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Floating the Buffalo River


by Evelyn Flood

The surname is spelled PEEBLES, PEEPLES, PEOPLES and PEOPPEALS.
In Smith Peoples Civil War Arkansas Union Soldiers Index, the last
name was spelled PEOPPEALS
SMITH PEOPLES was born in 1803 in Georgia per Civil War Soldiers
Index (Union).
His son JOHN PEOPLES was born in 1842 in Johnson County, Arkansas.
Son NATHAN PEOPLES was born in 1837 in Tishimingo County, Mississippi.
They enlisted on 1 March 1863 in Newton County, Arkansas in
Co. F, First Arkansas Infantry (Union)
Smith lists his age as 42, but he was much 60.
If you went by that age, he was born in 1821...but he married
ca 1827.

Have been trying to reconcile my Peoples records with those
records of other PEOPLES\PEEBLES\PEEPLES researchers.
Just don't know enough about the earlier families to state
who the son of who was.
My records are mostly from reading census, marriage,land records,
Civil War Pensions, and cemetery records for the areas in which
I am researching.

From other PEEBLES, PEOPLES, PEEPLES researchers, was sent the
following information.
I have listed some questions.


From Charlotte Peebles which she received from Family Tree Maker
It is hard to read her notes, so if there are any corrections,
please let me know.

Generation 1:
Robert Peebles

Generation 2:
Capt. David Peibils (Peebles), born 1616 County Fife, Scotland
Owned "Bon Accord".
Spouse: Elspert (Elspet) Mackie

Generation 3:
SON: William Peebles I, born 7June\Jul 1635 Kilconquhar Parish,
Fife Scotland
Died 5 Aug 1635 Wyanoke Parish, Charles City, Virginia
Spouse: Elizabeth Bishop (2) Judith Drayton by whom was born:

Generation 4:
David Peebles II, born 1683 St.Monance, Cambee, Scotland
David's spouse: Ann Maybury, daughter of Francis Mayberry and
Elizabeth Gilliam (parents:John Gilliam and Margery Henshaw).

Generation 5:
Jehu Peebles, Sr., born 1705 who married Mary BURTON
(Abigail Burton?)

Generation 6:
Jehu (John) Peebles, Jr.
born 1730 in Surry, Virginia
died 25 June 1813 Guilford County, North Carolina
married ca 1753 Brunswick, Virginia (1)unknown?
married (2) Catherine "Catey" Smith, daughter of F. William Smith
and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), born Greeneville, Virginia
Died Guilford County, North Carolina.
1. Jensey Peebles, born 7 Aug 1754, Brunswick County, Virginia

2. Drury Peebles, born 2 May 1757, Brunswick County, Virginia

3. Nathaniel Peebles, born 5 Sept 1763 Brunswick County, Virginia

4. Catharine Peebles, born 14 Mar 1765. Married Mr. PERDUE
She died 14 March 1832

5. Sally Peebles, born 1768. She married PHILLIP JEAN

6. Herbert Peebles, born 1769 Brunswick, Virginia.
Married SARAH "Sally" WILKINSON 30Nov1796 Greensville County, North
Carolina. He died 1820 Guilford County, North Carolina.
Children: i: Gail Wilkinson Peebles, born ca 1797 North Carolina
married 20Oct1819 Guilford County, North Carolint to MARY POLLY SELF

ii: Robert B. Peebles, born 1798
Married before 1825 in North Carolina to (1) MALINDA SELF and (2) ELIZABETH MEREDITH. Died after 1871? Guilford County, North Carolina

7. Nancy Peebles, born 1770. Married GEORGE McKENNEY

8. Wyatt Peebles, born 1780 in Virginia.
He married (1) ELIZABETH JONES.
He married (2)RHUHAMER BANNER on 27Dec1804 in Stokes County
North Carolina. She was daughter of Joseph and Sarah McANALEY BANNER
Rhuhamer was born 23 Aug 1778.
i: Charles W Peebles, born 1803 Guilford County, North Carolina
Died 1878 McNairy County, Tennessee

ii: Smith Peebles\Peoples
Per Smith Peoples Civil War Papers he was born in Georgia, so how
do you other Peebles researchers account for this?

iii: Banner Peebles, born 5 Feb 1809

iv: Unknown born 1819

Generation 7:
Herbert (Harbert) Peebles, born 1760 Brunswick, Virginia
Married SARAH "Sally" WILKINSON 30 November 1796 Greenville County,
North Carolina(Sally born 1776 Sussex County, Virginia).
She died before 1860

Generation 8:
Wyatt M. Peebles, born 1802 North Carolina\Virginia
Died 1876 Newton County, Arkansas
Wyatt M. Peebles had brother Hurburt Judkins Peebles, born 1807 in
North Carolina. Married MOURNING JONES


Another entry from Charlotte Peebles:
Herbert Peebles, born 1760 Brunswick County, Virginia
Married SARAH "Sally" Wilkinson 30 Nov 1796 Greensville County, North
Carolina. Herbert died 1820 Guilford County, North Carolina.
Ten children:
1. Gail Wilkinson Peebles, born ca 1797 North Carolina

2. Robert B. Peebles, born 1798
Married before 1825 in North Carolina to (1) MALINDA SELF
Died after 1871 Guilford County, North Carolina

3. Wyatt M Peebles, born 1802 North Carolina
Died 1876
Married: to NANCY BIGGS, 20 Feb 1824 Guilford County, North Carolina.
From "Green County, Arkansas Family Histories"
i: Seth Peebles, born 1825 North Carolina. Died 26Mar1910 Green
County, Arkansas.
Married (1) CATHERINE MINGLE of Virginia, daughter of William and
REBECCA KAGLEY MINGLE. Catherine died 1872.
1) Nancy Jane, born Dec 1848 Blount County, Tennessee
2)Rebecca E. Peebles, born 1852 Green County, Arkansas
3)George W Peebles, born 18 June 1852 Green County, Arkansas.
NOTE: "my husband's grand mother was Georgia Ethel Peebles,
born 18 July 1885, here in Greene County, Arkansas.
She died 25 November 1931 and is buried at the Friendship Cemetery,
Paragould, Greene County, Arkansas. Georgia Ethel's father was
George W. & Josephine (Bolin) Peebles. George was the son of
Seth W. & Arminda (Mingle) Peebles. Seth W. Peebles' father was
Wyatt M. Peebles."
From Kaye Holmes (

George died 1 June 1885 Green County, Arkansas. Buried Woods Chapel

4) John M Peebles, born 1853 Green County, Arkansas.
Married PARLEE (maiden name uknown).
One daughter Merrily Peebles.

5) Sarah Ann Peebles, born 1858 Green County, Arkansas
Married J P WALLS 6 Dec 1877 in Arkansas

6) James L or R Peebles, born 1859 Green County, Arkansas

7) Lilburn J. Peebles, born 1861 Green County, Arkansas

Seth Peebles married (2) ARMINDA C. TALBERT? in 1896 in Green County
ii: Lilburn Peebles, born 1832
iii: Robert Peebles, born 1839

4. Sally M. Peebles, born 1804. Married 1833 to HENRY B. COOK

5. Catherine Smith Peebles, born 1805

6. Herbert Judkins Peebles, born 1807 North Carolina
Married 17 Mar 1832 Rutherford County, Tennessee to MOURNING JONES
i: Herbert Peebles
ii: Anderson Peebles, born 1833
iii: William Peebles, born 1835
iv:Uriah Peebles, born 1836
v: Thomas W Peebles, born 1840
vi: James Peebles, born 1840
vii: Henry Clayton Peebles, born 1842
viii: Sarah Peebles, born 1847
ix: Mary E. Peebles, born 1849
x: Albert Peebles, born 1852

7. Jehu R. Peebles, born 24 Jan 1813 Guilford County, North Carolina

8. Drewry W. Peebles, born 1812 North Carolina
Married 29 Oct 1836 in North Carolina to MARY POLLY CUMMINS

9.Uriah Peebles, born 1814 North Carolina

10.Martha Ann Peebles, born before 1819

WYATT M PEEBLES NO. 1 was born 1802 in Virginia.
Who was Wyatt M's first wife? He married :

(2) NANCY BIGGS on 20 Feb 1824 in Guilford County, North Carolina.
This Wyatt Peebles died in 1876 in Green County, Arkansas.

(3) Sarah (maiden name unknown)listed on 1870 Green County,
Arkansas census, age 40, born Tennessee.

HERBERT (HARBERT)PEEBLES was the father of:
1.Robert Peebles
2.Wyatt M Peebles
3.Seth W Peebles
(1) ??
(2) SARAH (mnu)
They had 3 daughters and a son
What were their names?
What were the names of JEHU PEEBLES, JR.'s wife and children?
Is Herbert Peoples also called Wyatt Peoples?

From Charlotte Peebles:(
1850 Virginia Census, Roll 955, page 354, Visit 699,household 721
Lillburn Peoples, 18 years old, laborer, born in Virginia
living with Hiram Johnstone, Rebecca and Eliza (Elijah?)

1870 Green County, Arkansas Census, Cache Township, page 157,
Visit #131
PEEBLES, Wyatt M age 60 born in Kentucky
Sarah F age 40 born in Tennessee (wife No. 2?)
(Who was Wyatt Peebles first wife?)NANCY BIGGS?
Visit #132
ANDERS(ANDREWS),Martha F age 30
Phillip N M age 12
(was he an ANDREWS or PEOPLES?
(Phillip Nelson Andrews)
John T M age 8
(John Thomas Andrews Peoples)
Wyatt M age 1
(Wyatt Savage Andrews Peoples)


From Charlotte Peebles:
From book "Fathers of the Ridge"
Martha ANDREWS father was Phillip ANDREWS, son of John ANDREWS and
REBECCA WELLS of Calloway County, Kentucky
Martha's mother was REBECCA SMELCER, born in Kentucky 1812
Rebecca SMELCER's parents were Paulsen SMELSER II and Mary "Molly"
GORDON of Calloway County, Kentucky
Phillip Andrews moved to Arkansas in 1840 in the Big Creek area
He died in the 1860s.
1. John Andrews, born 1830 in Kentucky who married CATHERINE VAUGHN?
2. William Andrews, born 1832 in Kentucky
3. Martha Andrews born 1836 in Kentucky
4. Mary Mildred Andrews born 1838 in Arkansas
5. Samuel B Andrews, born 1840 in Arkansas
6. Berry Andrews, born 1842 in Arkansas
7. Nancy J Andrews, born 1844 in Arkansas
8. Rebecca Andrews, born 1846 who married JOHN VAUGHN
9. Elizabeth Andrews, born 1849
10. Phillip Nelson Andrews, born 1851
11. Sarah E. Andrews, born 1854.
12. Isabell Andrews, born 1856?

1880 Green County, Arkansas Census, Poland Township
L.J. Peebles, age 48 b: VA (Liliburn\Leybourne);he would be born in
1832)(who was his mother?)
Malinda J age 34 b: North Caroline
George W.(nephew)age 26
George W. Peebles married SARAH JOSEPHINE BOLIN
Vashtie D. Peebles
William J. Peebles
Ethel Peebles
Sarah Bolin Peebles married (2) W. A. DRENNAN and had children:
Nancy Theo Drennan
Viola Drennan
Sarah Bolin Peebles Drennan married (3) CHARLES McKINNEY and had children:
Charles R. McKinney
Samuel E. McKinney

Andrews, S.W. age 4 half-brother b:Arkansas. (Wyatt Savage Peebles)
Wyatt Savage Peebles was raised by his half-brother Liliburn Peebles.

Born 1875 in Green County, Arkansas
Parents were Wyatt M PEEBLES and Martha ANDREWS.
Savage (W.S.)married SOPHIA ANN BURDINE, in Newton
County, Arkansas on 26 March 1905.
She was daughter of John L Burdyne and first wife, Mary Margaret Bray.

Wyatt and Sophia Ann Burdine Peebles

Savage moved to Texas about 1917.
Savage died in 1935 in Texas.
Savage is buried in Willow Cemetery in city of Rule, Texas in Haskell County.
In 1939 children took their mother Sophia Ann to Tipton, California
Sophia "Ann" Burdine Peebles died in October 1978 at Vacaville,
Solano County, California and is buried in Lower Lake, Lake County,
Their children:
(1)LOIS "MODINA" PEEBLES, born 1902 Arkansas
....Married DON "Charles GREEN.
....Died 1999 Upper Lake, Lake County, California.

(2) BABY TOM PEEBLES, born 1904. Died at 8 months of age.

(3)WILBURN PEEBLES, born 29 January 1906 Arkansas
....Married unknown
....Child: Jack "Jackie" PEEBLES.
....Wilburn died April 1973 in California.

(4)WALTER MITCHELL PEEBLES, born 1911 Arkansas. Died 1973.

(5) ZINEOBIA (O.B.) PEEBLES, born 1912 in Arkansas.
....Never married.
....Died Tipton, California of burst appendix.

(6) VIOLA "Vi" LUCILLE PEEBLES, born 16 November 1914 in Arkansas.
..... Died 28 July 1996 at Vacaville, Solano, County,
......California. Cremated.
....Married CHARLES NEWTON SCOGGIN(Oscoggin) on 2 March 1935
in Rule, Haskell County, Texas.

(7) LYNDOL"Lynn" LOYAL PEEBLES, born August 1917 in Rochester,
Haskell County, Texas.
(Charlotte Peebles father-in-law)
........Married DOLLY REFERN "Fern" SIMPSON on 1 September 1945 in
.Martinez, Contra Costa County, California.
.Lyndol is still living.

(8) NINA CHLOE PEEBLES,(twin) born 1921 in Haskell County,Texas.
.......Married WALTER SANFORD in Oakland,Alameda County, California
.......Nina died 21 September 2000 at Woodland, California.

(9)NEMA JO PEEBLES, (twin) born 1921 in Haskell County,Texas
Married LEO REGINALD SUSINI on 9 February 1946 in Reno,Nevada
Still living.

(10) MARY "PARALEE" PEEBLES, born 24 March 1925 Rochester,Haskell
County, Texas.
Married 16 December 1946 to RAY BURTON.
Paralee died 29 April 1983 at Vacaville, Solano County, California. Buried Elmira Cemetery at Vacaville.

Wyatt M Peebles and Martha Andrews had three known sons:
Martha Andrews was daughter of Phillip and Rebecca SMELSER ANDREWS.
(1) Phillip N Andrews (Peebles?) born 1858.

(2) John Thomas Peoples, born 3 May 1863 at Paragould,Green County,
John Thomas Peoples married:
(1) Aney ELLISON (Allison?)from Elmwood, Boone
County, Arkansas on 4 January 1880 in Newton County, Arkansas.
John apparently met her while working on her father's farm or a
nearby farm as he came through that country looking for his aunt,
Rebecca ANDREWS, wife of John VAUGHN, who lived on top of Judea
Mountain, Red Rock Point, Newton County, Arkansas.

1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Mill Creek Township
VAUGHN, John M 38 M Fmr. AR,AR,AR
......Rebecca F 35 M AR,KY,KY
......Stockston M 5 S AR,AR,AR
......Albert M 4 S AR,AR,AR
......Elbert M 4 S AR,AR,AR
......Catherine F 2 S AR,AR,AR
......Ben M 3/12 Mar AR,AR,AR

(3)Wyatt Savage Peebles. Wyatt Savage Peebles came to Newton County
and married SOPHIA ANN BURDINE on 26 March 1905 in Newton County,
daughter of John Landon Burdine and Mary Margaret Bray Burdine.

See JOHN THOMAS PEOPLES STORY in my 'Kinfolks Stories' on my website

See SMITH PEOPLES STORY on my 'Kinfolks Stories' website.

Smith's father was supposedly WYATT PEEBLES NO. 2 ,born 1780 in
Brunswick County, Virginia and who died in 1859 in Guilford County,
North Carolina.
I question this.
He was the only son not to leave Guilford County, North Carolina.
The homeplace was 262 acres at Oak Ridge Township.

He died 1804? Where and when was he born?
Believe his parents were DAVID PEEBLES from St.Monance, Carnbee,
Scotland and his mother to be ANNE MAYBURY.
Who did he marry? What were the names of all of his children?
Known children:
(2)??, etc.

Ruhamer "Mercy" Banner, born 23 August 1778 in Surry County,
North Carolina, married Wyatt PEOPLES on 27 December 1804 in
Stokes County, North Carolina.
If WYATT PEEBLES NO. 2 was father of SMITH PEOPLES, then
SMITH PEOPLES was born in 1803 in Georgia......year before their
marriage and in state far removed from Stokes County, North
Three sons were born to Wyatt and Ruhamer Banner Peebles:
(1)CHARLES WESLEY PEEPLES, born 24 September 1805 in Stokes
County, North Carolina who married THURZA BRUCE TATUM (10 children).
Does anyone have a list of his children?


In the grandfather's will, Joseph Banner states,
"Fifthly I give and bequeth to my three grandsons Charles Pebles,
Seth Pebles, and Banner Pebles, sons of my daughter Ruhamer Pebles,
my negro boy Ben, my negro girl Rose and her increase to be equally
divided between them, share and share alike."
Banner must have been firstborn son and named for his mother's
maiden name.

(3)SETH PEOPLES, born 1825(?) in North Carolina.
Seth Peoples married CATHERINE MINGLE, born Virginia, who was the
daughter of William Mingle and Rebecca Kagley.

In the book" Peebles Ante 1600-1963" Smith's first name is listed as
Smith and in the 1830 census for McNairy County, Tennessee.??
Don't believe Seth is Smith Peoples.
The locations are in question.
I have not seen the book "Peebles Ante"

I do not go along with the findings that SMITH PEOPLES is SETH PEOPLES.
But I DO NOT know enough about these families to state for sure.
The SETH PEEBLES, born 1825, was son of Wyatt M Peebles and his wife
No. 3, Nancy BIGGS. Seth Peebles moved to Green County, Arkansas, Union Township, 1855.
Seven children:
1.Nancy Jane Peebles, born 1849 in Tennessee
2.Rebecca E Peebles, born 1852, married JOE DOLLINS
3.George W Peebles,born 1854 in Tennessee died 1886.
(He is nephew on 1880 census with L.J.Peebles. George married
4.John M Peebles, born 1856,died 1878.
5.Sarah Ann Peebles, born 1858, married J P WALLS
6. James L\R Peebles,born 1858, died 1880.
7. Lilburn J. Peebles, born 1861 (not same L J Peebles as on the
1880 census

Seth W Peebles served in Co. K, Seventh Missouri Confederate Cavalry
and was in Price's Raid in Missouri.
Seth was wounded in the Mine Creek fight in Kansas, receiving a
gunshot wound through the right lung.

WYATT PEEBLES NO. 2 married:

(2): ELIZABETH JONES,born ca 1780
daughter of Travis and Patty Jones of Westmoreland County, Virginia.
Children :

(i)CALVIN H PEEBLES , born 1820 in Guilford County, North Carolina,
who married FRAMCES WILSON in McNairy County,Tennessee.
Calvin's Children:
.....i) Ruhnhamer Peebles, born 1845 McNairy County, Tennessee.
.....ii) Eunice Peebles
.....iii) Dora Peebles, born 1854 in Hickman County, Kentucky?
.....iv) Henry Peebles, born 1856 in Hickman County, Kentucky?
Was there a Hickman County, Kentucky?


In Green County, Arkansas found the following land records listed:
PEEBLES,Wyatt M Section 30, 16North, Range 5East,40 acres 4/10/1882
PEEBLES,Wyatt M Section 31, 16North, Range 5East,0, 7/1/1859
PEEBLES,Wyatt M Section 31, 16North, Range 5East,120acres,7/1/1859
PEOPLES,Wyatt M Section 31, 16North, Range 5East,80 acres,8/1/1861

Hopefully a PEEBLES researcher will help me fill in the missing

Had to try one more time; hope it is okay,
new info:
James Louise Peoples
born Dec 3,1852 in Hardeman County, Tennessee
died Nov.14,1930,son of Nathan M.Peoples and Mary(Williams)Peoples.
James L.Peoples married CALLIE DONIA SUMNERS b.Oct.28,1857 Hardeman
Callie died May 4,1935 ,daughter of James Archibald Sumners
b.April 3,1830 in TN., and Ellen Adeline (Vernon)Sumners.
James L.& Callie D.(Sumners)Peoples had 4 children;
(1)Geneva May Peoples
born 1883 ;died Mar 1,1947

(2)Viola Bell Peoples born May,3,1881; died Jun 21,1881

(3)Charles Booker Peoples b.1886 TN.d.1931 marrried
CARTER FORD b.1889 dau.of A.P.Ford and Mary Louella(Bradshaw)Ford.

(4)Robert Summers Peoples born June 3,1892; died Mar.15,1946
in Tennesssee.WW1 Bugler 115 Field Arty.Husband of Georgia Rains
M/1 LUCILLE BROWN she died?
M/2 GEORGIA (Rains)LEWIS( R.S.Peoples 2nd husband)
Georgia (Rains)Lewis Peoples born 1900; died 1985
Any connections?Thank You for your time.

From Alyce Weaver comes the following information:
Sarah Peeples was daughter of Jehu Peeples and Catherine "Catey"Smith
Sarah was born 4 January 1768 in Brunswick County, North Carolina.
She married PHILLIP JEAN, son of Rev. William Jen and Huldah Brown
Phillip Jean was born 27 October 1762 in Brunswick County,North
Carolina and died 18 January 1847 in Guilford County, North Carolina
Their children were:
i: Wyatt Jean, born 22 March 1789
ii: Nancy Jean, born 1 January 1792
iii:Smith P Jean, born 7 May 1797
iv: Betsey Jean, born 10 March 1802
Sarah Peeples Jean died in 1848 in Guilford County, North Carolina
Thank you Alyce for the above information


From Laray comes the following PEOPLES information. Can you help?
Hi,Evelyn my name is LaRay.Great web site.
Seen a lot of our surnames;
Know for sure of 3-4 Robinsons that married in family,way back.
Looking for info on;
James Louis Peoples b.Dec.3,1852 Hardeman County,Tennessee,
died Nov.14,1930.
Son of Nathan M.Peoples b.1816 NC.,& Mary Williams b.1833 TN.
James Louis Peoples married Feb 25,1880 to
CALLIE DONIA SUMNERS/SUMMERS b.Oct.28,1857 in Hardeman County,TN.,
died May 4,1935.
Not sure how many children they had so far found as follows;

Charles Booker Peoples b.1886 in TN.,probably Hardeman County.
Found in Vernon Cemetery in Hardeman County,Tennessee,
Listed all together;
Callie D.Peoples 1857-1935
J.L.Peoples 1853-1930
Robert Summers Peoples --
June 3,1892-March 15,1946 TN.,Bugler 115 Field Arty.
WW1. h/o Georgia Peoples.
Georgia Rains Peoples 1900-1985
h/o Robert Peoples
So i think Robert Summers Peoples was son of
James L.and Callie D.(Summers)Peoples,and brother to
Charles Booker Peoples.
Think there were more children.
My great grandfather was James Robert Sumners M.D.
Callie Donia (Sumners)Peoples was his sister.
Our family always spelt their name Sumners but it has been
mis-spelled a lot.There was hardly any info on this line i have
entered alot on web sites.
Alot of people never heard these names.
Any connections?
Thank You for your time.LaRay
From Gloria Peoples Elam (

Started out in VA with Captain David Peebles.
From there it went on down through William, there was an Abraham and
then Joel Peeples. My ggreat grandfathere was William H. Peoples and
he came to Texas with his family from MS just prior to the Civil
My great grandfather was Thomas Franklin Peoples.He had a son named
Marion Willis Peoples and Willis had a son named Willard--who only
died last year at age 95. I thought it interesting that the name
Willard came up and think that your family might be closer than we
realize. There is a Willard Peoples still living in Murray Co. OK.
He is in his 70s. Those two Willards are my third cousins.
Our link probably goes back to early Virginia or South Carolina.
However, my ggreat grandfather William H. was living in Scott Co.
Ark, in 1870.
Thanks for an interesting walk through Peoples history.
Gloria Peoples Elam

Evelyn Flood Write me:

31 Mar 2006

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