James Franklin Burdine Family
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James Franklin Burdine and wife Mary Lavina"Viney"Smith Burdine family

(picture taken before May 1913)


by Evelyn Flood

This story was published in the Newton County Times Newspaper on
3 June 1999 in my "Kinfolks" Column.

James Franklin Burdine was the son of Nathaniel Burdine and
Sarah Jane Pierce.
Sarah Jane Pierce was the daughter of Mary Polly Pierce before her
marriage to John Owens

James was born on 22 September 1873 in Newton County, Arkansas.
He married Mary Lavina "Viney" Smith on 31 December 1896 in
Newton County, Arkansas.
"Viney" Smith was the daughter of Henry W Smith and Barbara Allen
Pierce House Smith. Viney was born on 6 April l88l in Arkansas.

The children of James Franklin Burdine and Mary Lavina "Viney" Smith
(1)Cyl Vester Burdine

Vester Burdine and Fine Gilmore, ca 1915

Cyl Vester "Vester" Burdine was born on 27 March l897 and married
SALLIE JANE CHEATHAM (1894-1969) on 3 Feb 1916 in Newton County,
Sallie Jane Cheatham was the daughter of William Thomas "Tommy"
Cheatham and Laura Ricketts.
Laura Ricketts was sister to my Flood childrens
great-grandmother Hester Hosannah Ricketts Flud.

Cyl Vester Burdine's daughter Katherine Wheeler is the Newton County
Times correspondent for the Log Hall Section of the Newton County
Times Newspaper.

Vester Burdine children:
1.Voda Neola Burdine Sims (1917 - 1983)
2.Gladys M Burdine Hefley (1919 - 1989)
3.Kathryn Maxine Burdine Wheeler (1923 - 2012)
4.James E. Burdine (1925 - 1974)
5.**Elsie Louise Burdine Kilgore (14Mar1927-13Sep2016 Benton Co.AR)
6.Cly Laverne Burdine (1929 - 1930)
7.Ama Nel Burdine Sexton (1934 - 1998)
8.Charles Vernon Burdine (1936 - 2012)

Elsie Louise Kilgore, age 89, of Harrison, Arkansas, passed away
Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at the Newton County Nursing Home in
Jasper, Arkansas.
She was born March 14, 1927, at Log Hall, Arkansas, the daughter of
Sylvester and Sallie (Cheatham) Burdine. She was preceded in death by
her parents and her husband, Kenneth Gus Kilgore(1927-2014)
Funeral services will be 10:00AM, Saturday, September 17, 2016, at
Big Creek Assembly of God Church, Vendor, AR.
Interment will be in the Smith Cemetery at Vendor, Arkansas.

Cyl Vester Burdine died on 20 December l974 and is buried in Smith
Cemetery at Vendor,Arkansas(Newton County)

(2) William Casal Burdine
William Casal Burdine was born on 15 December l898 and died on
26 January l899 and is buried in the Smith Cemetery at Vendor,Arkansas.

(3) Dailey Russell Burdine
Russell Burdine was born 14 June l900 and married
(1)BERTHA NORTON on 6 Oct l9l7 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Bertha was daughter of Horace C Norton and Martha Jane Taylor.
Bertha died in l931
Russell Burdine married
(2) LINDA ARIZONA DAVIS on 25 Dec 1931 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Linda was daughter of Alice Waters Henderson and James Irvin Davis.
The Burdine family just lost Linda on 10 September 1997 and she is
also buried at Crossroads Cemetery at Deer, Arkansas(Newton County).
Russell Burdine died on 4 September 1975 and is buried at Crossroads
Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

(4) Gertie M Burdine
Gertie was born on 3 August l902 at Vendor, Arkansas and married
(1) W M BAKER on 7 July l9l8 in Newton County,Arkansas.
Do not know the names of W.M. Bakers parents, but believe it was
Elihue Baker and Peggy Emeline Smith (Levi Smith and Sophia Ann Flood
Was Mr. Baker killed in Little Rock, Arkansas in the early 1930s?
Does anyone know the circumstances of his death??
Was his death in connection with the bank robbery at Jasper.?
After W.M. Baker died,Gertie married :
(2)COLUMBUS FARMER on 23 Feb 1933 in Newton County,Arkansas.
Gertie Burdine Baker Farmer died on 9 January l989 at Cole Camp,
Missouri with burial at Cave Springs.
Survivors included three sons and a daughter.
i:Jim Baker of Warsaw,Missouri
ii:George Baker
iii:Argie Baker of Lees Summitt,Missouri
iv:Peggy Baker Edmonds of Atlanta,Georgia.

(5)Mertie L Burdine
Mertie was born on 14 November 1904 and died 16 February 1905 with
burial at Smith Cemetery,Vendor,Arkansas.

(6) Oshia Leoria Burdine
Oshia was born on 29 April 1906 at Vendor, Arkansas.
She married:
(1)ALEX HAMILTON on 8 July 1923 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Alex was son of Joe C. Hamilton and Mary Frances Greenhaw.
Mary Frances Greenhaw was the Flood children's maternal great great
Alex (Elec) Hamilton died on 27 November 1939 from burns suffered
in a house fire.
Their daughter Marie Hamilton also died from burns.

Oshia, Guthrie, Marie and Alex Hamilton

Oshia and Alex Hamilton 1939

Oshia married secondly to DAVID MIDDLETON in Boone County,
Arkansas (unknown date).
Had the privilege of meeting Oshia on one of my trips to Arkansas and
stopped at her home to take her with us when we visited Anna Mae Davis
at Anna Mae's house. Had my tape recorder on recording the
conversations of the ladies at the Davis house, but there were so
many ladies talking,it is impossible to make out the conversation
with Oshia.
I do remember that she told me that Alec Hamilton was the kindest man
she had ever known.
I wrote Oshia a long letter several years before she died but she
never answered. Oshia died on 21 March 1991 and is buried in the
Mt.Judea Cemetery, in Newton County, Arkansas.

(7)Achia Burdine
Achia was born in 1909 and married M.A. FARMER on 28 March 1926,
in Newton County, Arkansas. I do not have a list of her children,
Maybe someone can give me the names of her children.
Achia Burdine Farmer died on 25 December 1994.
Parents of M.A. Farmer are unknown.

(8) Toy Hershel Burdine(8Jan1911 Newton Co. - 21Oct1975
married RUTH CATHERINE FARMER on 17 Aug 1930.
RUTH:1915 - 2001
Burial:Benton County Memorial Park,Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas

Known Children:
Betty Lou Burdine Evans (1931 - 2006)
Mary M Burdine Vanderpool (1943 - 2011)

(9) Frankie Burdine
Frankie married LOU HICKMAN on 2 August 1929 in Newton County,
Arkansas. Nothing further known.

James Franklin Burdine died on 28 May 1913 and is buried in the Smith
Cemetery at Vendor (Newton County)Arkansas.

Mary Lavina"Viney" Smith Burdine married again on 13 June l915 to
DAVID CROCKETT SMITH(of the Alfred Smith and Rebecca Flood side) and
had five daughters by Smith:
i:Ethel Smith Norton
ii:Edith Lee Smith Eddings Britnell
iii:Dorothy Smith Shatswell
iv:Alice Leona Smith Sexton Douglas
v:Ina Vianzia Smith Martin Hefley Frye.

(see the DAVID CROCKETT SMITH Story on my website

David C. and Lavina "Viney" Smith Burdine Smith

daughters Ethel, Edith, Dorothy, Alice and Vianzy Smith

Mary Lavina"Viney" Smith Burdine Smith died on 4 August 1943 with
burial in Smith Cemetery at Vendor, Arkansas.

Evelyn Flood

This story was published in the Newton County Times Newspaper on
3 June 1999 in my "Kinfolks" column.

Evelyn Flood
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26 April 2017

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