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Genealogy of SIMON FLUD,
U.S. Deputy Marshal 1891, Fort Smith,Arkansas

SIMON FLUD was born 15 February 1853 in Newton County, Arkansas,
the son of Nathaniel and Mary Polly Jones FLUD and was their
tenth child.
Some family members spell their last name Flood, while others spell
it Flud. The surname is a Welch name, originally spelled Vlaid and
later Fludd. Captain John Flud\Flood, the Ancient Planter of
Virginia is the first known Flood\Flud to America in 1610. I
strongly believe that we are descended from Captain John Flood.
There are many FLUDS on the South Carolina census records also.

It is strange telling the story of SIMON FLUD, the U.S. Deputy Marshal for Judge Isaac Parker, the "Hanging Judge" of Fort Smith, Arkansas. When I saw the name SIMON FLOOD in the list of deputies and also on the plaque in the Fort Smith Museum,I thought to
"he must be our Simon Flood".
Everyone I asked in the Flood family could not answer my many questions about Simon Flud. In contacting his own grand-children, they did not know if he was a deputy for Judge Parker.
On a 1988 trip through Fort Smith, a cousin Charlotte Blanchard and I stopped at the museum there. We inquired at the ranger's office about Simon Flud. The ranger on duty told us all the records were at Fort Worth, Texas. She could not answer any of my questions about Simon Flud.
I thought it strange that the records were at Fort Worth, Texas.
Did not find answers to my questions at Fort Smith, but took many photos while visiting at the museum.

The story of SIMON FLUD FAMILY was sent to the Newton County Historical Society in 1992 by myself for their Newton County Family History Book I. This story, along with many FLOOD\FLUD STORIES and other families, was sent to the Society by myself. Do you have a copy?

I was in contact by mail with my friend Leonard Patton of Fort Smith. When I gave him the name of Simon Flood, he went to the ranger's office at Fort Smith and, lo and behold, got a copy of Simon's Oath of Office for me. Leonard sent me a copy of Simon's Oath of Office.The date of Simon's Oath of Office was 5th of August 1891 and on that oath was the signature of J L Pierce, J.P. who was a Justice of Peace in Newton County, Arkansas and was the brother-in-law of Simon Flud.Simon's sister Mary Maranda Flood had married John L Pierce Jr.
THEN I knew that Simon Flud, U S Deputy Marshal was OUR SIMON FLUD.
I recognized John L Pierce's signature from reading so many Civil War depositions on Union soldiers who had served from Newton County.

Simon Flud's Oath of Office, 5 Aug 1891

Nathan Flud was born ca1808 in North Carolina, the son of John
and Rebecca (Mayo?) Flud.
Mary Polly Jones was born 12 Nov 1816 in Missouri, the daughter
of David Jones Sr. and unknown wife. Two known brothers were David
Jones Jr. and Simon Jones. I believe that Simon Flud was named for
his uncle Simon Jones.
Nathan and Polly Jones Flud were married 15 September 1833 in
St. Francois County, Missouri and were the parents of eleven
children, ten of who lived to adulthood.
Children were:
(1) Nancy Jane Flood Bray Burdine (1833-1902).
(2) John Ben "Kink" Flud (1835-1917) John served in the First
Arkansas Cavalry (Union) during the Civil War.
(3) David Flood (1837-1863)
David Flood enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War in the
First Arkansas Infantry. He was captured by the Confederates in May
of 1863 and hung in Limestone Valley of Newton County, Arkansas,
along with his brother-in-law James Smith and a friend Berry Stone.
All three were hung from the same tree. If you want to read about
this hanging, I have the story on my website.
"The Hanging in Limestone Valley May 29, 1863" in my
'Kinfolks Stories',Story Number 17 at:

(4)Elizabeth Flood (1839-?)
(5) Rebecca Flood Smith (1842-1918)
(6) George Washington Flood (1843-1935). George served in the First
Arkansas Cavalry (Union) during the Civil War.
My family descends from this George W Flood; he was my husband
Kenneth Flood's great-grandfather.
(7) Sarah Flood Smith Cooper (1846-1940)
(8) Sophie Ann Flood Smith (1848-1914)
(9) Mary Maranda Flood Pierce (1850-1914)
(10) SIMON FLUD (1853-1922), the subject of this story.
(11) William Flud (1856-1888)

Simon's father Nathan Flud enlisted in Second Arkansas Cavalry (Union) in July of 1863 at Springfield, Missouri at the age of 56. I am sure that Nathan was allowed to enlist at this age as he was a blacksmith,and much needed in the Cavalry. After receiving his uniform, boots, and Union soldiers gear, he began his duties as a soldier.
I believe that Nathan Flud, having lost his son David in the Civil War, joined the Union Army mainly because of his son David's death by Confederate forces. Nathan chose not to avenge his son's death by taking the law into his own hands and "getting even", but by serving in the Union Army he hoped in some way to bring justice for the death of his son David.
In October 1863 Nathan was on duty as a soldier gathering fodder for the cavalry horses when he became ill. This was probably "heat stroke" as we call it nowadays. Nathaniel "Nathan" Flud died on the 15th of October 1863 in the Union Hospital at Springfield,Missouri of dysentery. He is buried in the National Cemetery at Springfield, Missouri in the Arkansas Section, Grave No. 988. I have visited the cemetery two times.
When Nathan's widow Mary Polly Jones Flud signed for her Widow's Civil War pension, it was found that Nathan had not been mustered into the Cavalry. He had been issued his uniform and arms and went about his duties as a soldier.Had Nathan been mustered in, we would know the date and place of his birth.
Mary eventually received her widows pension. Can you imagine how she survived waiting for her pension to go through?

Their son George W Flood had enlisted in the Union Army in the First Arkansas Cavalry in 1862. He was enlisted as GEORGE W FLOOD. Upon hearing of his father's death, George asked for leave to go home to see about his mother. He was verbally given permission to go home to Newton County.
Can you imagine the dangers he faced in riding home alone, a Union soldier going through Confederate land... bushwhackers and enemy soldiers everywhere. He must have known the lay of the land well and the dangers he faced. So many soldiers were killed by men who were not loyal to either side, but who just killed and robbed people for no reason at all. There was almost total anarchy. And people say we Americans do not know bad times.I could go on and on here telling you true stories of the hardships the people in Arkansas went through during the "War of the Rebellion". While home George W Flood helped plant a crop and care for his mother and his sibling's needs.
When he returned to Fayetteville, he was court martialed and was accused of desertion. He was able to prove he had not deserted. When he applied and received his Civil War Pension, the time he was gone "absent without leave" was deducted from his Civil War service His pension was based on months served in the Union Cavalry,minus time he was absent.
It was at this time, in 1890, that George W. Flood applied for his Civil War Pension. He had, up to this date, signed his last name as FLUD. The Government questioned him on the spelling of the last name. He thought he had been spelling his last name incorrectly and, at this time he started spelling his last name FLOOD. I have copies of his handwritten note to the Government about this surname spelling. So some family members spell it FLUD, while others spell it FLOOD.

Nathan Flud had three sons who served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and two came home from that terrible conflict, which pitted brother against brother and resulted in a terrible loss of life in our United States of America. This Civil War was called "The War of the Rebellion"

SIMON FLUD married for the first time to MATILDA CURRY on
19 Feb 1874 in Newton County, Arkansas.
She was the daughter of James and Sarah Matilda CURRY.
Matilda's father died in the Civil War in the Confederate Service.
They had two known sons:
i: DAVID COLUMBUS FLUD "Granny's Little Dave", born 4 Feb 1875
in Newton County, Arkansas. David died on 14 Dec 1950 in Eufaula,
Oklahoma. He never married.

ii: DOVER FLUD, born 1879. Dover was said to have married Hallie,
but I have never found Dover in any census.

MATILDA CURRY FLUD died on 28 Mar 1875 in Newton County, Arkansas
and is believed to be buried in Smith (Log Hall) Cemetery there in
Newton County.

SIMON FLUD married a second time to MARY REEVES (REIVE),thought
to be part Choctaw Indian. Mary was born in 1860 in Arkansas.
They were married 14 July 1878 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Her parents were James and Nancy Jane Reeves. Her father
James Reeves served in the Union Army during the Civil War.
It will be interesting to find out about this family when I receive
his Civil War Pension record.

I don't like to list living people, and try to avoid dates. My hope is to contact any Flud descendants and add to my research. Many of these listed people are deceased but I do not have the dates and places.

Simon and Mary J. Flud sold their land consisting of 130 acres
in Johnson County, Arkansas south of Big Piney Creek for $750
to J N and Elizabeth Jones. Date 6 Oct 1883. Witnesses were:
W.R. Jones and G.B. Dotson.
I thank Virginia Brown for sending me this Warranty Deed

iii: WILLIAM "Black Will" FLUD,
born 12 May 1884 at what was then called "Loafers Glory", Newton
County, Arkansas. Will inherited his mother's Indian features and
was called "Black Will".

Black Will Flud and Winnie Mason Flud

Will married Winnie Elizabeth MASON ca 1904 at Lenna, Oklahoma.
Winnie was the daughter of EDWARD MASON and ELIZABETH "Liza" JANE
Flud Children:
1) Stella Rosebud Flud, born 16 Nov 1905 in Oklahoma.

Stella Rosebud Flud Flud

She married JESSE HARMON FLUD ca 1924 at Wasco, California.
Stella died 14 Aug 1972 at Exeter, California.
1. June Victoria Geneva Flud
2. Gil Flud 3. William Harmon fLud who married Ella Flippo
4. Betty Evonah Flud Byars
5. Sharon Flud Davis
6. Janice Lee Flud Foley Smith

2)Simon Flud, born 1 Mar 1907 in Oklahoma.
He died 30 Mar 1920 and is buried at Mellette Cemetery, Eufaula,
Oklahoma. He was 14 years, 1 month and died of "carbuncle on his

3)Georgia Ann Flud, born 3 July 1910. She married CHARLES
BAUGHN in Nevada. They had no children. Georgia died 9 March 1961
at Exeter, California of cancer.

4)Ruby Hazel Flud, born 16 May 1913. She married
SHELBY BYARS of Texas in 1930 at Reno, Nevada.

5) Delpha Winona "Dutchess" Flud, born 21 Feb 1915 in
Oklahoma. She married (1) LLOYD PAIR, (2) JOHN JONES of Hanford,
California,(3)AL LANE of Visalia, California, and (4)JACK WHITNEY
She had no children.

6) Mary Beatrice "Bea" Flud, born 6 Oct 1918 at Clayton,Oklahoma
She married (1) OLLIE NEWTON in 1935 at Eufaula, Oklahoma. She
married (2) ODELL L. GRAY in May 1941 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

7) Charles Edward "Son" Flud, born 21 Jan 1920\21. He
married (1) SHIRL REED in 1940 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He married
(2) GRACE STECKER in 1943. Charles died 22 Jan 1980\81 in Butte
County, California at Oroville.
Roger, Danny and Darlene Flud

8)Novice Irene "Bobbie" Flud, born 11 Dec 1923. She married
(1) LOREN MOORE of Porterville, California. She had a daughter
Halana Moore McMurray. Bobbie married (2)WESLEY FISHER of
Fresno, California.

9)John Kermit Albert "Buddy" Flud, born 5 June 1926 at
McFarland,California. John married RUTH ZOLENE PARHAM on 27 May
1947 at Visalia, California.
Children are Linda Joan Flud TYLER and Tommy Bruce FLUD
Tommy Flud married Catherine Sue SNOW on 15 Oct 1971 in Tulsa,
Oklahoma and has children Jennifer and Cory Bruce FLUD
John Flud died 31 Mar 1974.

10) Bessie Flud, died as an infant.

"Black Will" and Winnie Mason Flud Family

1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census Soundex, ED 40, Sheet 9
FLUD, William, Head, W, 36, AR ("Black Will" Flud)
..... Winnie, Wife, 33, AR
...... Stella R, daug., 14, OK
...... Simeon S, son, 12, OK
...... Georgia A, daug., 9, OK
...... Ruby H, daug., 7, OK
...... Delpha M, daug., 5, OK
...... Beatrice, daug. l-2/12, OK

Will Flud died 30 Nov 1966 or 30 Mar 1961 at Exeter, California.
Winnie Mason Flud died 9 Aug 1978 at Exeter, California.

continuing with children of Simon Flud.

iv: GEORGE W. "Bud" FLUD, born Feb 1886. He married (1) Ossie (mnu)
and (2) ADDIE SANLAND. George is buried in Lindsey Cemetery at
Exeter, California.
Hoping someone from this family will contact me.
1) David Flud, born 1907 who married Ruth (mnu)

2)Theodore "Ted" Flud, born 1908 who married May (mnu)

3) Robert "Bob" Flud (deceased)

4) Helen Flud

v: CHARLES NEWTON FLUD, born 12 May 1889 in Union, Texas. He
Laura was born Nov1896 in Newton County, Arkansas. Her parents
were Nathaniel and Nancy BETHEL BOHANNON, shown on the 1900
Newton County, Arkansas Census in Union Township.
Flud Children:
1) Joy Lee Flud, born 23 Nov 1920. Married GRACE CAIN. Joy died
26 June 1988 at Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma.
Children were Ramona Kay Flud Otis and Nancy Lee Flud Thrasher.
Charles Flud died 21 Sept 1983 at Holdenville,Oklahoma.
Laura Bohannon Flud died 5 April 1981. They are buried in the
Holdenville Cemetery at Holdenville, Oklahoma.

2) Louise Flud, born 17 Mar 1926. She died 16 Mar 1983 at Holden-
ville, Oklahoma.

3) Charles B. Flud, born 17 Nov 1931. He married SHARON NAOMI
McCOY. Charles died in Jan 1982.
Children were Charles B. Flud Jr. of Ft. Worth, Texas and
Keith Alan Flud. Sharon Flud last lived in Grand Prairie, Texas.

vi: CORA BELLE FLUD, born 12 Jan 1892. She married PERRY RAYBURN
ca 1918. Cora died 13 June 1965 and is buried at Okmulgee,

Corabelle Flud Rayburn

MARY REEVES FLUD died ca 1895 at Roby (Fisher County) Texas.

1900 Indian Territory Census, Choctaw Nation, Township 7North,
Range 26 East. ED 87, page 119.
FLUD, Simon, Head, W, m, Feb 1853, AR,AL,MO, Farmer
.....Sallie, wife, W, f, Feb1868, 32,M13yrs, 8-6 children,AR,TN,AR
.....Arthur, son, IN, m, Jan1897, 3, I.T.,AR,AR
.....Mary, daug.,IN, Jan1900, 4/12, I.T.,AR,AR
.....William, son, IN, Jan1885, 15, AR,AR,I.T.
.....George, son, IN, Feb1886, 14, AR,AR,I.T.
.....Charlie, son, IN, May1889, 11, TX,AR,I.T.
.....Cora, daug., IN, Jan1892, 8, AR,AR,I.T.
BARBER, Riley, stepson, Dec1887, 12, AR,MO,AR
......Laura, stepdaug.,Mar1890, 10, AR,MO,AR
......James, stepson, Jan1892, 8, I.T.,MO,AR
......Jesse, stepson, Feb1895, 5, I.T.,MO,AR

SIMON FLUD married for a third time to:
SARAH JANE SPARKS BARBER, on 18 Jan 1897 in Newton County,Arkansas.
Sarah was the daughter of JESSE and ELIZABETH OWENS SPARKS.
Sarah was born 13 Feb 1867 in Newton County, Arkansas and died on
10 April 1950 at Eufaula, Oklahoma.

Sarah Owens Barber Flud and Dave C. Flud
David Columbus Flud was Simon Flud's first child

Sally Sparks, age 18, had married J.L.BARBER,age 18, on 16 Oct 1886
in Newton County,Arkansas
Her known Barber children were:
i: RILEY BARBER, born December 1887 in Arkansas.
ii: LAURA BARBER, born March 1890 in Arkansas.
She married WILL O'NEAL.
iii: JAMES BARBER, born March 1892 in Indian Territory
iv: JESSE BARBER, born Feb 1895 in Indian Territory

l to r rear: Barber sons
l to r front:Corabelle,Mary,Floy,Lizzie Flud,Laura Barber

continuing with children of Simon Flud

vii: ARTHUR "Doc" FLUD, born 1898 (Jan1897)
He died 1927\28 at Tulsa, Oklahoma after being hit by a car.

Harmon and Arthur "Doc" Flud

viii: MARY FLUD, born Jan1900. She married ANDREW SARTIN on
24 April 1943 at Eufaula, Oklahoma. She may have married a second
time.Mary died in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma on unknown date.

ix: SOPHA FLUD, born 1901. She is on the 1910 Hughes County,
Oklahoma census with the family. No further information.

x: LIZZIE FLUD, born 1903. She married J.M. HELTON on 3 Nov 1926
in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Lizzie is buried at Lindsey, California.

xi: FLOY ETCHEL FLUD, born 15 Jan 1907 in Eufaula, McIntosh County
Oklahoma. She married WILBURN OLIVER MARTIN on 18 April 1925 at
Eufaula, Oklahoma. Wilburn's parents were Jacob Light Martin and
May Van Yenney.
Floy Flud Martin died 13 Jan 1980 at Senath, Missouri.
She is buried at Harrah, Oklahoma.

1910 Hughes County, Oklahoma Census Soundex F430, ED0111, Line 32,
Visit 0224
11-12 May 1910
FLUD,Simon S, head, w, 56, AR,AR,MO, rents farm
.....Sarah, wife, 42, AR,TN,AR
.....Dave, son, 35, AR
.....Charlie, son, 21, TX
.....Cora, daug.,18, AR
.....Auther, son, 12, AR
.....Mary, daug., 10, OK
.....Sofa, daug., 9, OK
.....Lizzie, daug., 7, OK
.....Floy, daug.,3, OK
BARBER,Reily, stepson, 22, AR
......Jim, stepson, 18, OK
......Jesse, stepson, 15, AR

xii: BONNIE FLUD, born 18 May 1910 in Oklahoma. She married
CAMPBELL HOOPER. Campbell Hooper was born 9 Oct 1881. He died in
July 1956 in California. Bonnie Flud Hooper died 29 February 1990
in Pleasanton, California of cancer.
Bonnie's children were Vickie, Ginger and Nancy Jane Hooper

Bonnie Flud Hooper on right, as a young girl

1910 Hughes County, Oklahoma, Visit 117, Newbury Township
30 April 1910
FLUD, William, Head, W, 24, M1 5 yrs, Texas, OK,AR(Black Will Flud)
.....Winnie, wife, 24, AR
.....Stella, daug., 4, OK
.....Simon, son, 3, OK
1 non-relative

1920 Pushmataha County, Oklahoma Soundex, ED237, Visit 79
FLOOD, S.S., head, W, ?, AR (he would have been ca 67 years)
..... Sarah, wife, W, 52, AR
..... Dave, son, 43, AR
..... Arthur, son, 21, AR
..... Mary, daug., 19, AR
......Floy, daug., 13, OK
......Bonnie, daug.,9, OK

Bonnie Flud Hooper, Simon Flud's last child

SIMON FLUD died 15 April 1922 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and is buried
there. He died of pneumonia.

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