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Stewart Summary

All sources agree that Walter Fitz Alan (abt. 1110 of Scotland) was the first known Stewart. He was appointed the position of Lord High Stewart of Scotland to the king of Scotland. (Kings personal high servant). Through the generations the position passed to descendents and the sir name of Stewart became the family name.  Walter Filius Alan had a son Alan II. Alan II Fitz Walter had a son Walter II Lord High Stewart  who had a son named Alexander Filius Walter. The position of High Stewart passed down the line to Alexander. He had two sons James, and John, one daughter Elizabeth.  The position continued with James whose descendents became Stewart Kings of Scotland. However, this line died out because of no male descendents and the House of Stewart lost power. Our line therefore comes from the brother John. John had seven sons which leads to the different Stewart clans in Scotland. My problem is connecting Thomas of Glasgow to one of these clans. I suspect the Stewarts of Appin because they settled in the highlands of Glasgow. But, have not been able to prove this. Beyond Walter fist High Stewart authors seem to disagree. Walter 1st High Stewart was the s/o Alan II was a descendent of Flaald Seneschal who is a descendent of the Daphiers of Dol.

The problem with researching the Stewarts is the repetition of first names. (i.e. Hugh, Robert, Samuel, etc.). It looks like they only had a few names in their ocabulary so kept reusing the same ones. This created a tangled mess for genealogists. From what Iíve been able to determine we are descendents of two brothers (Samuel & Hugh Stewart) that came to Lancaster Co., PA from County Down, Ireland.  Both families had kids named Hugh, Robert, Samuel, etc. Hence the mess. These two brothers (Samual and Hugh) trace back to Thomas (1590 ) of Glasgow, Scotland.  Here the trail hits a stumbling block.  Samual and family settled in Lancaster while Hugh settled in Dauphine Co., PA. Both had children that moved to Boon Co. Kentucky. Hugh Stewart 7th child of Samuel and Mary McClay moved from Pennsylvania to Lexington, Kentucky sometime before 1810 and later settled in Boone Co., Kentucky. Hugh and family were farmers. Hugh married Susanna Wilson d/o John Wilson and Mary Lynn of Lancaster, Pa. Hugh died in Boone Co. about 1822. Hugh and Susanna had eight children. His descendents emigrated to Rush Co., Indiana.  The STEWARTs of Rush Co., Indiana originated with the descendents of Hugh Stewart and Susanna Wilson. They arrived in Rush Co. in the early 1800s. They settled on the West side of the county. 

Robert Stewart, s/o Hugh & Susanna, born about 1792 moved with his family and mother to Rush Co., Indiana about 1824. Robert died 29 May 1850 at age 68, Rush Co. He married Isabelle. They had eight children. Last Will & Testament of Robert Stewart

Franklin G. Stewart s/o Robert and Isabelle, born about 1810 Boone Co., Kentucky, married Mathilda. They had six children. Franklin G. died April 1848, Rush Co. age 38. Succession of Franklin G.

James Franklin Stewart was born in Rush Co., Indiana in 1839. He was the son of Franklin G. Stewart and Mathilda. In 1860 he married (1) Hester Manlove d/o George Manlove and Sarah. She unfortunately died without child in 1861 at age 16. James then decided to join the Civil War. On 28 March 1862, he joined Captain Mofitt's Company "F" of the Third Indiana Calvary. In 1863 while on duty as a picket, he receivd a chest injury which caused him to suffer with a cough and bleeding rendering him unfit for further duty. He received a disability discharge on 24 March 1863. After discharge, he returned home to his family who had since moved to Fayette Co., Indiana.  By 1864, James had moved to Illinois. Being a farmer by trade, he soon acquired some land and remarried 18 Sep. 1864 (2) Hattie A. Winterrowd d/o Washington Winterrowd and Adeline in Effingham, Illinois. James apparently still suffered from his chest injury. In the fall of 1873, James and family moved to Ellis Co., Texas where he could find a more favorable climate. He probably traveled with his father-in-law Washington Winterrowd. James and Hattie had four children. Hattie died 1878 in Ellis Co., Texas leaving James with four children to raise.  James soon remarried for the third time (3) Nancy Ann Thomas d/o Issac Thomas and Eliza Crubaugh on 19 Oct. 1879, Ellis Co., Texas. James and Nancy had five children one of which is my grandfather. James died 3 Apr. 1899, Clebourn, Texas.

My connection to James Franklin Stewart:

Ray Viator s/o Eva Stewart d/o Roy Stewart s/o James Franklin Stewart

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