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by Evelyn Flood

SMITH PEOPLES and Associated families
Anderson, Anthony, Asher, Banner, Bolin, Brown, Burdine, Campbell,
Curry, Dalgan, Davis, Dennington, Farmer, Faught, Flud, Freeman,
Gladden, Heydenrich, Hopkins, Littrel, Manes, Marshall, McCan,
Moreland, Norton, Owen, Owens, Pennington, Petty, Pierce, Reeves,
Ricketts, Shatswell, Smith, Stills, Tennison, Tight

I first published this story on 3 September 1998 in the Newton
County Times Newspaper.

This research is for PEOPLES descendants and those who are really interested in these families and care about their lives.

This is the story of the SMITH PEOPLES Family and some of his
descendants as I know them.
Information is from my family group sheets:
Still have lots of questions.

The name was originally spelled PEEBLES and some family members use
both spellings.
Understand the name originated in PeeblesShire, Scotland.

SMITH PEOPLES was born ca 1803 in Georgia.
Birth place according to his Civil War Pension records.
Seems odd he would be born in Georgia and others of his family were
born in North Carolina. And the fact that he was in McNairy County,
Tennessee in 1830.
Spelled Peoppeals in the Arkansas Union Soldiers Index.
He stated he was 42 years when he enlisted in 1863, but he was older
...about 60.

Have been trying to reconcile my Peoples records with those records
of other PEOPLES\PEEBLES\PEEPLES researchers.
Just don't know enough about the earlier families to state who the
son of who was. My records are mostly from reading census,marriage,
Civil War Pensions, and cemetery records for the areas I am
researching in.

on my "Kinfolks Stories" webpage.

SMITH PEOPLES married SARAH ( maiden name unknown)ca 1826 in
Tennessee, probably Henry County.
I believe Sarah was Indian and cannot find record of marriage.
Civil War records state Smith was born in 1803 in GEORGIA. I do not believe he was the son of Wyatt Peebles
If this were true, why didn't he name some of his children after
The Wyatt Peebles families??
His father was reported to be WYATT PEEBLES NO. 2, born 1780 in
Brunswick County, Virginia. This Wyatt died in 1859 in Guilford
County, North Carolina and was the son of JEHU PEEBLES, JR.
SMITH PEOPLES died ca 1893 in Searcy County, Arkansas, Bear Creek
Wife Sarah (maiden name unknown) was born in 1803 in North Carolina.
She died ca 1890 in Searcy County, Arkansas.

I have Smith Peoples Civil War Pension record but it is not complete.
There were no marriage names and dates. He abandoned his claim.
He probably died before claim progressed and no one followed through
with the claim.

Smith Peoples served in Co F, First Arkansas Infantry, Civil War
Union Army.
He applied for Invalid pension No.750832 in 1890 but abandoned the
claim for unknown reason. Claimed he contracted Scurvy from eating
pickled meat while in the Service during the Civil War. His lawyers
were still inquiring about his pension up to 1893.
His occupation was given as Chair Maker and Wheelwright

In the Arkansas Land Patents, Searcy County,Arkansas it shows:
PEOPLES,SMITH; Vol.AR2560.259, Land Office Harrison, 6 December 1890,
Doc. # 7277, Misc. Doc # 10188, Homestead Original: Part # 1: N SE,
Section 2, Township 15 North, Range 17 West, 80.00 acres.
You can order this Homestead paper from the Bureau of Land Management.

In his Civil War pension claim SMITH PEOPLES had lived the following
places since he left the Service:
Johnson County, Arkansas (on 1850 census, Spadra Township,Visit #101).
Marion County, Arkansas (on 1860 census, Prarie Township visit # 214)
Vanburen, Crawford County, Ark. 1865 to 1866
Newton County,Arkansas....Mt. Judea, June 1866 to September 1869
Searcy County,Arkansas from 1869 to 1878.
I found him in 1870 on Newton County,Arkansas census, White Township
Visit No.60
He was in Newton County, Arkansas at Red Rock from 1878 to 1879
I found him in Searcy County, Arkansas 1880, Bear Creek Township,
Visit No.357
In Marshall, Searcy County,Arkansas from 1879 to 1890 or time of death.
He apparently died ca 1893 in Searcy County, Arkansas as that was
the last date any activity occurred in his pension file.

SMITH and SARAH (maiden name unknown...PEOPLES.
Sarah was probably Choctaw Indian. There is no marriage record found.
When Indian women were married to White men, they are usually
listed on the census records as White.
Then, too, Rutha Mariah Peoples , daughter of John Peoples, was
called "Choctaw" and so I base the Choctaw blood by this.
Check the Choctaw Rolls for further information.

Per the 1850 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township,
Visit 101, the following were children listed:
William W(M?); Elizabeth; Caroline; Temperance; Rebecca; Nathan;
Mary Ann and John PEOPLES.

SMITH PEOPLES'children were:
born February 1827--or February 1828 Henry County, Tennessee.
He was a wheelwright.
William married:
(1) MARY E. (mnu) ,born 1843 in Arkansas.(maiden name unknown) and
(2) SARAH JANE ANDERSON?, born 1844 in Arkansas.
Sarah Jane Anderson Peoples died 10 February 1898 and is buried in Silver Hills Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.
I do not know which children belonged to which wife. Believe the first two (John, Gilbert\Gilburn may have been from first wife.

1860 Marion County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 215
1870 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 59.
1880 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Bear Creek Township?

William's Peoples children were:

i:JOHN PEOPLES,born Jan 1859 or Feb 1860, who married
LUCINDA "Lucy" McCAN 23 April 1887 in Searcy County,Arkansas.

ii: GILBERT PEOPLES, born 1862 in Arkansas who married MARY GIBB,
ca 1883.
1900 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Spring Township, No.78.
The Gilbert Peoples known children:
1) ALEC PEOPLES, born February 1886, who married ELIZABETH RICKETTS
23 July 1904 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
Elizabeth was daughter of Margaret "Coon"RICKETTS.
Elizabeth married under the name Peoples because her mother Margaret
"Coon"Ricketts had married Nathan Peoples just before this.

2):JESSE PEOPLES, May 1888.

3)WILLIAM PEOPLES, March 1890.


5)ELIZABETH PEOPLES, February 1898.
1900 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Spring Township, Visit 78

(William Peoples children continued)

iii: EMELINE PEOPLES, 1868, who married Nathaniel BURDINE as his
second wife on 6 October 1887 in Newton County, Arkansas.
They were later divorced.

iv:TEMPA (Frances M?)PEOPLES, 1869

v:ETTIE PEOPLES, 1871, who married J C TIGHT in 1887 in Newton
She may have also married JAMES BOMAN in 1894 in Searcy County,

vi: DAVID PEOPLES, 1873, who married HARRIETT (Switzer?) MARSHALL
ca 1899.

vii:SARAH PEOPLES, 1875, who married J W REEVES 9 March 1893 in
Searcy County, Arkansas.

viii:PHEBY PEOPLES, 1877, who married T C ANDERSON, age 22, of Witt
Springs in 1895 in Searcy County, Arkansas.

ix:ELIJAH EBB PEOPLES, May 1879 or April 1880, who married
ELIZABETH CATHERINE BROWN 8 December 1904 in Searcy County, Arkansas

(I read her last name as PENNINGTON on marriage license)
on 11 November 1905 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
Eli died in 1944 in Eloy, Arizona.
Parilee died in 1976 in Okemah, Oklahoma.

Found William Peoples and family last living in Searcy County, Arkansas.
William PEOPLE'S wife Sarah J.(maiden name unknown) was born 1844 in
Arkansas and died 10 February 1898 and is buried in Silver Hills
Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.

(continuing with SMITH PEOPLES children......)
born (per pension record, 1 Oct 1822) (Per Tombstone 1 Aug 1833)
(per census 1829) in Tenn.
She married THOMAS SHATSWELL on 1 Oct 1847 at Clarksville, Johnson
County, Arkansas.
(I have Thomas C Shatswell's Pension record).
Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell died 5 Jan 1911 and is buried in Coppers
Bluff Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Their Shatswell children:
i: Thomas C SHATSWELL, 1849 who married :
(1) Cansadia BURDYNE on 7 February 1868 in Newton County. She was
sister to Nathaniel Burdine. They were divorced;(have copies of these
divorce papers in Newton County, Arkansas court records).
These records ARE NOT indexed and you have to read through them one
line at a time to find the names you are seeking.

Thomas Shatswell then married:
(2) RUTHA MARIAH JONES in 1872 in Newton County, Arkansas.

ii: William M SHATSWELL, 1850 who married :
(1)Mary SMITH and
See the "Thomas C Shatswell Story" on my website

iii: Sarah Jane SHATSWELL b 1853 who married ESQUIRE ESSEX.

iv: George W SHATSWELL, 1855, who married (1)ELIZA O'NEAL and

v:James H SHATSWELL, 1856, who married LEVINA ESLICK.

vi:Louiza Catherine SHATSWELL 1858, who married NATHANIEL HARVEY
FLUD, son of James FLUD and Sarah STEVENS HALLUM FLUD.
Note another Flood marriage whereby a daughter of Elizabeth
married a Flud and her sister married the father of
Nathaniel Harvey Flud.

vii: Joseph S SHATSWELL 1862, who married MARIAH ESSEX.

viii: Mary E "Bess" SHATSWELL, 1871 who married JOHN ALLEN SMITH.

All these Shatswell children married in Newton County, Arkansas.
See ELIZABETH "Betsy" PEOPLES SHATSWELL STORY on my "Kinfolks" website.

continuing with SMITH PEOPLES children:

(3) CAROLINE PEOPLES born 1832 in Tennessee
It is unknown when and where Caroline PEOPLES FLUD died.
She married ca 1860 in Newton County, Arkansas to James FLUD
(as his second wife). James Flud had been married to :
(1)Sarah STEVENS HALLUM in 1852 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Sarah Stevens Hallum Flud died ca 1860, probably in Franklin County,
Arkansas in "RUFUS Field".
James FLUD was son of John and Rebecca(maiden name unknown)FLOOD\FLUD
James FLUD was brother to Nathan, David, Elizabeth Jones, John L
FLUD,and unknown female.
Another way the Floods are related to Newton County families.

Caroline PEOPLES FLUD'S children were:
i: John Snooker-Fiddler Flud, b July 1863 who married MARY JANE SMITH in 1883 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Have complete files on his family.Also have his death certificate and Mary Jane's Death Certificate.

ii: Jasper N Flud, b 1867 who married:
(1)SARAH REEVES in Searcy County, Arkansas.
They were divorced in Newton County, Arkansas. Jasper Flud married:
(2)MARY OWENS in 1894 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
He married:(3)Margaret MANES SMITH DAVIS DALGARN in 1906 in Newton

Found Jasper on the 1910 Johnson County, Oklahoma census at
Bromide with brother George W Flud.

iii: Mary Isabelle Flud, born 1869. She married JOHN L BURDYNE
as his second wife in 1894 in Newton County, Arkansas.

iv: George Washington Flud, born 1871. He married:
(1)SARAH PETTY in 1895 in Newton County, Arkansas.
(3)DELLA STONE in Coalgate, Oklahoma. They divorced.
(4)? unknown.
(5)SUSAN FRANCES TWEEDLE in 1898. Susan was Cherokee Indian
and is on the Dawes Rolls, No. 32822--Miller Rolls 27483.
Susan was his fifth marriage per a daughter,
Lillian Faye "Little Feather" Flud Johnson.
George W Flud died in 1958 at Pawhuska (Osage County)Oklahoma
and is buried in Powell Cemetery, Hominy, Oklahoma.

Have family group sheets on this family. Hope someone from this
family contacts me.

continuing with the SMITH PEOPLES children :
born 1834 in Tenn. She married JOSHUA WILSON STILLS ca 1877 in Searcy
County, Arkansas.
Have not traced her children as yet.

(5)REBECCA PEOPLES born 1835 in Tennessee.
She married JOHN or WILLIAM FARMER and I believe was the start of a
branch of the FARMERS in Newton County, Arkansas.
(see REBECCA PEOPLES FARMER STORY on my "Kinfolks Stories" website).

born 1837 in Tishimingo County, Mississippi .
Nathan Peoples served in Co. F, First Arkansas Infantry (Union)
during Civil War and drew a pension .
Nathan married:
(1) CATHERINE OWEN CA 1859. She was daughter of Aaron Owen.
Their children were:
i: Margaret PEOPLES, 1861.
ii: Sarah PEOPLES, 1862
iii: Dinah(Diner) PEOPLES, 1863.

iv: Mary PEOPLES, 1867 who married J S HOPKINS in 1891 in Searcy County, Arkansas.

Catherine Owen Peoples died ca 1868 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Nathan married:
(2) RACHEL ORLENA MILLER PHILLIPS in 1869 in Newton County.
Their children were:
v: Lucinda PEOPLES , 1871

vi: John E PEOPLES, 1873 who married FRANCES PETTY in 1901 in Newton County, Arkansas.

vii: Bethena Jane PEOPLES, 1875 who married,
(1) J A WHITE in 1891 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
(2) John CURRY who she married in 1896 in Newton County,
Arkansas, and
(3) DANIEL FREEMAN who she married in 1904 in Newton County.
Bethena PEOPLES children were:
(i)Martha Jane CURRY FREEMAN born 1897,
(ii) William M CURRY born 1900,
(iii) Easter E. FREEMAN born 1905, and
(iv) Lucinda FREEMAN, born 1907.
There are probably more children.

viii: Polly A PEOPLES, 1878 and

ix: James Zachariah "Zack" PEOPLES, 1882 who married
ELIZA B RICKETTS, (daughter of Margaret "Coon"RICKETTS) 24 July 1902
in Newton County, Arkansas and they were parents of :
1:Dewey PEOPLES born 1903,
2:Washington PEOPLES born 1906,
and 3:Nathaniel PEOPLES born 1908.
Their mother Eliza B Ricketts Peoples died ca 1908 and is buried
in the Silver Hills Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.

Rachel Orlena Miller Phillips Peoples died in March 1897.
She is supposedly buried in Newton County.

(3) ELIZABETH LITTRELL ASHER on 31 Aug 1899 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Was Elizabeth LITTRELL ASHER the daughter of Pleas MANES?
Elizabeth had been married to LEONARD ASHER in 1870
Nathan and Elizabeth were divorced March 1904 in Searcy County,

Nathan Peoples then married:
(4) MARGARET "Coon" RICKETTS on 10 April 1904 in Searcy County,
NATHAN PEOPLES died in February 1908 at Marshall,Searcy County,
Margaret RICKETTS PEOPLES drew Nathan's Civil War Pension up until
15 April 1928 when she died in Newton County, Arkansas.
Margaret Ricketts Peoples is buried in Smith Cemetery at Vendor,
Her father was Stephen RICKETTS and her mother was Tibitha NICHOLS.
My FLOOD children are related to Stephen and Tibitha through their
son,William S RICKETTS and Sarah SMITH (daughter of Jeremiah SMITH
and Margaret ARMSTRONG-BYRD,through Hester Hosannie RICKETTS who married Simon David FLUD and who
were the parents of my father-in-law Lee Chester FLOOD.
Another connection of the Floods to the Peoples families.
There are more connections.

continuing with SMITH PEOPLES children again:
born in Arkansas 1840. She married JASPER REEVES
(someone sent me a note stating that it was Mary Ann STILLS who
married JASPER REEVES. Cannot confirm).
Their children were:
i:John REEVES, born 1874
ii:Caroline REEVES born 1878, who married Henry SCHRADER.
iii:Albert REEVES born 1880 and
iv:Temperance "Tempie" REEVES, born 1884
Tempie Reeves married TOM BROWN and then JOHN COLEMAN.

born in Arkansas in 1843 (Nov 1845?).
He married SARAH "Sally" HAMPTON in 1864 in Newton County, Arkansas.
John served in Co. F, First Arkansas Infantry (Union) Civil War and
drew pension SC687-163 and was drawing $100 dollars a month when he
died on 28 December 1932 in Hackett, Sebastian County, Arkansas.
That was an unheard of amount for that date and time.
Sarah Hampton Peoples died in 1923.
John Peoples married :
(2) MARTHA CROWELL on 8 May 1925, probably in Sebastian County,
It would be interesting to see what John Peoples' death certificate
states as to his parents names.
Has anyone sent for John Peoples' Death Certificate yet?

John's PEOPLES' children:
i: Alvin(W.A.) Nathan? PEOPLES born 1867. Died 1936.
Buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, Sebastian County, Arkansas.
He married MAUDE GILES (1891-1966)

ii:Thomas PEOPLES born 1869.

iii: David Crockett PEOPLES who married MARY ANN GLADDEN, daughter of
Cicero GLADDEN and Sarah ROBERTS.
Married 24Jan1892 in Newton County,Arkansas.
David's children:
1) Dona V PEOPLES born 1892,who married JOE FAUGHT
on 23 March 1913 in Newton County, Arkansas

2) Miles Ira PEOPLES, born June 1894. Married BETTY SADLER.

3) ODIS C PEOPLES, born 20June1896. Married RUTH BEAN.
Odis died 1971 at Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

4) Oskar M PEOPLES born 26 June 1898, died 31 March 1901 in Newton
County, with burial in Red Rock Cemetery.

5) George D PEOPLES, born Feb1900. He married DAISY ELDER.

6) Earle S PEOPLES, born 16Nov1901. He married GRACE EVELYN SKELTON.
Earle died 19Jan1997 at Greenwood, Arkansas with burial Mt. Zion

7) Nellie M PEOPLES, born 1904.

8) Effie G PEOPLES, born 1907.

9) Lida M PEOPLES, born 1909.

10) Joseph Harvey PEOPLES born 5 March1910. He married EDITH (mnu).
Joseph died 8 April 1999.

David Crockett Peoples died 15 Dec 1966 in Sebastian County, Arkansas
with burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery there.
Mary Ann Gladden Peoples, born 17 Sept 1871, died 6 Oct 1953 and I
think she is also buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

(John Peoples children continued)

iv: George W PEOPLES,born 5 August 1870, who married EMELINE SMITH
in 1893 (page 46) in Newton County, Arkansas.
George died 29 December 1955 in Jenny Lind, Arkansas.
Emeline Smith was daughter of James W Smith and Mary Tennison.
Their children I have record of were:
1) James Newt PEOPLES born Jan 1896 who married
FLOY HEYDENRICH on 23 April 1916 in Newton County.
James Newt Peoples children:
1. Elmer Clayton Peoples, born 13 Mar 1917.

Elmer Clayton Peoples, aged 70, of Huron, S.D., died Wednesday
October 28, 1987 at the Veterans Memorial Hospital in Sioux Falls,
He was born March 13, 1917, a son of Newton and Floy Heydenreich
Peoples, at Red Rock. He moved to Huron, S.D. in 1940. He served in
the U.S. Navy and returned to Huron where he was employed at Swanders
Bakery and then for the C&WA Railroad until 1975
Survivors include his wife, MILDRED STRICKLER PEOPLES, Huron, S.D.;
a son and a daughter-in-law Delmer and Janell Peoples,Watertown,S.D.;
two daughters and sons-in-laws, Denise and David Muldoon, Milbank,
S.D.; Joanne and Clayton Dostal, Santa Rosa,California;two brothers,
William A. Ricketts, Wichita, Kansas; John Ricketts, Muskogee,
Oklahoma; two sisters, Helen Lewis of Muskogee, Oklahoma;
Gladys Williams of Torrance, California and four grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by a sister, Ethel Sisco.
Services were Saturday, October 31, at Welter Funeral Home in Huron,
S.D. with the Reverend Dale Sattgast officiating.
Burial was in DeSmet Cemetery in DeSmet, S.D. under the direction of
the Welter Funeral Home. Military rites were performed by VFW Post
Pallbearers included Lynn Hopper, Fred Halbur, Kevin Butyler,
Clarence Shultz, Norman Ferguson and Robert Amott.

After James Newt Peoples died in 1921 (buried Crossroads Cemetery,
Newton County), his widow Floy HEYDENRICH PEOPLES married
Jerry Ricketts was brother to our great-grandmother Hester Ricketts
Flud. Another Flood\Flud connection.

(George W Peoples children continued)

2) Lona B PEOPLES, Oct 1896,who married F. O. HEYDENRICH
26 December 1915 in Newton County.

3) Elmer G PEOPLES, Jan 1900 who married Ethel MORELAND
on 6 June 1920 in Newton County.

4) Theoffice PEOPLES, 1902

5) John Jefferson PEOPLES, 1905

6) Clyde Elmage PEOPLES, born 20 May 1907. He died May 1976.

7) Elsie May PEOPLES, born 18 January 1916.

8) Walter Custer PEOPLES, born 1917.

George W Peoples died 29 Dec 1955 at Jenny Lind, Arkansas with burial
in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Greenwood, Sebastian County, Arkansas
Emeline Smith Peoples, born 23 May 1874, died 8 July 1949 and I
believe she is buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery.

(John Peoples children continued)

v: Sarah Eliabeth "Lizzie" PEOPLES, born 10 October 1878, who married
JEPTHA " Jep" T SMITH 28 January 1900 (page 362) in Newton County,
Do not have list of all their children.
See the JAMES W SMITH and MARY TENNISON STORY on my website.
1) Bessie Smith, born 1905. She married CHESTER CARTER, 23,
on 10 October 1920 (J-640) Newton County, Arkansas.
Bessie died in 1996 and is buried in New Cowell Cemetery
Newton County, Arkansas

2) James Sherman Smith, born 28 July 1909 who died
7 November 1968 with burial Crossroads Cemetery.

3) Russel E Smith, born 14 February 1916.
Died 11 March 1962 with burial at Crossroads Cemetery.

Lizzie Peoples Smith is buried in Crossroads Cemetery,Newton County,
with no death date listed.
J.T. "Jep" Smith died 6 Feb 1961 with burial in Crossroads Cemetery.

(John Peoples children continued)

vi: Ruth " Choctaw" M PEOPLES, 1880, who married :
(1) H C HAGAR on 15 January 1900; she married
(2) GEORGE W PIERCE 17 August 1903 ,(he died 1904)and she married
(3) JOSEPH FARMER 18 March 1906 in Newton County.
(see Rebecca Peoples Farmer Story on my website).
The Peoples must have been Choctaw Indian due to her nickname.

vii:Joseph Harvey PEOPLES, born Jan1882, who married MYRTLE NORTON
(1894-1969) on 16 September 1913 in Newton County, Arkansas. Myrtle
Norton was the daughter of Jeff Davis Norton and Ida L Wilkins.
Joseph died in 1950 and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton
County, Arkansas.
Joseph's children I have record of were:
1) Jeff Peoples,born 14 Feb 1917. He married ELSIE STONE.
Jeff died 18 Aug 1991. Buried at Crossroads Cemetery.

2) Arthur Peoples

3) Joseph Harvey Peoples Jr.,born 4 Feb 1923 at Clarksville, Johnson
County, Arkansas.
JOE PEOPLES, 75,Springdale, Arkansas
Joe Junior Peoples age 75 of Springdale, died September 19, 1998, at
Northwest Medical Center in Springdale. He was born February 4, 1923
in Clarksville to Joe and Myrtle Norton Peoples. He moved to the area
38 years ago from Kansas City,Missouri and retired from Jones Truck
Lines in 1981 as a truck driver. He was a member of Gospel Lighthouse
Church. He was preceded in death by two sons.
Survivors include his wife, Bonnie Dean Peoples of the home, to whom
he was married July 15, 1943; two sons, Kenneth Peoples of Lowell and
Jimmy Peoples of Siloam Springs; three daughters, Edna Newton of
Hot Springs, Helen Godwin of Ava, Missouri and Juanita Bunch of
Springdale; two brothers, A.G. Peoples of Mountain Home and
Lloyd Peoples of Jasper; one sister,Willie Jones of Denver,Colorado;
14 grandchildren; 4 step-grandchildren; several great-grandchildren.
Services were at Gospel Lighthouse with James Hathorn officiating.
Burial was in Wilson Cemetery. Arrangements were by Sisco Chapel of
Pallbearers were Kenneth Hancock, Cecil Hathorn, Gary Imler,
Gene King, Carl Reddell and Rick Troliner.
Honorary pallbearers will be Freddie Peoples and Ronnie Peoples

(Joseph Peoples children continued)

4)Oscar Peoples

5)Roy Leslie Peoples, born 23 Jan 1927. He married FLORA BOEN
(1928-1996).Flora was daughter of Johnnie Taylor and
Maudie Stone Boen.
Roy died 9 Dec 1985 with burial in Crossroads Cemetery,Newton County,
Arkansas. He was World War II Veteran.
Fora Boen Peoples died 12 Aug 1996 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. She had
two brothers,Delmar and Gene Boen and three sisters: Lola Criner,
Delphia Hudson and Delma Maness. Flora is buried in Crossroads Cemetery.
Roy Leslie Peoples known children:
1. Billy Peoples
2. Bobby Peoples
3. Ronnie Peoples
4. Harold Peoples
5. Jerry Peoples
6. Deloris Peoples Gilbert

(Joseph Peoples children continued)

6)Leota Peoples Autry.

7)Lucille Peoples, born 11 Aug 1931. She died 12 Oct 1990 with burial
in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County.

Lucille A. Peoples, 59, of Ozark died Friday, October 12, 1990 at
Crawford County Memorial Hospital in Van Buren.
She was born August 11, 1931 at Deer, a daughter of Joe and
Myrle Norton Peoples. She was a homemaker and a member of the
Assembly of God Church.
Services were Monday at the Crossroads Church in Deer with
Rev. James Hathorn officiating. Burial was in Crossroads Cemetery.
She is survived by four daughters; Patty Sheppard, Janet McGinnnis,
Yvonne Williams and Karen Cagle, all of Ozark; one son LEROY BOEN of
Ozark; one sister Willie Jones of Denver, Colorado; four brothers,
Jeff Peoples of Cowell, Joe Peoples of Springdale, A.G. Peoples of
Mountain Home and Lloyd Peoples of Fairfield, Illinois;
12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
Pallbearers included Darreen Peoples, Joe Sheppard, Tony Stover,
Doyle Medlock, Greg Sossamon and Joe Brown.

(Joseph Peoples children continued)

8)Lloyd Peoples, born 19Nov1936. He died 27 April 2002 at Olney,
Illinois and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County.

9) Arlo Garrett Peoples. He married LORENE STONE.

10)Willie (f) Peoples Jones

Was told by a family member that Joe's family grew up just south
of where you turn off to Fort Douglas Cemetery, off Highway 7 on the
west side of the road. Remnants of homestead may still be visible.

(John Peoples children continued)

viii: John Newton PEOPLES,born 28 July 1886 in Newton County,Arkansas
who married EDNA MORELAND in 1908
(Thanks Laura Garrett of Pueblo, Colorado for the Peoples update

ix: Lillie PEOPLES born 1889 who married STEVE R.SMITH ,
27 September 1906 in Newton County.
Steve Smith was son of James W Smith and Mary Tennison Smith.
Steve Smith was born 15 Aug 1884 and died 29 Jan 1962.
Known Steve Smith children:
1. Nettie A. Smith, born 1907
2.Arnold Smith, born 1 Sept 1909 and died 15 April 1966 with burial
in Jasper Cemetery.
3. Bynum Smith
4. Imogene Smith
5. Lorene Smith
6.Ava Marie Smith, born 21 Aug 1921. She married MR KEEF
Ava Marie Smith Keef died on 19 Feb 1994 and is buried in Jasper Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas
There may be more children

Lillie Peoples Smith died in 1979 and is buried in Jasper Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas.

1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township
Visit 70-71
Smith, Steven R, head, age 22, M4years, b:AR
...... Lilly, wife, age 19 M4years, b:AR
...... Nettie A.,daughter,age 3, single, b:AR
...... Arnold, son, age 7/12, single, b:AR

Have not worked on the Peoples families for awhile. If anyone sees
additions or corrections, please let me know.
Have many clippings to add to the file but am behind in my filing.

Evelyn Flood
Write me:
13 Sept 2006
21 July 2017

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