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What's New!!
at the Norris Taylor Genealogy Page

May 10, 1997.. Added Most Wanted Page

May 10, 1997.. Added descendant charts on five main lines.

May 10, 1997.. Added James Taylor biography. Confirmed identity of his wife as Sarah McCart and discovered the names of both sets of parents.

May 12, 1997.. Added "Relatively Speaking", an essay on family relationships and all that "cousin" stuff.

May 15, 1997.. Added to the Pioneer Way of Life Page: "From the Commode to the Privy to Indoors."

May 20, 1997.. Added "A Little Bit of Humor" page.

May 23, 1997.. Added Thomas Taylor biography

May 25, 1997.. Added Henry McCart biography

May 26, 1997.. Added GedPage DataBase

Sep 16, 1997.. Revised biography of John Earhart, early Ohio Pioneer, and added biographies of his children.

Dec 21, 1997.. Revised biography of Thomas Taylor, early Ohio Pioneer, including details of his parents and real estate dealings in both Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Apr 12, 1998.. Added page about the the Julian and Gregorian calendar switchover.

Apr 19, 1998.. Added Revolutionary War Time Line and Colonial America Time Line Pages

Apr 19, 1998.. Added Mom's Side Family Histories: Baldwin, Richardson, Hallock, Pollock - Biographies and Family Histories

Apr 19, 1998.. Added Heritage Page for Massachusetts Bay Colony

Apr 20, 1998.. Added Page for our Scotch/Irish Heritage

Apr 22, 1998.. Ezekiel Richardson's Role in the Anne Hutchinson Affair

Apr 27, 1998.. Thomas Knowlton put on trial in Puritan Massachusetts for his wife overdressing!

May 5, 1998..  Biography of Stephen and Tryphosa (Lee) Tracy, early Plymouth Colony pioneers (1623).

May 7, 1998..   Biography of Benjamin and Hannah (Knowlton) Baldwin - From Woburn, Mass to Connecticut.

May 10, 1998.. Added Typical Indenture Agreement for an Apprentice in 1748 - Massachusetts

May 12, 1998.. Added Green Family History

May 12, 1998.. Added page for "Origins - Dad's Side"

May 12, 1998.. Added Myths, Errors and Problems with the Henry Baldwin Genealogy

May 12, 1998.. Added Myths, Errors and Problems with Knowlton Genealogy

May 13, 1998.. Added Biography of Thomas Knowlton, Revolutionary War Hero

May 13, 1998.. Added Biographies of the Knowlton Brothers of Ipswich, Mass

May 13, 1998.. Added Family History of the Issac Baldwin Branch and sons Thomas and Waterman

May 13, 1998.. Added extracts of early Ipswich, Mass records mentioning the Knowltons.

May 20, 1998..  Added Backus Family History Material

May 20, 1998.. Added Civil War History Time-Line History.

May 23, 1998..  Added Spencer Family History Material

Jun 1, 1998.. Added Robert Allyn Material and Extracts of New London History.

Jun 11, 1998.. Added Ulysses S. Grant Relationship Page

Jun 11, 1998.. Added section on Privacy and Genealogy

June 22, 1998.. Added material on Whitneys', including Eli Whitney
July 1, 1998.. Added section on Researching in New England

July 12, 1998.. Added section on What Genealogy Program Should I buy?

July 12, 1998.. Added section on Notable Hallock's.

September 19, 1998.. Added section on John Maynard and Notable Maynard's

September 19, 1998.. Added section on William Hills.

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