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King, Constant - Identity of Wife - Phebe Horton
King, William-1 - Identity of wife - NOT Haine

King, Constant - Identity of Wife - Phebe Horton

The Salmon marriage records shows a marriage of Constant King to Phebe Horton, 02/13/1735 (NS).

The McLaurin Genealogy of the Horton Family shows, pg 223, that this Phebe was a daughter of David-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton, of Cutchogue. However, this Phebe was not mentioned in his 1749 will and I am not aware of any evidence that indicates she was a daughter of David.

William-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton left one cow to his daughter Phebe in his 1728 will. We do not know when this William married, but we see from the 1778 Oath to the King, showing ages, that her brothers, William, Micah, and Moses, were born in a range of 1709-1728.

Thus, her known birthdate (presumably from a headstone - although not sourced by McLaurin), of Jun 03, 1711, is within that range. I find no others in the age range of Constant King, who was born Feb 19, 1712 (Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), pg 170.)

Phebe, daughter of William, is a strong candidate to be the wife of Constant King. Additional info is welcome to confirm this relationship.

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King, William-1 - Identity of wife - NOT Haine

There was a marriage of one William Kinge to a Dorithie Haynes on February 17, 1616/1617 at the Sherbourne Abbey church of Saint Mary in Sherbourne, Dorsetshire, England, which has been referred to in some genealogies as the marriage record of the immigrant and his wife, Dorothy.

Most knowledgeable King researchers now discount this marriage as belonging to the American immigrant, as there is no evidence linking the William King and Dorothy of that marriage to the American immigrant.

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