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All Those Jonathan Hortons
Who's on First?

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How do we know these Jonathan's existed?
Matching downline Jonathan Hortons to these nine Jonathans
Probable Ghosts
The Two Most Speculative
A Link by Link Analysis

The Jonathan Horton's in published genealogies are a very confusing bunch. This is an attempt to sort them out.

From the top-looking-down perspective, I have identified nine Jonathan Horton's (not counting Joseph's branch at Rye), from primary sources, or the published Horton genealogies that may be ancestors of future generations of Hortons. I have so far discarded three as ghosts, or non-existant people made-up by previous Horton genealogists, usually in order to place children to them because they couldn't fit them anywhere else.

From the bottom-looking-up, I have identified ten Jonathan Horton's in need of parents. I have developed what I believe is the most reasonable link of nine of these ten Jonathan's to the first group and give my reasons below. The one Jonathan Horton I have not identified parents for is the Jonathan Horton, Jr. whose death is reported in the Salmon Records on 27 Jan 1740. My best guesses are that he is from: David-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1).(had an only brother Jonathan that died in his 20's, but no Jonathan in his known children); or he is from Jonathan-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnbas-1), as he did not name a son Jonathan in his 1768 will.

As to identities of the Jonathan Hortons, from the top-looking-down perspective, listed by their line of descent, and the labels I will refer to them as, we have the following inventory:

A - 1647 -           Jonathan-2 (Barnabas-1)

Through Jonathan-2:
B - 12/23/1683          Jonathan-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)
C - Abt 1705             Jonathan Burnett-4 (Barnabas-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)
D - Abt 1705             Jonathan-4 (Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)
E - Abt 1720             Jonathan-4 (James-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)

Through Caleb-2:
F - Abt 1683 -          Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)
G - Abt 1695            Jonathan-4 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)
H - Abt 1722            Jonathan-5 (Jonathan-4, Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)
I - Abt 1730             Jonathan-5 (Barnabas-4, Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)

How Do We Know Each Existed?
A - Named  in will of Barnabas-1, left his own will dtd 1707.
B - Named in will of Jonathan-A, in 1698 census in household with his father
C - Unproven assertion in McLaurin's Horton Genealogy. Apparent attempt to find a "home" for Jonathan Bene Horton.
D - Named in will of Jonathan-A (grandson), son of deceased son Caleb.
E - Named in 1758 will of James-3.
F - Named in 1699 will of Caleb-2, under 20.
G - Parent (F) asserted; Supposedly the maker of 1755 will per Horton Genealogies - called "Capt" at least after 1749. But, is G really D?
H - Named second son in 1755 will of G - is he Jonathan Bene Horton?
I -  Unproven assertion in Hortons in America

Jonathans of Later Records Looking for an Ancestor:

I will attempt to show in detail below, that the above individuals, as linked to parents, are matched to Jonathan's of later records, as shown below. The number is the number of a downstream Jonathan Horton that has been identified and looking for an ancestor. The alpha letter is a cross-reference to an upstream Jonathan from the above list looking for his downstream record.

A-1 The maker of the 1707 will, married Bethia Wells, was son of Barnabas-1
B-2 - The maker of the 1768 will, married Mary Tuthill, was son of A.
C- Probably did not exist.
D-4 The "Capt Jonathan" Horton of Cutchogue, married 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith 2) Bethia Hallock, left 1755 will, was probably grandson of Jonathan-2, son of deceased son Caleb-3, mentioned in Jonathan-A's 1707 will.
E-5 The Jonathan Horton who left for Orange Co, married Mary Budd, was the son of James mentionedin James-3's will. The infant deaths attributed to him by McLaurin belong to "Capt" Jonathan - who I believe to be Jonathan-D.
F-6 The son of Caleb-2 died in 1707, probably without heirs.
G-? Did not exist.
H-7 Jonathan "Bene/Bary/Ibany" Horton, married Mary Horton, was likely son of Capt Jonathan of Cutchogue: given in Horton Genealogies as Jonathan-G, who I conclude is more likely Jonathan-D, son of Caleb-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1).
I-? Probably did not exist.
??-8 A Jonathan, Junr died 01/27/1740. Note: A Jonathan Horton, Jr witnessed the 1728 will of William-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. A  Salmon Death Record for a child of Jonathan Horton, Junr is found on 24 Aug 1721 and also on Feb 6 1746. These Jonathan Junr records may all belong to one person. It is probably that he is not one of the above, as they are all accounted for as dieing before 1746, or after 1746. I have not been able to place this Jonathan Horton, Jr.

Probable Ghosts

The question of whether C existed is in doubt. I have found no evidence that Barnabas, referred to as deceased in Jonathan (A)'s will, had a son named Jonathan (called Burnette in the Horton Genealogies). He is apparently arbitrarily place here. He is only described in McLaurin for a place where the middle name "Bane" was used - showing one child, Elizabeth, whose death is reported in the Salmon Records, daughter of Jonathan Bene Horton. See Jonathan-C below.

The question of whether G existed is in doubt. The person who the Horton Genealogy places here I suggest should be placed as D. See Jonathan-G below.

The question of whether I actually existed is in doubt. He apparently was created to justify a parent for some Hortons with unknown parents - as none of the asserted children for this Jonathan can be proven to be his, that I am aware of. See Jonathan-I below

The Two Most Speculative

Who were the parents of "Capt Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue, No 4 - The two biggest challenges in analyzing these Jonathans seems to come down to the parents of Capt Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue, who died in 1755 and left a will; and the parent of the Jonathan Bene/Bane/Ibany Horton of Cutchogue. The parents of Capt Jonathan is asserted to be the son, Jonathan-3, of Caleb-2 in the Horton genealogies. See Jonathan-D and Jonathan-G  below for why I don't believe that is the case and Jonathan-D fits better.

Is Jonathan Bene/Bane/Ibany, No 7 = Jonathan-H?    Jonathan "Bary" Horton is listed in the 1778 census with 6 in his household. He is in Cutchogue, and the only Jonathan Horton as a head of household, in the 1778 census. In the 1778 oath to the King, we have two Jonathan Hortons, one born 1729 and one born 1761 - both farmers. The wife of Jonathan "Bane" Horton is admitted to the church at Cutchogue in 1757. The baptisms of three children to a Jonathan and Bethia Horton are shown in the Cutchogue baptismal records: Elizabeth, Daniel, and Calvin (from 1753-1756). A death record is shown for Elizabeth, the daughter of Jonathan Bane Horton on 09/10/1753, just three months after the baptism of an Elizabeth to Jonathan and Bethia in Cutchogue, on Jul 28, 1753. See more under Jonathan-H below.

A Link by Link Analysis

Jonathan Horton's in McLaurin's Horton Genealogy - With Comments

A - Pg 298: Jonathan-2 (Barnabas-1). Per McLaurin, pg 298: Born 02/23/1648, d 02/23/1707, md Bethia Wells, abt 1672, had: Caleb, Bethia, Barnabas, William, Mehetable, Abigail, Jonathan, Mary, Caleb, Patience, James. Left will.

A-1 His date of birth is reported by McLaurin as 02/23/1648, but that is exact date of death minus 60 years, as if the age on the headstone, 60 years, was exact. Probably not. He was born, probably during 1647. I have found no evidence of a first child named Caleb. I have found no evidence for the husbands given in McLaurin to daughter Abigail (1) (___) Lyon and 2) David Brewster), but have found a marriage of an Abigail Horton, Dec 1717, to David Booth, which is more likely she. I have found no evidence that the wife of Barnabas was Elizabeth Burnette and McLaurin offers none. Jonathan was named first in his will and given the most property - he is likely older than William - thus William probably born closer to 1685, than the given 1677. William Horton did not marry Christian Youngs. She was a widow in 1709 and this William lived to 1728. His one, and probably only, wife was Mary (___), named in his 1728 will. McLaurin says daughter Patience married the Rev Joseph Lamb, but there were two Patience Hortons available at that time and I am not aware of evidence favoring one over the other to be the wife of the Rev. Joseph Lamb.

B - Pg 315: Jonathan-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Born 12/23/1683, d 04/02/1768. Md Mary Tuthill 11/27/1707. Had Mary, Eliphaz, Azariah, Lazarus, Ambrose, Caleb, Mehitable. Left 1768 will. (This data per McLaurin, pg 315)

B-2  There can be little doubt that this Jonathan-3 was the son of Jonathan-2 because of the similarity of items bequested in his 1768 will to those bequests from his father in his 1708 will: (Plum Island property and "silver-hilted sword" described in both).

I find no evidence of a son named Eliphaz. Mehitable is not mentioned in this Jonathan's will, but she is a daughter of a Jonathan, probably this one, because she died Apr 21, 1751, before he made his will: "NEHGR 53 74-81, 169-176 - Ancient Burial-Grounds of Long Island, p 78, has a Mehitable, headstone specifically saying wife of Moses Sawyer AND dau of Jonathan and Mary Horton.

As mentioned elsewhere, Mary Horton, using that name and not Mabel for a last name, was married to Joseph Cleveland, Feb 12, 1751. Joseph Cleveland was named executor of Jonathan's will. It was therefore most likely another daughter who married a Mabel and had the grandson Moses Mabel, not Mary Horton.

It would appear this Jonathan Horton is the storekeeper from Southold. "Cutchogue, Southold's First Colony", says, pg 37: "The Cutchogue residents were learning to spend their money and the account book of Jonathan Horton, 2nd, who kept a store at Southold, is filled with items that were purchased by those Cutchoguers who could not find what they wanted on the shelves of David Gardiner's store." The book then goes on to list some transactions from that account book, which appears to be one dated 03/08/1731/32 to the year of the "adventure in the Mohawk valley campaign in the year 1758." This 1758 date is 10 years before the date of death of this Jonathan.

C - Pg 303 Jonathan Burnette-4 (Barnabas-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1). Born after 1698, before 1705, died 11/15/1705 (SR), md Bethia Horton 1752 (daughter of James and Anne (Goldsmith) Horton). Had Elesa, who died 09/10/1753. No will found. (This data per McLaurin, pg 303)

I find no evidence that this Jonathan existed. See later comments under F & G. His father, Barnabas, was deceased when his father, Jonathan Horton made his will in 1708. Barnabas left no will. Jonathan Horton's 1708 will does mention a daughter Mehitable by his deceased son Barnabas, but no such son. I suggest this person be scratched from the Horton Genealogy. The daughter Elesa, who died 09/10/1753 was the daughter of Jonathan Bane Horton. Jonathan Bane Horton was alive as late as 1790 (in the 1790 census as Jonathan B. Horton) and probably lived to 1797 (death record for Jonathan Ibany Horton.). See notes on Jonathan Bane/Bary Horton later.

As for the wife, Bethia, daughter of Jame and Anne (Goldsmith) Horton. This James Horton left a will in 1762 which did not mention a daughter named Bethia. James & Mary did have a daughter named Bethia, who died an infant: "Edw. Doubleday Harris, NEHGR 53:74-81, 169-176, 1899 - Southold Burials, pg 79, 03/27/1722, ae 8mo, 26 dy; "Bethia, dau of James & Anna". They could have had a later daughter named Bethia, which was not uncommon in the times, but she was not listed in his will and I find no other evidence they did have another daughter named Bethia. (Scratching this Jonathan Horton and Bethia Horton as his wife also gets rid of the problem of McLaurin apparently assigning the single Jonathan Horton / Bethia Horton 1752 Salmon marriage to two such couples - See H below.)

D - Pg 323. Jonathan-4 (Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1). Born after 1698, before 1706.  Md, perhaps, Bethia Hallock, 1739. Had Joshua (md Bethia Howell 1774), Calvin (md Hannah Terry 1774). No will found. (This data per McLaurin, pg 323)

D-4  This Jonathan (D) definitely existed, as he is named in Jonathan-A Horton's 1706 will as a son of his deceased son Caleb. Comparing this Jonathan to Jonathan-B, "the storekeeper", is a problem, but the similarity of items in that Jonathan's 1768 will to his father's bequests seem to tilt the facts in favor of that Jonathan-B being from Jonathan-2.

This Caleb is thought to be the Caleb Horton who married Abigail Hallock, Dec 23, 1696. This couple is not in the 1698 census (which is not all that unusual - there are lots of folks we expect to find in the 1698 census that are not there). The Horton Genealogy concludes that a death record on Apr 07, 1698, belongs to this Abigail Hallock, but I suggest it belongs to the unknown wife of Caleb-2 Hallock. He was a widower in the 1698 census, and had remarried Esther by the time of his 1699 will, where he named a daughter under 14. This Caleb is deceased in his father's will (Jonathan-2), and is thought to be the Caleb Horton, whose Salmon Death Record is dated: Dec 25, 1706, which is two months before the will of Jonathan-2, on February 21, 1706/7 (note that Dec 25, 1706 is before Feb 21 1706/07, not after, under the old calendar system where Mar 25 was the New Year.) The Horton Genealogy speculates he must have married a second time to have had this Jonathan, but if the 04/1698 death record belongs to the first wife of Caleb, I see no need for that marriage.

Jonathan-2 then provided in his 1707 will:

"I leave to my grandson, Jonathan Horton, son of my son Caleb deceased, 5 lots of woodland lying west of the land of Thomas Goldsmith, deceased, and east of the land of Samuel Moore. Also my Fresh meadow called the Fresh meadow near Nathaniel Terry's. And the lots of Creek thatch, that I purchased of Captain Hobart, and one lot of Commonage between the town and Richard Terry's."
Thus we have a Jonathan-D who was born between nine months after 12/1696, but before 1707. Capt Jonathan, No 4, died in 1755, age 54, which gives a date of birth of 1701, which fits Jonathan-D, son of Caleb.

D=4 > I suggest that Capt Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue, No 4=D; and that he married twice: 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith and 2) Bethia Hallock, daughter of Peter-3 (Peter-2, William-1) Hallock.

First, for Elizabeth:
1) Salmon Marriage Record: 05/26/1720: "Jonathan Horton to Elizabeth Goldsmith". This is a somewhat tight time-line, as he would have only been 19 at the time, but although 25 was the "normal" age for Puritan males to marry, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

2) He named a son Zaccheus in his 1755 will, which is a strong indication of Goldsmith ties. A few names exist in pre-revoluton (and even post-revolution) families that are almost guarantees of a bloodline. Zaccheus is one of those names, in respect to the Goldsmith family.

This Elizabeth Goldsmith was the daughter of John Goldsmith and his third wife, Elizabeth Tuthill. Her older brother, Zaccheus, from John Goldsmith and his second wife, Anne Wells, was 17 years her senior and was the first husband of Mary Horton, daughter of Jonathan-2 and the wife of David Horton (her second husband), uncle to Jonathan-G.

3) Capt John named a daughter Elizabeth Tuthill in his 1755 will - a potential namesake for her mother: Elizabeth Goldsmith.

Now, as to why Bethia Hallock is the second wife of Jonathan-G:
1) The timeline works:
04/01/1740: SR Death Record: "Jonathan Hortons wife Elesa"
04/15/1740: SR Marriage Record: "Jonathan Horton and Bethia Hallock". In today's culture, this seems like an improperly short time for a widower to have remarried. It was not improper in those days to immediately re-marry, especially when one of the spouses had young children. Another factor to take into account, is that I have found some dates in the Salmon Marriage Records to be off by one year when compared to parallel entries in other records. The original Salmon Records record-keeper did not always keep a definite disinction of what year he was in, only occasionally scribbling the year in the margin of his chronological record. So, the marriage record could plausibly be off by a year.

04/11/1753: Peter Hallock refers to his daughter, from his first wife, Bethia Horton. Since Peter Hallock married his second wife on Nov 30, 1727, and he was born as early as 1691 - this Bethia could have been born anywhere from 1711-1726. This would be from 10 - 25 years younger than Capt Jonathan. This would not be so unusual, especially for one who was an esteemed male member of the community, and one with the title: "Captain".

10/28/1755: Jonathan-G Horton refers to his wife as Bethia in his 1755 will.

10/28/1755: Jonathan-G Horton refers to his daughter, Bethia, under the age of 18. A daughter, Bethia, born to a wife, Bethia, and named after her, after the 04/15/1740 marriage date would be under 18.

Although admitting the infallibility of not having proven this second marriage to be Capt Jonathan, we do know he married a second wife named Bethia (named by first name in his will). I believe the supporting facts and chronology for the Salmon Record marriage of a Jonathan Horton to a Bethia Hallock to fit Jonathan-G and the daughter of Peter Hallock - and see no other option that fits better, or that even has a documented wife named Bethia. (except for the later Bethia Horton marriage, see H below).

Now, as to his children. The Horton Genealogy by McLaurin does a good job of listing those children stated in his 1755 will: Israel, Jonathan, Barnabas, Zaccheus, Elizabeth Tuthill, and Bethia. However, he attached the deceased children in the Salmon Records to Jonathan-E. The Salmon Record entries for these child deaths clearly show the father to be "Capt" Jonathan Horton, presumably the same "Capt" Jonathan Horton who died in 1755. Thus to this list, we can add, presumably all from second wife, Bethia Hallock:

02/04/1744: "Jonathan Hortons Infant"
07/09/1749: "Capt Jonathan Hortons infant"
08/16/1752: "Capt Jonathan Hortons son Danll 2 years old"
08/25/1752: "Capt Jonathan Hortons son Caleb 11 y[rs]
05/04/1753: "Cap Jonathan Hortons Infan Daugt"
This Capt Jonathan Horton was of Cutchogue, per both Hortons in America and McLaurin.

Note: Capt Jonathan Horton appointed Southold Fence Viewer, 04/09/1752 (McLaurin, Vol 2:381)

Regarding the children of the Capt John Horton:

Israel is listed as a member of the company of James Fanning, but, unfortunately no date is given for this roster, suspected to be in 1750's. He is also listed in a 1747 roster of Capt James Fanning.  Then, again, Israel is shown as 2nd Lieut in roster of Capt Thomas Terry's company in a roster of a unit that saw service in the campaign of Crown Point, dated 04/06/1758, which says: "several of them did not return to their native village. (See Pg 136 of Cutchogue, Southolds' First Colony for these entries). The Israel in the 1790 census in Orange Co is possibly his son, as Israel is reported to have died in 1771, and his widow married Parshall Terry.

His son, Zaccheus, may be the Zaccheus Horton who signed the Association in Cornwall in 1775. (See pg 353 of McLaurin, which references Pg 532 of "An Outline History of Orange Co, NY"). A Zaccheus Horton is in the 1790 Orange Co, NY census.

A Zaccheus Horton married the widow Elizabeth Case (Setauket Marriages by Zachariah Green,  (Transcript from SCHS)). This could be another Zaccheus, but since the name is so unusual, it could also be the Orange Co Zaccheus coming back to marry a Long Island lass. We see many of these Orange Co / Long Island marriages, where the kids of folks who moved to Orange Co married Long Islanders. They apparently kept up ties to the "home country". This woman is likely not the mother of the son given him at pg 221 of McLaurin.

In the 1790 Orange Co, NY census, we find, on consecutive pages: Barnabas, Israel, and Zaccheus Horton - three names matching the sons of Capt Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue, who left the 1755 will.

As for Barnabas, I find no evidence tthat the Barnabas Horton given in McLaurin (who married 1) Mary Tuthill and 2) Rebecca Burnett) belongs to this Jonathan. I await more information to judge how these many Barnabas Hortons of the 1700's are linked to their parents.

As for the kids the Horton genealogies have for this Jonathan (See pg 323): Joshua and Calvin.  I have not determined where the Joshua who married 1) Bethia Howell and 2) Susannah Havens, fits as yet - but find no reason/evidence to place him here.

The Calvin, however, is  almost surely the son of Jonathan Bene/Bane Horton of Cutchogue, who I believe to be the Jonathan mentioned in Capt Jonathan's 1755 will - and therefore a grandson, not son of this Jonathan.

A Calvin, son of Jonathan & Bethia Horton, was baptized in Cutchogue, 05/30/1756, (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony - Baptisms,  (New York, 1940), p 152.) but I will demonstrate how I believe this couple to be Jonathan-H below. (While we're here, however, note that this Jonathan would have been over 50 to have had this Calvin.).

E - Pg 340. Jonathan-4 (James-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1). Born ca 1718. Married Mary Budd 1739. Had Caleb, infant, infant, Daniel, infant (all preceding from Salmon Death Records in Southold), John Budd Horton, b 08/19/1762, Goshen, NY. Concludes moved to Goshen 1753-1760. No will found. (This data per McLaurin, pg 340)
This Jonathan was given land in Goshen by James Horton in his 1762 will, and he may have moved there.

The Mary Budd marriage record links to this Jonathan, by the naming of a son Jonathan Budd Horton. Thus E=5. I know nothing about the Orange Co child, John Budd Horton. If there is indeed a record to establish that name for him, that would help firm up the match of E=5.

However, the McLaurin Genealogy makes an error as all of the Southold children shown for him from the Salmon Death Records are shown in the Salmon Records as the children of Capt Jonathan Horton. The Jonathan-G Horton who died 10/30/1755, and left a 1755 will, was called "Capt" in his death record. All of these Southold kids are misplaced, and belong to Capt. Jonathan - who I believe is Jonathan-D=4.

F - Pg 219. Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). Under 20 in 1699 will of Caleb, but McLaurin says born 1668. Died 01/30/1707 (SR). Married Bethia Conkling abt 1693. Had Jonathan-G, Barnabas. (This data per McLaurin, pg 219)

I suggest this Jonathan died dsp.

This Jonathan definitely existed in 1699, when he was under 20 in Caleb-2's will. He was likely not far from majority age, however, as he directed his son to continue farming his lands, subject to his executor's judgement about well he was doing - giving his executors the option to rent the farm out if he wasn't doing his job.

I have no record of a wife named Bethia Conklin, and Mann Conklin's research of the Conklin family did not place such a woman in any known Conklin family. I have not any reference to a wife or a marriage for her, least of all one with a first name of Bethia, or a full name of Bethia Conklin.

As near as I have observed, the placement of Capt Jonathan, No 4, as a son of Jonathan-F is simply because he lived in Cutchogue, and most of Caleb's property is described as being in Cutchogue. But Jonathan-2 described property in Cutchogue, as well.

Is Capt Jonathan Horton, indeed, the son of Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton, (Jonathan-F) as asserted, ie F=4?

I suggest he is not for the following reasons:

1 - The 1712 deed from David Horton, with wife's permission to release dower of deceased brother's property, indicates Jonathan-3 had no heirs.
2 - Timeline doesn't work well.
3 - Simply no evidence that Jonathan, son of Caleb-2, had children or was even married - while we do have a candidate we do know existed: Jonathan-D.
1) The 1712 Deed:

Southold Town Records, Vol II, Pg 453-454
From extract in McLaurin, Vol II, pg 379

"20 Oct 1712. David Horton sells to Caleb Horton, land given to Jonathan Horton, dec'd, late of Southold by his honored father, Caleb Horton, dec'd, late of Southold; Mary Horton, wife of David, released dower rights."

The above raises grave questions about whether Jonathan, son of Caleb, could have had children. Since Mary gave up dower rights, there would seem to be no possibility that David was selling this land in his capacity as a guardian for children; but, rather was selling it based on his own inheritance of his brother's property. It is very difficult to see how this could have happened if this Jonathan-3 had children. (I have located no will of this Jonathan Horton.)

2) Timeline does not work well:

Capt Jonathan died 10/30/1755, age 54, and was called Capt Jonathan Horton (at least starting in 1749.). His death record reads "Capt Jonathan Horton aged 54." Thus, he was born sometime during 1701 (or even Nov/Dec 1700). When Caleb Horton wrote his will in Dec 30, 1999, he said: "... to be enjoyed by my son Jonathan when he shall attain to ye age of twenty years old...". However, Jonathan was probably over 18, at least 16, as he was named an executor of Caleb's will, and was given permission to farm the land of his indheritance if his executors approved of the way he was handling things.

If we are correct in concluding that Capt Jonathan Horton, born in 1701, married Elizabeth Goldsmith on May 26, 1720 - that means that for Caleb's son to be the father of Capt Jonathan, he would have to have quickly married and had a son in 1701, when we know he was under 20, and that son, in turn would have had to marry when he was under 20, as well. This is possible, but is a tight squeeze in a day and age when most males didn't marry till age 25.

Comparing Wills

It is also of little help, with what I know thus far, to look at the property the 1755 will described. I do not find any  similarities between the property described here and what was in Caleb's 1699 will (as we find, for example, in comparing the 1762 will of Jonathan-B to Jonathan-A.).

Naming Patterns

Nor do we find any help with the names of his kids. The Horton names in his family are "traditional" Horton names of Caleb, Barnabas and Jonathan, which could come from any corner of the Horton tree, Israel - apparently a name not tied to either side that I can see; Zaccheus, a traditional Goldsmith name, and Bethia, a namesake for her mother, Bethia Hallock.

Kinship Network with the Goldsmiths

There is one small tie - that is that the wife of Jonathan-G, Elizabeth Goldsmith, was a half-sister of the Zaccheus Goldsmith, first husband of Mary Horton. Capt Jonathan named a son Zaccheus. This Mary Horton, in turn, daughter of Jonathan-2, married David Horton, Jonathan-F's brother. So, we have a ring-around-the-rosy type of intermarriage between these Goldsmith's and Hortons. If Jonathan-G, husband of Elizabeth Goldsmith, is the son of Jonathan-F, it gives a certain symmetry to that network (ie nephew marries half-sister of first husband of aunt) - which is nice, but not proof. But, Zaccheus could come from the mother's side, as well; as Zaccheus Goldsmith was the older half-brother of Elizabth, 1st wife of Capt Jonathan. Also, since both Jonathan-2's and Caleb-2's families are involved in this kinship network, Jonathan-G could be from either branch and make a symmetrical contribution.

And, finally, no proof Jonathan-G existed

So, the placement of Capt Jonathan of Cutchogue seems to come down to two possibilities:

1 - D, Son of C - (Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)
2 - G, Son of F - (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)
We know D existed. We do not know if G existed.

If all things were equal, we should consider the person we know existed over the one we don't know existed. But, things are not equal. We also have reasons to believe D was Captain Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue, not G.

Furthermore, I find no evidence that places the son Barnabas that McLaurin places here as a son of Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1), or that this asserted Barnabas even existed. His wife is asserted to be a Sally Clark. No such Salmon marriage record exists. I have not located a definitive work on the Clark family to see if the Clark genealogists may have found such a lady, but I have found none in my Southold research. I suggest this person was yet another ghost created by Horton genealogists of the nineteenth century to place the three kids assigned to him. Those kids are:
Jonathan (an obvious mixup for one of the other Jonathan's) - the Horton genealogy carries him no further and says "may have been a-aahia" - meaning D above.

Bethia Horton md Jonathan Horton, H below - an obvious attempt to place the Bethia Horton in the 1740 Jonathan Horton / Bethia Horton marriage with no evidence whatsoever > pure speculation.

Calvin - "perhaps the one married and had Ann Horton who married Benjamin Horton. As mentioned elsewhere, the Calvin Horton, baptized to Jonathan & Bethia Horton in Cutchogue in 1756, is likely H below - see there for more.

G - Pg 219. Jonathan-4 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). ca 1700, died 10/30/1755. Md 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith 1720 and 2) Bethia (___), after 1740. Lived Cutchogue. Had Israel, Jonathan, Barnabas, Zaccheus, Bethia, Elizabeth. (This data per McLaurin, pg 219)

The person being described here is Capt Jonathan Horton - but is this the right line of descent for him. Is he the son of Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2) or Caleb-3 (Jonathan-2)?

See D above for discussion of why I believe this Capt Jonathan is son of Caleb-3.
See F above for discussion of why I believe this person is a ghost.

H - Pg 219 & 221. Jonathan-5 (Jonathan-4,3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). Born 1730, died Orange Co. Md Bethia Horton 1752 (daughter of Barnabas and Sally (Clark) Horton - pg 220). Moved to Orange Co and had John, Caleb, Benjamin. (This data per McLaurin, pg 219 & 221)

This is the second time that McLaurin has assigned the 1752 Jonathan Horton / Bethia Horton marriage to two different Jonathan Hortons.

There is no evidence given in McLaurin concerning this Jonathan and his family. It is possible that the Jonathan mentioned in the 1755 will of Capt Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue is this Jonathan, and that this is all there is to the story.

However, I suggest that facts known about a different Jonathan (or, perhaps the same person?), fits the Jonathan mentioned in that 1755 will better.

That Jonathan Horton is the one with the strange middle name which I have found in the records spelled: Bane, Bary, and Ibany. The published Horton genealogies have given a middle name of Burnette to Jonathan-C, which I assert in C's sketch above did not exist and was a ghost. The earlier genealogists may have been trying to find a place for the Jonathan with the strange middle name in the records and placed him at C. I find no relationship between the names Bene/Bane/Ibany and Burnette. Further, they take him no further than the one infant death - when this Jonathan had 6 in his household in 1778. That Jonathan (Burnette), from the published Horton Genealogies, would have to born before 1706, when Barnabas died. But there is no indication that the Jonathan Bane/Bary/Ibany Horton of Cutchogue was born before 1730, and the 1778 Oath to the King contains a Jonathan Horton born 1729, in the same year that Jonathan Bary Horton is shown in the 1778 census in Cutchgoue. Because there is no evidence that C existed, and because the timeline does not seem to work well for Jonathan Bane/Bary/Ibany to be him, I suggest that the Jonathan Bane/Bary/Ibany of Cutchogue was the Jonathan referred to in the 1755 will of Jonathan-G Horton. He may have had children named John, Caleb, and Benjamin given in McLaurin - as, with 6 in his household in the 1778 census, he apparently had more children than we are accounting for - but I don't know of the evidence that suggest who they were. Further, the birthdate for the John given at pg 221 of McLaurin, 02/26/1752, is before the marriage for Jonathan and Bethia (Horton) Horton, which was Jul 02, 1752.

We find the following records for a Jonathan Horton, all of which I suggest are the same person: Jonathan Bane/Bary/Ibany Horton of Cutchogue:

07/1752: Jonathan Horton and Bethia Horton Salmon Marriage Record

07/28/1753: Baptism of Elizabeth Horton, daughter of Jonathan and Bethia Horton: Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony,  (New York, 1940), pg 145

09/10/1753: Salmon Death Record: "Jonathan Bene Hortons infant Da Elesa"

12/1753: Baptism of Daniel Horton, son of Jonathan & Bethia Horton, ibid
05/30/1756: Baptism of Calvin Horton, son of Jonathan & Bethia Horton, ibid.

1755: A Jonathan Horton is named second son in 1755 will of "Capt" Jonathan Horton of Cutchogue.

07/01/1756: Some undivided land in Southold divided 1 Jul 1756. Of the 113 rights, Hortons received the following: 3 to Jonathan, 3 to William, 1 to James, 4 to Jonathan B., x to Joseph.

Summer 1757: Bethiah, wife of Jona Bane Horton, admitted as communicant to the Cutchogue Church. "Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony,  (New York, 1940), pg 143" > this supports the contention that Jonathan Bane Horton, was, indeed, the Jonathan Horton, who married Bethia Horton in 1752.

04/05/1757: Jonathan Bane Horton, appointed constable of Southold (McLaurin, Vol 2:381, citing Southold Town Records)

10/23/1775: Salmon Death Record: "Jonathan Horton's wife Bethier"

1778 Census of Cutchogue: Jonathan Bary Horton  Household of 6 (Also in Cutchogue, a 22 year old Calvin, which matches the 1756 baptism of Calvin to a Jonathan & Bethia.)

1778 Oath to the King: two entries for Jonathan Horton:

Jonathan  age 17  born 1761, Farmer
Jonathan  age 49, born 1729, Farmer

Note how the 1729 date fits for a son of Capt Jonathan.

1790 Census of Cutchogue: Jonathan B. Horton > 6 in household.

05/01/1797: Salmon Death Record: "Jonathan Ibany Horton"

The time-line of the first two baptisms could be a problem, but it is possible this couple had two children in quick progession in nine month intervals - especially if the first was conceived before marriage. Even using the marriage date, Elizabeth could have been born Apr 1753 and a Daniel born late in December of 1753 - the daughter baptized at three months and Daniel baptized when newborn. The use of the middle name of "Bene" for a death record of a child who had the name of a child baptized three months earlier suggests these children were all from the same couple - although it does not prove it.

In Cutchogue, in the 1778 Census, we have the following heads of household (the number is the number in the household):

Horton Baltazar   3
Horton Benjamin   1
Horton Calvin   5
Horton David   3
Horton John   5
Horton Jonathan Bary   6
In all of Southold, we have the following 1778 Oaths to the King, included in with a total of 23 males with the Horton surname.
No Baltazar
No Barnabas
Five Benjamins, from 16-67
Calvin Horton, age 22, born 1756
Two Davids, one born 1734, the other 1754.
One John, born 1718
Two Jonathans, born 1729 and 1761
    No middle name, Bene/Bary, here.

Note the 1756 date of birth for Calvin above matches exactly the baptism for the Calvin, son of Jonathan & Bethia Horton, baptized in Cutchogue in 1756.

In the 1790 census of Cutchogue, we have:
Jonathan Horton > 5
Jonathan Horton > 6
Jonathan B. Horton > 5

Thus, it appears this Jonathan Bene Horton stayed in Cutchogue his whole life. He had what would appear to be considerably more children than we have accounted for. He had a wife named Bethia in 1757 (admitted to Cutchogue church). He stayed on the island during the Revolution, and died 05/01/1797.

His son Calvin (in 1756 baptism) is likely the 26 year old in the 1778 Oath to the King; who married Hannah Terry, Mar 30, 1775 (SR), and is in the 1778 census in Cutchogue, with a household of five. (Although too young to have had three children by 1778, he could have had one by 1778, and the other two be other people in the household.)

I - Pg 220 Jonathan-5 (Barnabas-4, Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Born 1722. The only comment McLaurin has here is: See D above. "He and this Jonathan may be switched."

I reject this Jonathan out-of-hand as non-existant. In fact, I  am of the opinion that the father, Barnabas-4, supposed son of Jonathan-3 is a ghost, as well - never existed.
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Jonathan Horton's in McLaurin's Horton Genealogy - Without Comments

A - Pg 298: Jonathan-2 (Barnabas-1). Born 02/23/1648, d 02/23/1707, md Bethia Wells, abt 1672, had: Caleb, Bethia, Barnabas, William, Mehetable, Abigail, Jonathan, Mary, Caleb, Patience, James. Left will.

B - Pg 315: Jonathan-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Born 12/23/1683, d 04/02/1768. Md Mary Tuthill 11/27/1707. Had Mary, Eliphaz, Azariah, Lazarus, Ambrose, Caleb, Mehitable. Left will.

C - Pg 303 Jonathan Burnette-4 (Barnabas-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1). Born after 1698, before 1705, md Bethia Horton 1752 (daughter of James and Anne (Goldsmith) Horton). Had Elesa, who died 09/10/1753. No will found.

D - Pg 323. Jonathan-4 (Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1). Born after 1698, before 1706.  Md, perhaps, Bethia Hallock, 1739. Had Joshua (md Bethia Howell 1774), Calvin (md Hannah Terry 1774). No will found.

E - Pg 340. Jonathan-4 (James-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1). Born ca 1718. Married Mary Bud 1739. Had Caleb, infant, infant, Daniel, infant (all preceding from Salmon Death Records in Southold), John Budd Horton, b 08/19/1762, Goshen, NY. Concludes moved to Goshen 1753-1760. No will found.

F - Pg 219. Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). Under 20 in 1699 will of Caleb, but McLaurin says born 1668. Died 01/30/1707 (SR). Married Bethia Conkling abt 1693. Had Jonathan-G, Barnabas.

G - Pg 219. Jonathan-4 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). ca 1700, died 10/30/1755. Md 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith 1720 and 2) Bethia (___), after 1740. Lived Cutchogue. Had Israel, Jonathan, Barnabas, Zaccheus, Bethia, Elizabeth.

H - Pg 219 & 221. Jonathan-5 (Jonathan-4,3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). Born 1730, died Orange Co. Md Bethia Horton 1752 (daughter of Barnabas and Sally (Clark) Horton - pg 220). Moved to Orange Co and had John, Caleb, Benjamin.

I - Pg 220 Jonathan-5 (Barnabas-4, Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Born 1722. The only comment McLaurin has here is: See D above. "He and this Jonathan may be switched."

How Do We Know Which Jonathan Married Who?

Now the going gets tough, as we begin a shell game to try to match known spouses of a Jonathan Horton to these eight men.

A - The first is easy, as Jonathan-2 Horton was deeded land by his mother-in-law, calling him husband of her daughter Bethia, by Mary (___) Wells, daughter of William-1 Wells.

Now we have the Salmon Records, which show:

1706 1127 Jonathan Horton Mary Tuthill
1720 0526 Jonathan Horton Elizabeth Goldsmith
1739 1218 Jonathan Horton Mary Budd
1740 0415 Jonathan Horton Bethia Hallock
1752 0700 Jonathan Horton Bethia Horton
1786 1105 Jonathan Horton Mary Goldsmith
1786 1221 Jonathan Horton Mary Hull
1787 0208 Jonathan Horton Susannah Goldsmith
1803 0922 Jonathan Horton Nelle, wid Moore

B - There can be little doubt that this Jonathan married Mary Tuthill on 27 Nov 1706. His 1764 will refers to wife Mary. There are only two Jonathan's of age to have married her, and we know nothing about the other one - F. His will describes real estate and a "silver hilted sword" that compare favorably to bequests in Jonathan-2's will, establishing this Jonathan as his son.

F - The Horton Genealogies list her name as Bethia Conklin. Conklin Mann does not show such a person in his compilation of Conklins of early Southold. I have found no evidence that this was her name, or that she was related to the Conklin family. As far as is known here: she is simply unknown. Jonathan-F was under 20, and presumably single, when his father, Caleb-2, referred to him in his 1699 will, but he was old enough to be named executor (over 18?). This marriage therefore took place after 1699. He is attributed the Salmon Death Record of 01/30/1707, as nothing more can be attributed to him after that date. His son, Jonathan-G was born 1701 (Salmon Death Record: died died 10/30/1755, age 54 = 1701). He is also supposed to have had a son named Barnabas, but I have found no evidence this person ever existed. I believe he is another "ghost" created by genealogists of yesteryear to have parents for otherwise unplaced Hortons.

1698 Census - * * * * * * * *

This is A and B:

Jonathan, Bathia, Jonathan, Jr., William, James, Mehitobel, Mary, Abigall, Patience (18-26)

          This matches Jonathan-2 Horton and his family. Missing are Barnabas, Caleb
          (both described as deceased in 02/1706/7 will of Jonathan), Bethia (already md to
          Henry Tuthill - listed elsewhere in census)

This is Caleb's family with Jonathan-E:
Caleb, Jonathan, David, Barnabas, Phebe   (519-523)

          This is the widowed Caleb-2 (Barnabas-1) Horton and his children still at home:
          Jonathan-3, David-3, and Phebe-3. Barnabas-4 is likely his grandson mentioned
          in his 1699 will, presumably from son Barnabas-3.

These are summaries of Jonathan Horton wills:
This is will of Jonathan-A, mentioning son Jonathan-B and grandson, Jonathan-C

Jonathan Horton of Southold
Dates: Written: 02/21/1706/7; Proved 06/02/1708
Wife: Bethiah (living)
Sons:  Barnabas (deceased), Caleb (deceased), Jonathan, William, James (Youngest)
Daughters: Bethiah, Mehitabel, Mary, Abigail (when of age), Patience (when of age)
Daughters husbands: Bethiah, wife of Henry Tuthill; Mehitabel, wife of Daniel Tuthill; Mary Goldsmith, widow
Brother: Benjamin
Grandson:  Jonathan (fr Caleb, deceased)
Granddaughter: Mehitabel (dau of Barnabas, deceased)
Witnesses: Richard Benjamin, Jonathan Benjamin, Stephen Bayley
Executors: my wife and sons, Jonathan and William

The will of Caleb-2, mentions son Jonathan-E
The will of Caleb-2 Horton, written 11/26/1700, showed Jonathan-3, son
of Caleb-2, was living 1700, and, furthermore, not of age (21?) to
take over the real estate he was given. The will specifically says
"... to be enjoyed by my son Jonathan when he shall attain to ye agte
of twenty years old... " He was therefore born no earlier than 1680,
and very likely single in 1700.
A will summary of Jonathan-F follows.
Maker: Jonathan Horton
Dates: Written: 10/28/1755; Proved 11/22/1755
Wife: Bethiah (living) - "now wife"
Sons: Israel, Jonathan, Barnabas, Zacheus
Daughters:  Bethiah (underage), Elizabeth Tuthill
Bequests: Widow Mary Reeve, Constant L'Hommedieu
Witnesses, Micah Moore, Jonathan Mapes, Timothy Wells
Executors: "my wife and sons, Jonathan and Barnabas"


Miscellaneous Jonathan Notes:

Jonathan Horton married Elinor 'Nellie' Drake: McLaurin, at pg 318, says Jonathan Horton, bapt 06/05/1764, married 2) Nelle/Elinor Drake, widow of James Moore. Barrington Moore, in his "Moores of Southold", (SCHS Register, 1975-77), Vol 1, No 2, Pg 14.) says that wife Nelle was referred to in the will of Simon Moore, who died 12 Mar 1802 (Edw. Doubleday Harris, NEHGR 53:74-81, 169-176, 1899 - Southold Burials, 53:176) Further, there is a Salmom Marrage record of a Nelle Drake to Simon Moore on 24 Nov 1796. This would be Simon Moore's fourth wife. This Simon Moore was over 80 years old in 1802.

There is a marriage of the widow Nelle Moore to Jonathan  Horton on 22 Sep 1803 (SR). It is doubtful a widow of an 80 year old man would marry a 39 year old Jonathan Horton - although we don't know how old she was - she could have been considerably younger than Simon Moore. However, the 1986 Wells Genealogy shows that Mary Goldsmith, wife of this Jonathan Horton, lived to 1848. The identity of which Jonathan Horton this lady married... and exactly who she is (the Drake name not being a typical Long Island name), is uncertain here.

Death Date for Bethia, wife of Jonathan Bene Horton: McLaurin assigns the Salmon Death Record dated 26 Mar 1740 to her (as possibly). That death record entry is for "Bethia Horton" - an entry such as this usually means an unmarried woman, although there could be exceptions. Salmon Records almost always referred to married women by their first name and then "wife of, widow of, or relic of". Anyway, this cannot be her death record (unless he married two wives named Bethia) - because in the Summer of 1757, we have an entry for: "Bethia, wife of Jona. Bane Horton" admitted as a communicant to the Cutchogue Church (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony,  (New York, 1940), pg 143.)

Jonathan Burnette Horton > His Name:    In virtually all references I have seen to this man in secondary sources, he is referred to as Jonathan Burnette Horton. I have found reference to him in only three primary records, and none use that name. Names I have found recorded for him are:

Jonathan Bene Horton > Death record of daughter Elizabeth 09/10/1753 (SR)
Jona. Bane Horton > Wife Bethia admitted as communicant to Cutchogue Church, 1757.
Jonathan Bary Horton > 1778 census by household
Possibly: Jonathen Ibany Horton > Salmon Death Record 05/01/1797
This middle name is distinguishable enough from Burnette to raise doubt that Burnette was his middle name. It might seem to as easily be an abbreviation for the traditional Horton name of Barnabas as it would be Burnette.

"Good Jonathan" - Who is he?

Who is: Jonathan Horton, Junr, died 01/27/1740 (SR)?

01/27/1740Note: a Jonathan Horton, Jr witnessed the 1728 will of William-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton.

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