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Descendants of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett

The question is often asked, "When will the book be finished?"

The goal for the book is to bring each line down to a person born or married in the first decade of the 1900s. Many lines are finished, but there are still many blanks remaining to be filled. And of course, we want to be sure we have not overlooked any descendants.

10 to 12 descendants a month do contact K. Rizer and so join the Research group. They share what they have on their line. This is most helpful and much appreciated. In addition K. has personally had to  'adopt' all the lines for which there is no descendant. She is doing the census work, working in primary records, ordering microfilm, reading deeds, etc. This takes many hours a week. Plus, she has to deal with all the email from the new members, then input the new details that are sent, and often, do some  work in primary records, order microfilm, read deeds, etc. to fill some of the remaining blanks.
This takes many more hours a week. The book could be finished much sooner if some help were received. One fear I have is that this project will out live me. After all we have been working on it now for some time.
Help is needed in these three areas.
What can you do to ensure that the Springer family heritage is preserved?



We need Ancestral sketches for the book

Short lines famlies for which data is needed