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Collateral families:
Arbaugh, Barnes, Carlton, Cecil, Chapman, Dugan, Eoff, Farmer,
McGeehee, Seaboalt, Trotter, and Wilson Families

This is the Buchanan families story as I know it:
JOSEPH M BUCHANAN, born 9 April 1827 in Tennessee, married
Thurzey Jane DUGAN in 1844 at Seven Mile Ford, Smythe County,

His father was William Clinton BUCHANAN.
Joseph M BUCHANAN was a recruiter for the Union Army during the
Civil War and was killed by Confederates on 5 March 1864 in Newton
County, Arkansas. He is buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery there in
Newton County.

Thurzey Jane DUGAN was born ca 1827 in Virginia
She died 26 July 1911 with burial in Plumlee Cemetery,Newton County,

Their children were:
(1)Rebekah A E BUCHANAN born 12 April 1845 in Virginia.
She married WILLIAM McGEEHEE ca 1864, probably Newton County.
Rebekah died 9 Dec 1870 with burial in Cherry Grove Cemetery in
Newton County, Arkansas.
I show one child by this marriage:
i:Mary McGEEHEE born 1865 in Missouri. She married JIM CLOPTON
on 11 July 1883 in Newton County, Arkansas.

After Rebekah's death, William McGEEHEE married:
LUCINDA MELVINA BARNES on 19 Mar 1871 in Newton County, Arkansas.
The McGEEHEE's had the following children:
ii: Frances(f) McGEEHEE born 1872
iii:S.E. McGEEHEE(f) born 1874
iv: J W(m)McGEEHEE born 1879
(there may be more children).

Lucinda Melvine BARNES McGEEHEE died 1882 with burial
in Cherry Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
William McGEEHEE died in 1888 with burial in Cherry Grove Cemetery.

(Joseph Buchanan children continued)

(2)James W BUCHANAN born 28 Jan 1847 in Virginia.
He married:
(1)MARTHA E BARNES on 21 October 1870 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Their children were:
i: Joseph BUCHANAN born and died 1871, Cherry Grove Cemetery.
ii: J Washington BUCHANAN born in 1872
James W BUCHANAN married:
(2) Mary C BARNES on 11 February 1872(sister to Martha BARNES)in
Newton County, Arkansas.
Their children were:
iii:Thurzy Jane BUCHANAN born 1874.
iv:Mary W BUCHANAN(twin) born and died 1876.
v: Sarah M BUCHANAN(twin) born and died 1876.
vi: Doney(f)BUCHANAN born 1878
there may be more children

The family was on the 1880 Newton County, Arkansas census, Jackson
Township, Visit#108-107

(3)Sarah Lavina Virginia Frances BUCHANANborn 4 December 1848
in Virginia.
She married JOHN BARNEY FARMER ca 1866 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Farmer Children:
i:Mary Jane Farmer, born 16Jan1868 in Newton County.
She married JOHN E CARLTON on 11Sept 1884 in Newton County, Arkansas.
They moved to Avalon, Ellis County, Texas about 1885.
Carlton Children were:
1) Lavora Belle Carlton,born 1887 Avalon, Ellis County,Texas
She married MR. CECIL
2) Hallie Theodora Carlton, born 1890 in Avalon,Texas.
She married a MR. MARTIN
3) George Franklin Carlton, born 1893 in Texas
4) Barney Evert Carlton, born 1895 Texas
The family moved to Indian Territory in 1896.
5)Alma Ethel Carlton born 1898,Paoli, Garvin County,Oklahoma.
She married MR. WILLIAMS.
Mary Jane Farmer Carlton lived at Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma in 1931.

ii: Nancy Elizabeth Farmer, born 14Jan1870 in Newton County, Arkansas
She married GEORGE RAYMOND SEABOALT (1865-1942)

George R Seaboalt and wife Nancy Elizabeth Farmer

Sarah Lavina Virginia Frances Buchanan Farmer died in 1874 in Newton County, and is buried in Cherry Grove Cemetery there.

John Barney Farmer married (2) LUCY E. EOFF on 21July1875 in Newton County.Lucy was daughter of Isaac S. and Elizabeth Eoff.
Children: iii: Cephus Sid Farmer, born 1878
iv: Cora L Farmer, born 1879
v: Oather R Farmer, born 5 Nov 1880. He died in 1957
Oather R Farmer married (1)CALLEY LEE TROTTER in Ellis County, Texas
1) Juno Brone Farmer
2) Fairy Nell Farmer
3) Wendall Farmer, born 27 Mar 1908
4) Earl Dean Farmer, born 10 Dec 1910
Oather Farmer married (2)MARY LEE CHAPMAN
5) Dorothy Lee Farmer, born Ellis County, Texas
6) Ruth Lavern Farmer, born Hamilton County, Texas
7) Oather Model Farmer, born Texas
8) Floy Wilma Farmer, born Bosque County, Texas
9) living Farmer

Oather R Farmer was living in Denton County, Texas in 1910, 4-J Precinct.

John Barney Farmer married (3) MARGARET CATHERINE EOFF
Children from this marriage: vi: Sylvester Farmer, born 1884
vii: Rentha Farmer, born 1886
viii:Artie Missie Farmer, (7July1887-4Oct1976)Buried Center Point
Cemetery,Parker County,Texas

John Barnett"Barney" Farmer
Birth: Jan. 1, 1848,Jefferson County,Tennessee
Death: Nov. 14, 1924,Italy,Ellis County,Texas
Italy cemetery,Italy,Ellis County,Texas
(4)John Thomas BUCHANAN, born 29Jan1851 in Tom Green County
He married MARTHA JANE CECIL on 26 October 1873 in Newton County,
Arkansas.>BR> Their children were:
i: son BUCHANAN born and died 1874, Cherry Grove Cemetery.
ii:son BUCHANAN born and died 1877, Cherry Grove Cemetery.
iii:daug.BUCHANAN born and died 1878, Cherry Grove Cemetery.
iv:son BUCHANAN born and died 1881, Cherry Grove Cemetery.
v:son BUCHANAN born and died 1884 , Cherry Grove Cemetery.
vi child BUCHANAN, no date, Compton Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas
vii child BUCHANAN, no date, Compton Cemetery, Newton County.
viii daug.BUCHANAN, no dates, Compton Cemetery, Newton County.
ix: son BUCHANAN, no date, Compton Cemetery, Newton County.

1880 Newton Co. AR.census, Jackson Twp. #106-105

(5)Mary E BUCHANAN b 8 May 1853 Newton County, Arkansas.
She married JOSIAH T BARNES on 17 Aug 1871 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Barnes children were:
i:R Eliza BARNES born 1872
ii:Jane BARNES born 1874
iii:N.W. BARNES (f) born 1876
iv:Mary E BARNES born 1877
v:Amanda E U BARNES born 1879 ;died 1880, Cherry Grove Cemetery.
vi:Minnie S M BARNES born 1882 ;died 1882,Cherry Grove Cemetery.
vii:Octavie BARNES born 1884; died 1885, Cherry Grove Cemetery.

(6)Nancy Allie BUCHANAN born 25 January 1855 in Arkansas.
She married SAMUEL CECIL II on 7 Jan 1877 in Newton County, Arkansas.
(there were two Sam Cecils)
Nancy Allie BUCHANAN CECIL died 26 December 1878,with burial in Cherry Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.
Samuel CECIL II then married (2)Sarah J NIXON on 18 April 1880,
Newton County, Arkansas.

(7)Ross C (F?)BUCHANAN born 21 January 1857 in Arkansas.
died 29January1857, Cherry Grove Cemetery.

(8)Missouri C BUCHANAN born 8 June 1858 in Arkansas;
died 4 October 1859 Cherry Grove Cemetery.

(9)Ira Susan BUCHANAN born 14 August 1860 in Arkansas.
She married JONATHAN BARNES(1853-1894 Cherry Grove Cemetery),son of
Elijah and Barbara BARNES
Married on 18 Aug 1874 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Their Barnes children were:
i: J.T.(Thomas?)BARNES born 1875; died in 1897,and is buried in
Jasper Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

ii:J.H. (m)BARNES, born in 1876.
He married MAUVIE ARBAUGH in 1905.
He died in 1937 with burial in Plumlee Cemetery,Newton County,

iii:John W BARNES, born 1879; died in 1880, Cherry Grove Cemetery
1880 Newton Co.AR census,Jackson Twp.,#123
There may be more children after 1880.

Ira Susan BUCHANAN BARNES married:
(2)JOHN S WILSON in 1916.
John S Wilson (12May1848-27Mar1922 Beechwood Cemetery,Newton County
John had married (1) ELIZABETH (MNU)(1842-3June1915 Beechwood)
Ira Susan BUCHANAN BARNES WILSON died in 1945 with burial in Plumlee
Cemetery, Newton County,Arkansas.(not listed in cemetery book)

(10)Amanda J.W. BUCHANAN born 12 February 1863 in Arkansas.
she died 11 October 1869 in Newton County, Arkansas.

Tombstone of Joseph M Buchanan,Cherry Grove Cemetery

So many tiny children died so young.
Can you imagine the heartaches the parents went through, losing their
little children.The infant mortality rate was over 50% in those days.
A family was very lucky to raise even half of their children to
The Civil War caused malnutrition in families, especially children.
Some folks say we have never suffered like the European Countries.
Not so.
While researching the families who lived in Arkansas during the
Civil War time, I found nearly every family lost little ones and
it was probably due to starvation. You grew your own crops, raised
your own meat. There was no store to purchase the needed supplies.
Bushwhackers and no-gooders murdered, took food and cattle and even
burned homes. Families often times lived in the caves to survive or
somehow made the long trips to Springfield, Missouri and other places
where they were protected by Union forces.
Then the dreaded diseases came along and the children had no health
to fight off the diseases. Old time herbs and medicines were used to
try and save these children. Those old time herbs and medicines are
still being used in our modern times. Am preparing a story on the
old time herbs and medicines used during Civil War Times.

Some sources of information:
1860 Newton Co.AR.census,Van Buren Twp.#204
Arkansas Historian, September 1990, Pg139
1870 Newton Co.AR. census, Jackson Twp.,pg157
1880 Newton Co.AR. census, Jackson Twp.601b
Newton County, Arkansas Marriage Records
Newton County Cemetery Book by Haddock

Evelyn Flood

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