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1698 Southold LI Census 
A Study of Identities
Town of Southold
Suffolk County
Long Island, New York 
By Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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First name is "conventional spelling" - second, if any, is spelling in census
Numbers to the right of the names are the number in which they appear in the list (800 names)
You can tell how far apart families are by their number.. might connote a physical proximity
Families are not given in the census; they are "presumed" here, where surnames run together.
Single names between family "clusters" may be by themselves, or in the household above or below them.

Note: "Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" reports that numbers 483-??? are residents of Cutchogue. (Sequential number in census are in parenthesis following the family groupings)

Paine - Pain

Thomas  (61)
Follows the Emmons family and precedes the John Tuthill family
Salmon Death Record: "Jan 14, 1724/5, Tom Pain at Shelter Island died." might be this fellow. Placement in the Paine Genealogy is unknown to me. He could be a son or grandson of John-2 or Peter-2; or he could be from Cornelius - who had a family in the 1686 census and is not in the 1698 census.

It is interesting to note that either John Paine of Wading River, or his wife, had some kind of connection with the Emmons family that extended through 1800... being neighbors, signing each other's wills, etc. The existence of a Thomas Paine in this Emmons household is very intriguing, given the closeness of John Paine to the Emmons family, but is unexplained at this point.

John junjr, Sarah, Nathaniel, John  (412-415)
He is possibly a son of John-2, Thomas-1. The "junr" is confusing, as this John is likely older than the John below. Perhaps he was called Junr because his dad was named John and the other John is from Peter. This was not the ordinary way that Junr was assigned in those days, but since he was possibly called Junr when his dad was living, perhaps the label stuck.

The Nathaniel in this household is likely this one: "Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744:

"Page 228.--Rip Van Dam, Esq., President, etc. Whereas, NATHANIEL PAINE, of Southold, died intestate, Letters of Administration are granted to his sons-in-law, Richard Terry, Charles Glover, and Henry Brown, December 17, 1731."
If so, it would appear that Torrey has his marriage to Ann (___) too early (shows first born 1693), as Ann, wife of Nathaniel died, in 1725, age 39 = born 1686 (Salmon Records); plus this Nathaniel is still at home with mom and dad.

The John listed as a child in this household may be the patriarch of the Wading River Paines, whose will was dated 1762. That John may have been a son of the John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1, listed below, however - or from the Southampton Paines - or from the Thomas above; as the John Paine of Wading River, or his wife, had ties, and were neighbors with, the Emmons family; with whom that Thomas Paine was living in 1698.

Abigail widdow, Abigail junjr, Mary, Sarah  (682-685)
This matches Abigail (___), widow of Peter-3 (Peter-2, Thomas-1). Abigail is reported by Torrey to have died 1716, age 68; so these girls likely in their high teens or even twenties. Abigail junjr married John Dains (see Dains above), right after the census. He, as a single man, just follows this family, and was probably living with the family at the time of the census. I have no further record for Mary & Sarah. This Sarah is likely too old to be the Sarah Paine who married John Griffin, Feb 13, 1733, as they are reported to have had Thankful Griffin, born 1752, who married Peter Vail. The identity of the Sarah Paine who married John Griffin continues to elude me.

John, Jemima, Mary, Martha, Jemima, Eliza, John junjr,  (706-712)

This matches John and Jemima (Alsop) Paine and their family. (For Jemima, see Anderson, Sanford, & Sanford; The Great Migration (...continues) 1999, 1634-1635, Joseph Alsop sketch, pp 47-52).

Ackerly comments in the VR record published in LI Source records that Mary and Martha (apparently the Mary and Martha above) were from a previous marriage of this John. Torrey reports that marriage to be to a Mary (___) (1661-1690). John married Jemima Alsop 03/24/1691/2.

There were four Paine families in the 1686 census:

John senr, 5m - 3f;
Cornelius, 4m - 3f;
John Pain junjr, 3m - 2f, 1 fslave;
Petter, 2m - 3f
          (See LI Source Records, p 153).
        Total: in 1686 = 25; Total in 1698 = 16. Looks like some families are elsewhere.
Lucy Ackerly in her commentary after VR entries, c 1730, for Alsop Paine in the Southold Vital Records, says Alsop was son of John, Jr, who was son of: Peter-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1. (See LI Source Records, p 156). I am quite sure she is referring to Thomas-1 as the known English parent of the American immigrant and Thomas-2 in her numbering system is the American immigrant. Thus, we would have Alsop-4, John-3, Peter-2, Thomas-1 in the normal numbering system of using "1" for the immigrant. She says this is "proven" by John Junr's "unpublished" will.

Where Cornelius and his family moved to I do not know, perhaps to other parts of Long Island, or to the mainland. A Cornelius Paine is reported by Mather (Refugees from LI to Conn) to be the father of Elisha Paine, who married Deliverance Tuthill, 10/03/1748. That Cornelius Paine married Content Havens. He is likely a son of the Cornelius Paine in the 1686 census.

As noted above, either the John shown as a child in this family, or the John shown as a child in the family of "John, junr" above; could be the John Paine, patriarch of the Wading River Paines, whose will of 1762 lists daughters Mary, Elizabeth Robinson and grandsons Benjamin, John, and Moses Paine.

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Parshall - Pershall
James, Margaret, Mary, Israel, David, Benjamin, Margarett junjr  (576-582)
This is the family of James-1 Parshall. Margaret (___) is his second wife. The children are from his first wife, Elizabeth-3 (David-2, Lyon-1) Gardiner. See Torrey and the Youngs Family genealogy by Selah Youngs, p 48.
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Petty - Pattay
James, Experience, James junjr, Mary, Nymon, Experience  (389-394)
This matches James-2, the son of Edward-1 and Mary-2 (Rev John-1) (Youngs) Petty (Youngs Genealogy, p 41) Torrey did not know the identity of Experience (___) Petty. He died in 1706:
Abstracts of Wills VolI 1665-1707,
Page 428

"Page 337.--Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Captain General, etc. Whereas JAMES PETTY, late of Southold, died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his widow, Experience Petty, October 14, 1706."

John, Mary, Edward, David, Mary  (452-456)
This is John-2, son of Edward-1 and Mary-2 (Rev John-1) (Youngs) Pettey. The wife is Mary Chatfield. (Youngs Genealogy, p 41; Torrey) This family's VR's are in Southold Town Records, Liber D&E, LI Source Records, pp 169-70.
Joseph, Mary, Daniel  (529-531)
This matches Joseph-2, son of Edward-1 and Mary-2 (Rev John-1) (Youngs) Pettey. Wife: Mary Salmon. (See Youngs Genealogy, p 41; Torrey)
Mercy widow, Ralph, Lucas, Moses, Margery, Ann  (768-773)
The fourth son, Edward-2 Petty, at first blush, would be the candidate for Mercy to be a widow of, after seeing the previous three entries for three of the four sons of Edward-1 Petty. Torrey, however, indicates that an Edward Petty married Abigail Topping 4 Oct 1688, and lived in Southampton, unless that be another Petty line. That Edward Petty is shown as a widower with sons Elnathan and Edward, jr in the Southampton 1698 census.

Torrey shows that Edward-1 remarried a Mercy Youngs (after first wife Mary died, c 1671) and that she lived until 1727. That Mercy Youngs is not in the Youngs Genealogy, indicating that Selah Youngs did not find this to be the case. The Youngs Genealogy (pg 41) says the second wife was a Mary (___) and that she was living in 1702. (See also footnote at top of pg 170, LI Source Records.) Are the kids in this census entry a second family of Edward-1... or, more kids from the family of Edward-2 of Southampton?? Or could Edward-1 have had yet another son who this is the family of?

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Eliza, John  (In Carter household)  (739-740)
These two are siblings. They are John-2 and Elizabeth-2 Rackett, children of John-1 Rackett. They are living with their mother, Anna (__), who married, second, John Carter on Dec 17, 1686. (See Torrey, Libers D&E-STR, and NYGBR 126:232-238 - Descendants of John Rackett.)

Missing from above is: Samuel Rackett, died Feb 1775, aged 95. (born 1680) (SR).

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Ramsey - Rumsey
Symon, Mary, Mary junjr  (774-776)
This is Symon Ramsey and his unknown wife, Mary (__). She died 15 Feb 1707. He named a wife Mary in his 1719 will, so he must have married a second time to another Mary. The daughter, Mary junjr, above, married Daniel Corwin shortly after the Census. Daughter Hannah should be still at home, as her post-census husband is alone in the census below (Theophilus Corwin). Don't know where she is.. she should be at least 16 or so by now. Following is his will. Simon and Rachel must be born after the 1698 census. Simon likely from first wife, as he was old enough to take on adult responsibilities in 1719. Rachel could be from first or second wife.
New York City Wills Abstracts of Wills Vol II 1708-1728
Pp 276-7

In the name of God, Amen. The 29 March, 1719. I, SYMON RAMSEY, of Southold, in Suffolk County, on Nassau Island, yeoman, being sick and weak. I give and devise all my lands, pastures, and meadows, together with all my houses and buildings, unto my son Symon Ramsey; Also all my movable estate, and my two negroes, Sue and Prince (a woman and a boy). And he is to support and maintain my dear and loving wife, Mary Ramsey, with meat and drinks and apparel during her life. "But if she marry again, I bequeath to her 10 and her bedd." I leave to my daughter Rachel one feather bed with sufficient furniture for the same. Also 10 on the day of her marriage, and she is to have meat, drink, and lodging until she is married.

My daughter is to live with my son Symon, and he is to maintain her, and he is to take care of her and her education till she is of age or be married. And when she is of age, she is to have the value of two cows. I leave to Mary, wife of Daniel Corwin, and to Hannah, wife of Theophilus Corwin, each two cows. And I make my son Symon executor.

         Witnesses, David Gardiner, John Parker, C. Congreve. Proved, September 26, 1723.

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John, Hannah, Walter, John Junjr, Elisha, Abigail, Bethia  (155-161)
This is the family of John-3 Reeve and wife Hannah-2 (Richard-1) Brown.

There is a question whether the Hannah above is the oldest daughter (who married Gideon Youngs) or the wife, Hannah Brown. The Reeve Study by Baker gives date of death of the mother of this family as Jan 26, 1699 (Salmon Record entry is not absolute, but appears to be 1699) , which should mean this is the wife. But, Gideon Youngs, groom of the daughter Hannah, is in the census below without a wife and still at home with mom and dad. So, one of the Hannah's is not here and the absence is unexplained.

Jonathan, Martha, Margaret, Mary, Martha Junjr, Mathew  (172-177)

This is the family of Jonathan-2 Reeve and his wife Martha (__) (See Baker). Although death records in 1706 and 1728, in Southold, appear to belong to the parents, Baker says he can find nothing further in Southold on these children, which is puzzling. Since the parents stayed in the area, they may have been the victims of young deaths, as William's children were (see below).

Annis Reeve, widdow  (385)

This is Annis (Rider) Reeve, widow of Thomas-2 Reeve. (See Baker) (Note that Torrey is mistaken in saying she was the wife of Isaac-2.)
Mary widdow, William, Abigail, Margaret, Sarah, Thomas  (430-435)
Family of William-2 Reeve. He died in 1697. Thomas-3 died 03/19/1706/7, one week before "Widw Reeve child", likely Abigail or Margaret, also died. Sarah also died while young, Jun 10, 1717. (Salmon Records). (Baker, Reeves Study, p 336)
James, Deborah, Mary, Isaac, Thomas, Mary  (532-537)
Craven says James is James-3, son of James-2. Deborah in the census could be either sister or wife. (Had both a sister named Deborah and a wife named Deborah),  Mary, Isaac and Thomas are siblings. Second Mary is "prob" daughter.

[My thoughts: If the Deborah is his sister, listed with the other siblings, then the second Mary must not be his daughter. If he was married and had a child by 1698, then the Deborah must surely be his wife.... nmt]

Joseph, Abigail, Joseph, Benjamin, David, Ezikias, Solomon, Abigail, Mary, Margarett Hallock - widow, Dorothy Ozman  ( 603-611)

This is Joseph-2 Reeve and his family.

Query: The presence of Margaret Hallock, widdow, in this household raises the suggestion of whether Abigail, the heretofore unidentified wife of Joseph, might be Abigail-2 Hallock?? Abigail Hallock was named youngest daughter by William Hallock in his 1684 will, but does not indicate she was unmarried or underrage at that time. Since he presumably had his children from 1640-1660, she could been of age by 1684. Using the above children as last born 1697 and two years between children, their marriage would need to be no later than 1686; although we don't know if the Abigail above was the mother of all children.

Abigail died Apr 02, 1707 (Salmon Records). Joseph Reeve named a wife Deliverance in his 1722 will. She, in turn, left a will dated 1740, naming husbands William Whitehair and Joseph Reeve. Deliverance names only siblings, indicating she did not have children by either husband. She is believed to be Deliverance Crafford, the illegitimate daughter of Esther Crafford by John Wedg, born 1649 in Salem, Mass. Esther Crafford, in turn, then married John Homan Dec 23, 1669 in Salem, Mass and then Caleb-2 Horton, between 1699 - 1700 in Southold. (Crafford info from manuscript on file at SCHS.)

Joseph's 1722 will adds a son named William and daughter named Hannah to the above list of children (presumed born after 1698), naming his children in the same order as above, giving further credence to the above list being in birth order.

I have not discovered the parents of Dorothy Osman in their household. If a young girl, she could be the Dorothy Osman married Henry Wells, Feb 11, 1720 (Salmon Records).

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Rider - Ryder
Patience  (199) - Following the Wiggins family
Hannah (Rider) Wiggins, the matriarch of that family, was a brother of Thomas below. One could speculate that Patience is a daughter of Thomas staying with her aunt. (more remote possibilities include a sister, or a niece from an unknown brother.)
Thomas, Joseph, Providence, Jeremiah, Hester, Mehitobel  (395-400)
This is Thomas-2 Rider and the kids that are still left at home. Wife Abigail Terry has passed on. Thomas died Feb, 1716. Joseph died 1799. Providence married Penelope Wines after the census. See daughter Abigail as wife of William Downs above.
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Eliza  (363)
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Sarah  (601)
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John  (93)

The death of a John Rogers is reported in the Salmon Records, 13 Apr 1734.

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William, Ann  (789-790)
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Salmon - Solman, Solmon
Sarah widdow, William, Sarah junjr, Mary, Amy  (652-656)
This is Sarah, the widow of John Salmon (see Torrey) and her children. Torrey indicates she is a Barnes. There is no such daughter found for Joshua-1 Barnes by Jacobus in NEHGR - 123:81-90, 1969. She appears to be too old for the second generation, ie contemporary of most of Joshua Barnes children.

William Salmon, above, is the person who started the Salmon Records, the valuable log of marriages & deaths of Southold, Long Island. He married, 1708, Hannah Bailey - see Bailey above.)

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Prudence  (48)
Listed after three single men (these four individuals follow the Griffing family), she is followed by the Booth family. Query: Are these four singles boarders with the Griffings?? Is she from the Smith family of Smithtown, Long Island?
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Eliza  (79)
There is an Elizabeth in Nathaniel Silvesters will. There is reported to be an Elizabeth Silvester as wife of Jonathan Brown, md "aft 03/1695/6", per Torrey. Jonathan Brown, above, shows a wife Elizabeth. If that be her, then there must be two Eliza/Elizabeth Silvesters in 1698. This entry immediately follows that of the family of Benjamin L'Hommedieu and his wife, Patience Sylvester. Nathaniel Sylvester's 1698 will also mentions a daughter, Patience. So, this Eliza is probably in that household. Are they sisters and daughters of Nathaniel? Or is Elizabeth, the wife of Jonathan Brown, a sister of Patience and this Eliza possibly a niece or cousin?

Joshua  (648) (Appears to be in Moore household)

There is a brother Joshua in 1698 will of Nathaniel Sylvester "shall be properly maintained". The death of a Joshua Sylvester is reported in the Salmon Records, 21 Jun 1706. His entry there is with the title: "Mr.", an indication of high social standing in the community.
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Swazy - Swezey
Joseph, Mary, Johanna, Joseph junjr, Mary, Sarah, Samuel, Richard, Stephen, Bathia  (245-254)
This matches Joseph-3 (John-2,1) and Mary (Betts)  Swezey and their family. (Ancestors of mine.)
John, Mary, Jno Swayzy junjr, Susana, Mary junjr, Joshua & Phebe  (271-267)
This is John-3 (John,2,1) and wife Mary (__) and their family.
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Symons - Simons, Symon
Peter, (Symons), (Symons), (Symons)  (777-780)
Apparently three little ones in the house and the census taker didn't get their names.

According to "Lucy D. Akerly, NYGBR 31, 1900, Browne, Richard, pg 168, an Elizabeth Simmons married a David Brown  Dec 10, 1730. Could she be one of these children?

There are some birth, marriage, and death records scattered in the Salmon Records and also Mattituck Church Records during the 1700's. Whether the people in those records belong to this family in the 1698 census, I do not know.

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Terrill - Terrell
Thomas, John, Richard, Abigail, Nicholas, Catharine  (117-122)
This appears to be Thomas-2 Terrill (Thomas-1) and his family. He is a widower here.

There is confusion about who his wives were and the mother(s) of his children. Craven, in "History of Mattituck", pg 73, says: ".... Thomas-1 Terrill first married, in  1665, Mary Reeve, dau of Thomas and Mary (Purrier) Reeve. It appears from the will of Thomas-1 Mapes (1686) that he married later Abigail Mapes. Through Abigail (Mapes) Terrill a large part of the Mapes property descended to John Hubbard, the grandson of Barnabas Terrill, who was the grandson or great-grandson of Thomas-1 Mapes."

There is a Thomas Terrill mentioned in the 1671 will of William Purrier as husband of Mary Reeve, granddaughter of William Purrier. There is also mention of an Abigail mentioned as a wife of Thomas Terrill in 1686 in the will of Thomas-1 Mapes. Some History of Mattituck believe this is another daughter of Thomas Mapes. Torrey shows her as Abigail Reeve, as if she were a granddaughter of Thomas Mapes. Either way, there seems to be a question about which woman was the mother of which children. One might expect to get a clue from the child named Nicholas, as that was uncommon name in this era, but I don't see any other families which used that name.

Damarass  (478) (following Abraham Osman family)

I have not identified this woman. I see no future records for her.
Thomas junjr, Sarah, Thomas, Sarah junjr  (583-586)
This is Thomas-3?, son of the Thomas above and his first wife, Sarah (__). He married, in 1707, Bethia Wines, after Sarah (___) died on Dec 30, 1706 (SR)
Query: Who is Mary Terrill md Ichabod Case 09/14/1716
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Ruth  (68) (following Ephraim Youngs family)
Not sure who this is.... Thomas-1 mentioned an underage daughter Ruth in his 1671 will. Could she be a spinster here?? Ephraim Youngs had a wife named Mary (___). Could this Mary, wife of Ephraim Youngs, be a cousin of Ruth... and be a Terry??

A Ruth Terry married John Tilletson (Tillotson) on Sep 1706 (SR); possibly this one. I don't know who the groom is. He is not in this census.

Thomas, Eliza, Thomas junjr, Daniel, Joseph, Abigall  (86-91)
This matches Thomas-2 (Thomas-1) Terry and Elizabeth (___) and their family.
Daniel, Sarah, Daniel junjr, Samuel, Eliza, James  (139-144) - followed by Isaac, John, and Thomas Overton - children of Sarah from her previous marriage - see Overton above.
This matches Daniel-2 (Thomas-1) and Sarah (___) [Overton] Terry and their children. Sarah is the widow of Isaac Overton, who died in 1688 (STR, 123)
Richard, Prudence (151-152)
This appears to be Richard-2 (Richard-1) Terry and his wife, Prudence (___). The McLaurin Horton Genealogy claims that Sarah-3 (Joshua-2, Barnabas-1) Horton married a Richard Terry, Jr. The Sarah Horton referred to here is the one born 31 Mar 1674 (STR). Joshua Horton did not name her in his will nor was she in his household in the 1698 census (See Joshua, Junr above). I find no evidence of her parents or any husband. She was likely a grandchild of Barnabas-1, parents unknown, and died young or is one of the unidentified wives named Sarah in the 1698 census. This Richard Terry is likely the "Ensign" Richard Terry, died Feb 02, 1724 (SR). I have no further record for the wife Prudence, or any children from this couple.
Gershom, Deborah, Gershom junjr, Deborah junjr, Abigail, Richard, Barsheba, Mehitable  (549-556)
This is Gershom-2 (Richard-1) Terry and his wife, Deborah-2 (William-1) Wells and their family.

This family is living in Cutchogue per "Cutchogue - Southolds' First Colony"

John, Hannah, John junjr  (Nathaniel Moore) (628-631)
This is John-2 (Richard-1) Terry and his wife Hannah-3 (Nathaniel-2, Thomas-1) Moore (She is also a Youngs and Vail descendant.)

Hannah (Moore) Terry had a brother named Nathaniel in her father's 1698 will, but there is another Nathaniel in the household with their mother, the widow Sarah Moore. I have seen from secondary sources that this Hannah (Moore) Terry had a first cousin named Nathaniel Moore, from her uncle: Thomas-2 (Thomas-2,1). There is also a Nathaniel Moore who died 18 Feb 1699 (SR) - probably one of the two in the 1698 census, but I don't know which one. Whether the Nathaniel Moore in the John Terry household is her brother, a cousin, or if her brother was counted twice in the census, is something of a mystery. See the Widow Sarah Moore household above.

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Tinker - Tincker
Gersham  (671)

We have the following Tinker records in the Salmon Records:


1728 1224  > Sm Tinkers wife
1728 0701 > Methias Swesey & Elesabth Tinker
Note that Gershom was a "characteristic" name in the Terry and Aldrich families.
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Samuel  (237)

Salmon Record Deaths:

1699 0707 Turner a child burd
1727 0212 at night Sm Turners child
1730 0919 Samll Turners wife Rebecka
Salmon Record Marriages:
1725 0430 Sm Turner & Rebecka Jarsey
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Tusten - Trusteen
John (408)  - Mary (411)
This is John-2 Tusten and his wife Mary (Moore), daughter of Jonathan-2 and Martha (___) Moore. They are in the household of the widow Martha Moore, Mary's mother. This John is likely the one died Nov 14, 1725, age 60 (SR).
Thomas, Priscilla widdow, Eliza, Mereiam, Grace  (565-569)
This is Priscilla (Benjamin) Tustin, widow of Thomas-1, and her son, Thomas-2 shown as head of household. The girls listed are likely children of Thomas-1 and Priscilla or children of Thomas-2?? Thomas-1 is likely the Thomas Tusten who died Oct 10, 1697 or 1698 (SR). Thomas-2 is likely the Thomas Tusten whose death is recorded Feb 06, 1737 (SR). Priscilla died Oct 06, 1722 (SR).
Not included in the 1698 census is Robert Tusten, reported to have possibly married Martha Horton (possible daughter of William Horton).

The only Salmon Record marriages in the early 1700's are these, probably the same man, a grandson of Thomas-1:

1738 0720 Benjamin Tusten Mary Horton
1740 0320 Benjamin Tusten Abigail Conklin

There is a death record for "Benj: Tustens wife Mary", May 29, 1739, probably the first bride above.

The following fellow may be mixed up with the Southold Tustens: "Thomas Thueston, a Quaker, aged 34, came over in the "Speedwell," from London, May 30, 1656, and landed at Boston Aug. 27, 1656." - Descendants of Lyon Gardiner, p 88, citing Thurston Genealogy. However, Savage reports: " THOMAS, a quaker, aged 34, wh. came from London in the Speedwell, 1656, and was sent away in the same sh.". I would speculate there is considerable doubt that the Thomas Thueston on the 1656 Speedwell is the ancestor of the Southold Tustens. This also follows that a person 34 in 1656 would be considerably older (born 1622) than than Priscilla Benjamin, who the Southold Tusten ancestor married.

The Benjamin family is treated in "The Great Migration Begins" by Robert Charles Anderson.

Torrey seems to ignore the Tustens. I find only one marriage records in Torrey: John Tustin md as her second marriage to Hannah Seward, b 1699 (her first husband Joseph Hand). This Joseph Hand listed as from Guilford, Conn. I don't know if the John in Torrey is the same John as shown here or not.

"Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" - reports that a branch of the Tusten family moved to Orange County by 1711 and were killed by Indians.

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Tuthill - Tutthill
Henry, Batthia, Henry Junjr, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Barnabas  (435-440)
This is the family of Henry-3 (John-2, Henry-1) and Bethia (Horton) Tuthill and their first four children.
John, Sarah, Daniel, Nathaniel  (62-65)
This is John-2 (Henry-1) and his second wife, Sarah-2 (Barnabas-1) (Wines) Tuthill, and two of their sons. John & Sarah were married 26 May 1690 (Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), 157.) His first wife was Deliverance King.

Akerly reports a Mary, the only daughter of this couple, died 11 Jan 1698/9, aged about 8 years, no source given. She is not in the 1698 census or Salmon Records. This record probably from a headstone. Her absence from the 1698 census indicates Akery may have misplaced her, or the date should actually be 11 Jan 1697/98. Lucy Dubois Ackerly, NYGB Record 29, 1898, 123-127, 215-220 - Tuthill,  ("Genealogies of Long Island Families" by Henry B. Hoff, GPC, 1987).

John junjr, Mehitobell  (781-782)

The only match I can see for this couple is John-3 (John-2, Henry-1) and Mehitable Wells, but their children are missing. There should be nine or ten children born to them, all under the age of 15.
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Vail - Veale
Jeremiah, Anne, Thomas, Jeremiah junjr, Mary  (642-646)
This matches Jeremiah-2 (Jeremiah-1) Vail, b 1649, his second wife Anne Hampton, and his children from his first, unknown, wife. Daughter Martha (later married Ephraim Horton) is missing here and may be No. 699 below.

In NEHGR, Ancient Burial Grounds of Long Island, is given the following tombstone transcription.

"Here lyeth buried ye body of Mary Vaile, aged 39 years departed this life ye 22 of September, 1689"
The Vail Genealogy places this lady as a daughter of Jeremiah-1, but I suggest the age, plus the date of death being shortly before the second marriage of Jeremiah Vail, suggests this tombstone belongs to the first wife of Jeremiah-2 Vail.

Anne Hampton was the widow of Benjamin Moore and daughter of John & Jane (___) Hampton.

James Hampton of Southampton, formerly of Salem, MA, and his wife Jane, gave a deed, 23 Aug 1671, to their dau. Ann and her husband Benjamin-2 (Thomas-1) Moore of Southold, who was b in 1640, and d on or abt. 15 May 1690.  Letters on his estate were issued to Jeremiah Viele (Vail) who had married the widow of Benjamin Moore. (Source: Southampton Small Book of Deeds, and Pelletreau's Early LI Wills).

James Hampton "very aged and infirm" and his wife Jane, gave a deed on 5 Jun 1673 to John Moppam (Mapham or Mappon) and his wife Mary, their daughter, mentioning but not naming, John's two oldest daughters.  These daughters were Mary Mapham who m. Thomas Lupton and Abigail Mapham who m. Charles Booth.  The youngest daughter was probably Jean Mappon, who with Mary Horton, widow, was enumerated as a member of the household of Charles Booth in the Census of 1698.  (Sources: Southampton Town Recs.; Howell's Hist. of Southampton).

Martha   (699)
In household of Simon Grover and wife and before Benjamin Barnes.

Probably the missing Martha from the Jeremiah-2 household above (No 642). She married Ephraim-3 (Joshua-2, Barnabas-1) Horton on Dec 19, 1706, in Southold (SR).

John, Grace, John junjr, Daniel, Samuel, Obadiah, Mary, Abigall, Irene, Tabitha, Joyce  (757-767)
This matches John-2 (Jeremiah-1) Vail and his wife. Grace is given the last name of Braddick by the Vail Genealogies. Judy Jacobson challenges this identity in Southold Connections and presents indirect evidence to suggest she was a daughter of an early John Brockett. Following are his children... except that Joyce is not a listed child of this John in the Vail Genelaogy. Could she be the third wife of Jeremiah-1 Vail? Or a child missed by the Vail Genealogy? Or a niece/cousin??
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William  (5)
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Washburn - Washbourn

Susannah, John (6-7) (In Isaac Arnold household)
These are the children of Sarah (Cornell) [Washburn] Arnold, in the household of Isaac Arnold and Sarah, their step-dad and natural mother (see Arnold above). They are likely teenagers or youngs adults here. Susannah Washburn married Samuel-3 (Jacob-2, John-1) Conklin in 1702.

A Charity Nashbourne (115) is shown in the family of Christopher Youngs. Could a transcriber have written an "N" for a "W" (ie Nashbourne for Washbourne)?

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Ebenezer, Irene, Eliezer  (15-17)
Irene Hobart, wife and mother above, is the daughter of the Rev Joshua Hobart (See Hobart above).


Way, Ebenezer (1673 -   ) & Irene Hobart (?1676, 1674?-1753); b 1696?, b 2 Nov 1699, b 1698; Hartford, Southold, LI

Torrey shows Way entries in Mass, Conn and Newtown, Long Island.

Salmon Records - Deaths:
Pg 187  1707 0103 Josiah Way
Salmon Records - Marriages - possibly of daughters born to this couple after the census?
1722 0809 Wm Hops & Mary Way
1732 0523 Nathll overton & Alethea Way
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Joshua, Hannah, William, Jno, Joshua, Deliverance, Abigall, Ann  (457-464)
Joshua and Hannah are Joshua-2 (William-1)  and Hannah-3 (John-2, Henry-1) (Tuthill) Wells.

William and John are nephews of Joshua: sons of William-2 Wells and Elizabeth-3 Tuthill. The older two kids apparently came to live here. William and John's younger siblings, Henry and Mary, are living with their mom and new step-dad, John Goldsmith (see Goldsmith and below).

Joshua, Deliverance, Abigail, and Ann match to children of Joshua and Hannah.

Henry, Mary  (490-491) (In Goldsmith household)

These are 5 and 10 year old Henry and Mary  Wells, children of William-2 (William-1) Wells and Elizabeth-3 (John-2, William-1) Wells. Their mother married, 2nd, John Goldsmith, in whose household they are. Their two older siblings, William and John are in the Joshua Wells household above.
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Wiggin - Wiggam, Wiggans
Hannah widow, James, Annis, Eliza, Patience Rider  (195-198)  (Wiggin)
This is Hannah (Rider) widow of the immigrant, John-1 Wiggins, with three of her children. The other two Wiggins entries, elsewhere in the census (see below) are also thought be her children. The Wiggins article in Genealogies of Long Island Families apparently incorrectly gives her parents as: Thomas-1 Ryder and Abigail-2 (Richard-1) Terry. Abigail-2 Terry was born Mar 07, 1651 (Southold Town Records), and would have been a contemporary of John-1 Wiggins; not old enough to be his mother-in-law.  It is more likely that Thomas-1 Ryder, b abt 1620,  married an unknown woman and Thomas-2 Ryder (Hannah's brother) married Abigail-2 Terry.  Torrey entry:
"Wiggin, John & Hannah Rider  ( - 1738); b 1672; Southold, LI"
Patience is likely a daughter of the brother of Hannah (Rider) Wiggins,Thomas Rider, staying with her aunt.
Mary (238)  (Wiggans)
Spencer-Mousney, in "The Wiggins Family of Southold, NY", Genealogies of Long Island Families compiled by Hoff, pg 676, identifies this lady as another daughter of the widow Hannah Wiggins above.
John  (575)  (Wiggam)
This also a son of John-1 and Hannah (Ryder) Wiggins: John-2 Wiggins. The vital records for a family of John Wiggins, likely this one, married to a Mary Harrod, Jan , 1701, is in Southold Town Records, Libers D&E, Long Island Source Records, Hoff, 1987, p 169. This Mary Harrod is possibly the Mary Harwood in the 1698 census (see Harwood above). She ** may ** be a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Cook) Harrud. Elizabeth Cook married 2nd, Richard-1 Howell by 1685.
I have not been able to place these couples, from Torrey:
"Wiggin, James & Rachel Brooks (1650-   ); b 1672; Rehoboth, Southold, LI"
"Wiggin, James & Annis Conklin? (very doubtful); b 1698?; Southold, LI"
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Sussanna   (620) (In Windes household)
Susanna Willman is ten or eleven year old daughter of Isaac Willman and Mary Wines (md 10/07/1686). This Mary (Wines) Willman died 09/03/1688 and her daughter, Susanna Willman, is apparently being raised by her grandparents, Barnabas and Mary (___) Wines. (See McLaurin:191)
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Wines - Windes
Samuel, Mary  (524-525)
This matches the Torrey identity for Samuel-2 and Mary (Mapes?) Wines. I have not found the source Torrey uses for the identity of the wife of Mary as a Mapes. If she is, she is likely in the second generaton, daughter of Thomas-1 Mapes. (see Torrey)
Barnabas, Mary, Barnabas junjr, Samuel, Bathia, Peanellope (Susanna Willman) (Bathia Horton), Susanna  (614-622)
Barnabas and Mary are Barnabas-2 and Mary (___) Wines. Barnabas junjr, Samuel, Beathia, Penelope, and Susana are children. (see McLaurin:191) (Some say she is a daughter of Richard Benjamin, but she is shown in Ancestors of American Presidents as unknown and The Great Migration Begins sketch of Richard Benjamin does not show her as a daughter.)

Barnabas junjr married Ann (___)  shortly after the census. Samuel married a woman known only as Abigail (__). Samuel and Abigail had a daughter named Ann Wines, who married a John Many/Manney abt 1706 and became ancestors of President Ford. The first Bethia listed above married Thomas Terrill in 1706, as his second wife. Penelope married Providence Rider. Susannah was unmarried in the will of Barnabas-2 Wines, made 22 Apr 1708, proved 1 Oct 1717.

The second Bethia, Bethia Horton above, is Bethia-4 (Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton, grandchild of Barnabas and Mary (__) Wines. Her father, Barnabas-3 Horton was deceased in 1698 and her mother is the "widow Sarah Horton" (See Horton). This widow Sarah Horton married Eleazer Luce after the 1698 census and was named "Sary, wife of Eliezer Luce" in the 1708 will of Barnabas Wines.

Susanna Willman is the ten or eleven year old daughter of Isaac Willman and Mary Wines (md 10/07/1686). This Mary Wines died 09/03/1688 and her daughter, Susanna Willman, is apparently being raised by her grandparents. (See McLaurin:191)

Wines as Spouses elsewhere in the census:
Elizabeth-3 (Barnabas-2, Barnabas-1) Wines, wife of Thomas Hunter
Sarah-3 (Wines) Horton (Barnabas Wines1,2) - Widow Sarah Horton, with daughter Penelope. Sarah and her husband, Barnabas are ancestors of Benjamin Harrison.
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John   (44) - In Jasper Griffin's household.
Possibly the missing John in family (217-221) below, "Mary Junjr", Christopher's widow.
Ephraim, Mary  (66-67)
This is Ephraim-3 (Samuel-2, Joseph-1) Youngs and wife Mary (___). The Youngs Genealogy finds no further record and identified no children for this couple.
Thomas, Mary  (69-70) (followed by: Christopher Bradley, John Edwards, William Barnes, and Mary Mayhew.)
This couple matches Thomas-2 (John-1) and Mary (Christophers) Youngs. The Youngs Genealogy did not identify any descendants of this couple. They died in Southold. Mary-2 Christophers is a daughter of Christopher-1 Christophers of New London, Conn.

Christopher Bradley is Mary's son from a previous marriage by Mary to Peter Bradley. He married Mehitable Horton about 1700. He is a Mayflower descendant, descended from William Brewster.

Mary Mayhew is a great-niece of Mary Christophers through their Christopher ancestry. Mary-2 Christophers is a daughter of Christopher-1 Christophers. Mary Mayhew is a granddaughter of the brother of Christopher-1 Christophers. She is Mary-3, Joanna-2 (md John Mayhew), Jeffrey-1 Christophers. Her sister, Patience, is in the Abraham Corey household.

Christopher, Mercy, Abraham, Nathaniel, John  (111-115)
This is Christopher-2 (Christopher-1) and Mercy-2 (Horton, Barnabas-1) Youngs and Mary-2 Horton. These children are not from their marriage. These children are the children of Mary's first marriage to John-2 (Joseph-1) Youngs, and are step-kids to Christopher. Christopher and Mercy had no children of their own. (See Youngs Genealogy). An older daughter, Mary Youngs, is above in the Curtis household, newly married to Joshua Curtis/Curtice.
Benjamin, Mary, Grover  (180-182)
This family matches Benjamin-3 (Christopher-2, John-1) Youngs and his wife Mary Grover, and their oldest son, Grover Youngs. This is the Benjamin Youngs who was the Town Clerk for 44 consecutive years beginning in 1696. (He followed his uncle in that post.) When you see "Pr Benj Yo. Rdr" at the end of many Southold documents you look at, you are looking at his signature.
Gideon, Sarah Joseph, Jonathan, David, Gidion, Sarah, Hannah, Margarett, Mary  (189-194)
This is Gideon-2 (Joseph-1) Youngs, with his unknown wife: Sarah (___) and his children.

Although we know a bit about the boys of this family, the girls either died young or their future husbands and/or children are lost to history - as we know nothing more about them.

Mary junjr widow, Christopher junjr, Anna, Phebe, Eliza (217-221)

This matches up with Mary-3 Budd, who married Christopher-2 (Rev John-1) Youngs. The Eliza doesn't show in this family per the Youngs Genealogy, Son Benjamin in separate family above. Son John not here... ??? Maybe John (44) is he? Christopher Jr married an Elizabeth Moore right after the census. She is likely the Elizabeth in the Widow Sarah Moore household above. The Youngs Genealogy claims she is a daughter of Nathaniel-3; but as alluded to there, she could be a daughter of Thomas-3 or Nathaniel-3. I am still looking for evidence that will more clearly define which brother she is from.
Mary widow, Daniel, William, Joshua  (231-236)
This is Mary-2 Wells (William-1), widow of John-2 (Rev John-1) Youngs, and her three sons. (Youngs Genealogy, p 64).
Samuel  (244) Apparently in household of Nathan Langton. Probably Samuel-3 (Samuel-2, Joseph-1), son of the Samuel listed below.

Sarah  (334) (appears to be in William King family)

This Sarah is named as a daughter of Christopher-2,1 Youngs by the Youngs Genealogy. Her identity is from being named as a seller, with sister Hannah Darby, of real estate after his death (pg 62-3).

The Youngs Genealogy offers nothing further about her.

Elizabeth widdow, John, Benjamen junjr, Eliza junjr, Christian  (657-661) apparently also in this household: John Coleman, Mary Harwood, William Allobon

Widow of Benjamin-2 (John-1) Youngs and her children with Benjamin; along with three boarders.

Samuel, Mary, Margarett, Nathan, Zerobabel, (Bathia Corwin) (672-677)

This is Samuel-2 (Joseph-1) Youngs, his second wife, Mary (___), and children. The Bathia Corwin is suspected to be among those orphaned children of Theophilus Corwin. No further record for her.

The Salmon Records shows that Samuel Youngs was killed 10 Jul 1702 but doesn't say how. The Youngs Genealogy assigns this death record to the father, but the Youngs Genealogy finds no further record for the son named Samuel, so it could belong to either. The son Samuel is in the Nathan Langton household in this census.

The Bethia Corwin is likely the one assigned by the Corwin Genealogy to Bethia-3 (Theophilus-2, Matthias-1). No further record. The Corwin Genealogy reports that both of these Corwin parents are dead by the 1698 census and that the children "sprinkled" among neighbors and aunts and uncles probably belong to Theophilus.

Joseph, Eliza, Mary, Thomas  (678-681)

This is Joseph-2 (Joseph-1) and his wife Elizabeth (___) Youngs. They are fairly old here, Joseph born Jan 23, 1634, per the Youngs Genealogy. Thomas and Mary match to two children listed in the Youngs Genealogy for this couple. They are probably young adults here.

A Thomas Youngs, resident of Oyster Bay (on the far side of Long Island from Southold), probably the son above, left a 1736 will naming a wife Sarah, and "my brother's son" Josiah. He also left a legacy to: "Elizabeth Green, the daughter of Israel and Amy Green", then goes on to call Israel Green  "my friend and cousin". It would appear he is related to this Israel Green via his mother, the Eliza listed above, identity unknown. This will implies he had no lineal descendants.

Joshiah, Mary, Mary junjr   (717-719)
This is Josiah-3 (Joseph-2,1) Youngs and his wife Mary (___), and a daughter. They went on to have five more children quickly in five years (three of those five, plus daughter Mary above, died young, however.). The two that survived were Bethia married Noah Hallock Nov 1721 (SR) and Josiah married Frelove Penny Dec 24, 1730 (SR). The wife Mary died Mar 06, 1706 (SR) and Josiah later married the Widow Experience (___) Landon, probably widow of Nathan Landon, Oct 20, 1722. (SR). Josiah left a will, dated 1728, proved 1733, naming wife Experience, son Josiah, son-in-law Noah Hallock, and daughter Bethiah Hallock.

David, Mary  (748-749) (In Joseph Mapes household)

This is likely David-3 and Mary-3, brother and sister, children of Samuel-2 (Joseph-1) Youngs. According the Youngs Genealogy, pg 82, son David was bound out in 1691, age eight, to Joseph Mapes until age 21 to learn the cooper's trade. The Youngs Genealogy assigns the Salmon Death Record of 26 Jan 1716/17 to him. However, I am not clear on how the Youngs Genealogy distinguishes this David Youngs from the David Youngs, son of Gideon-3 after the census. (See Gideon above.) The other David Youngs left a will in 1753 naming children.
Pp 31-34 of the "Youngs Family", Selah Youngs, 1907, gives excerpts and, sometimes identities of Youngs in various early records, including the 1698 Southold census.
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Not in 1698 Census:

Budd, Hester - Dau of John-3 Budd, not in his household. There is only one Hester Budd in the 1698 census. This daughter could be indentured out or dead, or older and married; or younger and not born yet. Or, the mom could be dead, and the entry is for the daughter. Or, she may not have existed at all.

Brown: Where is Deborah-3 Brown, daughter of Richard-2 and Dorothy-3 King, born Mar 05, 1693, who later married her step-brother, Daniel Dayton? She should have been about 5 years old at the time of the census?

Goldsmith, Zaccheus-3 (John-2, Richard-1). Found to be born Nov 09, 1684, in Libers D&E, Southold Town Records, married Mary Horton Jan 02, 1707, died Jan 22, 1707. Not with his family in the 1698 census.

Corwin, Phebe - 18 in 1700 Southold will of William Whitehair, "who liveth with me." (He's not in census, either). It is possible she was in the household of William Whitehair in 1698, and since his household was omitted from the 1698 census, she was too. I have not identified who this Phebe was, but it would appear the Whitehair's were her grandparents, or possibly aunt & uncle - thus there could be a Homan / Whitehair Corwin mother who has not been identified.

Grover, Simon & family - of Brookhaven, Long Island. (Southold will dated 1699, proved 1707).

Hallock, John & family - of Brookhaven, Long Island. He was in the 1686 Census with 3 males, 4 females = John and Abigail plus 5 kids. Hallock Genealogy, p 410, lists 5 boys for John and then says John had 10 girls, but only names one: Mary. We can estimate, from the 1686 census, he had 3 girls by 1686, and 2 of the boys were born before 1686 (assuming there were no non-family members in the household.)

Hallock, Jerusha - married Hezekiah Reeve, Nov 1709. Named in 1728 will of William Hallock. She should have been living in 1698 and is missing from the family listing.

Harrud - the sons of Elizabeth (__), the second wife of Richard Howell, from her first marriage. There is a John (and also, separately a Mary) Harwood in the 1698 census. Is this one of the sons? What happened to George Harrud? Who is Mary? Mary md 1701 John Wiggens. (Southold VR.)

Horton, Caleb-x - one Caleb Horton is missing - McLaurin speculates the missing one is Caleb-3, Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1, who is probably the Caleb Horton who married Abigail Hallock Dec 23, 1696 (SR) and probably belongs to the Salmon Death Record Dec 25, 1706. It would appear this couple was missed or elsewhere at the time of the census.

Paine, Cornelius. A Cornelius Paine was in the 1686 census, not found here. Moved? Died? Missed?

Paine, Isaac died 1731 in Southold, left will - not in 1698 Census.

Paine, Nathaniel and wife Ann (___). Torrey reports first-born 1693, died 1731. The Nathaniel given in the 1698 census appears to be a son of John and does not have a wife with him. ??

Rackett, Samuel - Missing from above is: Samuel Rackett, died Feb 1775, aged 95. (ie born 1680) (SR Deaths).

Ramsey, Hannah - married Theophilus Corwin shortly after the 1700 census. She's not at home with folks or elsewhere in the census.... ??

Reeve, Thomas-3 (Thomas-2, James-1) - Didn't die till 02/04/1705/6.

Reeve(s), Thomas-3 (Thomas of Southampton-2, Thomas-1 of Roxbury and Springfield) was in the 1698 Southampton, LI census. He apparently moved to Southold after 1698 and married Bethia Horton in 1707 and Mary Wells in 1719. This is the ancestral line of Tapping Reeve. These Reeves are a separate line of Reeves that have multiplied through the Southold area. This line is a different line than that of the early Reeve family of Southold. (There may have been two early Southold Reeve families, depending on whether you subscribe to the "two immigrant" theory supplied by the Osman Deposition, and argued by Wesley Baker in his Reeve Study, 1970.)

Tuthill, Dorothy - later wife of Joseph-3 Brown, 1703

Whitehair, (Whittier) William & wife Deliverance - He made Southold will dated April 19, 1700.

Wickham, Joseph.. ??

Youngs, John-3 (Christopher-2, Rev John-1). Not at home?

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In the 1698 Census, but Mysteries?

Abigail Mapes

In household with Thomas and Mary (__) (Wells) Mapes. They are reported not to have had children. Is this Thomas' sister?
King, Zacharias
In Samuel King's household. Who is he? He is not in the family of Samuel in the NYGBR genealogy of this family??
Sarah Osman, Dorothy Osman, Family of  Widow "Mary" Osman?
There is an "extra" Sarah Osman in the household of Jacob Osman. Who is she? Dorothy by herself? Family of Widow Mary Osman?
Paine, Thomas Follows the Emmons family and precedes the John Tuthill family Salmon records: "Jan 14, 1724/5, Tom Pain at Shelter Island died." might be this fellow. Placement in the Paine Genealogy is unknown to me. He could be a son or grandson of John-2 or Peter-2; or could be from Cornelius - who had a family in the 1686 census and is not in the 1698 census.

Joyce Vail, listed last in household of John-2 Vail. Is she the last wife and widow of Jeremiah-1 (label "widow" not present here? Or an unaccounted-for-child of John?

Petty: Mercy widow, Ralph, Lucas, Moses, Margery, Ann  (768-773) (Spelled Pattay there) The widow Mercy is likely a second wife of Edward-1. Who are the children? Children from a much younger wife than Edward-1? Or could they be grandchildren, or even nieces and nephews?? Or, was there a fifth son of Edward-1 Petty that Mercy was the widow of?

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Sources for the 1698 Census:
In order taken: a typed manuscript from SCHS. Supposedly missing from that listing and should be listed: Mordecai and Mercy Homan, Mary Conklin.

In alphabetical order: Meyers, Carol, Early New York Census Records, 1964

Abbreviations / Acronyms Used

Baker:   Wesley L. Baker, Reeve Family Study - Baker,  (Privately printed, 1970). This book is very difficult to find. I don't think the boutique sellers are selling copies because it is still copyrighted. Only a few copies were issued.  It is particularly valuable because the author lavishly cites records of the individuals sketched and presents arguments and evidence for his assertions. I have obtained copies of only certain pages from researchers who have access to the copy at the Long Island Historical Society.

Salmon Records: The Salmon Records are the most complete set of primary source documents extant for Southold, Long Island from 1696 to 1800. There are limited, very limited, vital records incorporated in town records of Southold, but for the most part Southold simply did not keep vital records like other New England communities. The Salmon Records were kept by an individual and have been transcribed at least twice, so there are at least two versions. They are reprinted in various publications. I use Long Island Source Records, Hoff, 1987. They contain one set of deaths and one set of marriages. No births.

Torrey: Clarence Almon Torrey, "New England Marriages Prior to 1700", GPC, 1985

TGMB: Charles Robert Anderson, "The Great Migration Begins", 1995

TGMC: Anderson, Sandford, Sandford, "The Great Migration" (...continues), 1999 (only one volume published to date: A-C.)

McLaurin:    McLaurin, Banks, Descendants of Barnabas Horton, 1990/1995 update.

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Other Notes

It is interesting how many Frenchmen were in Southold by 1698. Possible Frenchmen included:

L'Hommedieu, Mapham/Mappon, Bouyer, Alibon, Gattin, Monjoy. Also the Strange family was French, originally L'Strange.

In the mid 1700's, a Fournier family appears.


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