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John Wiseman Agee

by Evelyn Flood


Collateral Families:

This story is about the AGEE Families as shown on my family group
sheets and my collected notes.
Mathew AGEE was born in 1787 in Franklin County, Virginia
His wife was SARAH MARY COATS, born 21 May 1792 in Sumner County,
In the "A History of Pioneer Families of Missouri", originally
published in 1876, there is a short article on the AGEE family.

Matthew and Tilman Agee settled on Coats' Prairie, Callaway County,
Missouri in 1817.
Matthew had a large apple and peach orchard and made brandy.
In 1833 the cholera made its appearance in his family, and one of
his sons,while suffering from the scurage, drank a barrel of water
in twenty-four hours and got well.
Matthew Agee's wife, Sarah Mary COATS, was a daughter of Rev. William COATS.

Tilman Agee married a daughter of William Thornton, when she was
only 13 years of age.
The next morning after the wedding he left her to get breakfast,
while he went out to work. He worked until nine o'clock, without
being summoned to his meal, and then having become impatient, he
went to the house to see what was the matter, and found his wife
sitting on the floor playing with her dolls.

COATS is also mentioned in this "History of Pioneer Families of
Rev. William COATS was born in South Carolina.
When grown he removed to Smith County, Tennessee, where he married
NANCY BAKER, by whom he had:
(1)James Coats. Married POLLY CALLAWAY
(2)William Coats
William Coats, Jr. was married first to PATSY TRACY and second to
the widow McLAUGHLIN, whose maiden name was CECELIA CALLAWAY.
(3)John Coats. Married NANCY SMITH
He was Sheriff of Callaway County for several years and was a good

(4)Wilson Coats. Married MISS PHLLIPS and moved to California
(5)Hiram Coats. Married PERMELIA WALKER.He was killed by lightening
(6) Lemuel B. Coats. Married ELIZABETH MADDOX
(7)Rachel Coats. Married ROBERT READE and is now a widow
(8) Frankie Coats. Married MR. McLAUGHLIN
(9)Tabitha Coats. Married WILLIAM CALLAWAY
(10) Mahala Coats
(11) Nancy Coats.Married JOSEPH P CALLAWAY
(12) Ladocea COATS.Married DANIEL PHILLIPS
In 1817 Mr. Coats removed with his family to Callaway County,
Missouri and settled on the prairie which has since borne his name.
There was no minister in that part of the country at that time, and
his neighbors appointed him to preach, which duty he performed at
stated intervals until his death.
He organized most of the Old Baptist Churches in that region.
His son James married POLLY CALLAWAY, of Tennessee, by whom he had two children:
(1)Matthias S Coats
(2)Laura A. Coats

The AGEE branch I have the most information on is the:
WILLIAM OLIVER AGEE family descendants.
William Oliver Agee was born 10 April 1816 in Smith County,
Tennessee at Harrilton.
William Oliver Agee married:
(1) HANNAH MARINDA THORNTON on 15Aug1837 in Calloway County,
Missouri (she was only 13 when she married)

Children were:
(1) James Milem Agee, born 5 Oct 1839 in Callaway County, Missouri.
He married MARTHA LAMBETH on 15 Nov 1858 in Osage County, Missouri.
i: Sarah Miranda Agee, born 2 Nov 1860 in Polk County, Missouri.
ii: Emily Jane Agee, born 10 April 1862 Polk County, Missouri
iii: William Benjamin Agee, born 8 Oct 1866 in Arkansas

James Milem Agee married (2):
EMELINE ALVIRA STAFFORD on 8 April 1870 in Callaway County, Missouri
Do not have any children listed from this marriage.
James Milem Agee died 3 Aug 1926 in Skamania County, Washington
and is buried at McMinnville, Oregon.

(2) Seleta Frances Agee, born 4 Oct 1841 in Callaway County, Missouri

(3) John Wiseman Agee, born 7 Nov 1843(tombstone date 1848)
in Osage County, Missouri
John died 30 May 1906 and is buried in Hasty Cemetery, Newton
County, Arkansas.
It is his descendants who moved to Newton County, Arkansas.


from Betty Comer(
On the Agee & Starr feud, It took place, I'm guessing, after 1900.
WILLIAM NATHAN AGEE, and his father, were ambushed, going into Hasty,
JOHN WISEMAN AGEE, was shot in the hip, but the bullet hit a silver
dollar. The silver dollar is owned by, Earl J. Agee. of Oklahoma
WILLIAM NATHAN, shot off JOHN S. STARR'S thumb and finger.
It went to court. I would guess, in Jasper. The fight was over a
pregnant Starr daughter, who was taken in, by the Agees, after being
kicked out of her home. Or it was over a pig, sold by Starr?
WILLIAM NATHAN, sold out, and moved his family to Hominy,Oklahoma
in 1919. Because the 2 families had been carrying guns, for each
other for years. I am new at Genealogy and don't know where to
get, some things, like specific court cases.etc.
Sincere Thanks for your reply.

John Wiseman Agee first married ABIGAIL HOWARD in 1869 in Osage County, Missouri
Abigail was born 30 Oct 1847 in Osage County, Missouri.
She died 16 June 1878 and is buried in the Hasty Cemetery, Newton
County, Arkansas.
Children from this first marriage were:
born 1871 in Newton County, Arkansas
William Nathan Agee married NANCY E CHRISTIAN on 28 July 1889 in
Newton County,Arkansas. Nancy was the daughter of William Newton
CHRISTIAN and Carline or Virginia A. BAXTER.

William Nathan Agee Children I have record of were:
1) Virginia A. Agee, born August 1890 Newton County, Arkansas.
Her tombstone in the Hasty Cemetery gives dates of
born: 17 April 1891 and died 15 November 1892, but she is on the
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prarie Township, Visit 26-27.

2) Nancy Agee , born 1892 in Arkansas.(nothing further known)

3) William Wiseman Agee, born Aug 1894 Newton County, Arkansas.
married ANNA LAWSON on 19 Jan 1913 in Newton County, Arkansas.
His children were:
1.Arphie Agee
2.Frank Agee
3.Zella Agee
4.Flossie Agee
5.Lois AGEE

4) Pearly Jane Agee, born 29 Dec 1897 Newton County.
married WILLIAM McGUFFEY on 8 Feb 1917 in Newton County,Arkansas.

5) Rhoda Emma Agee, born 1902 in Newton County
married URSHEL WEBB on 25 July 1917 in Newton County.

6) Thomas V Agee, born 27 Dec 1904 in Newton County.

7) Silby T Agee, born 28 April 1908 in Newton County.

8) Baby Agee, born 1910 in Newton County

9)Guffery Agee, born 5 Aug 1912 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Died 8 July 1914 with burial in Hasty Cemetery, Newton County.

10) Grace Vivian Agee, born 1 July 1915 in Newton County.

1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 26
4 children with 3 living
1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 174
7 children with 5 living

William Nathan Agee died on 28 March 1961 in Hominy, Osage County,
Oklahoma.He is buried at Hominy, Oklahoma

continuing with children of John Wiseman Agee and Abigail Howard:

born 1 June 1874 in Newton County, Arkansas
died 25 April 1878 with burial in Hasty Cemetery, Newton County

born 24 Feb 1877 in Arkansas
married (1)PETER BURGESS COOKSEY of Wells Creek on 17 Sept 1894 in
Newton County, Arkansas. Peter Cooksey was born 22 Apr 1874 at
Hagarville, Johnson County, Arkansas. He was son of Cornelius and
Elizabeth Cooksey
Children were:
1)Cornelius Wiseman Cooksey, born 13 Nov 1895>
2)Enoch Benjamin Cooksey, born 15 Dec 1898
3)William McKinley Cooksey, born 7 Jan 1901
4)Elsie E Cooksey, born 27 Jan 1905
5)Ethel Lee Cooksey, born 22 Feb 1908.
6)Thomas A Cooksey, born 10 Aug 1910.

Apparently Peter Cooksey died and Marinda married:
(2) THOMAS JEFFERSON SHINN on 3 Dec 1914 in Newton County,Arkansas.
Book I, page 451
Thomas Shinn was son of James Madison Shinn and Sophia HARKEY.
The Marinda Agee Cooksey Shinn children were:
7)Jennings Hazen Shinn
8) Hazel Abigail Shinn.

Marinda married (3) ALFRED T CHAPPELL on 4 June 1932 in Okmulgee,
Marinda Agee Cooksey Shinn Chappell died 3 Mar 1972 at Grandview,
Yakima County, Washington.

The 1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Mill Creek Township, shows
John Agee, age 35, living as brother-in-law of John and Sarah Agee
Starr family.John's two children, William age 9 and Marinda age 3
are living with him.
1900 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 26-27
shows family with 4 children born, 3 living.
1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie Township, Visit 174-174
shows 7 children with 5 living.

After wife Agigail Howard Agee died, John Wiseman Agee married:
(2)ELIZABETH BOWMAN FLUD on 13 Feb 1881 in Newton County, Arkansas
Elizabeth BOWMAN was daughter of Jacob BOWMAN and
Elizabeth first married Levi FLUD, son of John L FLUD and Maranda
GILMORE on 1 Dec 1870 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Levi died before 1880 and I know of no children born to this couple.
Have no idea what happened to Levi Flud

Children by John W Agee's second marriage to ELIZABETH BOWMAN FLUD were:
iv:Isaac Franklin Agee,
born 22 Jan 1882 in Newton County, Arkansas
died 1 DEC 1882 with burial in Hasty Cemetery, Newton County

v: Martha Paralee Agee
born 7 Nov 1883 Newton County, Arkansas
married ALVIN CICERO REYNOLDS of Yardelle, on 10 Aug 1902 in Newton County
1) Delsie Vinnie Reynolds, born 30 Sept 1903 in Newton County
2) Edith Ola Reynolds
3) Erma May Reynolds
4) Garland Edison Reynolds, born 30 June 1910 Newton County
5) Lavern H. Reynolds
6) Winifred Charlene Reynolds
Martha Paralee Agee Reynolds died 7 Sept 1944\49 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

vi: Noah Agee
born 4 Aug 1886 in Newton County, Arkansas
died 10 December 1902 with burial in Hasty Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

vii: Benjamin Harrison Agee
born 3 Sept 1889 in Newton County, Arkansas
married OLA BRADEN on 31 March 1907 in Newton County, Arkansas
Their children were:
1) Alma Zella Agee, born 28 Jan 1908 at Hasty, Newton County
2) Earl Jarvis Agee, born 2 Oct 1910 in Newton County
3) Ruby Carletta Agee, born 29 Feb 1916 in Newton County
4) Lennig Verlin Agee, born 26 Dec 1919 in Newton County
Benjamin Agee died 4 Jan 1972 in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

viii:Ella Cordelia Agee
born 26 June 1894 in Newton County, Arkansas
married OSCAR ELMER PRICE on 31 January 1909 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Oscar was son of Malinda Dwiggins Price Eddings(1859-1945)

Oscar Elmer Price and wife Ella Cordelia Agee

Oscar Elmer Price (born 3Sept1886 Ft.Smith,Sebastian County,Arkansas)
Died 11 Oct 1976, Okmulgee Cemetery,Okmulgee,Okmulgee County,Oklahoma
Ella Cordelia Agee Price(1894-1987)

Oscar Elmer Price sister:
Minta Belle Dwiggins Eddings (1899 - 1992)
She was daughter of Malinda Dwiggins Price Eddings>

1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Mill Creek Township, Visit
John Agee is living with the John Starr family as his

1900 Census Newton County, Arkansas , Prairie Township,
Visit 5-5
AGEE, John,.....Head..Nov1843....56..M19yrs.......MO,TN,TN
.....Martha P...Daug..Nov1883....16..S............AR,MO,MO
.....Ellen C....Daug..June1894....5..S............AR,MO,MO

They are on the 1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Prairie
Township: 11 children, 3 living.

In the Newton County Historical Society Newsletter, Volume 11, Number 1 Spring 1995, page 3
John Bolton AGEE of 411 Rustic Ridge Road, Cary, North Carolina 27511 wrote:
"The AGEES moved to Arkansas between 1850 and 1871. My great-
grandparents, William Nathan and Eller Christian AGEE raised their
family in Hasty, Newton County, Arkansas.
In 1909 their eighth child, a son, was stillborn and buried in the
In 1912, Guffrey AGEE was born and was the apple of his grandfather
Two years later he died and was buried by his brother.
Grandfather CHRISTIAN built a house over the two graves.
He took a wooden chair up on the hill to the graves.
Every day he would catch a ride on the wagon up to the cemetery,
take out his chair and knife and whittle until evening when he would
return home.
He felt he could not leave the two little ones alone.
As our family moves away, we are concerned about the care of the
house and chair which is inside the little house.
Of course, many of our family would like to have the little chair,
but we feel it should be there with the graves and house.
Would the care and upkeep be a project for concerned historical
society in the area?" end of quotes.

Agee Cemetery showing little houses and family

continuing with children of William Oliver Agee and Hannah Marinda
Thornton Agee

(4) Sarah Elizabeth Agee, born 10 Feb 1846 in Polk County, Missouri
She married JOHN STARR on 16 Feb 1868 in Osage County, Missouri.
See the "John Starr Story" on my website.
My records show her as being on the CHOCTAW INDIAN ROLL #26187
See the "JOHN STARR STORY" on my "Kinfolks Stories" Website>
John Starr was born in Oct 1849 in Osage County, Missouri.
i: Emily C. Starr
born 19 May 1869 in Missouri.
She supposedly married JOHN QUIGLEY, but do not have record of this

ii: Salitta Ann Starr
born 9 Nov 1870 in Missouri
She married ROBERT "Jobe" EDDINGS Jr. on 4 Sept 1890 in Newton
County, Arkansas.
Salitta died on 29 April 1902 and is buried in Carver Cemetery,
Newton County, Arkansas.

iii: William Joseph "Joe" Starr
Born in 1873 in Missouri. He married INDIA EDDINGS on 25 Aug 1892
in Newton County, Arkansas.
India Eddings Starr died 9 June 1901 and is buried in the Carver
Cemetery in Newton County.
India was daughter of James and Martha Jones Eddings.
Joe died in Wyoming. No further information

iv: Nancy E Starr
born 4 Aug 1874 (tombstone date 2Aug1871)
She married:
Leonard Christian died in 1936 and is buried in the Haskell,Oklahoma
They had a son who served in WWI in 387th Infantry, 97th Division
from Oklahoma
Nancy E. Starr married (2) J. M. PIERCE on 9 April 1902 in Newton
County, Arkansas.
Nancy married (3) RANZY ATNIP.
Nancy E Starr died 9 Dec 1960 and is buried as Nancy Atnip in the
Haskell Cemetery, Muskogee County, Oklahoma in Lot 20.

v: Mary Florence Starr
Born 1876. Her tombstone in the Hasty Cemetery gives the dates of
8 March 1887 to 6 Jan 1920 (Newton County Cemetery Book by Haddock).
Mary married DAVID VESTOR NICHOLS on 21 Mar 1898 in Newton County,
Arkansas. David Nichols was son of Martha Pickett Burdine Nichols
and "Old John" Nichols.

vi: Lucy G Starr
Born Jan 1878 (tombstone date 1Jan1880)in Arkansas.
She married WILLIAM ASBURY YOUNG 26 July 1903 in Newton County,
1) Audrey Young, born 1905
2) Nellie Young, born 1906
3) Edna Young, born 1908
4) Edith Young, born 1909
5)Myrtle L Young, born 15 Nov 1911 in Newton County.
6) James Roosevelt Young, born 20 July 1913 in Arkansas.
1910 Newton County, Arkansas Census, Jackson Township, Visit #98

vii: Ida L Starr
Born Sept 1880 in Newton County. She married FIDELA "DILL" BRASEL
on 26 April 1903 in Newton County, Arkansas.
Known children:
1) Gladys Brasel, born 1904
2) Lawrence Brasel

viii: Marinda F. "Renda" Starr
Born Sept 1882 in Arkansas.
She married L. R. LEWIS, age 27, of Willcockson, on 24 June 1906 in
Newton County, Arkansas.
Marinda died in 1936 and is buried in Haskell, Oklahoma, Cemetery.

ix: Alberta "Bertie" Susan Starr
born 11 Nov 1884 in Arkansas.
She married (1) WILSON CROW on 7 Jan 1906 in Newton County
The Shaddox Cemetery shows Wilson Crow's birthdate as 13 Oct 1881
and his death date as 25 July 1902?? (he was married in 1906). Alberta "Bertie" Starr Crow married :
(2) LEVI SHERMAN HUDSON? in 1912(my notes are not clear).
Bertie Starr Crow Hudson died on 9 Sept 1951 at unknown place.

x: John M Starr
Born Jan 1886. Nothing further known.

xi: Frank Starr
Born 1887 in Arkansas. He never married. He died in Arizona and is
buried in Haskell, Oklahoma.

xii: Isaac Sidney Starr
Born June 1889 in Arkansas.
He married RESSIE JANE HENDERSON on 6 Aug 1907 in Newton County.
Ressie Jane Henderson Starr died 9 Jan 1926 and is buried in the
Pruitt Cemetery in Newton County, Arkansas.
My records show Sidney Starr is buried in Barstall, Oklahoma

Sarah Elizabeth Agee Starr died 17 Nov 1939 in Haskell, Oklahoma
and is buried in Haskell Cemetery, Block 4, Lot 20, Plot 7
She was 93 years, 9 months and 7 days old at her death.
Date of funeral was 18 Nov 1939 on a Saturday at 2:30 P.M.
at Church of Christ Church in Haskell, Oklahoma
Clergyman was Cleve Hamilton
Cause of death: Mitral insufficiency.
Certifying physician: S. G. Hamm

(continuing with children of William Oliver Agee)

(5)Paulina Emeline Agee
Born 4 July 1848 in Polk County, Missouri.

(6) Cordelia Ann Agee
born 21 March 1851 in Polk County, Missouri

(7) William Franklin Agee
Born 27 Aug 1853 in Osage County, Missouri.
He married MISSOURI ELLEN SUMPTER on 31 Dec 1874 in Newton County, Arkansas
William Agee died before 1880 as Missouri Sumpter Agee is on the
1880 Newton County, Arkansas Census in Osage Township, Visit 180
living with her father John SUMPTER and stepmother
Mary Lawson Liford Sumpter
. The Agee children were:
i: George W. Agee, age 7
ii: Olive? Agee, age 1

Hannah Marinda Thornton Agee died before 1855 as William Oliver Agee
married (2)MARY ELIZABETH VERDOT on 25 Mar 1855 in Polk County,
Children from William Oliver Agee's second marriage were:
(8) Mary M Agee
born 12 Mar 1856 in Polk County, Missouri

(9) Malissa Jane Agee
Born 27 Mar 1857 in Polk County, Missouri

(10)Isaac B. Agee
Born 22 Dec 1858 in Polk County, Missouri

(11)Nancy A. Agee
Born 27 Aug 1861 Polk County, Missouri

(12) George Yates Agee
Born 10 Mar 1864 in Missouri

(13)Susan Abigail Agree
Born 22 May 1866 in Missouri

(14)Julia Agee
Born 11 Jan 1868 in Missouri

(15)Ai Agee
Born 11 Nov 1871 (twin)in Polk County, Missouri

(16)Levi Agee
Born 11 Nov 1871 (twin) in Polk County, Missouri

(17)Thomas R. Agee

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