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He lived in Newton and Searcy Counties of Arkansas.


Jack's brother was ANDREW HAMILTON (see his separate story on my website).

For DAVID HAMILTON family of Searcy County, Arkansas, see his
separate ‘Kinfolks Story‘ on my Website.
Believe David was related to Andrew, John and James Alexander
Hamilton somehow.

story in my ‘Kinfolks Stories' Website.
The Joseph William Hamilton family was from Georgia and WAS NOT
related to the other Hamilton families of this area that I know of.

  Sent this information to James J Johnston, publisher of the Searcy
County Ancestor Exchange.He published much of this information in
an issue of ANCESTOR EXCHANGE. Have added lots more information since
sending him the initial story.

JOHN" JACK" HAMILTON was born ca 1820 in KY (Ind\Ohio\Tenn?)
Different census records show him being born in different states.
But these states boundary lines were near the Tennessee River
His brother Andrew Hamilton married his wife ELIZABETH BEACHAM in
Hope to be able to find his parents in my further research.
It is really hard to keep these families separated as their names
were so similar.
Because John Hamilton named his first son Nathan, I lean to the
possibility that John's father was Nathan Hamilton.
John's brother Andrew Hamilton also named his first son Nathan, and
this makes my belief in their father's name being Nathan Hamilton
even stronger.

Cane Branch Cemetery,Searcy County,Arkansas

In the Cane Branch Cemetery, located on the north side of the
Buffalo River in Searcy County, Arkansas, about one mile upstream
from the mouth of Cane Branch there is a tombstone:
June 14, 1896
Age 76 years"

There are probably 25 unmarked graves in this cemetery.

probably in Newton County, Arkansas. The Hamiltons came to Newton
County, Arkansas about 1845.
Phoebe Marie was born in Alabama and believe her maiden name was
WILLIAMS (so the family stories state).

In the 1850 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township:
Visit 15-15
John Hamilton...30-M...Farmer..Kentucky (came 1845)
......Nancy..... 5-F, Arkansas (this is Nathaniel "Nathy" Hamilton
who is mistakenly listed as Nancy and a female, born May1845).
......M.Hamilton.3-F, Arkansas (Mary Jane)
......James B....1-M, Arkansas
Mary E. Williams, 25-F, Tennessee
J.W. Williams.... 21-M, Tennessee
Note: At this time it is my belief that Mary E. and J.W. Williams
may be Phebe's sister and brother.

In 1860 the family is in Searcy County, Arkansas.

Living close by were the Thomas J. HALE; James HILL;James W SALMON;
Mitchell HILL; Andrew HAMILTON; George M. STEEL families.
I always study the neighbors and collateral families as these
families inter-married sooner or later. Where you find one family,
close by lived cousins, aunts, nephews and uncles.
See the later census records and you will note the marriages.

The JOHN "Jack" HAMILTON known children:
(1)NATHAN HAMILTON1845 in Arkansas.
He is shown on the 1850 Newton County, Arkansas census as "Nathy" ,
a female.
Because of the two Nathan Hamiltons (cousins)were so close in age,
it is hard to tell them apart.....their marriages and children.
They lived in the same areas .
I believe this Nathan Hamilton married two times, but on the 1910
Searcy County, Arkansas census it is stated he had married three
times. The two Nathaniel Hamiltons were so close in age, may have
not noted the correct marriage for both.

The Nathan Hamilton, born 1841, son of Andrew Hamilton,I believe
married LOUISA HALE, probably in Searcy County after 1860 as they
were on the 1870 Searcy County census.
A Rebecca Hale, twin to the Louisa Hale was living with the family
(see later listing)

Known marriages for Nathan Hamilton (1845):
(1) JULEY A REA BROWN, married 8 Nov 1877 in Searcy County.
Juley had two BROWN children when she married Nathan Hamilton.
Juley Ann Rea, born ca 1842, was the daughter of Joseph Mel REA and
Juley first married John BROWN
i: Marvin I. BROWN, born 1871 who married EMMA NICHOLS
ii: Jasper N. BROWN, born 1873

1860 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township,Visit 318-311
HAMILTON, John 40, M, KY
........ Pheriba? 33, F, AL
........Nathaniel 14, M, AR
........Mary, 13, F, AR
........James 11, M, AR
........Joseph 9, M, AR
........John 6, M, AR
........Sarah 2, F, AR

1870 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township,Point Peter,
Visit 57-57
HAMILTON, John, 50, carpenter, ILL
........Sarah J, 34, keeping house, TN
........ Martha E, 17, AR (daughter of Sarah J)
.........Mary J, 14, AR (daughter of Sarah J)
.........Mahala A, 12, AR (daughter of Sarah J)
.........Sarah A, 13, AR
.........John C, 17, AR
.........Washington, 8, AR
.........James, 7, AR (twin son of Sarah J)
.........John, 7, AR (twin son of Sarah J)
.........Alex, 5, AR
.........Liley M.B. 4, MO (Jack and Sarah J's daughter)
(where are Nathan, James B and Joseph Hamilton?.
Daughter Mary Jane,born 1847 had married WILLIAM J. STEELE (see 1870
Stone County, Missouri Census)

A James Hamilton, 18, is living with the Nathaniel Satterfield
family at visit 25.Is this John's son??
There is a Nathan Hamilton, age 24 (1846) at visit 40-40, but I believe this is son of Andrew Hamilton.
Louisa (Hale?), age 20, born Missouri is probably married to Nathan.
Twin sister Rebecca Hale, age 20 , born Missouri,is living with
the family.

Next door is Friend HAMILTON,age 24, son of Andrew Hamilton.
Neata age 21 and Sarah 19 are living with Friend Hamilton.
Is Neata his wife?

1880 Census, Searcy County, Arkansas, Prairie Township,Family 206
HAMILTON, Nathaniel, 35, farmer, AR,IN,IN
.........Juley A, 38, wife, AR,TN,MO (Juley Rea Brown)
.........Netty P...7, daughter, AR,AR,AR
.........Mary F....3, daughter, AR,AR,AR
BROWN... Marvin....9, stepson, AR,MO, AR
........Jasper N,,,7, stepson, AR,MO, AR

Juliann REA, age 8, is in 1850 Searcy County, Arkansas census,
Richland Township in ISRAEL BURNS household with brother William T
REA and Netty BURNS, age 1 who later married WILLIAM C. HALE.

Nathaniel Hamilton, age 55, of Cave Creek married again (2 or 3?)
to FORNITIA RAINFROW(RENFROE?)(maiden name unknown),age 40(BORN 1848)
of Mt. Judea, on 15 Sept1898 in Newton County, Arkansas (F-182)

They are on the 1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census and her first
name is listed as Burnette(Bernitta?), age 50, born Missouri.
Is Burnette a different wife?
Nathan had been married three times and Burnette had been married
So many questions. Hope someone on the Internet has answers and can
fill in some of the questions of these families.

NATHAN HAMILTON (born 1845)children:
12 March 1893 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
1) James Elbert ISREAL,born 16Jan1896 Searcy County, Arkansas.
Married VELDON LENORE CHRISTIAN on 5 Feb 1922 in Searcy County
She was daughter of Walter D CHRISTIAN and Iona KIRKPATRICK
James Isreal known children:
1.Carson Israel
2.Herman Israel
James Elbert Israel died 26 Sept 1981 at Fayetteville, Arkansas, but
is buried in Witt Springs Cemetery,Searcy County, Arkansas

(continuing with chidren of James Albert Isreal)

2)Lieta E. ISRAEL, born 1900 in Arkansas.

(continuing with Nathan Hamilton (born 1845) children)
ii: MARY F HAMILTON, born 25 Jan 1875 in Searcy County, Arkansas
Married ELIAS JESSE CASEY on 25 Dec 1892 (D-236)Searcy County.
Elias Jesse Casey was born 18 Dec 1870 at Mt. Home, Baxter County, Arkansas.
He was son of Lewis Robert CASEY and MARY POLLY STONE.
Lewis Robert Casey was son of Robert CASEY and MARGARET ?(mnu)
Robert CASEY was son of Ambler CASEY and Polly ELLISON
Ambler CASEY was son of Jesse CASEY and Mary (mnu)
Children of Elias and Mary F Hamilton Casey were:
1) JOHN HENRY CASEY, born 4 Nov 1893
Died 19Feb1988 at Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas
Buried Witt Springs Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas

2)POLLY ANN CASEY , born 8Dec1897 Searcy County, Arkansas, married (1)JOHN PRUETT ca 1916.
Their children were:
1. Jessie Pruett
2. Buck Pruett
3. Dwight Pruett
4. John Pruett.

Polly Ann Casey married (2) CLEVE STARK ca 1931
They had one daughter:
5.Mary Stark
Polly Ann Casey Pruett Stark married (3) Frank M. SHANKLE ca 1943
Polly Ann Casey Pruett Stark Shankle last lived at Hector,Pope

3)LEWIS ROBERT NATHAN JACK CASEY, born 10Aug1900, Served in WWII
Married NODA WILLIAMS ca 1957 in Searcy County, Arkansas
He died 13 Aug 1979 at Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas.
Buried at Witt Springs Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas

4)CHARLEY LEE CASEY ,born 19Apr1902 at Witt Springs,Searcy County
Did he also marry MELISSA BOYD?
There are several children buried in Witt Springs Cemetery as their
Or is this a different Charley Casey??
He married (1)DOLLIE BLAIR ?ca 1923
1. Douglas Edmond Casey
Charley Casey married(2)NETTIE LEE McELROY 1 April 1930,Searcy County
2. Charles Deuford Casey
3.Mozelle Lee Casey
4. Robbie Nell Casey
5.Mary Jo Casey
6.John Thomas Casey
7.Patricia Anna Sue Casey

Charley Lee Casey died 1 July 1989,Harrison,Boone County, Arkansas
with burial at Snowball, Searcy County,Arkansas.

5)OLLIE ELIZABETH CASEY , born 8 Mar 1906 Searcy County, Arkansas,
Married H DAVID CASTOE on 7 Feb 1932 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
She died 27 July 1996 at Russellville,Arkansas with burial in
Witt Springs Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.

6) LLOYD CASEY, born 24Sept 1911,Searcy County, Arkansas.
Married OLA HILL(23Mar1907-20March1990 ca 1931.She was daughter of
James Marion HILL and Margaret "Peggy"Florence Dean
Ola is also buried in McCutcheon Cemetery, Newton County.
1. Ada Mae Casey
Lloyd Casey died 10 Jan 1980 with burial in McCutcheon Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas

Mary Louise Hamilton Casey died 2 Dec 1928 and is buried in
Witt Springs Cemetery,Searcy County,Arkansas.
Elias Jesse Casey died 29 Jan 1955 with burial at Witt Springs Cemetery.

(continuing with children of Nathan Hamilton (1845))
born 25Dec1880 Searcy County,Arkansas
married IRA JAMES GENTRY on 8 Nov 1897 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Ira James Gentry born 1872 in Douglas County, Missouri
Ira died 21 March 1940
Per note from Bobby Cash, Searcy County, Arkansas researcher:
Cane Branch Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas.

"Lucy G. Gentry
Born Dec 25, 1883, died Dec 7, 1954
James I. Gentry, born Aug 25, 1875....died March 21,1940"

This cemetery is called the Sullivan Cemetery in "Newton County
Cemeteries by Haddock". Located on the north side of the Buffalo
River across from the mouth of Cave Creek. It is in a wooded area
and very difficult to locate. (Section 1, Township 15North, Range

James' father: Allen Leander GENTRY
his mother: MISSOURI ESTES
paternal grandfather: David B GENTRY
paternal grandmother: Elizabeth ANDERSON

Lucy Hamilton Gentry died 7 Dec 1954 (per Death Certificate) and is
buried in Cane Branch Cemetery, Searcy County, Arkansas

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas census, Richland Township, Visit 111
GENTRY, James I, head, M, 37, M1 12yrs, MO,MO,MO
....... Lucy C, wife, F, 28, M1 12yrs, 8-4 living, AR,AR,AR
....... Ern N , son, M, 8, single, AR,MO,AR
........Jasper R, son, M, 6, single, AR,MO,AR
........Thomas A, son, M, 4, single, AR,MO,AR
........Mattie D, Daughter, F, 2, single, AR,MO,AR
(note the difference in childrens' names from list).

Gentry Children:
1) Ernest B Gentry born 1901 at Pindall,Arkansas.

2)Roy Jasper Gentry ,born 1903;married VERNA MAE?(mnu)

3)Thomas B Gentry born 1905;married POSEY RIDDLE

4) Ora Madeline Gentry, born 3Nov1907
Ora died 18 Dec 1969

5) Allen Gentry born ,1909 ; Married JEWELL GRAY

6) Floce Gentry born, 1911 ;married EDSEL HUNTER

7) Josie Gentry, born 1 Mar 1914; married J C HENSON

8)Ruth Gentry, born 1913; married JACK HURD

9)Lois Viola Gentry, born 1Oct1915; married VIRGIL GIBBINS

10) Hattie Gentry, born 21 Nov 1917; married BILL WATSON

xi: Elsie Gentry b Feb 1921; married LEONARD SPILLMAN

Note: All were born near Pindall,Arkansas (Newton Co.)
Roy & Ora are buried in Chinquapin or Kilburn cemetery(Searcy County,

Continuing with children of John “Jack” Hamilton and Phoebe Marie
(Mariah?)Williams Hamilton

  (2)MARY JANE HAMILTON born 4 April 1847 in Arkansas.
(Still trying to unweave the mystery of Mary or Mary Jane Hamilton.)
born 1847 in Arkansas died 26 July 1934 buried Snow Cemetery,
Carroll County, Arkansas without marker. Buried near daughter Emily
Mattie Dean St Clair Tipton

1850 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Visit 15-15
John Hamilton .......30-M..Farmer..........Kentucky
Phebe ...............24-F.....Alabama (Phoebe Marie Williams)
Nancy....5-F....Arkansas (This should be Nathy or Nathaniel, male)
M. Hamilton...........3-F.........Arkansas (Mary Jane Hamilton)
James B...............1-M .......Arkansas
Mary E. Williams ....15-F..........Tennessee
J. W. Williams .........21-M........Tennessee

1850 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 14-14
STEELE, George M, 36, farmer, born 1814 in TN
............Elizabeth (Beacham), age 24, born MD
(Sarah Elizabeth Beacham (Beauchamp),daughter of Andrew Beacham and
Elizabeth Meloney, married 1 Dec 1819 Queen Ann's County, Maryland)
............Mary E, 16, born TN
............M.A. 10,born TN
............W. J. , 7, born TN (William J)
...........Eliza Jane, 4, born AR
.......... Amanda E, 3, AR (Idiot)

On the 1860 Newton County,AR census,Prarie Township,visit 184:
STEEL,......Elizabeth 36 f MD
Eliza J.....14 f AR (She married MOSES P. MARTIN,per 1911 CSA census)
Mandy E.... 12 f AR (Idiot)
Manerva S.. 10 f AR
James A......8.m...AR
(Manerva Steel married ERASTUS GARNER in 1870 and they moved to
Searcy County,Arkansas and later to Springfield, Missouri)

1860 Searcy Co, Richland Twp., AR 329-322
Hamilton, Sarah.. 25
Steel, William 17

The 1870 Newton County,AR census,Prarie Township,Visit #545:
STEELE, Elizabeth... 47...MD
Minerva F ...........17.. AR
James A .............16.. AR
MINOR N STEELE...... 14.. AR

Mary Jane Hamilton married(1) WILLIAM J. STEEL ca 1864 in (Missouri?)
(John "Jack"Hamilton, Mary Jane's father ,had taken his family to
Springfield, Greene County, Missouri ca 1863 and John Hamilton had
married SARAH STEEL HAMILTON in Green County, Missouri

Steel Children:
i:HARRIETT A. STEEL, born 1865 in Missouri
She married WILLIAM H. GRIGGS on 13 Jan 1881, Searcy County, Arkansas
She married JAMES FRANKLIN NICHOLS(1864-1948) and lived around Harrison, Boone
County, Arkansas.
J.M. Cash raised Harriett Steele after she returned from Missouri and
she is on the 1880 Searcy County, Arkansas Census with his family.

Harriet A Steele Nichols Birth: 1865,Missouri--1947,Nichols-Chinquapin Cemetery,Pindall,
Searcy County,Arkansas
Census show she married under the name of Hamilton, which she is
kin to, but her last name is Steele
Family links:
William J. Steele (1843 - 1873)
Mary Jane Hamilton (1847 - 1934)
Mary Catherine Steele (1868 - 1890)
Cordelia C. Steele Ruff (1870 - 1881)
Emily Mattie St. Clair Tipton Popejoy(1880 - 1939)
Found a marriage of Harriet Steel to MR GRIGGS Searcy County
ii: MARY CATHERINE STEEL, born 1868 in Missouri

iii: CORDELIA "Delia" C. STEEL, born Feb 1870 in Missouri.
Cordelia married under the name Cordelia Hamilton to
DAVID GOODNIGHT RUFF on 28 Jan 1881 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
Cordelia died ca 1881 in childbirth.
Cordelia was supposedly age 16 at her marriage.(10 on 1870 census)

William J. Steel died 13 March 1873 in Missouri (Stone County?)
He was son of George M Steel and Elizabeth Beacham (see 1850 Newton
County, Arkansas Census).

1870 Stone Co,Missouri, Washington Twp., MO 8-8
Steel, Wm. J.......27 TN
.......Mary J......28 AR
.......Harritt A... 5 MO
.......Mary C.......2 MO
.......Delia C...4/12 Feb MO (Cordeley)

Mary Jane Hamilton Steel then married (2) SAM ST.CLAIR (sometimes
written SINCLAIR) about 1880. Samuel St. Clair is listed as widower
on the 1880 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, living with his mother
Mary St. Clair. He was born 1833 in PA.

Child from this marriage:
Dean married WILLIAM POPEJOY, 27, on 1 June 1895 in Searcy County,
I was told they were in Fort Bend County, Texas in 1900 with
2 children listed as Bedford Popejoy age 13, born Aug 1886 and
Lissie S Popejoy, age 10, born Feb1890. I was told that Popejoy died
and Mattie drove a wagon back to Arkansas by herself.
Mattie married (2)JAMES MADISON TIPTON on 29 Sept 1901 in Searcy
County, Arkansas.
They had nine children:
1) John Wesley Tipton
2)Joe Tipton
3) Dean Tipton
4)Samuel Dave Tipton
5) Verla Rebecca Tipton
6)Homer Tipton
7) Odie Tipton
8) Bertha Fay Tipton
9) Ola Tipton

Mattie Dean Sinclair Popejoy Tipton died 5 June 1939 and is buried
in Snow Cemetery, Carroll County, Arkansas.
Her mother Mary Jane Hamilton Steele Sinclair Roberts died
26 July 1934 in Carroll County, Arkansas and is supposedly buried in
an unmarked grave next to her daughter Mattie in the Snow Cemetery
at Berryville,Carroll County, Arkansas.

Mattie Dean Sinclair Popejoy Tipton

John "Jack"Hamilton married (2)SARAH J STEEL HAMILTON on 28Feb1866
in Green County,Missouri

The 1870 Searcy County, AR Census, Richland Township, Visit 57 shows:
HAMILTON, John (Jack), 50, ILL
........Sarah J, 34, TN
........Martha E, 17, AR (daug. of Sarah)
........Mary J, 14, AR (daug. of Sarah)
........Mahala A, 12, AR (daug. of Sarah)
.......Sarah A 13, AR (John's daug.)
........John C (Cephas), 17, AR (John's son)
........Washington, 8, AR (George)
........James (Washington) twin, 7, AR (son of Sarah Steele)
........John, twin,7, AR (son of Sarah Steele)
........Alex, 5, AR (son of John and Phoebe Marie Williams Hamilton)
.......Liley M.B.,4, AR (daug. of John and Sarah Steele Hamilton)
Lilly married QUINT LAWRENCE and they left Arkansas for Oregon about
I don't know where Nathan and Joseph Hamilton were at this time.
They were about the age to be in Civil War and may have been out of
state......in Missouri or Texas.

1880 Searcy Co. living with or next to John Jack Hamilton:
Seal (STEEL) Mary J, 24 (she must be about 38 as in 1870 she was 28)
.............Cordeley, age 10,(16?) born MO
.............Mattey D, age 6/12, born Nov 1879 in MO

I do believe the census taker asked questions and guessed at spelling
of names and often put down the wrong age. Perhaps he had forgotten
to fill in some blanks and later just put down any old thing .
They say that census records are only 85% accurate.
Census Records are awfully hard to read sometimes

1880 Searcy County., Richland Twp. 78 – 77
Cash, James M 24
.........Mary P 22
.........Wm. A 2
Steel....Harritt 15
Popejoy..Samuel 10

Mary Jane Hamilton Steele.
Mrs. Mary J. H. Clair (age 45 of Witt Springs), married
(3) WESLEY ROBERTS (age 57) on 6 Jan 1892 of Witt Springs in Searcy
County, Arkansas
Wesley was born 13 April 1834 in Illinois.
He was conscripted into Confederate Army during Civil War but
deserted and later joined the Union Army (Co H, First Arkansas

Wes Roberts Civil War Group

Wesley Roberts had married (1) REBECCA LEMONS (LAYMONS)born 1845 in
i: Mary Roberts
ii: Elizabeth Jane Roberts
iii: Rebecca Roberts, born 1860. She married GEORGE W RAMBO and had
children :
William W Rambo, born 1878;
Louiza Alzana Elizabeth Jane Rambo
Rebecca Roberts Rambo died 24 Mar 1881 and is buried at Witt Springs.

Haskel Roberts

Wesley Roberts married (2) RUTHIE McCARTY and their children were:
Andrew Jackson Roberts
Ulysses S Grant Roberts(born 14 Sept 1869)
Benjamin Franklin Roberts
Alzina Margaret Roberts
Mariah D Roberts and unknown infant Roberts.

1900 Searcy Co. AR. Census, Mt. Pleasant Township, Visit 124-124
ROBERTS, Wesley, H, M, April1834, 66, M9yrs, IL,IL,IL
....... Jane, Wife, F, April1846, 54, M9yrs, 2-2 children,AR,AR,AR
ISREAL, Thomas, Boarder, M, Nov1880, 19, S, MO,MO,MO
This Thomas Isreal is grandson of Nathan Hamilton, who was son of
John "Jack"Hamilton.
One of Nathan's daughters married an Isreal and had two children,
a son and daughter.

1910 Pope County, Arkansas, Smyrna, Visit 17-17, Witt Springs Road
Roberts, Wesley, 76, M2, 18 yrs,born ILL, Truck Farmer
..........Mary J 63, M2 18yrs, AR, IND, ALA
HORN, Rena, age 31, servant or boarder, age 31

1920 Pope County, Arkansas, Simpson Township, Visit 35-36
Roberts, Wesley, born ILL, Owns, ILL, US, ILL, yes,yes (r & W)
........Mary J, 72, AR, Michigan, ALA, no, no (read and write)and no

continuing with children of John "Jack" Hamilton

(3)JAMES B. HAMILTON born 1849 in Arkansas. Nothing further

    (4)JOSEPH C. HAMILTON born Oct 1852 in Searcy County,Arkansas
Have also heard he was born at Bass in Newton County.
He married MARY FRANCES GREENHAW,daughter of George W GREENHAW and Margaret Lavina COOK, on 9 Aug 1880 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Mary Frances Greenhaw Hamilton
My husband Kenneth Floods great-great grandma

From left to right:
Jim Hamilton, Kingston Greenhaw, Joe C Hamilton, Tom Hamilton and standing sideways Will Greenhaw

Jim and Tom Hamilton were sons of Joe C. Hamilton
Kingston Greenhaw and Will Greenhaw were sons of J. Frank Greenhaw
and Nancy Rosa Greenhaw

Joseph C. Hamilton Homesteaded land in Newton County, Arkansas.
Homestead Application No. 31360
Final Certificate No. 17086
November 17, 1905 in Section 24, Township 15 North, Range 20 North.
South l/2 SE ,160 acres.Under Act May 14, 1880 at Harrison, Arkansas.
witnessed by: Arrie Gentry; Frank Greenhaw; Nat Hamilton and Tom
Greenhaw, all of Mt. Judea, Arkansas.
Arrie Gentry testified that Joe lived on this land except 7 or 8
months in 1901 when crops failed and claimant took his family to the
Arkansas River to find work in order to support his family.
Improvements were one log house, one room smoke house and barn,
worth $250.00. House was built in 1895.

Grandpa Joseph C. Hamilton holding baby, ca 1926

Joseph C Hamilton was Kenneth Flood's great-great grandfather.
Joseph C Hamilton died in 1926 in either Coalgate or Cookson,
Oklahoma and is buried in the Mt. Judea Cemetery,Newton County,

Believe Joseph Hamilton is seated in the center, the man with the mustache,ca 1926.

Grandpa Joe was taken by truck from Oklahoma to Arkansas by
Jay Smith, Alex and Oshia Burdine Hamilton to be buried in Newton
County,Arkansas. There is no death certificate nor burial records for
Joe Hamilton.. It is said he was buried at night and they had to
use smoke flares to keep the flies away at burial.

Mary Frances Greenhaw Hamilton died in 1918 and is also buried in Mt. Judea Cemetery.

Hamilton Group
left to right rear: Lula Hamilton, Donie Jones, Susie Salmon, and Malinda Jones
front row :James?,John Alvie Hamilton, Harvey?, Arwine Martin

Xerox copy of picture sent to me by Mary Hamilton Macdonald
Question mark after names I am not sure of
1.Lulu Hamilton Smith, great-grandmother of my Flood children,
daughter of Joseph C Hamilton and Mary Frances Greenhaw
2.Caldonia"Donie"Jones McElhaney Essex, daughter of Will Jones and
Amanda Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw
3. Susie Hamilton Salmon
4. Malinda Jones McElhaney Essex, daughter of Will Jones and Amanda
Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw
5. James Hamilton?
6. John Alvie Hamilton (brother to Lula)
7. Harvey Greenhaw?
8. Arwine Martin?, son of Amanda Yates Martin Jones Greenhaw

I know that two of the girls are Jones girls...Donie and Malinda
If you know the identity of any of these people, please write me
an E-mail

Joseph and Mary Francis Greenhaw Hamilton's children:
i: JOHN ALVA HAMILTON born 13 Feb 1881 in Newton County,

John Alvey Hamilton

John Alva Hamilton married MARTHA ALICE HEFLEY on 29 Dec 1905 in
Newton County Arkansas.
Martha Alice was daughter of Daniel Jeptha HEFLEY and Mary HOLT.

Three unknown girls standing in rear
Front:Unknown man with dog and John Alvie Hamilton on right

John Alva Hamilton children:
1) ROY LEE HAMILTON born 29 Oct 1906 in Newton County.
He married IVA ANN GILMORE on 30 Dec 1932 at Coalgate, Oklahoma.
Iva Ann was the daughter of Kelsey and Martha SMITH GILMORE.
Roy Hamilton died 19 Sept 1985 with burial in Clovis, California
Their children:
1.Roy Hamilton
2.Jim Kelsie Hamilton
3.Daniel Jepthy Hamilton was born 29 Aug 1937 at Coolidge,Arizona.
He died 26 Sept 1988 at Fresno, California with burial in Clovis,
California Cemetery.
4. Lunie Alvie Hamilton
5. Glen Allen Hamilton
6. Michael Harold Hamilton
Roy Lee Hamilton died on 7Oct1981 at Fresno, California and is
buried in the Clovis Cemetery,Clovis,California.

2) HARLEY JOE HAMILTON, born 1909 in Arkansas

Harley Joe Hamilton

Harley married BERTHA LEONA CITRON in 1931
Their children:
1. Elmer Hamilton
2. Don Hamilton
3. Bessie Hamilton
4. Richard Hamilton
5. Don Hamilton

Harley Joe Hamilton died 7Mar1989 in Carson, Washington.

3)ELDON JEPTHA HAMILTON, born 1913 at Parker, Coal County, Oklahoma
Eldon mever married. Died 24April1977. Buried Pinedale, Fresno
County,California .

4)LESTER CHARLES HAMILTON born 15Jan1916 in Arkansas
Never married. Veteran WWII.
Lester died 24April1947 in a car accident.
Buried Clovis Cemetery,Fresno County,Clovis,California.

Eldon and Lester Hamilton

5) MARTHA DARLENE HAMILTON, born and died 1919 Newton County, Arkansas

6) WILLIAM S. HAMILTON, born 5 Jan 1923 at Cottonwood,Coal County,
Their children:
1. Sandra Hamilton
2. Lauria Hamilton
3. William Hamilton
4. David Hamilton
William died 21Mar1987.Buried Pinedale,Fresno County, California
His wife died 12 April 1988.

(MARY is deceased). She sent me many Hamilton pictures

John Alva Hamilton died 21Feb1964 at Pinedale,California.
He is buried in the Clovis Cemetery, Fresno, California
Martha Alice Hefley Hamilton died 4July1974 at Fresno,California
and is also buried in the Clovis Cemetery,Clovis,California

Tom Hamilton, Lula Smith and John Alva Hamilton, 1939

(Continuing with children of Joseph C Hamilton and Mary Francis Greenhaw)

ii:LULA HAMILTON born 4 Oct 1886 in Newton County, Arkansas
who married GROVER CLEVELAND SMITH (son of Henry W Smith and
Barbara Allen Pierce House Smith) on 26Aug1906 in Newton County
Arkansas (these are our maternal Flood great-grandparents)
1) Jay Frank Smith born 25Mar1907, married OBIE FLOOD on 6Nov1927
In Newton County, Arkansas.
Jay was an active pilot and developed the Harrison, Boone County,
Arkansas Airport.
He was the second one-eyed pilot in the United States in the early
years (the other being Wylie Post).
Jay died 1 Jan 1991 and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery at Harrison
Boone County, Arkansas. Obie Flood Smith died a few years ago.

2)Walcie Gertrude Smith born 5Feb1909 in Newton County, Arkansas
She married:
(1)LEE CHESTER FLOOD in January 1925 in Clarksville(Johnson County Arkansas).
Lee Flood was son of Simon David and Hester Hosannie Ricketts Flud
They divorced ca 1939.
Lee and Walcie's children:
1. Alice Flood born 1925 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Alice died on 27 March 2016 in Pahrump,Nevada;buried Tonapah,Nevada
She married (1) W. PROPOSKI(sp?) and (2)ERMAND BONI.
She has 4 children.
David Proposki
Linda Boni Davis
Sandy Boni Musselman
Dale Boni

2. Imogene Flood, born 20 Sept 1927 in Arkansas.
She died 19 Feb 1936 in Oklahoma of heart disease and is buried in
Smith Cemetery,Newton County, Arkansas.

3. Kenneth Flood born 21 Dec 1929 in Newton County, Arkansas.
On the 1930 Oklahoma census, Kenneth is listed as Lee Flood Jr.,
and he was almost a year old at that time.
Kenneth married EVELYN BARTLETT on 13Oct1949
They had four children
Kenneth died 14 November 1980 at Stockton, California

4. Paul Dewitt Flood born 19 February 1932 in Oklahoma.
Paul married BETTY RUTH OGDEN in San Mateo, California.
Betty Ruth Ogden Flood died in 1994.
Paul was killed in a plane crash 31 Dec 1970 near Belmont,
California at Half Moon Bay.
He owned Flood's Flying Service near San Francisco,California.
Paul,along with a student doctor taking his last lesson before
obtaining his final pilot's license, and another instructor were
killed in the plane crash.
Paul was an ordained Baptist Minister. He had attended Moody Bible
College in Chicago, Illinois. He served in the U.S. Navy during
the Korean War.
What a bright man he was.
He was an excellent pilot and an electrician before opening the
Floods Flying Service near San Francisco, California.
Remember his bravery and his kindness well.
Paul was my brother Don Bartlett’s best friend.
Betty and Paul had three children:
Paul flood Jr.;Michael Lee Flood and Patricia Flood

5. Charlene Flood born 10 July 1934 in Oklahoma.
She married CALVIN RONNIE at Stockton,California.
They had two sons: Erlando and Elvin Ronnie(deceased)
Charlene died 23 May 1993 in Stockton, California.

Walcie Smith Flood married(2)ORVILLE SMITH in Oklahoma in the 1940s.
The moved to California. Divorced ca 1954. No children.
Walcie died in August 1993 in a Modesto, California nursing home.
She was sent back to Arkansas for burial and is buried in Smith
Cemetery in Vendor, Newton County, Arkansas

3) infant girl Smith born & died 1911

4) Abbie May Smith born 13May1912 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Married BLANE EDDINGS in Newton County.
Abbie died 9 Dec 1942 and is buried in Carver Cemetery, Newton
She had several Eddings children.

5) Verna Lee Smith born 12Sept1914 in Newton County, Arkansas
Married (1)NORTON COLLINS on 6 Sept 1927 in Newton County.
The had one son, Russell Collins (deceased).
Verna married (2)FATE THOMPSON and (3)JAKE CASH.
Verna Smith Collins Thompson Cash died 13 Nov 1995 in Newton County
and is buried in Smith Cemetery there.
Verna was a kind, caring lady and I loved her dearly.

6)James Thomas "Coon Dog" Smith
He married OVA NORTON ca 1938 Boone County,Arkansas

Standing l to r: Walcie and Jay Smith
Seated l to r: Verna,Jimmy, Nancy Smith(a cousin),and Abbie Smith

Jimmy and Ova Norton Smith children

7)Joseph Henry Smith born and died 1920 and is buried Smith
Cemetery,Vendor, Newton County, Arkansas.

8) Frances Allen "Dossie"Smith born 22Mar1921.
Dossie just passed away in Hasty (Newton County) Arkansas.
Dossie married HAROLD "CLINTON"TENNISON in 1939 .
Dossie was so helpful and I nearly drove her crazy asking so many
questions on the Hamilton and Smith families.
Thank you, Aunt Dossie, for your help.
They had three daughters.

9)Gene Smith(deceasaed)
Married DeLOIS FARMER. DeLois just recently died of cancer.
They had three children

10)J. W. Smith(deceased)
J. W. is married to BETTY KAY GILMORE

Lula Hamilton Smith died on 14March1967 with burial in Smith
Cemetery, Vendor,Arkansas (Newton County).
GroverCleveland"Cleve"Smith died 8Dec1939 and is also buried Smith
Cemetery at Vendor,Ark.(Kenneth Flood's grandparents)

Group photo taken in November 1939 at the time of Alex and Marie
Hamilton's funerals in Newton County, Arkansas.
Standing left to right:
Tom Hamilton, Pearl Reddell Hamilton, Oshia Burdine Hamilton and
far right, John Alva Hamilton
Seated: Lulu Hamilton Smith and husband, Grover Cleve Smith

iii:THOMAS FRANKLIN HAMILTON born 6 Sept 1890 at Guthrie,

Tom Hamilton, 1903

Tom married PEARL LEE REDDELL on 3 Sept 1914 in Newton County,
Pearl was born 14 April 1895 in Newton County, the daughter of
William Thomas REDDELL and Nancy C. HOLT.
Their Hamilton children were:

Photo of Deward Hamilton, son of Thomas "Tom" Franklin Hamilton
and Pearl Riddle Hamilton.
Wouldn't you like to own that fancy chair in the picture?
Thank you Mary Hamilton Macdonald for sending this photo

Lessie Smith Hamilton was daughter of Ross and Anna Lea Nichols
Smith. Lessie Smith Hamilton died 19 Aug 1989 in Missouri.

2) JUSTA HAMILTON married Mr. SURBER (live Stark City,Missouri)

Justa and Deward Hamilton

3) WILLIAM HOWARD HAMILTON , born 1 April 1920 in Newton County.
Howard Hamilton died 15 Aug 2000 at Hilltop Nursing Center in
Harrison, Boone County,Arkansas.Buried in Mt. Judea Cemetery.

4)THOMAS ODELL HAMILTON (lived Tucson,Arizona)

5)MODINE HAMILTON married ? SMITH (lives Springfield,Missouri)

6)BETTY HAMILTON married ? DODSON (lives Stark City, Missouri)

Thomas"Tom"Hamilton died 1984 ;buried at Dice Cemetery, Fairview,
Missouri .


Thomas Franklin Hamilton, 94, Stark City, Route 1, died at l:20 a.m. Monday at Sale Hospital after a five-year illness.
Mr. Hamilton was born Sept. 6, 1890, at Guthrie, Okla. and moved to Stark City in 1953. He was a retired farmer and a member of the Stark City Church of Christ.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Pearl L. Hamilton; three daughters, Mrs. Justa Surber and Mrs. Betty Dodson, both of Stark City,Route 1,
and Mrs. Modena Smith, Springfield; two sons, Howard Hamilton, Mount
Judea, Ark.,and Thomas O. Hamilton, Tucson, Ariz.; 10 grandchildren; and 17 great-grandchildren.
Services will be at l:30 Wednesday at Clark Funeral Home, Neosho, with J.R. Burr, minister, officiating. Burial will be Dice Cemetery, Fairview.
Grandsons and great-grndsons will serve as pallbearers.
The family will receive friends from 7 to 8 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Pearl Lee Reddell Hamilton died 3Feb 1991. She is buried in Dice

iv: JAMES "Jim" HAMILTON born 15 March 1893 who married
ZELLA CLYDIE HEFLEY on 5 July 1921 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Clydie Hefley had been previously married (1) HEARL THOMAS"TOM"DUCK
on 27 Jan 1919 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Children were:
1) Lois Hamilton who married GRAYDON COLLINS

2)Gleen Hamilton born 1 Jan 1928 at Seminole, Oklahoma
He married FERN (mnu)
Gleen died 18 Aug 1989. He and his son were fishing when he had a
heart attack. Gleen is buried in Western Grove Cemetery, Newton

3) Calvin Hamilton

4) Doyle Hamilton, born 1925. (deceased)

5) Mary Etta Hamilton

6)Norella Hamilton , born 16 Feb 1922. She married JOBIE EDDINGS.
Norella died 5 Nov 1992 and is buried in Mt. Judea Cemetery.

Jim Hamilton died 4 Jan 1935 with burial in Mt.Judea Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas

Jim and Clydie Hefley Hamilton Family

Zella Clydie Hefley Duck Hamilton married:
(3) JAMES"JACK"CROSS after 1935. Jack was born 1910 and died in
1978. He was son of George CROSS and Rosie BOLIN.
The Cross children were:
i: Roy Allen Cross

ii: Kenneth Leon Cross, born 10 Sept 1938.
He died 30 May 1989 and is buried in Western Grove Cemetery, Newton
County, Arkansas.

iii: Bernell Cross

Zella "Clydie"Hefley Duck Hamilton Cross died 22 Dec 1957
with burial in the Mt.Judea Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas

V: ALEX "Eleck" HAMILTON, born 20 Sept 1902 in Arkansas
Alex married OSHIA LEORIA BURDINE on 8 July 1923 in Newton County,
Oshia was daughter of James Franklin Burdine and Mary Lavina "Viney"
SMITH (daughter of Henry W and Barbara Allen Pierce House SMITH)
Their children:
1) Jay Guthrie Hamilton born 1Sept 1924 at Vendor,Newton County, Arkansas
Gutherie died in Arkansas on 15March1942 when thrown from a horse;
he is buried in Mt.Judea Cemetery.

2) Lavina Marie Hamilton born 26 May 1926 at Coalgate,Oklahoma.
Marie died 26 Nov 1939 as a result of burns suffered in a house
fire, which also claimed her father Alex Hamilton’s life.
Burial was at Mt. Judea Cemetery,Newton Co.Ark.

3) Lorena Hamilton

4) Lula Faye Hamilton

Alex Hamilton died 17 Nov 1939 as the result of burns suffered in
from a house fire.
Oshia Burdine Hamilton later married DAVE MIDDLETON
Oshia Burdine Hamilton Middleton died 21March1991 with burial in
Mt.Judea Cemetery.

vi: twin son to Alex, born 20 Sept 1902 who died at birth

vii: infant girl born and died 1906 in Arkansas

(Continuing with children of John “Jack” Hamilton and Phoebe Marie

(5)JOHN SEPHUS HAMILTON, born 11 June 1858(tombstone) in Arkansas,
on 23 Oct 1879 in
Newton County, Arkansas.
Margaret "Elizzie" was daughter of Leander N. Dickey and Frances
Cook Dickey McCutcheon.
i: Tennie Velonia Hamilton born 23 Oct 1880 who
married E.M."Doc"TENNISON on 29May1900 in Newton County

ii: James A Hamilton born 23 Feb 1883 who married SALLIE SALMON on
29 Dec 1909 in Newton County with children:
1) Gracie E Hamilton born 1911 ;married BYROM McCUTCHEON
2)Nina L Hamilton born 1913
3)Lora I Hamilton born 1916
4)George A Hamilton born 1918.
Hamilton Family is on Newton County, Arkansas 1920 census.
James A. Hamilton died 17 June 1941 and is buried in McCutcheon
Cemetery in Newton County.

iii: Susan "Susie"Ida Gertrude Hamilton, born 27 Oct 1886 who
Married JAMES DICKEY SALMON on 14Aug1907 in Newton County.

iv: Jackson Hamilton born 4 Nov 1889 and died 14 July1895, with
burial in McCutcheon Cemetery in Newton County.

v: William Leander "Lee"Hamilton born Dec 1892 who married
NERVA McCUTCHEON on 29 July 1917 in Newton County.
Their children:
1) Oxford Laymond Hamilton born 1920
Oxford and wife live at Jasper,Arkansas

2)Edith May Hamilton. Married HIRAM McCUTCHEON

3) Elisabell Hamilton. Married KENNETH GREENHAW

4)James Monroe Hamilton born 1926 in Arkansas and died in 1931
with burial in McCutcheon Cemetery,Newton County.

5) Johnny Carrol Hamilton. Married CAROLE CABLE

vi: Frances"Fanny"Hamilton, born Oct 1897 in Arkansas.
Monroe Kuykendall was born 27 Aug 1896 at Pryor, Oklahoma
He was previously married to ADA BARNES, age 16, of Campbell on
15 Oct 1911 in Searcy County, Arkansas (J-94).
He was age 18, lived in Elberta. J.F. Kuykendall gave consent for
his marriage. I presume this is the same Monroe Kuykendall.
Fanny Hamilton Kuykendall died in 1976 and is buried in Memory
Gardens, Lafayette, California.

John Sephus Hamilton died 24Jan1928 at Bass,Arkansas(Newton County)
Buried in McCutcheon Cemetery in Newton County.
Margaret Elizabeth Dickey died 5March1943 and is also buried in the
McCutcheon Cemetery,Newton County.

William Leander Hamilton died 13 Dec 1935.
Buried McCutcheon Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

Nerva McCutcheon Hamilton later married LEE DICKEY.

NOTE:NOTE: Have a marriage for a J.C. Hamilton, age 31 of Bass to
GERTRUDE HAMM, age 22, of Bass on 24Dec1916 in Newton County.
Am unable to figure out who this J.C. Hamilton belonged to
Does anyone know??
Joseph C. Hamilton(15Aug1885-12Nov1950 Haskell Cemetery,
Haskell,Muskogee County,Oklahoma 'Minister'

Birth: Aug. 13, 1885
Death: Nov. 12, 1950

(6)SARAH HAMILTON born Mar 1854\1858 who supposedly never
married and had a daughter MALISSA HAMILTON, born 1882.
They are found on the 1910 and 1920 Searcy County, Arkansas census.
Sarah is living with her brother Alex Hamilton on the 1900 Searcy
County Census but daughter Malissa was not with her.

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township, Visit 118
HAMILTON, Sarah A, head, F, 54, widow, 2-1 living, AR,IN,TN
.........Malissa A, daughter, F, 31, single,AR,US,AR

Lissie Hamilton (unknown which girl)

Did this Sarah Hamilton marry SAMUEL J. SANDERS on 14 Sept 1894
(D-433)in Searcy County, Arkansas?? Sarah Hamilton was age 43 and
lived at Pt.Peter, while Samuel J.Sanders was age 69 and also lived
at Pt.Peter in Searcy County.
Does anyone know about Sarah and Malissa Hamilton??
Sarah lived at Point Peter, Searcy County Arkansas in 1920.
Nothing further known.

7)GEORGE WASHINGTON HAMILTON born 1860\62 who married
LUCINDA ADELINE"ADDIE"HENDRIX on 4 Nov 1886 in Searcy County and
went to Cherokee County, (Cookson)Oklahoma.
Lucinda Adeline Hendrix's parents were: Hosea Harvey HENDRIX and
Mary Elizabeth BAKER.
George Hamilton's children:
i:Addie Hamilton, born 1891 who married a HENSON and
"had lots of children".

ii: Russell Hamilton ,born 1908(adopted?).

They were on the 1910 Cherokee County, Oklahoma at Cookson census.
and 1920 Cherokee County, Oklahoma Soundex at Cookson.

1910 Cherokee County, Oklahoma, Cookson Township, Visit 102
HAMILTON, George W, head, 50 M1 23yrs, AR, IND, AR
.........Adaline, wife, 47 M1 23yrs, AR,TN,TN
.........Russell, son, 2, single, OK, un, un
HENSON, Addie, none, 19, M1 4yrs, 2-1, OK, OK,OK
....... Thomas, son, 1, single, OK,OK,OK
WEAVER, Lester, none, 30, single,TN,TN,TN

George Hamilton

(8)ALEX G. HAMILTON born Feb 1864 in Arkansas who married
MARTHA J NICKELL (Nichols?)Hamilton(widow of JOSEPH HAMILTON who was
born on 18 July 1897 (pg 194) in Searcy County, Arkansas,
son of James Hamilton and Sarah Garner?)

Martha Jane Nickell(Nichols?)was born June 1863 in Christian County,
Her parents were Andrew J NICKELL (Nichols) and Julia THORNTON
Joseph Hamilton was son of James Hamilton and Sarah (Garner?)Hamilton
His father James Hamilton was probably son of David Hamilton.

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township, Visit 128
HAMILTON, Alexander, Head, M, 46, M1 12yrs, AR,IN,TN
........ Martha J, wife, F, 46,M2 12yrs, 6-3 living, AR,MO,MO
(Mrs. Hamilton)the census book states.
........Oscar T, Stepson, M, 15, single, AR,AR,AR

Mrs. Martha J Nickell(Nichols?) Hamilton had six Hamilton children
before she married Alex G Hamilton.

Martha J Nickell(Nichols?) Hamilton Hamilton

The Joseph Hamilton children were:
i: JAMES W. HAMILTON, born Dec 1879
He married VIRGIE GENTRY on 13 June 1900 in Searcy County.

1900 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township,Visit 233
HAMILTON, James, head, Jan1879, 21, M 0yrs, AR,AR,AR
........ Virgie, wife, Nov1882, 17, M 0yrs,0-0 children, AR,AR,AR
They had an adopted son ELBERT HENDRIX.
Virgie died 15 Nov 1903 and is buried at Narrows Cemetery in Searcy
James W. Hamilton married (2) ALTIE R.HENDRIX, born 1888 in Arkansas.
Alta Hendrix Hamilton
Birth: Sep. 6, 1888
Death: Oct. 18, 1918,Vann Cemetery,Webbers Falls,Muskogee County

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township,visit 123
HAMILTON, James M, head, M, 32, M2 4yrs, AR,AR,AR
......... Alti R., wife, F, 22, M1 4yrs, 2-1 living, AR,AR,US
......... Mary E.,daughter,F, 6 mos,AR,AR,AR

I have James W Hamilton's Homestead Papers.

ii: MARY C. HAMILTON, born 12 Nov 1884. She died 26Aug1898
and is buried in Narrows Cemetery, Searcy County.

iii: JOSEPH KINION HAMILTON born Feb 1888.
He married LIZZIE HENSON on 20 July 1909 in Searcy County.
1) Gerthie Hamilton, born 1911
2)Fanny Hamilton, born 1913
3)James Hamilton, born 1915
4) Lessie Hamilton, born 1918 in Oklahoma
5) Lester Hamilton, born 1918 in Oklahoma

iv: SARAH HAMILTON, born 1881
She married PLEAS G. SMITH on 5 Jan 1897 in Searcy County
He was son of John N. and Nancy C. SMITH shown on the 1910 Searcy
County Census, Prairie Township, Visit 220 with children:
James, Mary A, William, Millie, Thomas and Nora D. SMITH
Pleas G. Smith Children:
1) Oma G Smith, born 1904
2) Joseph N Smith, born 1908
3) Dovie Smith, born 1910
4) Columbus Smith

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township, Visit 127
SMITH, Pleas G., Head, M, 34, M1 12yrs, AR,AR,KS
.......Sarah M, Wife, F, 28, M1 12yrs, 6-3 living, AR,AR,MS
.......Oma G, daughter, F, 6, single, AR,AR,AR
.......Joseph N,son, M, 2,single, AR,AR,AR,
.......Doty\Daisy? P, daughter, F, 5mos, AR,AR,AR
Family supposedly later moved to Newton County, Arkansas.

v: ESTHER ADELINE HAMILTON, born 28 July 1890 Searcy County,
Arkansas. Died 11 Jan 1970 in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Descendants of Ester Adeline Hamilton, per Debby Todd
Thanks, Debby, for sharing your information with us.
Married JOHN BENJAMIN GREEN on 6 May 1906 in Boone County,
Arkansas (I-616)
John Benjamin Green was born 19 Feb 1883 in Springtown, Benton
County, Arkansas
He died 06 Dec 1969 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County,Texas

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township, Visit 130
GREEN, Benjamin, head, M, 24, M1 3yrs, AR,AR,MO
.......Ester A., wife, F, 19, M1 3yrs, AR,AR,MO
.......Harry R, son, M, 2, single, AR,AR,AR
.......Joseph A, son, M, 1 mo, single, AR,AR,AR
1)Henry Houston Green, born 20 Oct 1907 in Webber Falls, Muskogee
County, Oklahoma.
Died 06 Jul 1978 in Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon
Married ARIE WINKLER, born 11Feb1906 in Haskell, Muskogee County,
Died 03 Feb 1938 in Palo Verde, Maricopa Co., Arizona.

Children of Henry Houston Green and Arie Winkler:
1. Eugene Green born 15 Aug 1929 in Walters, Oklahoma.
Died 22 Aug 2001 in Yoncalla, Douglas Co., Oregon
+Married ADA SHULTZ About 1940 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan
*2nd Wife of Wesley Eugene Green:
+AVA DEAN TENNISON born 1925 in Arkansas,married about 1945
*3rd Wife of Wesley Eugene Green:
+CHERYL ? Married after 1960

2. Juanita Autline Green,born 02 Mar 1931 in Walters, Cotton
Married RAY BRUCE, born: 13 Aug 1928, died Dec 1986 in Wichita
married 25 Mar 1946 in Henrietta, Oklahoma
*2nd Husband of Juanita Autline Green:
+WALTER GRAY TODD born 08 May 1930 in Northfield, Motley County,
Died 31 Aug 1988 in Cornelius, Washington Co., Oregon.Married 1949
in Wichita Falls, Texas

3. Bobby Ray Green

*2nd Wife of Henry Houston Green
VIVIAN NAOMI PHILLIPS,born 17Jan1915 in Bethel, McCurtain County,
Died 01 Apr 1983 in Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon
married 06 Aug 1938

Children of Henry Houston Green and Vivian Naomi Phillips:
4. Hilda Louise Green born 26 Oct 1939 in Madill, Marshall County,
Died 26 Mar 1991 in Brookings, Curry County, Oklahoma

5. Ody Harlon Green

6. Darrell Henry Green

7.Eldon Ray Green,born 16 Oct 1946 in Wickes, Polk County, Arkansas
Died 18 May 1986 in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon
Married ELLEN TERESA HOOD born 1949; married 11 Apr 1969

  8. Lowell Dean Green born 18 Jan 1948 in Wickes, Polk County,
died 15 May 1987 in Soldana, Alaska
Married JODIE VAREE SMITH on 12 Nov 1971 in Eugene, Lane County,

  9.Donna June Green

10. Delores Winell Green b: 30 Jan 1956 in Cottage Grove, Lane

11. Bradley David Green

continuing with children of John Benjamin and Esther Hamilton Green
2) Wilkes Avery Green born 31 Mar 1909; died 14 Mar 1995 in Wichita
Falls, Wichita County, Texas
Married LOUISE ?(mnu)
1.Peggy Green
2.Charles Green

3)Roy Austin Green born 19 Aug 1910 ;died Jul 1976 in Wichita
Falls,Wichita County, Texas
1. Roydon Green
2. Boys (3) Green
3. Barbara Green died about 1944 in Madill, Marshall County,
4. Roger Larry Green

4) Ivy L. Green born After 1911 ;died in Wichita Falls, Wichita
County, TX
1.Dorothy Bohannon

2. Bonnie Fay Bohannon

3. Johnnie Ray Bohannon

4. Roger Dale Bohannon died in Ft. Worth, Texas

5) Loyd Oscar Green born 23 Oct 1912 in Cookson, Cherokee County,
Died 30 Mar 1998 in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon
Married VICIE MAE NELSON born 22 Mar 1918,
died 12 Nov 1997 in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon
married 10 Jan 1932 in Walters, Cotton County, Oklahoma
1.James Austin Green, died Nov 1972
2.Melba Yvonne Green
3.David Wayne Green
4.Janell Green.She married Mr. PERRYMAN
5.Tanya Green.SHE Married Mr. HICKS
6. James Green died Jun 1955 in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon
7. Vickie Green
Married Mr. MITCHELL

6) U.L. James Green born after 1913 died in Ponca City, Oklahoma
1.Renee Green
2.James Green

7) Joyce Oliver Green born 25 Sep 1922
Died 28 Jan 1988 in Wichita Falls, Texas
1.Mike Green born in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas
2.Steve Green
3.Kirby John Green born in Wichita Falls, Texas

*2nd Wife of Joyce Oliver Green:

  Continuing with children of Joseph K HAMILTON and Martha J NICKELL

Vi:OSCAR T.HAMILTON, born Aug 1894 Searcy County, Arkansas.
Nothing further on Oscar Hamilton.

Martha J Nickell(Nichols?) Hamilton was widow of Joseph Hamilton,
born 1859 in Arkansas who died ca 29March1895 in Searcy County.
Joseph was son of James Hamilton and Sarah Garner? Hamilton

Searcy County Arkansas Obituaries
Marshal Republican Newspaper
Fatal accident:

Mr. Joseph Hamilton of Richland, this county, accidentally shot and killed himself last Tuesday. He was killing hogs and had discharged his gun, and re-loaded it, but after knocking around building fires, etc. he returned to where he had left the gun,and forgetting whether he loaded it or not placed his foot on the hammer and proceeded to blow in at the muzzle, to ascertain whether it was loaded, when his foot slipped discharging the gun;the ball entered his mouth and came out at the back of the head, killing him instantly.The deceased leaves leaves a family and a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his death.
He was buried Wednesday near his home with Masonic honors, so we understand.
Source: Searcy County Obituaries: Volume One, 1891-1905 Published April 2000 by Jim. G. Ferguson, Searcy County Library.

Alex Hamilton married the widow of Joseph Hamilton on 18 July1897
in Searcy County, Arkansas so he became the stepfather of the
Joseph Hamilton children.
Last record I have on Alex G Hamilton is when he is found on the
1920 Cherokee County,Oklahoma census at Cookson, Oklahoma,living with
brother George W.Hamilton.

Apparently Phoebe Marie Williams Hamilton died about (1864\65?)and John "Jack"Hamilton married SARAH J STEEL HAMILTON on 28Feb1866
in Green County, Missouri, page 443. Married by Hosea Mulling,J.P.
Marriage date furnished by Cathy Conn.
Thank you Cathy for sharing.

I believe that Sarah Steele Hamilton was somehow related to George M. Steele and Minor Steele families. Myrtle Lawrence Rose stated that the Steeles were from German stock.

Following are copies of a letter Myrtle Lawrence Rose sent to Mary Frances Hamilton Macdonald regarding her mother Lilly Maybelle Hamilton Lawrence. She mentions the fact that her grandmother was Sarah Steele Hamilton.

It is said Sarah Steele Hamilton was not married before she married
John "Jack"Hamilton but her children went by the name of Hamilton
before her marriage to Jack Hamilton.
Sarah Steele supposedly married ALEXANDER HILL and one of her twin
sons went by name HILL
John "Jack"Hamilton was supposedly in the Civil War but unable to
find out if Union or Confederate but think he was in Union Army. The
Arkansas men who were loyal to the Union cause usually took their
families to Springfield, Missouri for protection during the
Civil War time.
John "Jack"Hamilton and Sarah were in Green County, Missouri in 1867
because their child Lilly Maybelle Hamilton was born there.
Jack Hamilton and Sarah Steele Hamilton married 28 Feb 1866 in Green
County, Missouri at Springfield.

(9)LILLY MAYBELLE HAMILTON was born Green County, Missouri
on 1 July 1867.
She married QUINTILLOUS"QUINT"HANNIBLE LAWRENCE , born 28 Feb 1861 in
Tyler, Texas. Married on 26 Nov 1885 in Searcy County Arkansas.
Quint was the son of James William LAWRENCE, born 7 July 1819 in
Columbia County, Georgia and Rebecca F. MOORE, born 7 Dec 1822 in
Anderson, South Carolina.
James William Lawrence died on 2 May 1905\07 in Searcy County,
Arkansas at St. Joe.
Rebecca Moore Lawrence died on 13 April 1913 in Unity, Baker County
Oregon and is buried at Ironside, Oregon.
James William LAWRENCE was son of William LAWRENCE and Elizabeth G
Quint Lawrence was 12 years old when they returned to Arkansas and
he rode a horse all the way from Texas to Arkansas.
Believe they came back and lived in Washington County, Arkansas
for awhile as their two eldest Lawrence children, William and Jane
Elizabeth married in Washington County, Arkansas in 1869 and 1870.
From there they moved to Searcy County, Arkansas.

Quint Lawrence as a young man

One of Quint's brothers, Camillus Phocion Lawrence, born in 1851
in Forsythe, Georgia, married LOUISA MARGARET JAMISON on 23 July1873
probably in Searcy County, Arkansas.
Louisa Margaret Jamison was daughter of James JAMISON and Delcena
WYATT of Searcy County.
Camillus Lawrence lived until 99 years of age in Oregon.

Another brother of Quints, Aurelious C. Lawrence, married
MARY LOUISA HENSLEY ca 1879 in Searcy County, Arkansas.
Will be writing the LAWRENCE genealogy in a later story.

Quint and Lilly Maybelle left Arkansas in 1904 by train to go to
Oregon, and they eventually went to Baker City,Oregon to rear their
family and both died there.

The Lawrence children were:
i: Willie Lawrence born 1887 Searcy County,Arkansas; died 14 months old and "buried on Boston Mountain" in Arkansas

ii:Clarenza "Clara" Lawrence born 27 Jan1889 in Arkansas who married:
(1) JAMES CARLILE. James was born 29 June 1885 Ironside, Malheur
County, Oregon. He was the son of James K Carlile, born 1829 in
Conway County, Arkansas and BERTHA S REED, born 1859 in Oregon.
James and Clara were married in Baker, Oregon
They divorced and James married (2) ETHEL PAYNE.
Clarenza remarried to (2)GARRISON A. TUREMAN
Clarenza "Clara" died 11 April 1940 in a car accident in Oregon

iii:Bert "Frank" Wilkinson Lawrence born 11 June 1891 in Searcy
County, Arkansas
married LILLY DIANTHA LOFTIN on 11 Feb 1912 at Malheur County,
Oregon. Bert died 17 Feb 1968 in a car accident in Umatilla
County, Oregon and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery,Malheur County,

iv:James Elmer Lawrence born 14 Oct 1893 in Arkansas
married LORNA ELMS on 6 July 1920 in Malheur County, Oregon
He died at LeGrand, Oregon

v:John Alvey Lawrence born 15 Oct 1893(twin to James Elmer),
married NEVA IRENE LOFTIN on 26 Dec 1911 at Vale, Oregon
John Alvey Lawrence died 26 Oct 1970 and is buried at Ironside,
Malheur County, Oregon.

vi:Camilious Phocian Lawrence born 3 Jan 1896 in Arkansas.
He died 10 April 1963 at Sumpter and is buried in Ironside Cemetery
Malheur County, Oregon.

vii: Joseph "Jodie" T Lawrence born 29 Jan 1900 in Arkansas.
He married MARIAN McCAMBRIDGE (Cambridge) ca 1929
Jodie died 18 Oct 1992 at Vail, Oregon
Will be writing more about Jodie Lawrence in the Lawrence genealogy

viii:Myrtle Iona Lawrence born 25 Jan 1901 who married
SYLVESTER ROSE in Oregon on 22 Jan 1920
(Myrtle Iona Rose is informant on this Lawrence family)
Sylvester Rose (1895-1962)
Myrtle wrote several pages and am including one or two of these
pages in this document

ix: Rosetta Lawrence born 6 Aug 1905\8 in Oregon
She married GENE SHAVER(Yeager?)
Rosetta died in the 1940s in Ontario, Oregon.

Daughter of Quint Lawrence, possibly Myrtle

Informant Myrtle Lawrence Rose was living in 1994 and stated the
Lawrence family left Arkansas in 1904 by train to go to Oregon.
She is the main resource of information on Sarah Steele and
Lilly Maybelle Hamilton Lawrence family.

Lilly Maybelle Hamilton Lawrence died 23 April 1934 in Unity,
Oregon and is buried in Ironside Cemetery.
Quintillious Hannible Lawrence died 25 Jan 1937 at Unity, Oregon
(Malheur County)and is also buried at Ironside, Oregon.

This is a question I have: which of David Hamilton's sons did
Sarah Steele marry in Searcy Co. Ark.??? Or did she marry any
Hamilton before John "Jack"Hamilton???
Her children went by the name Hamilton.
One of her twin sons, John, used the last name of HILL
But know for sure her name was Sarah STEELE
(per great granddaughter, Myrtle Lawrence Rose, who was alive in her
90s in Oregon when last contacted in 1994 and who gave me much

This SARAH STEELE HAMILTON born Aug 1843 in Tennessee had by her first unknown husband:

(1)MARTHA ELIZABETH HAMILTON born Aug 1852, Searcy County Arkansas

Martha Elizabeth Hamilton Wright Linton Rhodes

Martha married ANDERSON WILLIAM WRIGHT ca 1878, probably in Searcy
County, Arkansas.
Anderson Wright was born 1830 in Alabama.
1860 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prarie Township, Visit 157
WRIGHT, Anderson, age 31, m, AL, Mechanic
.......Mary C, age 22, f, TN
.......William A, 1, m AR
MATHES, Elizabeth, 54, f, KY
JONES, Thomas, 55, m, NC, Clerk

Anderson Wright had previously been married to MARY C SMOTHERS
(Smothers information from Julia Smothers Nunn)
and they are shown on the 1870 Searcy County,Arkansas census,
Prarie Township, Visit 36-36 in the STEVEN ALLEY Family with the
following children:
1.WILLIAM ALBERT WRIGHT born 17 Feb 1859 who married
Mrs. SALLY MARY BIRGE JORDON on 27Sept1896 in Searcy County,
She was born 1874 in Davies County,Missouri and was the daughter of
Harvey and Sarah Jane Billingsley Birge.
Her sister Matilda Birge married JOSEPH GREENBERRY WRIGHT (brother
to William Albert Wright).
William Wright died on 29 May 1939 at Pawnee, Oklahoma.
Sally Mary Birge Jordan Wright died in 1937.

2.LEONA FLORENCE WRIGHT born 1862. She may be the mother of
NOREY B WRIGHT,born 1879, shown on the 1880 Searcy County census with
the Anderson W. Wright family, visit 36-36.

on 25Aug1895 in Searcy County (D-545).
She is shown as being blind on the census.

25 Aug 1895 in Searcy County.
Her sister Sally Mary Birge married Greenberry Wright's brother William Albert Wright.
Joseph Greenberry Wright married (2) FRANCES M. ROBERTS on unknown
date and place. She is also buried in the Stroud Cemetery.
Greenberry Wright died on 8 Jan 1944 in Lincoln County, Oklahoma.
He is buried in Stroud Cemetery, Stroud Oklahoma.

5. SHERMAN H. WRIGHT,born 1870, who married BERTIE LEWIS

6. ADORY "Ada" WRIGHT,born 16 Oct 1872 at Western Grove, Newton
County, Arkansas.
She married WILLIAM DAVID SUGGS on 2 Nov 1893 in Boone County,
Their children were:
John, Emma, James C, Robert D, Hugh B, Thurman, Everett, Mildred,
Lucille and Ola SUGGS.
The family lived in Arkansas until about 1910 when they moved to
Cherokee County, Oklahoma.
Ada died on 12 Oct 1961 in Washington County, Oklahoma.
William David SUGGS died on 19 May 1950 at Ochelata, Washington
County, Oklahoma and is buried in Memorial Park there.

7. MARY E. WRIGHT, born 1877. Nothing further.

Anderson's first wife Mary Smothers Wright died ca 1878 as he is
shown with wife Martha E Hamilton on 1880 Searcy County, Arkansas
census, Prairie Township, Visit 316 with daughter Margaret Lavina
Wright age 4 months.

Anderson and first wife Mary C Smothers Wright are on the 1860 Newton County,Arkansas census,Mill Creek Township,visit #157.

Anderson and Martha Hamilton Wright's children were:
(continuing with list of Anderson Wright’s children)
8. MARGARET"Maggie" LAVINA WRIGHT born 15 Feb 1879
(she is on the 1880 census)Tombstone date: 15Feb1881.
She married DONALD "Don"LOREN WHITESIDE on 29 Jan 1903 at Lamar,
Johnson County, Arkansas.
Don was born 18 May 1884\1886 at Lamar, Johnson County, Arkansas.
i: BERTHA MAE WHITESIDE born 3 Mar 1903 at Lamar,Johnson County,
Bertha married ODUS CLYDE SMOTHERS on 15 Dec 1920 in Searcy County
Bertha died 16 May 1989 in Ventura,California and is buried at
Montalvo, Ventura County, California.

ii: WILLIAM ALBERT WHITESIDE born 12Aug1906 Johnson County, Arkansas.
He married DOROTHY LUCILLE BALLARD ca 1932 at Pryor,Mayes County,
William died June 1983 in Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma with
burial in Winagon Cemetery, Rogers County, Oklahoma.

iii:JOSEPH ASBERRY WHITESIDE, born 25Dec1908 Johnson County,Arkansas
He married DAISY MARIE SIMPSON about 1928 Claremore,Rogers County,
Joseph died 10Mar1986 and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery,Claremore,
Rogers County, Oklahoma

iv:CLARA LAVIRGIE LEE WHITESIDE, born 7 Feb 1910 Johnson County, Arkansas.
She married (1)CLARENCE MAYTUM about 1928 at Claremore,Rogers
She married (2)BUCK GLENN BANKS ca 1933 at Bartlesville,Washington
County, Oklahoma
Clara died 10 Sept 1990 and is buried at Bartlesville,Oklahoma

v: RUBY PEARL WHITESIDE born 18June 1912, Rogers County,Oklahoma.
She married ROY OTTO DELOZIER on 25Sept1931 at Vinita,Craig County,
She died 30 Dec 1989 at Arroyo Grande,California with burial at
Los Osos, San Luis Obispo County, California.

vi:LILLIAN ELIZABETH WHITESIDE, born 30 Jan 1916 Rogers County,
She married ROY VICTOR BURNS on 5 Mar 1934 at Claremore,Rogers

vii: THELMA LORENE WHITESIDE, born 9 Feb 1918 at Claremore,Rogers
County, Oklahoma.
She married (1)ARTHUR LEE JENSEN ca 1937.
She married(2) ARNOLD HENDERSON ca 1938.
She married(3)JOHN WARREN TUCKER on 11 Oct 1948 at San Luis Obispo,

viii:DOROTHY LUCILLE WHITESIDE, born 13 May 1921 at Cherokee
Central,Rogers County, Oklahoma.
She married ROBERT RAY BOLTON ca 1944\45 at Claremore,Rogers
County,Oklahoma. She died 18 May 1985 with burial Woodland Cemetery,
Claremore,Rogers County, Oklahoma

Margaret"Maggie"Lavina Wright died 24 April 1964 at Claremore,
Oklahoma with burial in Oakhaven Cemetery, Claremore, Rogers County
Oklahoma under last name TAYLOR.
Donald Whiteside died 14Nov1952 at Claremore,Oklahoma with burial in
Wards Grove,Rogers County, Oklahoma.

Margaret Lavina Wright Whiteside married (2) B M TAYLOR, date and
place unknown.

ix:IVA MAE WRIGHT, born 14 Nov 1882 in Searcy County, Arkansas
she married WILLIAM HARVEY "Bill" BIRGE 27 Oct 1897 in Fannin
County, Texas. Bill Birge was brother to Matilda and Sally Mary
Birge who had married Iva Wright's brothers.
1)Cassie Bell Birge, born 27 Nov 1900. She married JOHN HAWN.
She died in 1966 and is buried in a cemetery Northeast of

2) Loy Harvey Birge, born 9 Mar 1903. He died on 27 April 1928
and is buried in a cemetery Northeast of Chelsea, Oklahoma.

3)Martha Jane Birge, born 24 June 1905. She married EDGAR WHITE
She died 3 Jan 1996 and is buried in cemetery Northeast of Chelsea
Oklahoma (Wiganon?Cemetery).

4)James Jackson Birge, born 29 Feb 1908 in Searcy County, Arkansas
Married ANNIE MAXINE GIFFORD unknown date and place.
Died 22 July 1965 with burial in a cemetery Northeast of

5)Minnie Mae Birge,born 18 June 1911. Married Mr. SARREL
Minnie died in 1984 and is buried in cemetery Northeast of Chelsea,

6)Iva Pearl Birge, born 20 June 1914. Married Mr. HEFNER
Iva died 9 Nov 2002 and is buried in cemetery northeast of Chelsea

continuing with children of Anderson and Martha Elizabeth Hamilton Wright.

He married CHESTER ORR, age 16, of Everton on 26May1907 (J-216)in
Boone County Arkansas.

xi:GEORGE WILLIAM WRIGHT, born 1Jan1887\1888 Pindall,Searcy County
He married LIZIA ANN "Lizzie" SMOTHERS on 26 May 1907, Boone County
She was born 29 Jan 1889 Eros,Marion County, Arkansas.
Her parents were: William Marion Smothers and Mary Elizabeth Rose
Related to the WILLIE NELSON Smothers family.
1)LOMAN CLYDE WRIGHT born 27Mar1909,Pindall,Searcy County.

2)LONA IRANE WRIGHT,born 5 May 1910, Pindall,Searcy County.

3)WILLIAM OMAN WRIGHT, born 13Dec 1913 Pindall,Searcy County.

4)GELFORD ALLEN WRIGHT, born 15June1918 Pindall, Searcy County.

5)LELFORD FLOYD WRIGHT, born 10 Sept 1921, Pindall,Searcy County

6)NORMA JEANE WRIGHT,born 19Mar1925 in Oklahoma

7)EDWARD GEORGE WRIGHT,born 10Sept1927 in Oklahoma

George William Wright died ca 1945 in Marion County, Oregon
with burial in Mt.Angeles Cemetery, Mt.Angeles, Oregon
Lizia Ann Smothers Wright died 16March1966 in Marion County,Oregon
with burial in Mt. Angeles Cemetery, Mt.Angeles,Oregon.

continuing with children of Anderson Wright and Martha Elizabeth
Hamilton Wright

xii:OLLIE D WRIGHT, born May 1893 in Searcy County, Arkansas
She married GEORGE SYLVESTER SMOTHERS on 8Dec1909 in Searcy County,
Arkansas (I-235)
George's parents were: William Marion Smothers and Mary Elizabeth
i: Demoy Smothers born ca 1910\1911
Ollie Wright Smothers died ca 1911 in Arkansas.
George Sylvester Smothers married (2) LAURA J KEITHLEY.

ANDERSON WILLIAM WRIGHT died 1892\1893 in Searcy County,Arkansas.
Do not know where he is buried.
He was a millwright.

(2)J (JOHN) E LINTON on 8 May 1904 (0-89T) in Johnson County, Arkansas.
She married:(3) HENRY M RHODES, age 60 of Pindall on 24 April 1910 (I-307)in Searcy County, Arkansas.

Henry M Rhodes and Martha E Hamilton Wright Linton Rhodes

Martha Elizabeth died in 1921 in Searcy County,Arkansas and is
buried in Glencoe Cemetery there. Henry Rhodes is buried in the
Glencoe Cemetery also.

1900 Searcy County,Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 78-79
WRIGHT, M. Elizabeth, born Aug 1852, age 48, widow, washer woman,
had 8 children with 6 living.Born AR, Father born IN, mother born OH.
She rented.
........George W,Son, born July 1887?, 12, AR,AR,AR
........Ollie B, Daug.,born May1893, 7, AR,AR,AR
........Andrew Jackson, son,born July1884,15, AR,AR,AR

continuing with children of Sarah Steele Hamilton


(3)MAHALA A. HAMILTON born 1858 in Searcy County.
Married ELI COLUMBUS ROBERTSON on 5 Sept 1881(page 52)
in Searcy County, Arkansas. Eli was son of Christopher Columbus
"Lum" and Cynthia BAKER ROBERTSON

Eli Columbus and Mahala Hamilton Robertson

Eli apparently died ca 1913 and Mahala married
(2) WILLIAM MARION ROBERTSON, brother of Eli C. Robertson.
William had been married previously about three times.
(1) Mary J. Moore (1850-1880)
(2) Mary A. Bledsaw-Christy (1849-?)Divorced
(3)Mary Harriet Davidson(1872-1905)

Mahala and William Robertson were married on 12 June 1916 in Searcy
County, Arkansas (K-416)He was 65, she was 53.

In the 1918 March Term of Searcy County Chancery Court,
W. M. Robertson filed for divorce from Mahala. They had lived
together about one year and separated. "That during all the time
plaintiff lived with defendant, the treatment of defendant toward him
was such as to render her condition intolerable, by studied neglect,
unmerited reproach, open insult, conduct showing lack of affection
and finally plaintiff found that she was sleeping with him with an
open knife under her pillow, which caused him great fear,and rendered
his condition in life so intolerable, that on about June 1917, when
defendant signified a desire to leave him and go to her sister in
Oregon, that the plaintiff herein felt so relieved at such a happy
culmination of such an unhappy union, that he offered no objection
and allowed her to go without trying to persuade her to live longer
with him.

1900 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township, page 98a
ROBERTSON, Eli C, head, Mar1864, 36, M15yrs, AR,TN,TN, owns
.........Mahala, wife, June1865, 35, M15yrs, 0 children, AR,TN,TN
(Mahala was 20 (born 1861?)when she married Eli and he was 18)
HAMILTON, Sarah J, mother-in-law, Aug1843, 56, widow, TN,TN,TN
(This would be Sarah J Steele Hamilton Hamilton).
Sarah J Steele Hamilton Hamilton died between 1900 and 1910,
exact date unknown and burial place unknown.

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census,Calf Creek Township, Visit 47
ROBERTSON, Eli, head, m, age 46, M1 28yrs,AR,TN,TN
.........Mahala A, wife, age 43, M1 28yrs,AR,AR,TN
Mahala Hamilton Robertson Robertson later went to Oregon to see
her half-sister Lilly MayBelle Hamilton Lawrence.

SARAH STEELE HAMILTON had(before marriage to JACK HAMILTon)
(4)JAMES "Jimmy"WASHINGTON HAMILTON (twin)born 2 April 1862
in Searcy County who married :
ELIZABETH AIDI ROBERTSON on 8 Aug 1886 in Searcy County.
Elizabeth was born 12 Jan 1868 at Woolum, Searcy County, the
daughter of Christopher Columbus Robertson and Rhoda Clementine
Eliza Robertson Hamilton died 6\9 Oct 1956 in Searcy County and
is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, west of Marshall

Have James Washington Hamilton's death certificate which reads
his father's name was
"James W Hamilton" but mother's maiden name unknown.
Do believe the informant Dewey Hamilton(James' son) gave the
registrar the name of his own father (James W Hamilton) and that
is the name they put on the death certificate as the name of
James W Hamilton's own father).
Cause of death: Bacillary dysentery.
James W Hamilton died 3 March 1938 with burial in Pleasant Grove
Cemetery, Searcy County.

James Washington Hamilton's children:
i:Floyd HAMILTON born 26 Oct 1887 Arkansas
married SOFA TENNIE FRANCIS on 3 May 1906 in Searcy County.
Floyd died 11 Nov 1981 in Hanford, California

Floyd's children I have record of were:
1)Loyal Verl HAMILTON born 1910 Searcy County
Died 1911; buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Searcy County.

2)Edna Glee HAMILTON born 1915 who married VANCE GRAY.
Vance Gray was born 29 Jan 1912 at Snowball, Arkansas.
Vance died 8 Jan 1996 at Hanford, California

ii: Pearl Belle Hamilton born 12 June 1892.
She married SHERMAN McDANIEL on 10 Nov 1906 in Searcy County.
Pearl died 16 Oct 1974 and is buried in South Bethel Cemetery
Muskogee , Oklahoma

iii: Etter J Hamilton born 30 Dec 1895 at Snowball
married CARMON DENNIS TAYLOR 22 Feb 1919 in Searcy County
Carmon was born 21 May 1894 at Snowball, Arkansas.
Carmon died 11 Sept 1969 at Snowball, Arkansas.
1) Jarvis Taylor, born 12 Dec 1919 at Snowball
Died 27 Aug 1921 at Snowball

2) Vilas Leo Taylor, born 5 May 1921 at Snowball.
Died 2 Nov 1985 at Sacramento, California

3) Jewell Bernell Taylor, born 29 Nov 1922 at Snowball, Searcy
County. Married (1)JOE TURNEY
Jewell married (2) Gordon LAWSON
Jewell died 3 July 1960 Columbus, Ohio

4) Emma Jane Taylor, born 28 April 1926 at Snowball.
Married (1) VERNON SWITZER who was born 4 April 1928 at Snowball
and died 24 Feb 1981 at Independence, Kansas.
Emma Jane married (2) V. C. DREWRY, born 1926 at Snowball, Arkansas
V. C. Drewry died 1996 at Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Etter died 29 Dec 1986 at Marshall, Arkansas

5) Carmon Dennis Taylor II, born 1934. Married COLLEEN HENDERSON

iv: Johnny R "Roscoe"HAMILTON born 27 Dec 1897 at Snowball
married OTTIE CAMPBELL 14 Feb 1923 in Searcy County.
1) Leo Hamilton who married HELEN MATHIS.

2)Willie Mae Hamilton who married JOE D. PRUITT

3) J.R. Hamilton who married DONNIE DUNCAN>
Daughter Patricia Ann Hamilton, born 1 Dec 1953, died 10 May 1969
in Springfield, Missouri.

Roscoe Hamilton died 10July 1972 in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas
and is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Searcy County.
Ottie Campbell Hamilton died 22 Aug 1989 at Marshall, Arkansas

v:Otis E HAMILTON (24 Feb\Dec 1900--1966)
married BESSIE B LONGCRIER on 21 Feb 1918 in Searcy County.
Otis died 1 Feb 1966 and is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Bessie died 12 Dec 1989 and is buried in Marcena Cemetery at
Pleasant Grove, Arkansas.
Otis Hamilton children:
1)Geneva Hamilton Turney Cantrell
(Mar. 3, 1919--Marsena,Searcy County,Arkansas-
Death: Apr. 23, 1993,Harrison,Boone County,Arkansas,Pleasant Grove
Cemetery, Marsena,Searcy County,Arkansas
She married BEA TURNEY

2) Hugh Hamilton who married ALICE HALL, born 29 July 1923 and
died 2 Feb 1994.
One known child, Bobby Hugh Hamilton

3)Gladys Hamilton who married EMMETT VANDERPOOL
Emmett Vanderpool(Mar. 13, 1924--Mar. 9, 2010
Cowell Cemetery,Newton County,Arkansas
Gladys Hamilton(1925--?)
Emmett's Parents:
James Benjamin Vanderpool (1895 - 1981)
Martha Viola Carter Vanderpool (1894 - 1977)
Emmett Vanderpool Siblings:
Virchie Ruth Vanderpool Smith (1914 - 1984)
Earl Madison Vanderpool (1916 - 1989)
James Francis Vanderpool (1918 - 1988)
Rex Lee Vanderpool (1920 - 2003)
Emmett Vanderpool (1924 - 2010)

4)Norman Hamilton who married (1) ROSEMARY HORTON
Norman married (2) ROYLENE EATON
Norman married (3) WANDA FOUNTAIN

(continue with James Washington Hamilton children)
vi:Dorsey HAMILTON, born 20 Nov 1902 in Snowball, Searcy
County, married (1)OPAL HORTON.
Dorsey married (2) FAYE (mnu)
Dorsey died 22 Aug 1971 at Hanford, California

vii:Clattie Clementine HAMILTON born 27 Aug 1904 at Woolum,
Searcy County.
Married NEWTON AM F. CAMPBELL on 20 Jan 1923 in Searcy County.
1) Johnny Dalton Campbell, born 16 May 1919 at Snowball. Died
3 April 1996 at Marshall, Arkansas.

2)Bonnie Lee Campbell who married JAMES CARTER

3)N.F. Campbell, born 28 July 1927 at Marsena, Searcy County.
Died 9 Aug 1961 at Marshall, Arkansas.

4)James Ardith Campbell

5) Billy Jean Campbell

6) Donald Dentist Campbell, born 18 Dec 1935. Died 4 Sept 1960 at
Kankakee, Illinois

7) Bennie Lee Campbell

8) Betty Lou Campbell Cash

Newman was born 3 Nov 1902 and died 23 May 1985 at Marshall,
Clattie Hamilton Campbell died 9 Mar 1995 in Harrison,Boone County,
Arkansas with burial in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Searcy County.

viii:Dewey Dalton HAMILTON born 15 Jan 1906 in Arkansas
Married (1) HAZEL RAY and they had one known daughter
1) LaJean Hamilton
He married (2)ORA WATTS, born 19 May 1909. Died 1 Dec 1998 at
Little Rock,Pulaski County, Arkansas.
Dewey Hamilton died 8 June 1988 and is buried in Marshall Memorial
Gardens,Searcy County.

(5)JOHN J. HAMILTON (twin to James W) born 2 April 1862 in
Searcy County.
NOTE John J used the name John HILL
He married LAURA HENSLEY on 4 Sept 1887 (C-149) in Searcy County.
Married as John HILL
Laura was the daughter of Wesley G. and Nancy E. HENSLEY.
This family went west to Halfway, Oregon, Baker County, where his
half sister Lilly Maybelle Hamilton Lawrence lived.
Have not looked for the last name HILL, only Hamilton

1910 Searcy County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township, Visit 149
HAMILTON, John, head, M, 46 M1 23yrs, AR,US,TN
.........Laura M., wife, F, 44, M1 23yrs, 7-4 living, MO,TN,TN
.........Claud C, son, M, 18, single, AR,AR,MO
.........William O., son, M, 15, single, AR,AR,MO
.........James E, son, M, 13, single, AR,AR,MO
......... John L, son, M, 6, single, AR,AR,MO
HENSLEY, Joshua M.,boarder, M, 42,single, AR,TN,TN

John Hamilton(Hill) children I have record of:
1)Claude C Hamilton (Hill) born 1892.
2)William Ode Hamilton (Hill)born 1895.
3)James Ernest Hamilton (Hill)born 1897
4)John L Hamilton (Hill)born 1904.
They were in Searcy County, Arkansas in 1910.
John J went to Oregon later on where his half-sister,
Lilly Maybelle Hamilton Lawrence lived.
Have no idea of John J's death date or one could send for his
Oregon death certificate.

John "Jack"Hamilton died 14June1896 in Searcy County,Arkansas.
He is buried in the Cane Branch Cemetery, north side of the Buffalo
River about one mile upstream from mouth of Cane Branch as
Jack Hamilton.
It is unknown when Sarah Steele Hamilton died but she was on the
1910 Searcy County,Arkansas census.

Sources of information:
Census,marriage,cemetery,death certificates,
Soundexes for Newton and Searcy Counties,Arkansas.
1850 Newton County, Arkansas Census
1860\1870\1880\1900\1910 Searcy County, Arkansas census.
Civil War and other Military records when available.
Searcy County,Arkansas Library through Searcy County Ancestor
Information Exchange on Lawrence Family.

Thanks to the following persons who, without their help, I could
never have found all this information:
Mary Frances Hamilton Gilmore McDonald
Cathy Conn
Jan Smothers
Mary Birge
Kathleen Pruitt(kpruitt@flash.net)
Myrtle Lawrence Rose of Oregon
Debby Todd
Julia Smothers Nunn
Cathy Tipton
Many other people helped. My E-mail filing is behind and do not
have Hamilton E-mails filed so cannot obtain names of countless
people who sent me E-mails.
Thank you so much everyone

Evelyn Flood
E-mail address:

24 March 2006
10 July 2016

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