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Walter Fitz Alan 1st High Stewart and Eschyne de Molle

Walter Fitz Alan 1st High Stewart , born of Scotland; died 1176, Son of Alan III(---) .  He married abt. 1130 Eschyne de Molle , born abt 1124.

 Notes for Walter Fitz Alan 1st High Stewart

Source: 1) The Story of the Stewarts, The Stewart Society, 2) World Family Tree, CD ROM, Bruderbund Software Inc. 

Walter Fitz Alan was the first authentic Stewart on the pages of history. He witnessed many charters, chiefly those of King David I . King David I named Walter the first High Steward of Scotland (the first to hold that positon). Malcolm IV King of Soctland made this positon hereitary in the year 1157. He possessed much land as a result of this title. He gained lands in Renfrew Paisley, Pollock, Cathcart Talahec, Le Drip, Le Mutrene, Eaglesam, & Lochwinnock in Renfrewshire and of Innerwick in East Lothian. He died 1177, leaving one son and a daughter. He was the ancesor of the House of Stewart. The position of High Steward became heriditary from that point on. The name Stewart means cup-bearer. The High Stewards of Scotland were Stewards to the sovereign and of the royal revenues and domains. (Accountants of the King).

Children of Walter Fitz Alan 1st High Stewart and Eschyne de Molle were as follows:

Alan Fitz Walter Lord High Stewart , born 1125 of Paisley Abby, Renfreioshire, Scotland; died 1203. He married Eva de Crawford

Generation 2

 2. Alan Fitz Walter Lord High Stewart , born 1125 of Paisley Abby, Renfreioshire, Scotland; died 1203. He married  (1)Eva de Crawford, daughter of Swain (---) Sheriff of Lothin; (2)Alesta de Mar, daughter of Morgrund de Mar Earl of Mar. 

Notes for Alan Fitz Walter Lord High Stewart

Source: The Story of the Stewarts, The Stewart Society

Alan Fitz Walter succeeded his fahter in his office and estates and is said to have been present with his father at the overthrow of Somerland, and to have been thus early initiated in war. He accompanied Richard Coeur de Lion and others to the Holy War and was presennt at the siege of Ptolemais in 1191. Returning to Scotland, he suppressed a rebellion in Morayshire the leader of which fell by the Stewart's sword near Inverness. He appears to have emulated his father in his acts of piety. His donations to Paisley, Kelso, Cupar, Melrose, and other religious communities were numerus and extensive. He greatly extended the family possessions and obtained a further increase by his wife Eva, daughter of Swan, son of Thor, Lord of Tippermuir and Tranent. He died in 1204 and was buried with great pomp in Paisley Abbey.

 Children of Alan Fitz Walter Lord High Stewart and Eva de Crawford were as follows:

Avelina Fitz Walter, born 1178 in , , Scotland. She married Duncan (---)

+Walter Stewart Lord High Stewart, born 1179 in , , Scotland; died 1245. He married Beatrix de Angus 

David Fitz Alan

 Generation 3

3. Walter Stewart Lord High Stewart, born 1179 in , , Scotland; died 1245. He married Beatrix de Angus, born 1183 in Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland

Notes for Walter Stewart Lord High Stewart

Source: The Story of The Stewarts, The Stewart Society

Walter Stewart was also known by the territroial designation of "de Dundonald". He is the first to settled the name of Stewart on his posterity. Surnames ame into general use about this time. He engaged in the Crusades and may have led a command to the Holy Wars. In 1230, he was appointed, by Alexander II, uticiar of Scotland in addition to his office of Steward. The proper form of the name should be Steward, however, in the Scots dialect the hard "d" was oftened into "t". The form Steuart (Stuart) is traceable to the old Scots league with France. The French language is absent of the letter "w" so it was spelt with "u". Like his grandfather, Walter Fitz Alan, Walter the Stewart was a liberal benefactor of the Church giving a gift of six chalders of meal annually to the monks of Paisley to support a priest to pray for the soul of a friend Robert de Brus.

Children of Walter Stewart Lord High Stewart and Beatrix de Angus were as follows:

 Elizabeth Stewart

Christian (Eupemia) Stewart

Margartet Stewart, born 1201, of Carrick,Golloway, Scotland

Alexander Lord High Stewart, born 1213, Dundonald,, Scotland, died 1282.  He married Jean de Bute.

Robert Stewart

Sir John Stewart

Sir Walter Stewart, born in Scotland 1245. NOTE: Became Earl of Mentieth due to his wife's inheritance.

William Stewart

Generation 4

4. Alexander Lord High Stewart, born 1213, Dundonald,, Scotland, died 1282.  He married Jean de Bute, born 1217, in Bute,, Scotland

Notes for Alexander Stewart Lord High Stewart

Source: The Story of the Stewarts, TheStewart Society

Alexander Stewart along with his brothers John and Walter and the Earl of Dunbar, his brother-in-law, attended St. Louis of France to the Holy War. After the death of Earl of Dunbar, he commanded the Scots pilgrims. On his return to Scotland, he found the country broken up by faction of the powerful Comyn family. Alexander, his brother and others joined alligence of the party of Henry III to gain power over the Comyn family. This union proved too much for the Comyns, the greatest family in Scotland, and they were defeated. In 1263 Alexander commanded the right wing of the Scottish army at the Battle of Largs. After defeating the left wing of the Norse army, they fell upon the rear of the enemy's main body.  By the King's orders, Alexander and his brother pursued the enemy into the western Isles and to the Isle of Man where they were compelled to surrender and evacuate. In the same year in recognition of his services he received a grant of the Barony of Garlies in Galloway. During this year also he was sent by the King to the Court of Henry III of England to demand the arrears of the dowry which was promised to be paid on his daughter's marriage with the King of Scots. Like his predessors, Alexander's gifts to the Church were many and liberal.

Children of Alexander Lord High Stewart and Jean de Bute were as follows:

 James Stewart

+John Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart

Generation 5 

Sir John Stewart (s/o Alexander and Jean de Bute) was born about 1243 in Bonkyl, , Scotland. He died in 1298 in Fallkirk, , Scotland. He married in Berwickshire Margaret Bonkyl (d/o Sir Alexander de Bonkyl) .

Source: The Story of the Stewarts, The Stewart Society

 Sir John Stewart and all of his sons, were knights in the King's army, the "Sir" refers to knighthood. In 1297 along with his brothers and others he took opportunity to shake off the yoke of England to set their country free.  In the Battle of Stirling the English totally defeated the Scots. Many of the leaders took an oath of alligence to England. Sir John Stewart, however, showed greater strength and determination of character and continued steady in his opposition to the aggression of England. Under his lead the opposing forces found themselves once more arrayed in arms against each other on the field of Falkirk in 1298. Once more the fatal pride of the Scots nobility led to dissention, jealousy and treason. The haughty Comyn, who commanded the Scottish cavalry, led his entire froce off the field without striking a blow.  Sir John's brother, Wallace, retired in dudgeon with his troops to some distance leaving Sir John and his division to sustain the assult of the whole English army unsupported. The unequal contest was maintained with the utmost gallantry - the long Scottish spears of Sir John's borderers presenting an impenetrable barrier to the repeaded charges of the English calvary, though their ranks were rapidly thinned under the hail of arrows directed against them by the English bowmen. The Scots were unable to contend with the arrows and while encouraging his men to stand fast, their brave leader was himself struck, and falling from his horse, perished in the battle. His followers crowded around his body and many perished with him.  Sir John married Margaret, the daughter and heiress of Sir Alexander de Bonkyl in Berwickshire. He had seven sons and one daughter.

Children of Sir John Stewart and Margaret Bonkyl

Sir Alexander Stewart Earl of Angus was born in Scotland

Sir Alan Stewart Earls of Lennox was born in of Darnley, Scotland.

Sir Walter Stewart Earls of Galloway was born in of Dalswinton, Scotland.

Sir James Stewart Clan Appin died in 1333.

Sir John Stewart Sir was born in of Daldon, Scotland.

Sir Robert Stewart Clan Allanton was born in of Dalduie, Scotland.

Sir Hugh Stewart was born in Scotland.

Elizabeth Stewart was born in Scotland.