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Corwin, Abel - Identity of Wives and notes on son Irad
Corwin, Bathsheba - married John White
Corwin, Daniel-3, Parents & Wives
Corwin, John-3 (John-2, Matthias-1) - Corrections to children
Corwin, Rev Joseph > Who is Mother?
Corwin, Matthias-1 - Identity of wife as Margaret Shatswell
Corwin, Matthias-4 - Identity of first wife as "perhaps-to-likely" Mary Aldrich
Corwin, Matthias-4 & 5 - Distinguishing wives and children
Corwin, Patience-4 (John-3,2, Mathias-1) - Wife of Josiah Vail -
Corwin, Patience-5 - Wife of David Wells, mother of Rev David Wells?
Corwin, Rebecca-2 (John-2, Matthias-1) - Corwin Genealogy confused...
Corwin, Samuel-4 - Which Samuel-4 Corwin is son of who??
Corwin, Simon, md Mary Parr 1739 - Parents?
Corwin, Stephen - Parents (Rev War Veteran > Southold to Essex Co, NJ?

See Unconnected Corwins & Corwin Spouses - Corwins I have not been able to place - Your information to help place these unconnected Corwins is appreciated.

Corwin, Abel-6 - Identity of Wives and Notes on son Irad

The Corwin Genealogy does not identity any wives for Abel-6 (Abel-5, John-4, Daniel-3, Theo-2, Matthias-1) Corwin, but does show he had a family:

"Corwin Genealogy, Pg 2

3 ABEL,7 (Abel, 1,) b. (???), 1785? d. (???).


            Ch. Abel, Jane, Sarah A., Elizabeth, Phila, Irad."

In the transcribed Baiting Hollow Cemetery records is an entry for Sally B. Corwin, wife of Abel Corwin, died 07 Dec 1831, in her 46th year (ie born 1786).

The Youngs Family Genelaogy, pg 285, reports that Harriet Terry, daughter of a James Terry (and Rachel Terry), married 1) Jeremiah Youngs and 2) Abel Corwin - no date given for second marriage. Jeremiah Youngs died Mar 10, 1826.

Further, the Youngs Genealogy reports, pg 298, that Harriet Corwin, born Feb 11, 1857, wife of William V. Youngs, was the daughter of an Irad Corwin (See list of children above).

The cemetery record of a SIX year old Irad Corwin, "son of Irad and Sally B. Corwin", is recorded in the Baiting Hollow Cemetery on 21 Aug 1832, about the time that his father may have been marrying Harriet Terry as his second wife. If so, this Harriet Terry, as second wife of Abel, may have been the mother of a second Irad Corwin, born abt 1733-34, who could have had a daughter named after his mother, Harriet, on Feb 11, 1857 > and possibly the wife of William V. Youngs.

The 1839 estate of James Terry (pg 18, Liber H, Suffolk Co Wills) shows, within the proof section, a list of heirs which includes "Harriet, wife of Abel Corwin."


Abel Corwin's wives were 1) Sally B. (___), probably 1815-1820; died 07 Dec 1831, in her 46th year (ie born 1786); and 2) Harriet Terry, widow of Jeremiah Youngs and daughter of James Terry whose estate was probated 1839. Abel probably married second wife Harriet Terry about 1832-34.

Sally B. (___) was probably the mother of most of the children of Abel, but the second Irad was probably from the second wife, Harriet Terry, (based on this Irad naming a daughter Harriet and a six year old Irad dieing in 1832 after the death of the first wife). I have not discovered who the wife of the second Abel Corwin is, or any other info about him.

The above information suggests a family that looks like this:

 1   Abel Corwin 1782 -
..  +Sally B. (____) 1786 - 1831
............. 2   Abel Corwin 1818 -
............. 2   Jane Corwin 1820 -
............. 2   Sarah A. Corwin 1822 -
............. 2   Elizabeth Corwin 1824 -
............. 2   Irad (1) Corwin 1826 - 1832
............. 2   Phila Corwin 1828 -

  *2nd Wife of Abel Corwin:
..  +Harriet Terry 1790 - 1880
............. 2   Irad Corwin 1834 -
............................ 3   Harriet Corwin 1857 -
................................  +William V. Young 1855 -

Harriet Terry's progeny is presented below. The children from the first spouse of each are step brothers and sisters to each other, and half siblings to the Irad born 1834.
Descendants of Harriet Terry

 1   Harriet Terry 1790 - 1880
..  +Jeremiah Youngs 1789 - 1826
............. 2   Fannie Youngs 1817 - 1857
.................  +David Edwards 1808 - 1891
............................ 3   Harriet Edwards 1835 -
................................  +J. B. Glover 1840 -
............................ 3   Jeremiah Edwards 1837 - 1839
............................ 3   Arletta (1) Edwards 1837 - 1839
............................ 3   Arletta Edwards 1840 -
................................  +Jehial J. Emmons 1840 -
............................ 3   Johanna Edwards 1848 - 1864
............................ 3   David Y. Edwards 1852 -
............. 2   David J. Youngs 1820 -
.................  +Frances Beers 1820 -
............. 2   Jeremiah Youngs 1825 - 1825

  *2nd Husband of Harriet Terry:
..  +Abel Corwin 1782 -
............. 2   Irad Corwin 1834 -
............................ 3   Harriet Corwin 1857 -
................................  +William V. Young 1855 -

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Corwin, Bathsheba - Married John White 1739

In the Salmon Marriage records, we find:

10/04/1739: Jn White & Bashebe Curwin
We then find the following records:
Johana White baptized to John White Nov 05, 1752 (Mattituck baptisms)
Will of Bathsheba White, widow of John, 1762
Samuel Corwin White married Lydia Brown 04/07/1767 (Mattituck marriages)
John White & Susane Ward married 11/03/1767 (SR)
The text of Bathsheba White's will says:
Abstracts of Wills Vol VI 1760-1766, Pg 178

Page 444.--In the name of God, Amen. I, BASHEBA WHITE, widow of John White, of Southold, in Suffolk County, being of perfect mind. All debts and funeral charges to be paid by my executors. I leave to my only daughter Johana ś50, and all my wearing apparell, also a bed and furniture, and linnen, 3 pewter platters, 1 pewter pot, and the rest of my movables to my 3 children. My son John is to be put out to a trade. All my house and land and meadow to be sold. I leave to my son John ś20, and the rest to my two sons, John and Corwin (?) White. I make David Brown and James McClure executors. Dated march 30, 1762.

         Witnesses, Nathaniel Conkling, James Petty, Ludlow Clark. Proved, July 21, 1762, before Samuel Landon, Surrogate.

Basheba White
Dates, Written: 03/30/1762; Proved: 07/21/1762
Husband: John White, deceased
Sons: John (prob underage, put out to trade), Corwin?
Daughters: Johana
Executors: David Brown and James McClure
Witnesses:  Nathaniel Conkling, James Petty, Ludlow Clark


Who is Bathsheba Corwin? Her naming a son Samuel Corwin White suggests she might have a Samuel as a father. The Corwin Genealogy shows she is a daughter, born 1717, to the Samuel Corwin who died in 1705 - which isn't good math. It is possible this lady was a daughter of this Samuel, but she would be born before 1705 and married rather late for the times if she is his. She is not named in the two Samuel Corwin wills of the mid 1700's. There was another Samuel Corwin who died in 1745 (SR), of whom little is known besides his death record.

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Corwin, Daniel-3, Parents & Wives

The Corwin Genealogy presents a most confusing arrangement of early Daniels, showing a Daniel, son of Theophilus, married to Mary Ramsey with children: "Daniel? Henry? Simeon?". Then, a Daniel or Jedediah, perhaps son of the previous Daniel, married 1) Unknown and 2) Elizabeth Cleaves January, 1722-3, and having children: " Nathan, Pelatiah, Mary, Michal, Lucas, Jedediah, Silas, John  Daniel, Edward? and another who married an Armstrong", then reports this second Daniel/Jedediah died September 7th, 1747.

I suggest a review of the facts leads to an arrangement which is much simpler than the convoluted arrangement above. The facts are:

1698 Census - None of the children Theophilus-2 are proven. Since the children of John-2 are named in his will and are in his household in the 1698 Southold census, the remainder of the Corwins in the 1698 census are believed to belong to Theophilus, (John-2's only brother, named in Mathias-1's 1658 will) who had died before 1698. There are six of these Corwins "sprinkled" among six separate housholds, apparently orphans staying with friends of the family, and, perhaps, relatives. Among these is Daniel Corwin, in the household of Josiah-3 and Mary (___) Youngs.

Additionally, one should note a Mary Ramsey in the household of Simon Ramsey, and an Elizabeth Cleaves, Junr in the household of the "widow" Eliza Cleaves, presumed widow of John-1 Cleaves. Note Elizabeth Cleaves has a brother, there named Jerediah, likely the source for the name of a later son: Jedediah Corwin.

Simon Ramsey Will: 22 years after the 1698 census, Simon Ramsey left a will written 29 Mar 1719, saying: " I leave to Mary, wife of Daniel Corwin, and to Hannah, wife of Theophilus Corwin, each two cows."

Salmon Death Records:

1716 1214  Daniel Curwin Jur
1733 0316  Edward Curwin
1735 0901  Daniel Curwins daughter
1739 0507  Jn Armstrongs wife
1747 0907  Daniel Curwin
Salmon Marriage Records:
1723 0131 Danll Curwin & Elesa Cleaves
1724 1210 James Terry & Mary Curwin
1730 0129 Edward Curwin & Johanna Curwin
1735 1227 Bezela Osman & Peltiel Curwin
1737 0200 Nathn Curwin & Phebe Howel
1756 1118 John Curwin & Elesabth Wells (also in Cutchogue marriages)
Mattituck Marriage Records
1752 1123 Jedediah Corwin & Abiah Swezey (Included in "A History of Mattituck, NY", Charles E. Craven, Mattituck and Aquebogue Parish Marriage Records, pg 315.)
1754 0113 Silas Corwin & Elizabeth Hallock (Ibid, pg 315)

1778 Oath of Allegiance to the King

Daniel Corwin, age 53, born 1725, farmer
Jedediah Corwin, age 50, born 1728, farmer
Silas Corwin, age 49, born 1729, farmer
Summary of Will of Daniel Corwin

Note how this will ties together the records shown above, including the name of the second wife, Elizabeth, with children from an obvious previous marriage - doubtless to first wife Mary Ramsey, and children born after 1723 - from the second wife.

Daniel Corwin
Dates:  Written: 09/04/1747; Proved: 10/06/1747
Wife: Elizabeth (living)
Sons: Nathan (eldest), Daniel, Jedediah, Silas, John
Grandsons: Edward & Separate
Daughters: Mary Perry, Peletiah Osburn, Michell Sweezy
Granddaughter: Mehitabel Armstrong
Executors: my wife Elizabeth and my son Nathan
Witnesses:  John White, John Williamson, Daniel Wells

[NOTE by transcriber of NY will ---"Peletiah Osburn and Michell Sweezy were probably his daughters' husbands.--W. S. P."] I disagree with this note. Peletiah was definitely a woman (Salmon Marriage Record to Bazelah Osborn Dec 27, 1735) and a daughter of Daniel, Michell likely was, too]


As one reviews the above information (along with knowledge of the other Corwins in Southold at the time), and draws a timeline of these events, the identity of Daniel and the family arrangement of the above Corwins becomes self-evident.

There was only one Daniel. He was probably a son of Theophilus, as these orphaned children were sprinkled throughout the 1698 census. He was probably born shortly after 1680 and was a teenager in the 1698 census in the household of Joshiah-3 and Mary (___) Youngs. He married Mary Ramsey shortly after the 1698 census and had children from her in time for these children to be married in the 1720's and 1730's marriages above. It was during this marriage that the Mary Ramsey, wife of Daniel Corwin, was referred to in Simon Ramsey's will in 1719. He married second, Elizabeth Cleaves, probably Elizabeth-2 Cleaves, daughter of John-1, on Jan 31, 1723 (Salmon Marriage Records), when he would be, probably, in his early 40's. He had five more children with Elizabeth. He would have been approximately 54 when the last child was born, in approximately 1734.

Edward was not living at the time Daniel made his will, Edward having died on 16 Mar 1733, three years after his marriage to Johannah Corwin (name from Salmon Records who I have not been able to place in the Corwin tree) - just in time to have had the grandchildren named in Daniel Corwin's 1747 will: Edward & Separate. Edward & Separate are not proven to be from Edward, but since they are not found among the children of the other boys, they are likely from Edward - especially since Edward died before the 1747 will, Daniel would logically name sons of a deceased son, and not sons of his other, living, sons. Mary Perry is apparently meant to mean Mary Terry, marriage to James Terry recorded in the Salmon Records in 1724.

The 1723, 1724, 1730, 1735, 1737 marriage dates indicate possible births of approximately 25 years earlier, of 1700, 1701, 1705, 1710, 1712 - all children probably from the first wife, Mary Ramsey. In addition to these children, one can add the "wife of John Armstrong", died 1739, and Daniel Curwin Jur, died 14 Dec 1716 (SR Death Records).

I have not located a death record or cemetery record for Mary Ramsey, the first wife. The Corwin Genealogy's report she was a widow in 1719 is obviously in error, because the 1747 will conveniently ties the second wife's name, the children from the first wife, and the children from the second wife, all together in one package.

The ages of the Corwin males found in the 1778 Oath to the King are likely brothers and sons of this Daniel, all coming from the second marriage, as well as the Corwin marriages shown above that are recorded in the 1750's, as the children from the second marriage are maturing.

I have not been able to identify the Swezey husband of Michell Corwin, nor have I found anything about who John Armstrong is. I also have not identified the parents of Abiah Swezey, Temperance Bailey, Johannah Corwin, or Bazelah Osman Nor have I come across any record of either a Lucas or Henry Corwin, given in the Corwin Genealogy. (Daniel's brother, Theophilus-3, had a son named Henry who died May 22, 1735 (SR)). The identity of Temperance Bailey as wife of the son Daniel Corwin comes from the Corwin Genealogy - I have not found any evidence supporting that identity.


I suggest this is the family of Daniel-3 Corwn, probable son of Theophilus-2 (Matthias-1)

Descendants of Daniel Corwin

 1   Daniel Corwin 1680 - 1747
..  +Mary Ramsey 1680 - 1722
............. 2   Mary Corwin 1704 - 1774
.................  +James Terry 1698 - 1752
............. 2   Daniel (1) Corwin 1708 - 1716
............. 2   Edward Corwin 1710 - 1733
.................  +Johanna Corwin 1710 -
............. 2   (___) Corwin 1712 - 1739
.................  +John Armstrong 1712 -
............. 2   Nathan Corwin 1714 - 1774
.................  +Phebe Howell 1717 - 1774
............. 2   Pelatiah Corwin 1717 -
.................  +Bazelah Osman 1715 -
............. 2   Michal Corwin 1720 -
.................  +(___) Swezey 1720 -

  *2nd Wife of Daniel Corwin:
..  +Elizabeth Cleaves 1688 - 1774
............. 2   Daniel Corwin 1726 - 1800
.................  +Temperance Bailey 1725 -
............. 2   Jedediah Corwin 1728 - 1799
.................  +Abiah Swezey 1729 - 1795
............. 2   Silas Corwin 1729 - 1806
.................  +Elizabeth Hallock 1732 - 1831
............. 2   John Corwin 1732 - 1815
.................  +Jane Elizabeth Wells 1735 - 1799
.............  *2nd Wife of John Corwin:
.................  +Anna Wells 1749 - 1821
............. 2   Daughter Corwin 1734 - 1735

I should add that the Luce Genealogy and Pioneers of Riverhead (by Viriginia Wines) both place a Jemima Corwin, shown in a Salmon Marriage Record with a David Luce, Jun 03, 1725, as being a daughter of Daniel Corwin. Such a daughter was not named in the 1757 will of this Daniel. This could mean that she predeceased him, but I understand that this wife is believed to have left descendants. It would seem unusual that this Daniel would mention grandchildren of a dead son (ie Edward) and not those of a dead daughter (ie Jemima). Other than the assertions in these books, I am not aware of what could support the assertion that this wife of David Luce was a daughter of Daniel Corwin. Further info on that issue would be appreciated.

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Corwin, John-3 (John-2, Matthias-1)

Corrections to children in Corwin Genealogy

The Corwin Genealogy says this about John-3, John-2, Matthias-1:

Corwin Genealogy, Pg 117-8:

"2 CAPTAIN JOHN,3 (John, 1,) b. (???), 1663, d. December 13th, 1729. M. Sarah (???), before 1698, when her name occurs on census list, as wife of John. (Doc. Hist. N. Y. i. 450.)

           Ch. Benjamin, John, David, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hester."

This entry in the 1698 census is believed to be him and his family to that point. This family directly follows the family of John-2 Corwin.
"John junjr, Sarah, Sarah junjr, Eliza, Hester  (301-306)"
The Corwin Genealogy auther somehow unbelievably missed the will of John-3 Corwin. His 1729 will is summarized below. Note that Eliza and Hester were not mentioned in his will. It is a slight possibility they could be sisters, daughters who died before 1729, or daughters who moved off of Long Island before 1729 and provided for at that time. All of the boys were born after 1698.

John Corwin
Dates: Written: 12/09/1729; Proved: 02/11/1729/30
Wife: Sarah (living)
Sons: John, David, Joseph, Samuel
Daughters: Sarah, Anna, Patience, Martha, Experience
 (Sarah, Anna, Patience, likely md, got much less than last two)
Grandson: "eldest son" of Jonathan Brooks
Executors: my wife Sarah, and my son John
Witnesses: Samuel Hutchinson, Silvanus Davis, Benjamin Hutchinson

From the Salmon Death Records, we have:
05/14/1699 - "Jn Curwin a child buried" (Could have been a sister, ie dau of John, Sr).
04/22/1721 - "Capt Curwins son Benj"


From the Corwin Genealogy:  "Benjamin, John, David, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hester", add Anna, Patience, Martha, Experience, Joseph and Samuel from his will. One of the daughters married a Jonathan Brooks, as he named the eldest son of Jonathan Brooks as a grandson. Since I have accounted for husbands for all of the other girls, I suggest Jonathan Brooks wife was Elizabeth or Hester and that she died before 1729; although it's possible that one of the others had a prior marriage to Jonathan Brooks. Thus, I submit we have - see comments following:

Descendants of John Corwin

 1   John Corwin 1663 - 1729
..  +Sarah (___) 1670 -
............. 2   Sarah Corwin 1692 -
.................  +Peter L'Hommedieu 1692 -
............. 2   Elizabeth Corwin 1694 - died bef 1729 (If not a sister)
............. 2   Hester Corwin 1696 - died bef 1729 (If not a sister)
............. 2   Patience Corwin 1702 -
.................  +Josiah Vail 1699 -
............. 2   Anna Corwin 1704 - 1746
.................  +Nathan Merrow 1704 -
............. 2   John Corwin 1705 - 1755
.................  +Hester Clark 1705 - 1732
.............  *2nd Wife of John Corwin:
.................  +Elizabeth Goldsmith 1705 - 1776
............. 2   Samuel Corwin 1706 - 1784
.................  +Unknown First Wife 1710 -
.............  *2nd Wife of Samuel Corwin:
.................  +Phebe (___) 1703 - 1783
............. 2   David Corwin 1708 - 1782
.................  +Deborah Wells 1716 -
............. 2   Benjamin Corwin 1710 - 1721
............. 2   Joseph Corwin 1712 -
.................  +Zerviah Case 1712 -
............. 2   Experience Corwin 1716 - 1762
.................  +Samuel Corwin 1703 - 1762
............. 2   Martha Corwin 1718 -
.................  +Manassah Reeve 1717 - 1797

The following subjects found in Salmon Marriage Records are not proven, individually, to be the children of this John. But, the timelines for each work well to be a child of John-3. Further, the "happenstance" that the Corwin Genealogy just "happened" to ignore the Corwin subjects of these Salmon Records, the most basic of Southold records, and that all married within a ten-fifteen year range of each other and "just" happen to match the names given in John-3's will tend to collectively mean more than merely finding just "one" marriage record where names match.

Re: Hester. May have been the mother of the oldest son of Jonathan Brooks; or the unnamed child death in the Salmon Records on 14 May 1699: "Jn Curwin a child buried".

Re: Elizabeth. May have been the mother of the oldest child of Jonathan Brooks; but, more likely the Elizabeth Corwin whose death is reported in the Salmon Records Apr 1714: "Elesabeth Curwin." I see no other Elizabeth this could be, but it is possible we are not aware of all Corwins available at that time. If this is John's daughter (in 1698 census, but not in 1729 will), she died a Corwin and not a Brooks.

Re Anna: The Anna Corwin who married Nathan Merrow is not in the Corwin Genealogy. Her name comes from the Salmon marriage records, married Oct 06, 1724, and the Anna named in John's 1729 will is the only Anna Corwin I see that fits the timeline of this marriage.

Re Sarah: The Corwin Genealogy ignores the Salmon marriage record of a Sarah Corwin to Peter L'Hommedieu, Feb 03, 1723, yet this marriage fits the Sarah named in John's will.. I am not aware of where the the Peter Simons marriage suggested for her by the Corwin Genealogy (see below) with a question mark comes from. It does not come from the Salmon Marriage Records, but not all marriages were recorded in the Salmon Records. Since the first names for these two husbands of Sarah Corwin are the same (Peter) - is it possible that the source for the Corwin Genealogy had obtained the name Simons erroneously? Perhaps a misreading of the Salmon Record of the marriage? The 1838 date of death could not belong to a daughter of John - it is way too late for any of his children, who would have all been well over 100 years old in 1838.

(Corwin Genealogy) "2 SARAH,3 (John, 2,?) b. (???), d. October 29th, 1838.
M. Peter Simons,? who died November 3d, 1720?
Names occurs on census list of 1698, directly under that of John and Sarah Corwin, as Sarah Corwin, Jr. (Doc. Hist. N. Y., i. 450.) Moore thinks she was daughter of Theophilus,2."
Re: Experience Corwin. Married Samuel Corwin, Apr 13, 1732 (Salmon Records). See separate essay concerning distinguishing the two Samuel Corwins. Since the Samuel Corwin who died 1762 named the wife Experience in his will, then the Samuel Corwin who died 1784 was her brother. The Corwin Genealogy obviously didn't know who she was - the surname Corwin in her marriage record was not a mistake, as is suggested there:
Corwin Genealogy: "1/2 EXPERIENCE,3 see Samuel, 2. It seems that a Samuel married an Experience Corwin, or, perhaps, her surname was thus written by mistake. "
Re: Martha Corwin. The Martha Corwin of the Salmon Marriage Record to Manassah Reeve, Jan 03, 1734, is not identified in the Corwin Genealogy. This is likely the Martha, daughter of John named by first name in his 1729 will.

Re: Patience Corwin. The Patience Corwin married to Josiah Vail, Feb 25, 1724, in the Salmon Marriage Records is ignored by the Corwin Genealogy. This is likely the Patience, mentioned in John Corwin's 1729 will.

Re: Joseph Corwin. The Joseph Corwin of the Joseph Corwin / Keziah Case marriage in the Salmon Records Apr 26, 1739, is listed in the Corwin Genealogy, but the Corwin Genealogy did not know who the father of this Joseph was. This is most likely the Joseph Corwin named in the 1729 will of John-3 Corwin, which was apparently not available to, or missed by, the Corwin genealogist compiling the Corwin Genealogy.

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Corwin, Rev Joseph - Who is Mother?

The Corwin has this description for a Joseph Corwin, with a son Rev Joseph:

The Corwin Genealogy, Pg 131

"1 JOSEPH,5 (David, 2.) b.(???), 1730-40, d. (???), 1803.
 M. Anna Wells.
Ch. William, Rev. Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Deborah.

 In 1776, a Joseph on census list 334, having in family 1 male, 1 female over 16, and 4 children."

The Nomenclature in the Corwin Genealogy above is meant to mean that David, no 2 in the Corwin alpahbetized list, was the father of Joseph, of the fifth generation. This Joseph, in turn, had a Rev. Joseph, of the sixth generation.

The 1928 Hallock Genealogy, as well as the 1992 Hallock Addendum (AHd-6) says that Molly Luce, daughter of Eleazer and Abiah (Hallock) Luce, married a Joseph Corwin and had the Rev Joseph Corwin and a son named William. Both of these names, including the "Rev" title for Joseph appear in the list of the children above for Joseph and Anna (Wells) Corwin in the Corwin Genealogy.

I have not located a marriage record for either marriage.


Were there two Rev Joseph's? Or, were there two wives for the father, Joseph,5 (Anna Wells and Molly Luce)? - if so, which wife was Rev Joseph's mom?

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Corwin, Matthias-1

Identity of wife is Shatswell, NOT Morton.

The identity of Margaret as a Shatswell is confirmed in a law suit regarding the estate of her mother. See David A. Macdonald, NEHGR 150:180-189, 1996 - New Look at Corwin & Shatswell Families. Her Shatwell siblings also migrated to New England, but not to Long Island. This means all Corwin descendants extend their link by blood to all of their American Shatswell cousins descended from her siblings. He was never married to Margaret Morton. That English marriage record belongs to some other Matthias/Mathew Corwin.

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Corwin, Matthias-4 (Matthias-3, John-2, Matthias-1) - First Wife?

Was Mary Aldrich the first wife of Matthias-4 Corwin? (and probably mother to most of his children?)

The 1760 will of Bethiah (___) Aldrich, widow of Jacob-3 (Peter-2, Thomas-1) Aldrich, mentions a legacy to her granddaughter, Mary Corwin, when she is 18. (Abstracts of Wills Vol VI 1760-1766, Pelletrau, Pg 92)

"Page 64.--In the name of God, Amen, February 21, 1760. I, BETHIAH ALDRIDGE, of Southold, Suffolk County, being of perfect health. I leave to my granddaughter, Mary Corwin, ś6 when she is 18. I leave to my two daughters, Mehitabel Terry and Jemima Benjamin, all the rest of my estate of every kind. I make my friend, Daniel Wells, executor.

Witnesses, Richard Howell, Mary Aldridge, Daniel Aldridge. Proved, February 17, 1761."

In reviewing the Corwin Genealogy, we find a Mary Corwin, asserted wife of Joshua Corwin, daughter of Matthias Corwin and his first wife. The first wife given in the Corwin Genelaogy as Mary (__). According to the Corwin Genealogy, this is the Matthias Corwin who presumably married Elizabeth Benjamin, Jan 1750 (SR), as his second wife. Although the Corwin genealogy gives 1753 as a birthyear for this daughter Mary (ie, after the second marriage), this date of birth is estimated and surrounded by questions marks in the Corwin Genealogy, ie she could have been born earlier, and to the first wife before 1750.

In reviewing the available information regarding this Matthias and his family, we have a suggestion that the first wife of this Matthias Corwin is a daughter of Jacob and Bethia (__) Aldrich:

1. The timeline is about right, although we have few "certain" dates to hang our hats on. The parents of Matthias are believed to have married and had their children shortly after the 1698 census. Jacob Aldrich was single in the 1698 census and probably also married shortly thereafter. Thus this Matthias Corwin and a daughter of Jacob Aldrich could certainly be seen to be contemporaries.

2. According to the Corwin Genealogy, Matthias had sons named Jacob and Gershom. As far as can be seen, these were the first of this name to be so named in the Corwin family on Long Island. Jacob is a name almost exclusively reserved for Aldrich descendants in early Long Island. Gershom is virtually a "proprietary" name for both the Aldrich and Terry families. These Jacob and Gershom names were continued down among  further descendants of Matthias. If this wife of Matthias is from Jacob Aldrich, the son named Jacob was named for her father and also brother; while her son Gershom would have been named for her uncle, brother and several Aldrich-side nephews. We do have primary evidence for a son named Gershom among all of these secondary references, a Salmon Death Record on 22 Jul 1756, for "Methias Curwins son Gershom 18 or 1..".

3. Marrying a second wife in 1750 means that the first wife to Matthias was dead in 1760, when Bethiah (__) Aldrich made her will. This would explain not naming a daughter with a Corwin surname, but naming a Corwin granddaughter. Although it is possible that a Corwin granddaughter could have arisen from a prior marriage of the named daughters, Mehitable or Jemima, even though no prior marriages are known for them before their Terry and Benjamin marriages, respectively. There is also an outside possibility that the granddaughter would be old enough that Corwin could be a married name for the granddaughter.

4. According to the Corwin Genealogy, this Matthias was father of Mary Corwin, wife of Joshua Corwin. This couple later settled in Mount Hope, Orange Co, New York. I am not aware of what evidence supports this relationship. Much of the 1880's Corwin Genealogy came from family records and recollections of 19th century descendants. This Mary would appear to be a prime candidate to be the granddaughter Mary Corwin mentioned in Bethia (__) Aldrich's will.

5. The relationship of the second wife to Aldrich's is also interesting. Matthias Corwin's second wife, Elizabeth Benjamin, was a sister of Nathan Benjamin, who married Jemima Aldrich. This Jemima (Aldrich) Benjamin was named in Bethiah (__) Aldrich's will and would have been a sister of the first wife of Matthias Corwin, if she was the mother of the Mary Corwin named in that 1760 Bethiah Aldrich will. Thus, Matthias would have married, as his second wife, his first wife's brother-in-law's sister - if the first wife is Mary Aldrich. This kind of "kinship network" intermarriage would not be unexpected, and tells us that this Matthias Corwin certainly was familiar with the Aldrich family.

6. Other possible Mary Corwins. In reviewing the other Mary Corwins in the Corwin Genealogy, and possible candidates from the Salmon Records and other sources, I only see one other at the present time. A Mary Corwin is listed as a daughter of Samuel-4, Samuel-3, John-2, Matthias-1 Corwin in the Corwin Genealogy.

Samuel-4, John-3, John-2 is said by the Corwin to have married a Phebe (___).  According to Jeannette Edwards Rattray, East Hampton History, including Genealogies of Early Families (East Hampton, NY, 1953), 268-9, they married on 16 October 1733 and she was Phebe Dominy of East Hampton, daughter of Nathaniel Dominy and Anne Corey, born 11 February 1712, baptized 30 March 1712, died 4 May 1783.

The Corwin Genealogy hints that there may have been another wife of this Samuel. But the marriage date and date of death of this Phebe Dominy embraces the time period during which their daughter Mary would have been born - 1747. The 1747 date of birth would fit the fact pattern of having a mother who died before 1760. Thus, it would appear that this Mary Corwin, daughter of Samuel, would not be a prime candidate to be the Mary Corwin in Bethia Aldrich's 1760 will. Also, this choice does not appear to have the other facts going for it, particularly the naming pattern of the other Mary Corwin's children (repeating Jacob and Gershom). This Mary Corwin is said by the Corwin Genealogy to have married Nathaniel Norton on Feb 01, 1776. A Norton family bible shows she died Sep 14, 1818, aged 71 years (which calculates to the 1747 date of birth)


The first wife of Matthias Corwin was, perhaps-to-likely, Mary-4 Aldrich, the daughter of Jacob-3 and Bethia (___) Aldrich. We await the discovery of "smoking gun" evidence to bring this identity into the realm of "certainty".

Unfortunately, the son Jacob, who could have answered these questions, had prepared a Corwin Genealogy, but the published Corwin Genealogy reports it was destroyed before being published. He was a minister in Riverhead and Brookhaven for many years.

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Corwin, Matthias-4 & 5 - Distinguishing wives and children

The wives and families and Matthias 4 and 5 (M-3, J-2, M-1) asserted by E. T. Corwin in the Corwin Genealogy come into question when compared against the Salmon and other records. There is possible confusion here.

The Corwin Genealogy has:

 3 MATTHIAS,4 (Matthias, 2,) b. (???), d. October, 1782.

            M. (1) Mary (???)? (2) Elizabeth Benjamin, in 1750, who d. June
             4th, 1783.

            Ch. Jeremiah, Matthias, Mary, Rev. Jacob, Gershon, Gilbert, Naomi.

 4 MATTHIAS,5 (Matthias, 3,) b. (???), 1732, d. June 10th, 1801.

            M. (1) Naomi Davis, 1754; (2) Elizabeth (???), who was b. (???), 1728,
              d. June 1st, 1783.

            Ch. Elizabeth.

         On census list, 444, in 1776, (or 1766?) having in family one male, one female over sixteen, and one child.


Cemetery Records I have found are:

Cemetery: Baiting Hollow Cemetery, Suffolk County, NY

Surname, First: CORWIN, Mathias
Maiden Name: n/a
Date  of  Birth:
Date of  Death: 09 Jun 1804
Age  at  Death: 69 years
Grave Location:

Source: Frost 'L. I. Cemeteries' vol. 8, pp. 1-36: LDS microfilm # 0017118
Submitter: David Roberts
Cemetery: Baiting Hollow Cemetery

[1804-69 = 1735]

 Surname, First: CORWIN, Elizabeth
 Maiden Name:
 Date  of  Birth:
 Date of  Death: 16 Jun 1783
 Age  at  Death: 55 years 9 months
 Grave Location:

 Notes: Wife of Mathias Corwin
 Source: Frost 'L. I. Cemeteries' vol. 8, pp. 1-36; LDS microfilm # 0017118
 Submitter: David Roberts



Salmon Marriage Records are:


1725 1207  Methias Curwins wife Mary
1737 0829  Methias Curwins child
1752 0228  Methias Curwins wife
1754 1121  Mathias Curwins Dauter  6
1756 0722  Methias Curwins son Gershom 18 or 1..
1756 0723  Methias Curwins Dauter Neomy 1.
1756 0800  Methias Curwins son Jesse
1756 0800  young Methias Curwins child
1769 0309  Mathias Corwin 23
1782 1000  Methias Curwin
1783 0604  Elesabath Corwin R..lic Mathias
Marriages - Grooms
1750 0100 Last Winte. Mathias Curwin & Elesath Benjamin
1754 0819 Methia. Curwin & Neomy Dains
1758 Oath to the King
Matthias, farmer, age 48 - born 1730
Jacob, farmer, age 30, born 1747

A review of these records raises the following questions:

Who is the Matthias Corwin, died 03/09/1769, age 23?

Are the Matthias Corwin, b 1730 (Oath to the King) and the one buried in Baiting Hollow, b 1735 (Baiting Hollow Cemetery) - the same person?

Which wife belongs to the father and which wife to the son??

One scenario is that Matthias-3 married, 1) a woman about 1730ish - possibly Mary Aldrich (See separate entry above), then married 2) Elizabeth Benjamin - who survived him and died 06/03/1784 (or 06/16/1784) as his relec - that would leave the Naomi Daines (not Davis as Corwin Genealogy suggests) as a wife for the son.

Then, was it the sons wife, possibly previous to Naomi Daines, who died 02/28/1752?? Or was that death for Elizabeth Benjamin - and the elder Matthias married another, unrecorded Elizabeth who was his relec who died 1784??

Which wife belongs to the death record "1752 0228  Methias Curwins wife"?

Which children belong to which Matthias?

It would appear that whichever one married Naomi Daines was the father of the 1 year Naomi Corwin, who died 07/23/1756.

Are the four Corwin children of "Matthias" who died in a two month period in 1756 all from one Matthias?? or from both??

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Corwin, Patience-4 (John-3,2, Matthias-1)

In the Salmon Records, and in the Vail Genealogies, is the following marriage: "Patience Corwin to Josiah Vail, Feb 25, 1724.

The Corwin Genealogy is silent regarding this Patience Corwin.

The Corwin Genealogy apparently did not have access to the Salmon Records and did not read a copy of John Corwin's will (see John Corwin above), naming a daughter Patience (first name only).


This Patience Corwin is almost certainly the daughter Patience mentioned in the 1729 will of John-3 Corwin, although he did not use a last name for her. There are no other records for a Patience of that time period for this to be. This is not absolute evidence that there could not be another Patience Corwin, and is therefore not proven, but there is only a small likelihood of that possibility.

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Corwin, Patience-5 (Matthias-4,3, John-2, Matthias-1)

Who was wife of "Blind David" Wells, mother of the Reverend David Wells, that might have given Rev David Wells status of nephew of Rev Jacob Corwin?

The Corwin Genealogy does not list a daughter named Patience for Matthias Corwin, but does show that the Rev Jacob Corwin, son of Matthias, in Jacob's sketch, was the uncle of the Rev David Wells, who succeeded him in his ministry duties. The Corwin Genealogy does not disclose, however, how it was that David Wells was a nephew of Jacob Corwin. The list of  the children of Matthias does not come from a "complete" source, like a will, but appears to have been "pieced" together by the Corwin Genealogist.

A wife of the father of the Rev David Wells, (called "Blind David" Wells), died 15 days (Apr 23, 1776 SR) after the indicated birth date of David Wells (Apr 11, 1776, as given by the 1878 Wells Genealogy), giving a strong presumption she died from complications from child birth - a common occurrence in those days.. The 05/04/1775 Salmon marriage record for that wife of "Blind David" Wells, only gives her first name as Patience, no last name.


A suggestion arises that the Patience with no last name in the 05/04/1775 marriage record was a daughter of Matthias Corwin, which would give rise to the uncle / nephew relationship of the Rev Jacob Corwin and the Rev David Wells mentioned in the Jacob Corwin sketch in the Corwin Genealogy. More evidence to establish this identity for her would be welcome. See more on the wives of "Blind David" Wells.

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Corwin, Rebecca-3 (John-2, Matthias-1)

The Corwin Genealogy is confused about Rebecca. It says:

The Corwin Genealogy, p 183:

"1 REBECCA,3 (John, 1,) b. (???), 1660-70.
M. Abram Osman before 1690.
Ch. Joseph, John, Rebecca? Sarah? Abraham? Dorothy?

                  (Doc. Hist. N. Y. i. 452. Moore's Index of Southold, 105, 106.)

"Probably Ab. Osman married a Martha, who died 1706, and Abram and Dorothy, and perhaps Sarah, may be the children of this second wife."  :End Quote

We have the following documentation on Rebecca:
1698 Census: "Abraham, Rebecca, Joseph, John  (474-477)"

Will of John-2 Corwin: 26 Nov 1700: "5thly. I doe give & bequeath to my daughter Rebecca, now ye wife of Abram Osman, one cow, to be delivered after my decease."

Salmon Death Records:

21 Jun 1699 - "[Ab]hm Osman child burd"
10 Oct 1719 - "Abraham Osman died"
13 Apr 1731 - "Widw Rebeca Osman Relec to Abrah…"

12 May 1706 - "Widw Osman died"

It would appear from these records that Rebecca Corwin was the only wife of Abraham Osman and outlived him. She was certainly the mother of his children born after 1698 and probably the two in the 1698 census as well.

The 1706 death record is only for a "widow Osman", but not Abraham's widow (he didn't die till 1719), and her name is not shown in that death record as Martha. The Corwin Genealogy is apparently confused about this death record in assigning it to a wife of Abraham Osman. I have not identified who this "widow Osman" is.

The record of the child who died on 21 Jun 1699 was likely Joseph or John (in their household in the 1698 census), although Rebecca could have been pregnant at the time of the census and possibly have had a third child in time to be this one.

A puzzling Salmon Death Record is also recorded on 30 Dec 1730: "Rebecka osmans child infant". Rebecca could be no younger than 50 at this time (married by 1690, born by 1670, maybe as early as 1660). So, this is likely a different woman, as she would be unlikely to have had an infant at that age. It is also interesting to note that children of widows were usually called "widow xx". This Rebecca may have been another widow Rebecca Osman, or even an illegitimate child of a single Rebecca Osman. If the latter, she would be a prime candidate to be a daughter of Abraham and Rebecca.

I find no evidence for the children attributed by the Corwin Genealogy to Abraham and Rebecca not in the 1698 census; nor do I find a will for Abraham Osman.

There are two Osman's in the 1698 census who I have not identified and may belong to Abraham: 1) an extra Sarah in the household of Jacob and 2) a lone Dorothy Osman, apparently in the household of Joseph Reeve. A Dorothy Osman married Henry Wells Feb 11, 1720, in Southold.

A Rebecca Osman married a John Johnson Sep 13, 1737, (Salmon Records), in Southold. She may be a namesake of Rebecca (Corwin) Osman.


Rebecca Corwin was the only wife of Abraham Osman and outlived him. The 1706 death record of the Widow Osman belongs to the widow of some other Osman.

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Corwin, Samuel-4 - Which Samuel-4 Corwin is son of who??

There are two Samuel Corwins who had good sized families in the early 1700's.

A) One married Experience Corwin Apr 13, 1732, left 1762 will.
B) The other married, as reported by the Corwin Genealogy, an unknown woman first, and then a woman whose first name was Phebe. (According to Aquebogue Records, a widow, Phebe Corwin, died May 4th, 1783.) Left 1776 will, proved 1785. This Samuel is likely the one, age 72, born 1706, in the 1778 Oath to the King by all males on Long Island over 14. Thanks to David McDonald for this extra bit of information: "4-Samuel, 3-John, 2-John is known to have married a Phebe.  According to Jeannette Edwards Rattray, East Hampton History, including Genealogies of Early Families (East Hampton, NY, 1953), 268-9, they married on 16 October 1733 and she was Phebe Dominy of East Hampton, daughter of Nathaniel Dominy and Anne Corey, born 11 February 1712, baptized 30 March 1712, died 4 May 1783."
The Corwin Genealogy says:
A above was Samuel-4, Theophilus-3, Theophilus-2, Matthias-1.
B above was: Samuel-4, Samuel-3, John-2, Matthias-1.

Note that B is accompanied by a question mark in the Corwin Genealogy, meaning that the author was not sure of this placement.

Based on the facts and arguments given below, I hope to establish that A was correct, but B was wrong and should be:
A above was Samuel-4, Theophilus-3, Theophilus-2, Matthias-1.
B above was: Samuel-4, John-3, John-2, Matthias-1.

The fact that Experience Corwin was brother to one and wife to the other and the 1762 will refers to wife Experience proves that the testator of the 1762 Samuel Corwin will is the son of Theophilus and the logical conclusion is therefore that the testator of the 1784 will is Samuel, son of John-3 (named in John-3's will along with his sister Experience). Thus B above is wrong.

          That leaves, by default, that Samuel A above, who married Experience Corwin and left a 1762 will, was the Samuel referred to as a brother in the will of John-4 Corwin and both this John-4 & Samuel-4 (A) were sons of Theophilus-3,2, Matthias-1 - which agrees with the assertion made in the Corwin Genealogy for that Samuel.

This is further corroborated based on comparisons of property each described in their respective wills, as seen below.

Their will summaries are:

WILL SUMMARY of Samuel A above (md Experience Corwin)

Samuel Corwin
Dates: Written: 01/06/1762; Proved: 01/20/1762
Wife: Experience
Sons: Benjamin (eldest), David (second), Samuel (youngest)
Daughters: None named
Executors:  my wife and son David executors
Witnesses: Henry Pike, James Reeve, Nehemiah Barker

(Note: Wife given as Experience in will: Salmon Marriage Records show Samuel Corwin married Experience Corwin Apr 13, 1732. This Experience Corwin is the sister of the Samuel in Will B below.)

WILL SUMMARY of Samuel-B above (married 1) Possibly Unknown and 2)  Phebe Dominy.

Samuel Corwin
Dates: Written: 05/15/1776; Proved: 07/16/1785
Wife: Living in 1776, not named
Sons: Samuel (eldest), Stephen, Nathaniel, James
Daughters: Phebe Tuthill, Mary Norton
Son-in-law: John Tuthill, Jr.
Executors:  my sons, Stephen and James, and son-in-law, John Tuthill, Jr.
Witnesses:   Benjamin Davis, Daniel Terry (of Southold, weaver), Thomas Hutchinson

Property  bequeathed in the will of Samuel B was (emphasis by bold added):
Likewise to Samuel, my barn and adjoining land bounded northerly upon the road from Sylvanus Davis Line, etc., etc., also one half of two lots of "Chrickthatch Meadow" lying down Little neck; Also two thirds of my Milcreek meadow "to be divided quantity and quallity" between my sons, Samuel and Stephen. To my second son, Stephen, all my field lands and meadows on the road bounded Easterly by Thomas Hutchinson's land, Northerly by the road, Westerly by land of Samuel Corwin and Silvanus Davis, and Southerly by the Creek; Also one half of two lots of "Chrick thatch meadow" Little Neck
The Corwin Genealogy does not give a son named Samuel to John-3 Corwin (see separate)
The 1729 will of John-3 (John-2, Matthias-1) leaves the following legacies:
"I leave to my son Joseph, all that part of my home lands, on the south side of the street or highway; that is, lying westerly of a ditch in the meadow, and containing about 20 acres. And 1/3 of my fresh and salt meadows, lying near the mill meadows, so called. And one lot of Creek Thatch at Indian Neck, and all my Creek Thatch in Toms Creek. I also leave him 2 oxen and a horse and one falling ax. Also all the wood and timber growing on 6 acres of the southermost part of my north side lot of land lying between the inlet and Duck Pond.

"I leave to my son Samuel, all my house, lands, and buildings where I now live, as the same are lying on both sides of the highway or street, except what is given to my son Joseph. I also leave to my son Samuel, my North side lot of land lying between the inlet and Duck Pond. And 2/3 of my fresh and salt meadows lying near the mill creek meadow (so called). And two lots of Creek Thatch on Indian Neck, and a horse, and a yoke of oxen.

Witnessed by: Samuel Hutchinson, Silvanus Davis, Benjamin Hutchinson

The comparison of the land descriptions are not definitive. They are separated by 46 years and neighbors will have come and gone and landscape names will have changed. However, it is interesting that Silvanus Davis witnessed John Corwin's will and Silvanus Davis is mentioned in a property description in the 1756 will of Samuel (B) - also the common name: "mill meadows" appears in both wills, giving property so described to both Joseph and Samuel - (As for Joseph, I find no record of this Joseph Corwin after a possible marriage to Zerviah Case on Apr 26, 1739 -  he may have sold his property to his brother and moved to the mainland.)

Note also the witnesses:

1729 will of John-3 witnesses: Samuel Hutchinson, Silvanus Davis, Benjamin Hutchinson

1776 will of Samuel-4 witnessess: Benjamin Davis, Daniel Terry (of Southold, weaver), Thomas Hutchinson

Both containing Davis and Hutchinson surnames.

One of these Samuels is definitely a son of Theophilus-3, as evidenced by this 1740 will of John-4 Corwin, son of Theophilus-3:
New York Wills: Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744, Pp 306-7

Page 421.--In the name of God, Amen, June 1, 1740. I, JOHN CORWIN, of Southold, in Suffolk County, weaver, being sick, All of my houses and lands and real estate, with my wind mill, are to be sold at "Publick Vendue," and after payment of debts, the rest is left to my wife Elizabeth, and to my children (not named), I make my father, Theophilus Corwin, and my brother, Samuel Corwin, executors.
Witnesses, John Corwin, Jr., Barnabas Wines, Sr., John Halloway. Proved, July 1, 1740.

Wife Elizabeth in this will was Elizabeth Owen, John-4's second wife, widow of Daniel Terrill, married Nov 1739 (SR). He married, first, Mehitable Clark, Dec 23, 1725 (SR), who died Aug 16, 1739 (SR).

I find no evidence to support the assertion by the Corwin Genealogy that Samuel-3, John-2, Mathias-1 had a son named Samuel. In fact, in the entry for that Samuel-3, he gives a son named Samuel-4 followed by question marks, even though under Samuel-4's entry, he shows Samuel-3 as the father without question marks. (It should also be noted that the Corwin Genealogy did not give a son named Samuel to John-3, when it is clear he did have such a son - named in his will.).


The conclusion from the above analysis is that

A - (md Experience Corwin) > Samuel-4, Theophilus-3, Theophilus-2, Matthias-1
B - (md 2?, Phebe Dominy) > Samuel-4, John-3, John-2, Mathias-1
Experience-4 (John-3, John-2, Matthias-1) Corwin was sister to B and wife of A.

The fact that Experience Corwin was brother to one and wife to the other and the 1762 will refers to wife Experience proves that the testator of the 1762 Samuel Corwin will is the son of Theophilus and the logical conclusion is therefore that the testator of the 1784 will is Samuel-4 (John-3, John-2, Matthias-1), and brother of Experience Corwin who married Samuel-4 (Theophilus-3, Theophilus-2, Matthias-1.)

This is further corroborated based on comparisons of property each described in their respective wills, as seen above. Thus Samuel B is the son of John-3 (John-2, Mathias-1) not Samuel-3 (John-2, Mathias-1).

That leaves, by default, that Samuel A, who married Experience Corwin and left a 1762 will, naming a wife Experience, was the Samuel referred to as a brother in the will of John-4 Corwin and both that John and that Samuel were sons of Theophilus-3, Theo-2, Matthias-1 - which is the assertion made in the Corwin Genealogy for that Samuel.


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Corwin, Samuel-4 - Additional Children, but which Samuel?

The wills of the two Samuel-4 Corwins name their children, presumably all of the ones then living. In addition, the following child deaths are reported in the Salmon Records from the 1720's through the 1750's. Which Samuel was father of which?

1721 0915  Sm Curwins child > too early for the Samuel-4's??
1729 1203  Sm Curwins son infant
1733 0318  Sm Curwins Daughter
1733 0323  Sm Curwins Daughter
1733 0325  Samll Curwins Daughter
1737 1226  Sm Curwins Infant son
1743 0304  Samll Curwins child Benj
1746 0809  Samll Curwins Infant Dau
1753 1110  Samll Curwins Daugter Anna   5
1754 1006  Samuel Curwins Infant son
1755 1208  Samll Curwins Infant Daugter Lydia
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Corwin, Simon, married Mary Parr 1739 - Parents?

A  marriage of a Simon Corwin to Mary Parr is recorded in the Salmon Records on May 27, 1739. (This Simon is shown as married to Mary (___) in the Corwin Genealogy - another indication the author did not have access to the Salmon Records.)

Then, three baptisms are found to a "Simon and Mary Corwin" in early Mattituck baptism records:

Jemima Corwin - Oct 29, 1752
Rachel Corwin - Nov 08, 1755
Theophilus Corwin - May 08, 1757
These children are mentioned in the Corwin Genealogy and not followed further there. The time lag for these baptisms from the date of marriage suggests there were other children born earlier. The year of the last baptism 1757 would be near the end of Mary Corwin's baby producing years.

It is interesting to note that a Mary Parr was referred to as a granddaughter in the 1728 will of Hannah (___) Knowling, as a daughter of her son, John Parr (apparently from a marriage to a Parr, identity unknown to me, before her Knowling marriage.) It is a good possibility that this Mary Parr is the same person, as there are very few Parrs in early Southold - but Mary is such a common name, that is uncertain to me. It is also interesting to note a Salmon Marriage of a John Parr to a Mary Corwin on Dec 19, 1718. This couple would be a prime candidate for the parents of this Mary Parr. I have not been able to place the Mary Corwin who married John Parr as yet.

Who are Simon's parents?

The Corwin Genealogy gives the father of this Simon as Daniel Corwin (see Daniel Corwin above). But, that Daniel left a 1747 will and no mention of him is made there.

Simon was one of those "proprietary" names in early Southold, ususally suggesting a Ramsey or Moore antecedent - but, there was also a family in early Southold with the last name of Simon - of whom I know little. The above Daniel was indeed married to a Mary Ramsey - but his brother, Theophilus was married to a Ramsey as well. Simon Ramsey mentioned in his 1719 will: "I leave to Mary, wife of Daniel Corwin, and to Hannah, wife of Theophilus Corwin, each two cows."

But, this Theophilus left a will written in 1762 and also did not mention a son named Simon, but did mention a grandson named Theophilus Corwin (Same name as the 1757 baptism).

Note that one of the three baptisms is for a Rachel Corwin, a relatively uncommon name, which was also the name of a daughter of Simon Ramsey.

It is almost a certainty that this Simon is a son of either the Daniel or Theophilus Corwin, who married Mary and Hannah Ramsey, respectively, because of the naming patterns. But, which one is the father is clouded by the fact that both left wills and did not mention a son named Simon. I have found no date of death for this Simon, but he was definitely alive in 1747, date of the Daniel-3's will. The last date of baptism for Simon that we find in the Mattituck records, 1757, was before the second will, by Theophilus-3, in 1762.

Theophilus-2 apparently had a third son, John, who is one of the apparent "orphans" in the 1698 census, in the household of John and Jemima (Alsop) Paine. It is intriguing that here again, we have an almost proprietary Paine name of Jemima used by a daughter of this Simon. But, the Corwin Genealogy doesn't even mention this John and I find no further record of him in Southold.

A further note is to look at other Corwins who might be contemporary to this Simon who I have not been able to place. They are:

Jemima Corwin md David Luce, Jun 03, 1725 (SR)
Johanna Corwin md Johanna Corwin, Jan 29, 1730 (SR)
Simon Corwin md Mary Parr, May 27, 1739 (SR)
Bathsheba Corwin md John White, Oct 04, 1739 (SR)
Whether two or more of this group could be siblings and from an unknown Corwin parent (like the John Corwin in the Paine household in the 1698 census), I do not know. It is interesting that one of the Corwin names here is Jemima and that Simon Corwin named a daughter Jemimah.

Neither a Simon or a Theophilus Corwin are listed in the 1778 Oath to the King, or the 1778 household census, indicating they were possibly refugees to Connecticut, if still living.

Simon Corwin was most likely a grandson of Theophilus-2 Corwin. His absence from the wills of Daniel and Theophilus Corwin are puzzling and leave a question mark over the Corwin Genealogy assertion that he is a son of Daniel. Since the last record I have for this Simon is 1757 and the Theophilus will of 1762 will mentions a grandson named Theophilus, there is a slight edge in favor of his being from Theophilus-3, and that he died before 1757-1762. Another factor in favor of Theophilus-3 for a parent is that these three baptisms are found in Mattituck records, and Theophilus and his wife, Hannah Ramsey, are buried in the Mattituck Parish Burying Ground (See pg 363 of Craven, History of Mattituck, list of graves in Mattituck Parish Burying Ground).

We await a further clue to establish his parentage with a greater degree of certainty.

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Corwin, Stephen - Rev War Veteran > Southold to Essex Co, NJ

The Corwin Genealogy did not know the parents of this Stephen Corwin, but does list his progeny for a few generations:

Corwin Genealogy, pg 209

"Stephen, (Greek,) a crown.
 1 STEPHEN,5 ((???),) b. (???), 1730-40.
   M. Miss (???) Haines.
   Ch. Phebe, Hannah, Rachel, Samuel, Stephen.

Was a quartermaster in the Revolutionary war. Removed from Southold, L. I., to Essex Co., N. J. Afterward moved to Ohio."


Note: Stephen was a name used in the Swezey family. However, I find no Swezey mothers old enough for this Stephen... Where did the Corwin Genealogy get the name of Haines for the wife??

Who are his parents?

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