lived Lee Summit, Missouri in 1989)
3. Argie E. Baker (lived Lee Summit, Missouri in 1989)
4. Peggy Baker Edmonds of Atlanta, Georgia in 1989)
5. son Baker, unknown dates, buried Smith Cemetery, Newton County
There may be other children.

1930 Pulaski County, Owen Township, Arkansas, Visit 34-34
BAKER, William M, Head, 29, m@18, AR,AR, Farmer, Rents
..... Gertie M, wife, 27, M@16, AR,AR
..... Jim L, son, 10, AR,AR
..... George H, son, 8, AR,AR
..... Argie E, son, 6, AR,AR
..... Fern M, daug., 4, AR,AR
.... Louise, daug., 1-2/12, AR,AR

William Baker died 25 Jan 1931 and is buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Gertie Burdine Baker married (2) COLUMBUS FARMER on 23 Feb 1933. No known children from this marriage.
Gertie Burdine Baker Farmer died 9 Jan 1989 in a nursing home in Cole Camp, Missouri. Funeral was at Burns Funeral Chapel in Bentonville, Arkansas with burial in Cave Springs Cemetery in Benton County, Arkansas.

continuing with children of James Franklin and Mary Louvina "Viney" Smith Burdine:

5)Mertie L Burdine, born 14Nov1904. She died 16Feb1905 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

6)Oshia L. Burdine, born 29 April 1906. She married (1) ALEX HAMILTON on 8 July 1923 in Newton County. See her story in my 'Kinfolks Stories'.
1. Jay Guthrie Hamilton (1924-1942)
2. Lavina Marie Hamilton (1926-1939)
3. Frances Lorene Hamilton who married KENNETH GRAYDON SMITH.
4. Lula Faye Hamilton who married WILLIAM F. SCOTT Sr.
Alex Hamilton, born 20 Sept 1902, was the son of Joe C. Hamilton and Mary Frances Greenhaw. Alex Hamilton died 27 Nov 1939 in a house fire which also took the life of daughter Lavina Marie Hamilton.
Oshia Burdine Hamilton then married DAVE MIDDLETON ca 1941.
5. Kenneth Graden Middleton
6. Lynn Carl Middleton

7) Achie Burdine, born in 1909. She married M.A. FARMER on 38 March 1926 in Newton County. Do not have a list of her children. Achie Burdine Farmer died on 25 Dec 1994 at unknown place.

8) Toy Burdine, born 8 Jan 1911. He married RUTH FARMER on 17Aug1930. Toy H. Burdine died in Oct 1975 at Lowell, Benton County, Arkansas.

9)Frankie Burdine, born ca 1912. She married LOU HICKMAN on 2 Aug 1929 in Newton County. Do not have a list of her children nor her death date and place.

After James Franklin Burdine's death on 28 May 1913, Viney married DAVID CROCKETT SMITH on 13 June 1915. David was son of Alfred and Rebecca Flood Smith.
Children from this marriage:
10)Ethel Smith, born 30Mar1916, married NORVELL NORTON on 1 April 1933 in Newton County.
Their children were: Harold, Lewell, LeRoy and Jack Norton.
Ethel died 23 July 1996 with burial in Pea Ridge Cemetery, Bentonville, Arkansas.

11)Edith Lee Smith who married JAY EDDINGS on 7 Sept 1935 and married secondly to BILL BRITNELL on 20 Oct 1964.

12)Dorothy Smith, born 7Mar1920. Dorothy married WILBURN SHATSWELL on 22May1938 in Newton County. Do not have a list of Dorothy's children. Dorothy died 7June1992 with burial in Pearidge Cemetery, Gravette, Arkansas.

13) Alice Leona Smith, born 18Jan1922. She married (1)LOUIS WALTER SEXTON on 22 May 1938 in Newton County
After Walter's death, Alice married (2)CHESTER DOUGLAS.

14)Ina Vianzia Smith, born 30 May 1924. She married (1) THURMAN MARTIN, (2) ERNEST HEFLEY and (3) EDGAR FRYE. Her children are: Wilma, Georgie and Sue Martin and Johnnie Hefley (female).
Ernest Hefley was the son of William Pink Hefley and Blanche Hoover of the Thomas J & Ella Guthrie Hefley family.

Vianiza died 3Sept1995 with burial in Coffelt Cemetery, Centerton, Arkansas.

VIANZIA FRYE 75, Centerton, Arkansas

Vianzia Frye, age 75 of Centerton, died Sunday, September 3, 1995 in Springdale Memorial Hospital.
She was born May 30, 1924 in Red Rock, Arkansas to David Smith and Vinnie Smith.
She worked for Pioneer Packaging in Kansas City, enjoyed quilting and was active in God's Lighthouse Church.
She moved here in 1993 from Kansas City, Missouri
Survivors include three daughters: Georgia Reddell of Grain Valley, Missouri; Sue Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri; Johnnie Peterman of Independence, Missouri; three sisters: Ethel Norton of Centerton; Alice Douglas of Bentonville; Edith Brittnell of Jasper, Arkansas; nine grandchildren, Shelley Rosenbaum, Mike and Clark Reddell, Lloyd Flippo, David and Jerry Arnold; Chris, Danny and Jay Myers..eleven great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild.
Funeral Services were Wednesday, September 6, 1995 at God's Lighthouse Church with Leroy Norton officiating. Burial was in Coffelt Cemetery.
She was the baby of 14 children

Mary Louvina Smith Burdine Smith died 4 Aug 1943 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Vendor, Newton County, Arkansas.
David Crockett Smith had been previously married to Margaret Emeline Standridge and had several children by her.

continuing with children of Henry Woody & Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith:

ix:GROVER CLEVELAND "Cleve" SMITH, born 7July 1885 in Newton County.He married LULU HAMILTON on 26 Aug 1906 in Newton County. Lulu was daughter of Joseph C. Hamilton and Mary Frances Greenhaw.

Smith Home near Piercetown, Arkansas, where all Smith children were raised

(Cleve Smith was my husband's grandpa. He was the only son of Henry and Barbara to live to middle age.)
1)JAY FRANK SMITH, born 25Mar1907. He married OBIE FLOOD on 6Nov1927 (page 47)in Newton County, Arkansas. Obie Flood was the daughter of Simon David Flud and Hester Hosannie Ricketts.

Jay and Obie Flood Smith

Much can be written about Jay Frank Smith.
He took his first plane ride in 1934 at Claremore, Oklahoma with his daughter Arvilla riding on his lap. Jay caught "flying fever". It was the days of the barnstormers, the days of the pioneers in aviation; the days when exciting new records were being set and Jay Smith wanted to be part of it.
It was 1943 before Jay was able to start taking flying lessons from J.D. Ham and then he had to fight the Department of Commerce for the right to do it. You see, Jay had only one eye, having lost an eye in a sawmill accident.
Jay had to battle for the right to fly, then he had to take a medical check ride at each step of the learning process.
That was about the time Wiley Post and Will Rogers died in a plane crash in Alaska and the blame was put on the fact that Wiley Post, the pilot, had ony one eye, so a new regulation was passed that pilots must have good vision in both eyes.
Jay was 38 years old and when he went up in a plane for the second time on the Fourth of July 1945.
He opened the Piercetown Airport with two runways and a GI school. Two years later he also opened the Boone County Airport.
Flying in those early days of the airport was fun according to Jay. The first radios were on low frequency so you could always holler out and tell sometone to shine a light on the landing field as you flew over the house.
He taught more students than he could count, including a lot of GIs who took their training at Piercetown and Harrison. As a Second Lieutenant in the Civil War Patrol he trained several teenage boys which the FFA eventually ruled were too young to fly.
In addition to the flight school and charter service (operating 13 planes), he worked for the State Forestry Department for 15 years and the Department of Agriculture, taking on jobs like flying fire patrols and spotting a timber disease called oak wilt.
Friends claim he "came closest to flying like a buzzard". Jay had his close calls. He crashed three times, incapacitating all three planes but walking away without a scratch. One of these crashes happened when he landed on an old wild sow and her pigs nested on an unlit runway at night. The plane turned over but he escaped through a window.
His first plane was an orange and white Champion 7AC.
Jay was always mechanically inclined. He had the only telephone in the county for years, hooking his own ground line mostly pieced together with bailing wire.
He had the first bulldozer in this area in the late 1930s and used it to make log roads and dig stock ponds.
He also had a sawmill business. Jay also had a crop dusting service.
A black marble historical marker was set at the site of the Piercetown Airport. It stands on the edge of Highway 74 near the little building that was once the airport office.
Jay's son Dorvin Smith was a commercial pilot who was killed in a plane crash over Broken Bow, Oklahoma when lightening struck the plane, killing all aboard. Jay has several grandsons who are commercial pilots.

Jay Frank Smith, 83, of Harrison, died Tuesday, January 1, 1991 at his home.
He was born March 25, 1907 at Vendor, the son of Cleve and Lula Hamilton Smith. He had been a resident of Boone County for 41 years.
He opened the first airport in the area at Piercetown in 1946 and in 1948 he started the Boone County Airport. He closed the Piercetown operation in 1951, but continued as administrative manager for the Boone County Airport until 1974, after which he operated a charter service until 1983. He worked for 15 years as a pilot with the State Forestry Department and the Department of Agriculture. During his years of administration of the two airports, he also trained military pilots.
He is survived by his wife, Obie Smith of Harrison; two sons, Charles Smith of Kansas City, Missouri and Leon Smith of Harrison; four daughters, Arvilla Blackwood of Harrison, Ruth Poyner of Berryville, Evelyn Shaddox of Kansas City, Missouri and Lou Ann Cox of Omaha; three brothers, Jimmy Smith of Stockton, California, Gene Smith and J.W. Smith of Vendor; three sisters, Dossie Tennison of Hasty, Verna Cash of VEndor and Walcie Smith of Stockton, California; 17 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by his parents, two sons and a grandson.
Funeral services were Friday, January 4, at Holt Memorial Chapel in Harrison with Rev. Charles Christian officiating. Burial was in Maplewood Cemetery under the direction of Holt Memorial Chapel.
Pallbearers were Jay Truelove, Michael Blackwood, David L. Smith, Gary W. Shaddox, Steven Cox, Joe W. Smith and Clifton Smith.
Honorary pallbearers are Rune Trulove and James Shaddox.


1.Charles "Chock" James Smith, born 3June1928 (deceased) who married RUBY MORRIS.
Remember one time in Kansas City, Missouri in 1950 when we lived on Benton Blvd. Charles and Ruby Smith, along with their little daughter Carolyn Sue spent the night with us in our apartment. We took the mattress off the bed and put it in the kitchen for Charles, Ruby and Carolyn Sue to sleep on and we slept on the box springs in the bedroom. Worked out quite well.
Oh, what wonderful days we spent in Kansas City, Missouri.

2.Arvilla Smith Blackwood.

3.Dorvin "Doc Hedgy" William Smith, born 1July1932. He died 12 June 1957. He was a pilot flying executives when it is said lightening hit his plane over Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

4. Ruth Frank Smith Truelove Poyner.

5.Billy Joe Smith, born 14 April 1938. He died 25 July 1961

6.Leon Ray Smith

7.Evelyn Smith Shaddox

8.Lou Ann Smith Cox

Jay Frank Smith died 1Jan1991. Obie died 1999. They are buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas.

2)WALCIE GERTRUDE SMITH, BORN 5 Feb 1909 in Newton County.
She married (1) LEE FLOOD on 25 Jan 1925 at Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas. They rode horses from Vendor to Clarksville in Johnson County to get married.
children: 1. Alice Flood Boni.
2. Imogene Flood, born 20 Sept 1927 in Newton County.
She died 19 Feb 1936 in Oklahoma of heart problems. She is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
3. Kenneth Flood, born 21 Dec 1929 near Mt. Judea, Arkansas on the "Little Henry" Smith place. He is listed as Lee Flood Jr. on the 1930 Mayes County, Oklahoma Census.
Ken died 14 November 1980 in California. He and his wife had four children.

The family moved to Mayes County, Oklahoma about 1930.

4. Paul DeWitt Flood, born 19 Feb 1932 in Mayes County,Oklahoma.
He married BETTY RUTH OGDEN They had three children.
Paul was an ordained Baptist Minister, graduating from Moody Bible College. He was a Korean War Veteran, an experienced pilot and owned Flood's Flying School near Belmont, California. He was killed in a plane crash 31 December 1970 while teaching a doctor to fly. What a tragic accident.

5. Charlene Flood, born 10 July 1934 in Mayes County,Oklahoma.
She married CALVIN RONNIE. They had two sons.
Charlene died 23 May 1993 in Stockton, California with burial in Rural Cemetery.

Lee and Walcie were divorced and he remarried to HELEN RICHARDS of Kansas City, Missouri ca 1941. Walcie remarried to ORVILLE SMITH ca 1941. Lee died in 1972 and is buried in Kansas City, Missouri. Walcie died, Sunday, August 1, 1993 at a Modesto, California nursing home. She is buried in Smith Cemetery, Vendor, Arkansas.
Helen Richards was born 13 Oct 1911 in Tarkio, Missouri. She died 30Aug1997 in Kansas City, Missouri.

3)INFANT GIRL, born and died 14 Feb 1911 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

4) ABBIE MAY SMITH, born 13May1912. She married BLAINE EDDINGS on 18 June 1929 in Newton County. They had several children. Abbie died 2 July 1941 and is buried in Carver Cemetery in Newton County.

5)VERNA LEE SMITH, born 12 Sept 1914. Verna married (1) NORTON COLLINS, (2)FATE THOMPSON and (3) JAKE CASH. Verna had one son Russell Collins, now deceased. Verna died 13 Nov 1995 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

6)JAMES THOMAS SMITH, born 29June 1917. He married OVA NORTON on 11 Oct 1936 (license in Boone County). James "Coon Dog" Smith died 22 Jan 2005 at Stockton, California and is buried in Smith Cemetery in Newton County.
Jimmy and Ova had seven children.
One little son, Denver Eugene Smith, born 24 Aug 1942, died 9 Dec 1943 in Kansas City, Missouri and is buried in Smith Cemetery at Vendor, Arkansas.

7)JOSEPH HENRY SMITH, born 7Feb1920. He died 17Feb1920 with burial in Smith Cemetery at Vendor.

8)FRANCES "Dossie" ALLEN SMITH, born 22 Mar 1921. She married HAROLD CLINTON TENNISON on 9 April 1939 in Newton County. They had three daughters.

Frances A. (Dossie) Tennison, 82 of Hasty, died Friday, Aug. 29, 2003 at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison.
She was born March 22, 1921 at Vendor to the late Cleve and Lula Hamilton Smith. She was a life-long resident of Newton County and was of Pentecostal faith.
She waas preceded in death by her husband Clinton Tennison; a daughter Pauline LeValley; a great-grandaughter Lacey Sigulinsky; two brothers, Jay and Clay Smith; three sisters, Walcie Smith, Abbie Eddings and Verna Cash.
Survivors include two daughters, Irene Martin of Western Grove, and Connie Lee of Hasty; three brothers, Jimmy Smith of Stockton, Calif., Gene Smith of Vendor, and J.W. Smith of Vendor; eight grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews, friends and relatives that will mourn her passing.
Visitation was from 6-8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 1 at the Holt Memorial Chapel in Harrison.
Funderal services were Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 2 p.m. at the Big Creek Assembly of God Church with Charles Christian officiating. Burial was in the Smith Cemeter at Vendor.
Pallbearers were grandsons.

They had three children.

10) J.W. Smith who married BETTY KAY GILMORE. They have four daughters.

Grandpa Henry Woody Smith was also the father of:
x: FANNY LEOMA SMITH (Tennison) by Sarah Melvina Pierce Armstrong Tennison. Fanny was born in 1897 and married WILLIS F. PEOPLES on 12Oct1913 in Newton County.
See the "James Thomas Peoples Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories'.
Grandma Barbara Pierce Smith took care of Fanny and raised her as one of her own.

Fanny Leoma Smith Peoples

Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith died on l3 Aug l9l6 and is buried in the Smith Cemetery, Vendor, Arkansas. Henry Woody Smith died 14 Feb 1920 and is also buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

(7) MARTIN TACKETT SMITH, born 27Aug1838 in Carroll County, Arkansas.
Martin married (1) RHODA LUCINDA STANDRIDGE on 19 May 1856 in Newton County, Arkansas. Rhoda Standridge was born 27 Feb 1841 in Arkansas, daughter of Samuel James Standridge and Mahala Lucinda Morgan.
Rhoda Standridge Smith died 14 Nov 1904 in Newton County and is buried in Smith Cemetery there.

Martin Tackett Smith and first wife, Rhoda Lucinda Standridge Smith

Thank you Lloyd Sutton for sharing this photo with us.

Martin served in Co. C, First Arkansas Infantry and Co. D, Second Arkansas Cavalry (both Union) during the Civil War. He enlisted on 12 Feb 1863 in Co. C of the First Regiment of Arkansas Infantry, commanded by J.R. Vanderpool and was discharged at Ft. Smith, Arkansas on or about the 20th day of August 1865.
His physical description states that he was 5 feet 6 inches tall; with dark complexion; had dark hair and gray eyes.

In his Pension Claim No. 680651 he stated "he is holey unable to git a famley record to prove his age for they was no such a record kept in the family and just have to go by what my parents always tole me that I was born on the 27th day of August 1838 and further state that they never have been aney birth record ever kept in Newton County or Carroll County, Ark where I was born".
On 4 of November 1913 Martin Smith signed a statement....
"He further states that in 1850 he lived near Clarksville in Johnson County Arkansas but don't know the township and in 1860 I lived in Richland Township in Newton County Arkansas and with my own family.
His brother Henry W Smith signed an affidavit that he is an older brother of Martin Smith and know his age by my own age.Our parents allways tole us that he wa born on the 17 day of August 1838 and I was born on the 12 day of March 1836 in Carrolll County Ark now Boone County and further state that I have no interest in said claim nor concerned in its prosecution.
Henry W Smith signed with his mark.
Witnessed by J.L. Pierce and L.L. Smith on 23October 1908.

His DECLARATION FOR ORIGINAL INVALID PENSION on 19th of September 1891, states that "On or about March 1863 he contracted measles which resulted from subsequent exposure in disease of eyes, stomach, left side and back". He also served in Co. D, Second Arkansas Cavalry from 20th day of August 1863 to March 186(5?).
His application is witnessed by J.R. Taylor and H.R. Casteel. Martin signed with a mark.
An affidavit states that "he never did render no kinde of military or navey service in the confederate army of any kinde but was captured once by the rebel scouts and was kept about 3 or 4 weeks till I got a chance to run away and come home and then I went in to the Federal Armey the first chance I got and stayed there till I was discharged.. I do not no the name of the rebel scouts that captured me".
Martin signed by a mark.
Witnessed by J L Pierce and J T Peoples. He drew Civil War Pension No. 680,651 and No.866.787.

children: (all children by first wife)
i: MATILDA M. SMITH, born 1857 in Arkansas. Died before 1870

ii: SARAH L. SMITH, born 1859 in Arkansas.Died before 1870

iii: JOHN H. SMITH, born 1861 in Arkansas. Died before 1870

iv: WILLIAM R. SMITH, born 10Jan1865. He died 16Sept1865 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

So many little children died during Civil War time. This is one of the many families who lost their young children. Note that the children born after Civil War time survived.They were hungry and starving due to the pillage of bushwhackers. Food was very scarce. The children had little resistance to diseases such as smallpox, whooping cough and measles. Noticed in many, many of the families researched during Civil War time, so many little children did not survive. How sad to lose your beloved children.

v: FRANCIS MARION SMITH, born 14Nov1866. He married (1) MARY L. RIDDLE on 29 Dec 1887 in Newton County. She was daughter of David Vincent Reddell and Elizabeth Criner.
1) David Mart Smith, born May 1890. He married ARTIE (ARZONIA) BAUCOM on 12 July 1914 in Newton County.

1920 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township,Visit 97-97
Smith, Dave M, head, owns, age 29
.....Arzonie, wife, age 22
.....Lee, son, 4-l/12
.....William T, son, 2/12

Is this Dave Smith???

Do not have a list of all their children.Do you?
One daughter was: 1. Ida Mae Smith who married CLAUDE BOGGS. They last made their home in Globe, Arizona.

continuing with children of Francis Marion Smith

2)William Lowery(Larry?) Smith, born Feb 1894.
He married (1) NANCY CAMPBELL on 20 Oct 1918. She was daughter of Peter T Campbell and Ida McCutcheon.
Do not have a list of any children from this marriage.
Do you have a list of their children?
William Larry Smith married (2) BERTHA LEE MAUPIN on 3Dec1933(page 623) in Newton County. She was the daughter of Henry and Roena Arrington Maupin.
William Larry's known children:
1. William Junior Smith, born 17Nov1934. He married LENA FAYE (mnu). See Obits below.
Willim Junior died 11 May 1992 and is buried in Mt. Judea Cemetery in Newton County.


William Junior Smith, aged 58, of Western Grove, died May 11, 1992 at St. Mary's Hospital, Russellville.
He was born November 17, 1934 at Lurton, the son of William Larry and Bertha Lee Maupins Smith.
He was a timberman and a lifelong resident of Newton County.
He was a member of the Holiness Church.
Survivors include his wife, Lena Faye Smith of the home; a son, Randy Dale Smith of Western Grove; three daughters, Venita Collins of Western Grove, Jennitta Keeling of Oregon and Sheila Flippo of Missouri; two sisters, Edith Collins and Helen Bacom, both of Springdale; eight grandchildren; two step-grandchildren and one step great-grandchild.
He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister.
Funeral services will be held Friday, May 15 at 2 p.m. at Mt. Judea Holiness Church with Rev. Charles Christian officiating.
Burial will be in Mt. Judea Cemetery under the direction of Coffman Funeral Home of Harrison.
Pallbearers include Terry Campbell, Odeal Treat, Jerry Treat, Allen Flippo, Steve Christian, Pat Keeling.
Honorary pallbearers include Larry Campbell, Anthony Campbell, Grover Campbell.
Visitation Thursday 6 to 7 p.m. at Coffman Funeral Home of Harrison.

2. Edith Smith Collins
3. Helen Smith Baucom
4. Opal Inez Smith, born 1938. She married DWIGHT GARRETT. Opal died in 1990 with burial in Mt. Judea Cemetery.

William Larry Smith died in 1972 and is buried in Mt. Judea Cemetery. Bertha Lee Maupin, born 1904, died in 1984 with burial also in Mt. Judea Cemetery.

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 215 states they had 3 children with 2 living.

3) Rosa Belle Smith (twin), born 18 Oct 1900. She married JOHN E. BOLIN, age 29, on 27Aug1917 in Newton County.
Rosa died 2 April 1953 with burial in Mt. Judea Cemetery.
1.Minnie Mae Bolin Marshall (3-1-1919 to 8-8-04)
2. Allie Leora Bolin Campbell (she had 8 children)
There may be other children.

4) Lilly Belle Smith (twin), born 18 Oct 1900. She married (1) LAWRENCE BOLIN, age 18, on 12 Nov 1917 in Newton County. They were apparently divorced.
Lilly then married ANDREW N. TOWE 16 Oct 1923 (W-549) in Johnson County, Arkansas. She was 23; he was 33.
Lilly Belle Smith Bolin Towe died 5 Sept 1925 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

Mary L Riddle Smith died in Oct 1900 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County, without a marker.

Francis Marion Smith married (2) MARIAH JOSEPHINE TALLY MARTIN on 28July1903 in Newton County. She was born 4 July 1864 and had been married previously to SEBURN MARTIN.
Did they have a son Will Smith?
Mariah Josephine Tally Martin Smith died 4 Jan 1928 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

Francis Marion Smith married (3) NORA BELLE MARTIN (his stepdaughter) on 16 June 1931 in Newton County. Do not know if there were children from this marriage.

Francis Marion Smith is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County without a grave marker.

continuing with children of Martin Tackett Smith.

vi: JAMES PLEASANT "Babe" SMITH, born 10 Nov 1869 at Vendor, Arkansas.
He married SUSANNA "SUSIE" JANE PIERCE on 19 June 1890 in Boone County, Arkansas. She was daughter of James Pierce and Rachel Owens. Susie Jane was born 11 Jan 1871 at Bear Creek Springs, Boone County, Arkansas

James Pleasant and Susanna Jane Pierce Smith

Thank you so much Lloyd Sutton for sharing this photo with us.

1) JAMES MARTIN SMITH, born 6 April 1891 in Newton County.
He married (1) GRACIE CALMUS CAMPBELL GREENHAW on 7 Sept 1911 in Newton County. She was daughter of William "Billy" Daniel Greenhaw and Margaret J. Campbell (Peter Calmus and Nancy Catherine Smith Campbell family).
1. William Howard Smith, born 4 July 1912. He married EFFIE CANADY.
2. James Floyd Smith, born 30Nov1913. He married (1) WYNONNA MARTIN and (2) RITA FRENCH.
3. Samuel Sanford Smith, born 14 Jan 1916. He married LILLIE PAULINE JACKLIN on 12May1938.
4. Hershal Smith, born 6 Mar 1918. He married RACHEL (mnu).
5. Lula Smith, born 25 Jan 1920. Died 25 Feb 1920.
6. Opal Smith, born 20 Jan 1921. She died 31 Dec 1921.
7. Eulis Smith, born 6 April 1923. He married OPAL (mnu). Eulis died 3 Aug 1996.
8. James "Jimmy" Smith, born 14 Dec 1925. He married CORA LEE COMBS. Jimmy died 24 Sept 1975 at Fouke, Arkansas.
9. Gracie Bernice Smith, born 1 Nov 1927. She married DARRELL WRIGHT. Gracie died 11 Oct 1992.

In 1920 the family was living in McIntosh County, Oklahoma in Burton Township, Visit 135.
Gracie Greenhaw Smith died on 13 May 1929 at Apache, Caddo County, Oklahoma and is buried there.

James Mart Smith married (2) LULA ANTHONY BURDINE on 17 Aug 1929 in McIntosh County, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of James Henry Anthony. Do not believe there were any children from this marriage. She had several Burdine children.

James Mart Smith married (3) CONNIE (mnu) ca1945.

James Mart Smith married (4) LIZZIE FOSTER CAMPBELL ca 1960.
James Mart Smith died 24 Sept 1969 at Concord, California.

continuing with children of James Pleasant and Susanna Jane Pierce Smith.

2) VIRGIL LAFAYETTE SMITH, born 9 Mar 1893. He married ADDIE WILSON on 5 Jan 1920 at Cathey, Oklahoma. Virgil died 31 May 1968 at Concord, California.
Their children were:
1.Irene Smith Williams
2.Goldie Smith Myers
3.Elmer Smith
4.Uldean Smith
5.Earl Smith
6.Frank Smith
7.Gene Smith
8.Billie Louise Barber

3) MITCHELL THEODORE SMITH, born 2 Feb 1895. Mitchell married LUCY HALLUM on 28 Feb 1915 (page 467) in Newton County. Lucy was daughter of Pleas and Rosalie Ricketts Hallum.
1. Ina Smith
2. Odell Smith
3. Gelen Nola Smith Castleberry
4. Juanita Smith Davis
5. Uena Jane Smith
6. James Theodore Smith

Mitchell Smith died 6 Feb 1967 and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County. Lucy Hallum Smith died 10Jan1974 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

4)BONNIE ROSETTA SMITH, born 23 July 1897. She married SIMON RICKETTS on 28 Feb 1915 in Newton County. See the "Ricketts Family Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my webpage.

Simon and Bonnie Smith Ricketts wedding photo

1. Gladys Ricketts Neighbors
2.Amos Ricketts
3.Lubrisha Ricketts Mock
4.Please Barbara Ricketts
5.Janice Ricketts Nichols Walters
6.Lolita Ricketts Morris

Bonnie Smith Ricketts died 29 Mar 1969. Simon M Ricketts, born 28Sept1888, died 6Mar1969. They are buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

5) MARY LOUISE "Lou" SMITH, born 17Sept1899. She married LAWRENCE FLUD on 7 Nov 1915 in Newton County. Lawrence was son of Honey John and Edia Flud Flud. See the "Honey John Flud Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website.
1.Nina Flud Austin
2. Marie Flud
3. Archie Flud
4. Buelah Flud
5. Jennie Flud
6. Joan Flud
7. Leon Flud
8. Darlene Flud

Lou Smith Flud died in May 1985 at San Pablo, California.

6) JOSIE ADELINE SMITH, born 17Jan1902. She married HARRY TATRO on 28 Jan 1920 at Eufaula, Oklahoma. Josie died 13 Oct 1975 in California.
1. Christine Tatro Starkey
2. Enis Tatro
3. James Venis Tatro
4. Ted Allen Tatro

7) WILLIAM ANDREW SMITH, born 3Feb1904. He married LUCRETIA "Creasie" COOPER on 12 May 1923 in Newton County. Creasie was daughter of Harmon Cooper and Margaret Gilmore Cooper.
1. Stanley Harmon Smith


Stanley Smith, 78 of Russellville, formerly of Newton County, died Monday, April 12 at the V.A. Regional Medical Center in North Little Rock. He was the son of the late Andrew and Creasie Cooper Smith. He was born on July 26, 1925 in Vendor. He was a United States Army Veteran of World War II. He was a member of the Rogers-Rye Post 2283 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Riggs-Hamilton Post of the American Legion in Russellvile and was the founding member of Lurton Bible Church.
He was preceded in death by a daughter, Debra Ann Smith, and a grandson, Eric Hlass.
Survivors include his wife, Betty Smith of the home; two daughters, Lawanda Hlass of Conway and Lisa Pennington of Russellville; sons, Stan Smith, Jr. of Raytown, MO. and Steve Smith of Russellville; seven grandchildren and a brother James Harmon Smith of Pottsville, Ark.; a niece, two nephews and many other relatives and friends.
Funeral was at 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 14 at the First United Methodist Church in Russellville, Rev. Mackey Yokeum officated. Burial was in the Tarlton Cemetery at 2 p.m. at Lurton Ark. by Humphrey Funeral Service.
Pallbearers were Chris Smith, Andrew Smith, Michael Pennington, Ricky Smith, Randy Smith and Wayne Daniel.
Memorials may be made to the American Legion Auxiliary, P.O. Box 972, Russellville, ARk.72811 or the Tarlton Cemetery. Full military honors will be provided by the Rogers-Rye Post 2283 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

2.James Harmon Smith married Begetta

Andrew Smith died 27 Feb 1990 at Russelville, Arkansas and is buried in Tarlton Cemetery, Newton County. Creasie Cooper Smith was born 13Apr1906 and died 7May1997 in the Stella Manor Nursing Home in Russellville, Arkansas. She is buried in Tarlton Cemetery, Newton County.

8) NANCY RACHEL SMITH, born 22 Mar 1906. She married WILLIAM ACE GILMORE on 16 Sept 1928 in Newton County.
1.Norma Gilmore Sutton
2. Billie George Gilmore
3. James Odell Gilmore

9) FEDDY FOY SMITH, born 22 Mar 1908. He married WILDA AUDREY KENT on 18Aug1927 in Newton County. Wilda was daughter of Isaac Levi Kent and Gertrude Lee Bolin (Cave Creek Bolins).
Feddy died 25Sept1975 at Springdale, Arkansas and is buried in Smith Cemetery in Newton County.

10) CORA ISABELLE SMITH, born in 1910 at Alma, Arkansas.
She married ARTHUR CHESTER FLUD on 9 April 1930 at Eufaula, Oklahoma. Arthur was son of Honey John and Edia Flud Flud.
1. Leota Flud Rooney
2. Willis Flud
3. Burlon Flud
4. Harold Flud
5. Kathalene Flud Wilkinson

11) ORA BULAH SMITH, born 12 Dec 1912. She married (1)CHARLEY SUTTON on 12 Sept 1932 in Newton County.
They had three sons.
They were later divorced. Ora married (2) JOHN COMBS on 5Sept1946 at Reno, Nevada. They had one daughter.
Ora died 23 Jan 1989 at Texarkana, Arkansas.

James Pleasant Smith died on 11 May 1913 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
Susanna Jane Pierce Smith married (2)WILLIAM RILEY FLUD on 6Aug1916 in Newton County. The marriage did not work out. They were later divorced.
Susanna Jane Pierce Smith died 26 Aug 1959 in Martinez, California and is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

continuing with children of Martin Tackett Smith.

vii: MARGARET CAROLINE SMITH, born 30June1873. She married DAVE "Davey"REDDELL on 17 April 1890 (page 290)in Newton County.
1) RHODA E. REDDELL, born 2 Aug1891 in Newton County. She married (1) JAMES THOMAS "Tom" BAKER on 23 July 1914 in Newton County.
Tom was son of John L Baker and Mary Canzada Burdine Baker. He was born 19 June 1893 and died 29Nov1928 with burial in Smith Cemetery.
known children:
1. Lonnie P. Baker, born 24 May 1917, died 9 June 1917 with burial in Smith Cemetery.
2. Talmage Baker, born ca 1919.
There may be more children.

After Tom Baker's death in 1928, Rhoda married JOHN W. MARTIN. John was son of Seburn Martin and Mariah Josephine Tally Martin Smith. Do not have a list of their children, if any.
John W Martin was born 22Jan1885 and died 3Jan1965 with burial in Smith Cemetery. Rhoda E. Reddell Baker Martin died 6 April 1973 and is also buried in Smith Cemetery.

2)DULSENA "Dullie" C. REDDELL, born 8Jan1893. She married DAVID MIDDLETON on 6 Jan 1910. See the "Middleton Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' for a list of their children.
Dullie Reddell Middleton died 28Aug1930 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

3)THOMAS MART REDDELL, born 28Feb1896. He married MARY CANZADA "Zada" BOLIN on 14Feb1918 in Newton County. Zada was daughter of Willim E. and Mary Jane Eddings Bolin. Zada died on 14Mar1919 with burial in Carver Cemetery, Newton County.
Thomas Mart married (1) MARY HOLT on 17fEB1921 in Newton County.
Mary was the daughter of Allen Holt and Cansada Asher. Mary Holt Reddell died 11Apr1944 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
1. Roseannie Minerva Reddell, born 24Apr1925. She married NOAH GEORGE GREENHAW. Noah was son of Beecher K. Greenhaw and Arlie Henson. Noah was born 18June1922 and died 7July2004 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. Roseannie Reddell Greenhaw died 2001 and is buried in Smith Cemetery.
Known children were Donnie Ray and Bobby Gene Greenhaw.

2. Thomas Alvin Reddell, born 21July1931. He married LOATIS WALLACE. Thomas died 28Feb1989 with burial in Sandhill Cemetery, Newton County.

3. Lucille Reddell Hollis


Lucille Holis, 81, of Jasper, died Tuesday, March 22 2005 at the Newton County Nursing Home.
Funderal was 2 p.m. Friday, March 25th at Hasty Holiness Church with Charles Christian and Jimmy Greenhaw officiating. Burial was in Smith Cemetery under the direction of Holt Memorial Chapel of Harrison.
The daughter of Thomas Mart and Mary Lucinda Holt Reddell was born April 23, 1923 at Vendor. She was a member of Hasty Holiness Church. She had worked as a housekeeper at Gordon's Motel.
She waas preceded in death by her husbands, Max Hollis and Irl Collins; a son Arlon Collins; a sister, Rosanne Greenhaw and a brother, Alvin Reddell.
Survivors include her son, Ira Collins of Berryville; four daughters, Oneta Daniels of Kansas City, Kansas, Merlene Brown of Lenexa Kansas, Glenda Ogden of Deer and Tresia Dean of Harrison; a half-sister Joanne Coleman of Harrison; 18 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

4. Joan Reddell Coleman

Thomas Mart Reddell married (3) CLARA GILMORE DAVIS on 30June1945. Clara had been married previously to LESTER DAVS in 1933 in Newton County(page 524). Clara Gilmore Davis was daughter of George Riley Gilmore and Julia Campbell. Clara died 21July1982 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
Thomas Mart Reddell died 7July1980 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

continuing with children of David and Margaret Smith Reddell:

4) JAMES W. REDDELL, born 4Apr1899. He died 18Oct1899 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

5)GEORGE "Singing George" REDDELL, born 19Feb1903. He married DOROTHY MAUPIN, 17, of Mt.Judea on 24June1923 (page 270). Dorothy was daughter of Henry Maupin and Rowena Arrington Maupin.


George Reddell, aged 84 of Vendor, died Saturday, March 21, at North Arkansas Medical Center.
He was born Feb. 19, 1903 at Vendor, the son of Davey Vincent and Margaret Smith Reddell. He was a farmer and a member of the Piercetown Holiness Church.
Survivors include his wife, Dorothy Maupin Reddell, of the home; a son, Harold Reddell, Vendor; three daughters, Jewel Criner and Geneva Brown both of Kansas City, Kansas; Juanita Nichols, Independence, MO; a sister, Annie Greenhaw, Western Grove; 14 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and a great-great grandchild.
Services were held Tuesday, March 24 at Piercetwn Holiness Church with Lester Chisum and Carl McCutcheon officiating. Burial was in Smith Cemetery under the direction of Holt Memorial Chapel.
Pallbearers included Edward Smith, Jerry Smith, Lewell Bower, Alvin Reddell, Otto Middleton and Junice Greenhaw.

George and Dorothy's children:
1. Ernest L Reddell, born 20 Ar1924. He married LELA FLOOD, daughter of German Flood and Nina Campbell. Ernest died 8Dec1951 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

2. Eugene Reddell, born 31Aug1926. He died 25Feb1945 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

3. Harold Reddell who married FERN DAY.

4. Jewell Reddell Criner

5. Geneva Reddell Brown

6. Juanita Reddell Nichols

7. Infant Reddell, born and died 11Jan1930.

8. Infant Reddell, born and died 2Dec1940.

continuing with children of David and Margaret Smith Reddell

6) ROSANNIE "Annie" REDDELL, born 7 Aug 1905. She married BRICE GREENHAW on 11 Aug 1927. Brice was born 28June1909, the son of George and Hester Adams Greenhaw. Brice died 3Mar1982 with burial in Smith Cemetery. Hester Adams Greenhaw was the daughter of George W Adams and Martha Holt. Rosannie died 16Nov1993, also buried in Smith Cemetery.
Rosannie's children:
1.Aurbie Greenhaw, born 12Dec1928 and died 12July1930 with burial in Smith Cemetery.
2.Hershel Leon Greenhaw, born 17 Sept 1930 and died 2Aug1989 with burial in Smith Cemetery. Hershel had married Joan and they had one son, Joe Wayne Greenhaw, born 11 Nov 1952 and died 1Mar1980, buried in Smith Cemetery.
3.Junice C. Greenhaw, born 16Dec1933; died 23May2001 with burial in Smith Cemetery.
4. child Greenhaw, born and died 20 Nov 1945, with burial in Smith Cemetery.

David "Davey" Reddell, born 8 May 1864 in Newton County, died 1 April 1928. Margaret Caroline Smith Reddell died 22Jan1928. They are buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

continuing with children of Martin Tackett Smith

viii: WILLIAM ESAU "Little Ece" SMITH, born 4Aug1876 in Newton County. He married MARY WILLIE FLOOD, daughter of William Flood and Nancy Jane Smith Flood Smith (Gilbert & Mary Brassfield Smith Family) on 14 April 1898 in Newton County.
"Little Ece" Smith died 26Nov1923.
Mary Willie Flood Smith, born 16 Feb 1881, died 1 Jan 1967. They are buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
1)FLOYD SMITH, born 18 Feb 1899. He died 16Sept1899.

2)ELLER NAOMI SMITH, born 5 Oct 1900. She married DANIEL "Dan" ABRAHAM RICKETTS on 17Oct1917 (page 229)Newton County. Dan was the son of Margaret M. "Coon" Ricketts.See the "Ricketts Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website.
Children are:
1.Lloyd M. Ricketts ,born 17 April 1919 at Flood's Cove near Vendor, Arkansas. He married VIOLET ALSPACH in 1936. Violet Alspach was daughter of Andrew and Velva Crow Alspach. Lloyd served in U.S. Army from December 1942 to February 1946, HG & SV CO 239th Engineers Combat Engineers in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre. Lloyd died 6 Nov 1991 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
Lloyd's Children:
i:Rowena Billings

ii: Loyd Clifton Ricketts

iii: Larry Edward Ricketts

iv: Reba Rae Ricketts(1956-1956)

v:Sharon Rose Spencer.

Daniel Ricketts children continued

2.Hershell Ricketts
3.Junior Ricketts
4. Ardell Ricketts
5. William Ricketts
6. Viola Ricketts Smith
7. Imo Ricketts Reddell
8. Ellen Louise Ricketts Spears (1925-2000)
9. Priscilla Ricketts Colyer
10. Dessie Ricketts Wallin (1935-1990)

Eller Smith Ricketts died 12 Dec 1978 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

3)DELLER LEE SMITH, born 26Jan1902. She married REED ADAMS on 29Aug1920 (pg616)Newton County. Reed Adams was son of George W. Adams and Sarah Mackey Smith Brooks Adams.
Do not have a list of their children. Do you?
Deller died in Spur, Texas, unknown date.

4)JAMES WALTER SMITH, born 17Dec1904. Walter married (1)VERNA LEE BOLIN on 31Dec1924 in Newton County. Verna Lee was born 28 Feb 1905 and died 10Oct1926 with burial in Carver Cemetery, Newton County.
1. Infant daughter, born and died 10Feb1926 with burial in Carver Cemetery.
James Walter married (2)IVA ELLEN BOLIN on 23Oct1930 in Newton County.
2. William Sanford Smith who married GAIL OPHELIA DAY. They had three children.
3.Vonell Smith
4. Jake Smith
5. Lynn Smith
6. Doyle Smith
7. Rosetta Smith Frazier
8. Freda May Smith Campbell


Freda Mae Campbell, 63, of Vendor, died Sunday, Feb. 13, 2005 at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison.
The daughter of James Walter and Ella Bolin SMith, was born June 9, 1941 at Vendor. She was a lifetime resident of this area. She was a cook at the Mt. Judea School and was a member of Log Hall Community Church.
She was preceded in death by her parents; a brother, J.W. Smith and two grandchildren, Miranda Campbell and Justin Ricketts.
Survivors include her husband of the home, Lloyd Campbell; seven children, Alice Williams and Lisa Williams, both of Deer; Louetta Ricketts, Julie Black, Ellis Campbell, Richard Campbell and Philip Campbell, all of Vendor; a special friend, Janna Williams of Hasty; four brothers, Sanford Smith of Hasty, Vonell Smith and Doyle Smith both of Batavia, Lynn Smith of Garfield; four sisters, Rozetta Badami of Kansas City, Mo., Leota Hankins, Thelma Ramsey and Janice Harris, all of Batavia; 18 grandchildren' 3 great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.
Funeral was at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 16, at the Piercetown Hiliness Church with Rev. Jimmy Bohannon, Rev. allen Smith and Rev. Charles Christian officiating. Burial was in Ricketts Cemetery at Vendor under the direction of Coffman Funeral Home of Jasper.
Pallbearers were Ellis Campbell, Jerry Wayne Campbell, Brandon Campbell, Brandon O'Neal, Christopher Black and Shawn Ricketts.
Honorary pallbearers were Keith Williams, Joseph Williams and Tyler Campbell.

James Walter Smith's children continued

9. Leotta Smith Hankins
10. Thelma Smith Ramsey
10. Janice Smith Harris
11. Edith Smith Collins
12. Infant Smith
Walter died 31Aug1997 at Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas with burial in Walter Smith Family Cemetery at Batavia, Arkansas. He was 92 years young.

5)SAMUEL NOEL SMITH, born 4 Dec 1906. He married EVLA GAY FARMER on 4Aug1928 in Newton County. Evla Gay Farmer was daughter of Columbus and Rebeca O'Neal Farmer.
Six children:
1. Wanda Fay Smith who married (1)JOHN NEWT MAYBERRY; (2 children).
Wanda married (2) EPHUS PRATT. Wanda married (3) GEORGE KELLEY SMITH Jr.

2.Willadean Smith who married ODELL H. ADAMS (2 children).
Willadean married (2)WILLIAM DONLEY ADAMS (one child).Willadean later married THEADORE FRANK MANES.

3.Jessie Lee Smith who married GENERAL HUDSON (3 children.)

4. Ester Irene Smith who married RICHARD SHORNHURST and (2) NORMAN SMITH.

5. Glenda Sue Smith. Never married

6. Betty Carolyn Smith. Married CLAYTON DUANE HARRIS.

6)HOMER DEE SMITH, born 20Jan1909. He married ELSIE FARMER on 2Sept1930 (page 326)Newton County.
1. James L Smith, born 1June1931. He married LAVEDIA (mnu)on unknown date. James died 23Nov1995 in Boone County, Arkansas and is buried in Sanders Cemetery in Boone County.
2.Vernon Smith who married GERALDINE SHATSWELL.
3. Clinton Smith
4. Cliffor Smith
5. Charles Smith
6. Linous Smith
7. Bobby Joe Smith
8. Alta Smith Watson
9. Darlene Smith Kilgore
Hormer Smith died 14Aug1995 at Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas. He is buried in Sanders Cemetery in Boone County.


Harrison, Arkansas
Homer D Smith, age 86 of Harrison, Arkansas, died August 14, 1995 at Hillcrest Nursing Home.
He was born January 20,1909 at Vendor, Arkansas the son of William Eace and Willie Flud Smith.
He was a farmer and a life-long resident of Boone and Newton Counties. He was also a member of the Capps Full Gospel Church.
He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother Claude Smith; two sisters, Eller Ricketts and Deller Adams; one grandchild and four great-grandchildren
Survivors include his wife Elsie Smith of Harrison, Arkansas; seven sons: James Smith, Vernon Smith, Clinton Smith, Clifford Smith, Linous Smith, Charles Smith, Bobby Joe Smith all of Harrison and Batavia area; two daughters, Alta Watson and Darlene Kilgore both of Batavaia; four brothers, Walter Smith, Noel Smith and Verlon Smith, all of Batavia, and Herman Smith of Kansas City, Missouri; one sister, Ruth Smith of Vendor, Arkansas; 26 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren.
Services were Wednesday, August 16, 195 at Coffman Chapel with Carl Goodall and Loy Burks officiating. Burial was in Sanders Cemetery under the direction of Coffman Chapel.
Pallbearers were J.D.Smith, Roger Smith, Rickey Smith, Eldon Watson, Stacy Smith, Glen Smith, Donny Terberest and Chris Kilgore.

7)ESTER B SMITH. Born 26 Mar1911. She died 19Oct1913 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

8) VERLON SMITH, born ca 1914. Verlon married EDITH CAMPBELL

9)BABY GIRL SMITH, born 12Aug1915; died 15Aug1915.

10)CLAUDE L SMITH, born 9Jan1917. He married EDATH FAYE CAMPBELL
Claude died 19 Dec 1983 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.

11)RUTHIE MAE SMITH, born 28Aug1919. She married ALVIN JOHN SMITH (1915-1987), son of John Smith and Elizabeth Edgar.


Ruth May Smith, 85 of Vendor, died Monday, December 20, 2004 at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison.
Funeral was 2 p.m. Thursday, December 23, at Big Creek Assembly of God Church with Rev. Rex Middleton officiating. Burial was in Smith Cemetery under the direction of Holt Memorial Chapel of Harrison.
The daughter of William Ease and Mary Willie Flood Smith was born Aug. 28, 1919 in Vendor. She was a member of Big Creek Assembly of God Church.
She was preceded in death by her husband John Alvin Smith; a son; a daughter; four brothers; three sisters and four grandchildren.
Survivors include three sons, Judge Harold Smith of Vendor; Robert Smith of Dover and Venus Smith of Parthenon; four daughters, Carma Lee Hurlbert of Vendor, Kathy Collins of Jasper, Patsy Adams of Pruitt and Lavern Gonzales of Rogers; two brothers, Herman Smith of Kansas City, MO. and Verlin Smith of Batavia; 20 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

12)HERMAN SMITH, born 2Oct1922. He married VERNA CAMPBELL.

continuing with children of Martin Tackett Smith.

ix: SAMUEL CLAYBORN SMITH, born 16Feb1879. He married SUSIE "Sukie" ADELINE REDDELL (Riddle) on 6Dec1900 (page 455)Newton County. Susie was daughter of David Vincent Reddell and Elizabeth Criner.
1) Martin T Smith, born 29 Mar1902; died 9Dec1922 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

2)Matilda Caroline Smith, born 27Mar1904. Matilda was the mother of OATHER GREENHAW, born 29Aug1926; died 25May1980 and buried in Smith Cemetery. Matilda married SIMON DAVID FARMER on 23Sept1928 (L-138)in Newton County.She was his third wife.
Matilda died in Augu1976 at Sikeston, Missouri.

3)Mary E Smith, born 1906. She married VESTER FARMER on 20Sept1927 in Newton County. Mary died on 4Feb1990 at Aurora, Colorado and is buried in Kansas City, Missouri.


Mary Smith-Farmer, 84, originally of Vendor, AR, died February 4, 1990, while visiting with her son and family in Aurora, Colorado
She is survived by one brother, David Vincent Smith of Vendor; four sons, Luell W. Farmer of Aurora, Colorado; Charles Lee Farmer of Glen Carbon, Illinois; Thomas C. Farmer of South Wayne, Wisconsin; David (J.D.)Farmer of Indio, California; two daughters, Minnie A. Fales and Florence May Slagley both of Kansas City, Missouri; 19 grandchildren and 31 great-grandchildren, numerous other family and friends.
Services will be held Saturday, February 10 at D.W. Newcomers and Sons Chapel in North Kansas City at l:00 p.m.
Visitation is Friday, February 9 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
"She's not dead, she's only sleeping".

4) David Vincent Smith, born 1908. He married ADDIE MARTIN on 16Sept1927 (page 27)Newton County. Addie was daughter of Joseph Harvey Martin and Nancy Jane Campbell (Jerry & Martha Isabelle Smith Campbell family). Addie was born 24July1911 and died 29Mar2003 with burial in Smith Cemetery.
They had ten children, eight of whom I can identify:
1.Elmer Lee Smith (1930-1988)
2. Zelmer Smith
3. Darrell Smith (1935-1991)
4. Imogene Smith Madewell
5. Lunie Smith
6. Luell Smith
7. Buster Smith (1939-1999; Mt. Judea Cemetery)
8. Robert Smith

5) John Henry Smith, born 1911. He married NETTIE LANE, age 19, of Hasty, on 15Feb1931 (page 380).

6) Susie Adeline Smith, born 13 June 1913. She married WILLIAM DUSTER CAMPBELL. Susie died 20 Jan 1967 with burial in Smith Cemetery. Duster Campbell was born 21Mar1907 and died 7July1972 with burial in Sexton Cemetery. See the "Peter C Campbell Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories'.

continuing with children of Martin Tackett Smith

x:MARY RENA SMITH, born 3 Feb 1882. She married STEVE M. RIDDELL on 12Jan1899 (page 222)in Newton County. Steve spelled his name Riddell. He was son of David Vincent Reddell and Elizabeth Criner. Steve was born 1Nov1876 and died 4Nov1931 with burial in Smith Cemetery. Mary died 24Apr1943 and is also buried in Smith Cemetery.
1) JAMES BLAINE RIDDELL, born 6Nov1900. He married DONA PARILEE BOLIN, age 19, on 21Oct1917 (page 333) in Newton County.
Do not have a list of their children.
Blaine died in Sept1986 in Kansas City, Missouri.

2)RODIE ROSALIE RIDDELL, born 6Feb1903. She married PETER THEODORE CAMPBELL, age 37, on 10Dec1918. Peter T Campbell had been married previously to Ida McCutcheon who died on 14Apr1918.
See the "Peter C Campbell Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website for a list of their children
Rosalie died 16July1978 with burial in Sexton Cemetery in Newton County.

3)SARAH ANGELINE "Angie" RIDDELL, born 6Nov1906 (date from cemetery book). She married (1) GEORGE CAMPBELL,18, of Vendor on 26Sept1919 (page 539)in Newton County. She married (2) RUSSELL MARTIN (1917-1980). Angie died 7Oct1989 with burial in Smith Cemetery. See "Peter C Campbell Story" in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website.

4) MARTHA E. RIDDELL, born 1Feb1907 (date from cemetery book).
She married (1) ALFRED GROVER CAMPBELL, age 21, on 22May1921 (page 67)in Newton County. Martha married MR. unknown BAKER after Grover Campbell died.

5)DAVE RIDDELL, born 1909 (on 1910 census)

6)WILLIE RIDDELL, born ca 1910. He married MITTIE LANE on 1Feb1931 (page 373)in Newton County. Mittie was daughter of Andrew and Ditha Lane. Willie is buried in Smith Cemetery without a marker.

7)SAMMIE C. RIDDELL, born 24Aug1913. He married BERTHA LEORA MARTIN, daughter of Will and Delilah Emmaline Flud Martin. Do not have a marriage date.Sammie died 9 Jan 1998 with burial in Smith Cemetery.

8) DAISY LEORA RIDDELL, born 7Apr1914\16. She married JAY CAMPBELL on 16Mar1931 (page 385) in Newton County. Daisy Campbell died 15Feb2004 in Boone County, Arkansas. She is buried in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.


Daisy Leora Campbell, age 87 of Vendor, died Sunday, Feb. 15, 2004 at NARMC in Harrison. She was born April 7, 1916 at Vendor to the late Steve and Mary Smith Riddle.
She was a member of the Piercetown Holiness Church and a lifetime resident of Newton County.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Jay Campbell; four sons, Howard, Johnny, Kenneth and Leonard Odell Campbell; four daughters, Mary Jane and Patricia Campbell, Sue Gunter and Leanner Dotson Knight; two brothers, four sisters and two grandchildren
Survivors are her children, Georgia Hoppis of Tulsa, Okla.; Elmer Campbell of Dover, Roy Charles, Nolan and Zelmer and Nina Campbell of Vendor and Earlene Clayborn of Swain; 41 grandchildren, 77 great-grandchildren, 13 great-great grandchildren and many nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends.
Services were 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 18, at Piercetown Holiness Church with Bro. Dorvin Ricketts officiating. Burial was in the Smith Cemetery at Vendor under the direction of Coffman Funeral Home of Jasper.
Pallbearers were Allen Flippo, Dustin Flippo, Roy Campbell, Jr. and Junior Royce.
Honorary pallbearers were great-grandchildren.

1920 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 79-79
REDDELL, Steve M, head, 45
....... Mary, wife, 39
....... Martha, daughter, 12
....... Willie, son, 10
....... Samuel, son, 6
....... Daisy, daughter, 4-l/12

Martin Tackett Smith married (2) SARAH "Ebbie" JACKSON MIDDLETON on 19Oct1905 in Newton County. She had been married previously to Giles Middleton. She was born 24Apr1855 in Arkansas and died 18June1925 in Newton County with burial in Smith Cemetery.

Martin Tackett Smith and second wife Sarah "Ebbie" Jackson Middleton

Thank you Lloyd Sutton for sharing this photo with us.

Martin Tackett Smith died 4 March 1926 in Newton County, Arkansas and is buried in Smith Cemetery.


County of Newton
On this 18 day of Jan, A.D. 1927 before me the undersigned personally appeared S.C. Smith, aged 49 years, a resident of Vendor County of Newton, State of Arkansas, who makes the following declaration as an application for, and claim is hereby made for, reimbursement from the accured pension for expenses paid (or obligation incurred)in the last sickness and burial of Martin Smith, who was a pensioner of the United states by certificate No. 680651, and who died Mar 4, 1926 at Vendor, Ark and was buried at Vendor, Ark.
That the answers to questions propounded below are full, complete, and truthful to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief, and that no evidence necessary to a proper adjustment of all claims against the accrued pension is suppressed or withheld.
1. What was the full name of the deceased pensioner?
2.In what capacity was decedent pensionded? (As soldier or sailor or as a widow, minor child, dependent relative, etc.)
3. If decedent was pensioned as a solider or sailor...
(a) Was he ever married? (Answer yes or no) YES
(b)How many times and to whom? 2 TIMES... RHODA STANDRIDGE
(c) If married, did his wife survive him? (Answer yes or no.) NO
(d)If so, is she still living? (Answer yes or no). NO
(e)If not living, give full names and dates of death of all wives
(f)Was he ever divorced?(Answer yes or no.).....NO
(g)If so, is the divorced wife still living (Answer yes or no) NO
(If living a copy of the decree of divorce must be filed.)
(h)If not living, give her full name and the date of her death........
4. Did pensioner leave a child under 16 years of age? (answer yes or no.....NO
5. Is any such child still living? (answer yes or no)...NO
6. Were any sick or death benefits paid on pensioner's account? If so, give name of society and amount paid. ....NO
7. Was there insurance (life,accident, or health) in force on life of pensioner at time of death? (answer yes or no)....NO
8. If so, give the name of each company in which a policy was carried and the amount in which each policy was written......
9. Who waas the beneficiary named in each policy?.........
10. What was the relation of each beneficiary to the pensioner?......
11. Were the premiums paid by the deceased pensioner?.......
12. If not paid by the deceased pensioner, state the amount of premium paid by each person who made payment on that account............
13. Is there an executor or administrator, or will application be made for appointment of any person or administrator?....NO
14. Did the deceased pensioner leave any money, real estate or personal property?....YES...$10.00
15. If so, state the character and value of all such property
.......$10.00 IN CASH ONLY.....
16. What was the assessed value (last assessment of the realt estate>.....----------
17. How was the pensioner's property disposed of?....--------
18. Did pensioner leave an unindorsed pension check? (Answer yes or no)......YES
19. What was your relation to the deceased pensioner?...SON
20. Are you married? (answer yes or no)......YES
21. What was the cause of pensioner's death? FLU & PNEUMONIA
22. When did the pensioner's last sickness begin?...11 FEB 1926
23. From what date did the pensioner become so ill as to require the regular and daily attendance of another person constantly until death?.....15 Feb 1926
24. Give the name and post office address of each physician who attended the pensioner during last sickness.......
25. State the name of the persons by whom the pensioner was nursed during the last sickness....
26. Where did the pensioner live during last sickness>
27. Haas there been paid, or will application be made for payment to you or any other person, any part of the expenses of the pensioner's last sickness and burial by any State, County, or municipal corporation? (Answer yes or no)
The following is a complete statement of all the expenses of the last sickness and burial of said deceased pensioner......

DR. J. W. SEXTON......Pysician......Paid.....$30.00
..................Nursing & Care...................
L. S. K????...........Undertaker....Paid....$104.00
..................... Cemetery.....................
H. C. NORTON......... Store Account..Unpaid..$12.00
That the above-mentioned expenses this claimant has paid, or guaranteed the payment of, the following items:..........
.......................S. C. SMITH (his mark)
A. J. GREENHAW......................Vendor, Ark.......
When the claimant for reimbursement is a married woman, she is required to sign the application with her own full name, not using the Christian name or the initials of her husband, and all bills should be receipted to her in her own name.)
Also appeared.... ANDREW J GREENHAW.... and, who, being duly sworn, make the following statement, each for himself, that they know the claimant herein and that their answers to the following questions are true:
1. Did the pensioner (if a soldier or sailor) leave a widow or a minor child under age of sicxteen years surviving?
2. When did the pensioner die:....Mar. 4 1926...
3. Did pensioner leave any property? If so, state its character and value.........
$10.00 IN CASH ONLY.......
4. Our means of knowledge of the above statements made by us are:
We knew the deceased pensioner for 40 & 30 years ....
P.O.Address Mt. Judea, Ark.........Mt. Judea, Ark
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 18 day of JAN A.D. 1927
and I certify that the contents of the foregoing application were fully made known and explained to the claimant and witnesses before swearing, that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim, and I further certify that the reputation for credibility of the witnesses whose signatures appear above is.......GOOD
Notary Public
Mt. Judea, Ark. My commision expires May 5, 1929

Give pensioner's name in full...MARTIN SMITH.......
Give date of commencement of pensioner's last sickness......
2/11--26 to 3/4--26.
Give date of pensioner's death....3/4--26
From what date did the pensioner require the regular and daily attendance of another person constantly until death?
3/4--26 to 3/4--26
During what period did you attend the pensioner?
State nature of disease from which pensioner died.....
......FLU & PNEUMONIA.....
Give name of any other physician who attended the pensioner in last sickness............
Does your bill include a charge for all medicine furnished the pensioner during last sickness?...........YES
Has your bill been paid; if so, by whom.......? By S C SMITH
Give the name of each person who acted as nurse and mention any other facts within your knowledge which would be helpful in adjusting this claim for reimbursement: S C SMITH & WIFE......TOM BAKER......DAVE M. SMITH....TILDA & MARY SMITH..........
I certify the foregoing statement is correct.
Jan 18th, 1927.........J W SEXTON, M.D.
.......................Attending Physician
continuing with children of Thomas and Febary Tackett Smith

(8) POLLY ANN SMITH, born 1841 Carroll County, Arkansas
I believe she married SEDRICK PERRY BRASSFIELD in 1858 in Newton County, Arkansas
Sedrick Perry Brassfield was born 19 June 1838 in Grundy, County, Missouri. Son of Abner Brassfield and Cinderella Lucinda Gee.
Polly Ann Smith Brassfield probably died in childbirth as Shedrick Perry married right away to MATILDA GEE on 3 June 1860 by J.A. Meek, J.P. Matilda Gee was the daughter of Samuel Gee and Martha Tinney. (I have Sedrick Brassfield's Civil War Pension Record).
Sedrick served in Co. C, First Arkansas Infantry from 11 Feb 1863 to 10 August 1865. Enlisted at Fayetteville, Arkansas. He had been conscripted into the Confederate Army under Capt Buyck Dawson, Brooks Regiment in Fall 1862 at Mt. Comfrey in Carroll County, Arkansas. He deserted the Confederate Army and joined the Union Army. Pension Certificate No. 1,056,715
Also have Family Group Sheets on Shedrick Perry Brassfield
Will list Sedrick and Matilda's family briefly.
Remember, these are Sedrick and Matilda Gee's children:
i: John S Brassfield, born 1861

ii: Mary A Brassfield, born 31 July 1866. She married (1)Mr. McFARLANE, (2) Mr. STOE and (3 Mr. FORD.

iii: Abner S. "Will" Brassfield, born 17 July 1868. He married Ethel G EDWARDS (1861-1911) ca 1900.
They were on 1919 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census.
They were on 1920 Washngton County, Oklahoma Census.

iv: Sallie Emeline Brassfield, born 8 Jan 1870. She married MR. HELMS

v:Sarah Angeline Brassfield, born 8 Feb 1873. She married ELI BRANDICK (BROADRICK?).

vi: General Sheridan Brassfield, born 15 Aug 1875. He married ADDIE BELLE HENSLEY. General Sheridan Brassfield died on 28Dec1905 at Fame, Oklahoma.

vii:Charles Sherman Brassfield, born 31 Oct 1877. He married GERGIE MOSS on 27 April 1908 at Eufaula, Oklahoma.
On 1900 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census.
On 1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census.
Sherman died 29Sept1960 at San Bernardino, California.

viii:William Roosevelt Brassfield, born 11 May 1880 in Marion County, Arkansas.. He married MARTHA HULDA MOSS ca 1900 McIntosh County, Oklahoma.
On 1910 McIntosh County, Oklahoma census.
On 1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma census.
He died 16 Feb 1961 in McAlester, Oklahoma.

ix: James Abner Garfield Brassfield, born 10 Sept 1882.
Do not know who he married. Was in Service 1917-1921. He died ca 1921 in Auburn, Oregon.

x:Martha Matilda Melvina Brassfield, born 19Oct1884. She married NATHANIEL WINFIELD SCOTT ATTEBERRY on 19Dec1907 in McIntosh County, Oklahoma. She died in 1960 at Nashoba, Pushmataha County, Oklahoma with burial in Nolia Cemetery.

xi: Perry Lincoln Brassfield, born 16 Feb 1887.
He was in Hughes County, Oklahoma in 1910.

1850 Newton County, ARkansas, White Township,age 13, with father Abner Brassfield
1870 Newton County, Arkansas, Richland Township, Visit 16
1880 Marion Couny, Arkansas, Tomahawk Township, Visit 237-237
Perry, 40
John, 18
Mary, 14
Abner, 12
Angeline, 11
Emaline, 10
Sheridan, 8
Sherman, 6,
On Visit #230 he is listed as Shedrick Brassfield, age 43. Why two different listings? Was there a Perry Brassfield and a Shedrick P. Brassfield? Confusing?

On Civil War papers Sedrick listed the following places: 1855-1891, Newton County, ARkansas
1891, Indian Territory and Oklahoma
1891-1906 Eufaula, Creek, Indian Territory
1900 Creek Nation, Indian Territory
1908-1909, Hanna Township, Hughes County, Oklahoma
Sedrick Perry Brassfield died 10Sept1909 at Hanna, Hughes County, Oklahoma with burial in Fame Cemetery in McIntosh County.
Matilda Gee Brassfield died 23 Jan 1909 and is buried in Fame Cemetery, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.


(9) ELIZABETH SMITH, born 1843 in Carroll County, Arkansas.
No further information on her
Have not really searched for her. She probably married a soldier who served in Civil War. I will find her someday.

Thomas and Febary Smith were in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1840 Census
There were 7 children born by the 1840 census, two after 1840. So I believe this information accounts for all their children.

Thomas and Febary Smith were on 1850 Johnson County, Arkansas Census in Spadra Twp.,Visit 30

On the 1860 Sebastian Co. AR, Census, Upper Township, Visit 1149-1115
Thomas was a chair maker..Children: Elizabeth, Calvin,Malissa Brassfield and Martin Tacket Smith were living with Thomas & Febary Smith.

1870 could not find Thomas and Febary Smith.
Claiborne was in Christian County, Missouri.
Henry was in Newton County, Arkansas.
James Calvin was in Searcy County, Arkansas. One of his sons (Joseph) married his first cousin Martha Elizabeth Smith (Claiborne's daughter).

1880 FEBARY TACKETT SMITH was living with son Claiborne in Searcy County, Arkansas...blind, age 78.

Have listed all the Smith children in this story, and also made separate stories on each child except PLEASANT and ELIZABETH SMITH.

If anyone has corrections or additions, please send me an E-mail. Do not like to list living people in these stories and if I do, do not use dates.
Yes, I probably repeated myself. Yes, there are probably errors due to my failing eyesight.

Evelyn Flood

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