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Havens, Desire-3 - NOT wife of Lyon-3 (David-2, Lyon-1) Gardiner??
Homan, Mordecai, b 1757, md Charity Howell > Parents?
Hopkins, William-1 - NOT a Mayflower descendant
Howell, Israel md Phebe Parshall > son of Israel / Tabitha Hulse? > Did he even exist?
Howell, Richard-1 - His Wives
Howell Genealogy, 2000, Thomas  Donnelly > Comments

Havens, Desire - NOT wife of Lyon-3 (David-2, Lyon-1) Gardiner??

There are several published genealogies (as well as web presentations) that show that a Desire-3 Havens, daughter of George-2 & Eleanor (Thurston) Havens, was the only wife of, and mother of the children of, Lyon-3 (David-2, Lyon-1) Gardiner.

This identity for the wife of Lyon-3 Gardiner (and mother of his children) apparently comes from the will of William-3 Havens, a son of George-2 and brother of this Desire, calling her Desire Gardiner.

However, this link has a problem with the dates involved, which strongly suggest that if this Desire Havens was a wife of Lyon-3 Gardiner, she would have been in a situation to be after the mother of his children and before his widow. Absent any additional information, it would appear this identity for her was indiscriminately assigned to an available male member of the Gardiner clan, and other possibilities for her being referred to with the last name of Gardiner should be explored.

The dates giving this problem are (see sources below)

George Havens born 1652
Eleanor Thurston born 1655
Marriage date: Unknown, certainly after 1675, more likely after 1680
Only firm birth date for a child I have is: Feb 02, 1681 (Jonathan)

Lyon-4 Gardiner (son of Lyon-3) born 1688 (presumably oldest)
Year of birth of widow of Lyon Gardiner: 1668.

Date of will of William Havens naming a sister Desire Gardiner: "Second year of King George", presumably 1716 (second year of reign of George I).

If we accept the above dates (see below), George & Eleanor could not have had a daughter who could have had a child in 1688. Although, some of the other children may have been born later, and a Desire Havens, born say 1680-86ish could have married a quite older Lyon-3 Gardiner by 1716 - even to have had one or more of his other children - however, we do not know this is the case - only that it is a possibility.


Sources for dates:

Headstone of George Havens was born 1652, Jacob E. Mallman, Shelter
Island and Its Church - Historical Papers on,  (New York, 1899), pg 32,
died 02/1706, age 53 = 1705-53 = 1652.

The headstone of Elinor Thurston reads:  "In memory of Ellinor ye Wife
of Thomas Terry & formerly ye Wife of George Havens died Novemr ye 7th
1747 in ye 93d year of Her age." This would calc to: d 1747, ae 92 =
1747-92 = 1655. Edw. Doubleday Harris, NEHGR 54:53-62, 1900 - Ancient
Burial Grounds of LI, Shelter Island.

An excerpt from the Gardiner Genealogy reads: "Lion?? Gardiner
(David2, Lion1), son of David Gardiner, of Gardiner's Island, was a
farmer in East Hampton. He was accidently shot 23 September, 1723, by
Samuel Bennett while hunting deer near Three-Mills Harbor(1). His
widow d. 20 Sept. 1733, ae. about 65. Her name is not mentioned.--Vide
E. H. Ch. R." Curtiss C. Gardiner, Gardiner, Lyon and His Descendants,
(1890), p 106. This calculates to a date of birth of 1733-65 = 1668.

Will of William Havens:

Abstracts of Wills Vol IV 1744-1753
Pg 97

Page 34.--In the name of God, Amen. April 13, in the Second year of King George, etc. (1716), I, WILLIAM HAVENS, of Shelter Island, yeoman, am sick and weak in body but of sound mind. I leave to my mother, Elinor Terry, all my tract of 250 acres of land, situate on Shelter Island, with all the appurtenances, during her life, and after her decease, I leave the same to George Havens, Jonathan Havens, and John Havens, equally. I leave to my sister, Ruth Terry, one yoke of oxen, 2 cows, and 14 sheep, also œ20. I leave to Content Paine, Patience Loper, Desire Gardiner, and Abigail Havens, my sisters, œ10 each to be paid equally by my said brothers, George, Jonathan, and John Havens. All the rest of my personal estate I leave to my brother, John Havens, and I make him executor.

         Witnesses, John Shaw, William Brown, John Parr, John Knowbridge. Proved before Brineley Silvester, Esq., August 7, 1746.


It would appear that the identity of the Desire Havens as a wife of Lyon-3 Gardiner has some problems. There is a cloud over whether this daughter of George Havens was the wife of Lyon-3 Gardiner; or, if so, that she was the mother of all of his children.

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Homan, Mordecai, b 1757, md Charity Howell > Parents?

Pg 118 of the new Howell Genealogy (2000, Thomas Donnelly) says that Charity-5 (John-4,3,2, Richard-1) Howell married Mordecai Homan, son of Mordecai and Sarah (Wells (Mills?) Homan, no date given for the marriage, but says this Mordecai Homan born 11/17/1757.

We find the following marriage records, probably each record for the same marriage, both showing a wife as Sarah Webb, reported by some to be the daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (Case) Webb:

13 Mar 1755, Mordeci Homon & Sarah Web (Salmon Records)
13 Mar 1755, Mordecai Homan, Jr & Sarah Webb (Mattituck Marriage Records)
Query: Is the Mordecai Homan, b 1757, md Charity Howell, a son of Mordecai Homan and Sarah (Webb) Homan, and is that Sarah Webb a daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah (Case) Webb??

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Hopkins, William-1 of Southold, LI - NOT a Mayflower descendant

There are older genealogies that show that the William Hopkins of Southold, Long Island, New York, was a grandson of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. A son of Stephen Hopkins provided in his will that his other sons would care for his son William, who was an invalid. Taking the fact that this William Hopkins was an invalid, and there is no other evidence linking William Hopkins of Southold to Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower, that theory is now discounted.

That is not to say that William may not have been related to the Stephen Hopkins family. However, no evidence has been discovered to show what relationship William Hopkins of Southold may have had with the Mayflower Stephen Hopkins family, if any. My understanding is that the "official" position of the Mayflower Society is that William Hopkins of Long Island no longer qualifies as a descendant of Stephen, for purposes of admission to the Mayflower Society.

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Howell, Desire Married Abel Wells - Parents?

There is a Salmon marriage record for Desire Howell to Abel Wells on Nov 27, 1797, which the Richard Howell Genealogy of 2000 does not identify. On 30 May 1790, a baptism was recorded at Mattituck for a Desire Howell, daughter of "Edmund and Phebe" Howell. This was a group baptism of four children of Edmund and Phebe.

All of the four children (three girls and a boy) of this baptism are accounted for in the Howell genealogy as children of Edmund Howell by his third wife, Phebe (____).

The Howell Genealogy may be ignoring the Desire Howell of the Abel Wells marriage as this daughter of Edmund because of doubts over whether a daughter of the third wife could have been old enough to be marriageable by 1797.

However, note that there four "free white women" in the 1790 census in Edmund's household - presumably Phebe and the three girls baptized in 1790. Further, in the 1800 census, we have Phebe as head of household (Edmund has died), with only two girls between 10-16.

The possibility is that Desire may be a bit older than the other two, and even that she may have been from the first or second wife. Listing Phebe as the mother of Desire in the baptism is not a guarantee that the mother listed was the birth mother and not the step-mother.


Could the Desire Howell who married Abel Wells on Nov 27, 1797 (Salmon Records) be the Desire Howell, baptized 30 May 1790, daughter of Edmund, and third wife Phebe or maybe second wife Bethia Downs.?

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Howell, Israel md Phebe Parshall > son of Israel / Tabitha Hulse? > Did he even exist?

The Mapes Genealogy (Descendants of Thomas Mapes and Sarah Purrier, 1998, Joe Boyle) indicates that an Israel Howell, son of Isreal and Tabitha (Hulse) Howell, was born 08/27/1767, died 03/27/1837, married Phebe Parshall, and had Jane md John Hawkins, Elizabeth md David Corey, Emily md Isaac Corey, Daniel md Nancy Terry, and Phebe, b 03/20/1793, md Reuben Edwards.

This genealogy gives as a citation a secondary source: " CD".

The Howell Genealogy, (A Genealogy of the Family of Richard Howell, Thomas H. Donnelly, 2000) pp 86-88, presents all of the known primary sources that concern Israel and Tabitha (Hulse) Howell, including a summary of the 1804 will of Israel, mentioning son David, and daughters Esther and Hannah - the Howell Genealogy adds no other children than those cited in the 1804 will. Note that according to the Mapes Gen info above, the Israel Howell, born 1767, would still be alive in 1804. There is no mention in any of these records of a son other than David. The 2000 Howell Genealogy also does not list any of these children in any other family.

The three children of Israel & Tabitha (Hulse) Howell, given in the Howell Genealogy, and shown in the 1804 will of Israel, are all shown in baptism records of Mattituck from 1771-1779. There is no baptism there for a son named Israel, which does not necessarily rule the Israel, b 1767, out of this family.

The Howell Genealogy shows an Israel Howell in the 1778 census with a household of three people - which appears strange, as there should be four - with the two baptisms in 1771 and 1773. Perhaps one of the children is with grandparents. The 1790 census shows only two males in Isreal Howell's (married Tabitha Hulse), which should be Israel and Daniel - but a son born 1767 could have left home by 1790.

It is interesting to note, in respect to the son given in the Mapes Genealogy: David Howell married Nancy Terry, for which no primary sources are given and taken no further - that there is a Nancy (Howell) married a Daniel Terry, pg 258 of the Howell Genealogy citing primary sources. It is tempting to wonder if the secondary sources consulted by the Mapes Genealogy has transposed names here.... ??

None of the other children attributed to Isreal Mapes, b 1767 in the Mapes Genealogy are in the 2000 Howell Genealogy. Phebe Parshall is not found in the Parshall Genealogy, however, the following family is:

  63    I. Anna5 b. (???); d. Sayville, N. Y., 30 Apl., 1845; m. Isaac Howell (b. 1767; d. 28 Sept., 1839). Issue:

                       i. Jennie6 (Howell) m. John Hawkins.
                      ii. Phebe6 (Howell) b. 20 Mch., 1793.a
                     iii. Emily6 (Howell) m. Isaac Corey.
                      iv. Daniel6 (Howell) m. Nancy Terry.
                       v. Eliza6 (Howell) m. David Corey.

Note that the same children given to an Israel Howell/Phebe Parshall by the Mapes Genealogy is the same family given to Isaac Howell/Ann Parshall by the Parshall Genealogy.


A general "rule" of genealogy is that a list of children in a will, unless it appears only fragmentary, should be considered as proof of all children, unless there is evidence to support a child not referred to as a child in that will.

As tempting as it may be to observe the coincidence of names and the ability of the parents to have had a child born in 1767, there simply is no evidence seen here to support that the Israel Howell who supposedly married Phebe Parshall was a son of Isreal and Tabitha (Hulse) Howell. The Howell Genealogy contains no reference to such a person.

The placement of the same, identical children and spouses in the Mapes and Parshall genealogies to different parents (Isreal and Phebe (Parshall) Howell in the Mapes Genealogy and Isaac and Anne (Parshall) Howell in the Parshall Genealogy) give further doubt as to who the parents of these children were, if they existed. It is also quite possible this is a branch of the Southampton Howell family.

(Note: the report by the Mapes Genealogy, pg 96, that the daughter, Hannah, married Francis Sayre and had four children with him, is incorrect. The daughter of Israel Howell, called Hannah and also Nancy, never married, and left a will in 1851, naming her sister, Esther Robinson and niece Hannah Phillips, and nephew Israel Howell.)

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Howell, Richard-1 - His Wives

Richard Howell had at least two, probably three wives. Those wives and their probably marriage dates are:

1) Unknown First Wife, abt 1665-1670
2) Elizabeth Cooke, between 1684-1685
3) Possibly Elizabeth (____), between1699-1708
The first wife MAY have been any of the daughters of William-1 Hallock, as William Hallock called him "son-in-law" in a real estate deed in 1675. However, "son-in-law" in those times could mean son-in-law, as we now use the term, or step-son - so that it is not sure. She was not necessarily Elizabeth Hallock, a wife attributed to him by the Hallock Genealogy. The first name of this first wife is not known.

The first and second wives were probably mothers of his children.

The statement in the Hallock Genealogy that Elizabeth-2 Hallock married Richard-1 Howell and mothered all of his children is false. The 1992 Addendum did the genealogical community a disservice by continuing this legend - when, in fact, it is not proven. One of the Hallock girls, not necessarily Elizabeth, MAY have been his first wife and, if so, may have mothered some of his children.

The identity of the second wife is from: Gale Ion Harris, "The Harwood Family", (The Genealogist 13:178-188, Fall 1999). She was the daughter of John and Mary (___) Cooke of Rhode Island, and the widow of John Harrud (Harwood). They married between Nov 1684 - Dec 1685. (The date of death of John Harrud and 9/26/1685 - Receipt to Elizabeth Howell 14/11s/9d "of her former husband's estate." Second receipt is to Richard Howell for goods to the value of 3s/3d "of his wife's estate".  Receipt is signed by Benjamin Moore & also lists other payments made by Richard Howell to others.) This Elizabeth Cooke had eight known children with John Harrud, and possibly three more children with Richard Howell.

In the 1698 census, husbands are generally listed first as heads of households, followed by their wives. The census taker seemed to be very consistent in this pattern. For the Richard Howell household, his name is followed by four of his sons: David, Jonathan, Richard, Jr. and Isaac, followed by Eliza, presumably a daughter. Because of the consistent way in which the census taker followed husbands names with wives, Elizabeth Cooke may have died before 1698, and the Elizabeth named as wife in his 1709 will may have been a different woman. Since Richard did not name an Elizabeth as a daughter in his will and I have uncovered no other evidence regarding her, it is also possible that the census-taker recorded the wife out of sequence; or if that Eliza was a daughter, she died before 1709.

A factor in favor of there being a third wife is the age given his apparent last wife in the Salmon Records, which could not belong to Elizabeth Cooke. The record, dated Mar 24, 1724/5, says "Widw Elesabeth Howel    70." The seventy, since it is rounded, may be a guess by the recorder of the record, but it indicates a birth year of 1754. A lady born 1754 could not have been in the Dec 24, 1666 marriage to John Harrud/Harwood - which is proven to be Richard Howell's second wife. There is no other known widow Elizabeth of this time frame. Thus, it is very likely that this Elizabeth is, indeed, a third wife of Richard-1 Howell.

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Howell Genealogy, 2000, Thomas  Donnelly > Comments

Pg 12-13: Sketch of Jonathan-2 Howell. "Apparently moved to Southampton.... No further information on this Jonathan Howell has been found."

Does this Salmon Death Record belong to him?: 1 Apr 1740: "Jonathan Howell at So… hamptons."

Pg 20: Children of John and Dorothy (Howell) Reeve, listing Walter & David. Could the following also be a son?:
Salmon Death Record: 7 Jan 1747: "John Reeve aged about 39 years" (ie born 1708).

Pg 4-6: Existence of third wife? Howell Genealogy speculates Richard-1 may have had a third wife named Elizabeth, or the second wife, Elizabeth Cooke, second wife, may have been the last wife. This is because the name Eliza is in the 1698 census in what would normally be construed to be the list of children, not directly after his name, as was the practice in that census for wives.

The last wife is apparently the Salmon Death Record on 4 Mar 1725: "Widw Elesabeth Howel    70". If the 70 connotes age, as was normally seen to be the practice in the Salmon Records, this woman was born 1725-70 = 1755. This is too late to be Elizabeth Cooke, who married John Harrud Dec 24, 1666. A woman born 1755 could not have been in that marriage. The two factors of the Eliza not shown in the normal place for a wife in the 1698 census and the Salmon Death Record suggesting a date of birth inconsistent with Elizabeth Cooke, suggests a third wife named Elizabeth.

Pp 24-25: Children of Adonijah and Jemima (Howell) Osman given as Jemima: (died 2 Apr 1799, citing RTR, Liber A, 45), Adonijah, and Jacob.

The appearance of the names Osman and Osborn found in the records confuse and confound genealogists of this era and area. The placement of the Adonijah and Jemima as children here is probably because of their first names as namesakes for their parents. I don't know the evidence for placing a son Jacob here. The following marriages **could be** these three children, first two from Salmon Records, last one from Mattituck Marriage records. (Note that parents married Feb 15, 1733 (SR). Most (all?)  of these records use the spelling Osborn and are "probably" referring to Osman.

23 Jan 1753: "Daniel Brown & Jemimah .sbon"

18 Feb 1762: "Adonijah Osborn &   - - - Hallock" (probably Penelope Hallock, daughter of John and Mary (___) Hallock. 1928 Hallock Genealogy, pg 532, says Penelope Hallock married: "Adonijah Osman or Osborn". Note also the Salmon death record of an Adonijah Osborn dtd Sep 11, 1777, may be his.

Apr 20, 1769: "Jacob Osborn & Bathsheba Arnold" Nine children seen baptized to this couple from 1771-1788 in Mattituck Baptisms, one of which was: "Osborn, Mimy" ("Jemima, prob Osman" in commentary. Note Jacob's mother, if properly placed, would be Jemima Howell). Note a Jacob Osborn was in the 1778 Oath to the King, born 1746.

Note that genealogists of these two families in Southold observe that the names of Osman and Osborn were virtually interchangeable in the records, ie Osmans found consistently spelled as Osborn and Osborns found spelled as Osman or Osmun - even to the point of these spelling variations being found on tombstones.

Pg 63 shows Hannah Howell, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Sherrill) Howell married a Watson Aldrich and had children Watson and Jane (married Thomas Penny).

This is surely a mis-identification for the Hannah Howell who married Joshua Aldrich on Dec 04, 1786 (Included in "A History of Mattituck, NY", Charles E. Craven, Mattituck and Aquebogue Parish Marriage Records, pg 331). Watson was a SON of this couple - I find no Watson Aldrich any earlier than this one. The Howell Gen sketch does not give the evidence that this wife of (Joshua?) Aldrich was a daughter of Jonathan Howell. Here is a recap of Joshua's will:

The 9 July 1807 will of Joshua Aldrich of Southold [ pro 7 Oct 1807, Suffolk Co. wills, Liber B, pp. 465-467].

The will mentions legacies to sons Watson and David (only $2 for David!) and
to daughter Christiana; residual estate to : two sons E_____ [ I think prob.
"Equally"] Watson and Joshua. Appoints John Howell guardian for Watson.
Executors= son Joshua Aldrich and John Howell. Witnessed by  Benj.
Goldsmith, Jesse Reeve, Parnel Reeve.

Pg 139 indicates Bethuel Hallock and his second wife, Harmony Howell, had a Bethuel Evander Hallock, born in 1835, who married Elizabeth Terry, six children. He died in 1861.

That Bethuel Evander Hallock is from the first wife, Mary Corwin, not the second wife, Harmony Howell, is proven by the following census record, death record (both showing date of birth 1815) - and the will of Harmony (Howell) Hallock, which mentions all of her heirs, including grandchildren: not including Bethuel Hallock or his children.

1850 Census, Pg 252, Riverhead, NY, Household, House 44/52
Bethuel E. Hallock, Seaman, $500, All Born New York
Bethuel E.  35 M  >> (dob 1815 calcd)
Elizabeth   30 F
Elsey A.   10 F
Mary     3 F
Jamesport Cemetery, Capt. Bethuel Evander Hallock, died 6 May 1861, ae 46-6-22 (born 10/15/1814 calcd).
Therefore, Bethuel and 2nd wife Harmony (Howell) Hallock had only one child - John Kasar (Keyser) Hallock, born Oct 08, 1831.

Pg 192 > information concerning Jonathan Robinson, fourth husband of Esther Howell, daughter of David and Tabitha (Hulse) Howell.

Howell Genealogy, pg 195, Nancy Howell refers to sister Esther Robinson in her 1851 will.

Howell Genealogy, pg 192, says Esther Howell married, for her fourth husband Rev Jonathan Robinson, born 07/04/1774, "a cousin of her brother David's wife." Then, goes on to give a date of death 01/16/1848, age 93-6-12, buried with first wife Hannah in Riverhead Cemetery.

The date of birth for the aforementioned Jonathan Robinson is: 07/4/1754, not 07/04/1774.

The date of birth and death of this Jonathan Robinson belongs to the UNCLE, not the cousin of, Joanna Wells, wife of David Howell. Her father's sister, Hannah Wells, married Jonathan Robinson, born 07/04/1754, died 01/16/1848. Hannah (Wells) Robinson died Oct 22, 1831. This couple had a son named Jonathan Norton Robinson, born Sep 24, 1788. (Most of this info from Wesley L. Baker, Dickerson and Dickinson Descendants of Philemon Dickerson,  (Adams Press, Chicago, 1978, reprint 1983), pg 50.)

Thus, it would appear that Esther Howell probably married the elder Jonathan Robinson after 10/22/1831, although she could have married the son.

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