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Gardiner, Lyon-3, Wife NOT Desire-3 Havens ??
Gardiner, Mary-4, did NOT marry David Parshall
Gillam, Carteret - Wives of father and son confused

Gardiner, Lyon-3, Wife NOT Desire-3 Havens ??

There are several published genealogies (as well as web presentations) that show that a Desire-3 Havens, daughter of George-2 & Eleanor (Thurston) Havens, was the only wife of, and mother of the children of, Lyon-3 (David-2, Lyon-1) Gardiner.

There seems to be a date problem with that link. See details under Havens, Desire.

Gardiner, Mary-4 (David-3, David-2, Lyon)

Did NOT marry David Parshall - she was the wife of 1) Gershom Terry and 2) Israel Parshall.

Both the Parshall and Gardiner genealogies (and others) mis-identify the wife of David Parshall as Mary Gardiner, daughter of David-3 and Martha Youngs.

The will of David-3 Gardiner, written 11 Oct 1732, says:

"And further, I do give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Parshall, five shillings."

This could not be the wife of David Parshall, as the death of Mary, wife of David Parshall, age 40, was reported in the Salmon Records on 21 Apr 1725 seven years before the above will was written. That entry is then followed by the death of David Parshall himself, on 25 Jan 1725/26, age 43. Therefore, David Parshall had no time to remarry a second wife who might have been a daughter of David Gardiner. His only known wife, Mary (__) was dead when the above 1732 will was written by David Parshall.

However, on 26 May 1726, the Salmon Records reports that Israel Parshall (brother of David Parshall) married (for his second wife) the widow of Gershom Terry, who had died 27 Feb 1725, and who had referred to his wife Mary in his will. Note Gershom and Mary (Gardiner) Terry had a son named David Terry (name of Mary's father). Israel Parshall's first wife, Joanna Swezey, died 22 Feb 1724/25 (SR). Furthermore, Mary, second wife of Israel, was still living in 1637, when Israel Parshall wrote his will - and, thus, was living in 1732, when David Gardiner referred to his daughter "Mary Parshall" in his 1732 will.


There is little doubt that the previous reports that Mary, daughter of David and Martha (Youngs) Parshall, married David Parshall, are erroneous.

It is very likely she is the woman who married 1) Gershom Terry about 1710 and 2) Israel Parshall, 26 May 1726. She probably did not have any children with Israel Parshall, although she could  have married him just before menopause. She is the matriarch of many Southold descendants who heretofore were not aware of her identity: the descendants of Gershom-3 (Gershom-2, Richard-1) Terry.

The wife of David Parshall was Mary (___), identity unknown.

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Gillam, Carteret - Wives of father and son confused

The 1698 Southold Census shows:

GILLAM - Carterett, Mary, Anna, Arnold, James   (570-574)

          According to "Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony", this is Carteret
          "Guilliame" Gillam, wife Mary Arnold, children Anna and Arnold, and his
          brother James.

          James Gillam is reported to be the "point man" between the Gardiners and
          Capt Kidd, was arrested with Capt Kidd, and from there "no further record",
          although there are legends he escaped from jail and/or the Gardiners and
          Sylvesters used their influence to have him freed. (See Cutchogue -
          Southold's First Colony".

          Salmon Marriage Record for the son: "1717, Feb 22. Arnold Gillom & Mary
          Bud[d] married." (SR). (Note: year could be from 1715-1718, entries
          confusing as to the year.)

          There is recorded in Saybrook, Conn vital records: "Charles Gillam the son
          of Cartret Gillam & Mary Gillam his wife was born in the town of Say Brook
          the 7th day of March 1707/8." This suggests the family may have moved to
          Saybrook, Conn after this census, but he may have returned, as Carteret's
          death is recorded in the Salmon Records 08/23/1714.

          There seems to be some confusion about the wives of Carteret and his son,
          Arnold, and their marriages because they had the same first names. My
          analysis of these women is that the wife of Carteret was Mary Arnold, and
          she married second, Jan 05, 1717, Joshua Horton, and she died Jan 2,
          1717/8. The wife of Arnold was: Mary Budd, daughter of John and Esther
          (Towner?) Budd. She married second: David Corey, on Aug 07, 1740.

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