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But more help is needed.

It is difficult for me to so much myself.

The first six or seven generations of the family have now been fairly well documented. This takes us from the middle 1700s to between the 1850-1900 census.

The family lines starting about 1850 - 1870 to the 1920 census contain a good outline of the family, but there are blanks remaining to be filled.

The work required to fill the remaining blanks conspires 3 areas of work. These are

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Needed - census work

Please know that I am only placing couples on the census list if there is essential information to be found. We are not trying to find each family in every census. And the soundex is sufficient for my needs.

Can you help???

  1. How many soundex films are you willing to order in and read?      OR
  2. Please list by state and year the 1850-1870 census that are available to you in your area, that you would be willing to search provided you were sent an exact county and page number?

It is our experience that 4 are the largest number of possibilities we have ever found for a couple on the census list. So the reader would just copy all the possibilities. I will sort out which is correct when I compare the possibilities with the computer database.


Needed - Research

It is possible that there are people who could research on location, either because they are near-by or because they are willing to travel a bit. They would fill in the remaining blanks on a set of family group sheets.

Research locations include Ohio, Oregon, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, Wisconsin.


Needed - Articles needed for the newsletter.

I really would like to keep the newsletter going. However, I am simply not physically able to do so much research AND write all the articles for the newsletter. The plan is to use the newsletter articles in the book. So this would be a wonderful way for a descendant to tell the story of one of the families in their own line. Please could we have three or four articles contributed this year for the newsletter.


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