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Freeman Families of Northern Arkansas

Get most of my information from census,marriage and cemetery records.
Reading microfilm records is not the easiest thing to read.
Sometimes the writing is so faint or so badly written that I cannot
read it and must "guess" at the wording but try to put a question
mark after the word so that it can be verified later.
So, if you have any corrections or additions, please let me know
and I will try my best to make changes.

REMEMBER......PATIENCE is a virtue.
Genealogy, as you well know, goes on and on and on and on.
Census records are only about 80% accurate.
Tombstone records are sometimes wrong
Death certificates are the LEAST RELIABLE source of information

AARON FREEMAN married MARY BENTLEY in the 1700s
Son MOSES FREEMAN married ?? FANNY BALL (not proven yet)
WILLIAM FREEMAN (son of Moses1 Freeman)to ?? ANNE CATHEY
and ++LAZARUS FREEMAN (see below) was son of William Freeman

I have record of the following children for
ISAAC1 FREEMAN (see NOTE - NOTE - NOTE below under
under ++Lazarus Freeman.
Isaac Freeman was born 1785 in North Carolina (Buncome Co?)
and wife Spicey McClatchie? Freeman born 1787 in Virginia.
Isaac died ca 1855 and is said to be buried
in Sexton Cemetery or Tarlton Cemetery Row 12,Grave 6
in Newton Co.AR.
Spicey died ca 1865 with burial in Tarlton Cemetery,Row 12,
Grave 12.

(1)LEVI FREEMAN, born 1807\1815 in Buncomb Co.N.C.
Died 1873 at Dover, AR with burial in Old Freeman Cemetery
in Pope County, Arkansas

Wife No.1 ?? unknown
Wife No. 2 : Catherine (mnu)b 1848 in TN
i: Solomon Freeman b 1833 NC
m: Mary Lowrey 18May1860 Pope Co.AR

ii:Spicey P Freeman b1834 NC

iii: Elizabeth Freeman b1836 NC

iv: Moses W Freeman b1840 NC
m:(1)Mary Jane (Standridge?) b 1847 AR
m:(2)Susan Mayo on 18Oct1888 Pope Co.AR.
1) Eliza Freeman b 1867 AR
2)Rutha Freeman b 1869 AR
3)Mary L Freeman b 1877 AR
On the 1880 Pope Co.AR. census M. Freeman ,age 30 ,born NC
is shown with wife Jane,age 36,born AR and Ruthy age 11 and
daughter Mary L, age 3. He should be about age 40.

v: Edward(Edmond)T Freeman b1843 NC

vi: Francis (male)Freeman b: 1860 in AR

1850 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Richland Township - no wife
1860 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Allen Township, Dwelling 274
1870 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Allen Township, living alone
with no children
(2)LAZARUS FREEMAN born 1815 in Buncombe Co.NC
Information received from Gwen McLaughlin states the following:
She has found "documentation that Lazarus Freeman filed to receive
an inheritance from a Moses Freeman in Madison Co. N.C. The
document was dated 1859 and was filed in the Madison Co. Courthouse
The Probate record for that Moses Freeman states that Lazarus was
the son of William Freeman who was a deceased son of Moses Freeman".
(end quotes).
The document that she has is a Power of Attorney signed by Lazarus
Freeman (in Newton Co.) giving an attorney in Madison Co. N.C. the
Power of Attorney to collect his inheritance from Moses Freeman.
The second document that she has is the Probate Record of said
Moses Freeman that stated Lazarus Freeman to be the son of said
Moses Freeman's deceased son William.
This proves that Lazarus Freeman (Newton Co. AR) was not the son of
Isaac and Spicy Freeman but the son of William Freeman.
Since it was legend of the Arkansas Freemans that Lazarus and Rhody
Freeman were married and also cousins, she speculates that Rhoda,
not Lazarus was the child of Isaac and Spicy Freeman. That would
account for the stories of Arkansas Freemans being descendants of
Isaac and Spicy.
Mr. Granville Ross who wrote the wonderful book " Ross and Kin"
stated he thought Lazarus Freeman to be the son of Isaac Freeman
but Mr. Ross, unfortunately, died of cancer before his research was
completed. Granville's widow, Vera Dean-Ross has contributed greatly
to the Genealogy World.
If any of you are interested, the book "Ross and Kin" may be
printed again, so let me know if you want a copy and I will pass
your request to the person involved.
Am going to ask Gwen to send me copies of these documents and see
if she will give me permission to scan them and put them on this
Gwen McLaughlin's Freeman line goes like this:
Aaron Freeman married to Mary Bentley.
...Moses Freeman married to ? Fanny Ball
.....William Freeman married to ? maybe Anne Cathey
.......Lazarus Freeman married to Rhoda Freeman
..........Aaron Freeman married to Paulina" Pearly" Brown
Since I am not an authority on the Freeman Families, I added the
notes and DID NOT change how I had these people listed. Was afraid
I might get things mixed up (14 January 2004).
Lazarus served Co. H, Second Arkansas Infantry in Civil War
(Union Army), he enlisted on 5 February 1864
at Jasper, Arkansas
Died 1888 in Pope Co. AR. Buried Rushing Cemetery at Dover
m: (1)Rhoda Freeman (cousin)
m: (2) Elda Hale Brown, born 1835.

Widow filed for Civil War pension in 1890.
One could order Lazarus Freeman's Complete Civil War Pension
Record and get accurate information. I find Civil War Pension
Records the most accurate genealogy source.

Elda Hale Brown had several BROWN children before her marriage
Wade H Brown
Amos L Brown

Lazarus Freeman children I have record of:
i: Isaac Jackson Freeman II b 1838 Buncome Co.NC
He supposedly served in Confederate Army(Civil War)
He died 28March1913 with burial Treat Cemetery,Treat,AR.
Isaac Jackson Freeman II married
(1)Julie Hobbs 4 Nov 1860 Johnson Co.AR (N74)
1) Mandy Freeman died young

2)Mary Jane Freeman b 1865
she m: Jesse Dunlap on 5 Aug 1880 ,Franklin Co.Ar.

Isaac Jackson Freeman II
married(2)Sarah Brown ca 1874.
She died 1889 with burial at Treat Cemetery,Pope Co.AR.
Sarah Brown's parents were Joseph Brown and Kiziah Ragland.

3)Ida Ann Freeman b 1875
married John Franklin Hull on 30 November 1880 Pope Co. AR.

4)George Thomas Freeman b l Jan1876(twin)
m: Georgann Hendrix on 6 Dec1896 Pope Co.AR.(G-323)
Georgann Hendrix's mother was Mary Jane Standridge who married
(1)George Hendrix
(2)Jack Hendrix and
(3)Charles Humphrey
George Thomas Freeman died 12 September 1939 and is buried in
Treat Cemetery, Pope Co. AR
5)William Riley Freeman b 1 Jan 1876(twin)
m: Irene Dunlap 23Oct1898 Pope Co.AR.(G466)
Their children were: Sarah Frances; Marjorie; Lizzie; Loy Oscar;
Eula; Chrissy; Earla Mae and Ezra Freeman.
William Riley Freeman died in 1912 and is also buried in Treat
Cemetery, Pope Co. AR.

Isaac Jackson Freeman II
married(3)Margaret Dunlap on 22 Nov 1890 Johnson Co.AR(Q-624)
Margaret was born 18 August 1870

1910 Pope County, Arkansas census, Freeman Township, Visit 29
FREEMAN, Ike J, head, age 73, M2? 19years, NC,NC,NC
.......Margaret, wife, age 30, M1 19years,9-7 living, AR,AR,AR
.......Sarah P, daughter, age 17, single, AR,NC,AR
.......John C, son, age 15,single, AR,NC,AR
.......Bert A, son, age 13, single, AR,NC,AR
...... Rosetta, daughter, age 9, single, AR,NC,AR
...... Monroe, son, age 7, single, AR,NC,AR
...... Adam, son, age 5, single, AR,NC, AR
...... Minnie V, daughter, age 1, single, AR,NC,AR

Margaret Dunlap Freeman died 2 Mar 1959 with burial in Coleman
Cemetery, Pope Co.AR.
Her parents were Adam Dunlap Jr. and Martha Roland.

6) Paralee Sarah Freeman b 1893
m: Jeff Fields
10 children

7)John Columbus Freeman b 1895
m:(1)Bertie Hayden 1918; she died after stillborn twin babies.
m:(2) Nettie Fields
m:(3)Myrtle Hayden
John Columbus Freeman died 24 September 1976 in California

8)Bert Freeman b 1897
m: Laura McAllister
Bert died 4 Dec 1986 at Pleasant Grove,AR.

9)Rebecca Rosa "Rosie" Freeman b 21June1899
m: John W Hull (1899-1994)
Rosie died 30 March 1952 with burial in Coleman Cemetery,Pope

10) Monroe Freeman b 17Nov1902
m: Irene Jones
Monroe Freeman died 1965 at Mayflower,AR.

11) Adam Freeman, b 28Mar1905
m: Stella Adams on 27 May 1931
Stella was daughter of Samuel Adams and Iska Foy

12)Mary Viola Freeman b 6Jan1910
m: Charles Mosher (Cane?)

13)Frona Freeman b 6 Feb 1912
m: Roy Adams 23 Dec 1926.
Frona is still living.

continuing with Lazarus Freeman's children:

ii: Mahaly "Tee" Freeman, born 1841 NC
Married William Riley Harris

iii: Jobe Henry Freeman b1842 NC
Served in Co.A, Tappans AR.(Confed)Civil War
Shown on 1870 Pope Co.AR.census, Martin Township with
wife Sevility? age 17,born 1853 in Arkansas.

iv: M.A. (Mary?) Freeman b1845 in MO

v: Moses Wineberg Freeman b 1847 AR
Died 16 January 1929 with burial Owens Cemetery, Pope Co. AR
m: (1)Minerva Ann Hobbs on 21Mar1867 Newton Co.AR.
Minerva was born 1854 in AR.

Moses Wineberg Freeman married
(2)Mary Ann Dunlap on 17 Sep 1896 Pope Co.AR.
Mary Ann Dunlap Freeman died 7 Dec 1969 with burial in Owens
Cemetery, Pope Co.AR.
Her parents were Adam Dunlap and Martha Rowland.
Mary Ann Dunlap Freeman was born Sept 1877
I do not know which children are from which wife as I do not
have their birth dates

1)+John Henry Freeman b 1868
John Henry Freeman died August 1919 with burial in Freeman
Cemetery, Pope County, Arkansas
m: Rebecca Elizabeth Dunlap on 9Sept1886 Pope Co.AR.

1.: William "Will"Jackson Freeman b 1888
m: Minnie Woodard in 1908
William Freeman died at Ft. Smith, Arkansas

2.: Martha Jane Freeman b 31July1884(per cemetery record)
m: (1)James David Hull on 27Mar1909 Pope Co.AR.
m: (2)unknown Baker.
She died 4 Aug 1965 with burial Coleman Cemetery,
Pope Co.AR.

3.: Sarah Julie Freeman b 1891
m: Charles W Dillon

4.: Nettie Emoline Freeman b 17Dec1892
m:(1)Harrison Millsaps
m:(2)Commodore Hicks
m:(3) Will English
She died 26Nov1977

5.: George Washington Freeman b 19Mar1895
m: (1)Inis Hopper
m: (2)Biddie J Sipes on 7 Jan 1922 in Pope Co.AR.
He died 31Jan1984 with burial Coleman Cemetery,Pope Co.AR.
He served in World War I

6.: Jesse James Freeman b 1895

7.: Louis Freeman b 16Oct1900
m: Louella Sipes in 1919 in Pope Co.AR.
1) Edgar Freeman, b 10 Feb 1922 at Pelsor,AR
m:(1) Lillie
m:(2) Ava
Edgar Freeman died 9 August 1997 at Pelsor, AR. with burial in
Coleman Cemetery

2)Willie Freeman (lived Hector,AR 1997)

3)George Freeman (lived Missouri 1997)

4)Lorene Freeman Reddell

5)Viola Freeman Wheeler

8.: Rachel Freeman b?
She married Mr. Medlin

9.: Mose Freeman b 8Jan1906
m: Katie Elizabeth"Bessie" Gregory on 7 April 1929
in Pope Co.AR.,daughter of Sam Gregory and Rosa Jones.

1)Lowell Bee Freeman
2)Loyd Hulen Freeman
3)Newell Mae Freeman (f) m: ? Dodson
4)William Ira Freeman
5)Leon Freeman
6)Clovis Freeman(m)
7)Mary Edna Freeman m: ? Hamilton

Continuing with Mose Wineburg Freeman's children:

2)+Isaac Jackson Freeman III, born 16Jan1867 Pope Co.AR.
m: Kattie Elizabeth Page on 9 Feb1888 Pope Co.AR
He died 17Dec1955 with burial Owens Cemetery, Pope
Co.AR. Kattie died 4 Jan1953 with burial Owens Cemetery.
1: Clearcey Laudra Freeman,b 24Nov1893
m: George A McAlister 16Sept1912,Pope Co.AR.
She died 2Sept1948 with burial Owens Cemetery,Pope Co.AR.

2.: George Washington Freeman

3.: William Finis Freeman, b 18Sept1900
m: Laudra Stevens
William Finis Freeman died 22Nov1953 with burial Owens Cemetery,
Pope Co.AR.

4.: Prentis Mitchell Freeman,b 10Aug1902 Pope Co.AR.
m: (1) Ester B.Carlile
m:(2)Ethel Mackey
m:(3)Florence Burdine Millsaps
Prentis died 3Oct1972 with burial in Owens Cemetery,
Pope Co.AR.

5.:Laura Ann Freeman,b 20Mar1915
m: Othell Hollowell

6:Roy Lee Freeman, b 28Aug1919
m: Juanita Boze
Roy died 2 Nov 1984

continuing with Mose Wineburg Freeman's children:
3)+Rhoda Jane Freeman b 1873

4)+Rachel Freeman b 1877

5) +Celia Freeman b 1880

6) Lou Freeman

7)Metsia Freeman

8)Arlina Freeman

9) William A Freeman

10)James M Freeman

11)Emeline Freeman

12)Bertha Freeman

13)Martha L. Freeman


15)Charley Freeman

16)Omer Freeman

17)Wiley Freeman

Moses Freeman was on the Pope Co.AR census 1880, Allen Township
Visit D20 with children listed + above.

The 1910 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Freeman Township, Visit 43
FREEMAN, Moses, age 61, M2 13 years, AR,US,US
........Mary A, wife, age 33, M1 13yrs, 5-4 living, AR,AR,AR
........Emmeline, daughter, age 17, single, AR,AR,AR
....... Bertha, daughter, age 7, single, AR,AR,AR
....... Martha L, daughter, age 4, single, AR,AR,AR
....... Omer, son, age 2-l/2, single, AR,AR,AR
continuing with Lazarus Freeman's children:

vi: William Riley Freeman b 1850 AR
m: Paulina"Plinie" Brown 27Mar1872 in Pope Co.AR and shown
on the 1880 Pope Co.AR census with mother-in-law Keziah
Brown,age 70,born TN.

vii: Emeline Freeman b 1852 AR

viii: M. J.(female) Freeman , b 1854 AR
Did she married Charles Harris ??

ix: Aaron O. Freeman b 1856 AR
Aaron married (1) Pauline or Pearly Brown 27 May 1877 Pope Co.AR.
he married (2) Virginia Standridge 12 November 1901 Pope Co. AR.

x: Eliza Freeman b 1857 AR

xi:Rhoda Freeman b 1861 AR

xii: David Freeman b ?

xiii: Eldia Caroline Freeman

xiv: Porter D Freeman, born 1869

continuing with Isaac1 Freeman children:
(3)JOSHUA1 FREEMAN born 1822 in NC
Died before 1900
Buried Tarlton Cemetery, Newton Co. AR, Row 12, No. 11
married(2)Spicey (mnu) shown born 1826 NC on 1870 Pope Co.AR.census.
Was she Spicey McClatchie?
She is also buried in Tarlton Cemetery, Newton Co. AR.

On the 1850 Newton Co.AR census Joshua Freeman had no wife
and the following were listed with him :

i: Sirah Freeman (age 16)b 1834 was she his wife?

ii: James T Freeman b 1842 Buncombe Co.,NC
m: Mary Jane Hobbs on 10 Nov 1860 Johnson Co.AR.
Mary Jane Hobbs had a son James Hobbs, born 1865, who was on
the 1870 Pope Co. AR. census with family.
James T Freeman served in Co. D, Second Arkansas Cavalry, enlisting
on 4 May 1864 in Carroll Co. AR.
1) James HOBBS, born 1865
2) Rachel Amanda Freeman
m: Mr. Moore

3) Mary Lucinda "Toadie" Freeman,b 1 Jan 1861
m: James Mitchell Andrew J Branch 22 Feb1883
in Pope Co.AR.
Mary Lucinda died on 29 November 1957 and is buried in Fairlawn
Cemetery, Comanche County, Oklahoma

4)Nancy Jane Freeman,b Mar1865
m: Lemuel Owen Standridge on 13 Dec 1888 Pope Co.AR.
Nancy Jane died on 14 February 1951 and is buried in New Freeman

Cemetery, Pope County, Arkansas

5)Adlesia Freeman,b 1868

6) Thomas B Freeman,

7) James Soloman Freeman
Married Margaret Adeline Davis on 22 April 1894 (E-64)Newton Co. AR.

8) George Washington Freeman

1870 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Allen Township
1880 Pope County, Arkansas Census, Allen Township
1900 Pope County, Arkansas Census
James T Freeman died 19 July1905 at Lamar,Oklahoma
but is buried in New Freeman Cemetery, Pope Co. AR.

continuing with Joshua1 Freeman's children

iii: Esquire (Juria?)Freeman b1844 in Missouri
Served Co. D, Second Arkansas Cavalry (Union), enlisting on
18 July 1863 at Jasper, AR.
m: Georgia Ellen Dunlap 14Jan1868 in Newton Co.AR
1) James Freeman b Oct1868
m: Eula Dennie (on 1900 Newton Co.AR census,
Pleasant Hill Twp. 43-45).
1.Robert C Freeman,b April 1896
2.Georgia Elizabeth"Lizzie"Freeman,b 4April1899
She died 18Sept1908,burial Tarlton Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.
3.Sanford Freeman,b 1902
4.Johnny Freeman, b 1904
5.Floyd Freeman,b 1906
6.Josie Freeman, b 1908
7.Ruby Freeman,b 1910
8.Frank Freeman b 5Oct1914
Frank died 12Aug1916 with burial in Tarlton Cemetery.

2) Henry Freeman b Nov1869
m: Clara D Hendrix 23 Dec 1893 Pope Co. AR.
(1900 Newton Co.AR. census,Pleasant Hill Twp 35-37

3)Milton Freeman b Oct1875
m: Mattie Ogden on 19Mar1903 Newton Co.AR.
1.Era Freeman,b 1904
2.Julia Freeman,b 1906
3.Ernest Freeman,b1908
4.Lewis Freeman,b1909
1910 Newton Co. AR. Census, Richland Township, Visit 94

4) Susan Spicey Freeman b 17Feb1878
She was age 30, single, on 1910 Newton Co. AR. Census
married Garrett Rhynes in 1916 Newton Co.AR
She died 26Jan1949 with burial in New Cowell Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR.

5)John Wesley Freeman, born 6Mar1881
m: Emma J Robinson on 22 Dec 1901 Newton Co.AR.
John Wesley Freeman died 3Nov1945 with burial New Cowell Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR
Emma J Robinson, born 28Jan1883, died 2Nov1946 with burial in
New Cowell Cemetery.She was daughter of Elijah Robinson
and Rachel Chambers.
1. Vesta Freeman, born 22 November 1902. She died in childhood
2. Josie May Freeman, b 17 January 1904.
She married Russell M. Adams. They had one daughter
Josie died January 1986

3.Ausban C Freeman,b 24Aug1906 at Limestone,AR
m: Ruby Jane Ogden
Ausban Freeman died 9Dec1994 with burial in Dutch Mills
Cemetery,Dutch Mills,AR.
a.James F Freeman (Fayetteville,AR in 1995)
b.Billy Wayne Freeman (Broken Arrow,OK 1995)
c.Hazel Freeman Baugh(Lincoln,AR in 1995)
d.Glenna Freeman Daniels(Dutch Mills,AR in 1995)
e.Sue Freeman Pennel (Tulsa,Ok in 1995)
f.Ruth Freeman Loftin (Dutch Mills,AR in 1995)

contiuing with John Wesley Freeman children:

4.Clarence W. Freeman, b 17 September 1908

5.Clifford Harley Freeman,b 21 January 1910

6. Frank H Freeman, born 22 October 1912. He died 10 March 1986.
Frank married Nora Ann Coleman on 24 April 1938.
a. John Coleman Freeman, born 3 October 1940. Died May 1992
b. Larry Freeman, born 13 November 1942.
c. Jerry Freeman, born 13 November 1942
d. Floann Freeman Patton, born 21 January 1947

e. Virginia Jo Freeman, born 9 March 1955
She married Sam Champion
aa: Jeremy Ryan Champion born 20 August 1978
bb:Sarah Ann Chamion, born 16 January 1981.
Married Andrew J. Luna
cc:Jennifer Margret Champion, born 23 February 1983
dd:Nathan Samuel Champion, born 11 August 1987

7. Kirby E. Freeman, born 29 March 1914

8.Corby Olen Freeman, born 9 March ?

9.Dewey Freeman

10. Vernie A. Freeman, born 22 November 1921. Died in childhood
Thank you Virginia for the additional information

continuing with Esquire"Squire Freeman's children:
6) Frances Paralee Freeman b May1884
Married James L Roberson on 3 October 1901 (G-85) Newton Co. AR.

7) Preston T Freeman b Jan1887
m: Naomi Daniels on 21May1908 in Newton Co.AR.
Naomi A Daniels was daughter of James Daniels and Nancy West
Preston died 1976 with burial Tarlton Cemetery.
Naomi died 1973 with burial Tarlton Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.
1.Callie Freeman,b 1909

2.Billy Freeman
He is buried in Tarlton Cemetery with no dates

3.Ulys Freeman
Ulys is buried in Tarlton Cemetery with no dates

4.Sylvester Freeman,b 2Sept1915
Sylvester died 1 April 1935 with burial Tarlton Cemetery, Newton

5.R.D. Freeman, b 15Dec1927
R D Freeman died 3Jan1946 with burial Tarlton Cemetery
Row 8, Grave 32

6.James Edward Freeman,b1June1930
He died 8Sept1967 with burial Tarlton Cemetery
Row 7, Grave 32

7. Columbus R Freeman b 12Oct1890
m: Nola Irene Davis ca 1930
She was daughter of Albert and Rena Davis
Columbus died 17 Jan 1983 with burial Tarlton Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR.

Esquire "Squire"Freeman died 17 Sept 1913 with burial in
Tarlton Cemetery. He served in Co. D, Second Arkansas
Cavalry (Union)Civil War. These dates are per his Civil
War Pension record.
Georgia Dunlap Freeman died 23 Feb1924
with burial in Tarlton Cemetery.
1870 Pope Co. AR. Census, Allen Township, Dwelling 130
1900 Newton Co. AR. Census, Pleasant Hill Township, Visit 42
1910 Newton Co. AR. Census, Richland Township

continuing with Joshua Freeman's children:
iv: Aaron Freeman b 1845 AR

v:Henry Freeman b1847 AR

vi: Spicey G Freeman b 1849 AR

On the 1870 Pope Co.AR census the following were listed in
his household: I have gone ahead and added the known
marriages of these children:
vii: Jane Freeman age 20, born 1850 AR

viii:John Freeman age 15 born AR

ix: Mary Freeman age 14 born 1855 AR
She never married.She was age 55 on the 1910
Newton Co.AR. census,Richland Township.

x: Uriah Freeman age 12 born AR
Uriah D "Rye" Freeman ,born 15 Dec 1858
m: Permilla Angeline Moore on 1Feb1880 in Pope Co.AR (E354).
Permilla was born July 1860 in Kentucky
She died in 1930 and is buried in New Cowell Cemetery, Newton Co.AR
1)Olive Margaret Freeman b 20Nov1884 in AR
m: Daniel H Hefley on 5 Jan 1905 in Newton Co.AR.
She died 22Dec1967 with burial Tarlton Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR.

2)Spicey L Freeman b6Sep1887 m: John Bailey Bryant on 21Sept1905 (H83)Newton Co.AR. She died 2 July 1971 with burial
Tarlton Cemetery.

3)William J Freeman,b Dec1889 died 1967 with burial
New Cowell Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.

4) Doshie Freeman,bApr1892 m: W D Arnold 18June 1911
Newton Co.AR.

5) Bailey M Freeman, bMar1895 m: Vergie Davis on 20May1923
in Newton Co.AR.

6) Andrew J Freeman, b 29Nov1898 m: Bessie Norton on
17May 1920 in Newton Co.AR. Bessie was daughter of Jefferson D Norton.
Bessie was born 3 March 1905 and died 24 March 1978 with burial in
New Cowell Cemetery, Newton Co. AR.
1.Doy Freeman
2.Carl Freeman
3.Violet Freeman
4.Lela Freeman
5.Garland Ray Freeman, b1925
m: Irene (mnu)
Garland Ray Freeman died 24March1996 at Russellville,AR
with burial Cowell Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.
Andrew J Freeman died 28Nov1978 with burial New Cowell
Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.

7) Biddie (Fannie?)Freeman, b1902 m: George Garrison
on 16March1919 in Newton Co.AR.

8) Georgie Freeman, born 1907

1880 Pope Co. AR. Census, Allen Township, Dwelling 39
1900 Newton Co. AR. Census, Pleasant Hill Township, No. 46
1910 Newton Co. AR. Census, Big Creek Township

Uriah D Freeman died 1935 with burial in New Cowell Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR. Permilla Angeline Moore died 1930 with burial
in New Cowell Cemetery.

continuing with Joshua Freeman children:

xi:Mahaly A Freeman age 8, born 1862 AR

xii: Amanda Freeman age 7 born AR

xiii:Mose B Freeman , born 28 Sept 1865
(Moses, age 4, born AR)
married(1) Nancy A Standridge on 25Feb1885 (F159)Pope Co.AR.
She died in childbirth in 1887 and is buried in
New Freeman Cemetery, Pope Co.AR.
Moses married(2) Amanda Jenkins on 13Sept1888 (F352)Pope
Amanda was born 15 November 1867
She died 25 December 1955 and is buried in Oakland Cemetery,
Russellville, Pope Co. AR.
1) William C Freeman b 1890
m: Dell Bowman

2) Martha Freeman b1895
m: Jesse Langford

3) Lottie Freeman, b 1898
m: William C Payne.
Lottie Freeman Payne died 1924 with burial Oak Grove

4) Leda Freeman
m: Mr. Vode

5) Finis Freeman
m: Tennie Ross

6) Mae Freeman
m: Mr. Green

7) Bertie Lorene Freeman,b 2July1912
m: (1)Sib Dare
m: (2) Mr. Price
Bertie died 7 August 1968 at unknown place

8) Curtis Freeman

9) Beulah Freeman

10) Lulu Freeman

continuing with Joshua Freeman children:

xiv:Oma Freeman, age 3 on 1870 census

xv: Fanny Freeman, age 7/12 on 1870 census

The 1850 Newton County census shows the following
children living with Joshua Freeman: Sirah (age 16);
James T; Esquire; Aaron; Henry and Spicey G Freeman.

The Pope County,Arkansas 1870 census, Allen Township
Dwelling 129,shows the following living with Joshua Freeman, age 50:
MaryAnn 14; Uriah D 12; Mahaly A 8; Mose B 4; Amanda 7; Jane 20;
John 16; Oma 3 and Fanny 7/12

The Pope County, Arkansas 1880 census shows the following listed:
Mary A age 23; Mahaly A age 18; Mose B age 14; Amanda age 16
continuing with Isaac1 Freeman children:

(4)ASA FREEMAN born 1828 in NC
Nothing further known

(I do believe that this "Mike" or "Dave" Freeman fits
here in this spot. I am assuming and am not 100% sure,but
will fit him in here).
m: Esther Sexton ca 1856
She was the daughter of John Sexton and Sarah Hanson

David and Esther's children:
i: John A (Andrew J?)Freeman b 12 Jan 1858
m: Missouri (Koen?)Parker 14July1876 Newton Co.AR.
He died 8Oct1936 with burial Mt.Judea Cemetery,Newton
Co,AR. He is listed as John A in 1860 and Andrew J in 1870.?
Known children:
1)Mary Freeman, born 1878
m:(1)Charley Sexton 30 Jan 1894 in Newton Co.Ar.
Charley Sexton was born in 1870. He died in 1912, slashed with a knife on the porch of the Freeman
Store and killed
Mary m:(2)Richard Colmbus Millsaps on 23 February 1914 (I-345)Newton Co.AR

2)Arizona Freeman, b 7April 1879
m: John Reddell
Arizona Freeman Reddell died 7Aug1966 with burial in
Sexton Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.

3)George W Freeman,b 1880
George W Freeman died 1Oct1968 with burial in
Sexton Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.
m: Carrie M Campbell 6 Aug 1903 Newton Co.AR.
Carrie Campbell was daughter of W. Kenison Campbell and
Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pierce Campbell Pool.
Carrie was born January 1887 and died 9 August 1951 with burial in
Sexton Cemetery, Newton Co. AR.
1. Ethel M Freeman,b6Sept1904,died 15Oct1904

2. Vesta Ellen Freeman, b 9Feb1907
m: James M "Jim" Nichols 20April1924 Newton Co.AR.
Vesta died 15 August 1943 and is buried in Sexton Cemetery,
Newton Co. AR.

3. Ernest E Freeman,b 23Feb1911
Died 19 April 1986 with burial in Mt.Judea Cemetery, Newton Co. AR
m: Ethel V Foster.
a.James Paul Freeman
m: Vernie Louise Tennison
aa: Billy Freeman, b 4Nov1954 and died 5Jan1994
with burial Silent Grove Cemetery, Springdale, AR.
m: Virginia M McGarrah
Sammie Gene (female)Freeman

bb: Bobby Freeman

cc: David Freeman

dd:Rickey Freeman

ee: Kathy Freeman Shatswell

ff: Jean Lee Freeman

Ernest Freeman's children continued

b.Junior C Freeman

c.Lewell C Freeman

d.Lewis C Freeman who married Beverly Ann Bartle

e.Pauline Freeman Young

f.Bernice Freeman Breedlove

g.Betty Freeman Bolin

h. Kay Freeman Bolin

Ernest Freeman died 19April 1986 with burial Mt.Judea Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR.

continuing with George and Carrie Campbell Freeman children:
4. Verlin A Freeman, b 7June1918
m: Velva Gean Odle
1)Carl Freeman
2)Earl Freeman
3)Dale Freeman
4)Allen Freeman
5)J L Freeman
6)Lois Freeman Hunt
7)Patsy Freeman Stapleton
8)Brenda Freeman Collins
Verlin died 15Oct1995 with burial in Sexton Cemetery,
Newton Co.AR.

5. Goldie Freeman Solomon (lived Dover,AR 1995)

continuing with John A Freeman children:

4)Easter Freeman, b 15Oct1885
m: Joe Riddle on 12Oct1904 in Newton Co.AR
She is buried in Mt. Judea Cemetery, Newton Co. AR. with no date
on stone

5)Amolene Freeman
m: Robert Campbell

6)Willie Henry Freeman b 22Mar1894
m: Nancy Jane Riddle on 7Apr1914 Newton Co.AR.
Willie H Freeman died 26May1969 with burial in
Sexton Cemetery,Newton Co.AR.

continuing with Isaac David Michael & Ester Sexton Freeman
ii: David C Freeman, b 1860\1861
He m: Anna Matney ca 1886 unknown place.
Anna Lea Matney was born 4 May 1870 in Taney Co. Missouri

1) Martha Matilda Freeman b Nov1887
m: J Sol Cook on 8Nov1903 Newton Co.AR.
Martha died 28 February 1963 and is buried in Cook Cemetery
Newton Co. AR.

2)Manda Viola Freeman,b 18Oct1889
m: William A Anthony 12March1905 Newton Co.AR
Manda died in 1975

3)Beulah Rosettie Freeman b Oct1893
m: Burl B Brown

4)Bessie Freeman,b Feb1900
m: William Austin Ruff

David died 1901 with burial in Mt.Judea Cemetery.
Anna Lea Matney Freeman married (2)
Paris Rhea, born 27 Oct 1856
Married on 15 July 1901 in Newton Co. AR.
Paris had first married Mary Tennessee Dickey who died in 1897.
He had several children by his first marriage
Anna Lea Matney Freeman Rhea died 5 October 1960
Paris died 23 September 1929 and is buried in McCutcheon Cemetery
Newton Co. AR.

iii: Mary Freeman, b 1864
m: Lorenzo Dow Brooks on 13Nov1884 in Newton Co.AR.

iv: George W Freeman, b May1865\67
m: Mary L Emily(mnu) Litteral on 23Dec1889 in Newton Co.AR.
Mary (mnu) Litteral, born June 1864, had several Littrell children
before her marriage to George Freeman
They were :
Martha Littrell b Aug 1884
Anther (Arthur?)Littrell, born July 1887
Luna Littrell, born April 1889

George W and Mary L Litteral Freeman children:
1) Nora J Freeman, born July1891
2) William Freeman,born Aug1893
3) Roda Freeman, born July1898

v:Daniel Freeman,b 1867\1871
m: Bethany Peoples 29Nov1904 Newton Co.AR.

vi:Adaline Freeman, b 1869\1872
m: Charles W Branson on 14 July 1898(F163)Newton Co.AR.

vii: Jobe Freeman, b 1874

viii:Rhoda Freeman, b 1876
m: William H Atwell on 17 Oct 1890 Johnson Co. AR

ix:Sindy Freeman, b 1879

1870 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township
1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, White Township
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Big Creek Township
contiuing with Isaac1 Freeman children:
(6)CATHERINE FREEMAN born 1838 in Tenn

Isaac Freeman had five slaves and is shown on the 1850 Newton
County,Arkansas Census in Richland Township.
Isaac Freeman is said to be buried in Sexton Cemetery
in Newton County.
But, again, he is said to be buried in Tarlton Cemetery,
Row 12, Grave 6?

George W Freeman
born 4 Feb 1881
Who were his parents?
Married Janie Taylor on 5 November 1898 in Pope Co. AR.(G-464)
Janie was daughter of Ples Taylor and Mary Standridge
I have a listing of his children
His parents are listed as William Freeman and Dosey Henderson
Does anyone know where this family belongs?
Please write if you can answer any of these questions.

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