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Webb, Beulah Moore and Grover Moore > Relationship to Moore?
Whitehead, Daniel-1 - Identity of Wife
Wines, Mary - Named Granddaughter in 1671 Will of William Purrier > Who Is She?

Webb, Beulah Moore and Grover Moore > Relationship to Moore?

In Part III of the "The Moores of Southold", (SCHS Register, Dec 1975, Vol 1, No. 3, pp 22-23), Barrington Havens shows that Grover Moore (525), son of Silas Moore and second wife, Patience Hallock, born  ca 1770 (almost 30 years after his brother Benjamin) left an 1825 will that mentions grandnephews, grandsons of his brother Benjamin, b 1742, married Mehitable Terry 1769.

1) Also mentioned in this will, but no relationship stated, were Beulah Moore Webb and Grover Moore Webb. Mr. Havens did not have the following information in points 2 and 3.

2) In the Cutchogue baptisms by Lathrop Thompson (Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony, Van Alst, pg 162), we have, 9 Jul 1815:

Beulah Moore
Grover Moore
Children of Nancy wife of Otto Webb
3) In turn, a marriage is recorded in both the Salmon Records (SR) and the Cutchogue Church Records (CR) mentioned above (note there is apparently a year difference in the marriage records of this marriage from these two primary sources, an obvious problem in reading the original record):
SR 1810 1110   Otto Welb     Nance Pain
CR 1809 1117   Otto Webb with Nancy Paine
4) The will of Grover's father shows only a sister Rhoda, who married Stephen Vail. This would seem to rule out that a sister of Grover Moore married a Paine, who would have had the Nancy Paine who married Otto Webb. If such a daughter were from the second wife, a time-line problem would arise as well.
Mr. Havens, without benefit of items 2 and 3 above, ie the apparent parents of these two: Otto Webb and Nancy Paine, speculated these two were children of one of the other known daughters of Benjamin Moore, b 1742, (none known to be Nancy). However, this could only be explained if Nancy Paine was a married name from a prior marriage, and neither of the two marriage records show her as a widow.

There could be other explanations for this situation, and other questions as well.


How are Beulah Moore Webb and Grover Moore Webb related to Grover Moore? Perhaps the addition of one additional piece of evidence will put this puzzle together.

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Whitehead, Daniel-1 - Identity of Wife

See: the October 2000 issue of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record entitled "The Family of Daniel Whitehead: A Century and a Half of Fact and Fiction," by Harry Macy, Jr., FGBS, FASG.

From this article, we learn that Jeanne Skidmore was not a wife of Daniel-1 Whitehead. Rather his widow, and the mother of his four youngest children, was Jane Ireland, daughter of Thomas-1 Ireland, and subsequently the wife of John Ingersoll.

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Wines, Mary - Named Granddaughter in 1671 Will of William Purrier > Who Is She?

In his 1671 will, William Purrier left one cow to his granddaughter: "Mary Wyndes".

I have not been able to pin down exactly who this Mary Wyndes is to a certainty.

Barnabas-2 Wines, probably the one baptized 05/15/1628, in St. Nicholas Church, Ipswich, England (Edward Irving Wines, Jr., Wines, Barnabas of Ipswich, England,  (SCHS Register, Jun 1976; Vol 2, No 1, pp 1-2)) was married to a Mary. He was married to a Mary in 1665, when on 30 Aug 1665, he and Mary sold their house and home lot in Southold and several other lots containing 10+ acres to John Corey, Sr., for 14 pounds, 10 shillings, and moved to Elizabeth Town, NJ. He is then back in Southold, in the 1698 census, again with a wife Mary; and names a wife Mary in his 1708 will. Her death in the Salmon Death Records 06/13/1727, age 89 = born 1738.

Thus, it would appear there was only one wife named Mary - and she could not be a daughter of William Purrier, as he named a daughter Mary Reeve in his 1671 will. That Mary Reeve was living at that time, and probably a widow. She is probably the Salmon Death Record for a Mary Reeve on Feb 04, 1707 - as Mary Reeve.

Thus, we can exclude the known wife, Mary, of Barnabas-2 Wines as a daughter of William Purrier and if she were the mother, exclude his daughter Mary (presumably the wife of Isaac Willman) as the Mary Wyndes referred to in the 1671 will of William Purrier.

Although, there is the outside possibility that Barnabas-2 Wines had a first wife who possibly had only one child (or a couple of children) and then died before 1671 - and that this first wife could be a daughter of this William Purrier. Note that this Barnabas-2 Wines did not refer to a daughter named Mary in his 1708 will - the presumed daughter Mary married Isaac Willman and had the Susannah Willman in the household of Barnabas-2 Wines in the 1698 census.

If a granddaughter with the maiden name of Wines were to be ruled out, we turn to granddaughters who may have married a Wines, and thus have Wines as a married name.

Mary-2 (William-1) (Purrier) Reeve did have a daughter named Mary, but she was specifically named in William Purrier's 1671 will as the wife of Thomas Terrill: "To Thomas Terrill who married my grand daughter Mary Reeve, two acres of land by his dwelling house."

That leaves the children of Sarah (Purrier), wife of Thomas Mapes.

Torrey appears to accept what he could find among the published information, that the granddaughter Mary Wyndes named in William Purrier's will was a daughter of Thomas-1 and Sarah-2 (William-1) (Purrier) Mapes, and that she married Samuel-2 Wines. Torrey shows possible dates for this marriage as "b 08/23/1686, b 1671" The 1671 being an obvious reference to the date of William Purrier's will - the 1686 being identical to a date of death for this wife I have received from a correspondent.

As far as I know, the assignment to this particular Samuel Wines is by default, no other Wines being eligible at the time. I have no further information or children for this couple - if it is a good match. I have found no corroborating information so far to confirm it.

This connection does have a bit of a time-line problem. It would mean this Mary Mapes would need to born by at least 1650 (at least 21 years before 1671, the date of Wm Purrier's will.). This is possible, but she would have to be among the oldest children of Thomas and Sarah (Purrier) Mapes.


Another possibility - and only a theory - is that Barnabas-2 Wines had a wife before Mary (___). (This theory coming from the fact that the Mary (__) could not be a daughter of William Purrier as he named a daughter Mary Reeve in his will.) If this wife were a daughter of William Purrier, and died after having only one or two children, before 1665, when the first mention I know of to the wife named Mary occurs, then, a child from such a union would be a grandchild of William Purrier and her being deceased would be why she was not mentioned in Wm Purrier's will.

This would seem to fit the Mary Wines set forth by some as a daughter of Barnabas-2 Wines, who married Isaac Willman of Southampton. A Susannah Willman was in the 1698 census in the household of Barnabas-2 Wines, but there is no mention of her in his 1708 will.) I have a death date for this Mary Willman of Sep 03, 1688 from a correspondent; I don't have the primary source for it - probably over in Southampton Records - it's not in Salmon Records.


Both of the above are theories, the first seeming to have derived some acceptance because Torrey seems to have accepted it.

Torry's source notes are being released on CD Rom by the NEHGS. It would be interesting to see his source notes on that marriage.

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