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Hallock, Abigail-2 - Was NOT the wife of Caleb Horton
Hallock, Abigail-2 - Possible wife of Joseph Reeve?
Hallock, Abigail-4 (P3,2, W1) - Did not marry Gershom Edwards
Hallock, Anna, md Thomas Conklin - Parents ?
Hallock, Benjamin Goldsmith - Wife was daughter of Richard-6 Hallock, not Rupert
Hallock, Benjamin - Which Benjamin(s)  md Booth, Horton, Hallock??
Hallock?, Bethia - Downs Genlgy says wife of Daniel Downs was daughter of Richard ?
Hallock, Bethia - daughter of Ichabod, married a Reeve > Who?
Hallock, Bethia - wife of Elijah Terry - probably daughter of John, not Peter
Hallock, Bethuel - Identity of wife: Elizabeth Terry or Hudson?
Hallock, Betsey, md Edward Reeve, was daughter of Rupert
Hallock, Betsey md Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock was daughter of Richard-6.
Hallock, Charity, b 1814, md George O. Luce > Parents
Hallock, Edwin - Identity of wife > Amanda Tuthill, daughter of Daniel
Hallock, Elizabeth - Wife of Henry Wells Robinson? Which Elizabeth ??
Hallock, Erastus - (of Cutchogue) Identity of wife
Hallock, Eunice - Wife of Barnabas Wines was daughter of Zebulon, NOT Peter Hallock
Hallock, Fanny - Wife of Isaac Case was a daughter of Richard-6 Hallock
Hallock, Hannah-4 -  Married 1) Daniel Osborn and 2) John Gardiner
Hallock, Hendrick, died 1817 - Additional children
Hallock, Ida May - wife of Clarence Youngs - daughter of Lemuel Beecher Hallock?
Hallock, James J. - Identity of wife: Mary Howell
Hallock, Joanna - Daughter of John and Joanna (Wells), married Jehiel Tuthill
Hallock, John-4, of Cutchogue, b c 1732 - wife Bethia Goldsmith, corrections to children
Hallock, John-5, of Cutchogue, b c 1753 - wife Clarinda Bloom/Buchanan, corrections to children
Hallock, Joseph E. - See Edwin
Hallock, Mary-5 - NOT the wife of Jonathan Horton
Hallock, Mehitable-3 - Wife of William Downs > Parents?
Hallock, Noah - Corrections to wife(s) and children
Hallock, Peter-0 - Named immigrant ancestor - no evidence that he existed.
Hallock, Richard-6 (R-5, Zer-4,3, Th-2, W-1) - Children
Hallock, Uriah - Is a ghost, never existed. Nickname for Zachariah Hallock
Hallock, William-2 - Corrections to his children as given by the Hallock Genealogies
Hallock, Zachariah - Identity of wife as Hannah Youngs, daughter of Daniel Youngs
Hallock, Zebulon-4 - Additional children
Raynor,  Elmira - Wife of Caleb Halsey or Caleb Halsey Vail ?

Hallock Abigail-2 (William-1) - Not Wife of Caleb Horton

Abigail-2 (William-1) Hallock did NOT marry Caleb Horton - She may have married Joseph Reeve.

The 1992 Hallock Addendum continues to spread this myth. Apparently started in the original Civil War vintage Hallock Genealogy, this myth is absolutely NOT TRUE.

The first wife of Caleb Hallock, and mother to all of his children, is unknown. A Caleb Horton did marry an Abigail Hallock on 23 Dec 1696, but that may have been (and probably was) another Abigail and/or another Caleb. Even if the Abigail-2 (daughter of Wm-1) was the Abigail Hallock of that marriage record, and Caleb-2 Horton were the groom, which is not likely, this was a late life marriage for Caleb and she was not the mother of any of his children.

The matriarch of the Hallock family, Margaret (__), the widow of William-1 Hallock, was in the Joseph Reeve household in the 1698 Southold census, with a wife for Joseph named Abigail. I see no reason for Margaret to be in this household; but a possible reason is that the wife of Joseph Reeve, Abigail (__), was Abigail-2 Hallock - who was named by her first name only in the 1764 will of William Hallock - 30 years before that couple is found in the 1698 census.

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Hallock Abigail-2 (William-1) - Possible Wife of Joseph Reeve?

The matriarch of the Hallock family, Margaret (__), wife of William-1, was in the 1698 census in the family of Joseph Reeve, who had a wife named Abigail. I know of no reason for Margaret to be in this household.  This Joseph and Abigail had a son named William, the only name I can see (besides the obiligatory Abigail) among the children that are "Hallock" given names; although Joseph Reeve's grandfather was William Purrier. This Abigail (__) Reeve died Apr 02, 1706/07, "Joseph Reeve wife Abigail" (Salmon Records).

It is also interesting that two of Joseph Reeve's brothers had unknown wives whose first names were also first names of William Hallock's daughters: William Reeve: Mary (___) Reeve, Jonathan Reeve: Martha (__) - Jonathan also had a daughter named Margaret.


Could Abigail, wife of Joseph Reeve be Abigail-2 (William-1) Hallock??

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Hallock, Abigail-4 (P3,2,  W1) Did not marry Gershom Edwards

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 144, says Abigail-4 (Peter-3, Peter-2, William-1) Hallock, who married Gershom Edwards in 1772, was "probably" daughter of Peter-3.

The marriage of a Gershom Edwards to an Abigail Hallock is recorded in Mattituck Records on Nov 14, 1771. Following that marriage are baptisms recorded for Ann, William, Abigail, Gershom, Henry, Benjamin David, Jerusha, and Benjamin Bradley, spread over the next 25 years, in the Mattituck Parish Records. This means that this Abigail Hallock could have been born no earlier than 45 years before 1796 (date of baptism of last child), or 1751; and was likely born about that time. (Assuming 45 as the oldest normal expected age for having a child, and also 20 years at marriage plus 25 years of children-bearing years shown by the baptisms.)

Peter-3 said in his 1753 will: " I leave to Abigail Halliock, Bethiah Horton, and my 7 daughters which I had by my present wife, viz., Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Mehitabel, Sarah, Patience, and Azubah Halliock, all the rest of my movable estate." Peter Hallock married Mary Booth, referred to in his will as "my present wife", on Nov 30, 1727. (Salmon Records). The Hallock Genealogy calls her a widow, but the marriage record does not indicate that.


A reasonable interpretation of the above reference in his will means his daughters Abigail and Bethia were born to an unknown first wife before 1727. Since the wife of Gershom Edwards could not have been born before 1751 - the wife of Gershom Edwards was not the daughter of Peter-3.

There is an outside possibility, due to the wording in the will, that Abigail and Bethiah were not daughters at all (sisters?) as he does not specifically say what their relationship to him is. However, the "symmetry" of the sentence would seem to imply that Abigail and Bethia were daughters from a first wife and the other seven daughters from a second, present, wife.

As a matter of note, there is an Abigail Hallock in a marriage not accounted for in the Hallock Genealogy, married Jonathan Rackett, 15 Feb 1760 (Salmon Records). A 1725 birth for Peter's Abigail would make her 35 at that time, and a good candidate for that marriage.

An Abigail Hallock was baptized to Zebulon-4 (Zebulon-3, William-2, William-1) and Abigail Homan in Cutchogue Church Records on May 06, 1753. This Abigail is ignored by the Hallock Genealogy. She would be of the right age to be the wife of Gershom Edwards, but I do not know if this is so.

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Hallock, Anna, md Thomas Conklin - Parents ?

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy (pgs 175 and 645) shows that the Anna Hallock in the Mattituck Marriage Record to Thomas Conklin was a "probable daughter" of second Zerubabel and Elizabeth (Swezey) Hallock, born about 1748.

There has been presented on the web actual copies of a bible record, showing the children of Zerubabel, which do not include this Anna. This bible record appears to have come down one of the branches of Zerubabel Hallock's children. It is not clear who wrote those entries, but appears to be either Zerubabel recording his children, or one of the children of Zerubabel recording his/her siblings' data.

In addition to not being listed in this family bible record, no such daughter is found in his will: he does not mention any daughters but Sarah [no surname shown] and Deliverance Phillips. Also mentions wife Elizabeth; sons John, Richard, Zerubbabel, Ezra, Zachariah, Daniel and Caleb; and
grandaughters Elizabeth and Deliverance Mapes. Dated 23 May 1785, proved 11 June 1800, Liber B, pp. 88-91.

Additionally, the cemetery record for Anna, the wife of Thomas Conkling, is found in Stirling cemetery next to her husband, Thomas Conkling.  She died on 2/4/1836 at the age of 81, calculating to a date of birth  between 3/1754 and 2/4/1755. Further, it is shown that this Anna was still living in 1834: Thomas Conklin, S12579, NY Line, appl 2 Oct 1832 Suffolk Cty NY aged 76 a res of Southold NY & lived there, enliseted and was born there, died 7 June 1834 & his wid Anna Conklin rec'd final payment & arrears.

An Anna Hallock is found as a daughter of John and Bethia (Goldsmith) Hallock, born Feb 16, 1755 (date from the Hallock Genealogy), at pg 411 - but the Hallock Genealogy shows nothing further on this daughter.


There is considerable doubt that Anna Hallock, wife of Thomas Conklin from their Mattituck marriage record, is the daughter of Zerubabel Hallock (not in bible record or will).

Her date of birth shown by her headstone shows she was born in the same year as an Anna, daughter of John and Bethia (Goldsmith) Hallock.

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Hallock, Benjamin - Which Benjamin(s)  md Booth, Horton, Hallock??

The Hallock Genealogy has:

Benjamin  Hallock, son of George (p 186) md Abigail (__), 15 Nov 1801
Benjamin Hallock, son of Joseph and Abigail (Hobart) Hallock (p 187) md 1) Bethia Post, 28 Feb 1788 and 2) Abigail Hallock 15 Nov 1801.
The Salmon Marriage Records show:
1788 0228 Benjamin Hallock Bethia Horton
1790 1005 Benjamin Hallock Hannah Post
1801 1116 Benjamin Hallock Abigail Hallock
So, the Hallock Genealogy has two different Benjamin Hallock's married to the same woman at the same time (Abigail Hallock); and one of them married to a lady whose first name and last name (Bethia Post vs Hannah Post - Bethia Post vs Bethia Horton) have been mixed from two different women who were two distinct and separate wives of a Benjamin Hallock.

Hortons in America (p 410), says the Bethia Horton who married a Benjamin Hallock was a daughter of Silas Horton and Mary Bull, of Orange County. It was not unusual for Orange Co residents with Long Island roots to marry their Long Island "cousins", but does raise a shade of doubt over which Benjamin Hallock she married.


Which Benjamin Hallock married which of these three women??

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Hallock, Benjamin Goldsmith- Wife was daughter of Richard, not Rupert, Hallock

See discussion under Richard-6 Hallock that shows the wife of Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock was Betsey-7 Hallock, daughter of Richard-6 Hallock, not Rupert Hallock, as given in the Hallock Genealogy.

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Hallock, Bethia - wife of Daniel Downs?

The Downs Genealogy (Arthur Channing Downs, Jr., Downs Family of Long Island,  (1959, privately printed), pg 66.) says that the wife of Daniel-5 (Daniel-4,3, John-2, Wm-1) Downs was Bethia Hallock, daughter of Richard-5 (Zerubabel-4,3, Thomas-2, Wm-1) and Rachel (Aldrich?) Hallock.

This daughter is not shown in either the 1928 Hallock Genealogy or 1992 Hallock Addendum.

The author of the Downs Genealogy cites no evidence to support this identity for her, giving as his source a 1934 Hallock addendum which apparently was ignored or rejected by the 1992 Addendum.

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Hallock, Bethia - daughter of Ichabod, married a Reeve > Who?

The will of Ichabod Hallock, written and proved in 1769, says: "I leave to my daughter, Bethiah Reeve, 10."

Which Reeve did Bethia Hallock marry - who were her children?

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Hallock, Bethia - wife of Elijah Terry - probably daughter of John, not Peter

The Salmon Records show a marriage of Elijah Terry to Bethia Hallock, on Mar 12, 1778.

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy assigns this marriage "probably" to Bethia Hallock, a daughter of Peter-3 (Peter-2, William-1). The 1992 Hallock Addendum corrects this woman to be "probably" daughter of John-4 (Zebulon-3, William-2,1).

The daughter of Peter-3 was referred to in his 1753 will as Bethia Horton, being from his first wife, and therefore being born before 1727 (date of marriage to his second wife Mary Booth).

A daughter of John and Bethia (Goldsmith) Hallock named Bethia is shown as baptized 10 Dec 1758 (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony - Baptisms,  (New York, 1940), pg 154)

A baptism in the same community occurred May 29, 1757 for Elijah Terry, son of Elijah and Deborah (Tuthill) Terry. (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony - Baptisms,  (New York, 1940), pg 152.)

Thus, although no absolute proof is found, the correction in the 1992 Hallock Addendum is probably a better match than the one in the 1928 Hallock Genealogy - as we have two persons baptized together in the same community a year apart from each other.


Bethia Hallock, wife of Elijah Terry, was probably a daughter of John and Bethia (Goldsmith) Hallock, of Cutchogue.

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Hallock, Bethuel - Identity of wife: Elizabeth Terry or Hudson?

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 195, says Bethuel Evander Hallock, son of Bethuel and Mary (Corwin) Hallock), married Elizabeth Terry in 1838, she born 1819.

Mallman says that Daniel and Elizabeth (Stillman) Hudson had a daughter, Elizabeth Hudson, who married Bethuel E. Hallock on Jan 24, 1837; she born 20 Jan 1819. (Jacob E. Mallman, Shelter Island and Its Church - Historical Papers on,  (New York, 1899), pg 205)

The Hallock Genealogy also says Bethuel E and Elizabeth Hallock had a daughter, Elsie May, born 1739 - then a next daughter, Mary E.  born 1747 - the 1850 census indicates Elsie May was born 1740 and Mary E. born 1747. This 7 year spread in ages of daughters could indicate a period of "widowerhood."


Is one source right and one wrong?

Or, could there be two wives for Bethuel? And/or, two husbands for a single Elizabeth (one Terry and one Hallock)?

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Hallock, Betsey - Daughter of Rupert, md Edward Reeve, not Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock

According to  Frost 'L. I. Cemeteries' vol. 7, pp. 57-72; L. D. S. microfilm #0017118, Betsey Hallock, daughter of Rupert Hallock, died 29 Mar 1829, age 26 years 5 months, buried Mattituck Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Suffolk County, NY, as the wife of Edward Reeve. I don't know the source for Frost's information. That Edward Reeve is son of Jame and Mehitable (Downs) Reeve, and married second, Mary Ann Benjamin.

The Hallock Genealogy says Betsey, daughter of Rupert Hallock, married Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock. Mattituck Cemetery Records shows the wife of "B. Goldsmith" was a daughter of David B. Hallock, in commentary added by the transcriber.

Both of the Hallock Genealogy and the transcriber's comments in the Mattituck Parish Records are wrong.

The Betsey Hallock, wife of Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock was named a daughter by Richard-6 Hallock in his 1839 will. See will of Richard-6 Hallock. This would seem to corroborate the statement by Frost that the daughter of Rupert Hallock married Edward Reeve, although I have no direct evidence to confirm that assertion.

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Hallock, Charity, b 1814, md George O. Luce > Parents

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy shows the Charity Hallock, born 1814, who married George O. Luce was a daughter of John Sceptor and Abigail (Terry) Hallock (pg 422)

The 1992 Hallock Addendum moves her to be a daughter of John and Joanna (Wells) Hallock. This John being a son of Capt Zachariah. (Pg JH-1).

The 1992 Addendum gives no reason for the move.

Additional info is welcome.

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Hallock, (Joseph) Edwin - Identity of wife > Amanda Tuthill, daughter of Daniel

The 1928 genealogy gives the identity of the wife of Joseph E. Hallock, known as Edwin Hallock, born 1816, as Amanda A. (___), married "about 1837".

Mallman says Amanda Tuthill, born 3 Apr 1818 to Daniel and Keturah (Terry) Tuthill, married Joseph E. Hallock in 1837. (Jacob E. Mallman, Shelter Island and Its Church - Historical Papers on,  (New York, 1899), pg 207.)

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Hallock, Elizabeth - Wife of Henry Wells Robinson? Which Elizabeth ??

A posting to LI Rooters shows the wife of Henry Wells-3 (Jonathan-2, Daniel-1) Robinson as an Elizabeth Hallock.

I do not find such a marriage for an Elizabeth Hallock in either the 1928 Hallock Genealogy or 1992 Addendum.

Who was the wife of Henry Wells Robinson??

Additional info is welcome.

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Hallock, Erastus - Identity of Wife

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 281, gives the wife of Erastus Hallock as Beula M., married in 1815. In the Cutchogue Marriage Records, we find:

Oct 19, 1815 - Erastus Hallock with Beulah Payne

Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony - Marriages,  (New York, 1940), Pg 157.

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Hallock, Eunice-4 - Wife of Barnabas Wines was daughter of Zebulon, NOT Peter Hallock

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy shows the parents of Eunice Hallock who married Barnabas Wines Nov 16, 1758, was "probably daughter of Peter, Jr and Mary Hallock".

The 1761 will of Zebulon-3 (Thomas-2, William-1) Hallock, shows: "To my youngest daughter, Eunice Wines, 100". The 1753 will of Peter-3 (Peter-2, William-1) Hallock listed nine daughters, none of which was a Eunice.


The wife of Barnabas Wines was Eunice Hallock, daughter of Zerubabel and Esther (Osman) Hallock.

The 1992 Hallock Addendum does contain this correction (pg THb-3).

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Hallock, Fanny - wife of Isaac Case

A Fanny Hallock, born about abt 1814, married Isaac Case in 1834. He was born Jan 13, 1813, the son of Jeremiah and Keziah (Widow Mayo) Case (See History of Church of Shelter Island). She is not mentioned in the Hallock Genealogy. She was named a daughter in the 1839 will of Richard-6 Hallock, as the wife of Isaac Case. See Richard-6 Hallock below.

Hallock, Hannah-4 (Peter-3, Peter-2, William-1)
This Hannah Hallock is not listed in the published Hallock Genealogies. A Hannah Hallock (no last name given)  is included in the 1753 will of Peter-3, Peter-2, William-1 Hallock, as one of seven named as from his "present wife"

This Hannah is doubtless the one who married 1) Daniel Osborn, Apr 1755: "Daniel Osborn and Hannah Hallock dau of Ensign Peter" (Cutchogue Marriage Records) and 2) John Gardiner, 05/17/1783 - "John Gardenner & Wid Hanna.. osborn" (SR-Salmon Records).

There is a Hannah listed in the Hallock Genealogy as daughter of Jonathan-3, John-2, William-1 as married a "Mr. Osborn"; but that Hannah was single when her father (Jonathan-3) wrote his will in 1758, . That Hannah may have married an Osborn/Osman, but could not be in these marriages because of the date problems; or the Hallock Genealogy confused the two.

If Hannah Hallock, daughter of Peter married Daniel Osborn, she married a man as old as her father when she was in her early 20's. She could not have married the son of this Daniel, also named Daniel Osborn, as he was 37 years old in the 1778 census (born 1741), and is therefore ruled out of this marriage (only 14 years old in 1755). (This son, Daniel, was living in 1783, when the widow Hannah Osborn married John Gardiner, and in fact, served as the executor of John Gardiner's will.). This age disparity gives rise to the thought she could be from Peter-2 Hallock (rather than Peter-3), if he could qualify under the title of "ensign Peter", as given in her Cutchogue marriage record. However, her age, as given by the Gardiner genealogy, apparently from her headstone, gives a year of birth of 1729-1730. This is after Peter-2 died and after the Nov 30, 1727 marriage date of Peter-3 to the widow Mary (__) Booth, his second wife (she so described in his will.). Thus, this lady is more likely the daughter Hannah named by Peter-3 Hallock in his will.

"Descendants of Lyon Gardiner", pg 125, says:

"John5 Gardiner (David4, David3, David2, Lion1), son of David and Elizabeth (Wickham) Gardiner, of Southold, was b. 1727, m., first, Mary Reeve, who d. 12 Nov., 1781, ae. 51; m., second, Hannah (???), who d. 12 March, 1787, ae. 57. He d. 19 Oct., 1795, ae. 68. All buried at Mattituck and have grave stones there."

Although both of these men had children by other wives, I have not uncovered any clues that this Hannah Hallock was the mother of any of their children.


Salmon Deaths & Marriages:

11/20/1735 - Danll Osbun & Mehetabel Wines
11/1749 - "(__?__) Gardiner & Mary Reeve"
18 Feb 1754 - Died: "Daniel Osbons wife Mehetabel"
05/01/1755 - "Daniel osbon & .......a Hallock"
05 Aug 1779 - Died: "Capt Daniel osborn   67"
05/17/1783 - John Gardenner & Wid Hanna.. osborn"

Cutchogue Marriages:

Apr 1755: Daniel Osborn and Hannah Hallock dau of Ensign Peter" (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony - Marriages, (New York, 1940), p 147.)

This Hannah is NOT included in the list of children of Peter and Mary (Widow? Booth) Hallock at p 536 of Hallock Genealogy. She IS listed in his will (first name only), in list of seven from "present wife", therefore born after Nov 30, 1727. Gardiner Genealogy says Hannah, 2nd wife of John Gardiner died 03/12/1787, age 57 = 1731. Ensign Peter Hallock and the (widow?) Mary Booth were married Nov 30, 1727 (SR). This date of birth rules her out as being from Peter-2.

Peter Hallock's 04/11/1753 will: "....and my 7 daughters which I had by my present wife, viz., Hannah..." (Listed first, last name not given). (The Hallock Genealogy also does not mention a first wife for Peter, either, but he doubtless had one as he named two women (Abigail Hallock and Bethia Horton), almost certainly daughters, specifically not from his "present" wife.)


Will of Mary (Hudson) Reeve, below, named son-in-law John Gardiner in 1782.

Abstracts of Wills Vol X 1780-1782
Pg 278

Page 76.--In the name of God, Amen. January 29, 1782. I, MARY REEVES, of Southold, County of Suffolk, spinster, being weak and sickly in body. I leave to my grandchild, Mary Reeve, all the clothes that have been made for her since she has been with me. Unto my son, Ebenezer Reeve, my negro man named Reuben. Unto my son-in-law, John Gardiner, and to my son-in-law, William Corwin, and his wife all the remainder of my estate, consisting in money, goods, and chattels, to be equally divided.

This John Gardiner would then have the following children and wives:

Descendants of John Gardiner

 1   John Gardiner 1727 - 1795
.  +Mary Reeve 1731 - 1781
... 2   David Gardiner 1750 - 1786
......  +First Wife? 1750 -
...  *2nd Wife of David Gardiner:
......  +Jerusha Strong 1752 -
... 2   John Gardiner 1752 -
......  +Abigail Worth 1764 - 1800
...  *2nd Wife of John Gardiner:
......  +Margaret Moore 1769 -
... 2   James Gardiner 1757 -
......  +Charity Howell 1760 -
... 2   Martha Gardiner 1759 - 1792
......  +William Horton 1739 - 1804
... 2   May Gardiner 1761 -
... 2   Jared Gardiner 1767 - 1802
... 2   Benjamin Gardiner 1772 -

*2nd Wife of John Gardiner:
+Hannah Hallock 1730 - 1787


Father was "Ensign Peter"

Hannah's father is identified in her Cutchogue marriage record as "Ensign Peter". Peter-3 is not given a title in the Hallock Genealogy. He is called "Mr." on his tombstone (Mattituck Burying Ground, p 368). His son was variously called Capt and Major. William-2 had another Peter, born about 1694, but he is likely the one who married Sybil Hudson, Mar 1734, too late to be the father of this Hannah. He died intestate, no known children. The third Peter in this time frame was Peter-3, son of John, b abt 1689, married Abigial Powell, but he was almost certainly a Quaker and removed off the island at some point.



Hannah-4 Hallock, dau of Ensign Peter-3 (Peter-2, William-1) Hallock, is almost certainly the Hannah Hallock who married 1) Daniel Osborn and 2) John Gardiner

John Gardiner married 1) Mary Reeve (dau of James and Mary (Hudson) Reeve)  and 2) Hannah Hallock, daughter of Ensign Peter.

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Hallock, Hendrick, died 1817 - Additional children

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy lists two children for Hendrick(son) and Sarah (__) Hallock of Rocky Point, Brookhaven: Herman and Hendrick. In his 1817 will, Hendrick(son) adds two daughters not in the Hallock Genealogy:

Sarah Ann
This will is shown with a header of Hendrickson Hallock, but signed Hendrick. It says nothing further about the daughters, so we have no hint as to their ages or marital status. A timeline of the family suggests they may have been born in the 1790's, plus or minus 10 years. A Timothy Miller served as co-executor and witnesses were: Russell Green, Peter Scidmore, and Phillip Hallock (Phillip the brother of Hendrick).

Elizabeth R. Van Buren, Will of Hallock, Hendrickson - 1817/1817,  (Will Abstracts of Suffolk Co, NY, Liber D, pg 7, LDS Film 860327).

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Hallock, Ida May - wife of Clarence Youngs - daughter of Lemuel Beecher Hallock?

Pg 332 of the Youngs Genealogy reports the wife of Clarence J. Youngs to be Ida Hallock, daughter of "L. Beecher Hallock".

There is no such Ida Hallock with a separate entry in the Hallock Genealogy. The closest match for "L. Beecher" is Lemuel Beecher Hallock, born 1849, married Mary Eliza Dayton, Apr 11, 1877. Since the date is very late for Ida to have been of age by the time of her marriage to Clarence J. Youngs, Jan 04, 1893, she could be from a first wife, if she is from this Lemuel Beecher Hallock. Or, she could have married at a very young age of 15-16.

Further information is welcome.

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Hallock, James J. - Identity of wife: Mary Howell

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 392, shows the family of James J. Hallock of Sugar Loaf, Orange Co, New York, born 1798, wife unknown.

The 2000 Genealogy of Richard Howell (Thomas Donnelly) asserts the wife of this James J. Hallock to be Mary-5 Howell, daughter of Noble-4 (David-3,2, Richard-1) and Tabitha (Mapes) Howell, also of Sugar Loaf. No evidence is given there to support this identity for her.

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Hallock, Joanna - Daughter of John and Joanna (Wells) Hallock, married Jehiel Tuthill

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 408, lists children of John and Joanna (Wells) Hallock, not including a daughter named Joanna.

Mallman reports that Jehiel Tuthill, son of Daniel and Keturah (Terry) Tuthill, married Joanna Hallock, born 5 Nov 1808, daughter of John and Joanna (Wells) Hallock. (Jacob E. Mallman, Shelter Island and Its Church - Historical Papers on,  (New York, 1899), pg 215.)

I have no further info to support this assertion by Mallman.

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Hallock, John-4, of Cutchogue, b c 1732 - wife Bethia Goldsmith, corrections to children

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 411, shows John Hallock, son of Zebulon and Martha (Reeve) Hallock, b c 1732, md Bethia (___) and had John, 1753; Anna, bapt 02/16/1755; Luther, 1758; and Mehetable, 1760. Luther married Eunice Case, no date given.

The 1992 Addendum, pg WH-3, adds to Bethia a last name of Goldsmith, and adds Bethia Hallock, wife of Elijah Terry, as a probable daughter of this John of Cutchogue, born Sep 1758 per headstone, died 19 Dec 1840, age 82y, 3 mos.

In the Salmon Records, we find a marriage of John Hallock to Bethia Goldsmith: Dec 07, 1752.

In the 1810 Census, a Luther Hallock is found: age 26-45, oldest he can be is 1810-45 = 1765. We also find a marriage record for Luther Hallock to Eunice Case in the Salmon Records: Mar 21, 1792. Using 1765 as a date of birth, he would be 27 when he married.

In the Cutchogue Church records, we find a child baptized to John and Bethia Hallock: Prudence Hallock: Oct 31, 1756. This Prudence, is probably too old to be the one who married Benjamin Luce. The 1928 Hallock Genealogy says Prudence, a daughter of John-5 Hallock was born c 1771 and married Benjamin Luce. In the 1819 will of John-5 Hallock, presumed to be the son of this John-4 Hallock, we find no daughter Prudence named, and furthermore, it would appear that John did not marry till 1788, 16 years later than 1771 - her indicated date of birth.

A Bethia Goldsmith was referred to as a daughter in the 1757 will of Joshua Goldsmith.

Mehitable was referred to as his children's aunt in the 1819 will of John-5, son of this John-4 (see below).

The 1819 will of John-5 Hallock refers to the will of his father, which I have not yet found.


To the Hallock Genealogies, I suggest: Add the specific dates above. Bethia Goldsmith was possibly the daughter of Joshua Goldsmith, died 1757. Change Luther's date of birth to c1765. Add a daughter Prudence, born Oct 31, 1756, died before 1771. Add the Prudence, born c1771 who married Benjamin Luce to the family of John-4 and remove her from John-5's list of children.

See more under John-5 below.

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Hallock, John-5, of Cutchogue, b c 1753 - wife Clarinda Bloom, corrections to children

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, p 412, says John-5 Hallock, son of John-4 and Bethia (Goldsmith) Hallock  was born 1753, md abt 1770 an unknown person, and had Prudence, Bertha G., Sarah-Glover, Samuel, William, Huldah-Howell, John Scepter, Jr., Erastus - all born 1771-1794.

The 1992 Addendum adds no further information about this John.

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, at the entry for Huldah Hallock-Howell (listed as daughter of John above), says she was a daughter of Daniel and Mary (Wells) Hallock.

The 1819 will of a John Hallock of Southold: Elizabeth R. Van Buren, Will of Hallock, John - 1819/1819,  (Will Abstracts of Suffolk Co, NY, Liber D, pg 18, LDS Film 860327).

"John Hallock, of Southold, 24 May 1819. Bequests for widowhood to wife Clarinda with residence. Legacies to daughters Bethia G. and Clarinda, with maintenance and personalty; and to Catherine, daughter of son William. Farm to son Erastus and same to son John S., who is to provide for his aunt Mehitable according to the terms of "my father's will." Exts: wife and son Erastus. Wits: Lathrop Thompson, Joseph Glover, Ira Corwin. Codicil directs John and Erastus to pay $5 yearly to for five years to son William. Pro: 1 Dec 1819. pp 237-240."

For marriage records, we have the following records of possibly to probably the same couple with two different surnames for the bride (note the dates are the same in the two records). Whether she could be a Bloom, widow Buchanan, or a Buchanan, widow Bloom, I do not know.

In the Salmon Records, we find a marriage record for a John Hallock to Clare Bloom, dated 11/23/1788.

In the marriage records of the Rev Zachariah Greene, we find: "11/23/1788: John Halliock, Southold & Clarissa Buchanan, Shelter Island."

It is obvious that the Hallock Genealogy gave this John a date of birth of c1753 to try to "squeeze" the daughter Prudence (who is more likely his sister) into his family as a daughter (see notes on her parentage in separate sketch above, under John-4). If the Clare Bloom marriage is his (likely -  will named wife Clarinda), that was 16 years after the indicated date of birth for Prudence, which must hold in order to fit her into the marriage with Benjamin Luce. Because of this time difference, the fact that John did not name a daughter Prudence in his 1819 will, and the fact this John's parents did have a daughter named Prudence, baptized 1756 - and it was not unusual to name a second child with the name of a deceased child - I conclude it more likely that Prudence was a daughter of John-4 than John-5. If she was from John-5, it was likely from an earlier wife than Clarinda Bloom - but, again, he did not mention her in his will.


John-5 may have been born c1753, but possibly a touch later. He married, for probably his only wife and probably mother of all of his children, Clarinda (Bloom) Buchanan or Clarinda (Buchanan) Bloom.  (One of which was probably her maiden name, the other probably a married name as a widow) on 11/23/1788 (SR).

For his children, move the Prudence who married Benjamin Luce to be a sister of this John; add a daughter named Clarinda; either strike or show as died before 1819: Sarah and Samuel; strike Huldah; and change Bertha to be Bethia.

Change all of their dates of birth to cascade in two year increments after 1788, not 1771 (a sixteen year difference), as the Hallock Genealogy shows.

And, finally, add a granddaughter, Catherine, daughter of the son, William. (named in his will cited above.)

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Hallock, Mary-5 (James-4, Zerubabel-3, Thomas-2, William-1), b c 1765

The identity of wife Jonathan-5 (Barnabas-4, James-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1)  Horton was probably not Mary Hallock, as given by some sources.

The wife of Jonathan Horton, b 1765, is referred to in Hortons in America as "Miss Hallock".

Hallock Gen, pg 482, refers to Mary Hallock, daughter of Capt William and Sarah (Saxton) Hallock, born 1766, as the woman who married Jonathan Horton on 2 Dec 1786.

History of Mattituck, pg 206, says Mary Hallock, daughter of James & Mary (Post) Hallock married Jonathan Horton. (Hallock Genealogy shows such a daughter for James and Mary, but gives no spouse or other info on her.)

Salmon Records shows: "Jonathen Horton & mary Hull", 21 Dec 1786; with footnote: "Hallock, written first, then struck out and Hull written under." (Note also there is no Salmon marriage entry for 2 Dec 1786, the date given by Hallock Gen).

A daughter, Elizabeth Hull Horton, was baptized to Jonathan and Mary Horton, 24 Jul 1802, in Records of First Church of Southold, LI.

Conclusion: the wife of this Jonathan Horton was probably not a Mary Hallock, but a Mary Hull. I have not identified her parents.

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Hallock, Mehetable-3 - Wife of William Downs

The Salmon Records show a marriage 18 Mar 1724 of William Downs to Mehetable Hallock.

The Hallock Genealogy, 1928, pg 500, says: "probably daughter of Thomas & Hope Hallock". The 1992 Hallock Addendum continues this identity for her.

William-2 Hallock named a daughter Mehetable in his 1728 will by her first name. I am not aware of any evidence that Thomas had a daughter named Mehetable.


The Mehetable Hallock who married William Downs was likely a daughter of William-2, not Thomas-2.

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Hallock, Noah - Corrections to wife(s) and children

The 1928 Hallock Geneaology, pg 522, shows Noah Hallock, of Mt. Sinai, Brookhaven, LI, son of Noah-4 (Noah-3, Peter-2, Wm-1) and Ann (__) Hallock, b 1758 and died Oct 23, 1818. Married Sarah Thorne Mar 15, 1780, and had Daniel Miner Hallock, abt 1781; and Noah Hallock abt 1783. Noah Hallock, Jr. died 18 Feb 1792.

As shown at page 522 under his father's sketch, this Noah was probably from first wife Nancy Hendrickson, not second wife, Ann (___).

A will for a Noah Hallock, of Brookhaven, probably this one, is found at page 17, Liber D, Suffolk Co Will abstracts. This will shows wife Mehitable, son Miner, and daughter Hetta (nickname for Mehitable?), wife of William L. Jones - who served as co-executor.. This will was witnessed by Philip Hallock. The Noah Hallock described above is shown with a brother Philip in the Hallock Genealogy, giving further confirmation, beyond the dates and a son named Miner, that this will belongs to the above mentioned Noah Hallock. (Elizabeth R. Van Buren, Will of Hallock, Noah - 1817/1819, (Will Abstracts of Suffolk Co, NY, Liber D, pg 17, LDS Film 860327).

Because of the likelihood that the name Hetta comes from the (second?) wife Mehitable, it would seem more likely this daughter was from the second wife named Mehitable than the first wife named Sarah Thorne.


To the family of this Noah Hallock from the Hallock Genealogy, add a second wife named Mehitable (__), and a daughter named Hetta (Mehitable?), with a husband for her named William L. Jones.

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Hallock, Peter

Identified in all published Hallock genealogies as the partriarch of the Hallock family in the United States. There has never been any evidence found that an early Peter Hallock even existed or came to America. Because of this, I believe our true immigrant "father", William Hallock should be given his due respect and recognition; and therefore use William as the first generation.

As a side note, there are some compiled genealogies that not only show this man, but show a wife of Frances Paxton for him. This is absolutely untrue. Frances Paxton was a wife of Edward-1 Howell of Southampton. Included in the Hallock Genealogy is an unproven theory of a "widow" Howell who married this Peter - but that widow Howell was supposedly the mother of Richard-1 Howell of Southold - these Howells of Southold had no known relationship to the Howells of Southampton.

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Hallock, Richard-6 (Richard-5, Zerubabel-4,3, Thomas-2, William-1) - Correction to Children and Wife

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy shows the only child of this Richard-5 Hallock, son of Deacon Richard and Mary (Aldrich?) Hallock, born Nov 13, 1771, to be a Nathan Tuthill Hallock. Further, it shows elsewhere a Betsey Ann as a daughter of Rupert Hallock, married Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock, and it does not include an entry for a Fanny Hallock who married an Isaac Case. (See pp 189, 195, 553, 563 of 1928 Hallock Genealogy and RHf-1 of 1992 Addendum ). Richard Hallock's will follows:

Abstracts of wills, recorded at Riverhead, Suffolk County, New York, Van Buren, Elizabeth R, Liber H,  FHL Film 860327.

"Richard Hallock, of Southold, 15 Jun 1839. Bequests and legacy to wife Mary with use of home. Legacies to daughters Fanny, wife of Isaac Case, and Betsey Goldsmith [sic]. Balance to son Nathan T. Exts: wife and Benjamin Hallock. Wits: Silas and David A. Horton, Luther T. Wells. Heirs: son Nathan Tuthill Hallock, Betsey Ann, wife of Benjamin Hallock (written Benjamin G. Hallock in papers) and Mary, wife of testator; Benjamin Hallock. Petition filed 10 Sep 1839. Pro: 8 Oct 1839. pp 134-137. File 3049."

[Note the [sic] next to Goldsmith is added by me to the above quote. Goldsmith was Benjamin Hallock's middle name.]

Mallman reports that the wife of this Richard Hallock was Mary Tuthill, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth (Hudson) Tuthill (Jacob E. Mallman, Shelter Island and Its Church - Historical Papers on,  (New York, 1899), pg 204 and 207). This sketch does show that Elizabeth Hallock married Benjamin G. Hallock, but shows the daughter Fanny died young, which is obviously not the case. (no pun intended <g>)
Richard-6 Hallock and his wife, Mary Tuthill, daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth (Hudson) Tuthill - had (from will):
Nathan Tuthill Hallock
Betsey, married Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock
Fanny, married Isaac Case
The Betsey Hallock who married Benjamin Goldsmith Hallock was not a daughter of Rupert Hallock. Frost's notes on Suffolk Co cemeteries indicates that Betsey Ann, daughter of Rupert, married Edward Reeve. See Betsey Ann Hallock above.

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Hallock, Uriah

The 1928 Hallock genealogy lists a Uriah Hallock and even gives him a family of a son named Uriah married Mary Aldrich, 15 Jun 1800 (Mattittuck Presbyterian Church Record). This "Uriah" is also listed under that name in the 1778 census by village, showing household size (Compiled by Kenneth Scott, 1778 Suffolk Co, NY Census - NGS Quarterly,  (FTM CD, Volume not given). The Hallock Genealogy says "thought to have been a son of William and Sarah"... (Saxton).

This person, as a separate identity in the Hallock Genealogy, is a ghost. Uriah is a nickname for Zachariah. The person being seen in records as "Uriah" is Zachariah Hallock, son of Zerubabel I Hallock (married, prob Hannah Youngs). His son, Zachariah Hallock II, is the one who married Mary Aldrich.

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Hallock, William-2 (William-1)


The Hallock Genealogies from the 1800's scramble the family of this ancestor and the 1992 Hallock Addendum offers a couple of corrections, but stops short of clearing up his family. Following are corrections I propose to the children of William-2 Hallock.

Additionally, the 1992 Hallock Addendum adds an identity for the wife of William from Mary (_?_) to Mary Horton. There is no evidence that I have seen that this is the case, and her identity as a Horton does not fit the wills of any man who could have been her father - so this is very doubtful.

The Hallock Genealogy gives the following children: Joshua, Peter, Prudence, Zebulon, William, Jr., Frances, Mary. The Hallock Genealogy says John Griffin was the spouse of Prudence and an unnamed Griffin was the husband of Frances.

William Hallock's 1728 will gives the following children:

Sons: Zebulon, Peter
Daughters: In a list of "my  five daughters" given a legacy of 3 shillings are: Jerusha, Prudence, Mary, Mehitabel and Abigail ; but mention is also made twice of a sixth daughter named Margaret. Abigail & Margaret are referred to as not married.
The 1698 census has: William, Mary, William junjr, (Ruth Howell), Prudence, Zebulon, Mary junjr  (721-727).

Additionally, the Salmon Death Records show:

21 Jul 1699 "Wm Hallock a child"
30 Jun 1717 "[W]m Hallock junr ag 27" (born 1690)
Note there are two William Hallocks in the 1698 census that could be the Wm Hallock who died in Jun 1717 - one is son of Peter-2 and one is son of William-2 Hallock. The Hallock Genealogy says both died young. The 1992 Hallock Genealogy says that this record belongs to William-1's son Peter-2, but the Salmon Record clearly shows "[W]m"; and Peter was living in 1728, when William-2 wrote his will. Further, the 1717 date of death for the son William-3 would explain why he was not mentioned in the 1728 will of his father.

Salmon Marriage Records show the following marriages, all but two ignored by the Hallock Genealogies:

Nov 1709: Hezekiah Reeve & Jerusha Hallock
24 Nov 1715:  John Griffing & Prudence Hallock
10 Oct 1717: John Cleaves & Mary Hallock
21 Jul 1719: Zebulon Hallock & Martha Reeve
18 Mar 1724 William Downs & Mehitable Hallock
May 1734: Peter Hallock & Sybil Hudson
14 Nov 1734 Joseph Landon & Margaret Hallock
18 Apr 1737 Simon Moore & Abigail Hallock
The Hallock Genealogy ignores most of these marriage records and does not account for them; while their names match the names given in William's 1728 will. The 1928 Hallock Genealogy does have a Mehitable Hallock married William Downs and says: "probably a daughter of Thomas-2", and the 1992 Addendum continues this identity. The 1992 Addendum adds the Jerusha Hallock md Hezekiah Reeve & Mary Hallock md John Cleaves to be daughters of William-2.

Notice how the names also seem to fit timelines based on what we know (except for Jerusha, see below). William states that Abigail and Margaret are unmarried in 1728 will, and implies that the others are married. That is the situation shown in the above marriages, ie Abigail & Margaret married after 1728 and the rest are married before 1728. Note also that the two daughters in the 1698 census marry within twenty years of the census (Prudence and Mary); and that the others are spaced far enough away from the 1698 census to have been born after the census (except for Jerusha).

The single timing problem is Jerusha. She is mentioned first in list of daughters in William's 1728 will (implied that she was married and that she was oldest). Her marriage date is 9 Nov 1709; meaning she had to have been alive in 1698, when the Southold census was taken. But no such name is listed in the 1698 census. One must conclude that she was simply missed or was elsewhere when the census was taken. This is not unusual, by the way. There are numerous people we find in post-1698 Southold that we know were alive when the census was taken and are not included in the census. Some may have been on Shelter Island or in Setauket, or in other places where censuses were not taken on that date, or the census does not survive. Note that even in William's household he had a visitor/guest by the name of Ruth Howell. There is one set of Hallock families not in the 1698 Southold Census: the family of John, reputed to have "ten" daughters, but names for most are unknown - lived in Setauket. John did have a daughter named Mary (but married Amos Willets), Abigail (but whose death is reported in Friends records with her maiden name and as unmarried), Margaret (but married John Powell). It is also worthy of note that this woman (Jerusha) married before the other daughters of William and was named first in the list of those daughters in his will. In spite of the report that John-2 had more unknown daughters, Jerusha's name in the 1728 will of William-2 and links to no other Hallocks strongly suggests the Jerusha Hallock who married Hezekiah Reeve is the daughter of William-2 in spite of her not being listed in the 1698 census.

Now the final piece: Joshua Hallock. Joshua Hallock was a real person, did exist, and has a nice size set of descendants. I have read that his inclusion as a son of William, even though not mentioned in his will, is based on a recollection of a Civil War era elderly Hallock descendant of relationships relayed to him by his father. Joshua is almost definitely a grandson of William-1, but it is uncertain which of the sons is his father. It would seem that since William left a detailed will, and sons John, Thomas and Peter did not, it would be more likely to be one of the other brothers, but which one is not known. I am listing Joshua as a grandchild of William-1, parents unknown.

So, in the final analysis of the Hallock Genealogy entry: subtract Frances as a ghost. Show Joshua as a probably grandchild of William-1 Hallock, parents unknown. Referring to the Hallock Genealogy, we then have left Zebulon, William, Peter, Prudence, and Mary; to which we add: a child dead in 1699, Jerusha, Mehitable, Margaret, and Abigail from his will. The children in the census, plus Jerusha, would be born before 1698, and the children following them born after 1698. Thus, we have for a revised list of children of William, and their spouses:

Descendants of William Hallock

 1   William Hallock 1667 - 1736
      Wife of William Hallock:
..  +Mary (___) 1667 - 1752

..... 2   William Hallock 1690 - 1717
..... 2   Prudence Hallock 1690 - 1758
.........  +John Griffin 1680 - 1723
.....  *2nd Husband of Prudence Hallock:
.........  +Richard Howell 1683 - 1769
..... 2   Jerusha Hallock 1692 - 1738
.........  +Hezekiah Reeve 1690 - 1770
..... 2   Peter Hallock 1694 - 1740
.........  +Sybil Hudson 1694 - 1740
..... 2   Zebulon Hallock 1696 - 1785
.........  +Martha Reeve 1701 - 1780
..... 2   Mary Hallock 1697 - 1784
.........  +John Cleaves 1686 - 1760
..... 2   Child Hallock 1699 - 1699
..... 2   Mehetible Hallock 1704 - 1738
.........  +William Downs 1700 - 1771
..... 2   Margaret Hallock 1710 - 1776
.........  +Joseph Landon 1708 - 1773
..... 2   Abigail Hallock 1712 - 1758
.........  +Simon Moore 1717 - 1802

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Hallock, Zachariah - Identity of wife as Hannah Youngs, daughter of Daniel Youngs

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy identities the wife of Zachariah-5 (Zerubabel-4,3, Thomas-2, William-1) Hallock as Hannah (___). The 1992 Hallock Addendum continues her identity as unknown.

Pioneers of Riverhead, Virginia Wines,  says: "........Possibly, it was the home of Richard Swezey which became the first known residence of Capt. Zachariah Hallock (1749 - 1820) and his wife Hannah (Young) Hallock.  He married Hannah, the daughter of Daniel and Mary (Penny) Young in 1771.   On March 30, 1780 he purchased "one equal half" of a strip of land bounded north by Long Island Sound which included the northern part of Richard Swezey's farm with a small house.  Hallock family records indicate that Capt. Zachariah and Hannah lived in this house near the east line of the Trubisz farm about half way to the Sound for several years and then moved down to a house on the north side of sound Avenue on the same farm.  Presumably, he had purchased this house and site from a David Tuthill, Jr. although there is no extant deed............"  Later, the same source, pg 82, says: "Daniel died January 18, 1755, and was buried at Jamesport. Daniel's will dated January 6, 1755, and proved February 6, 1755, states that he is living on the part of his farm he bought of his brother Christopher. The will mentions six daughters, three sons, and an unnamed infant, who was the youngest daughter Hannah born in 1754. Hannah married Capt. Zachariah Hallock (1749-1820) in 1771."

The 2000 Richard Howell Genealogy, Thomas Donnelly, says, pg 130: "A record of gravestone inscriptions from the Aquebogue and Jamesport Cemeteries , in the possession of the Suffolk County Historical Society, and probably the work of Orville B. Ackerly, indicates that Hannah, the wife of Zachariah Hallock, was the daughter of Daniel & Mary (Penny) Young."

The will of Daniel Youngs, listing his children, does not indicate a daughter Hannah by name, but does mention an unnamed "infant child", probably meaning a very young, or even unborn, child: " I leave to my wife Mary all my movable estate of every kind for the bringing up of my children, and what is left is to be divided among my 6 daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel, Abigail, Catharine, "and the infant child." Dated  January 6, 1755.

The Youngs Genealogy shows the youngest child of Daniel and Mary (Penny) Youngs, unnamed, died young.

The Aquebogue Cemetery Records show Hannah, the wife of Zachariah Hallock, to have died 04/05/1823, age 68-3-19 = born 12/16/1854, which is one month before the above mentioned will of Daniel Youngs, mentioning an "infant child".


Although I am not aware of a "smoking gun" piece of evidence, at least three authorities have suggested the wife of Zachariah Hallock was Hannah Youngs, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Penny) Youngs. Her date of birth being one month before the date of the will of Daniel Youngs is not inconsistent with his reference to an "infant child" in that will.

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Hallock, Zebulon-4 - Additional Children

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy lists the children of Zebulon-4 (Zebulon-3, Wm-2,1) and second wife Elizabeth (___) Hallock, beginning 1766.

It mentions a first wife, Abigail Homan, who he married on 3 Jun 1752, but gives no children. The Salmon Records show this marriage on 3 Jun 1752, but Cutchogue marriage records show 30 Jun 1752. (Wayland Jefferson, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony,  (New York, 1940), pg 146.)

There are three children baptized to Zebulon and Abigail in the Cutchogue baptism records (in Southold's First Colony, by Jefferson), who are not listed in the Hallock Genealogy:

Abigail: May 06, 1753 (Pg 145)
Mary: Jan 19, 1755 (Pg 151)
Edith: Oct 31, 1756 (Pg 152)
There was an Abigail Hallock who married Gershom Edwards in 1771 (Mattituck Records), who the Hallock Genealogy says was "probably" a daughter of Peter-3. I demonstrate above this was impossible. The Abigail, daughter of Zebulon, born 1753, might be a logical candidiate to be the wife of Gershom Edwards. See the entry under Abigail-4 Hallock above.

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Raynor, Elmira - Wife of Caleb Halsey or Caleb Halsey Vail ?

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy shows Elmira-7 Raynor, daughter of Mary-6 Hallock md John Raynor (John Hallock-5,4,3,2, William-1), as married to Caleb Halsey and then lists 9 children, all with surnames Halsey.

The 1904 Vail Genealogy presents the exact same family as the wife and children of Caleb Halsey VAIL, son of Jasper and Mehitable (Halsey) Vail - all with the surname Vail.

I have no primary sources at hand to verify which is correct. One might expect the more recent (1928 vs 1904) genealogy to be correct, but it also would appear easier to have had a typo in the 1928 Hallock Genealogy than a completely wrong placement of a child, Caleb Halsey Vail, of Jasper and Mehitable (Halsey) Vail. I suspect this husband is Caleb Halsey Vail, not Caleb Halsey.

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