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Terry, James who married Patience Wells was NOT son of Daniel
Terry, Mary-3 - Married Jonathan-3 Mapes, not Jonathan-2 Mapes
Terry, Richard-2 (R-1) - Did not marry Sarah Horton, did marry 1) Prudence, prob md 2) Wid Benjamin.

Terry, James who married Patience Wells was NOT son of Daniel

Page 90 of the Youngs Genealogy presents a list of the children of Daniel and Rachel (Youngs) Terry, born in a range from 1756-1780, including a son named James who married Patience Wells.

The transcribed will of Daniel Terry, dated 17 Feb 1810, proved 23 Feb 1814, shows no James as a son, while listing 13 children, including the children of three deceased daughters. This James was living, as his will, written 15 Jul 1836, proved 11 May 1842. (Elizabeth R. Van Buren, Will of Terry, James - 1836/1842,  (Will Abstracts of Suffolk Co, NY, Liber H, pg 27, LDS Film 860327)).

Elizabeth R. Van Buren, Will of Terry, James - 1836/1842,  (Will Abstracts of Suffolk Co, NY, Liber H, pg 27, LDS Film 860327).

James Terry, of Riverhead. 15 Jul 1836. Legacies to wife Huldah. Balance to sons Elijah, James, and Wells; and grandson Oliver H. Griffing, a minor; Hubbard Griffing, guardian. Legacy to son Samuel, if living, when he comes home. Exts: sons James, Wells, Elijah. Wits: George Miller, Elias H. Luce, now absent and supposed to have died in Texas about 6 Apr 1842. Pro: 11 May 1842. pp 498-500. File 3261.

The Wells Genealogy adds a son named Jared... not named above. (Pg 238)

Unless there is further confusion by the number of James Terrys in Long Island at about this time, the wife named Huldah in the above will is a later wife of the James Terry who married Patience Wells. She was either an unknown widow of an unknown Youngs (described as such at pg 90 of the Youngs Genealogy), or whose maiden name was Huldah Youngs (as described as the daughter of Thomas and Lydia (Tuthill) Youngs at pg 149 of the Youngs Genealogy.) The latter was baptized Feb 04, 1774, (Included in "A History of Mattituck, NY", Charles E. Craven, Mattituck and Aquebogue Parish Baptism Registers, p 283.)


Although there could be a transcription problem that can only be ascertained by finding the original of the will. Absent any other counter-evidence, it would appear the James Terry who married Patience Wells is not the son of Daniel Terry. If he did have a son named James, and I do not know that he did, that James was probably dead by 1810.

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Terry, Mary-3 (Nathaniel-2, Richard-1)

The Mapes Genealogies assert she married Jonathan-2 Mapes. I submit she married Jonathan-3 Mapes. See Mapes, Jonathan.

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Terry, Richard-2 (Richard-1)

Identity of wife(s)

This Richard Terry did not marry 1) Sarah Horton, as reported by the Horton genealogies. This lady, whose birth is reported in the Southold Town Records on 31 Mar 1674, is unidentified. I find no substantation that she was a daughter of Joshua-2 Horton, as reported by some sources, or that she married Richard-2 Terry.

A Richard Terry, presumably this one, is found in the 1698 census with a woman named Prudence Terry, presumably his wife.

A Richard Terry married a "widow Martha Benjamin" on 18 Jul 1720. There were two Richard Terrys this could be: 1) this one, Richard-2 and 2) Richard-3 (Gershom-2, Richard-1). Richard-3 did have a set of children, all born in the 1720's, but his wife in 1731 was Martha Paine, daughter of Nathaniel and Anne (___) Paine (named son-in-law in 1731 letters of administration of Nathaniel Paine). Anne (__), wife of Nathaniel Paine and mother of Martha Paine (wife of Richard-3 Terry), died 12 Mar 1725, age 39, born 1686. Based on a year of birth of 1686, this wife of Nathaniel Paine wouldn't be expected to have a child till at least 1702 (at age 16), more realistically 1704 (at age 18). It is therefore likely that Martha Paine, daughter of Nathaniel Paine, was very young when she married Richard Terry in 1720; probably too young to be a widow. If she were born 1702, she would have only  been 18.

In surveying Benjamin deaths before 1720, we find a James Benjamin died on 6 Apr 1707, and a Richard Benjamin, Jr. died 30 Oct 1716. If this widow was from either, she would definitely not fit the daughter of Nathaniel Paine, born no earlier than 1702, more likely about 1704.

The Richard-2 Benjamin, born probably in the 1680's would more likely marry a woman eligible to be a wife of, second, Richard-2 Terry, born 25 Mar 1661.


Richard-2 (Richard-1) Terry married 1) Prudence (___), before the 1698 census and 2) on 19 Jul 1720, an unidentified woman named "widow Martha Benjamin", who was likely the widow of Richard-2 (Richard-1) Benjamin. Under this scenario, the widow Benjamin would not be Martha Paine, daughter of Nathaniel Paine.

The wife of a mysterious Sarah Horton for this Richard is pure fiction, probably made a part of folk-lore from the incompetent and error-riddled Hortons in America.

See Paine, Martha for more.

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