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This genealogy includes many known Shatswell families and their extended families

Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell and grandson David Shatswell, ca 1905

Shatswell family is large. It is like working a giant jig-saw puzzle.
Hopefully I have put the pieces together correctly.

Want to thank Don and Berta Oliver for sharing this picture with us.
Brenda Torix also sent me a copy of the same picture and I want to thank her too.
And thanks to Chief Harris and others for their help and for the
photos and pictures they were willing to share with us.

by Evelyn Flood

This Shatswell genealogy is taken from my research and my many family
group sheets.
My information may not agree with your research
Additions and corrections welcome
Information mainly from census, marriage, cemetery, military records
I want to thank everyone who has helped with this genealogy.
Started collecting Shatswell genealogy because many of the Shatswell families
married into my Flood\Flud family members and their related families.
If you have any additions you would like me to add, please send me an
Any additional pictures you may have to add to this story are also

Have Thomas C Shatswell's Military Record from his service in the
Sabine Indian War of 1835.Thomas served in Co. F, First U S Dragoons
under General Arbuckle.
Thomas enlisted on 21 November 1835 in Boston, Massachusetts.
He was a farrier (blacksmith )in Troop F,First Regiment of Dragoons,
Indian War
Certificate 7358 (3967).
Thomas served in the Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma area and Nagodoches, Texas
My good friend Fran Flood Shatswell Emmerich sent the Military Record
to me.

Kent Cusack did a really good write up about Thomas Shatswell’s
Military Record which I would like to mention here.
Kent Cusack states:
Thomas Shatswell Sr. came to Massachusetts from Germany and changed
his name from Crownshield to Shatswell.
Hannah Rowell was the daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Beckett) Rowell.
Thomas Crownshield Shatswell had a sister
named Elizabeth who was born about 1807 in Salem and died on
2 June 1842.

Thomas Shatswell Jr. was son of Thomas Shatswell,born 1782 in Salem,
Essex County, Massachusetts who died before 1810 at Salem.
Thomas Shatswell Jr.’s mother was HANNAH ROWELL, born 1785 in
Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Thomas Shatswell and HANNAH ROWELL were married 28 July 1805 in
Massachusetts,probably Salem, Essex County.
She died about 1816 at Salem, Massachusetts.
There are Shatswell Probate Records in Essex County, Massachusetts,
1635-1681 which I did not investigate.

Thomas Crownshield Shatswell Jr. grew up in Salem and learned the
trade of blacksmith.
On 21 November 1835 he enlisted for three years in United States
Regular Army at Boston, Massachusetts.
The company rolls described him as 27 years old,5 feet,8-l/2 Inches
tall, with fair complexion, grey eyes and black hair.
On 13 January 1836, Thomas Shatswell was assigned as a farrier
(blacksmith) to Troop F, 1st Regiment, United States Dragoons
(Cavalry), commanded by General Arbuncle stationed at Fort Gibson,
Arkansas on the frontier of the United States and Mexico.

In April 1836,the United States feared there would be an uprising of
Indians along the Southwestern frontier. Regular troops amounting to
1600 were stationed along the Mexican frontier during that time to
prevent incursions of Indians, and at the same time keep peace
among the Indian tribes themselves, which inhabited the adjoining
country. The U.S. Army was to fulfill the treaty stipulations
between Mexico and the United States in reference to the Indians
on the Western frontier, whether belonging to the U.S. or Mexico,
and especially to maintain a strict neutrality in regard to the
contending parties in Texas.
In May 1836, a squadron of dragoons including F Troop, along with six
companies from the 7th Infantry, moved to Fort Towson, Arkansas on
the Red River, and Camp Benton was established on the left bank of
the Sabine River.
Thomas Shatswell served at Camp Benton until August 1836 and then
moved to Camp Nacogdoches, Texas where he stayed until December 1836.
While the country covered by these movements of troops was greatly
disturbed and the inhabitants very much frightened on account of
expected Indian incursions, no actual fighting took place.
Thomas returned to Fort Gibson in December 1836 and remained there
until his discharge from the United States Army on 21 November 1838
upon completion of his three year service obligation
After his discharge from the Army, Thomas settled in Johnson County,

Elizabeth "Betsy"Peoples was born in Henry County, Tennessee
(per pension record 1 October 1822...per her tombstone 1 August 1833,
while census records give years as 1824 and 1829).
Her father was SMITH PEOPLES and her mother was SARAH (maiden
name unknown). I believe her mother, Sarah, was Choctaw Indian.
Read further and you will see why I believe this.

Kent Cusack in his article states that Smith Peoples was the son of
Wyatt and Rhuhammer (Banner)Peoples. Ruhammer Banner was a Chickasaw
Indian. >br> Family legend has it that Elizabeth was full-blooded Cherokee Indian
while other sources say she was Choctaw. Even though her tribe is
uncertain it is obvious from her photograph that she was of Indian

Thomas Crownshield Shatswell and Elizabeth "Betsy" Peoples were
married on 1 October 1847 at Clarksville,Johnson County, Arkansas by
Rev. Thomas Willis.

Thomas Crownshield Shatswell was murdered not far from his home on
12 September 1872 (tombstone reads 10 January 1871).
He and his brother-in-law were riding to the Grist Mill at Deer,
Arkansas to have three bags of corn ground into cornmeal ,
when they were apparently robbed and murdered. Their bodies were
found by the side of the road. They were buried near the spot where
they were found. The tombstone marking his grave is located about a
half mile off of Parker Ridge Road No. 1202,
in Section 21 or 22 of Township 13 North, Range 21 West in Newton County
The tombstone is engraved with "Gone but not forgotten".

Elizabeth "Betsy" Peoples Shatswell died on 5 January 1911 at the age
of 88
and was buried at Copper Bluff Cemetery on Big Creek in Newton County
Arkansas. She lived her last years with her daughter Louisa and
son-in-law Nathaniel Harvey Flud
Her tombstone reads "No lost blest thou goeth but gone before, where
we shall Meet to part no more".

This is the Shatswell families as I know them
Also have many newspaper clippings showing marriages, anniversaries,
deaths, and births and will share some of them in this story.

Some family members spell their last names as SHATT.
Have also seen the name spelled CHATWELL.
Others spell their last name SHATWELL.

Know that I am missing lots of family information. Hopefully, family
members will send me more information and I can complete this
Shatswell family history

Betsy Peoples Shatswell Oil Painting done by Chief Harris’ wife, Delores Harris

Thank you Delores for sharing your beautiful paintings with us

Thomas and Betsy Peoples Shatswell's eight known children were:

Born 1848 in Johnson County, Arkansas
(Tombstone gives year as 1849)

Thomas Columbus Shatswell
Thomas married :
(1)CANZADIA BURDYNE, age 19, on 7 February 1868
in Newton County,Arkansas. Canzadia was daughter of William
Burdyne and Elizabeth Vesterman? Winchester Burdine.
Thomas divorced Canzadia ca 1869.
Newton County, Arkansas Court Records
Page 38, February Term 1870
T C Shatswell plantiff. Bill for Divorce
Chansada Shatswell, Defendant
Page 54
Thomas Shatswell vs Cansada Shatswell " Pet. for Divorce"
There is no date
"she willfully deserted said complainant about the 1st day of March
A.D.1868 without any just cause and so continued for more than twelve
months prior to the filing of this bill and that the cause occurred?
in this state. It is therefore c.….by the court that the Bonds of
Matrimony heretofore existed.….and the same is hereby disolved and
held for naught that said complaintant be restored to all the rights
and priveleges of a single man and it is further..….that said
complaintant pay all the cost in and about this suit laid out and

Do not know what happened to Canzadia Burdyne Shatswell after their

Thomas Columbus Shatswell then married a second time to:
RUTHA MARIAH JONES, age 21, on 31 March 1872
in Newton County, Arkansas, Book A, page 142.

Rutha Mariah Jones Shatswell
Thank you Stacy (

Rutha was daughter of Thomas R JONES and ELIZABETH HAMPTON
Thomas R Jones was brother to Lemuel R Jones and Benjamin Jones,and
Elizabeth Jones Torix Lane,plus others.
Have Thomas R Jones' Civil War Pension Record.
Thomas R Jones was son of Solomon Jones and ELIZABETH BURNHAM
The BURNHAM surname is prominent in St. Francois County, Missouri

One of Solomon’s daughters, Elizabeth M. Jones married PETER TORIX in St.Francois County, Missouri in the early 1830s.
(See the TORIX Story on my ‘Kinfolks Stories’ web site)

Thomas Columbus Shatswell applied for Civil War Pension in 1923.
He claims he served in Co. C, First Arkansas Infantry (Union) during
Civil War.
Did not send for his Civil War papers so have no pension records to
prove this claim.

Thomas Columbus Shatswell (1849 - 1941)
Rutha Mariah Jones Shatswell (1853 - 1921)

Thomas Columbus Shatswell Children were:

i:GEORGE RILEY SHATSWELL, born 6 May 1872/73 Red Rock,Newton
County,Arkansas.He died 25Nov1965 Checotah,McIntosh County,
Oklahoma.Buried Greenlawn Cemetery.
He married SARAH EMELINE PIERCE (25/26Feb188l or Oct1882 per 1900
Census Record)in Jasper,Arkansas
She died 25May1962 at Checotah,McIntosh County,Oklahoma
Greenlawn Cemetery,Checotah
Her parents were John L Pierce,Jr. and Mary Maranda Flood (sister to
our George Washington "Uncle Wash"Flood 1843)
Married on 8 April 1897 in Newton County,Arkansas.
He resided in White, Newton, AR in 1900, and Pittsburg, Johnson
County,Arkansas in 1910.

George Riley Shatswell's known children were:
1) William L(A?) Shatswell
2) Lesker "Leck"Shatswell(1901-1936)
3) Bessie L Shatswell
4) Gertrude Shatswell
There are probably more children

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 165
SHATSWELL, George, Head, Born May 1872, age 28, M3yrs, AR,AR,AR
.......….. Emmaline, Wife, Born Oct1882, age 19, M3yrs, AR,AR,AR
.......…… William L, Son, Born Oct1898, age 1, Single, AR,AR,AR
JONES, William, Uncle, Born Feb1858, age 42, Single, AR,AR,TN
(William Jones was deaf. He was son of Thomas R. Jones and Elizabeth
HAMPTON and was brother to Rutha M. Jones Shatswell).

1910 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pittsburg Township, Visit 393
Shatswell, George R, Head, age 31, M1 12yrs, AR,AR,AR ;Farmer Laborer
........., Emeline S,, Wife, age 28, M1 12yrs 4-4 living, AR,AR,AR
......... William A, Son, age 11, single, AR,AR,AR
......... Lesker, Son, age 9, Single, AR,AR,AR
......... Bessie L, Daug., age 4, Single, AR,AR,AR
......... Gertrude, Daug., age 1-9/12, single, AR,AR,AR
CLABORN, Fredrick, Boarder, age 28, Single, AR,TN,AR Farm Laborer

Lester"Leck" Shatswell was killed by a train at Ft. Smith, Arkansas
in the 1930's and is buried in Triplett Cemetery, McIntosh County,
Oklahoma.Charlotte Blanchard and I visited his grave in 1988

CARRIE UNDERWOOD, the singer, is descended from this
Shatswell family

Carrie Marie UNDERWOOD was born 10 March 1983
Muskogee,Oklahoma.Raised in Checotah, McIntosh County,Oklahoma
Older sisters: Shanna Glanell Means (born 5 September 1970) and
Stephanie Jean Shelton (born 9 November 1973)
Carrie married MIKE FISHER who is Canadian ice hockey player.
they have son Isiah Mike Fisher
Friends and family of the 22-year-old college senior describe her
as a polite, quiet, small-town girl with a beautiful voice.
"She never did do anything out of line," said Carl Shatswell,
Underwood's grandfather. "You couldn't ask for any better youngster growing up."
And while Shatswell described Underwood as quiet and shy, that
description changed when it came to her singing.
"I figured she'd make something of it, because she's sung all of her
life," he said.
"She went to Kansas one time and was singing on the bus.
Her grandmother and me, we tried to get her to hush up, but the rest
of the folks on there,they wanted her to keep singing.
"She was just three at the time."
Stephen Bryan UNDERWOOD was born 2 April 1945 and worked for 30 years
as a paper-mill operator for Georgia-Pacific, then raised cattle.
Barbara Carole SHATSWELL was born 15 June 1949 and taught elementary

Bryan UNDERWOOD was born 4 July 1909 (Oklahoma);died 27 April 1990.
Married 22 March 1928 (Williams, Oklahoma). Buried Mountain Home
Cemetery (Whitefield, Haskell, Oklahoma).
Nell Ella GREEN was born 29 March 1910 (Williams, Leflore, OK) and
died 2 March 2006.Buried Mountain Home Cemetery Whitefield, Haskell,

William Carl SHATSWELL was born 30 January 1927. Married secondly
10 April 1963 to GLADYS FAYE LUKE
. Married thirdly to IRENE(MNU)
. ??????? (possibly Betty CATHEY) – was she daughter of Clarence D.
Cathey, 1901-1994 and Alma Cathey, 1897-1983?).

Lester/Lesker B. SHATSWELL was born 19 April or May 1901 (Arkansas)
and died 12 December 1936.
Buried in Triplett Cemetery (Texanna, McIntosh, Oklahoma).

Rosie E. NEEDHAM was born 23 March 1910 (Kansas);died 28 June 1981,
married secondly after 1940 to ______ HURST,
and thirdly 15 December 1960 (Humboldt County, California) to
HOWARD E. HOPPING. Buried Greenlawn Cemetery (Checotah, McIntosh,

Thomas Columbus Shatswell was born 1849 in Arkansas and died 1941,
buried Red Rock Cemetery, Newton Co.Arkansas,son of:
Thomas Crownshield Shatswell and Elizabeth Peoples
children: George Riley, William Alfred, Sarah Elizabeth Flood,
John Kelse, Minnie Smith, Benjamin F, Rudy"Bud", Emmaline G Hallum,
Dullie Irene Shatswell Tennison

Rutha Mariah Jones, born March 1852 in Arkansas and died 1921,
buried Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County,Arkansas
Married 31Mar1872 (A142)Newton Co.AR. She was daughter of Thomas
Jones and Elizabeth Hampton
John L Pierce,Jr.
Mary Maranda Flood (sister to our great-great grandpa
GEORGE WASHINGTON "UNCLE WASH"FLOOD (1843-1935)Served in Civil War

Thomas Crownshield Shatswell, born 1806 Salem, Massachusetts.,died
10Jan1871 (12Sept1872 war record),buried Newton Co.AR, Parker Ridge
Road.Married Elizabeth"Betsy"Peoples 1 October 1847, Clarksville,
Johnson County, Arkansas.
She born Oct (1829/1833) Henry County, Tennessee
She died 5 Jan 1911, buried Coppers Bluff Cemetery, Newton County,
children: Thomas Columbus, William M, Sarah Jane Essex, George W,
James H (Henry), Louiza Catherine Flood, Joseph H, and
Mary E "Bess" Shatswell Smith(John Allen Smith).

Smith Peoples, b: CA 1802 Georgia, d: ca 1892 Searcy Co.AR (Served
Co.F,First AR Infantry, Union, Civil War)He applied for his
Civil War Pension due to Scurvy but dropped claim from Searcy County,
Arkansas. Record did not list children's names nor exactly where he
was born. Have his partial Pension Record. He was a chair maker and a
Wife of Smith Peoples:SARAH (unknown last name)but believe she was
Choctaw Indian. They usually did not list their last names if they
were Indian
Married ca 1826 in Tennessee,born: 1803 NC, died: ca 1890 Searcy
Another child of Smith Peoples was Caroline Peoples Flud (James)

(continuing with Thomas Columbus Shatswell children)

ii:WILLIAM 'ALFRED' SHATSWELL, born Jan 1875 in Newton County.
He married VIRGINIA "Jenny" P SMITH on 22 Jan 1897 in Newton County.
Jennie was daughter of James W. SMITH and Mary TENNISON. (John M and
Mary Polly Rena Rowland Smith family)
William Alfred and Jennie Smith Shatswell known children:

1)Floyd Shatswell, born 1902 in Arkansas.
Married MINNIE (mnu) ca 1920 in Johnson County, Arkansas

2)Archie Shatswell,M born 1903 in Arkansas

3)Laura E. Shatswell, born ca 1905 in Arkansas

4)Franklin Shatswell, born 1908 in Arkansas

5)Buddie Shatswell, born 1911 in Arkansas

6)Louisiana Shatswell, born 1913 in Arkansas

7)male, born 1920 in Arkansas

1910 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pittsburg Township, Visit 243-248
Shatswell, Alfred, Head, 35, M1 12yrs, born AR, father AR, mother AR
........., Jennie S, Wife, 26,M1 12yrs, born AR, father AR, mother AR
........., Floyd, son, 9, AR,AR,AR
........., Archie, son, 8, AR,AR,AR
........., Luera? E, daug., 6, AR,AR,AR
........., Franklin, son, 4, AR,AR,AR
........., Buddie, son, l1/12, AR, AR, AR

1920 Johnson County, Arkansas, Pittsburg Township, Visit 166
Shatwell, William A., head, 45, M, AR,AR,AR (notice spelling)
........, Jennie, wife, 37, M, AR,AR,AR
........, Archie, son, 17, Single, AR,AR,AR
........, Laura, daug., 15, Single, AR,AR,AR
........, Frank, son, 12, Single, AR,AR,AR
........, Buddie, son, 9, Single, AR,AR,AR
........, Lousiana, daug. 7, Single, AR,AR,AR
........, Baby, son, 2/12, Single,....AR,AR,AR

Visit 167-183
Shatwell, Floyd, Head, 18, M, AR,AR,AR
........, Minnie, wife,16, M, AR,US,AR

1930 Sebastian County, Arkansas Census, Ft. Smith, Upper Township,
Visit 604-40, North Seventh Street. Rents.
SHATSWELL, William, Head, $24.00, age 52, married at 20, born AR
…………….., Virginia, Wife, age ?, married at 16. Born AR
…………….., Floyde, Son, age 29, Single, Born AR
…………….., Anna, Daughter, age 17, Single, Born AR(Louisiana in 1920)
……………..Albert, Son, age 10, Single, Born AR

1930 Sebastian County, Arkansas Census, Ft. Smith, Upper Township
Visit 604-39
SHATSWELL, Archie, Head, $16.00, age 26, married at 23, Born AR.
……………… Beatrice, Wife, age 23, married at 23, Born AR
……………… Frankie, Daughter, age 3?, born AR
………………..Bobbie, Son, age 4/12, born AR

(continuing with Thomas Columbus Shatswell children)
She died 1970 with burial Oak Hill Memorial Park, Escondido,
San Diego County, California
She married OLIVER JONES FLOOD (son of John "Kink FLUD and Emeline COOPER)
Married on 15 Jan 1905 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Oliver Jones Flood (1874 - 1955)Burial:Oak Hill Memorial Park,Escondido,
San Diego County,California

Oliver Jones Flood with wife Lizzie Shatswell & children Ted,Oscar & Prozie Flud

(See the John Kink Flud Story
in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website)

iv:JOHN KELSE SHATSWELL, born August 1879(per census);
per tombstone, 10 August 1881.
He died 1 June 1977 ;buried in Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County,

John Kelsey Shatswell

John Kelse Shatswell married:
(1)ADA BROWN SUTTON on 1 January 1905 in Newton County.
She died early in their marriage.
Ada Brown Sutton had first married PLEAS "YANK"SUTTON in 1901.
Ada supposedly died shortly after their marriage.

John Kelse Shatswell then married :
Buried Crossroads Cemetery,Newton County
Matilda's Parents:
Marion Cicero Gladden (1837 - 1905)
Sarah Roberts Gladden (1844 - 1911)
Married on 22 July 1906 in Newton County.
Matilda had been married previously to ZELEN SEABORN "FELLER"HARRIS
in 1903 and they had a daughter Sarah Elizabeth "Bessie" Harris, born
26 Jan 1904 and died 29 January 1910 with burial in Red Rock
Cemetery,Newton County.
. Matilda and Feller apparently divorced.
Zelen Seaborn Harris was half-brother to our great-grandmother
Rachel Caroline Harris Flood (Mrs. George W "Uncle Wash" Flood).
Zelen Seaborn "Feller" Harris was brother to Ollie Harris who married
Jeremiah Ricketts.

Matilda Gladden Harris Shatswell and daughter Bessie Harris

Matilda Gladden Harris Shatswell known children:
Bessie Harris (1904 - 1910)
Retha Bula Shatwell Rich (1907 - 2003)
Urentha Shatswell Dotson (1909 - 2007)
Famie Norma Shatswell Robinson (1911 - 2009)
Cynthia Shatswell Baker (1912 - 2011)
Sendie Alice Shattswell Holt (1915 - 2008)
Wilburn E Shatswell (1917 - 1995)
Truman Wilson Shatswell (1920 - 1990)
Lewis G. Shatwell (1922 - 1928)
Sherman Dencly Shatwell (1926 - 1927)

John Kelse and Matilda Gladden Shatswell children were :
1)RETHA BULA SHATSWELL, born 26 May 1907 at Red Rock.
She married JOSEPH DANIEL RICH on 9 August 1931 in Newton County.
Joe was the son of Bartley RICH and Sarah WILSON
Joseph Daniel Rich, born 11 Jan 1911 died 20 Jan 1989 and is buried
in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County
Retha died on 27 March 2003 at the Newton County Nursing Home.
She is buried at Crossroads Cemetery in Newton County, Arkansas.
Retha and Joe Rich children I have record of were:
1.Charley Rich ,
2.Robert Rich of Bates City, MO;
3. Stella Rich Campbell of Liberty, MO;
4. Yvonne Rich Davis of Kansas City, KS;
5.Lillian Rich Young of Jasper, AR.
Twelve grandchildren and and several great and great-great
grandchildren survive her.
I called Retha on the phone when visiting in Newton County and she
helped me with much information.
Wish I had asked her more questions about the Shatswell families.

2)URENTHA A. SHATSWELL, born in 1909.
URentha married:
(1) WASHIE BROWN on 6 July 1924 in Newton County.
Their children were: George, Lewis, Ethel, Melvin and Lorene Brown
Rentha married second to:
I do not have a list of her Dotson children

Famie and TOY BURDINE were parents of James Junior SHATSWELL(SHATT),
born 6 May 1930 in Newton County.
Junior Shatswell married MARY FRANCES "Fran" FLOOD EMMERICH
(daughter of German Flood and Nina Campbell ) and they had four
1.James Richard SHATT
2.Ronald Junior SHATT
3.Infant son SHATT
4.Laurie Ann SHATT
Fran later married ARTIE EMMERICH and they had two daughters .
Fran FLOOD SHATT EMMERICH was one of my very best friends
who we lost in December of 2001 to cancer in Kansas City,
(See Fran Flood Emmerich story in my Kinfolks Stories)

Famie Shatswell and STACY SUTTON were the parents of:
Verna Ruth Shatswell and RILEY SEXTON were the parents of Larry SEXTON.
Famie married LAWRENCE ROBINSON and they lived at Buckner, Missouri.
Do not have a list of all of Famie's children.

4) SYNTHA SHATSWELL born ca 1913
Synthia married (1) CHARLES HOLT and (2) Mr. BAKER

5) SENDIA ALICE SHATSWELL., born ca 1915
Sendia married ARLIE D HOLT and they lived at Laporte, Indiana.

6) WILBURN E. SHATSWELL, born 1 November 1917 at Red Rock.
Wilburn married:
(1)DOROTHY SMITH on 22 May 1938 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Dorothy was the daughter of Dave Crockett Smith and Mary Lavina
"Viney" Smith Burdine Smith
(another way the Flood Family is related

Wilburn and Dorothy Smith Shatswell children were:
i: Joyce Shatswell Whitney of Centerton, Arkansas
ii: Anna Belle Shatswell Gurney of Grandview, Missouri
iii: Diana Shatswell Petit of Desoto, Kansas
iv: Myrtle Shatswell Briggs of Tahlequah, Oklahoma
v: Lillian Shatswell of Valley Springs, Arkansas
vi: male Shatswell, name unknown, who died before 1995
Note: Some of the above listed children may have been Wilburn‘s
stepchildren from his second marriage to MARY SEXTON HOLT
Dorothy Smith Shatswell died on 7 June 1992 at Gravette, Arkansas and
is buried in Pea Ridge Cemetery, Pea Ridge,Arkansas.

Wilburn married (2) MARY SEXTON HOLT sometime after 1992.
Wilburn died 11 May 1995 at Harrison, Arkansas.
He is buried in Pea Ridge Cemetery, Bentonville, Arkansas.
This is another way we Floods are related to the Shatswell family,
Viney Smith being my husband's maternal great-great aunt.

7) SHERMAN SHATSWELL who died young.

8) TRUMAN WILSON "Moon" SHATSWELL, born 3 March 1920 in Newton
County. He married RENA EILEEN BAKER, daughter of John and Elizabeth
Children were:
1.Jerry Shatswell
2.Laughton E. Shatswell
3. Rick W. Shatswell
4. Geraldine Shatswell Wilkinson
5. Hazel Shatswell Pierce
Truman died on 29 August 1990 in Kansas City, Missouri and is buried
in Floral Hills Cemetery there.

9) CLAYTON SHATSWELL who died young.

10)SHERMAN SHATSWELL who died young.

John Kelse Shatswell died 1 June 1977 and is buried in Red Rock
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas
MATILDA J. GLADDEN HARRIS SHATSWELL, born 19 October 1883 in Newton
County, Arkansas was daughter of Cicero GLADDEN and Sarah ROBERTS
Matilda died 22 January 1965 and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas

(continuing with Thomas Columbus Shatswell children)

v:MARY MINNIE SHATSWELL(23 October 1882-1975)

Mary Minnie Shatswell Smith

She married JAMES WILLIAM SMITH,age 18,of Red Rock
on 22 February 1900 in Newton County., Arkansas.
James William Smith,(Aug. 3, 1877 Newton County-18Feb1960 Eufaula,
McIntosh County,Oklahoma,Mellette Cemetery

James William Smith was born in August 1880 in Newton County,
Arkansas and was son of Stephen Smith.

James William Smith with son Ben Smith

The family moved to McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

Their SMITH children were:
1. FINIS SMITH, born 10 January 1903. He married CARRIE McOIG.
Children were: Eleverita, Peggy, Emmaline, Dollie, Ruthie, J.D., J.W. Smith
Finis Smith died 8 February 1969 and is buried at Eufaula, Oklahoma

Children were Lorne, Velma, Gracie, Mildred, Edith, Wilson and Otto Rice.
Arlie Smith who died in same car accident as Ellen Smith Rice
Birth: Mar. 23, 1929,Oklahoma
Death: Oct. 16, 1949,Fresno,Fresno County,California
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery,Eufaula,McIntosh County,Oklahoma
Arlie Smiths Parents:
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Smith

3.GENEVA SMITH, born 11 June 1907 who married JOHN FLORES
Geneva died 11 February 1994 with burial at Eufaula, Oklahoma

John Flores(1900-1978)Fresno Memorial Gardens, Fresno,Fresno County,
California. Inscription:"Beloved Father".Plot:Garden of Prayer

4.PEARL N SMITH,(5August1910-12July1989) who married I.V.LONZO HOPKINS
(1906-1956)Greenwood Cemetery,Eufaula,Oklahoma
Pearl died 8July1988(12July1989) with burial at Eufaula, Oklahoma

Jenoretter Hopkins, daughter b. abt 1927
L V Hopkins,son, born abt 1929

5.MONTIE SMITH, born 18 June 1914.
Died 14 February 1990 with burial in Eufaula, Oklahoma

Montie Smith

Their children were L.C.,Emmervee, Barbara, Roy Lee and Diane Dunigan

7. ZENES SMITH, born 15 October 1922
Died 15 March 1992 and is buried at Chectoah, Oklahoma
He served in World War II

Zenes Smith

8.BEN SMITH (do not have his birth and death dates.

Mary Minnie Shatswell Smith died on 29 February 1975 and is buried
in Greenwood Cemetery at Eufaula, Oklahoma.
Her tombstone bears the inscription "Loving Mother"

James William Smith died 17 February 1960 and is buried in Mellette
Cemetery, Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

Thanks Kathy M
for your information on Minnie Shatswell Smith families.

(continuing with children of Thomas Columbus Shatswell)
vi: BENJAMIN F. SHATSWELL, born 17 December 1886.
He died 12 June 1967, Eufaula,McIntosh County,Oklahoma
Greenwood Cemetery
at unknown date and place
Do not have a list of his children.

Ben F Shatswell

Ben F Shatswell known Children:
Goldie Shatswell (1920 - 1920)
Ben Shatswell (1923 - 2014)
Jurlene Katherine Shatswell Hamilton (1927 - 2004)

Benjamin F Shatwell Siblings:
Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"Shatswell Flood (1877 - 1970)
John Kelse Shatswell (1881 - 1977)
Buddie Shatt (1889 - 1966)
Emaline Caroline Shatswell Hallum (1892 - 1984)
Dullie Shatswell Tennison (1895 - 1988)

1920 McIntosh County, Oklahoma, Burton Township
Ben Shatswell?
20 54 SHATSWELL B?? F. Head m w 39 m AR,AR,AR
20 55 SHATSWELL Frankie Wife f w 26 m MO,MO,MO
20 56 SHATSWELL Mary Belle dau f w 7 s OK,US,MO
20 57 SHATSWELL Elzura dau f w 5 s OK,US,MO
20 58 SHATSWELL Vena moth f w 59 w MO,TN,TN

vii:BUD "Rudy" SHATSWELL, born May 1887 at Red Rock.
Buddie Shatt (1889 - 1966)

Buddy Rudy Shatswell(Shatt)

He married MELVINA"Vina" HALLUM on 13 Mar 1913 in Newton County.
Vina (18 Dec 1893-4 Jan1914 Red Rock Cemetery,Newton County
An infant child of this couple (27 Dec 1913 to 29 Dec 1913) is buried
in Red Rock Cemetery in Newton County.
VINA HALLUM SHATSWELL died on 4 January 1914 and is buried in Red
Rock Cemetery.Died after childbirth

Rudy Shatswell married:
(2) ELMA EWIN on 27 November 1921 in Newton County, Arkansas
Elma A Ewing Shatswell Bailey
She married (2)CLINTON LESTER BAILEY (1906-1959)
Elma Ewin Birth:1901
Death: 1969. Mountain View Cemetery,San Bernardino,San Bernardino
County, California
Elma Ewin Shatswell Bailey children:
Woodrow Shatswell (1923 - ____)
Clinton Lester Bailey (1940 - 2008)

Rudy Shatswell married:
On 18 May 1938 in Newton County, Arkansasa
Do not have a complete list of his children
Bud "Rudy" Shatswell died at Checotah, Oklahoma uknown date

(continuing with Thomas Columbus Shatswell children)

viii: EMMALINE CAROLINE SHATSWELL, born January 1890.
She married HARRISON HOMER HALLUM on 19 March 1908 in Newton County,
Harrison Homer Hallum (1888 - 1966)

Harrison was the son of Clinton Monroe Hallum and Salina Caroline
Tennison (John and Rebecca Tennison family).

1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 113-114
Hallum, Harrison H., Head, age 21, M1 2years, AR,AR,AR
.......,Emaline C., Wife, age 17, M1 2years, AR,AR,AR
......., Virgie L, Daug., age l/12, AR,AR,AR

1920 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 102
HALLUM, Harrison, Head, age 31
…………..Emaline, Wife, age 26
…………..Virgie, Daughter, age 9
………… Buddie, Son, age 6
………… Ervin, Son, age 2-11/12
………….Roosevelt, age 9-0/12

Daughter Virgie Lee Hallum married SAM MEFFORD in 1925.
She died in 1999 and
is buried in Jasper Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

1930 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 2
Hallum, Harrison H.....Rents.....age 41
........Emaline, Wife, age 37
........Bud, Son, age 16
....... Ervin, Son, aage 13
........Pleas, Son, age 10
........Golda, Daughter, age 5
........Delina?,Daughter, age 2-6/12. (This must be Gelene)

Emaline Caroline and Harrison H Hallum ,Virgie and Buddie Hallum

Emaline Caroline Shatswell Hallum
Birth: Jun. 13, 1892,Newton County,Arkansas
Death: Mar. 8, 1984,Alix,Franklin County,Arkansas

Harrison Homer Hallum and Emaline Caroline Shatswell
were married March 19, 1908 in Newton County, Arkansas.
They Had 6 known children :
1. Virgie Lee Hallum Mefford(1910-1999)
2. Bud Bransford Hallum (1913-1992)
3. Ervin K. Hallum (1917-2000)
4. Plais Roosevelt Hallum (1919-2005)
5. Goldie L. Hallum Hefley-Workman (1924-2013)
6. Gelene Hallum-Wagoner-King (1927-2003)

(continuing with Thomas Columbus Shatswell children)
Born 18 May 1895 at Red Rock, Newton County, Arkansas
She died 30 June 1988, Cowell Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
Dullie married ROBERT KELSE TENNISON(1890--1960)in August 1915 in
Newton County.
Kelse was son of William G TENNISON and MANDY RICKETTS TENNISON.
Another way we Floods are related to the Shatswell family, as Mandy
Ricketts was sister to our second great-grandfather William S RICKETTS
Dullie Shatswell Tennison, aged 93, of Pelsor, died June 30 in
Russellville. She was born May 18, 1895 in Red Rock, the daughter
Of Thomas and Rutha Jones Shatswell. She was a housewife and a
Member of the Lurton Assembly of God Church.
Survivors include two sons, Felix and Otto Tennison, both of Pelsor.
A daughter, Viola Campbell of Dover; 20 grandchildren; 45 great
Grandchildren and 12 great-great grandchildren
She was preceded in death by her husband, Kelse and two daughters.
Funeral was Tuesday, July 5 at the Lurton Assembly of God Church.
Burial was in Cowell Cemetery.
Grandchildren served as pallbearers
Holt Memorial Chapel was in charge of the burial

Felix,dad Kelse and son Otto Tennison

(see the William G Tennison Story on my web site)

Dullie and Robert Kelse Tennison Children:
i:Prosie Mae Tennison Dotson,Collins,Brown (1916 - 1971)
Her children were: Clinton Dotson; Lillie Dotson
Jack Collins; Lee Dean Collins; Melvin Collins;George Collins;and
Johnny Collins

ii:Otto W Tennison (30 May 1918-24 Jan 1996)
Cowell Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
He married LIZZA DOTSON (1919-2016)
Known Children:
Ollie Mae Tennison (1939 - 1940)
Emogene Tennison (1944 - 1946)
Elizabeth Ann Tennison (1946 - 1947)
There are probably more children

iii:Elvie Gertrude Tennison Adams (19July1920 -29Jan 1966)
She married DONLEY ADAMS

iv:Viola Lee Tennison
Mount Zion Cemetery,Dardanelle, Yell County,Arkansass
Viola Lee Tennison Campbell, age 79, a resident of Dover, died
Monday, September 30, 2002, at the Russellville Nursing Center.
She was born November 16, 1922, at Red Rock, Arkansas to the late
Robert Kelse and Dullie Shatswell Tennison.
She married OLIVER CAMPBELL on April 11, 1946, at Mt. Judea; she was
a member of the Assemblies of God; enjoyed spending time with her
family, gardening, cooking, and canning. In addition to her parents,
she was preceded in death by 2 brothers Otto and Felix Tennison and
2 sisters, Prosie Brown and Elvie Adams.
Survivors include her husband of 56 years, Oliver Campbell of Dover;
a son and daughter-in-law, William "Bud" and Kathleen Campbell of
Chickalah Mountain; 2 daughters and sons-in-law, Fern Ivon and
George Richardson of Russellville and Edan "Gertie" and Terry Vaughn
of Chickalah Mountain; 4 grandchildren, Stephen Vaughn, Regina Gist,
Dalonda Smith,DeAnna Campbell;8 great grandchildren, numerous nieces
and nephews; and other relatives and friends.
Funeral will be 10 a. m.Thursday,October 3, 2002,at the Shinn Chapel.
Burial will be in the Mt. Zion Cemetery at Chickalah Mountain under
the direction of Shinn Funeral Service. Active pallbearers will be
Jonia Smith, Delrick Gist, Ardell Tennison, Jimmy Vaughn,
Doyle Tennison, Melvin McGeehee,Teddy Tennison, and Johnny Collins.
Honorary pallbearers will be Kelse Tennison.
Visitation will be 7-8 p. m. Wednesday, October 2, 2002, at the
funeral home

Oliver Campbell,age 83 of Russellville, formerly of Dover, died
Sunday, April 27, 2003, at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center. A son
of the late Cassel and Anna Lee Riddell Campbell, he was born
July 12, 1919 at Mount Judea, Arkansas. He was a lumber planer for
Bibler Lumber Company in Russellville for over twenty years. In
addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his wife,
Viola Tennison Campbell; two brothers, Henry and Devoe Campbell; two
sisters, Bessie Burke and Reba English.
Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, William G. "Bud" and
Kathleen Campbell of Chickalah Mountain;two daughters and
sons-in-law, Fern Ivon and George Richardson of Russellville and
Edna G. and Terry Vaughn of Chickalah; three brothers, Jimmy Campbell
of Deer, Clissie Campbell of Kansas City, Missouri and
Kingston Campbell of Dover; two sisters, Tina Gregory of Pelsor and
Mina Fuller of Lee Summitt, Missouri; a step-sister,
Ava Freeman Chisum of Pelsor; four grandchildren, Regina Gist,
Steven Vaughn, Dalonda Smith and DeAnna Campbell and eight great
Funeral service will be 10:00 a. m. Thursday, May 1, 2003, at the
Shinn Chapel with Rev. Mike Chisum officiating. Burial will be in
Mountain Spring Cemetery near Chickalah, by Shinn Funeral Home. The
family will receive friends on Wednesday evening, from 6 to 7 p. m.
at the funeral home. Memorials may be made to the Arthritis
Foundation, Arkansas Chapter, 6213 Lee Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas
72205-9943. (, Yell County Record, Danville,
Arkansas: Obituary was published on Wednesday, April 30, 2003)
Note: s/o Cassell & Anna Lee (Riddell), Husband of Viola (Tennison)

v: Felix M Tennison (14Mar1928 - 26Dec1950?)
Do not have list of their children

Dullie Shatswell Tennison Siblings:
Sarah Elizabeth Shatswell Flood(1877 - 1970)
John Kelse Shatswell (1881 - 1977)
Benjamin F. Shatswell (1886 - 1967)
Buddie Shatt (1889 - 1966)
Emaline Caroline Shatswell Hallum (1892 - 1984)

Oscar Tennison(friend) and Dullie Shatswell Tennison

The 1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 155
states Rutha Jones Shatswell had 10 children with 9 living.

The 1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, Visit 10
states she had 10 children with 9 living.

Thomas C Shatswell died in 1941 and is buried in Red Rock Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas.
Rutha Jones Shatswell died in 1921 and is buried in Red Rock Cemetery.

(continuing with Thomas Crownshield Shatswell and Elizabeth Peoples children:

(2)WILLIAM M. SHATSWELL Born 12 March 1850\2 in Arkansas.
He married:
(1) MARY "Polly" SMITH on 6 May 1869 in Newton County, Arkansas.

She was the daughter of John and MARY POLLY RNA ROWLAND SMITH.
She was granddaughter of Jeremiah and Margaret SMITH
William M Shatswell died on 8 September 1933 and is buried in
Crossroads Cemetery, Row 19, Grave 25, Newton County.
MARY SMITH SHATSWELL died in 1908 and is buried in Coppers Bluff
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

William M. Shatswell and second wife Ellen

William M and Mary Polly Smith Shatswell's ten children were:
i: JAMES WILL SHATSWELL , born 1871.
He married MARY ABIGAIL ENGLAND 24 Jan1893 Johnson County,Arkansas

They are on the 1900 Newton County, Arkansas census, Pleasant Hill
Township, Visit 150.
150-158 SHATSWELL,....James W...H.....Aug1871...27......M7yrs..AR,AR,AR
..............Mary A....W.....Mar1877...23......M7yrs..AL,NC,AL
(James Will Shatswell (Aug1871-13Sep1954 Greewood Cemetery)
James married MARY ABIGAIL ENGLAND(6Feb1877 Lawrence County,Alabama
to 12Aug1957 Greenwood Cemetery,McIntosh Co.OK)

1910 Johnson Co, AR Census, Spadra Twp, Visit 504-522 Upper Hagarville Road
CHATWELL, James W, Head, age 32, M1 11 years, AR. Rents farm
(note spelling CHATWELL)
……………Mary, Wife, age 30, M1 11 years
……………Artemesia, Daughter, age 9, born AR

Mary England Shatswell's parents were Vardra England
(22Nov1853 Henderson Co.NC-12May1935 Hillabee Cemetery,McIntosh
County,Oklahoma) and Lavisa "Vicey" Henson (8Sep1856-25Mar1931
Hillabee Cemetery).

ii: MARY E. SHATSWELL , born 1872.
She married ANDREW BAKER, age 22, on 17 March 1889 in Newton County.
No further information
Was this ANDREW BAKER? Whatever happened to Mary E Shatswell Baker?
Can someone furnish us with this family information?
Know she had two sons:
Thomas BAKER, born 1895
William T. BAKER
Did they have a daughter Angeline Baker Bolin??

iii: SARAH SAVINA SHATSWELL , born 2 January 1878 in Newton County
She married WILLIAM L TORIX on 17 January 1894 in Newton County.
(See TORIX STORY on my ‘Kinfolks Stories‘ website).
Their children were:
1)Mary Ann Torix Sutton;
2)Dora Belle Torix Cowell;
3)Ida L Torix Martin Owen
4)Hester T Torix Essex;
5)Frank "Joe" Torix;
6)Nevada "Vada" Torix Smith;
7)Virgil Torix;
8)Jewell Torix Robertson;
9)Sylva Torix;
10)Theodore "Ted" Torix.

Sarah Shatswell TORIX died 30 January 1930 and is buried in
Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
William L Torix is also buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Grave 19-27

iv: JOHN COLUMBUS SHATSWELL, born 14 February 1879.
He died 10 Aug 1970 Newton County,Arkansas
He married MARTHA EVELINE MARTIN on 21 August 1902 in Newton County.
She was the daughter of John Martin and Sarah E Henson.
Martha Evelyn Martin, born 29 May 1886, Cowell, Newton County, AR
died 26 Oct 1984, Jasper, Newton County, AR.

John Columbus Shatswell children were: (not in date order):
1) ARVIL DENNIS SHATSWELL, born 17 April 1903.
He married ALMA RICKETTS on 9 October 1929 in Newton County.
Alma Ricketts Shatwell
Birth: Jun. 5, 1913
Death: Jun. 12, 1985,Crossroads Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
Again, the Floods are related to the Shatswell family through
Alma Ricketts who was the daughter of Jeremiah Ricketts
(son of William Smithson Ricketts and Sarah Smith)
and then again through Alma's mother OLLIE E HARRIS RICKETTS who
was half-sister to our great-grandmother Rachel Caroline Harris

DOES ANYONE HAVE PICTURES they can share with us on this family??
The late IRA RICKETTS children did not have a single picture of him
or his mother, OLLIE HARRIS RICKETTS so they could see what she
looked like.
Anyone out there with a photo of this family they would share
with us would be so grateful.
Ira RICKETTS was brother to Alma Ricketts Shatswell.
Ollie was half-sister to our great grandmother Rachel Caroline Harris

Arvil Dennis and Alma Ricketts Shatswell children were:
1.Anna Lavern Shatswell Criner(1931-2014)
2.Lavenia Margie Shatswell Hughes
3. Arlis Arvil Shatswell
4. Carolyn Faye Shatswell Blackford Smith
5. Jerry Lynn Shatswell (1949-1977)

Arvil Dennis Shatswell died on 5 October 1991 and is buried in
Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County.

2) OLA SHATSWELL, born 4 February 1909.

Virgie Lee Shatswell Robinson and Ola"Obie"Shatswell Holt

Oliver Holt was son of Asa Holt Jr. and Aulsie Mae SMITH RICKETTS
Oliver Holt was born 23 Jan 1897 and died 30 June 1986 with burial
in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County.
Do not have a complete list of their children

3)WILLIE MAE SHATSWELL, born 25 June 1911.
She married ERNIE DAVIS on 13 August 1927 in Newton County
Willie Mae died on 10 March 1990 and is buried in Deer Cemetery
Newton County.
Children were:
1.Louise Davis Page
2.L.C. Davis
3.Jerryl Davis
4.Johnny Davis
5.Alta Davis Purvis
6.Alicia Davis Trexler.

4) ELVER RAY SHATSWELL Born 5 March 1913(15Mar1914?)Red Rock, Newton County.
He died 10 Feb 2000,Smith Cemetery
He married EFFIE LEE DAVIS, daughter of Eldreidge DAVIS and
She was born 14 Aug 1915, Vendor, Newton County
died 28 Nov 2007, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas
Elver and Effie married about 1938.
Children were:
(i)Patsy Ann Burdine Jones
(ii)Mavis Lee Shatswell Hancock
(iii)Florence B Shatswell;
(iv)Thelma E Shatswell Pruitt
(v)Vonna Ray Shatswell Smith
(vi)Carl Glen Shatswell and
(vii)Farrell D Shatswell.

Effie Lea Davis and husband Elver Shatswell

5)TALMADGE R. SHATWELL Talmadge was born 14 October 1916 at Limestone, Arkansas.
He married ETHEL MARTIN.
Ethel was daughter of Harvey and Nancy Jane CAMPBELL MARTIN.
Ethel Martin Shatswell was born 2 April 1929 and died 23 October 1977.
She is buried in Smith Cemetery in Newton County, Arkansas
Children were:
1.Billy Wayne Shatwell;
2. Dennis Ray Shatswell;
3.Gary Len Shatwell
4. Obie Shatswell Holt.
Talmadge died on 7 October 2000 with burial in Smith Cemetery, Newton
County, Arkansas.

6) CHARLES H. SHATWELL, born 12 July 1918.
He died on 13 April 1945 and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton
No further information on Charles.

7) DENVER SHATWELLBorn 2 April 1924.
He died 12 December 1974 and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery.

1930 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township
Visit 2-2
SHATSWELL, John C, head, Rents
…………….. Martha E, Wife
…………….. Elver R, Son
…………….. Talmage, Son
……………. Charles H, Son
……………..Denver, Son

John C Shatwell died on 10 August 1970 with burial in Crossroads
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Martha Eveline Martin Shatwell died on 26 October 1984 and is also
buried in Crossroads Cemetery.

(WILLIAM M. SHATSWELL children continued)

Born April 1880 in Newton County.
He married :
(1) KATHERINE "Katy" E SUTTON on 2 May 1901 in Newton
County. She was daughter of Simon S SUTTON and Mary A TENNISON.
Steven Shatswell children were:
She married (1)ARVIL O'NEAL on 1 January 1923 in Newton County.
She married (2) Mr. PARRISH.

2)WILLIAM SOLOMON SHATSWELL, born 4 January 1906.
He married GOLDIE JANES(JAMES?) on 15 November 1926 in Newton County.
Goldie was the daughter of Claude JANES and Wilma COPELAND.
Goldie JANES(JAMES?) was born in 1908 at Calico Rock, Izard County,

Solomon and Goldie Shatswell

The known William Solomon Shatswell children:
1.Jim R Shatswell;
2.Bobby Lee Shatswell;
Bobby Lee Shatswell, 74, of Kansas City, Mo.,died Sunday,
March 12 (2006) at Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri
He was born Oct. 27, 1931, at Red Rock, a son of the late Solomon
and Goldie (James) Shatswell.
He was a member of the Liberty, Mo., Church of Christ.
He spent three years in the United States Army during the Korean
Conflict.He retired from his business, an automotive repair and
service station in Kansas City, Mo.
Survivors include his wife of 52 years, Wilda (Pat Smith) Shatswell
of the home; a son, Ronny and wife Connie Shatswell, a daughter,
Connie and husband Kent Saunders; a grandson, Stephen Shatswell and
a granddaughter, Madison Saunders, all of Kansas City, Mo.; two
brothers, Jim R. Shatt of Colorado Springs, Colo. and George Shatt of
Kansas City, Mo.; six sisters, Gearldean and Charlene Smith of
Harrison; Arvilla Smith of Vendor, Sue King, Venita Ellis and
Janet Normandin of Kansas City, Mo.
Funeral was held at 10a.m. Thursday,March 16 at Mount Moriah Terrace
Park Funeral Home in Kansas City, Mo., with James Nord officiating.
burial was at Mount Moriah Terrace Park Cemetery in Kansas City, Mo.
Pallbearers were Celle Atkinson, Allen King, George Shatt,
Bret Normandin, Kent Saunders, Lawton Shatswell and
Stephen Shatswell.

(continuing with William Solomon Shatswell children)

3.George Shatswell;
4.Geraldean Shatswell Smith;
5.Charlene Shatswell Smith;
6.Arvilla Shatswell Smith;
7.Mary Sue Shatswell King;
8.Venita Shatswell Ellis and
9.Janet Fay Shatswell Normandin.

William Soloman Shatswell died on 19 December 1975 and is buried in
Cowell Cemetery, Newton County.
Goldie Janes Shatswell died on 3 February 1975 and is also buried in
Cowell Cemetery.

(Stephen Shatswell children continued)

3)NEVA SHATSWELL, born 8 July 1908.
She married ELISHA TENNISON on 9 October 1926 in Newton County.
Neva died on 30 December 1942 and is buried in Red Rock Cemetery,
Newton County.
Elisha Tennison first married EDNA MAE HARRISON and they had a son.
Elisha, born 1904, died in 1982 at Springfield, Oregon and is buried
in Red Rock Cemetery in Newton County.
Their children were CLETUS, LEO, ALICE and AVA DEAN TENNISON.

4) VESTER G. SHATSWELL, born 15 March 1910.
Vester G Shatswell children were:
i: Danny Glen Shatswell, born 5 April 1950.
Danny died 27 August 1967 with burial in Red Rock
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

ii:McArthur Shatswell who lived at Gilman, Wisconsin

iii: George Shatswell who lived at Harrison, Arkansas

iv: John Roger Shatswell, born at Marked Tree, Arkansas.
He married DEBRA SUE UNRUH and they had a daughter Amy Elissa
Shatswell. Roger and Debra are divorced

v: Lee Roy Shatswell, born 22 March 1946.
Lee Roy died on 17 Oct 1994 at Evansville, Indiana.
Lee Roy is buried in Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

vi: Geneva Shatswell Beasley who lived at Harrison, Arkansas

vii: Delsie Shatswell Fultz who lived at Harrison, Arkansas

viii: Shirley Shatswell Sanders who lived at Odessa, Texas

viii: Faye Shatswell Reddell Coney. Born 14 October 1940.
She died on 12 August 1995 and is buried in Red Rock Cemetery,
Newton County,Arkansas.

ix: Thelma Jean Shatswell Cunningham who lived at Las Vegas, Nevada

x: infant Shatswell, buried in Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

Vester Shatswell died on 1 January 1977 and is buried in Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

(continuing with Steve Shatswell children)

5) ROSE SHATSWELL born 10 Jan 1915. She married VERLIN MARTIN.
Rose died on 21 March 1943 and is buried in Red Rock Cemetery.
Newton County, Arkansas.

6) ESTHER SHATSWELL. Born ca 1916
She married CARROLL ATKINSON, son of Bettis ATKINSON.

(continuing with Stephen Shatswell children)

7)BONNIE SHATSWELL. Born ca 1916
Bonnie married RILEY SEXTON.

Bonnie Sexton, 86, of Harrison, died Saturday, March 25 (2006) at
Hilltop Nursing Center in Harrison.
Funeral was 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 29, at Holt Memorial Chapel in
Harrison with Jimmy Bohannon and Charles Christian officiating.
Burial was in Sexton Cemetery at Mt. Judea.
The daughter of the late Steve and Katie (Sutton) Shatswell was born
Nov. 5, 1919, at Red Rock.
She was a member of Cowell Community Church.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Riley Sexton; a son,
Kenneth Ray Sexton; two brothers and five sisters.Survivors include
two sons, Billy Wayne Sexton and James Lowell Sexton, both of
Harrison; a daughter, Darlene Reddell of Harrison; six grandchildren
and 11 great-grandchildren.
Pallbearers were Curtis Stone, Bobby Reddell, Shaun Reddell,
Gene Allan Atkinson, George Shattswell, Clyde Hampton and
Jesse Grinder. Honorary pallbearers included Hilltop Nursing staff
and CNA nursing staff.

8)INEZ SHATSWELL. Born ca 1922.
Inez married HOBERT HEFLEY

Steve and Katie Sutton Shatswell separated.
Steve moved to Oklahoma
Steve Shatswell married :
(2) ETHEL HARRIS at unknown place and date, but probably in Oklahoma.
Wonder if this Ethel Harris was daughter of Gaines Harris and
Narcissa Bell Bowman Harris??

Katie Sutton Shatswell later married :
(2) DAVE VESTOR NICHOLS on 28 August 1930 in Newton County.
No children from this marriage.

Katie Sutton Shatswell Nichols died 16 August 1973 and is buried in
Red Rock Cemetery, Newton County.
I do not know when and where Stephen Shatswell died.

continuing with children of William M Shatswell:

vi: THOMAS G SHATSWELL. Born 28 May 1883.
He married RACHEL CORNELIA SMITH (age 19)on 30 September 1900 in
Newton County(page 429)

1920 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pittsburg Township, Visit
Shatwell, Thomas G., Head, age 36, M,b:AR, Father b: AR, Mother b:AR
……….. Rachel C, Wife, age 38, M, b: AR, Father b: IL, Mother b: MO
………..*Cora, Daughter, age 16, Single, AR,AR,AR
……….. Stella E., Daughter, age 15, Single, AR,AR,AR
……….. Lowry F, Son, age 13, Single, AR,AR,AR(Lowery Farrell)
……….. Flossie A, Daughter, age 11, Single, AR,AR,AR
……….. James H, Son, age 10, Single, AR,AR,AR(James Howard)
……….+Ruby M, Daughter, age 7, Single, AR,AR,AR
………..Tessie O, Daughter, age 5, Single, AR,AR,AR
………..Homer, Son, age 3, Single, AR,AR,AR
………..May, Daughter, age l-0/12, Single, AR,AR,AR

Daughter *Cora Shatswell married CHARLEY ROSS on 9 February 1921 in
Johnson County, Arkansas (W-238)
Daughter +Ruby Mamie Shatswell married JAMES DUTTON(1919-1973
Hillcreast Cemetery.She died in 1992 in Weleetka,Oklahoma.
See the 1930 census below

Per Patricia their children were:
Ruby Mamie; Cornelia; Faye; May;Farrell; Howard; Homer and Stella

Thomas G Shatswell known children:
Cornelia Shatswell
Faye Shatswell
May Shatswell, b1919
Farrell Shatswell
Howard Shatswell
Homer Shatswell, b 1917
Stella Shatswell
Vada Shatswell, b 1924
Pauline Shatswell Harmon(1926-1990)
Irma Shatswell, b 1929

1920 Johnson Co. AR Census, Pittsburg Township
1930 Newton Co. AR Census, Pleasant Hill Township (hard to read)
Thomas Shatswell applied for marriage license to marry 18 year old
FLORA ROBINSON on 8 May 1922 in Newton County, Arkansas, but no
marriage certificate was issued. The person performing the marriage
probably forgot to turn the Narriage Certificate in or the
Certificate was lost.

Thomas G Shatswell (38) married (2) FLORA ROBINSON(1904-1990
Hillcrest Cemetery,Weleetka,Okfuskee County,Oklahoma,Plot B),
Flora was age 18, on 8 May 1922
Thomas H Shatswell(May 28, 1883-7 Mar 1964 Hillcrest Cemetery,
Weleetka,Okfuskee Co.OK, Plot B.(s/w Flora)
Pauline S Harmon (1926 - 1990)

1930 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township,
Visit 6-6
SHATSWELL, Tom H(G), Head, age 44, married first time at 17.
Born Arkansas. Rents
………………Flora, Wife, age 24, married at age 18. Born AR.
………………Homer, Son, age 13, born AR
………………May, Daughter, age 11, born AR
………………Vada, Daughter, age 6, born AR
………………Pauline, Daughter, age 4-7/12, born AR
………………Irma?, Daughter, age 1-8/12, born AR

(continuing with William M Shatswell children)

Born January 1883\85.
He married ALLIE E. MARTIN on 16 February 1902 in Newton County.
Their children were:
1) Clarence Ozias Shatswell, born 2 April 1905.
He died 20 March 1990 at unknown place

2)Buster B Shatswell, born 1908.

3)Zeola L Shatswell, born 1910

4) David Roy Shatswell. Born 14 October 1912
David Roy Shatswell died 9 February 1994 at unknown place

5)Horace Floyd Shatswell, born 23 March 1915.
Horace died 6 October 1991 at unknown place

6) Morris Shatswell, born 23 March 1915.
Morris married MARTHA MARIE LUELLEN, born in 1917
Morris died on 25 January 1988 at Blair,Oklahoma.
Martha died in April of 2000 with burial at Blair, Oklahoma

Allie E. MARTIN SHATSWELL died on 10 June 1928 and is buried in
Hannah, Oklahoma

They had several SHATSWELL children

1910 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pittsburg Township, Visit 235-242
Shatswell, Joseph, Head, age 26, M1, 8 years, AR,AR,AR
…………. Ealy(Allie) E, Wife, age 28, M1, 8 years, 6 children 3 living, AR,SC,GA
…………..Ozias, Son, age 5, Single, AR,AR,AR
…………..Buster B, Son, age 2, Single, AR,AR,AR
…………..J.Jeola L, Daughter, age 4/12, Single, AR,AR,AR
………….George W, Brother, Age 21, Single, AR,AR,AR
Baker, William T , Nephew, age 16, Single, AR,AR,AR

Joseph SHATSWELL died on 15 April 1969 at Weleekta, Oklahoma

Mary Pierce Shatswell is also buried at Weleekta,Oklahoma.

(continuing with William M Shatswell children)

viii: GEORGE SHATSWELL. Born 24 May 1886.
He married (1) GROVIE P. COWELL about 1906,
probably in Johnson County, Arkansas

Grovie P. COWELL was born 6 January 1886 in Tennessee.
One record states she died on 16 March 1919 BUT she is on the 1920
Johnson County, Arkansas Census (see below).

1920 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pittsburg Township, Visit 160-176:
George was a sawmill Laborer
SHATWELL, George W, Head, age 32, Married, born AR;AR; AR
…………Grovie P., wife, age 34, Married, TN,TN,TN
………… Clyde Ray, Son, age 13, born AR
………….Nora, Daughter, age 11, born AR
………….Marion S., Son, age 10, born AR
………….Veitah,(Vectal?)Son, age 6, born AR

Clyde Ray Shatswell Sr.,born Oct. 16, 1906;died Oct. 11, 1997,
Holman Cemetery,Lamar,Johnson County,Arkansas.
Clyde Ray Shatwell Sr. married ORA I MALLICK(1911-2005)
i: Dean Wallace Shatwell (1928 - 2011)
ii:Imalee Shatwell Madewell (1929 - 2000)
iii:Mildred Marie Shatwell Lindsey (1932 - 2010)
iv:Clyde Ray Shatwell,Jr. (1936 - 1997)
v:Emma Jean Shatswell White
vi: Marie Shatswell Lindsey
vii:Freddie Shatswell
viii: Delman Ward Shatswell.Delman married DORIS FAY BROOMFIELD.
ix: Kenneth Shatswell
x:Redell Shatswell
xi: Leroy Shatswell
xii:Linda Sue Shatwell Brown Cowell (26Feb1952 - 14Jun2001)

Linda Sue Cowell, 49, of Clarksville died Thursday, June 14, 2001,
at Johnson Regional Medical Center.
A native of West Memphis, she was a daughter of the late
Clyde Ray Shatwell Sr., member of Crossroads Assembly of God Church,
employee of Sara Lee Hosiery, and was preceded in death by one
sister, Imalee Madewell; and one brother, Ray Shatwell.
Survivors include her husband, Michael Cowell; one daughter,
Amanda Brown of Clarksville; one son, Matthew Brown of Clarksville;
two stepsons, Jeremy Cowell of Clarksville and Kerry Cowell of
Scranton; mother, Ora Shatwell of Lamar; two sisters, Emma Jean White
of Lamar and Marie Lindsey of Clarksville; six brothers,
Dean Shatwell,Freddie Shatwell,Delman Shatwell and Kenneth Shatwell,
all of Clarksville, Redell Shatwell of Knoxville, and Leroy Shatwell
of Independence, Mo.; and two grandchildren, Quentin Addis and
Mikatelynn Brown, both of Clarksville.
Funeral was at 10 a.m. Monday, June 18, at Hardwicke Funeral Chapel
with Rev. Gerald Morris officiating. Burial was in Holman Cemetery.
Active pallbearers were Tim Brown, Troy Brown, Brian Tipton,
Bo Miller, Daryl Vaughn, and Roger Shatwell.
Honorary pallbearers were Johnny Hall and Robert King

George W. Shatswell then married (2)MINNIE BOEN on 25 November 1920
in Johnson County, Arkansas (W-204)

Birth: Oct. 5, 1902
Death: Jan. 29, 1995 Greenwood Cemetery,Eufaula,Oklahoma
Minnie Ann Boen Shatswell, 92, of Eufaula, died Sunday.
She was the daughter of Henry Eli and Serena Arbell (Cowan) Boen and
wife of George Shatswell. They married in Clarksville, Arkansas in
Her parents were Eli Boen and Serena A Cowan, same parents of
Nora Shatswell Boen

Known Children:
? Scott N. Shatwell (1911 - 2003)
Lois Emma Shatswell Freeman (1927 - 2009)

George Shatwell died on 9 September 1974 and is buried in Greenwood
Cemetery,Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

ix: MARTHA SHATSWELL Born October 1888.
No further information on Martha.
Does anyone know what happened to her?

x: DAVID C SHATSWELL Born November 1898 per census, but
1 January 1901 per tombstone.
He married IDA OPAL HUDSON on 3 June 1933 in Newton County.
David died on 2 July 1972 and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County.
He is the little boy in the picture of Betsy Peoples Shatswell
at the beginning of this story.
No information as to any children from this couple.

Mary Polly SMITH SHATSWELL died ca 1908 and is buried in Coppers
Bluff Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
(2) ELLEN ROBINSON on 1 January 1908 in Newton County.
She was daughter of Francis M ROBINSON and Sarah WOODWARD.
Ellen died in 1939 and is buried in Essex Cemetery, Newton
William M Shatswell died on 8 September 1933 and is buried in Crossroads
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township, Visit 147
12 children with 8 living.
1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township, #100

(continuing with Thomas C and Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell children)

Born 10 September 1853 at Red Rock, Newton County, Arkansas
She married ESQUIRE ESSEX as his second wife.
Esquire "Squire" Essex married (1) NARCISSUS JANE ROBINSON in 1868.
Squire and Narcissus Robinson Essex had the following children:
1. Sarah Mariah Essex, born 22 March 1869.
She married JOSEPH SHATSWELL In 1888 in Newton County, Arkansas.
See their family under Joseph Shatswell
2. Martha M Essex, born June 1873. She married THOMAS J. BURDINE.
3. Mary E Essex, born 22 July 1875. She married GEORGE W. EWOM.
4. Rebecca Jane Essex, born 1878. She married W. C. ESLICK.

Narcissus Jane Robinson Essex died ca 1878

Esquire Essex with second wife Sarah Shatswell

Esquire "Squire" ESSEX married (2) SARAH JANE SHATSWELL on
2 October 1878 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Their children were:
i: James M "Buck" Essex, born 14 August 1880.
He married BLANCHE COX.

ii: Eliza C. Essex, born September 1882.
(See the NORTON Story on my website)

iii: Joseph Warren Essex, born 18 November 1886.

iv: William Thomas Essex, born 28 February 1887.
He married HESTER T. TORIX

v: George W Essex, born 19 October 1891.

vi: Charles A Essex, born 10 Augusut 1892.
He married (1) BEULAH FAUGHT.
Charles married (2) RUTH MARINA HAYS NIXON.

vii: Matilda B Essex, born September 1895.

Sarah Jane Shatswell Essex died 5 August 1928 and is buried in the
Crossroads Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Esquire Essex died on 10 December 1927 and is buried in Crossroads Cemetery

(continuing with Thomas C and Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell children)

(4) GEORGE W. SHATSWELL Born 6 April 1854 in Newton County, Arkansas.
George married:
(1) ELIZABETH ANN O'NEAL on 18 August 1878 in Newton County.
Tombstone gives her birthdate as 20 November 1859.
However, her father's Civil War Pension record lists her birthdate as
29 November 1858 (Blackburn O'Neal was her father.Rebecca Smith O'Neal was her mother).
(See "Once Upon a Time in Newton County"the story of Blackburn O'Neal

George W Shatswell 1854 children were:
i: MARY BECKY SHATSWELL born October 1879.
She married GILBERT "Gib" T SMITH, age 22, on 18 April 1895 in Newton County,

(SEE the Gilbert & Mary Becky Shatswell Smith Story" on my "Kinfolks
Stories by Evelyn Flood" web site)

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township, Visit 120-127
SMITH, Gib, Head, born June 1871, age 28, M 5 years, AR,AR,AR
………..Mary B, Wife,b: Oct 1879, age 20, M 5 years 3-3 living, AR,AR,AR
………..William W ,son, born Jan 1896., age 4, Single, AR,AR,AR
………..Gilbert D , son, born August 1897, age 2, Single, AR,AR,AR
……….. James W. , born November 1899, age 7/12, Single, AR,AR,AR

What happened to this GILBERT "Gib"SMITH??

Mary"Molly"Becky Shatswell Smith married (2)DAVID CRUMLEY
(See Gilbert & Mary Becky Shatswell Story, which will tell you
about her)

1900 Pleasant Hill Twp.,Newton County,Arkansas, Visit 120-127
SMITH, Gib.....H..... Jun1871.....28......M5yrs.........AR,AR,AR
.......Mary B..W..... Oct1879.....20......M5yrs...3-3...AR,AR,AR
.......William W...S..Jan1896......4......S.............AR,AR,AR
......Gilbert D....S..Aug1897......2......S.............AR,AR,AR
......James W......S..Nov1899....7/12...................AR,AR,AR
(Gilbert "Gib" Smith married MARY BECKY SHATSWELL (b:Oct1879 on
18Apr1895 Newton Co. AR. GILBERT"Gib" SMITH (b:1871/1875?)He was son of Levi Smith and
Sophia Ann Flood.
Mary was daughter of George W Shatswell and Elizabeth Ann O'Neal

1930 Allen Twp.,Pontotoc Co.OK Census
Gilbert Dover Smith 32 AR; Joice E 26 OK; Samie 9 OK; G D Jr.7 OK;
James L 4 OK; Edward D 2 OK;Launita Forney, S-I-L 11 OK

1940 Newburg Twp.,Hughes County,Oklahoma
Gilbert D Smith 41 AR; Joyce 36 OK;Ralph 18 OK; G D 17 OK;
James L 14 OK; Edward 12 OK; Walter 9 OK; Beecher Lee 6 OK;
Jimmy B Smith 2 OK.
Gilbert Dover Smith Jr.,son of Gilbert Dover Smith (b:1897 AR)and
JOYCE EVA FORNEY (b:IT),born 22 Mar 1923;died 4 Feb 1946 ,Allen
Cemetery, Pontotoc Co.OK., Mach Mate. 3Cl USNR
He Married OPAL MAE (MNU)b:OK;one daughter Janice Ann Smith b:OK
Janice Smith married TOM McLANE; two boys Dale and David McLane.
Grandparents are Samuel (TX)and Maude Pullen Forney(OK) and GILBERT

Son Ovid Ralph Smith, b:28Jun1921-d:3Mar1998 Santa Paula,California

James Louis Smith (son of Gilbert Dover Smith and Joyce Eva Forney)
born (2 May 1925-25 Aug 1948 Allen Cemetery, Pontotoc Co.OK.)
Picture of him on Find A Grave.Never married.
Killed in auto accident in Arizona.Had 6 brothers and 1 sister

. Walter J. Smith, 84, passed away 29Jun2015 in Mesquite,NV.He was
born 9 Sep1930 to Gilbert Dover and Joyce Eve Forney Smith.He
married BARBARA JANE DAILEY on 24Jun2005 in Long Beach, CA

(thank you Mary Jane Casey for your help with this family)

There were at least five known GILBERT SMITHS
1. Gilbert Taylor Smith, born 1831 who married MARY BRASSFIELD.
This Gilbert was son of Jeremiah and Margaret Armstrong-Byrd?)Smith

(See the Gilbert Taylor and Mary Brassfield Smith Story)

2.Gilbert SMITH, son of Levi and Sopha FLOOD SMITH
The 1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township, shows
Gilbert age 6; his birth year would then be 1874.
This is the Gilbert Smith who married MARY BECKY SHATSWELL

3. Gilbert T. Smith, age 22,(born 1874) married PEARLY M PUGH,
age 19, on 1 November 1896 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Found a Henry F. Pugh, age 32, born West Virginia and wife
Sarah E Pugh living in Keokuk County, Iowa. Daughters Stella M. Pugh,
age 5 and Pearl M Pugh age 3, born Iowa.
Henry F Pugh was a Methodist Clergyman

On the 1910 Wagoner County, Oklahoma Census in Stone Bluff Township,
Visit 11-11 were:
Gib Smith, Head, age 36, M1, 13 years.b:Arkansas. Father b:Arkansas
Mother born Arkansas.
Perl, wife, age 32, M1, 13 years; 7 children with 3 living. Born
Missouri. Father born Iowa and Mother was born Iowa.
(see * and ** and ***below)
Daughter Anna (Lonna?) age 12, born Arkansas.
Son James, age 10, born Arkansas
Daughter Tennie age 5, born Arkansas

Living next visit was Ben J Reams and his wife Tennessee.
This would be Tennessee Smith Wilson Reams, who was daughter of
Levi and Sopha Ann Flood Smith.
Tennessee was the sister to Gilbert Smith.

4.Gilbert SMITH, born 7 Jan 1885, who married OLA PRUETT,
in 1909 Hughes County, Oklahoma
Parents were Jerry M Smith and Mary Jane ROBINSON
Found Gib T Smith and wife Ola M living in Haskell County, Oklahoma
in Brooken Township.
Their children were:
i:Irie Lee Smith, born 1910 and died 1911.
ii:Arvie Ruble Smith, born 1912 who married DARRELL SPENCER and
iii:Opal Leonie Smith, born 1914, who married DILLAR C SMITH
This Gilbert Smith died in 1916 and his wife Ola died in 1918.
Kinfolks Stories0

5. Gilbert Taylor SMITH, born 13 Dec 1886, son of Stephen Smith and Polly O’Neal
This Gilbert Taylor Smith married SARAH ROSETTA NUCKOLLS on
4 March 1917 in Johnson County Arkansas.(V-389).
The marriage record shows G.T. Smith , age 23, but if he were born in
1886, he would be age 31.

The 1920 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pittsburg Township, shows him as age 34 and Sarah as age 19.
Living near Gilbert Taylor Smith on the 1920 Johnson County,
Arkansas Census in Spadra Township were his brothers Bradley,
Richard and Newt Smith.

*Found a Gilbert Smith family living in Saline County, Arkansas,
Walnut Bottom Township in 1920, Visit 288-301
Smith, Gilbert, Head, M, age 45, Married, AR,AR,AR, Farmer doing General farming
…….. Pearl, Wife, F, age 42, Married, age 42, MO,MO,MO
……..Lona, Daughter, F, age 14, Single, AR,AR,MO
……..Virgil, Son, M, age 9, Single, AR,AR,MO
……..Marie?, Daughter, age 6/12, Single, AR,AR,MO

**On 1930 Pulaski County, Arkansas Census, at Owen found this family
Smith, Gilbert, Head, age 56, Married at age 22, AR,AR,AR, Farmer
…….. Pearl, Wife, age 52, Married at age 19, MO,IA,MO
…….Lona E.T., Daughter, age 25, Single, AR,AR, MO
…….Virgil, Son, age 19, Single, AR,AR,MO
…….Mattie?, Daughter, age 10, Single, AR,AR,MO

***Elm Lawn Cemetery, Pulaski County, Arkansas
SMITH, Gilbert , born 17 Oct 1873. Died 17 November 1959.
H/o Maggie Pearl SMITH.Maggie Pearl, born 4 August 1877. Died
16 December 1946. W/o Gilbert

A friend living in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Leonard Patton, wrote me
several letters and speaks of visiting Gilbert and Mary Smith and
I believe it was in Johnson County, Arkansas he visited them.

(continuing with children of George W Shatswell)

Born 29 November 1881 in Newton County, Arkansas.
He married VADA NORTON, age 16, on 8 November 1901 in Newton County.
Vada was daughter of Thomas Jefferson Norton and Arizona Matlock

(See the NORTON Story on my website)

William Jessie Shatswell died 17 September 1957 at Allen, Oklahoma
Known children of this couple were:
1) Pearly Shatswell, born 2 October 1902 and died
8 January 1903

2) Gusty Lee Shatswell, born 4 December 1903
Gusty died on 3 January 1953 at unknown place

3)Eula Gay Shatswell, born 8 January 1906
Eula died 14 September 1963 at unknown place

4) Ora Belle Shatswell, born 16 July 1907
She married CARROLL JONES.
Ora Belle died on 14 February 1938 at unknown place

5)Ernest Shatswell, born 26 April 1911. He died 24 November 1924

6)Merle Marie Shatswell
She married CARROL CASE

1910 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma Census, Allen Township
Visit 346-346 Shatwell, Will, head, 29, M1 9years, AR,AR,AR
......... Vadie,wife, 24, M1 9years, 4 children-3 living AR,AR,AR
......... Gusta, son?, 6, Single, AR,AR,AR
......... Eula, daughter,4, Single, AR,AR,AR
......... Ora, daughter, 2, Single, AR,AR,AR

1930 Hughes County, Oklahoma, Newburg, Visit 3-3
Lived on Gravel No. 12 Highway
SHATSWELL, William J, Head, age 48, married at 20, AR,AR,AR
………………. Vada A. , Wife, age 44, married at 16, TX,GA,TX
………………..Merla??, daughter, age 16, single, AR,AR,TX
RASH?, Gene J., Grandson, age 9, single, AR,KY,AR

(continuing with George W Shatswell childrenL)

iii: JOSEPH RICHARD SHATSWELL Born November 1884 Newton County.
He married(1) ZUELLA MAY SMITH, age 18,on 31 December 1901 in Newton
County. Zuella was born 5 Nov 1884 and died 15 March 1915 in Franklin
County, Arkansas. Unknown burial.
Believe Zuella Smith was related to Austin Garland Smith family
Known Children:
i:Ella Shatswell
ii:Flora Cleona Shatswell McKelroy (1905 - 1990)
iii:Clyde C Shatswell (1906 - 1979)
iv:Elvin O. Shatswell (28Jun1911 -14Nov 1981 Oklahoma Co.OK,Sunny
Lane Cemetery,Del City,Oklahoma)Elvin Married ELIZABETH (MNU)
v:Melvin Shatswell
vi:Edna U Shatswell

Clyde Shatswell, son of Joseph Richard Shatswell and Zuella Smith

Joseph Richard Shatswell married (2)MYRTLE BELL TENNISON sometime
around 1918 at unknown place.She was daughter of Gwin Monroe Tennison
and Ingey Parilla Simmons(Brown?)
(see the William G Tennison Story on my website)

1920 Farris, Atoka County, Oklahoma Census, District 7, Visit 187-189
SHATSWELL, Joseph R, head, 34, M, AR,AR,AR, blacksmith
...... Myrtle B, wife, 18, M, OK, AR,AR
...... Johnie C, son ll/12, OK,AR,OK(child No. vii)
......Ella, daug., 17, AR,AR,AR
......Flora Cleona, daug. 15, AR, AR,AR
......Clyde C, son, 13, AR, AR, AR
...... Melvin S, son, 12, OK, AR, AR
...... Orbin E, son, 8, OK, AR, AR
......Edna U. , daug., 6, OK, AR, AR

Joseph Richard Shatswell died in 1977 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

No further information

v: THOMAS "Tom" JAMES SHATSWELL Born March 1889.
He was married to ANNIE (mnu)
Would anyone know her maiden name and where they were married?

vi:JOHNNIE C SHATSWELL(no further information)

1920 Crawford County, Arkansas, Jasper Township, Visit 38
SHATWELL, Tom, head, age 30, born US
……………Annie, wife, age 20, born AR, Father born TN
……………Pearl, Daughter, age 2-8/12, born AR
……………Luda(Lula), Daughter, age 7/12, born AR

1930 Hughes County, Oklahoma Census, Newburg, Visit 3-3
SHATSWELL, Tom J, Head, age 41, married at 25 , AR,AR,AR
………………Annie, wife, age 30, married at 15, AR,AR,AR
………………Pearl, daughter, age 12, Single, AR,AR,AR
………………Lula D, daughter, age 10, Single, AR,AR,AR
………………Claudine?, daughter, age 8, Single, OK,AR,AR
………………T J….son, age 5, OK,AR,AR
………………Maybelle, daughter, age 2, OK,AR,AR
WILLIAMS, Alfred L, Boarder, age 19, Single, OK,LA,AR

Elizabeth Ann O'Neal Shatswell died on 9 February 1890 and is buried
in Smith Cemetery, Newton County.
Elizabeth was the daughter of Blackburn O'NEAL and Rebecca SMITH.
Elizabeth's father died in the Civil War.
A Sister,Sarah O'Neal married GEORGE W FLUD 1860, son of John Kink FLUD
and Emeline COOPER.

(2) MATTIE RUTLEDGE, born February 1879.
She was the daughter of Calvin S Rutledge and Louisa Richards
They were married 19 September 1895 in Newton County, Arkansas.

The children from the second marriage were:
vi: LORA ANN SHATSWELL born 2 December 1899.
She married PEARL BREWSTER HARRIS in 1919 in Van Buren, Arkansas.
This is Chief Harris‘ family.

vii: LOLA BELLE SHATSWELLborn 1900 in Arkansas
She married Mr. WILBANKS.

viii: EMMER SHATSWELL, born 1902 in Arkansas.

ix: LESTER ARLONA SHATSWELL born 1907 in Arkansas.





++Bessie Irene Almittie Shatswell Neil,born Jan. 5, 1912,Hanna,
McIntosh County,Oklahoma.She died 23 Dec 1959 Oakdale,Stanislaus
County, California.Oakdale Citizens Cemetery,Oakdale
Bessie Irene Almittie Shatswell born the sixth child and youngest
daughter of George Washington Shatswell and Mattie Lou Rutledge
She married LEONARD CALVIN NEILL in August 1931
Known Children:
Janannna Neill b:1933
Dale Neill b:1939

1910 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma Census, Allen Township, Visit 345-345
SHATWELL, George W, Head, age 56, M2, 13 years, AR,US,US
………….. Mattie, Wife, age 31, M1, 13 years, AR,AR,AR,
…………..Tom, Son, age 21, Single, AR,AR,AR,
…………..Laura, Daughter, age 12, Single, AR,AR,AR
…………..Belle, Daughter, age 10, Single, AR,AR,AR
…………..Emmer, Daughter, age 8, Single, AR,AR,AR
…………..Lester, Son, age 3, Single, AR,AR,AR

1920 Crawford County, Arkansas, Jasper Township
SHATWELL, George W, Head, age 65, M, born AR
……………Mattie, Wife, age 42, M, born AR
……………Elmer, Son, age 17, born AR (was this Emma from 1910?)
……………Lester, Son, age 12, born AR
……………Bessie, Daughter, age 7, born OK
……………Raymond, Son, age 2-8/12, born AR
George W Shatswell died on 12 March 1929 at Lamar, Oklahoma.
He is buried at Allen, Oklahoma.

1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township.
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Lincoln Township, Visit 163.
Mother Elizabeth Shatswell was living with son George on this census.
She was listed as age 75, born October 1824.

(continuing with children of Thomas & Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell)

Born October 1856 in Newton County, Arkansas.
He married ROSA LEVINA ESLICK on 16 April 1875 in Newton
County, Arkansas
She was daughter of Beden ESLICK and Martha Jane WRIGHT

James Henry Shatswell children were:
i: Sarah Louisa Shatswell, born Sept 1877.
She married J W TRIPP, age 22,on 23 July 1897 in Newton County.
John W Tripp was son of Thomas J and Vina Tripp

1910 McIntosh County, Oklahoma Census, Burton Township, Visit 160-160
TRIPP, John W, Head, age 33, M1 12 years, MO,TN,MO, Farmer
…….. Louisa, Wife, age 29, M2, 12 years, 6-4 living, AR,AR,IA
………James C, Son, age 11, Single, AR,MO,AR
………William O, Son, age 9, Single, OK,MO,AR
………Bessie A, Daughter, age 7, Single, OK,MO,AR
………McKinfley, Son, age 4, Single, OK,MO,AR
………Thomas H, Son, age 2, Single, OK,MO,AR

ii:Beaden Thomas Shatswell,born Oct 1881.
Beaden married FRANKIE PIERCE at unknown date and place
Frankie Pearce was born in September 1890 in MO.
They are on the 1910 Hughes County, Oklahoma Census at Hanna
with no children. Married two years.
Known children:
1)Wanda Lee Shatswell
2)Bell Shatswell, born 1913.
3)Elzoria Shatswell, born 1915

iii: Rosallie Shatswell, born August 1884

iv: Martha J Shatswell , born May 1890.

v: John H Shatswell , born August 1891

Source of information: Newton County, Arkansas Marriage records
1880 Newton County, Arkansas census, White Township, Visit 37

vi: unknown SHATSWELL, birthdate unknown

1900 Newton County, Arkansas census, Pleasant Hill Twp., Visit 71

1910 Hughes County, Oklahoma Census, Hanna Township, Visit 69.
SHATSWELL, Henry J, head, age 51, M1 30 years, AR,MA,TN
……Rosa A, wife, age 49, M1 30 years, 8-6 living, IA,TN,TN
…………….John H, Son, age 17, Single, MO,AR,IA

(continuing with children of Thomas & Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell)

Born February 1858 in Arkansas.

Louisa Catherine Shatswell Flud, wife of Nathaniel Harvey Flud

Thank you Chief Harris for sharing the photo with us
The above photo was probably taken as Louisa Catherine Shatswell was
looking out a window or screen door. Photo was probably taken with
one of the old "box cameras" and you had to get by the source of
light in order for the picture to turn out

Louisa Catherine Shatswell married NATHANIEL HARVEY FLUD on
13 February 1877 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Nathaniel Harvey Flud was born on 25 Feb 1855 in Newton County,
Arkansas. He was the Son of James Flud and Sarah Stevens Hallum.

Louisa Catherine Shatswell Flud Oil Painting done by Chief Harris’ wife Delores Harris

Thank you again Deloris for that nice painting

Nathaniel Harvey Flud seven known children were:
(1)George FLUD was born Oct 1878 in Newton County, Arkansas
He married MARY SMITH,(daughter of Stephen & Polly Ann O'NEAL SMITH)
on 15 April 1897 in Newton County, Arkansas by J B O'Neal.
The family lived in Stigler OK ca 1910-1921; Gerty OK near Allen OK
in 1921, lived;at Eufaula, OK in 1924 and then moved to Redding CA
in 1931.

1920 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, Allen Township, Visit 3
FLUD, George, head, 43, AR
..... Mary, wife, 44, AR
.... Matilda,daug., 22, M, AR
.... Oliver, son,17, S, AR
..... Myrtle, daug.,15, S, AR
..... Connie, daug., 13, AR
...... Gertrue, daug., 10, AR
.......Buck, son, 7, AR
....... Florence, daug.,1-l/12, OK

George died in 1944 at Redding California.
Mary also died at Redding, California

(2)James Columbus FLUD born 10 Sept 1879,
married PERMELIA ANGELINE TENNISON on 27 Jan 1898 in Newton Co.AR.
(See their story on my ‘Kinfolks Stories" website)

(3)Sarah FLUD born Aug 1882, married JOHN SMITH(son of
Stephen SMITH and Polly Ann O'NEAL on 26 June 1898 in Newton Co.AR.
More about Sarah Flud Smith family in a later story
(4)Nancy Jane FLUD, born 7July1885 in Newton County, Arkansas
She married (1) WILL O'NEAL on 9 September 1901 in Newton County,
Arkansas. They were divorced and he later married LAURA BARBER.
Known O'Neal children (there are several others): 1.Ivory O'Neal,son, born 1904
2.Lawrence O'Neal
3. Leo O'Neal, born 1Sept1907. Died 8Sept1957 with burial in Lawrie
Cemetery, Logan County, Oklahoma.
His wife is GRACIE (mnu),born 9Feb1910; died 4Oct1992 who is also
buried in Lawrie Cemetery.
Nancy J married (2) ROBERT BAKER on 12 August 1909 in Newton County, Arkansas
known Baker children: 4. Bulies Baker, born 26Oct1909; died 18July1959. He was a Private in
AAF OK Regional Hospital WWII. Bulies is buried in Lawrie Cemetery.

5. Harvey L. Baker, born 25Jan1912; died 7June1947. He was Private in
U.S. Army Infantry, WWII. Harvey is buried in Lawrie Cemetery.

1910 Newton County, Arkansas, Pleasant Hill Township, Visit 72-73
BAKER, Robert, 30, M2 1yr, US,US,US, Laborer Odd jobs
......Nancy J, 26, M2 1yr,
O'NEAL,Ivory, stepson, 6, AR
......Lawrence I, stepson, 4, AR
......Leonard, stepson, 2,AR

Rebecca Angeline Flud and Nancy Jane Flud

1930 Logan County, Oklahoma, Mulhall Township, Visit 25-26
BAKER, Nancy J, head, 42, Wd, AR,MO,AR, rents
.......... Billy, son, 19, AR,TN,AR
.......... Harvey L, son, 17, AR,TN,AR
.......... Florence L, daughter, 14, AR,TN,AR
.......... Virgie P, son, 10, AR,TN, AR

Visit 25-27
O'Neil, Leo, head, 21, m@19, AR,TN,AR
........ Grace, wife, 10, m@18, AR, TN, AR
........ Otis L, grandson, 2,

(5)Rebecca Angeline FLUD,born 4 Oct 1889,married
ROBERT MARION SMITH on 18 Feb 1906 in Newton Co.AR.
Robert was from the Joseph and Martha Smith family
(Claiborne M. Smith family)

1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Pleasant Hill Township
SMITH, Robert M, 20, AR,AR,AR
...... Rebecca, 22, AR
...... Betha A, daug., 3, AR
...... son, 0, AR

1920 Haskell County, Oklahoma Census, Center Township,Visit 197-200
SMITH, Robert, head, 32, M, AR
...... Becky, wife, 28, AR
...... Elzie, son, 12, AR
...... Bessie, daug., 8, AR
...... John, son, 7, OK
...... Sarah, daug., 5, AR
...... Elverene?, daug., 1-ll/12, OK
SMITH, Martha, mother, 65,widow, AR,AL,AL

1930 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma Census, Kiowa Township,Visit 208
SMITH, Robert M, head, rents, 43, m@19, AR ..... Elzie, son, 19, AR
......Johnnie, son, 18, OK
...... Sarah, daug., 16?, AR
...... LeVern, daug., 11, OK
...... Andrew, son, 9, OK
...... Rosie B, daug., 6, OK
...... Dortha L, daug., 5, OK
...... Floyd, son, 3/12, OK

(6)William Thomas FLUD born August 1894 married :
(2) WALCIE MILLSAP on 14 July 1916 in Johnson County, Arkansas.

Nancy Ellen PALMER was born in 1862 per tombstone record in Allen
Oklahoma Cemetery

Louisa Catherine SHATSWELL FLUD died 1939\1940 at Allen,Oklahoma
NATHANIEL HARVEY FLUD died 3 May 1941 at Allen, Oklahoma
Nancy Ellen PALMER FLUD died in 1952 at Allen,Oklahoma

(continuing with children of Thomas & Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell)

Born 21 August 1862 in Arkansas.
He married SARAH MARIAH ESSEX on 11 March 1888 in Newton County,
Sarah Mariah was the daughter of Esquire Essex and his first wife

Joseph S and Mariah Shatswell children were:
i: Nancy J. Shatswell, born 23 January 1889 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Nancy married (1) WILLIAM M. COOPER on 5 July 1914 at
She married (2) HENRY WALKER on 13 October 1930 in Benton County,
Nancy Jane Shatswell Cooper Walker died on 20 March 1969 at
Twin Falls, Idaho

ii: Mary A Shatswell born 27 August 1890 in Newton County,
She married JOHN W HODGES.
Mary A Shatswell Hodges died on 22 November 1956 at Sallisaw,

iii: Sarah M. Shatswell, born 22 June 1892 in Newton County, Arkansas
She married WATIE ROSS.
Sarah M Shatswell Ross died 3 January 1968 at unknown place

iv: Laura Mae Shatswell, born 27 April 1895.
Laura married (1) WILLIAM STOKES OLIVER on 3 May 1915 in Sebastian
County, Arkansas.
Oliver Children were:
1)Robert O.B. OLIVER, born 1918 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma
2)Infant girl born and died 1920
3) Laveda Mae "Berta" OLIVER was born 31 August 1921 in Sallisaw,
Laveda Mae OLIVER married :
(1)ROY SELDON OLIVER on 2 September 1938 at Bakersfield, California
Laveda married (2) GEORGE LOUIS OLIVER on 20 June 1965.

Laura Shatswell Oliver married (2) JAMES M. PHILLIPS in 1924.
Laura married (3) ORVILLE W. McDOUGAL in 1949 in Tulare, California.
Laura Mae died on 15 November 1989 in Bakersfield, California

v: Rosia E. Shatswell, born 16 February 1896.

vi: Thomas Shatswell, born 23 December 1898 in Newton County, Arkansas
He apparently died about 1900

vii: Dora A(E.?)Shatswell
Born 7 June 1900 in Franklin County, Arkansas.

viii: Billy Thomas Shatswell , born ca 1902
He is not on the 1910 census with family.

ix: George W Shatswell, born 5 April 1903 in Franklin County, Arkansas
He married HAZEL L. BRATTON.
George W.Shatswell died on 6 April 1968 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

x: James "Jim" W. Shatswell, born 1 August 1905 in Arkansas
or Oklahoma
He married DAISY (mnu).

xi: Gussie Mae Shatswell, born 27 May 1909 in Muldrow,
She married (1) LONNIE C MORTON.
She married (2) Mr. EITLE

Found the family on the 1900 Franklin County, Arkansas Census,
Watalula Township, ED 197, Line 73
Found the family on the 1910 Sequoyah County, Oklahoma Census at
Muldrow, Visit #19

(continuing with children of Thomas & Elizabeth Peoples Shatswell)

Born 11 May 1871(census 10June1870) in Newton County, Arkansas.
She married JOHN ALLEN SMITH on 20 October 1887 in Newton County, Arkansas
(For more details see the JOHN M and MARY POLLY RENE ROWLAND SMITH STORY)
John was from the James W. SMITH and Mary TENNISON family.
John Allen SMITH was born in March 1868(4Mar1867) in Newton County,
Mary Elizabeth "Bess"Shatswell Smith died at Checotah, McIntosh
County,Oklahoma on 18May1949 and is buried in Brush Hill Cemetery
in McIntosh County.
John Allen Smith died on 1 May 1947 in Onapa, McIntosh County,
He is buried in Brush Hill Cemetery in McIntosh County

The known John Allen Smith children were:
i: PEGGY EMELINE SMITH, born 18 April 1890 in Newton County, Arkansas
She married DILLARD L ROSE on 13 February 1910 in Franklin County,
Arkansas. Dillard ROSE was born 11Oct1879 in Ozark, Arkansas.
Dillard had married (1)SARAH HOOD on 27Aug1903 in Franklin County,
Arkansas and their son was apparently Elden Rose, born 1905.

1910 Franklin County, Arkansas Census, White Oak Township, Wire Road
ROSE, Dillard ,head, age 29, M2, 0 years. b: AR. Father KY. Mother KY
………Angeline, wife, age 20, M1, 0 years. Born AR. Father AR. Mother AR
………Elden, son, age 5, Single, Born AR. Father AR. Mother AR

Dillard and Peggy Smith Rose's 11 children were:
Frankie Rose; Beulah Inez Rose; Laura M Rose; Odis Beatrice Rose;
Jettie Rose Rose; Andrew Jackson Rose; John Rose; Goldie Rose; Wilbur
Eugene Rose; Dillard L Rose and living Rose.
Peggy Angeline Smith Rose died 23Feb1965 in Bakersfield, Kern County,
California with burial in Arvin Cemetery at Bakersfield.

ii: JAMES W. SMITH, born October 1891
Have been unable to find him on census records. It is said he died in
Muskogee County, Oklahoma. Will check my Muskogee County Cemetery
records to see if I can locate him.

iii: SARAH EMELINE SMITH, born 14 September 1895 in Newton County.
She married JOHN WESLEY WALDRON on 25January1912 in Franklin County,
Arkansas. John Wesley Waldron was born 20Jan1889 in Richland, Newton
County, Arkansas.Their 7 children were:
Herbert H Waldron; Roy Walter Waldron; George Lee Waldron,
Carl William Waldron, Johnny Jay Waldron; Donna Fay Waldron and
Lois Ann Waldron
Sarah Emeline Smith died 30Nov1934 in Minco, Grady County, Oklahoma
She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery at Minco.

1920 LeFlore County, Oklahoma Census, Visit 247
WALDON, John, Head, 31
.........Emmer, 25, wife
.........Herbert, 6
......... Roy, 4-10/12
......... George, 2-2/12

iv: MATTIE VIRGINIA "Jenny" SMITH, born 19 August 1897 Newton County
She married SAMUEL THOMAS WALDRON on 8 September 1914 in Sallisaw,
Sequoyah County,Oklahoma
Known children:
Herman D Waldron; Winnie Fay Waldron; J.E. Waldron; Alene Waldron,
Edith Jewel Waldron; Lorene Waldron; living Waldron; and Living

1920 LeFlore County, Oklahoma, Cameron, Visit 310-314
WALDON, Samuel T, head, 26
........ Mattie, wife, 22
........ Herman D, son, 3-6/12, OK
......... Fay D, daug., ll/12, OK
Mattie Virginia Smith Waldron died 15Oct1942 at Lamont, Kern County,
California with burial in Union Cemetery at Bakersfield, California

v: GEORGE WASHINGTON SMITH, born 19 Aug 1901 in Franklin County,
He married ALTA SHELTON ca 1920 in Oklahoma, probably at Cameron in
LeFlore County, Oklahoma.Alta Verda Shelton was born 1Dec1903 in
Her parents were William H SHELTON and Minerva C.PIERCE. The Pierce
family was descended from the JOSHUA and ALSEY E. KESTER REEVES
families of Searcy County, Arkansas. The William and Minerva Shelton
family, along with daughter Alta, age 16, are on the 1920 LeFlore
County, Oklahoma Census
George and Alta Smith had ten children; eight of these children were
still living at this time.
George Washington Smith died 28Dec1984 in Tulare County, California
Alta died 10Aug1985 also in Tulare County, California.

vi: ROSEY E. SMITH, born 25 July 1903 in Franklin County, Arkansas.
She died 20Sept1907 and is buried in Belt Cemetery, Franklin County,

vii: MAGGIE LOIS SMITH, born 11 October 1906 in Franklin County,
Maggie married TED CALLISON in McIntosh County, Oklahoma.
Their seven children were: Frank, Betty, Pat, Virginia, Nadine, Kim
and Mike CALLISON.

viii: JEWEL L. SMITH, born July 1910 in Franklin County, Arkansas.
She married JACOB LANSFORD on 3July1931, probably in McIntosh County
Jewel Smith Lansford died 4 Dec 1939 at Texanna, Oklahoma two days
after the birth of a son Johnny J. Lansford

KELLY FUNERAL HOME, Eufaula, Oklahoma Funeral Records for

First Name...County/State..Cemetery..Book..Page No..........Date






Frankie....Livermore, CA...Eufaula.....2....169..............10/27/44

James...... Okmulgee.......Eufaula.....4....228...............9/13/54

Ronnie..... McIntosh.......Mellette....2.....87...............5/30/43

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