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Osman, John-3&2 - Melted by Corwin Genealogy?

Osman, John-3&2 - Melted by Corwin Genealogy?

John-2 and 3 Osman have been melted into one person in the Corwin Genealogy, which cites Moore's Index. A factor leading to this mistake is that they both apparently had wives whose names were Sarah.
The Corwin Genealogy says:

Corwin Genealogy, Pg 197
Sarah, (Hebrew,) a princess.
          "1 SARAH,3 (John, 1,) b. about 1660.

            M. Jacob Osman, before 1690. He was b. about 1670, d. (???), 1758.
            Ch. Mary, Sarah, Eliza, Hester, Pinnina, Hannah, Peter, Deborah, Almodan,

            His will in Liber 21, p. 108, N. Y. C. (See also Doc. Hist. N. Y., i. 450,
            and Moore's Index of Southold, p. 105.)"


The 1698 Southold census shows:

Corwin: Jacob, Sarah, Mary, Sarah junjr,  Eliza, Hester, Pinnina, Hannah, Martha widdw, Sarah  (307-316)

[Note the Martha widdw is probably the matriarch of all Osmans: Martha (Purrier) Osman, widow of Thomas-1. I have not identified who the second Sarah might be.]


A transcribed extract of the 1755 will:

New York City Wills, 1754-1760, Pelletrau

"Page 108.--In the name of God, Amen, October 12, 1755. I, JACOB OSMAN, of Southold, in Suffolk County, yeoman, being sick. I leave to my beloved wife Sarah the use of all lands and buildings for her comfortable support during the time she remains my widow. The reversion of said lands and buildings I leave to my eldest son, Peter Osman, and he shall pay to his sister, Elizabeth Osman, 3 when the said lands become his. My executors are to sell personal property sufficient to pay debts, and the rest I leave to my wife for her  comfortable support and to dispose of at her discretion among my 4 younger children, Sarah, Deborah, Almodan, and Elizabeth Osman. I make my wife and my neighbor, John Clark, executors."


We then have the following Salmon Records:

3 Feb 1707: Jacob Osmans wife Sarah
11 Mar 1748: Jacob Osman died age 89
13 Aug 1726: Jacob Osman jueners child

We can conclude from the above that:

a. Sarah, wife of Jacob-2 Osman died in 3 Feb 1707 (SR) and was unavailable to be the Sarah in the 1757 will.

b. Jacob-2 Osman, died 11 Mar 1748 (SR), age given in that record  (Age 89, born 1658), making him unavailable to be alive to make the 1755 will.

c. The death record for a child of Jacob Corwin "juener" in 1726 shows a second Jacob, probably son of this one, did exist and was likely the one who made the 1755 will.


Jacob-2 Osman married Sarah Corwin about 1685: had Sarah, Mary, Sarah junjr,  Eliza, Hester, Pinnina, Hannah - before the census; and Jacob, Jr after the census. This Jacob-2 Osman buried a child in Mar 1699, probably one of those in the 1698 census. This death record shows no name for that child. Sarah (Corwin) Osman died 1707 and Jacob died 1748.

Jacob-3 Osman (probably a son of Jacob-2) married a Sarah (___) abt 1725, and had a child who died 13 Aug 1726, Peter, Sarah, Deborah, Almodan and Elizabeth through about 1740. He died about 1756 (death record or headstone not found), leaving a 1755 will naming these children. His widow, Sarah (__)  was then living and no further record.

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