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Mapes, Jonathan-3 (NOT Sgt Jonathan-2) prob married 1) Mary Terry 2) Martha Rackett
Moore, John-4, wife Elizabeth Cheek: Son of Nathaniel-3  or Thomas-3?
Moore, Silas and Simon, born c1716 and c1718 > Sons of Joseph, NOT Benjamin

Mapes, Jonathan-3 (NOT Sgt Jonathan-2) married Mary Terry

The published Mapes genealogies assert that Jonathan-2 (Thomas-1) Mapes, born Jun 20, 1670 (STR); married, as his third wife, Mary Terry, on Nov 28, 1733, a 32 year old woman when he was 66; and then had five children with her, through about 1747, when he was 76. Sgt. Jonathan Mapes, shown in his death record as "Sgt", aged 76, died Jan 04, 1747 (SR).

In the Salmon Death Records, we have:

4 Nov 1755: Jonathan Mapes wife Mary
In the Salmon marriage records, we have:
28 Nov 1733: Jonathan Mapes & Mary Terry
5 Aug 1760: Jonathn maps & martha Dickerson
The Dickerson Genealogy by Wesley L. Baker, in discussing the 1760 marriage above, could find no Martha Dickerson, as a daughter of a Dickerson, to match that marriage; and could find no further record of this couple in Southold. Unless they moved away, this could be an indication this was an older couple and died soon after 1760 (although they could have been a younger couple and moved off island). He concluded it was just as likely, if not more so, that Martha (Rackett) Dickerson, widow of Samuel Dickerson, (married Oct 30, 1740 SR) was the Martha Dickerson, and an older Jonathan Mapes was the husband, in that 1760 marriage; than it was that this was a younger couple in a first marriage - in spite of the Salmon Record entry not calling her a widow. The Dickerson genealogy did not go into detail on the Mapes side and did not mention that Sgt Jonathan Mapes had died 13 years before this marriage, in 1747.

I suggest the Jonathan Mapes of the above three Salmon Records to be the same man and a different person than Sgt Jonathan Mapes. His age would certainly qualify him to be a son of Sgt Jonathan-2 Mapes, although I know of no proof for that. Consider the following:

There definitely was a Jonathan Mapes extant in Southold after Sgt. Jonathan Mapes died in 1747 - as evidenced by the 1760 marriage to Martha Dickerson.

The 1760 Mapes / Dickerson marriage follows the death of Mary (Terry) Mapes in 1755. Although the date of death of Samuel Dickerson is not known (See Dickerson Genealogy), Baker found no evidence he was alive after 1760. The estimated dates of birth of both Jonathan-3 Mapes and Martha-3 (Rackett) Dickerson make them contemporaries - both born after 1700, before first marriages for both in the 1730's.

The death record of Mary Terry called her "wife", not "relic" or "widow", of Jonathan Mapes; and did not refer to him as "Sgt" in her death record. The use of the word wife, instead of widow or relic, implies her husband was still living in 1755 - Sgt. Jonathan Mapes had died 8 years earlier.

If the Jonathan Mapes, husband of Mary Terry, did have five children with this woman (which is another issue), it is much more likely a 30 year old (estimated) Jonathan Mapes would marry a 32 year old Mary Terry (born Nov 13, 1701 Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), 165.), than that a 66 year old would marry her and have this family.

The above scenario of the husband of Mary Terry and the father of the children of this marriage (if any - a separate issue) is a theory, based on the evidence at hand; but I consider it a more likely theory than the scenario presented in the Mapes Genealogy, which is also just a theory - showing these children from a 66-76 year old father and a 32 year old mother.

I conclude that a Jonathan Mapes, possibly-to-probably a son of Sgt Jonathan-2 Mapes,  married 1) Mary Terry, on Nov 28, 1733 and 2) Martha (Rackett) Dickerson, widow of Samuel Dickerson, on Aug 05, 1760 (after Mary Terry's death on 11/04/1755). They both died unrecorded deaths after that date, or removed from the island. (A Jonathan Mapes died 12 Sep 1805 (SR), but this is probably too late for Jonathan-3 Mapes, who would have been about 100 years old at that time.)

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Moore, John-4 > Probably not son of Nathaniel-3

In the 1975-77 issues of the Suffolk County Register is a presentation series entitled: "The Moores of Southold" by Barrington S. Havens. Within that presentation Mr. Havens shows that Nathaniel-3 (Thomas-2,1) and Sarah (Vail) Moore had a son named John-4, born abt 1670, married Elizabeth Cheek 8 Sep 1696, and had John-5, who married Rachel Conkin in 1732 and from there are the ancestors of the descendants of that couple.

Mr. Havens describes this line of descent as "somewhat speculative". He describes his sources as Mather, (1776 Refugees) who, in turn, was using Moore's Index.

Further, Mr. Havens shows Thomas-3 died abt 1711 (Moore's Index). But, neither Thomas or his wife are in the 1698 Southold census and the children assigned to them by Moore and Mr. Havens are apparent orphans in the household of the widow Sarah (Vail) Moore, widow of Nathaniel-3.

I doubt that the line of ascent for John-4 Moore was Nathaniel-3, Thomas-2,1). I find no such son, John-4, for Nathaniel-3 Moore. Nathaniel-3 Moore left a will dated 1698 and named only one son, Nathaniel, and five daughters. Only one of those daughters is married in 1698 (Hannah Moore married John Terry about 1695). All of the rest of the children of Nathaniel-3 are with his widow in the 1698 census. There are also other Moore's in that household, including one named John, who appear to be the orphaned children of Thomas-3, brother of Nathaniel.

Mr. Havens suggests the Sep 08, 1736 Salmon Death Record belongs to the John, son of Thomas, and nothing further is known. This is incorrect. That death record belongs to eighteen year-old John-5 (Thomas-4,3,2,1), Moore, whose death on that date is reported in the family VR's of Thomas-4 by: Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), 156, 09/08/1736.


I suuggest that the John-4 Moore (father of the John Moore who married Rachel Conklin) likely was a son of Thomas-3,2,1) not Nathaniel-3. Further, he is probably not a John Moore who married an Elizabeth Cheek on 8 Sep 1696, as this John was still unmarried, with his siblings in the 1698 Census. This would be the John who is in the household of the widow Sarah (Vail) Moore, as a an orphaned son of Thomas-3.

The origins of the John-5 Moore who married Rachel Conklin are speculative, as Mr. Havens pointed out. I suggest that John-4, son of Thomas-3, as a possible father, appears to be more likely than that John-4 was a son of Nathaniel.

However, it may be John-5 is a son of a completely different Moore than one named John-4. As far as I can tell, the placement of John-5 to a John-4 is based on nothing more than the continuation of name John. This is further suggested since there are apparently no other records for this John that I have seen after the 1698 census.

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Moore, Silas and Simon, born c1716 and c1718 > Parents?

In the 1975-77 issues of the Suffolk County Register is a presentation series entitled: "The Moores of Southold" by Barrington S. Havens. Within that presentation Mr. Havens shows Simon Moore, born c1718 and Silas Moore, born c1715-1720, were sons of Benjamin-4 (Benjamin-3, Thomas2,1) and Abigail (Horton) Moore.

This would appear to be a mistaken set of parents for these brothers. These two men were brothers (Silas so describes Simon in his 1780 will in naming him co-executor of his will), but they were doubtless sons of Benjamin's brother: Joseph and Martha (Grover) Moore.

First, consider the reasons they were not sons of Benjamin and Abigail: Both Benjamin and Abigail left wills naming their children.  They named in their wills:

Benjamin Moore 1727 will: Sons: Benjamin, Matthew, James, Israel, Micah
Daughters: Rachel and Abigail, unmarried; Anna Cleveland
Son-in-law: Ichabod Cleveland

Abigail Moore 1745 will: Sons: James (deceased), Benjamin, Nathan, Israel, Micah
Daughters: Abigail (unmarried), Hannah Cleveland, Rachel Conkling,
Grandaughter: Abigail Cleveland, Mary Moore, Mehitabel, dau of James, deceased

Since Simon and Silas are not named as sons, they must be excluded from being children of Benjamin and Abigail unless there is other evidence that supports their being children of Benjamin and Abigail, and, hopefully, explain their omission. I am not aware of any such evidence and Havens presents none in his article, simply including them in the list of children of Benjamen with no comment.

So, who were they children of? They were doubtless sons of Joseph and Martha (Grover) Moore. Note that Mr. Havens was apparently not aware of the identity of Martha as Martha Grover, nor the name of her father as Simon Grover - both potential namesakes for these brothers. He apparently was not familiar with the 1699 will of Simon Grover, or the Moore entries in the 1698 census.

Consider the following items supporting the argument that Simon and Silas are from Joseph and Martha:

Simon Grover, in his 1699 will, says: ". I  leave to my daughter, Martha Moore, all my homestead, houses, and home lot."

Joseph and Martha (Grover) Moore are found in the 1698 census:

Mary, (Joshua Sylvester), Joseph, Martha, Joseph junjr  (647-651)  (Following Jeremiah Vail family)

The Joseph, Martha, and Joseph, Jr. are probably a family unit, living next to, if
not in, the household of Joseph's step-father and mother: Jeremiah and Ann
(Hampton) Vail. Ann (Hampton) was married first to Benjamin Moore. The
Mary and Joseph Moore above are likely hers, as well as the Benjamin Moore
listed separately with his own household, at 703-704.

Joseph Moore's calculated date of birth is died 1745, age 69 = 1676. Martha Grover's date of birth is Mar 24, 1677 (Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), pg 155. Although the births of Simon and Silas would be at the end of Martha Grover's child bearing years, even using 1720 as a date of birth for these two brothers is plausible for her to have children (ie age 43 in 1720).

There is a Salmon death record for a daughter of Joseph Moore, probably this one (as opposed to his son) for: "Joseph Moore Daug Rhode" on Oct 1724 > this name interpolates to the modern: Rhoda.

Now, we look at the following items for the brothers correlating them to Joseph:

Silas Moore had a son named Grover Moore (named after his mother's maiden name) ("to my son Grover, my homestead and all privileges and appurtenances belonging thereto" 1780 will of Silas Moore) and a daughter named Rhoda Moore (a relatively uncommon name, probably namesake for his dead sister, daughter of Joseph) ("to my daughter, Rhoda Vail, 5). Silas also had a son named Benjamin.

Simon Moore, who was named for his grandfather Simon Grover (see will excerpt above) had daughters named Martha and Abigail. Abigail was named for her mother, Abigail Hallock (not Abigail Horton, wife of Benjamin). Martha, of course, would be the namesake of his mother: Martha Grover.

It would appear that prior researchers possibly saw a son Benjamin for a son of one brother, a daughter Abigail for a daughter of the other brother and then used that to splice the two brothers into the children of Benjamin and Abigail (Horton) Moore in error. These names are much too common to use that device reliably - and especially when both the father and mother left wills naming their children.

Using the names Simon, Grover, Rhoda, and Martha, we have a four name connection to Joseph and Martha (Grover) Moore, plus the unusual given name of Grover, and the "not ordinary" names of Simon and Rhoda. The number of name connections, and their relative rarity, is overwhelming evidence, in my opinion, to give Simon and Silas as sons to Joseph and Martha (Grover) Moore.

By the way, Barrington Havens raises the question of who the kinsman Silas Vail is that is mentioned in Simon Moore's 1801 will. That should be Silas Vail, his grand-nephew, son of Silas's daughter Rhoda (Moore) Vail, wife of Elisha Vail, and namesake of Silas Moore.

It should be noted that Martha Grover was also a Moore - Joseph Moore and Martha Grover were first cousins. The wife of Simon Grover, mother of Martha Grover, was Elizabeth-2 Moore, sister of Benjamin-2 Moore, father of both Benjamin-3 and Joseph-3 - the subjects of this analysis.


Silas-5 and Simon-5 Moore were brothers (Silas so describes Simon in his 1780 will in naming him co-executor of his will), doubtless sons of Joseph-4 (Benjamin-3, Thomas-2,1) and Martha (Grover) Moore.

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