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Horton, Abigail-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) - Married David Booth?
Horton, Barnabas-4 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) - Md Sally Clark - did not exist
Horton, Barnabas md Mehetable Wells, 1773 & 1796 > TWO such marriages
Horton, Barnabas-4 (James-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) > Two Wives?
Horton, Benjamin-4 (Ephraim-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1), b 1710 > Family
Horton, Benjamin - Distinguishing Three Contemporary Benjamins
Horton, Benjamin - Identity of Wife Ann, married 1756/1785??
Horton, Caleb-2 - First wife was not Abigail Hallock
Horton, David-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) - Corrections to Children
Horton, David-5 (Barnabas-4) - Second Wife Phebe Vail? Children by Second Wife?
Horton, David-6, md Mary Case - Children
Horton, John > All of the John Hortons of Southold
Horton, Jonathan > Who's on First? (Separate Page)
Horton, Jonathan - (Capt) Married 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith, 2) Bethia Hallock > Placement
Horton, Joseph-4 - A possible son for Jonathan-4 and Mary Tuthill?
Horton, Joshua > The So Carolina / Tennessee Explorer ?? Long Island Roots?
Horton, Mary-4 (Jonathan-3,2  ) married Joseph Cleveland, not Edward Mabel
Horton, Mary-5 (William-4) - (NOT daughter of David) married Benjamin Vail
Horton, Mehetable-4 (William-3, Jnthn-2, Barn-1) - Wife of Walter Brown?
Horton, Moses-4 - was NOT father of Micah & Bethia
Horton, Nathan-5 (Caleb-4, Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) - Identity of wife
Horton, Nathaniel-5 (Caleb-4, Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) - Identity of wife
Horton, Patience md Joseph Lamb 1715?
Horton, Phebe - married Constant King 1735 - probably daughter of William, not David
Horton, Sarah-3 (Joshua-2) - not proven to be daughter of Joshua or wife of Richard Terry.
Horton, Simon Grover - Identity of first wife - NOT Abigail Howell


Horton, Abigail-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) - Married David Booth?

The Horton Genealogies, without citing any evidence or reasoning, gives the husbands of Abigail Horton, daughter of Jonathan-2, as: 1) (__?__) Lyon and 2) David Brewster.

There is recorded in the Salmon Marriage records:

Dec 1717 - "David Booth & Abigll Horton"
McLaurin, in his index of Hortons in the Salmon Records, does not place this Abigail to parents. Abigail, daughter of Jonathan Horton, was underage in his 1707 will: "To my daughter, Abigail Horton, and my daughter, Patience Horton, each a cow when of age." If underage means under 18, she would have been born after 1686 (after the 1681 date given by McLaurin). If born 1686, would have been 31 in 1717. Abigail and Patience Horton are shown, listed last, in the household of Jonathan, in the 1698 census, presumably his youngest daughters - as indicated by his will. If she was born as late as 1697, she would have been 19 in 1717. So, Abigail, daughter of Jonathan, could have been 19-31 in 1717, the date of this marriage.

A David Booth is listed as a child in the household of Charles and Hannah (Mapham) Booth in the 1698 census.


Abigail-3 Horton, daughter of Jonathan-2, is a strong candidate to be the bride in the 1717 marriage to David Booth, son of Charles and Hannah (Mapham) Booth. I find no record for this David Booth in Southold after a reported death of an infant child on Jan 28, 1727. Many of the Booths moved to Orange Co, New York. Identity and marriage not proven.

No source is given in McLaurin for her asserted husbands there - they appear to be copied from the unsourced and undocumented Hortons in America.

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Horton, Barnabas, "son of Jonathan-3, Caleb-2", md Sally Clark

Hortons in America, pg 139, and repeated in McLaurin, pg 220, shows:

"II. BARNABAS, son of Jonathan Horton and Bethia Conklin, born at Cutchogue, in 1695;
         married, about 1721, to SALLY CLARK.

         Children, all born at Cutchogue:

              1. Jonathan, born 1722.
              2. Bethia.
              3. Calvin."

There is no evidence that the above Jonathan was ever married, least of all to a woman named Bethia Conklin, no evidence he had ANY children, least of all the above Barnabas, no evidence a Barnabas Horton married a Sally Clark,  - and all three children given to this Barnabas were "stuck" in this family because earlier genealogists could not place them. (See more under Jonathan Horton - Goldsmith / Hallock below)

The Jonathan Horton, born 1722, given here, is a ghost and never existed. McLaurin adds this Jonathan may be actually be the Jonathan Horton who married Bethia Horton on 07/02/1752, but that marriage was to Jonathan Bene/Bane Horton, almost certainly son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Goldsmith) Horton.

The Bethia Horton above is the Bethia Horton who married Jonathan Horton on 07/02/1752. (The same Bethia Horton who McLaurin notes may have married not her brother, but a cousin. See above). Her last name comes from the Salmon marriage records. Her parents are UNKNOWN. There is a remote possibility that Horton may be a married name for her, as this was a second marriage for this Jonathan Horton, - and may have been for her as well - although the Salmon marriage record for her does not indicate she was a widow, as it normally did.

The Calvin Horton is a name given in Hortons in America as the parent of an Anna Horton who married Benjamin Horton - see separate discussion under Benjamin Horton about her. This person is either a ghost and never existed, or is confused with the later Calvin Horton born in 1756. This Calvin Horton is another one of those names that grew from some legend or rumor, placed in an ancient genealogy, and has been repeated down to the current day without any basis in fact.


This Barnabas Horton never existed and should be struck from Horton genealogies. If he ever did exist, there is no evidence of who his children could have been, least of all the above three. The parents of the Bethia Horton who married Jonathan Horton on 07/02/1752 are unknown. Both children Jonathan and Calvin are ghosts and should be removed from the Horton Genealogy.

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Horton, Barnabas md Mehetable Wells, 18 Feb 1796

Which Barnabas Horton married Mehetable Wells, 18 Feb 1796?

The Hortons in America, pg 412, repeated in McLaurin, pg 325, has the following couple (this marriage not recorded in the Salmon Records):

I. BARNABAS, son of Capt. Barnabas Horton and Susanna Bailey (Dea. James, Jonathan, Barnabas I.), born in Southold, 7 March, 1745; married 3 Nov., 1773, MEHETABEL WELLS, born in Southold, in Nov., 1747.

[McLaurin changes date of birth of this Mehetable to 6 Jan 1749. I don't find this marriage in Salmon Records and neither HOA or McLaurin give a source for it. ]

         Children, all born in Southold:

              1. James Wells, born October, 1774; married Mary Terry.
              2. Justus, born June, 1776; married Nancy Conklin.
              3. Bethia, born August 25, 1779; married Joshua Billard.

Oooops.... note: 24 years between kids....

              4. Barnabas B., born December 16, 1803; married Eliza Case.
              5. Harrison, born November 28, 1806; died in infancy.
              6. William, born May, 1810; married Elizabeth Dickerson.


The 1878 Wells Genealogy, pg 236, shows the family of the 1749 Mehetable Wells, daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Vail?) Wells, "prob" married Barnabas Horton, with only two children, James Wells and Justice.

It should also be noted, the 1878 Wells Genealogy, pg 44, then adds a family for BETHIA Wells, daughter of James and (Unknown first name) (Horton) Wells, as husband Barnabas Horton with children: Barnabas, James W., William B., Bethia, and Mehitable. The book notes only William B. was living in 1876. The book adds this Barnabas Horton was named brother-in-law in the 1812 letters of administration of Eunice (Goldsmith) Wells, widow of William C. Wells, a brother of this Bethia. Could the Wells Genealogy have this Bethia's name wrong and it really should be Mehitable? Or could the Salmon Record have her name wrong and that record should be Bethia? Or maybe one woman used both  names??

It should also be noted that the second Barnabas / Mehitable (Wells) Horton marriage was of a sufficient time frame so that Barnabas, husband of the second marriage could plausibly be a son of the first Barnabas / Mehitable (Wells) Horton marriage; or a second marriage to a younger woman of the first Barnabas Horton.

In Salmon Marriage Records, we have:

18 Feb 1796 Barnabas Horton to Mehetable Wells

I don't know the sources for the later three children given in McLaurin, but if they existed, they almost certainly belong to the 1796 couple, not the 1773 couple. The second set of kids obviously belong to a different couple than the 174x vintage couple, with the same names - married in the Salmon Records twenty years after the first couple was married.

I do not know who this couple may be at this point. McLaurin has an index of Hortons in Salmon Records (Vol 2:374) and leaves the Barnabas Horton in the 1796 marriage unaccounted for. Nor do I find the Mehetable Wells of the 1796 marriage in either of the Wells Genealogies or any other record to this point - except for possibly the Bethia Wells noted above, whose husband reported there, a Barnabas Horton, is likewise not in any Horton Genealogies. Could the Wells Genealogy have her name wrong and it should be Mehitable, not Bethia?

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Horton, Barnabas-4 (James-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) > Two Wives?

Both Hortons in America and McLaurin show a son born to Barnabas-4 and Susanna (Bailey) Horton: Barnabas-5 Horton born 7 Mar 1745 (HIA, pg 412), md Mehetable Wells,

This Barnabas-4 Horton married Susanna Bailey 10 Dec 1747 (12/10/1747 SR, 12/1748 SCR).

If these dates are correct, and the placements are correct, it suggests that this Barnabas-4 may have had an earlier wife, and Barnabas-5 a different mother, even though Barnabas-4 was apparently fairly young when he married Susanna Bailey, as his birth date is given as 17 Oct 1725 (McLaurin, pp324-325). If these dates are correct, another explanation could be that this Barnabas-5 is misplaced.

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Horton, Benjamin-4 (Ephraim-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1), b 1710 > Family

Hortons in America, Page 392-3, says: ""BENJAMIN, son of Ephraim Horton and Martha Vail, born in Southold, about 1710;  married.


              1. Joseph, born 1735.
              2. Jeremiah, born 1738.
              3. Joshua, born 1740.
              4. Eliza, born 1742; married 20 Nov., 1763, Josiah Gibbs.

Hortons in America says nothing further about these children.

McLaurin, p 266, reports that this Benjamin Horton was the testator of the following will that named only nieces and nephews. Naming of these nieces and nephews proves his place as son of Ephraim.

Page 2.--In the name of God, Amen. I, BENJAMIN HORTON, of Southold, County of Suffolk, being in a weak state of bodily health. I leave to my nephew, John Case, all my lands and meadows. Unto my two nephews, Benjamin Horton and Joseph Horton, 5 each. The residue of my personal estate to my three nieces, Martha Overton, Mary Harvey, and Unice Wines. I make Thomas Overton and Daniel Osborn, executors.

         Dated October 31, 1781. Witnesses, Wines Osborn, Noyes Wickham, Mary Osborn. Proved, April 29, 1782.


The family given in Hortons in America is bogus. They should be purged from the Horton Genealogy. This man died dsp.

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Horton, Benjamin, the elder-5 (Joseph-4, Ephraim-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1)
Horton, Benjamin, the younger-5 (Joseph-4, Ephraim-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1)
Horton, Benjamin-5 (Micah-4, William-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)

(Note, both Horton Genealogies give the wrong parents for Micah in the line of descent for the third Benjamin above. Micah was son of William, not son of Moses, which is given in both published Horton genealogies - See Moses below.)

Pp 268 & 285 gives to Joseph-4 Horton and an unknown first wife a Benjamin-5 Horton, b 1735; married Anna Horton, b 1737, daughter of Calvin Horton and Elizabeth (Burnette) Horton. Then, also gives a second son named Benjamin-5 Horton to Joseph via a second wife,  Deliverance Reeve, bapt 7 Dec 1753 (cites SCR), with note: "He could be (Benjamin from first wife), (possibly) baptized at age 18.

He has no more on the second Benjamin, but  for the first Benjamin, at page 285, says his wife was Anne Horton, daughter of Calvin and Eizabeth (Burnette) Horton, and gives children Elizabeth, Elam Potter, Joseph, Benjamin, Davis, and Martha - no dates, no spouses, no sources - only adding a note that Elam Potter Horton ended up owning the land on Town St in Southold originally owned by his ancestor Joshua - and a note that he could not identify this Calvin Horton (father of this Anna).

Pg 312 then shows a Benjamin-5 (Micah-4, William-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton, bapt 02/02/1764 (SCR), married 1) Anna Horton 1785, and 2) Sarah Brown, 11/01/1795, Mattituck. No citation/source for either marriage. I have not found any source for the Anna Horton marriage, but the Sarah Brown marriage is in Mattituck Records, (Craven, pg 334): "Benjamin Horton, 3rd & Sarah Brown"

Observations and comments:

There are five Benjamin Hortons in the 1778 census (would not include refugees): born 1711, 1754, 1755, 1762, and 1763.

I find no Calvin Horton early enough to be the father of either the wife of a Benjamin Horton married about 1760, or 1785.

Showing two wives named Anna Horton follows the Horton Genealogy tendency towards duplicating individuals and creating ghosts.

After dealing with the Horton genealogy for awhile, it can be very easy to become quite cynical and arrive at the conclusion that one, two, or all three of the above are ghosts. At any rate, it is very doubtful, but possible, that two Benjamins married two Anna Hortons - and there is no known Calvin Horton early enough to be father of EITHER of the two Anna Hortons mentioned.

More info is welcome.

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Horton, Benjamin - Identity of Wife, Anne, md 1756/1785 ??

The McLaurin Genealogy, pg 312 gives the wife of Benjamin-5 (Micah-4, William-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton as Ann Horton, married, 1785, daughter of Calvin Horton, without giving any evidence of her identity. It does refer this Calvin to pg 220, which was a Calvin "created" just to be the father of this Anna with the note: "perhaps he is the Calvin who married and had daughter Ann who married Benjamin Horton." Then, at pg 285, shows the wife of Benjamin-5 (Joseph-4, Ephraim-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1) Horton, b 1735, married about 1756, Anna Horton, daughter of Calvin and Elizabeth (Burnette) Horton. The Horton Genalogy does not give, nor do I find, any Calvin Horton that married an Elizabeth Burnette.

I have not found a record of, and McLaurin does not give reference to, a marriage record which might yield the last name of this wife for either Benjamin Horton. The earliest Calvin Horton I find in Southold Records is the son of Jonathan Bene Horton, baptized May 30, 1756 in Cutchogue, who married Hannah Terry, Mar 30, 1775 (SR). This Calvin was too young to be the father of either a woman who married in 1735 or 1785.

It is also noted that one of the children of the 1756 marriage to Micah's Benjamin at pg 285 of McLaurin is a Davis Horton, and another Elam Potter, indicating a possible Davis or Potter in the ancestry of their mother or grandmother..

A son named Elam is given to the first 1735 marriage by the Horton Genealogy, and an Elam Horton married Almira Goldsmith Jan 21, 1819. (Banks McLaurin, Jr., Horton Genealogy by McLaurin,  (Privately printed, 1995 Update), Vol 2:384 - First Church of Southold Marriages.)  This marriage shows the parent of this Elam to be Benjamin Horton and Anna Horton - although I have information that the parents given in these marriage records were often added to the transcription by transcribers and are not part of the original record. If this were a young couple, this Elam might more likely be from a 1785 marriage than a 1735 marriage. I don't otherwise find the Elam of the 1819 marriage in the Horton Genealogies.


Perhaps the Horton Genealogies are presenting the same Benjamin Horton and his wife and family in two different places. The unique name Elam, in possibly both families, could suggest the duplication.

Due to the lack of evidence of identity of either wife named Ann, and the father assigned her does not appear to have been able to be her father, I suggest the identity of the wife of both Benjamin Hortons should be moved to the unknown category.

This whole situation of who is who between these two Benjamin Hortons, wives and families, is murky, indeed. Further information is welcome.

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Horton, Caleb-2 - First Wife Was Not Abigail Hallock

Abigail-2 (William-1) Hallock did NOT marry Caleb-2 Horton - She may have married Joseph Reeve.

The 1992 Hallock Addendum continues to spread this myth. Apparently started in the original Civil War vintage Hallock Genealogy, this myth is absolutely NOT TRUE.

The first wife of Caleb Hallock, and mother to all of his children, is unknown. A Caleb Horton did marry an Abigail Hallock on 23 Dec 1696, but that may have been (and probably was) another Abigail and/or another Caleb. Even if Abigail-2 was the Abigail Hallock of that marriage record, and Caleb-2 Horton were the groom, which is not likely, this would have been a late life marriage for Caleb and she was not the mother of any of his children.

The matriarch of the Hallock family, Margaret (__), the widow of William-1 Hallock, was in the Joseph Reeve household in the 1698 Southold census, with a wife for Joseph named Abigail. I see no reason for Margaret to be in this household; but a possible reason is that the wife of Joseph Reeve, Abigail (__), was Abigail-2 Hallock - who was named by her first name only in the 1764 will of William Hallock - 30 years before the Caleb Horton/Abigail Hallock marriage record.

McLaurin, at pages 181-183, treats this Caleb Horton and ably demonstrates that the mother(s) of the children of Caleb-2 Horton is/are not known - and that the Caleb Horton in this marriage was likely Caleb-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton.

The Abigail Hallock of that 1696 marriage record remains unidentified.

The Abigail-3 Hallock, daughter of John-2 Hallock, was born 1688 (too early for this marriage), was a Quaker (no record of discipline for marrying out of the Quaker faith), is listed in Hinshaw's Quaker records as having died Jul 01, 1768 dsp, and was left a legacy by her brother John in his 1764 will as if she were a spinster. She could be an otherwise unidentified daughter of Thomas-2

The Abigail-3 Hallock, daughter of Peter-2 Hallock, was with Peter in his household with the Hallock name, by herself, in 1698. She is therefore excluded from the 1696 marriage.

She could be an otherwise unidentified daughter of Thomas-2, or possibly among the oldest of the next generation (ie generation 4) - although that seems a stretch. Another possibility is that she was a Hallock widow, but a review of known Hallock wives compared to death dates of Hallock males reveals no such Abigail (__) Hallock this could be.

The identity of the Abigail Hallock in the 1696 marriage record remains a mystery.

This Caleb and Abigail (Hallock) Horton are not in the 1698 Southold census. There were two Caleb Hortons in the 1698 Southold Census, and three are known to have been living at that time. The widower Caleb-2 Horton is easily distinguishable in the census - the second Caleb is a single individual in the household of Richard Terry. This is likely Caleb-4 (Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1), born Dec 22, 1687, who married Phebe Terry, on Dec 1709. His father had died Dec 1696 and, though his mother (Sarah Wines) was still living, he was probably in this household to learn a trade. He was named in his grandfather's 1699 will (Caleb-2).

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Horton, David-3 - Corrections to Children

Hortons in America and McLaurin's Horton Gen list some kids that apparently don't belong to the family of David-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton - one of the early settlers of Cutchogue, Southold's first colony.

McLaurin lists (pg 223): David (md Eliza Swezey), Silas (md Bethiah Terrell), John (md Abigail (__)), Adam, Patience, Mary, Abigail, Lydia (md Thomas Fanning), Phebe (md Constant King), Daniel.

David Horton's will is recapped below:

Dates: Written - 07/14/1749; Proved - 09/18/1749
Wife: Mary (living)
Sons: David (oldest), Silas
Daughter: Lydia Fanning
Nephew: Daniel Tuthill, Jr., son of my brother Deacon Tuthill
Son-in-law: Thomas Fanning
Witnesses:  Isaac Keys, Benjamin Hempstead, Abigail Hempstead.
Executors: None mentioned in transcription

Note: The original transcription by Pelletrau shows the oldest son as Daniel, but his corrections volume changes that name to David.

In addition to children from his will, we have the following given by McLaurin as coming from Salmon Death Records attributed to children of David Horton, presumably this David: Adam (died Apr 1715), Patience (20 Apr 1727, age 11), Abigail (died 10 Jun 1739). However, Abigail's entry makes no reference to being a daughter of David.

The names in David's family in McLaurin, but not in his will or Salmon Death Records are: John, Daniel, Mary, Abigail, and Phebe.

These children should be purged from his family. The Daniel and Mary are likely ghosts (ie non-existant people).

The John Horton (md Abigail (___)) could possibly have been a son of David and died before David (SR death record of 03/01/1732), but we find nothing to indicate he is a son of David. The child given to that John there is pure speculation.

By the way, McLaurin, states that John Horton's wife, Abigail, is the Widow Abigail Horton who married Eleazer Luce as his second wife after his first wife Sarah (Wines) Horton died. If so, that is an indication that John does not belong here as a son. That Eleazer Luce was born abt 1765, and was therefore older than David Horton. If this John was of that age, that is a sign he could be from Joseph, the oldest son of Barnabas who moved to Rye, Westchester Co, New York.

Phebe (md Constant King) Horton given in McLaurin as a daughter to this David was living when David's will was written and lived long after. Unless there is evidence to include her as a child, of which I am not aware, she is misplaced here. She is likely the daughter of William-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. He mentioned a daughter Phebe in his 1728 will. She is the only Phebe I have found thus far whose approximate date of birth works for a wife of Constant King. The marriage record to Constant King, dtd 02/13/1734 in Salmon Records likely belongs to that Phebe.

Mary - is not in will, no other record found.

Abigail - is not in will, her Salmon Death Record does not show her as dau of David (as the other death records of his deceased children show.)

Phebe - lived to 1789, but not in David's  will - she does not belong here. William-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) gives one cow to daughter Phebe in 1729 will. She is likely that Phebe.

Also, McLaurin says David Horton, b ca 1709, md Eliza Swezey, dau of Richard in one place and Samuel in another.. Elizabeth Swezey, dau of Richard is listed by several compiled genealogies as having married Zerubabel Hallock. The Swezey Genealogy shows 11 children for the "Judge" Samuel Swezey, none of which is named Elizabeth and none married to David Horton. There is no marriage record in the Salmon Records for David. This identity for her as a Swezey is in doubt.


After this pruning (taking away four children from McLaurins list, I have, from David's will or Salmon records of child's deaths, showing David as father:

Descendants of David Horton

 1   David Horton 1687 - 1749
..  +Mary Horton 1687 - 1749
................ 2   David Horton 1710 -
....................  +Eliza [Swezey?] 1716 -
................ 2   Adam Horton 1712 - 1716
................ 2   Silas Horton 1718 - 1772
....................  +Bethiah Terrill 1732 - 1797
................ 2   Patience Horton 1720 - 1726
................ 2   Lydia Horton 1722 - 1803
....................  +Thomas Fanning 1722 - 1782

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Horton, David-5 (Barnabas-4) - Second Wife Phebe Vail? Children by Second Wife?

McLaurin, Pg 209, shows David-5 (Barnabas-4,3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) assigned to the Salmon Record Marriage for Mary Warner, on May 1744; then children David, Dorothy, Abigail, and John.

Abigail and John are reported to come from infant deaths reported in the Salmon Records, but the Salmon Records do not give a name (John) to the son who died - and the Salmon Records give different dates than reported in McLaurin. The death dates in the Salmon Records are 19 Oct 1755, age 7 for Abigail, and 12 Aug 1756 for an unnamed son, no age given.

I don't know the evidence or reasoning for assigning David (md Temperance Owen) and Dorothy (md Eli Corwin) as children to David.

McLaurin then reports Mary (Warner) Horton died 05/27/1767 (SR) and David then moved to Orange Co, New York - nothing further given here. (Note her cemetery inscription, from Jamesport Cemetery, is at pg 24 of Pioneers of Riverhead by Virginia Wines, showing the family was in Aquebogue till 1767.)

Page 39 of the Vail Genealogy then reports that Phebe Vail (no date of birth given, but born to parents married in 1723), married David Horton, brother of Silas who married Experience Vail, which is the same David Horton that married Mary Warner. Then, the Vail Genealogy reports that this couple had 11 children - all with the SAME NAMES as the children of Silas Vail (given on the next page of the Vail Genealogy and Pg 210 of McLaurin.)

To compound things further, the Mapes Genealogy shows the parents of two of these 11 children marrying Mapes descendants, showing the father as DAVID Horton and PHEBE Vail (not Silas & Experience). These two are Elihu md Johanna Coleman (Pg 37 of Mapes, 1998, by Joseph Boyle) and Barnabas Horton md Elizabeth Coleman (Pg 14 of Mapes, 1998, by Joseph Boyle). The Horton Genealogy shows the Elihu md Johanna Coleman as a son of Silas & Experience (Vail) Horton, but the Barnabas, son of Silas, married Millicent Howell.

Then, to complicate things further, McLaurin displays a personal lineage of Kenn Stryka-Rodda, prepared by Kenn Stryka-Rodda, a very respected genealogist, pg 193, showing that the Barnabas Horton who married Elizabeth Coleman was a son of Elijah & Lydia (Swezey) Horton (son of Caleb and Phebe (Terry) Horton).

I suspect that the Vail Genealogy repeating the same 11 names for David and Phebe was a clerical mistake - and that has misled Mapes genealogists - and that the kids of Silas are as given in the Vail and McLaurin genealogies - however, David was only about 40 years old when his wife died, and so he did have time to have more children. The question remains: did this David Horton marry Phebe Vail, and if so, do some of the children listed for Silas belong to David.

By the way, it is of interest to note that McLaurin presents a recap of the will of Barnabas-4 Horton, proved 12/091782, in Goshen. It mentions sons Barnabas, Matthew (sic for Matthias), and Silas. This places a bit of a cloud over the parents of this David. He is probably not mentioned because he may be dead by 1782, but then what evidence is there that this David is from this Barnabas??

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Horton, David-6, md Mary Case - Children

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Horton, Jonathan - (Capt) Married 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith, 2) Bethia Hallock > Placement, Wives, Children

Hortons in America, repeated in McLaurin, gives the placement of Jonathan Horton who married Elizabeth Goldsmith as Jonathan-4 (Jonathan-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1).

I submit that the above placement is wrong and that the Jonathan Horton given here is the Captain Jonathan Horton, who married 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith and 2) Bethia Hallock, and whose death is recorded in the Salmon Records: "Capt Jonathan Horton aged 54", on Oct 30, 1755. I further suggest this is the Jonathan Horton named in the 1706 will of Jonathan-2 (Barnabas-1) Horton, as "Jonathan, son of my son Caleb, deceased." Therefore, this Jonathan is  Jonathan-4 (Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1).

First, as to Jonathan-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1). This person did exist and was probably just underage when Caleb Horton made his will in 1699. Caleb gave his son power to farm his land, but the executors power to remove him if he didn't "cut the mustard" and the power to rent the property out until the lad came of age. This suggests he was old enough to farm, but not old enough to own the property at that time. Then, in 1707, we have a deed executed by David Horton and signed  by his wife, giving up her dower rights, where they sold property belonging to his deceased brother Jonathan. If this Jonathan had heirs (and there is not one piece of evidence to show he was ever married or had children), then the wife of David would not have needed to give up her dower rights in this deed. In other words, David would have been executing it in his capacity as guardian of the children and his wife would have had no dower rights in the property to give up.

Capt Jonathan Horton left a will in 1755, naming a son Zacheus (a clear indication of a Goldsmith tie - a name unique to the Goldsmith family) and his "now wife" Bethia. Elizabeth Goldsmith died on Apr 01, 1740. The date of the marriage of Jonathan Horton to Bethia Hallock is given in the Salmon Marriage Records as Apr 15, 1740. This Bethia was referred to as Bethia Horton in the 1753 will of her father, Peter Hallock. Although the time frame for a second marriage is short by current day standards, it was normal that a parent left with children would quickly remarry. See more on this issue under the Jonathan Horton study (separate page).

Now, why place him as a Jonathan-4 (Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)? First, we know this Jonathan existed from Jonathan-2's 1706 will:

"I leave to my grandson, Jonathan Horton, son of my son Caleb deceased, 5 lots of woodland lying west of the land of Thomas Goldsmith, deceased, and east of the land of Samuel Moore. Also my Fresh meadow called the Fresh meadow near Nathaniel Terry's. And the lots of Creek thatch, that I purchased of Captain Hobart, and one lot of Commonage between the town and Richard Terry's."
We know that Capt Jonathan was born by then, as given by his age in his death record, age 54, on 10/30/1755, born in 1701. Note also this would be after the recorded marriage of Caleb Horton to Abigail Hallock. McLaurin contends, and I agree, that that marriage record likely belongs to this Caleb Horton. This Caleb Horton died Dec 25, 1706 (SR).

So, we have two candidates for parents of Capt Jonathan-4:

Jonathan-3, son of Caleb-2
Caleb-3, son of Jonathan-2.
In favor of Capt Jonathan being the son of Caleb is that we know this person existed. We have absolutely no evidence that Jonathan-3, son of Caleb, ever married, or had any children > and the deed signed by his brother's wife giving up her dower rights would appear to confirm that that Jonathan had no heirs.


Captain Jonathan Horton, who died 10/30/1755, age 54, and left a will, was likely the son of Caleb-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton, mentioned in Jonathan-2's 1706 will. Further, this Jonathan married 1) Elizabeth Goldsmith and 2) Bethia Hallock - both marriages and Elizabeth's death found in the Salmon Records.

These parents (Caleb and Abigail (Hallock) Horton) for this Capt Jonathan is certainly not proven, but it is more likely than the ancestry given in existant Horton genealogies.


The children of Capt Jonathan Horton are then re-evaluated to be as follows:

 1   Jonathan Horton 1701 - 1755
..  +Elizabeth Goldsmith 1701 - 1740

........ 2   Elizabeth Horton 1721 - 1773
............  +David Tuthill 1719 - 1785
........ 2   Israel Horton 1725 - 1771
............  +Sarah Lee 1733 - 1786
........ 2   Jonathan Bene Horton 1729 - 1797
............  +Bethia Horton 1735 - 1788
........ 2   Barnabas Horton 1732 -
............  +Mary [Tuthill?] 1740 -
........  *2nd Wife of Barnabas Horton:
............  +Rebecca Burnette 1750 -
........ 2   Zaccheus Horton 1734 -
............  +First Wife 1734 -
........  *2nd Wife of Zaccheus Horton:
............  +Elizabeth (__) [Case], Widow 1734 -

  *2nd Wife of Jonathan Horton:
..  +Bethia Hallock 1721 - 1755

........ 2   Caleb Horton 1741 - 1752
........ 2   Infant Horton 1743 - 1744
........ 2   Bethia Horton 1745 -
............  +[Samuel Griffin?] 1745 -
........ 2   Infant Horton 1747 - 1749
........ 2   Daniel Horton 1750 - 1752
........ 2   Infant Horton 1752 - 1753

His will is summarized below:
Maker: Jonathan Horton
Dates: Written: 10/28/1755; Proved 11/22/1755
Wife: Bethiah (living) - "now wife"
Sons: Israel, Jonathan, Barnabas, Zacheus
Daughters:  Bethiah (underage), Elizabeth Tuthill
Bequests: Widow Mary Reeve, Constant L'Hommedieu
Witnesses, Micah Moore, Jonathan Mapes, Timothy Wells
Executors: "my wife and sons, Jonathan and Barnabas"
The children shown above not in his will come from the Salmon Death Records. These children are clearly his because of the reference to the title "Capt.". Hortons in America and McLaurin give these children to another Jonathan. These deaths, plus the reference to the "now wife" Bethia confirm that Capt Jonathan Horton remarried a second time, and that second marriage was doubtless to Bethia Hallock. Also note that the daughter Bethia Horton is likely from the second wife because of her name, Bethia being a namesake for Bethia Hallock - the Horton genealogies don't show the second wife and therefore show Bethia as from Elizabeth Goldsmith.
02/04/1744: "Jonathan Hortons Infant"
07/09/1749: "Capt Jonathan Hortons infant"
08/16/1752: "Capt Jonathan Hortons son Danll 2 years old"
08/25/1752: "Capt Jonathan Hortons son Caleb 11 y[rs]
05/04/1753: "Cap Jonathan Hortons Infan Daugt"


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Horton, John - All of the John Hortons of Southold

I find no evidence placing any of the early Johns of Southold. Among the possibilities for records of John Hortons of Southold before the Revolution, may be:

1) The records may belong to a "Jonathan"
2) A John branch from the Rye Hortons, which did have John in abundance, may have planted in the middle of the Southold Hortons.
3) Various John Hortons may be from unknown parents of Southold Hortons.
These John Hortons include the following

From the Salmon Death Records:

1732 0301   John Horton Drownd
1750 0902   John Hortons wife Elesabth
1753 1213   at night John Horton
1778 1211   John Hortons Wife Abigl
1750 0814   Jn Horton Junr son
From the Salmon marriage records

The placement of these John Hortons by McLaurin is pure speculation and should not be accepted. These include:

Placement of the 1732 death record to a son of David-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)

It should be noted that Richard Howell referred to a daughter, Abigail Horton, in his 1758 will. She may be the Abigail of the 1778 death record, but who the John Horton, husband, is, or any children, we do not know. She could not be the widow Abigail (__) Horton that married Eleazer Luce, as that woman's last name would not have been Horton in 1758. (McLaurin suggests that the widow of the 1732 John Horton death record is the widow Abigail Horton that married Eleazer Luce Jan 29, 1734.) It should also be noted that that Abigail (Howell) Horton was not the wife of Simon Grover Horton, as has been suggested in previous Horton Genealogies (See Thomas H. Donnelly, Howell, Richard Genealogy of,  (The Genealogist 13:131-177, Fall 1999)).

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Horton, Joseph-4 - A Possible son for Jonathan-4 and Mary Tuthill?
This Joseph Horton's will was proved in 1763 before Jonathan-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton wrote his will, which could explain his omission from Jonathan-3's will. Note this Joseph had a son named Azariah and named his brother, Ambrose, to be executor. Is this Joseph from Jonathan-3 and Mary (Tuthill) Horton??

Answer: No. See pg 109 of McLaurin. Coincidence of similarity children's names of Joseph Horton of White Plains and Jonathan of Southold is striking, however.

Page 147.--"The last Will and Testament of me, JOSEPH HORTON, of the White Plains in Westchester County, made this 26 day of June, 1763." My executors are to pay all debts and funeral charges out of my movable estate. I leave to my wife Anna all the rest of movable estate, and the use of all lands, during the time she remains my widow; and if she continues my widow until my son comes of age, she is to have 1/3. I leave to my son, Azariah Horton, all my farms and lands, and he is to pay to his 3 sisters, Phebe, Patience, and Hannah, 20 each when he is 21. If my son dies under age, the farm is to be sold, and from the proceeds my wife is to have 30 and the rest to my daughters. My son is to pay to my brother, Ambrose Horton, 10. I make my wife and Gabriel Lynch and Ambrose Horton executors.

         Witnesses, Bartholomew Gedney, Joshua Hatfield, Jr., Benedict Carpenter. Proved, August 6, 1763.

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Horton, Joshua > The So Carolina / Tennessee Explorer ?? Long Island Roots?

McLaurin's Horton genealogy implies that Joshua Horton, b 1713, was Joshua Horton, "the explorer", among the first to Tenn circa 1766-1780. This is Joshua-4, Joshua-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1.

McLaurin implies, does not state, that he is Joshua Horton, married Prudence Hull, Aug 07, 1734... Could this explorer be over 55-60 years old??? McLaurin simply says: "Hortons in American says Joshua and Family moved to South Carolina before the Revolutionary War."

McLaurin, pg 243, then shows an Amos Horton, not mentioned in Prudence (__) Hull's 1765 will, even though 3 children of the above Joshua were mentioned, married Sarah Peebles.....

This web page (showing no sources) shows this Amos Horton was the son of a VIRGINIA immigrant Daniel Horton, and that many of these Virginia descendants are the Hortons that went to South Carolina.
See also this GenConnect Page

A family history of a Tennessee Horton (Lucy Henderson Horton) says the "explorer" Joshua was Joshua-5, Joseph-4, Ephraim-3, Joshua-2, Joshua-1 and Asenatha Mapes (Lucy Henderson Horton, Family History - Hughes, Henderson,  (Franklin, Tenn, 1922), 261, 273.) This genealogy, written in 1922, believed her husband's ancestors were from Long Island, at any rate.

But, McLaurin, at pg 269, says: "Have found nothing about this Joshua Horton with the exception of his signing the Association in 1775 along with his brothers Joseph and Benjamin. (refers to Mather)... very
likely he moved to Orange Co, NY and died there, or more likely, to Putnam  or Dutchess Co."

If McLaurin couldn't find him after 1775, where is he ruled out as the So Carolina / Tenn explorer - if that explorer is a Long Islander at all.. and if he is an ancestor of any of the SC Hortons at all??

However, this lady says her husband is from a brother of Henry Cato Horton - and the web page of the VIRGINIA immigrant shows that Henry Cato Horton in the VIRGINIA tree. Furthermore, the will of a Claiban Horton presented in McLaurin at pg 256, shown here as a LI descendant, showing a brother Henry C. Horton, appointed executor....

Then, there is considerable confusion over:

1) Documenting Joshua, the explorer, to Long Island.
2) Documenting Joshua, the explorer, to any SC descendant; of which there may have been the aforementioned Amos, maybe a William, maybe a Henry.
3) Considerable confusion over the Hortons who then went on to Tenn, some say from a Henry Cato, some say from a William.

In short, as seems run of the mill with Horton genealogy, the whole idea that any of the southern Hortons have any Long Island ties is murky, indeed.

Additionally, it should be noted that McLaurin reports, pg 65, that David-5 Horton, (John-4,3, Joseph-2, Barnabas-1), born about 1724, moved to Wake Co, So Carolina and cites a reference for a genealogy of that branch: "The Descendants of David Horton of North Carolina", published by Rete M. Evans of Ft. Worth, TX. The evidence for concluding that that David of North Carolina is from Long Island is not given in McLaurin.

Further info is welcome...

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Horton, Mary-4 (Jonathan-3,2, Barnabas-1) - Identity of husband - Joseph Cleveland not Edward Mabel

Both Hortons in America and McLaurins' Horton Genealogy show the husband of Mary Horton, daughter of Jonathan-3 and Mary (Tuthill) Horton, as Edward Mabel. McLaurin shows the Mary Horton in the Salmon Marriage Record for Joseph Cleveland to Mary Horton, 12 Feb 1751, as unidentified (Vol 2:373).

The 1764 will of Jonathan-3 shows:

" I leave to my daughter Mary my best cow, and to my grandson, Moses Mabel, two cows. I make my friend, William Horton, and my son, Joseph Cleveland, executors."

The will mentions no other daughters. There can be little doubt that the only daughter mentioned in the above will, Mary, was the wife of the "son" mentioned: Joseph Cleveland, matching the Salmon Marriage for that couple.

It is possible to probable that Moses Mabel is a grandson from an unnamed daughter, possibly deceased; as the will does not specifically say Moses is the son of Mary. This is further substantiated by the Salmon Record of Joseph Cleveland to Mary HORTON - not  "wid Mary Mabel", as one would expect if she were a widow.

1778 Census by household: Ichabod Cleveland (brother of Joseph), household of 6; Joseph, household of 11. 1778 Oath to the King: Joseph, age 51 (b 1727), Ichabod, age 38 (b 1740); and Joseph, age 18 (b 1760).


Mary Horton, daughter of Jonathan-3 Horton, was married to Joseph Cleveland, Feb 12, 1751 (SR).

An unknown sister, probably deceased by 1764, was previously married to Edward Mabel and had Moses Mabel.

A baptism for Mehetabel Cleveland, daughter of Joseph and Mary Cleveland, is found in Cutchogue Records on 30 Jan 1757 (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony - Baptisms,  (New York, 1940), 152.

Two Salmon Deaths are reported for children of Joseph Cleveland: 2 Jul 1753 and 25 Mar 1756.

These 1750 births indicate this Mary was born quite a bit later than the given date of birth in Hortons' in America, of 1708... possibly as late as 1725. (Mother born c1687, children born 1753-1757).

This Joseph Cleveland may be the son of Ichabod and Hannah (Moore) Cleveland, based solely on estimated time of birth. Ichabod appears to be the first of the Clevelands in Southold, probably an offshoot of the Windham Co, Conn Cleveland family. An Ichabod Cleveland witnessed the will of Jonathan-3 Horton, father of the aforementioned Mary Horton.

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Horton, Mary md Benjamin Vail - Jesse Tuthill (No)

Who is the Mary Horton married Benjamin Vail, Oct 28, 1754 (SR) ?

McLaurin, pg 224, shows Mary-5 Horton, daughter of David-4 (David-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) & Eliza [Swezey?] Horton, is this woman.

McLaurin, pg 306, shows Mary-5 Horton, daughter of William-4 (William-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) and Mehitable (Wells) Horton md 1) Jesse Tuthill and 2) by 1782, Capt Benjamin Vail. McLaurin then presents a transcription of a 1782 will, proved 1788, of William Horton, mentioning daughters Mary Vail, Hannah Vail, Bethia Wells, and Mehetable Corwin, and deceased daughters Phebe and Anna.

Descendants of Jeremiah Vail, pg 49, shows the family of this Benjamin Vail, including children: Mary, Mehitable, Anna, Bethia, Phineas, Benjamin, Joseph, Joshua, and James; but says Mary Horton, wife of this Jeremiah Vail, died in 1779. However, it gives no source for this date of death and it is not found in the Salmon Records. Whether there is a headstone for her in cemetery transcriptions, I do not know. The Vail Genealogy lists no other marriages involving a Vail and a Mary Horton in this time range that I can find.

The 1878 Wells Genealogy lists Mehetable Wells married Deacon William Horton, but does not list any children for her. The 1986 Wells Genealogy shows Mary Horton, wife of Benjamin Vail, was from David Horton.


The first husband of a Mary (Polly) Horton to a Jesse Tuthill is apparently in error. There was a Jesse Tuthill who married 1) Thankful Hallock and 2) Polly Corwin, in 1821 - but that Jesse Tuthill was born 1775 and is one or two generations downstream from these folks. I find no Jesse Tuthill this early (ie born 1730ish) in Southold.

It is possible that Mary Horton, daughter of David, was the wife of Benjamin, died 1779; and then Benjamin Vail married a second Mary Horton, daughter of William, as his second wife. However, I find no evidence that such a scenario happened.

In reviewing the information we have, one can see the following:

David did not leave a will. McLaurin cites no evidence for this daughter, or any reason why it is believed that any of this family belong to these parents. This family appears to be a combination of Hortons that couldn't be placed by a researcher anywhere else. I believe all the children of this family, except possibly the son named David, are suspect.

William did leave a will naming a Mary Vail as a daughter. We have that evidence. I see no evidence that David was married or had children or the ones listed in McLaurin are actually his. We have nothing more than an undocumented, unsourced, and unverified assertion that David had a daughter who married Benjamin Vail.

Naming patterns: Benjamin and Mary (Horton) Vail named a son Joshua - the name of the maternal grandfather of Mary Horton, daughter of William and Mehitable (Wells) Horton. They named a daughter Mehitable, the name of the wife of William Horton. Then, they named daughters Anna and Bethia, names of sisters of Mary Horton, named in William Horton's 1782 will. That adds up to names of four children matching potential maternal namesakes for the Mary, daughter of William Horton. There are no such matches for the Mary Horton, daughter of David Horton, that I see.

And, finally, Mary's sister, Hannah, a daughter of William Horton named in his will, married Jonathan Vail, brother of the subject Benjamin Vail - both sons of John and Hannah (Landon) Vail.


The wife of Benjamin-4 (John-3,2, Jeremiah-1) Vail is more likely to be the Mary Horton, daughter of William and Mehetable (Wells) Horton than she is a daughter of David Horton. Further research is warranted, particularly to determine if there is any validity to the 1779 date of death of the wife of Benjamin Vail (given, unsourced, in the Vail Genealogy). If that date were to prove true, she would not have been living in 1782, when William named his daughter Mary Vail as if she were then alive. Additional info is welcome.

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Horton, Mehetable-4 (William-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)

Could she be the wife of Walter-4 (David-3) Brown, married 2 Dec 1743 (Salmon Records)? Or did she, or another Mehetable Horton (maybe a widow) marry Walter-3 Brown?

In the corrections to the transcribed 1728 will of William Horton, we have:

Corrections Volume:

PAGE 161. 15 lines from bottom Will of William Horton also mentions daughters Mehitable and Bethia.

William Horton had sons in the 1778 Oath to the King, giving birthdates of 1709 through 1726. Most of children of William married in the 1740's.

Salmon Records has a marriage of Walter Brown to Mehitable Horton, 2 Dec 1743.

McLaurin, in his index of Hortons in the Salmon Records (Vol 2:372) did not place this Mehetable Horton. McLaurin lists this daughter of William (Vol 1:304) and shows nothing further about her.

David-3 (William-2, Richard-1) Brown, in his will dated 15 Sep 1756 mentions son Walter Brown. David Brown had children from as early as 1715 on.

I see no other "known" Mehitable Hortons or Walter Browns in this age range; however, there is an older possibility: Mary Youngs, second wife of Walter-3 (William-2, Richard) Brown, he born Jun 23, 1689, (Lucy D. Akerly, NYGBR 31, 1900 Browne, Richard, 31:65-70, 1900), died Apr 14, 1736 (SR). I have not learned a date of death for him. Could he have married a Mehetable Horton, possibly a widow, at age 54, in 1743?

There is recorded in the Salmon Records a death for a 4 year old child on 20 Mar 1747 to Walter Brown, JUNR - which could be Walter, son of David. Junr in those days was often used to distinguish between older and younger men of the same name in the community, not necessarily father and son. However, the indicated birth date of this deceased child, leading to a "conceived" date of 5 years earlier, or 1742, is problematic for coming from the Dec 1743 marriage to Mehetable Horton. It is possible the recordtaker was guessing at the age and missed it by a year.


Could Mehitable-4 Horton, daughter of William be the wife of Walter-4 Brown, son of David?

Or could a Mehitable Horton, possibly a widow, have married Walter-3 Brown, son William-2 for his third wife?

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Horton, Moses-4 (William-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)

Was NOT the father of Micah & Bethia Horton as given in Hortons in American and McLaurins Horton Genealogy. They were his siblings.

The will of William-3 Horton shows:

Dates: Written: 08/17/1728; proved: 04/01/1729. Sons: William (oldest, but underage), Moses (second son), Micah (youngest son)

The 1778 Oath to the King, showing ages of all males over 14, shows:

Horton, William, age 69, born 1709, Farmer
Horton, Moses, age 60, born 1718, Farmer
Horton, Micah, age 52, born 1726, Cordwainer
The 1778 Census showing households by village in Southold, shows, in the village of Southold:
William, 8
Micah, 8
(don't find Moses here)
These men would seem to fit the sons of the 1728 William-3 Horton will, 50 years earlier. They are born in the same order as the will, all born before 1728, and all would have been underage in 1728 (assuming a 19 year old considered "underage" in that context, re William)

The Salmon Marriage Records show:

1749 0200 Micah Horton & Bethia Tuthill
1762 0820 Micah Horton & Mehetabel Youngs - Note this is Mehetabel Cleveland, widow of Fitz John Youngs

1763 0513 Moses Horton Keziah Clark

Using the ages above, we see these entries in the Horton Genealogy are highly suspicious:

McLaurin's Horton Genealogy has page 312 devoted to Moses, married to a Mary Swezey, and had:

1) Micah, b 1730, md 1st Bethia Horton 01/19/1749, 2nd Mehetable Cleveland;
2) Bethia b 1728, md Azariah Tuthill 04/14/1746,
3) Mehetable Horton, nothing further.
A Moses Horton born 1718 could not have had children marrying in 1746 and 1749, so I suggest that Micah and Bethia are not  his. (Using 40 years of age as the earliest one could expect to be a grandfather would be 1718 plus 40 = 1758 for earliest potential marriage of oldest child.)

The daughter Mehetable was mentioned as a niece in William Horton-4's 1788 will (Moses's brother): ""To niece Mehitable Horton all things made over to me by my brother Moses Horton, dec'd."

The above evidence would seem to show that the marriages and children of for a Micah Horton belong to the, Micah Horton, brother of Moses, not his son. Similarly, the marriage and children of Bethia would seem to belong to the sister of Moses, not his daughter. (she added in Will Corrections Volume as listed daughter in William-3's will.) McLaurin mentions both Micah and Bethia as children of William and shows nothing further on them. Micah in the 1778 census, born 1726, fits perfectly the Jan 19, 1749 marriage to Bethia Tuthill and is within two years of the known birthdate of the second wife, Mehitable Cleveland, of Nov 26, 1724.

McLaurin, together with Hortons in America, continues to show that Micah had children that moved onto Minisink, Orange Co, New York... perhaps someone tried to link an Orange County set of Hortons to the wrong place in the Horton tree.... ???


Moses-4 Horton was NOT the father of Micah & Bethia Horton as given in Hortons in American and McLaurins Horton Genealogy. They were his siblings.

This pair of siblings are likely Micah and Bethia Horton that married the siblings Bethia and Azariah Tuthill, 1749 and 1746, respectively. Micah is not a common name and that marriage is almost certainly that of the son of William-3. The name Bethia is more common; but the timing, the naming of a Bethia in the will of William-3, and the fact that her husband was a sibling of the wife of Micah all contribute to concluding it very probable Bethia Horton who married Azariah Tuthill is Bethia, the daughter of William-3 Horton.

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Horton, Nathan-5 (Caleb-4, Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)

Identity of Wife

Both McLaurin and Hortons in America give the wife of this Nathan as Mehetable Case. Both give this man a brother, Nathaniel, who married Mehetable Wells. The Salmon Records clearly show the man who married Mehetable Case was Nathaniel Horton, not Nathan: "Nathll Horton & Mehtabel Case" on 15 Aug 1739.

McLaurin reports (pg 195) Nathaniel Horton married Mehitable Wells on 08/15/1739, citing the Salmon Records. But, that marriage record is for Nathaniel Horton to Mehitable Case

A Mehetable Wells with a Nathan or Nathaniel Horton as a spouse does not appear in either the 1878 or 1986 Wells Genealogies and I find no further record of the second man's wife (presumably Nathan), Mehitable Wells..

I find no record that a Nathan Horton or Mehitable Wells existed. I find no record that Caleb Horton had one son named Nathan and another named Nathaniel.

Is it possible that Nathan and Nathaniel are the same person and the families given are children of the same man by two different wives? Or could the family shown for the Nathaniel in these genealogies be a ghost family and he simply married only Mehetable Case?

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Horton, Nathaniel-5 (Caleb-4, Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1)

See Nathan-5.

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Horton, Patience md Joseph Lamb 1715?

Which Patience Horton md Joseph Lamb 16 Aug 1715 (SR)?

Her death is recorded in the Salmon Records 14 Apr 1729 (SR). A Joseph Lamb, son of Mr. Lamb, died 19 Jun 1739 (SR). A Lydia Lamb married a (___) Clark 4 Oct 1738 (SR).

The Horton Genealogies claim  Patience-3 Horton, daughter of Joshua-2 Horton was the Patience Horton in this marriage, without citing any evidence or reason.

However, there were two Patience Hortons in the 1698 Southold census. They were children in their parents homes:

Patience-4, Joshua-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1
Patience-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1.

Jonathan-2, in his 1707 will, said: "To my daughter, Abigail Horton, and my daughter, Patience Horton, each a cow when of age." This shows this Patience was underage in 1707, and probably eligible to be growing into marriagable age by 1715.


The Patience Horton who married Joseph Lamb could have been either Patience Horton. I have found no evidence that favors one over the other.

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Horton, Phebe - married Constant King 1735

A Phebe Horton is shown in a Salmon Marriage Record on 13 Feb 1735 to Constant King.

McLaurin shows this Phebe to be a daughter of David-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton.

According to the McLaurin Horton Genealogy, she was born 03 Jun 1711 and died 19 May 1789, in Black River, Morris Co, New Jersey. I presume these dates are coming from a headstone of the wife of Constant King.

David Horton left a will, dated, 1749, in which he listed his children. There is no Phebe here, and she would have been living. I find no other evidence this David had a daughter named Phebe.

William Horton died in 1728 left a will in 1728 leaving a cow to a daughter named Phebe. Neither McLaurin or I have found any further record for this Phebe.

A survey of available Phebes only shows one other, a daughter of Caleb-2, mentioned as daughter in the 1699 will of Caleb-2 Horton, probably under 14 at that time - and date of birth not compatible with the wife of Constant King.


The Phebe Horton who married Constant King was not a daughter of David Horton.

She is likely to be the daughter of William-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. This is not proven, but she is the only known Phebe Horton that could fit the above birth date and be available to marry Constant King in 1735.

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Horton, Sarah-3 (Joshua-2, Barnabas-1)

I find no evidence of a marriage to a Richard Terry, as given in McLaurin, at pg 239, 262 (ID No a-aagc), citing the Terry Genealogy and the Benjamin Genealogy.

McLaurin cites a birth record in the Southold Town Records for this Sarah Horton, 31 Mar 1674, but this record gives no parent. She is not in Joshua's will, nor in his household in the 1698 census. She simply disappears from the scene.


The Sarah Horton who was born 31 Mar 1674 (STR) was a probable grandchild of Barnabas-1, parents unknown, and probably died young or is one of the unidentified wives named Sarah in the 1698 census. She was not a daughter of Joshua and did not marry Richard Terry - these relationships for her are pure fiction.

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Horton, Simon Grover - Identity of first wife - NOT Abigail Howell

Richard Howell, in his 1758 will, left a legacy: "To my daughter, Abigail Horton, 5 shillings."

Hortons in America (pg 393) and McLaurin (pg 242), report of Simon Grover Horton, born Mar 30, 1711: " He was twice married; his first wife, ABIGAIL HOWELL, died 5 May, 1752, and 7 Jan., 1762, he married ELIZABETH FISH, daughter of Samuel Fish., Esq."

Note that the date of death of the above first wife was before the Richard Howell will.

Thomas H. Donnelly reports in his Howell Genealogy that Abigail, daughter of Richard Howell above, married (___) Horton.... she was not the wife of Simon Grover Horton, as previously conjectured." (Thomas H. Donnelly, Howell, Richard Genealogy of,  (The Genealogist 13:131-177, Fall 1999), pg 151)

In the Salmon Records, we find on 11 Dec 1778, "John Hortons Wife Abigl". As far as I am aware, neither the John or the Abigial of this death record have been been identified.


The first wife of Simon Grover Horton is unidentified.

Abigail Howell, daughter of Richard and Deborah (Reeve) Howell was the wife of an unknown Horton, possibly the Abigail, wife of an unknown John Horton, whose death is reported in the Salmon Records on 11 Dec 1778.

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