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Family Origin and Deepest Root

The most distant identified ancestor of Rege's Lang family is Jacob Lang.  Jacob was born in Bruchmühlbach, Germany about 1615 and died January 16, 1684 (1685 by modern reckoning)  in Miesau.  Jacob married Catharina.  At this time, we are only certain of only one child of Jacob and Catharina, Wendel.

Immigrant Ancestors

In August 1836, Nickel Lang and his family arrived at the port of Philadelphia on the ship "Harle" after a long journey from their previous home in Waldmohr.  The passenger list also includes Maria Langin, age 33, who almost certanly was Nickel's wife.  Nickel married twice in Germany, first to Maria Magareta Barth, who died on February 16, 1725, shortly after giving birth on February 3, 1725, to son Johan Adam.  Nickel's second wife was Eva Elisabetha Blum, who he married on January 22, 1726.
German emigration records show that Nickel left for America with his wife and family.  Apparently, however, second wife Eva Elisabetha died somewhere en route, and Nickel married yet a third time to Maria.

Along with Nickel came his half-sister, Anna Catharina Jacobi and her husband Valentin Neu.  Both families settled in Tulpehocken, Berks County.

Family History

The Lang family came from Obermiesau which is now part of the community of Bruchmühlbach-Miesau in the German state of Rhein-Pfalz.  Rege's Lang ancestry was in that area for about 120 years, at least.  Jaccob and Catharina Lang's son Wendel married Catharina Bulus and had at least five children:  Ludwig, Catharina, Philipp, Johannes, and Johann Jacob.  Johannes was the father of Nickel Lang, who migrated to America.

In America, the family put down roots in Berks County, Pennsylvania.  The earliest evidence, so far, of the Lang family in the Berks County is a 1750 baptism in the records at Zion Blue Mountain church in Stausstown.  Both Nickel Lang and Valentin Neu appear in 1752 Berks County tax records for Tulpehocken Township.  Nickel Lang last appears in the Berks county tax records in 1779, and probably died before the 1780 taxes were recorded.  It is also possible, however, that he lived elsewhere, perhaps with one of his children, for a few years before his death.

Name Origin

The German word "lang" means "long", and all of the descendant lines seem to have changed the name to Long in America.  Beyond its German tranlation, the origin of the name in unknown.  It might have been shortened from a longer name, such as Langnecker, but no evidence of this has been uncovered.

Descendants of Jacob and Catharina Lang - 5 generations


Nickel Lang

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