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Paine, Deborah - named granddaughter in Jonathan Hudson's 1729 will
Paine, Martha - Identity of husband(s)
Parshall, David - Wife was NOT Mary Gardiner

Paine, Deborah - named granddaughter in Jonathan Hudson's 1729 will

Jonathan Hudson died Apr 05, 1729 (SR)    He left a will summarized below:

Jonathan Hudson of Shelter Island, yeoman
Dates: Written: 04/02/1729; proved 04/10/1729
Wife: Sarah, living
Sons: Jonathan, Richard, Samuel,
Grandson, Joseph, son of Jonathan
Daughters: Hannah Spencer, Deborah Parker, Mary L'Hommedieu
Granddaughter: Deborah Pain
Executors: my wife Sarah, and my son Samuel
Witnesses: Joel Bowdich, John Havens, Charles Stole
Mr. Ned Smith of the SCHS advises that Henry Hoff, a leading Long Island genealogist of the day, conjectures the granddaughter, Deborah Paine, is possibly daughter of a daughter named Sarah. Note this daughter of Jonathan is not referred to in the above will and probably predeceased Jonathan Hudson. This daughter is in a baptism to Jonathan Hudson at Lyme, Conn in 1687. This Sarah might have married a Bailey and had Deborah Bailey, who married Alsop Paine. I know of no direct evidence to confirm this theory, but find no other explanations for who this Deborah Paine might be.

In the Salmon Records, we have the following marriage:

Feb 20, 1728 > "Alsop Pain & Deb Bayley"
Mallman (Shelter Island etal) reports that this Sarah Hudson, daughter of Jonathan, married Abraham Parker, without citing any sources - or mentioning the granddaughter Deborah Paine referred to in the above will. He also shows that Jonathan's daughter, Deborah Hudson, married an unknown Parker (obviously coming from the reference to her in the 1729 will as Deborah Parker.). (Jacob E. Mallman, Shelter Island and Its Church - Historical Papers on,  (New York, 1899), pg 203)

Thanks to Ned Smith for the above item.

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Paine, Martha-5 (Nathaniel-4, John-3,2, Thomas-1)

Identity of husband

McLaurin's Horton Genealogy cites a "Terry Genealogy" and a "Benjamin Genealogy" in regards to this woman. It cites the Terry Genealogy in giving the second wife of Richard Terry, Jr. as the "widow Benjamin" and cites the Benjamin Genealogy in saying that Martha Paine married 1) Richard Benjamin and 2) Richard Terry, Jr, who died 2 Feb 1723/24. (SR).

I believe it more likely that the Terry Genealogy report is correct, and the Benjamin Genealogy report is wrong.

Richard-2 (Richard-1) Terry was in the 1698 census with a woman, presumably a wife, Prudence. That Richard Terry is presumed to be the one who died on 2 Feb 1723/24, no known children.

The Nathaniel Paine letters of administration to his three sons-in-law, including a Richard Terry, was  dated 1731, six years after the death of this Richard Terry, died 1724.

"Page 228.--Rip Van Dam, Esq., President, etc. Whereas, NATHANIEL PAINE, of
Southold, died intestate, Letters of Administration are granted to his sons-in-law, Richard Terry, Charles Glover, and Henry Brown, December 17, 1731. Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744 "

The 1767 will of Richard-3 (Gershom-2, Richard-1) Terry refers to wife Martha and the 1720 marriage record refers to "widow Martha Benjamin." A Richard Terry and a wife of a Richard Terry (no first name given), presumed to be this Martha,  both died in Dec 1767 (SR). This coincidence of first names makes it tempting to believe they may be the same woman.

In spite of the coincidence of first names, ie Martha, being the same, I believe they are two different women, ie that the "widow Martha Benjamin" is not Martha Paine.

This Richard Terry is Richard-3 (Gershom-2, Richard-1) Terry, a child of Gershom in the 1698 census. Nathaniel Paine was still in his parents household in 1698 and not yet married, so this Martha, even as the oldest daughter, could have barely been 20 years old in 1720.

There is a marriage record for a Richard Terry to a "widow Martha Benjamin" in 1720. That widow could have been Martha Paine, but she would have been a very young widow, being no older than 22,and probably as young as 16. Either that marriage belongs to the Richard-2 (Richard-1). and that woman is not Martha Paine - or, Martha married and was widowed at an extremely young age. Her mother, Ann (___) Paine, died in 1725, age 39; ie born 1686. This woman would not be reasonably expected to have a daughter till age 18 at the earliest, or 1704. Martha would have only been 12, at the oldest, in 1716, when Richard Benjamin died. A Factor in favor of  the 1720 marriage to the widow "Martha" Benjamin belonging to Richard-3 (Gershom-2) Terry is that most of their children appear to have been born in the 1720's.

There is a possibility that Richard-3 Terry married the widow Martha Benjamin in 1720, she died an unrecorded death before 1731, and he then married Martha Paine before 1731, the date of the letters of administation of Nathaniel Paine. This possibility raises a bit of a cloud over whether Martha Paine was the mother of all of the children of Richard-3 Terry.

See also discussion under Richard Terry and Sarah Horton.


Martha Paine, daughter of Nathaniel, probably married as her only husband: Richard-3 (Gershom-2, Richard-1) Terry. It is probable she was his only wife and mother of all of his children, but the possibility exists that this Richard Terry married the "widow Martha Benjamin" in 1720 and that woman may have been the mother of some of the older children of Richard Terry, before 1731.

The "widow Martha Benjamin" was probably a different woman, who likely married Richard-2 (Richard-1) Terry. Although the slim possibility exists she married Richard-3 Terry and may have been mother of the older children of Richard-3 Terry. If so, she was dead by 1731, when Martha Paine was the wife of Richard-3 Terry. That Martha could not have been the widow of Richard Benjamin because of age problems.

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Parshall, David-2 (James-1)

Identity of Wife is UNKNOWN. He did NOT marry Mary, daughter of David and Martha (Youngs) Gardiner. See Mary Gardiner for discussion.

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