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Revised and added Partain Families
Some collateral families: Douthit, Partain, Salee, Tennison Kinfolks
by Evelyn Flood

REVISED: 29 April 2004
This Samuel Bristow story was first published in the Newton County,
Arkansas Times Newspaper on 29 January 1998 in my "Kinfolks column".I compiled this Bristow research at that time.
Am adding updates to this original story. This is the history of
these families as I know it:

Samuel Bristow was born in 1780 in Virginia, the son of
SAMUEL BRISTOW, born 27 March 1730 in Isle of Wright County,
Virginia and
ANN GUTHRIE, born 1755 in Virginia.

Samuel Bristow is mentioned in James Carl Hefley's book, "Way Back
When" as belonging to the Pigeon Creek Baptist Church in Spencer
County, Indiana.
James Carl Hefley has written some very interesting books. His books
can be purchased from the Newton County, Arkansas Historical Society
at their website:
Newton County Historical Society

James Carl Hefley just passed away in Hannibal, Missouri.
What a wonderful writer and good person James Carl Hefley was.
So sorry to hear of his death.

Did you know Samuel Bristow and his wife Lavina were members of the
Crooked Creek Baptist Church of Carroll County, Arkansas in 1834?
See my Kinfolks Story "Early Crooked Creek Baptist Church".
The John FLOOD\FLUD family were also members of this early Crooked
Creek Baptist Church.
Just think....Samuel Bristow who "rubbed shoulders" with the LINCOLNS
also "rubbed shoulders" with my husband's ancestors, John and
Rebecca FLOOD\FLUD......they were all kinfolks.
And Abraham Lincoln was born the year Nathaniel FLOOD(son of John
and Rebecca) was born, my husband's great-great grandfather.
There shall never be a president as great as Abraham Lincoln.
See my 'Kinfolks Memory Album' for Abraham Lincoln articles.
The Bristows were members of the early Pigeon Creek Baptist Church
in Spencer County, Indiana where the LINCOLNS attended church.
Many people do not know that Thomas LINCOLN and Sarah BUSH JOHNSTON
LINCOLN were members of Pigeon Creek Baptist Church.

Records show Samuel Bristow in Spencer County, Indiana in 1820.
Also living in Spencer County was the Thomas LINCOLN family
(Abraham Lincoln's father). The TENNISON families also lived in
Warwick and Spencer Counties, Indiana.

Abraham Lincoln's mother was Nancy HANKS who was born in Virginia.
Thomas and Nancy's first child, Sarah LINCOLN, was born at
Elizabethtown,Hardin County, Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln was born on
12 February 1809 on a farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky.

I am very proud of the fact that my maternal great grandmother was
born in Nicholas County, Kentucky, while my maternal great-
grandfather was born in Henry County, Indiana.

Thomas Lincoln took his family to Spencer County, Indiana. In 1818
Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of "milk sickness". Thomas Lincoln later
married Sarah Bush Johnston, a widow, while on a visit to Kentucky.
They returned to Indiana along with her three children.
It would be interesting to know what happened to Abe's sister Sarah
and the three Johnston children??
Believe Sarah married a soldier in the Union Army and she later died
in childbirth.
Wonder which mother Abe was referring to when he stated "all he ever
knew or became he owed to his darling mother".?? His birth mother
Nancy died when Abe was about nine years old.
Was he referring to his stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln,
as she ran the Lincoln household from Abe's age of about nine to
his days of youth.

Samuel married LAVINA LITTLE ca 1802 in Ohio County, Kentucky.

SAMUEL BRISTOW is on the 1820 Spencer County, Indiana census with
family listed as:
3-0-0-0-1-0......1-1-1-0-0. For those who may not know: 0 is for males of 10 and under 16;
0 is for males between 16 and 18;
0 is for males 16 to 26 (for military purposes);
1 is for males to age 45 (Samuel Bristow, born 1780);
0 is for males 45 and over.
The second set of numbers stands for the FEMALES of the household:
1 stands for females under ten years of age;
1 stands for females 10 to 16;
1 stands for females 16 and under 26 (Lavina);
0 stands for females of 26 and under 45 years;
0 stands for females of 45 and upward.

Samuel Bristow WAS NOT listed on the 1830 Fifth Census of the
United States Population Schedules for Territory of Arkansas.

Conway County, Arkansas created 20 Oct 1825
Pope County, Arkansas created 2 Nov 1829
Carroll County, Arkansas created 1 Nov 1833
Newton County, Arkansas created 14 Dec 1842
Boone County, Arkansas created 9 April 1869
So when one is looking for old records, keep the above dates in
mind. Your ancestor's records may well be in the parent county and
not necessarily in the county they were living in in the census

In 1840 Samuel Bristow was living in Conway County,Arkansas, Upper
Osage Township (per microfilm listing)
0011100010000---0011000100000 which is different than previously listed in my story which I copied from a census microfilm
Cannot account for the difference.
No males under 5; none from 5 to 10; one from 10 to 15; one from 15
to 20; one from 20 to 30 ....and one 60 to female 10 to
15; one female 15 to 10 and....... one female 50 to 60.

His son? John Bristow was living in Carroll County, Arkansas in
Crooked Creek Township with seven children. Another son,
Mathew Bristow also lived in Carroll County in same township, with
four children.

Also living in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1840 were:
Barnett Cheatham, Bolin Cheatham, John L Cox and John Milton Perryman and others.
These names later tie in with other Newton County, Arkansas kinfolks, who
I will write about later.

In 1850 Samuel Bristow, age 70, was in Franklin County, Arkansas in
Lower Township, Dwelling 564.
BRISTOW, Saml, 70, VA
....... Lavina, 67, TN
....... Lucretia, 15
(Per "Arkansas 1850 census Every name Index")

It was not until 1850 that census records listed each person's name
sex, age, color (white, black or mulatto), profession or trade,
real estate value, place of birth, married within the year, over 20
who cannot read and write; whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane,
idiotic, pauper or convict.

1850 Johnson County, Arkansas, Piney Township, Dwelling 26
BRISTO, David C 28, ILL
.......Charity 27, TN
....... John W, 9
....... William , 6
....... Mary E. 5,
....... Harvey N, 2

1850 Johnson County, Arkansas, Clark Township, Dwelling 56
BRISTO, William 23, Jane 18, William 59, IL/AR

1850 Carroll County, Arkansas, Jefferson Township, Visit 595
BRISTOW, Mathew, 39, KY
....... Hannah, 40, KY
....... Mary Jane, 20, ILL
....... John W, 15, AR
....... William H, 13, AR
....... George B, 12, AR
....... Sarah M, 9, AR
....... James M, 6, AR
....... Stephen S, 5, AR
....... Benjamin W, 3, AR
....... Malinda C, 1, AR

In 1860 Lavina LITTLE Bristow resided in Johnson County, Arkansas
with son David C. Bristow. So we know that Samuel Bristow died
between 1850 and 1860.
1860 Johnson County, Arkansas Page 105(1035), Visit 750-7851
BRISTOE, David, 38,m, ILL, farmer, -- $900
....... Charity, 37, f,Tenn (wife Charity Partain Bristow)
........ John, 17, m, Ark
........ William, 16, m, Ark
........ Mary, 13, f, Ark
........ Harvey, 11, m, Ark
........ Samuel 8, m, Ark
........ Gabriel, 7, m, Ark
........ Isaac, 5, m, Ark
........ Lavina, 6/12, f, Ark
........ Lavina, 79, f, Tenn (mother, Lavina Little Bristow)
PARTAIN, George, 30, m, Tenn , Wagonmaker -- $500
....... Martha, 18, f, Tenn (Martha Elizabeth Sims)

Son Mathew and wife Hannah SALEE BRISTOW lived in Carroll County,
Arkansas, Jefferson Township with nine children.

Samuel and Lavina LITTLE Bristow were the parents of the following
known children:

(1) MARY ANN BRISTOW, born 11 March 1803 in Ohio County,
Kentucky who married THOMAS TENNISON on 4 March 1820 in Spencer County,
Indiana. She probably died in Indiana. Her Tennison children came
to Arkansas.
See BRISTOW TENNISON Connection in my "Kinfolks Stories".

1820 Spencer County, Indiana census:
Tenneson, Thomas, page 89:
Tenneson, John, page 91
Tennison children were:
1.DAVID TENNISON, born 1820 Spencer County, Indiana.
He married Martha "Patsy" (mnu).
The name David is often confused with the name Daniel.
When it is written in longhand, it is hard to tell the difference.
Found him listed as David and Daniel on census records.
He was in Newton County, Arkansas in 1860 and 1870 and in Taney
County, Missouri in 1880. His children were in Taney County, Missouri

i:ANNA TENNISON, born ca 1822 in Indiana. Married BENJAMIN JONES.
Benjamin Jones was son of Solomon Jones and Elizabeth Burnham.
Anna Tennison Jones died in 1913 in Tamaha (Haskell County, Oklahoma.
See "Kinfolks Stories" about Solomon Jones.

ii:SAMUEL TENNISON, born 1823 in Indiana. Married to "E" on
the 1850 Taney County, Missouri Census.
He served in Co. F, First Arkansas Infantry and died in July 1863
in Newton County, Arkansas. His probate record is in Newton County,
Sent for his Civil War Pension record but it contained no genealogy
information. Widow must not have filed for his pension.

iii:JOHN TENNISON, born 1823 in Indiana. Married REBECCA J GILMORE.
John and Rebecca lived in Newton County, Arkansas.

iv:THOMAS J TENNISON, born 9 Jan 1826 in Indiana? His Civil War pension
record lists him as being born in county of Alabama???
He married SARAH CAROLINE LILES on 9 March 1848 in Arkansas.
He was in Union Army during the Civil War and died in Arkansas.
His family lived in Newton County.
Have detailed information on him and his family. Have his Civil War
Pension record.

v:ALLEN TENNISON, born ca 1826 in Indiana. Married RACHEL ESTEP.
Allen and Rachel died during the Civil War time in Newton County, Arkansas.
It is said they are buried under the Norton Barn
in Newton County.

continuing with Samuel Bristow family

(2)JOHN BRISTOW(unknown birthdate).
1840 Carroll County, Arkansas Census, Crooked Creek Township
Have not researched John Bristow as yet. Believe him to be a son
of Samuel Bristow.
Did not find him listed in the 1850 Arkansas Every-name index

(3)unknown female

(4) unknown female

(5) unknown female

(6)MATHEW C BRISTOW, born in 1811 in Ohio County, Kentucky.
It is not known when and where Mathew died. There is a crypt in the
Dark Hollow Cemetery in Boone County, Arkansas with no inscription
next to Hannah Salee Bristow's crypt. This is possibly Mathew's
Mathew Married :
1)HANNAH SALEE on 28 May 1829 in Morgan County, Illinois.
Hannah was born 21 May 1809 and died 8 July 1860 with burial in a
crypt-vault in Dark Hollow Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas(Masonic)

Children were:
i: MARY JANE BRISTOW, born 25 Feb 1829

ii: JOHN WESLEY BRISTOW, born Feb 1836 Crooked Creek Township,
Carroll County, Arkansas (later Boone County).
Married (1) EMILY BELLE HUDSON (1836-1874)ca 1853 in Marion County,
Arkansas. Emily was born in 1836 at Bellefonte, later Boone County,
1)Mathew C Bristow, born 29 Sept 1855 at Yellville, Marion County,
2)Elizabeth P. Bristow, born 25 Feb 1859
3) Martha "Mattie" J. Bristow, born 15 FEb 1861(twin) at Yellville
Marion County, Arkansas.
4) William W Bristow, born 15 Feb 1861 (twin) at Yellville
5)Dudley Lafayette Bristow, born 15 Feb 1865
6)Charles Wesley Bristow, born 31 July 1867(twin) at Evening Shade,
Sharp County, Arkansas
7)John Wesley Bristow, born 31 July 1867(twin) at Evening Shade.
8)Ella Belle Bristow, born 1868
9) Cora M Bristow, born 1871
John Wesley Bristow married (2) THURZA SIDES on unknown date and
place, but probably in Sharp County, Arkansas.
John Wesley Bristow died 4 July 1903 in Ash Flat, Sharp County,
continuing with children of Mathew Bristow

iii: WILLIAM HENRY BRISTOW, born 5May1837

iv: GEORGE B. BRISTOW, born ca 1838
Married Malinda (mnu) ca 1862
1870 Boone County, Arkansas Census, Washington Township, Visit 55
On this census a P.P.MANAS, age 19, female, white, was living with
the family.
1)Nancy H Bristow, born 1862 in Arkansas
2) George S Bristow, born 1864 in Arkansas
3)Seaborn R Bristow, born 1866 in Arkansas
4) Mary J Bristow, born 1868 in Arkansas
5) Joseph B Bristow, born 1870 in Arkansas

1880 District 3, Columbia, Washington, Page 161C
BRISTOW, Geo, Self, M, m, W, 40, AR, Minister, IL,IL
.......M., wife, M, F, W, 37, TN, keeping house, TN, NC
...... S., son, S, m, W, 15, MO, at home, AR,TN
......Seaborn, son, S, m, W, 14, MO, At home, AR, TN
......M J, dau., S, F, W, 11, AR, at home, AR,TN
...... J.B., son, S, M, W, 10, AR, AR, TN
.......Isabell, Dau, S, F, W, 7, AR, AR,TN
.......M., Dau, S, F, W, 6, AR, AR, TN
.......James, son, S, M, W, 4, Wash. Ter., AR, TN
.......Tennessee, Dau, S, F, W, 9m, Wash.Ter., AR,TN

continuing with Mathew Bristow children

v: SARAH Mae BRISTOW, born 1841

vi:JAMES MARION BRISTOW, born ca 1844

vii: STEPHEN SAMUEL BRISTOW, born ca 1845
1880 Boone County, Arkansas, Bellefonte, Page 546D
BRISTOW, Stephen S, Self, M, Male, W, 35, AR, farmer, KY, TN
....... Sarah J, wife, M, F, W, 35, TN, Keeping house, TN,TN
....... William S, son, S, M, W, 12, AR, Laborer, AR,TN
....... Aldora F, dau, S, f, W, 10, AR, at home, AR,TN
....... Roseanna E, Dau, S, F, W, 7, AR, AR, TN
....... James M, son, S, m, W, 5, AR, AR, TN
....... Horatio M, son, S, m, W, 2, AR, AR, TN

viii: BENJAMIN W. BRISTOW, born 1847


1860 Carroll County, Arkansas, Jefferson Township, Mt.Pleasant Post
Office, Visit 1:
BRISTOW, Mathew, 39, m, KY, farmer ........ Hannah, 41, f, KY, can't read or write
........ James, 17, m, AR, farmer
........ Stephen, 15, m, AR
........ Benjamin W, 13, AR
........ Melinda K, 11, f, AR

1860 Carroll County, Arkansas Visit 854, Hickory Township
BRISTOW, Catherine, 49, f, TN, widow
....... Lavina, 22, f, IL, can't read or write
....... Emaline, 19, f, MO
....... Leonard M, 15, m, MO
What was the name of Catherine's husband?

Hannah Salee Bristow died on 8 July 1860 and is buried in Dark
Hollow Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas. She has a crypt with a
Masonic emblem.
There is a larger vault next to her with no inscription.
Was this the burial place of Mathew Bristow?

After Hannah Salee Bristow's death, Mathew C Bristow married:
1870 Boone County, Arkansas, Washington Township, Visit 69
BRISTOW, Mathew, 60, m, w, farmer $1600, #280
........Martha, 43, f, w, keeps house
ANDERSON, C.C., 12, f, w,
........ John F, 9, m, w,
BRISTOW, M.A., 6, f, w,
....... Belzora C, 3, f, w

continuting with Mathew Bristow's children:

1880 Boone County, Arkansas, Bellefonte, Page 546C
BRISTOW, Martha J, self, W, Female, W, 52, TN, Keeping House, NC,NC
ANDERSON,Sophronia, dau, S, F, W, 22, TN, at home, TN,TN
BRISTOW, Margaret A,dau.,S, F, W, 16, AR, at home, KY, TN
........Bellezora C,dau. S, F, W, 12, AR, at home, KY, TN
WADLEY, Willis, other, S, Male, W, 20, AR, Servant, TN,TN

x: MARGARET ANN BRISTOW, born 1864 who married JOHN W. MATHIS on
17 1880 (B-143) in Boone County, Arkansas.

xi: BELZORA G. BRISTOW, born 1867 who married JOHN EDWARDS on
8 May 1883 (B-249)in Boone County, Arkansas.

(7)JOSHUA THOMPSON BRISTOW, born 1 September 1817.
Joshua married MARY KAVANAUGH about 1839. Known children were:
William Marion Bristow, born 21 Sept 1841 in Missouri
James Franklin Bristow, born 1846
Lafayette David Bristow, born ca 1849
Andrew Jackson Bristow, born ca 1852
John C Bristow, born ca 1854
Mary F Bristow, born ca 1856
Samuel Houston Bristow, born 26 May 1857 in Missouri.
Margaret Bristow, born ca 1861.
Joshua Bristow died 27 August 1877 in Bell County, Texas.

(8)DAVID C BRISTOW, 15 Dec 1821 in Morgan County, Illinois at Pike
Charity was born 14 May 1822 in Tennessee. She was daughter of
Married ca 1840 in Arkansas.

1850 Johnson County, Arkansas, Piney Township, Visit 26
BRISTO, David C 28 ILL; Charity 27 TN; John W 9; William 6;
Mary E. 5; Harvey N 2

1860 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Piney Township, Visit 750
Bristoe, David 38 m ILL Farmer .. $900
Charity 37 f Tenn
John 17 m Ark
William 16 m Ark
Mary 13 f Ark
Harvey 11 m Ark
Samuel 8 m Ark
Gabriel 7 m Ark
Isaac 5 m Ark
Lavina 6/12 f Ark (Savina?)
Lavina 79 f MOTHER Tenn
Partain, George 30 m , wagonmaker -- $500
Martha 18 f Tenn

Known children:
i:JOHN WESLEY BRISTOW, born 1843 in Piney Township, Johnson County, Arkansas.
Served in Second Arkansas Infantry (Union) during Civil War.
His Civil War Military record indicates he was 5 feet 7 inches tall;
had fair complexion; blue eyes and light hair. Born Newton County,
John Wesley Bristow married NANCY ANN DAVIS about 1865. She was the
daughter of Alexander and Susanna Davis.
1)MARY ELIZABETH BRISTOW, born 6 November 1865 who married a Cline.

2)ELIZA JANE BRISTOW, born 10 April 1867 who married WILLIAM HENRY
CAGLE on 20 Jan 1884 (Q-14)in Johnson County, Arkansas.
1. Fannie Mae Cagle, born 11 Jan 1886 in Johnson County, Arkansas
2. Nora Elizabeth Cagle, born Feb 1887 in Johnson County, Arkansas
Eliza Jane Bristow Cagle died 6 September 1888 of tuberculosis.

3)JOHN WILLIAM "Billy" BRISTOW, born 11 January 1869.
J W Bristow of Lamar, Johnson County,married MAGGIE STRICKLAND
on 22 November 1894 in Johnson County, Arkansas.

John Wesley Bristow died 11 Jan 1870 in Arkansas of tuberculosis.
After his death, Nancy J Davis Bristow married FRANK M. McCAIN on
23 November 1871 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Thanks Pat W for your help with this family.

continuing with children of David C Bristow

ii:WILLIAM J BRISTOW, born 1844 in Arkansas.
Married (1)Martha J STONE, born ca 1846 in Tennessee
1) Samantha(S.Jane?) Jane Bristow, born 1865
Samantha, age 17, married J.M. JOHNSON age 27 on 3 April 1881 in
Franklin County, Arkansas (pg 98)
Samantha died 6 Oct 1939 at McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

2) Sarah Bristow, born 1868 Johnson County, Arkansas
Married FRANCIS M. EDWARDS 28 Oct 1883 in Logan County, Arkansas

3) Rose B Bristow, born 1873

4) *Oma Bristow, born 1875
Married Walter Jackson ACORD on 12Nov1893 in Johnson County,

5) William D Bristow, born 1879

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Mulberry Township, Visit 32
BRISTOW, William (min), 26, m, Ark
........ Martha, 24, f, Tenn
........ Samantha 5, f, Ark
........ Sarah E, 2, f, Ark

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Mulberry Township, Visit 33
BRISTOW, David (fmr), 49, m, Ill
....... Charity, 48, f, Tenn
....... Savina, 11, f, Ark (Lavina?)
....... James, 7, m, Ark

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Mulberry Township, Visit 34
BRISTOW, Samuel (fmr) 19, m, Ark
....... Margaret, 22, f, Tenn
....... Albert, 1, m, Ark

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Sherman Township, Visit 175
BRISTOW, William (fmr) 42,m, ILL (born 1828 in Illinois)
........ Sarah, 49, f, Tenn
........ Susan, 18, f, Ark
........ George (sch), 14, m, Ark
WHO IS THIS WILLIAM BRISTOW, born 1828 in Illinois?
Was he another son of Samuel Bristow? A Nephew??

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Spadra Township, Visit 554
BRISTOW, David C, W, M, 59, M, IL, TN,TN
........ Charity, W, F, 58, M, Wife, TN,NC,VA
........ Savina Ann, W, F, 20, Daughter, AR,IL,TN
.........James H, W, M, 18, son, TX, IL, TN
........ Maggie G, W, F, 3, Grand-dau, AR,AR,TN

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas, Spadra Township, Visit 556
BRISTOW, Samuel A, W, M, 29, M, AR,IL,TN
........ Martha L, W, F, 28, M, wife, TN,TN,TN
........ Albert J, W, M, 10, Son, AR,AR,TN
........ John H, W, MN, 8, Son, AR,AR,TN
......... Sarah E, W, F, 5, daughter, AR,AR,TN
......... David E, W, M, 1, son, AR,AR,TN
.........Charity M, W, F, 5mos, Daughter, AR,AR,TN
......... Rebecca A, W, F, 5mos, Daughter, AR,AR,TN
MARSHALL, William, W, M, 6, Stepson, AR,AR,TN
......... John J, W, M, 5, Stepson, AR,AR,TN

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Mulberry Township, Visit 144
Bristow, Wm J w M 36 M, AR,IL,TN
Martha J W F 34 M, Wife TN,IL,TN
S. Jane W F 15 S, Daug. AR,AR,TN
Sarah W F 11 S, Daug. AR,AR,TN
Rose B W F 7 S, Daug. AR,AR,TN
*Oma W F 5 S, Daug. AR,AR,TN
Wm. D W M 1 S, Daug. AR,AR,TN
William J BRISTOW, age 55, married (2)Mrs. Evira EASTER, age 23, on
24 Dec 1899 in Franklin County, Arkansas ( F-251)

Rose BRISTOW, age 15, married ABRAHAM KAUFMAN, age 19, on 24Feb1889
in Franklin County, Arkansas(D-214)

Sarah E. BRISTOW, 16, married W. H. CAWDELL, age 21, on 15Mar1885
in Franklin County, Arkansas (C-222)

William J Bristow performed many marriages in Newton County, Arkansas.

1900 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Dickerson Township, Visit 50
BRISTOW, William J, H, W, M, 4-1844, M, 0, AR,IL,TN
........ Elvira, Wife, W, F, 11-1876, M, 0, 2-2, GA,GA,GA
........ Samuel H, son, W,M, 11-1890, S, AR,AR,TN
EASTER, Bertha, Stepdaug., W,F, 1-1896, S, AR,IL,GA
....... Homer, Stepson, W, M, 801898, S, AR,IL,GA

NOTE: Would like to state that our paternal great-great-grandfather
William G Harris, was a census enumerator for Johnson County,
Arkansas in 1880. He was Newton County, Arkansas Court Clerk and
also Newton County Sheriff in the 1860s.

continuing with children of David C Bristow

iii:MARY E BRISTOW. born 1845\1847 in Texas\Arkansas
Married LEVI DOUTHIT on 7 March 1861 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
They are on the 1870 Newton County, Arkansas census in Union Township with children Emily and Nancy J Douthit.
Levi Douthit was on the 1860 Newton
County, Arkansas census in Union Township.
Levi Douthit served in Co. E, Second Arkansas Infantry, enlisted on
2 September 1863 at Jasper, Arkansas.

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Piney Township, Visit 029.
Dowthet, Levi W M 39 M AR,GA,IL (Douthit)
Mary E W F 33 M Wife TX,US,AR
Nancy J W F 11 S Daug. AR,AR,TX
Martha W F 9 S Daug. AR,AR,TX
Charity A W F 6 S Daug. AR,AR,TX(BR> George W W M 1 S Son AR,AR,TX

iv:HENRY A BRISTOW, born ca 1846 in Arkansas.
Married(1) ANGELINE SKAGGS BEASLEY on 9 June 1867 in Johnson
County,Arkansas. Angeline was daughter of William Skaggs.
Angeline Skaggs had married (1)ALEXANDER BEASLEY on 13 January 1859
in Johnson County, Arkansas. He served in Second Arkansas Infantry
(Union)during Civil War. Records do not show him as being killed in
1) William Anderson BEASLEY, born 1861
Married AMANDA (M.J.)CASEY 12Dec1882 in Newton County, Arkansas
2) Evaline BEASLEY,born 1863, married (1) W.C. CASEY 18Apr1878 in
Newton County and (2)Ben JONES 25Apr1881 in Newton County.
3) Mary A BEASLEY, born 1865, married Bud CULBERTSON in 1882.
See Angeline Skaggs Beasley Bristow Bristow Curtis Story on my
'Kinfolks Stories' Website for her complete story.
The Johnson County, Arkansas Court records show:
Henry (A)Bristow guardian of William A Beasley.
"27 April 1869:
Alexander Beasley dec. Harry N Bristow guardian of minors, Bristow
now married to Beasley's widow Angeline Bristow.
Children: W A; Evaline; and Mary A; Angeline says Bristow married
her for the pension the children were getting then he moved to

4) SIDNEY ALONZO "Lonzo{" BRISTOW, born 1868
Son ++Sidney Alonzo "Lonzo" Bristow was born in 1868, so he would
be the son of Henry A Bristow.

v:HARVEY N(HARRY?) BRISTOW, born ca 1846 in Arkansas.
Is he a twin to Henry? So there is a Henry and a Harvey(Harry?).
Or did Angeline marry Harvey Bristow twice (he used the name Henry
Bristow the first time and Harvey Bristow the second time.??
HENRY N BRISTOW married Angeline BEASLEY on 9 June 1867 (N-147) in
Johnson County, Arkansas. HARVEY N BRISTOW married Angeline BRISTOW on 3 May 1869 (N-202) in
Johnson County,Arkansas.
This indicates there were two different BRISTOW men
The 1860 census does not show a Harvey and Henry??
Is Harvey Bristow really Henry Bristow?

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Sherman Township, Visit 1
Bristow, Harvey, 20 m KY (Harry?)
Angeline, 19 f MO (she is actually 29, born 1841)
Beasley, William 10 m AR
Eveline 8 f AR
Mary A 5 f AR
Bristow, Sidney 2 m AR
Lucinda 5/12 f AR (born December)

1887 in Johnson County, Arkansas.She was daughter of Gilbert Smith
and Mary Brassfield Smith of Newton County, Arkansas.
Lonzo and Angeline moved to Maud (Seminole County, Oklahoma)
Lonzo Bristow was sheriff of Newton County, Arkansas 1906-1908
Children I have record of were:

1910 Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, Maude, Precinct 3, Visit 47
BRISTOW, Sydney L, head, 41, M1 22yrs, US,US,US, Retail Merchant
....... Mahala, wife, 39, M1 22yrs, 8-7 living children,AR,GA,PA
....... Viola, daug., 21, S, AR,US,AR, saleslady
....... Obie, daug., 17, S, AR,US,AR, saleslady
....... Gus, son, 13, S, AR,US, AR
....... Beecher, son, 9, S, AR,US,AR
....... Esther, daug., 6, S, AR,US,AR
....... Monty, daug., 4, S, AR,US,AR
....... Byron, son, 5/12, S, AR,US,AR

continuing with children of Harvey(Harry?)N. BRISTOW and Angeline
Skaggs Beasley BRISTOW:

5) LUCINDA BRISTOW, born 1870
6) COLUMBUS BRISTOW, born 1876
Angeline Skaggs Beasley Bristow is on the 1880 Newton County,
Arkansas Census, Jefferson Township with her children William A,
Eveline, Mary A Beasley and Lonzo, Lucinda and Columbus Bristow.
Angeline married (3) JOHN CURTIS in 1881 in Newton County.

Harvey(Harry?) N Bristow married:
Married J. A. BARNES
8)SALINA A.(Savannah?)BRISTOW, born 1879

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township, Visit 470
Bristow, Harry N W M 31 M AR,IL,TN
Sarah M W F 31 M, Wife AR,AL,AL
Sidney W M 12 S, SON AR,AR,AR
Loucinda W F 8 S, Daug. AR,AR,AR
Sutten, George W W M 9 S, stepson AR,AR,AR
Bristow, Minnie Bell W F 3 S, daug. AR,AR,AR
Salina A (Savannah?) 1 S, daug. AR,AR,AR
Harry N Bristow was a minister of United Baptist Church of Christ,
Johnson County, Arkansas.
Arkansas Eminnon Creek Church 22 February 1875, page 86-87,
Oklahoma Marriage Records
Indian Territory 1894-1895 Official Credentials 1890-1894, Volume 3

born 22 March 1851 (22 Mar 1849?) in Johnson County, Arkansas.
Married (1) MARGARET R. KELTON on 28 May 1869 (N-202) in Johnson
1)ALBERT JACKSON BRISTOW, born 11 Mar 1869 in Johnnson County,
Arkansas. Died 19 Jan 1958 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
Buried Massey Cemetery.
Married MOLLIE CORNELIA HARRIS, born 22 July 1870.
Married ca 1890
She died 15 July 1954.
1. William Robert Bristow, born 11 Mar 1890 Johnson County,Arkansas
Married Lillie SCOTT.

2. Walter Newton Bristow, born 28 Aug 1892
Married Hosea SCOTT

3. Ethel Lottie Bristow, born 13 Apr 1894
Married James Elbert Jameson, born 28 Nov 1892. Died 24 June 1958.
a. Opal Jameson
b. Otho Elbert "Jack" Jameson
c. Gladys Albert Jameson
d. Wanda Jean Jameson
e. Billie Jean Jameson
f. Carmelita Jameson
g. Mollie Jo Jameson

4. Myrtle B. Bristow, born 28 Aug 1896 Johnson County, Arkansas
Married Odie PHIPPS.

5. Ivey H. Bristow, born 22 Oct 1899

6. Mabel Bristow, born 2 Jan 1901

7. Elmer Beebe Bristow, born 31 Jan 1903, Stidham, Indian Territory
Married Annette McDOWELL

8. Dewey G. Bristow, born 21 Sept 1906 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
Married Lillie WARD

9. Maddie Bristow,born 10 Feb 1908. Died 21 Jan 1914

10. Helen Bristow, born 22 June 1911 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
Married Carl LeFLORE

11. William A. Bristow, born 16 Oct 1913--31 Mar 1915

2)JOHN HENRY BRISTOW, born 7 November 1871 in Boone County,
Married SUSIE DICKERSON JOHNSON, born Oct 1872; married 12 Mar 1893
Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
1. Martha E. Bristow, born 1889
2. William Virgil Bristow, born 1891
3. Classie Bristow, born 1892
4. Viola Bristow, born Feb 1893
Married Mr. COX
5. Roxie Bristow, born 1894
6. Flossie Bristow, born 1897
Married Mr. DAWSON

7. John Andrew Bristow, born 8 Mar 1898.Died 12 Oct 1973
Married Bertha M. BRYANT, born 15 Sept 1902
a. Raymond Cecil Bristow, born 27 Feb 1920
Married Mary McLEMORE
b. Otha O'Neal Bristow, born 27 Jul 1923
Married Lucille CHRISTIAN, born 1922
c. Dorothy June Bristow, born 18 June 1925
Married (1)Daggah WALTON
Married (2) Mr. THOMPSON

8. Furnner Jess Bristow, born 10 Feb 1900. Died 4 Jan 1917
9. Lettie Bristow, born Sept 1903
7. Ruth Bristow, born 1905
Married Mr. COPE
8. Olga Bristow, born 1907-- died 4 Jan 1917
9. Mayme Bristow, born 1910
Married Mr. PHIPPS
10. Pearl Bristow
Married Mr. MYRICK


Samuel married MARTHA LOUISA SHEPHERD MARSHALL 30 Nov 1877 at
Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township, Visit 556.
Bristow, Samuel A W M 29 M AR,IL,TN
Martha L W F 28 M Wife TN,TN,TN
Albert J W M 10 S Son AR,AR,TN
John H W M 8 S Son AR,AR,TN
Sarah E W F 5 S Daug. AR,AR,TN
David E W M 1 S Son AR,AR,TN>br> Charity M W F 5mos.S Daug. AR,AR,TN
Rebecca A W F 5mos.S Daug. AR,AR,TN
Marshall,William W M 6 S Stepson AR,AR,TN
John J W M 5 S Stepson AR,AR,TN
Note: William H and Mary A Shephard family lived at next visit. He was
probably a brother to Martha L Shephard Marshall Bristow.
Find that families traveled and lived together.

Samuel and Martha had more Bristow Children:

4) DAVID E. BRISTOW, born June 1879(15 Dec 1878?)
Married (1)LULA WEAVER, born 14 Nov 1881. Died 13 Jan 1917
Married 3 June 1897 in San Bois, Haskell County, Oklahoma.
1. Anna Bristow
2. Lillian Bristow
3. John Bristow, born Oct 1898
4. Charles E. Bristow, born 21 Dec 1907
5. Mary Bristow 1911-1924
6. David R. Bristow, born 25Dec1916

David E. Bristow married (2)ARKA DELPHIA PITTS,born 14 July 1876
and died 8 May 1922
7. George Bristow
8. Clarence Bristow
9. Melvin Bristow
10. Walter Bristow

1920 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, Canadian Township, Blocker
BRISTOW, David E, age 41, Ark, Ark, Ark, Salesman
........ Delphia, wife, age 44, TX, MS, AR
........ Nettie, daug., 14, OK, AR, AR
........ Melvin, son, 10, OK, AR, AR
........ Mary, daug. 7, OK, AR,AR
........ Walter, son, 5, OK, AR, TX
........ John, son, 1-5/12, OK, AR, TX
........ Anna, daug. 1-5/12, OK, AR, TX
PITTS, Bedeoux, Stepson, 7, OK, AR, TX
.......Robert, Stepson, 5, OK, AR, TX

1920 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, Blocker Township ED184
BRISTOW, Robert, H, 27, AR,TN,TN
........ Lilie, W, 23, OK, TX, OK
........ Lorene, Daug., 6, OK
........ Ray, son, 1, OK

1920 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, Blocker Township, Visit 48-41
BRISTOW, Walter, H, 26, M
....... Hasem?, wife, 21
........William A, Son, 3
........Ralph, son, 9/12

1930 Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, Dow Township, Visit 82-83
BRISTOW, Samuel, Head, Rents, 24, M@21, OK
........ Marie, wife, 20, M@17, Can?
........ Eugene, son, 3-4/12, OK

Visit 84-86
VAUGHT, James, Head, rents, 56, M@23
....... Mattie, wife, 53, M@20
BRISTOW, Dora, Stepdaug., 18
MILLER, Lucy, daughter, 9
....... Dorothy, daughter, 4

5) REBECCA ANN BRISTOW(twin), born 9 Dec 1879\1880 in Johnson County,

6) CHARITY MAYBELL BRISTOW(twin),born 9 Dec 1879\1880

7) JAMES ARTHUR BRISTOW, born 4 Sept 1881 in Johnson County,
1.Mary Bristow
2. Emma Bristow
3. Samuel Arthur Bristow
Married Ora Marie WILMON

4. Elsie Bristow

8) MATHEW L. BRISTOW, born 12 Feb 1883
Married TISHIA B. PARKINSON 2 Dec 1901 Pittsburg County,Oklahoma
1. Dovie D.L Bristow, born 28 Sept 1902
Married Clyde SWANSON. She died in Feb 1974
2.William Bristow, born 1905
Married Alta GARRISON
3. Albert Richard Bristow, born 17 Feb 1911. Died 16 Feb 1980
Married Dorothy Lorene BOYETTE, born 26 Aug 1916. Died 5 Aug 1981
a: Alberta Lee Bristow, born 20 Jan 1937. Died 3 Oct 1990
Married Alvin Joe SNOW, born 1936. Died 1979

b: Albert Eugene Bristow, born 2 Mar 1940. Died 23 Jan 2001.

9) WILLIAM ALFORD BRISTOW, born 5 June 1885
He died 24 May 1969 in Medford, Oregon
VIOLET MARY CHERRY, born 1 March 1896
1. Mildred Bristow, born 20 Sept 1915
Married Leonard Elvin DAVIS, born Aug 1908

2. Wilma Bristow, born 27 Jan 1917
Married Boyd Renner OLDHAM, born 1913

3. Alma Nola Bristow, born 12 Mar 1919
Marrried Jack Hayward King, born 1925

4. Nettie Marion Bristow, born 22 Feb 1923. Died 11 Oct 1928

5. Bert O'Neal Bristow, born 11 Mar 1925

10) ISAAC BRISTOW, born 20 Feb 1887. Died 19 July 1969
Married CORDELIA FRALEY, born 12 Mar 1891. Died Dec 1968
1. Willard Bristow
2. Lucille Pearl Bristow, born 22 July 1911
Married Edward CAVES
3. Edgar Bristow, born 26Sept 1913. Died 11 Feb 1982
Married Ruth (mnu)
4. Orville Vernon Bristow, born 25 July 1915
5. Floyd Bristow, born 1919. Died 1922(twin)
6. Lloyd Bristow, born 1919. Died 1922 (twin)
7. Richard Paul Bristow, born 18 Aug 1921
8. William Bristow, born 18 Apr 1924
Married Katherine FITZGERALD
9. Kenneth Wade Bristow, born 3 Sept 1927

Died 2 May 1926
Married JOHN THOMAS McNEELY, born 11 Mar 1889. Died 26Aug1960

Samuel Arthur Bristow died on 5 January 1924 in Massey, Pittsburg
County, Oklahoma and is buried there.

continuing with children of David and Charity Partain Bristow

vii:GABRIEL BRISTOW, born ca 1853.

born 20 February 1857 in Arkansas.
married Savina (mnu)

1860 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township, Visit 1168
Bristoe, William G 30(1830) m ILL Farmer $500 $450
Sarah 47 f Tenn
Turentine, Absalom 14 m Ark
Bristoe, Susan 7 f Ark
G W 3 m Ark
He served in Co. A, Fourth Arkansas Infantry (Union) during the
Civil War. Enlisted 28 Mar 1864 at Clarksville and was born in
Morgan County, Illinois. He transferred to Co. I, Second Arkansas

born 1859 in Arkansas
She was the mother of: MARGARET GEORGIANNA BRISTOW, born 11 Jan 1877
Married ANDREW JACKSON LINAM on 5 Nov 1891 Pittsburg County,
Oklahoma at Canadian.

SAVINA A. BRISTOW, age 23, married J.S. BRISTOW, 27, on 20 Aug
1883 in Franklin County, Arkansas (C-44)
Savina Bristow supposedly married:
(2) JOHN J. MARSHALL, born June 1875.
He was son of Martha Louisa Shepherd Marshall Bristow who married as
her second husband, Samuel Bristow.

born in June 1862 in Piney Township of Johnson County, Arkansas
married Bosha Barcia JOHNSON, born May 1863.
children were:
1)Samuel Benjamin Bristow, born 21 Jan 1883 in Arkansas. Died on
Apr 1953
Married Mary COSTELLO, born 2 June 1902.Died 1970
1. Geraldine Bristow (1926-1926)
2. James Hilton Bristow

2)Bertha F Bristow, born 20 Mar 1884 in Arkansas. Died 1915.
Married (1)Thomas L. LINAM
Married (2) John Riley STONE, born 18 June 1882.Died 23Dec1946

3)Dolly Bristow, born Aug 1886 in Arkansas.
Married (1)Doyle GIPSON
Married (2) Rube PUGH
Married (3) Frank LAMBERT

4)Azoph Giles Bristow, born 6 February 1888(25April?) in Johnson
County,Arkansas. Died 25 Mar 1941
Married Callie Alice STROW, born 1900. Died 1984
1. Paralee Virginia Bristow, born 22Feb1928. Died 1989
2. Callie Barcia Bristow, born 4 Nov 1932. Died 4 Nov 1932
3. Theodore Joseph Bristow, born 27Sep1939. Died 5June1983

5)David Ross Bristow, born Nov 1889 in Arkansas.

6)John Erdley Bristow, born Sept 1896 in Arkansas.

7)Bessie Bristow, born 17 February 1900. Died 1994

8)Heber Neville Bristow, born 17 Feb 1900, twin to Bessie
Died 1956.
Married Rosie Bell GOFF

9) Lula Bristow, born 1901.
My records show DAVID C BRISTOW died in 1913 in Franklin County,
Arkansas and is buried in Mason Cemetery, Shawnee, Oklahoma.

(9)REBECCA JANE BRISTOW,born 1823 in Illinois.
married WILEY DAVID PARTAIN ca 1843 in Arkansas.
Wiley Partain was son of Gabriel PARTAIN and Anna LOUGH
Rebecca Jane Bristow Partain died between 1852 and 1860.

GABRIEL PARTAIN is on the 1840 Johnson County, Arkansas Census as
Head of a Family.
Gabriel (c1798-1884) and Anna Lough (c1801-c1859)were parents of:
i: Frederick Partain (c1810-1882)
ii: Ezekiel Partain(c1821-c1865)
iii: Charity Ann Partain (1822-after 1880)
iv: Wiley Partain (c1825-c1867)
v: (daughter Partain) (c1828-?) vi: George Washington Partain (1830-1909)
vii: Emeline Partain (c1832-after 1850)
viii: Sarah Ann Partain (c1836-before 1870)
ix: Janette Partain (1839-1908)

Thanks to David Partain for his help with the Partain families.

1850 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Piney Township, Visit 25
PARTAIN, Wiley, 26, NC
....... Rebecca J, 27, IL
....... Gabriel G, 6
....... William F, 2

Known children:
i.GABRIEL GREEN PARTAIN, born 17 April 1845 Pope County, Arkansas
Married J. G. FIELDS, age 65, on 1 Dec 1885 in Pope County (F-201)
Gabriel Married (2) MARY C. PITTS, age 29, on 6 Mar 1873 in Pope
County, Arkansas. Book D, page 317. Married by W J Bristow,
Mary's parents were Hiram Pitts and Darcus Mathews.
3)SYNTHIA BELLE PARTAIN, born 17 Feb 1874 in Pope County.
4) ISAAC G. PARTAIN, born 26 Dec 1876 in Pope County
5) JAMES L PARTAIN, born 19 feb 1878 in Pope County
6) NANCY ELLA PARTAIN, born 5 June 1880 in Pope County
7) JOHN PARTAIN, born 12 Sept 1882 in Pope County
8) ALBERT PARTAIN, born 4 Apr 1884 in Pope County

1880 Pope County, Arkansas, Dover Township, Dwelling 197
PARTAIN, Gabriel G, farmer, 35, m, Miss, --, --
....... Mary C, wife, 36, f, Ark, Tenn,Tenn
....... Rebecca A, daughter, 11, f, Mo, Ark, Tenn
....... Jacob, son 9, m, Mo, Ark, Tenn
....... Cyntha B, daughter, 6, f, Ark, Ark, Ark
....... Isaah G, son, 4, m, Ark, Ark, Ark
....... James L, son, 2, m, Ark,Ark, Ark
Mary C Pitts Partain died 17 May 1884

Gabriel married (3)Mrs. DIANORA JOHNSON HICKEY, age 28, on 17 Sept
1885 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
Dianora Johnson Hickey Partain,born 14 Feb 1857 and died 3 Feb 1937
with burial Pollard Cemetery, Pope County
Dianora's parents were David McLinn JOHNSON and Rebecca ROSE
Dianora Johnson had married (1) James Monroe HICKEY (1853-1884) and
had children: i:William Thomas Hickey, born 1870
ii: John Noel Hickey, born 1873
iii: David Houston Hickey, born 1875
iv: Granville Johaway Hickey, born 1877
v: Charles Monroe Hickey, born 1882
Gabriel and Dianora's Partain Children:
Married Bob HARWELL. She died in 1913
7)DORA PARTAIN, born 31 June 1889. Died 1 April 1897
8)ALBERT PARTAIN, died 22Feb1965
9)ELMER PARTAIN, born 12Nov1894.

G. K. PARTAIN, age 22, married MARY ANN WIN on 29 September
1870 in Johnson County. Could this be Gabriel?

ii: WILLIAM FRANKLIN PARTAIN, born 1847 Pope County, Arkansas
Married Lucy MULER, 20, on 11 Sept 1879 by James S. Linzy, J.P.,
Book E, page 323

1880 Pope County, Arkansas, Dover Township, Dwelling 198
PARTAIN, William F, farmer, 31, m, Ark, ---, ---
......... Mary E, wife, 35, f, MO, ---, ---
......... John S, son, 3, m, Ark, Ark, MO
iii:JAMES SAMUEL PARTAIN, born 1849.
James (F)Partain married MARY E. DAVIS on 28 January 1868 in
Johnson County, Arkansas.

iv.SARAH A. PARTAIN, born 1850.
Married William J PARTAIN on 10 June 1868 in Johnson County,
A William J Partain served in Co. B, Seventh Arkansas Cavalry
during Civil War.

V. DARCUS PARTAIN, born 1852
Married J N DAVIS, 18, of Lebanon on 3 April 1887 in Johnson
County, Arkansas.

Apparently Rebecca J Bristow Partain died about this time.
She is not on the 1860 census

vi: SAVINA HANNA PARTAIN, born 11 Mar 1854 in Newton County,
Married WILLIAM MADISON TAYLOR on 6 Oct 1873 in Johnson County,
Savina Partain Taylor died 12 Jan 1938 in Dustin, Hughes County,
Oklahoma with burial in Dustin Cemetery.

Wiley David Partain married Elizabeth (mnu)ca 1858
Believe the last two listed children are hers.

vii: MARY PARTAIN, born 1858

viii: MARTHA PARTAIN, born 1860
Wiley Partain married (2) Elizabeth (mnu)See 1860 Newton County,
Arkansas Census below:
1860 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Jefferson Township, Walnut
Fork Post Office, Visit 310
PARTAIN, Wiley, 34, NC
....... Elizabeth 20, TN
....... Gabriel 15 AR
....... Franklin 12, AR
....... James S, 10, AR
....... Sarah, 8, AR
....... Dorcus, 6, AR
....... Servinia 4, AR (Savina)
....... Mary, 2, AR
....... Martha 5/12, AR

Wiley David Partain died ca 1870 at Clarksville, Red River County,

Gabriel Green Partain died 14 Dec 1920 and is buried in Pollard \
White Church Cemetery 6 miles north of Dover, Pope County, Arkansas.

(10)PHOEBE ANN BRISTOW born 1826 in Morgan County, Illinois
Ezekiel Partain served in Co. B, Seventh Arkansas Cavalry (CSA)
during Civil War as a First Lieutenant.

1850 Franklin County, Arkansas, Prairie Township, Visit 448
PARTAIN, Charles, 61, VA
........ Mary, 61, GA

1850 Franklin County, Arkansas, Lower Township, Dwelling 566
........ Sarah. 20, unknown
........Lavina, 1,
1850 Franklin County, Arkansas, Middle Township, Dwelling 566
PARTAIN, Willeby, 38, unknown
........ Maranda, 24, AR
........ Lucinda, 7,
......... Charles, 3,
......... Mary, 1,
......... George 3/12
1850 Franklin County, Arkansas Census, Lower Township,Visit 565
PARTAIN, Ezekiel 29, SC
........Phoebe 24, ILL (Phoebe Bristow)
........Mathew 9
....... George W 9
....... Samuel 2
1860 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township, Visit 1182
Partain, Hezikiah 39 m NC Farmer -- $125
Phoebe 35 f IL (Phoebe Bristow)
Mathew 17 m AR Farmer
William 12 m AR
Arminda 9 f AR
Martha 6 f AR
Thomas 5 m AR
Joseph 1 m AR

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Pilot Rock Township,Visit 109
shows Mathew Partain, age 27 with wife Maranda age 19 and a William
Grace, age 17 living with him.
Mathew Partain served in Co.A, 16th Arkansas Infantry (CSA)during
the Civil War.

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas,Sherman Township, Visit 186
PARTAIN, William (fm lbr) 22, m, Ark
....... Mary E, 25, f, MO
.......Emiline, 16, f, Ark
....... Savina, 14, f, Ark
....... Mary E, 12, f, Ark
....... William,(fm lbr)22, m, Ark
...... Sarah A, 18, f, Ark
...... Guin E, 1, m, Ark

1870 Johnson County, Arkansas, Sherman Township, Visit 190
PARTAIN, Feby A, 43, f, ILL
........Thomas, 16, m, Ark
........ Joseph, 11, m, Ark
........Elijah, 7, m, Ark
ROBINSON, John W (fm lbr) 27, m, MO
........ Martha 17, f, Ark
........Mary F, (Feb)4/12,Ark

Hezikiah Ezekiel Partain's known children:
i.MATHEW PARTAIN, born ca 1842 in Arkansas.

ii.GEORGE W. PARTAIN, born ca 1846 in Arkansas.
Married MARTHA A. SIMS on on 14 April 1859 in Johnson
County, Arkansas.
A George W Partain served in Co. B, Cabell's Arkansas Cavalry
(CSA)during Civil War and applied for pension in 1908 in Pope
County, Arkansas. One could send for his Civil War Pension record
for more information. However, the Confederate Pension records
are not that full of information.
The 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans books are great sources of
information. Not all Arkansas counties are represented in these books

iii.WILLIAM SAMUEL PARTAIN, born 1848 in Arkansas.
Married Miss LUCY MULER, 20, on 1 Sept 1879 in Pope County(E-323)

iv.ARMINDA PARTAIN, born 1851 in Arkansas

v.MARTHA PARTAIN, born 1853 in Arkansas

vi.THOMAS C. PARTAIN, born 1855 in Arkansas
Married SARAH DILLIE BROCK on 18 September 1877 in Johnson County,

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Census, Spadra Township
Partain, Thomas C W M 24 M AR,AL,AR
Dillie W F 19 M wife AR,AR,AR.
Henry W M 11 months son AR,AR,AR

vii.JOSEPH EZEKIEL PARTAIN, born 18 April 1857 in Johnson County,
Married Mrs. Margaret SIMS of Martin Township on 25 April 1880 in
Pope County, Arkansas (E-402)

1880 Pope County, Arkansas, Martin Township, Dwelling 13
PARTAIN, Joseph E, farmer, 22, m, Ark, ---, ---
....... Margaret C, h/keeper, 38, f, Ark, NC, Tenn
SIMS, Eliza M, step-dau.,6, f, Ark, Tenn, Ark
viii.ELIJAH PARTAIN, born 1863 in Arkansas.

1880 Johnson County, Arkansas Census,Sherman Township, Visit 190
Partain, Feby A 43 f ILL (Phoebe Bristow Partain)
Thomas 16 m AR
Joseph 11 m AR
Elijah 7 m AR
Robinson, John W 27 m MO
Martha 17 f AR(daughter Martha Partain Robinson)
Mary F 4/12 f AR (born February).
Pheobe Ann Bristow Partain died after 1880 and is buried in
Mt.Airey Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas

Born 1835 in Tennessee.

Since Samuel and Lavina Bristow were in Franklin County, Arkansas in
1850, I believe Samuel died there in Franklin County.
As much as Samuel was a minister and preached in many churches, there
is surely a tombstone for him.
Lavina was living with their son David C on the 1860 Johnson County,
Arkansas census. She probably died in Johnson County, Arkansas.

Evelyn Flood

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