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Daniel Luce md Caroline Tuthill > Parents?

Daniel Luce md Caroline Tuthill > Parents?

The 1992 Hallock Addendum adds a child to the family of John T. Luce and Rachel Terry (AHd-1): Daniel T. Luce, born Jun 1846, who married Caroline Tuthill on 1 Jul 1869. (See also the 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 143 for this family without this child).

The genealogy displays a group of children born 1807 through 1828 before this child, for these parents.

A woman who had children from 1807 through 1828 could not be the mother of a child born in 1846. (1807 minus 20 years = 1787 latest date of birth for mother - would be 59 in 1846.


This Daniel Luce is from a second wife, or more likely, misplaced.

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