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Aldrich, Gershom-5 md Mary Reeve & Catherine Fanning - son of Gershom-4, not Peter-4
Aldrich, Joseph - Identity of wife > Elizabeth Mapes, probable daughter of Phineas, not Thomas
Aldrich, Mary-4 - possible wife of Matthias-4 Corwin

Aldrich, Gershom-5 md Mary Reeve & Catherine Fanning - son of Gershom-4, not Peter-4

One of the published Aldrich Genealogies states that the Gershom Aldrich who married 1) Mary Reeve and 2) Catherine Fanning was the son of Peter-4 Aldrich of Wading River.

This is an error.

He was the son of Gershom-4, who drowned Mar 16, 1750, married Hannah Reeve, Oct 1744. This Gershom's date of birth from his headstone is d 01/19/1826, in 82nd yr  =  1825-81 = 1744; and from the 1778 Allegiance to the King: Age 34 = 1744. These calculated years of birth indicate it might be possible that Gershom was married before Oct 1744 to another woman (or Hannah Reeve had Gershom-5 out of wedlock in the year she married Gershom-4). Or, even that the year given in the transcription of the Salmon Records is wrong by a year or two - the years in the Salmon Records are somewhat "guessed"; as the dates were entered in a chronological record, but designated the year only sporadically.

The 1778 Census, conducted by the British occupiers of the Island, shows a Gershom and Enos Aldrich in Wading River, with 2 and 4 in their households, respectively. Then, it shows in Mattituck: Daniel 6, Gashom 6, and Jacob 6. (Numbers show number in household). The 1778 Allegiance to the King list shows two Gershom Aldriches, one born 1744 and one born 1756. Peter Aldrich named sons Enos and Gershom in his 1775 will.

Based on this evidence, alone, it would appear that the Gershom Aldrich of Wading River belonged to Peter, and that the other Gershom Aldrich, who lived, died, and was buried in Mattituck, Long Island, was the husband of 1) Mary Reeve and 2) Catherine Fanning. Thus, the Gershom born in 1756, (too young to be married to Mary Reeve Oct 13, 1768 (SR), or Catherine Fanning, Nov 14, 1771 (SR)), must have been the Gershom Aldrich in the 1778 Wading River Census.

In addition to this evidence, we have:

Wesley L. Baker, Reeve Family Study - Baker,  (Privately printed,
1970), Pg 401

"The New York Journal for August 15, 1770 reported her death: "The
wife of Gershom Aldridge of Southold a young woman having for some
time been melancholy told a little girl to take her child out of doors
and play with it. She then went into her bedroom, loaded a gun and
shot herself in the head. The father of Mr. A. was 20 years ago with
two others drowned by the sinking of a boat loaded with grain." (See
Onderdon's Suffolk Co in Olden Times, in Long Island Historical
Society Journal, Vol V, No. 4, pg 36)"

This description of his father as the one who drowned in 1750 matches Gershom-4 Aldrich, who is recorded as drowned in the Salmon Records in 1750. Thus, The Gershom-5 Aldrich who married 1) Mary Reeve and 2) Catherine Fanning was the son of Gershom-4.

Mary Reeve is given by the Reeve Family Study as a daughter of Thomas and Keziah (Mapes) Reeve. If Gershom's mother is Hannah (Reeve) Aldrich (see Gershom-4's sketch for doubts), then Gershom-5 and his first wife, Mary Reeve, were first cousins (ie Thomas and Hannah Reeve were siblings.)

Catherine Fanning, Nov 14, 1771, Mattituck, Southold, Long Island, NY, second wife of Gershom-5 Aldrich was possibly a daughter of James and Deborah (Warner) Fanning.

There is a marriage record in Mattituck Marriage Records for a Gershom Aldrich to a Phebe Homan, Jul 14, 1777. This is likely the one who was son of Peter. He would have been 21 at the time. I have no further record for this couple and speculate both he and Enos left the island to go west after the Revolution.

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Aldrich, Joseph - Identity of wife > Elizabeth Mapes, probable daughter of Phineas, not Thomas

The Mattituck Parish Records show a marriage for Joseph Aldrich and Elizabeth Mapes on 24 Oct 1807. (Included in "A History of Mattituck, NY", Charles E. Craven, Mattituck and Aquebogue Parish Marriage Records, pg 337).

This Joseph Aldrich was the son of Jacob-4 (Jacob-3, Peter-2, George-1) and (second wife) Mary (___) Aldrich of Mattituck.

The Mapes Genealogy places this Elizabeth Mapes as a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Reeve) Mapes (Mapes Family Association, edited by Joseph Boyle III, Mapes, Descendants of Thomas, and Sarah Purrier,  (1998), pg 10.). The Mapes Genealogy shows she married 1) David Davis 24 Dec 1795 and 2) Joseph Aldrich 24 Oct 1807. Gives nothing on her children. Gives the following comment: "Betsey is placed in this family due to birth and marriage dates. Ham placed her as 4/8 child of Mary Overton."

A David Davis did marry an Elizabeth Mapes on 24 Dec 1795; and she may very well may have been a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Reeve) Mapes, although I have not seen any evidence that supports that link. However, it was almost certainly a different Elizabeth Mapes who married Joseph Aldrich.

First, the marriage of Joseph Aldrich is recorded as to Elizabeth MAPES, not "widow Elizabeth Davis", as we might expect if she were a widow. Secondly,  Joseph Aldrich and David Davis, both with apparent wives are 11 lines apart, very close neighbors, in the 1810 census.

1810 Census:

Joseph Aldrich: 10001-00010
11 lines later:
David Davis: 11010-32010

In his will, dated 1819, Joseph Aldrich left property to a nephew, Sylvester Cooper and money to a nephew named Joseph Cooper. A search on his Aldrich side fails to find a relationship that would make these Coopers his nephews, although we are hindered in not knowing his mother, nor the parents of the Cooper boys.

In the 1850 household of Sylvester Cooper, we find a Deliverance Cooper, indicated age of 77; who might be Sylvester Cooper's mother. She would have been born 1773, using that age.

The 1785 will of Zerubabel Hallock mentions granddaughters Elizabeth and Deliverance Mapes.

In the death records of Mattituck Parish, we have the burial record for an Elizabeth Mapes, wife of Phineas Mapes, died Jul 03, 1771, in her 23rd year. We then have baptisms for two daughters of Phineas Mapes, on the same day, 10/18/1771, named Deliverance & Lydia. The transcriber added the comment that this Elizabeth was the daughter of Zerubabel and Elizabeth (Swezey) Hallock.

An interesting theory, posted to LI-Rooters 01/25/2001, by Gary Skarka, advanced by Fred Downs, is that the Deliverance Mapes, mentioned in the 1785 will of Zerubabel Hallock as his granddaughter, might be the Deliverance Cooper who was the mother of the Cooper boys mentioned as nephews in the 1819 will of Joseph Cooper; and the Elizabeth Mapes, also mentioned in that will, would be the Elizabeth Mapes who married Joseph Aldrich, giving the nephew relationship.

A conflicting piece of evidence is that the Deliverance Cooper in the 1850 census would be born 1773, using her age per that census (77). The Elizabeth Hallock who married Phineas Mapes, if  mother of Deliverance (__) Cooper and daughter of Zerubabel Hallock, died Jul 1771, in her 23rd year, so a daughter would have to born before that date. Deliverance Mapes was baptized in Oct 1771. This two year difference could be easily explained because ages in censuses are proven to be in error by as much as two years in many instances.

We await confirming evidence for this theory.

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Aldrich, Mary-4 (Jacob-3, Peter-2, George-1)

Is Mary-4 Aldrich the first wife of Matthias-4 (Matthias-3, John-2, Matthias-1) Corwin?

I conclude she is "perhaps-to-likely" the wife of Matthias-4 Corwin.

See Matthias-4 Corwin for discussion

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