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1698 Southold LI Census 
A Study of Identities
Town of Southold
Suffolk County
Long Island, New York 
By Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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First name is "conventional spelling" - second, if any, is spelling in census
Numbers to the right of the names are the number in which they appear in the list (800 names)
You can tell how far apart families are by their number.. might connote a physical proximity
Families are not given in the census; they are "presumed" here, where surnames run together.
Single names between family "clusters" may be by themselves, or in the household above or below them.

Note: "Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" reports that numbers 483-??? are residents of Cutchogue. (Sequential number in census are in parenthesis following the family groupings)


David, Martha, Mary  (352-354)
This is David-3 (David-2, Lyon-1) Gardiner and Martha-2 (Rev John-1) Youngs and their daughter Mary-4. Mary married 1) Gershom-3 (Gershom-2, Richard-1) Terry about 1710 and 2) Israel-2 (James-1) Parshall May 26, 1726 (SR). I suggest she did not marry David Parshall, as claimed in some older genealogies.
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John, Sarah, Anna  (222-224)

Edward  (231)- (prob household of Jonathan Brown)

The Alphabetical 1698 list I have includes a William... did I miss him from the "in order taken" list??

Salmon Death Records:

1706 0124 John Gating died
1707 0205 Widw Sarah Gatin died
Torrey's "New England Marriages Before 1700" - I find no entries for this name.

The Jonathan Brown household, in which is listed Edward Gattin, immediately following the John Gattin household. Edward is apparently staying with a neighbor.

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Margarett   (162)
Just following John Reeve family
Mary  (231)
Just following Jonathan Brown family
(Fregift Wells named a son Giles.. ?? The Sylvester family also used Giles as a first name.. ??)
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Carterett, Mary, Anna, Arnold, James   (570-574)
According to "Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony", this is Carteret "Guilliame" Gillam, wife Mary Arnold, children Anna and Arnold, and his brother James.

James Gillam is reported to be the "point man" between the Gardiners and Capt Kidd, was arrested with Capt Kidd, and from there "no further record", although there are legends he escaped from jail and/or the Gardiners and Sylvesters used their influence to have him freed. (See Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony".

Salmon Marriage Record for the son: "1717, Feb 22. Arnold Gillom & Mary Bud[d] married." (SR). (Note: year could be from 1715-1718, entries  confusing as to the year.)

There is recorded in Saybrook, Conn vital records: "Charles Gillam the son of Cartret Gillam & Mary Gillam his wife was born in the town of Say Brook the 7th day of March 1707/8." This suggests the family may have moved to Saybrook, Conn after this census, but he may have returned, as Carteret's death is recorded in the Salmon Records 08/23/1714.

There seems to be some confusion about the wives of Carteret and his son, Arnold, and their marriages because they had the same first names. My analysis of these women is that the wife of Carteret was Mary Arnold, and she married second, Jan 05, 1717, Joshua Horton, and she died Jan 2, 1717/8. The wife of Arnold was: Mary Budd, daughter of John and Esther (Towner?) Budd. She married second: David Corey, on Aug 07, 1740.

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Glover - Glouer
Samuel, Sarah, Samuel junjr, Martha, Hannah, Hester, William (493-499)
Charles, Martha (500-501)

This is: Samuel-2 (Charles-1) Glover and his wife Sarah-3 (Thomas-2, Thomas-1) Moore. Then, the Charles & Martha at the end are probably son Charles-3 and his wife, Martha (__). The names between Samuel & Sarah and Charles & Martha are children of Samuel & Sarah.

Samuel Glover is listed in the 1686 census with 3 males, 7 females and no slaves.

Sons John & Richard are not here. I'm not sure if they were older and have left the area, or younger and not yet born; but since Samuel and Sarah were pushing 50 years of age, likely they were older and have left the area.

"First Settlers of Newton Township New Jersey" claims three Glover brothers: John, William, and Richard, sons of this Samuel - were early settlers to that area. Of the William, this source surely wrongly places him - as it shows the New Jersey William Glover died in 1798. If he were the above William, he would be over 100 years old. Also, the Oct 20, 1712 Salmon Marriage Record of William Glover to Deborah Lambert is likely the son named William above. The New Jersey William may have been an older son of John or Richard - or this bunch may not be related to this Samuel Glover??

The family of William Glover is shown in Southold vital records at: "Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), pg 176.

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Thomas, Bathia, Joshua  (148-150)
This matches Thomas-2 (Richard-1) Goldsmith and his wife Bethia Terry, and their first son, Joshua. Bethia later married 2nd) Thomas Mapes, and 3rd) Richard Steer.

Craven shows that the Joshua Goldsmith who married Ruth Reeve on Jul 03, 1735, and left a will dated 1757 is son of Joseph Goldsmith, who died 1734 (this Joseph possibly a nephew, but born about the same time, as this Thomas-2). There were apparently, then, two contemporary Joshua Goldsmiths. I am not sure how they are distinguished, or what happened to this one. The 1757 will of Joshua Goldsmith did show a son named Joseph, but also had a daughter named Bethiah.

John, Eliza, John junjr, Thomas, Richard, Nathaniel, Mary, (Henry Wells), (Mary Wells)  (483-489)

This matches John-2 (Richard-1) Goldsmith and his third wife, Elizabeth-3 (John-2, Henry-1) Tuthill.
John junjr is from his first marriage to Prudence Wines.
Thomas, Richard, Mary are from 2nd marriage to Anne-2 Wells
Nathaniel is a son of John & 3rd wife, Elizabeth (Tuthill) Goldsmith. (Elizabeth had Nathaniel one year after her first husband, William-2 Wells died)
Henry Wells and Mary Wells are 10 and 5 year old children from Elizabeth's first marriage to William-2 Wells.

Where is: Zacheus, b 1684 md Mary Horton 1707? Birth Record found in Southold Town Records, Libers D&E.

This family's vital records are found in: Lucy Dubois Ackerly, Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary,  (Long Island Source Records, pp 154-180, Hoff, GPC, 1987), pg 157.

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Gooding - (Goodwin?)
Phillip, Sarah, Amos, Phillip junjr, Freelove  (106-110)
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Griffin - Griffing
Jasper, Hannah, Robert, Susanna, Edward, Robert Junjr, Samuel, John (36-43)

Then, three names: John Youngs, Wm Walter, and Theoder Ballens, before listing the following Griffin:

Mary  (47)

Listed following Theoder Ballens (46) and before Prudence Smith (47).
Jasper junjr, Ruth, Jasper, Ruth  (364-367)

There is an article in NYGBR Vol 22: 191-203, 1891, entitled "Jasper Griffin of Southold, NY and Some of His Descendants,", which is full of errors and has this family very botched up, combining members of the Flushing Griffins with the Southold Griffins and misplacing sons and daughters to their parents. Donald Lines Jacobus gives a correction of at least the earliest generation of Jasper-1, in "The Griffin Family of Long Island", found in "Genealogies of Long Island Families".

Hannah is the wife of Jasper-1, surname unknown. The rest of the names are thought to be among the fourteen children (per Hannah's headstone) of Jasper and Hannah. One question that remains, however, is the Robert, Junr. Jacobus raises the possibility that Jasper had two sons named Robert, which was not unheard of in those times; but adds: "may have been a nephew or other relative of Jasper, rather than a son.". I might add he may also be a grandson. The Mary.... listed a few names later is supposed by Jacobus to also be a daughter of Jasper. However, I believe her placement in the census with three names following the last Griffin in Jasper's family before reaching Mary suggest she may be related in some other way than as a daughter.

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Symon, Eliza  (696-697)
This is Simon and Elizabeth-3 (Thomas-2,1) Moore Grover. They are about 58 and 51 years of age by now.
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Peter, Eliza, Bathia, Abigall, Peter junjr, William, Noah  (123-129)
Peter was in the 1686 census as the head of a household, with 1 male and 1 female, probably  no children. This indicates all of the above kids born 1687-1698.
Margaret, widdow  (612)
This is the matriarch of the Hallock's of Long Island, wife of William-1 Hallock. Listed at end of a Reeve family, Joseph Reeve listed first. (Note: an Abigail Reeve listed after Joseph... implying wife... Margaret Hallock had a daughter named Abigail. Could she be the daughter of Margaret (__) Hallock??). Note: "Margritt" Hallock was in the 1686 Southold census with 1 male and 2 females. Those entries are likely William and a daughter, plus Margaret.
Thomas, Hope, Thomas, Kingsland, Ichabod, Zerobabel, Anna, Patience, Richard (200-208)
This is Thomas and Hope-3 (Daniel-2, William-1) (Comstock) Hallock and family. The second Thomas is apparently a son of Thomas-2, and is not in the Hallock genealogy. Note this is all children per the Hallock Genealogy (with an added Thomas not in the genealogy), except for one named Hope. She is either a ghost, born after 1698, or died before 1698.

William, Mary, William junjr, (Ruth Howell), Prudence, Zebulon, Mary junjr  (721-727)

The Ruth Howell is a presumed daughter of Richard-1 Howell. She is not mentioned in Richard Howell's will in 1709 and may have died by then. Note that a son named Joshua, attributed to William by the Hallock Genealogy, as born 1690, is not in the above household, nor in William's will. I don't understand why the Hallock genealogy is placing Joshua Hallock as a son of this William.
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John  (287)
This is likely a son, John-3, of Elizabeth Cooke, first wife of John-2 (George-1) Harrud. She married second, Richard-1 Howell.  I know nothing further about this John after the 1698 census.
Mary  (663)
This is likely a sister of 287 above. The Southold Town Records show that shortly after the census, Jan 14, 1701, a Mary Harrod married John Wiggens (See LI Source Records, p 169, for vitals for the family).  See Wiggin below for an entry for a John Wiggam.

The most recent work on the immigrant and second generation of the Harwood family of Rhode Island and Southold is: "Gale Ion Harris, Harwood Family - The Genealogist,  (The Genealogist 13:178-188, Fall 1999)."

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Joshua, Peter, John  (12-14)
This is Joshua-3 (Peter-2, Edmund-1) Hobart, and, probably, his sons. His wife is likely dead by now. Joshua Hobart was the preacher who succeeded Rev John Youngs, a Southold Founder.

Where, and who, is Dorothy Hobart, md John Corey, 1703? (Salmon Records)

Irene, the wife of Ebenezer Way (see below) is a daughter of the Reverend Joshua Hobart.

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Jonas (28)
I find only one entry in Torrey close to this name: Joshua Hosworth/Holdsworth md Sarah Rowlins of Lynn and Boston.
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Homan - Hoaman
Hester widdow, Hester Junjr (442-3)

Mordecai (504)

"Hester widdow" is the matriarch of this family of the Homans in Long Island. The patriarch was probably John-1 Homan, who died before the census. Torrey suggests she is the Hester named by Caleb Horton in his will in 1699 as his then wife, meaning that she married Caleb between 1698 and the time the will was written.

Torrey lists her surname as "Mapes?"; however, there is a manuscript on file with the Southold Historical Society that suggests her surname was Crafford, and that she was the out-of-wedlock mother of Deliverance Crafford, the wife of 1) William Whitehair and 2) Joseph Reeve; born in Salem, Mass. (That Deliverance called Mordecai Homan her brother in her will, but she might still call him brother if she were a half-sister from the same mother.) Esther Crafford was apparently the daughter of a Mordecai Crafford in Salem, Mass. There are no Homans that I see in the 1686 Southold census, indicating the Homans may have come from Salem after 1686, but before 1698. The marriage of John Hosman to an Esther Crafford, of Salem, is shown in Torrey. (Thanks to Ned Smith, LI researcher for this info on the Homans.)

Hester Junjr is Hester-2 (John-1) Homan, who married William-3 Wells shortly after the census in 1703. (See Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary, pg 161)

Mordecai, listed about 60 names later, apparently in a different houshold, is Mordecai-2 Homan (John-1). He follows Evan and Mary Davis and precedes William and Mary Coleman. Mentioned in Deliverance (Crafford) [Whitehair] Reeve's will as her brother. (The Whitehairs are not in the census and are possibly in Setauket/Brookhaven, whose 1698 census is lost.)

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Jonathan, Bathia, Jonathan, Jr., William, James, Mehitobel, Mary, Abigall, Patience (18-26)
This matches Jonathan-2 Horton and his family. Missing are Barnabas, Caleb (both described as deceased in 02/1706/7 will of Jonathan), Bethia (already md to Henry Tuthill - listed elsewhere in census)
Joshua, Mary, Ephraim, Mary Junjr, Bathia, Elizabeth, Zerviah  (29-35)
This is Joshua-2 Horton and his family. Mary (Wheeler) is his wife (Referred to as brother by John Wheeler in inventory of the estate of Alice Stanbrorough, see McLaurin, p 237.) The remainder presumed to be his children. Son Joshua, Jr is below.

Another alleged daughter, per McLaurin, Sarah, is unaccounted for. She is supposed to have married a Richard Terry, who also appears to be unconnected. Did she exist? What evidence is there that she was a daughter - not in census, not in will? McLaurin says her birth is in the Southold Town Records, but I do not find there... ??

Caleb  (154) In Household of Richard Terry
There are only two Calebs in the 1698 census, when there should be three. One is not listed in the census, as we have firm death dates for these three Calebs AFTER the census.
McLaurin speculates this Caleb is: Caleb-4 (Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1), b 1687, because he follows Richard Terry and his wife and a Caleb Horton married a Terry. And.. the other Caleb-4, or Caleb-2, mayhave been the one who married Abigail Hallock in 1696.

If the following married Abigail Hallock and not his uncle, Caleb-2 (Barnabas-1), then this census entry is likely NOT:

Caleb-3 (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1), b 1676

This Caleb was called deceased in Jonathan's 1706 will and is likely the Caleb Horton reported in Salmon Records, died December 25, 1706. This Caleb was the only one of the two to be old enough to have been a party to the marriage reported in the Salmon Records as married Abigail Hallock December 23, 1696.

I believe this Caleb and this Abigail are not in the 1698 census, and were elsewhere. I don't believe this is Abigail-2 (William-1) as some suggest, as I believe that Abigail is just as likely the Abigail, wife of Joseph Reeve. (Mom Margaret Hallock, widow was in his household in 1698.)

There was another, Caleb, born 1697, Caleb-4 (John-3, Joshua-2, Barnabas-1), b 1697, who was probably in Westchester. He would be too young to be by himself.
Sarah widdw, Pennellope  (450-1) (In household of Thomas Hunter)
This matches Sarah-3 (Barnabas2,1)  (Wines) Horton, widow of Barnabas-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. Her daughter, Penelope, later married Samuel Swezey. Her other children are Barnabas (522) (in Caleb's household), Caleb (154) (prob the one in the Terry household), and Bathia (621) in a Wines household. This widow Sarah Horton married Eleazer Luce shortly after this census and had six more children with him. For her identity, see NGS 63:22-24, Kenn Stryker-Rodda, "Sarah, Wife of Barnabas Horton (1666-1696) of Long Island", reproduced in McLaurin's Horton Genealogy at pp 190-192. Thomas Hunter's wife was her sister: Elizabeth (Wines) Hunter, explaining her presence in this household.
Mary widdow  (513) - in Booth Household
This is the widow of Benjamin-2 Horton: Mary Hampton. She is the mother of Abigail Mapham, wife of Charles Booth, (see Booth above), from a previous marriage to John Mapham. (Note: this is almost certainly NOT Mary (Langton) Horton, widow of Barnabas-1, which has been asserted by some - including McLaurin. That Mary would have no reason to be in the Booth household and we know Mary, the widow of Benjamin, was living in 1698 because her death record is after the 1698 census, on Jun 25, 1729: "Mary the Relt of Lt Horton, [age] 80").

Caleb, Jonathan, David, Barnabas, Phebe   (519-523)

This is the widowed Caleb-2 (Barnabas-1) Horton and his children still at home: Jonathan-3, David-3, and Phebe-3. Barnabas-4 is likely his grandson mentioned in his 1699 will, presumably from son Barnabas-3.

Joshua junjr, Eliza, Eliza junjr, Patience, Deborah, Martha  (587-592)

Joshua-3 (Joshua-2, Barnabas-1) and his wife Elizabeth Grover.

Bathia   (621)  (In Windes household)

This is a young Bethia-4 (Barnabas-3, Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. She is separated from her mother here, staying with her mom's side of the family. Her mother was Sarah (Wines) Horton. See Widow Sarah above. (See McLaurin, 191). She married Thomas Reeve Jun 19, 1707 (Salmon Records), of Southampton. This Thomas Reeve is not related to the other Reeves of Southold.

Barnabas  (701)

This is likely Barnabas-3, (Jonathan-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. He is reported deceased in the 1707 will of Jonathan-2: "To my granddaughter Mehitabel, daughter of my son, Barnabas Horton, deceased, oe12."
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Richard, David, Jonathan, Richard junjr, Isaac, Eliza, Dorothy  (208-216)
This is the family of Richard-1 Howell. Note there is an Eliza here. Richard's second wife was Elizabeth, but if Richard were married, this name would immediately follow his. This indicates his second wife has died and the Elizabeth referred to in his will is another woman, a third wife. The Eliza above was not mentioned in Richard's will and is presumed to have died before 1709.
Jno  (318)
This is apparently John-2 (Richard-1)
Another daughter, Ruth, is in the William Hallock family. Another daughter, Hannah, has already married Zachariah Hawkins. That family is not in the census.

The most recent and authoritative treatment of this family is: Donnelly, Thomas H., "Richard Howell of Mattituck in the Town of Southold, Long Island, New York, The Genealogist 13:131-177, 1999.

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Hudson - Hutson
John, Mary  (705-706)
There were two Hudson families that proliferated in Long Island in the 1700's. They were unrelated as far as I know. They were the descendants of Robert and Mary (Miller?) Hudson (Miller? from Torrey) of Easthampton and Jonathan and Sarah (Tinker) Hudson of Southold.

Robert Hudson was of Easthampton (will), but had Southold ties (described land in Wading River in 1724 will and some children married Southolders). Jonathan Hudson described himself of Southold in his 1729 will.

Torrey names the wife of Jonathan Hudson to be Sarah Wickham, widow of John Cherry.  Henry Hoff says that his wife was Sarah Tinker, b. 1664, New London CT, illegitimate daughter of Alice (Smith) Tinker and prob. Jeremiah Blinman ("Sarah Tinker, Wife of Jonathan Hudson", NEH&G Register, Oct 1995, pp. 430-432). He does not address Torrey's naming of her as Sarah (Wickham)  Cherry.

There is an entry in the Salmon Records just after the 1698 census, on 7 Apr 1698: "Old Mr. Hudson dead". This death entry may for the John Hudson in the census above.

The above couple could therefore, be the parents of Jonathan Hudson.

This couple follows households of Simon Grover and Benjamin Moore; and precedes the households of John Paine and Thomas Longworth.

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Thomas, Eliza, Eliza junjr, Zervia, Hannah  (445-449)
The identity of the wife of this family comes from the will of Barnabas-2 Wines, as his daughter. She is Elizabeth-3 (Barnabas-2, Barnabas-1) Wines. (See McLaurin:191). She died 4 Jan 1746/47, age 77 (SR). Her husband, Thomas, died 13 Sep 1716 (SR).

Zervia is likely the Suruiah Hunter who married David-3, Joseph-2, Thomas-1 Reeve on Mar 01, 1715 (SR).

The Widow Sarah Horton and Penelope Horton (see Horton above) are likely members of this household. The Widow Sarah Horton was Sarah Wines, sister of the above Eliza.

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Hutchinson - Hutcheson
Samuel, Elizabeth, Samuel junjr  (546-548)
This matches Samuel-2 Hutchinson, son of Thomas-1 and Martha (Corwin) Hutchinson and his wife, Elizabeth Corey, with their son Samuel-3, Jr. Samuel-2 is the son of the widow listed below.
Martha widdow, Thomas, Mathias, Martha junjr (623-626)
This is Martha-2 (Matthias-1) Corwin (md first Henry Case) and three of her children by her second husband, Thomas-1 Hutchinson. She died 1707.
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John (444)

Perhaps a stray Jones from the Jones family of Southampton.

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Lott  (184)

Lott  (528)

Johnson, Edward  (    - 1717) & Miriam (Draper) Holbrook, w Daniel; 24 May 1675, Charlestown/Southold, LI

Johnson, John & Hannah Champion (ca 1650-    ); ?Hempstead, LI

One of these Lott Johnsons died in Southold in Jun 1608 (SR).
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Samuel junjr, Hannah, Samuel, Zacharias  (267-270)
This is Samuel-3 (Samuel-2, William-1) King, his wife, Hannah Havens, and their first son, Samuel, an infant b 1697. I don't who the Zacharias is, as he is not a listed son in their family. The only Zacharias I have seen in the King family is a great nephew of this Samuel, from the Salem branch.
William, Abigail, Wm junjr, Hannah, David, (Sarah Youngs), Daniel  (329-335)
This is William-3 (Samuel-2, William-1) and his wife, Hannah-2 (Richard-1) Brown. Hannah is also a King descendant, and a first cousin of William. She is from Richard-1 Brown and Hannah-2 King. The Sarah Youngs may be an orphaned Sarah Youngs, daughter of Christopher and Ann (Nichols) Youngs. She may be working in the house, as I see no kinship here.
Samuel, Abigail  (356-7)
This appears to be 67 year-old widow Samuel-2 King, son of the immigrants, William-1 and Dorothy (Hayne) King, and his youngest daughter, Abigail, b 1682.
See NYGBR - Vol 32:71:75, 1900 - King Sketch.

Note: We Kansas Pioneers descendants have five lines of descent from William and Dorothy (Hayne) King, the immigrants.

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Benjamin, Patience, Benjamin junjr, Hosea  (75-78)
This is Benjamin-1 L'Hommedieu, the French Huegenot refugee, and his wife Patience-2 Sylvester. She is a daughter of Nathaniel Sylvester, one of the founding fathers of Shelter Island. Benjamin-2, above, married Mary-4 (John3,2,1) Conklin in 1716.
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Robert  (336)
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Langdon - Landon
Nathan, Hannah, Eliza, Nathan junjr (239-242)
James  (243)
This is Nathan and Hannah (Bishop) Landon and their family, plus James (see below). See Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary (LI Source Records, p 174). There was a Samuel and Elizabeth born after the census. The second daughter born after the census named Elizabeth raises the presumption that the above "Eliza" died young. The second Elizabeth also died young. Samuel married Bethia Tuthill.

James is reported in the commentary by the compiler of the "Libers D&E, Extracts w Commentary (LI Source Records), says that James is "doubtless" the son of Nathan, even though he is not mentioned in the VR's, and is "doubtless" not the son of the wife shown there (she died 1701, age 30, where James born by mid-1680's, based on marriage date of 1707.)

Judy Jacobson reports in Southold Connections that Nathan did, indeed, have a son named James, but he died young. She further reports that Nathan's brother, Daniel Langton, of Conn and Bristol Co, Mass (not Bristol, RI), did have a son named James, vital birth record in Bristol Co, Mass, Mar 29, 1685, just the right age to be the James who married Mary Vail in 1707.

This still leaves unanswered who the Hannah Landon is that married John Vail Feb 28, 1716. The compiler of the LI Source Records above speculated that she, also, was a child of Nathan Landon, but the apparent more likely scenario of James being a nephew Nathan, plus Hannah not appearing anywhere in the 1698 census casts a shadow on who she is.

The presence of James, and his location above, ie in last place, poses a question about his placement in this family. The family of Nathan and Hannah are listed in the Vital Record section of the Southold Town Records and do not include this James, or his asserted sister, Hannah Landon, who married Feb 28, 1716, John Vail. It shows the children all born in a relative short space of time, ie 1696-1701, whearas James, no definite date of birth known, was surely born before 1690, probably in the mid 1680's. (It should be noted these VR records appear not to be contemporaneous VR entries, as one normally expects VR records to be. These appear to be "recitations" of family history to the town clerk of certain members of the community, and not others.)

One other genealogy compilation I have seen (The Teape Family) asserts that James is the son of Daniel Landon of Rhode Island. That Daniel apparently did have a son James who has no further record no Rhode Island and appears born in the right time frame to be this James. The Southold James did have sons named both Nathan and Daniel. Nathan was a very common name in those days, Daniel was not. This James appears at the end of the list of children, which I have observed in most other families to be entered in order of age. This doesn't jive with his 1707 marriage to Mary Vail. He would have to be considerably older than the Eliza and Nathan junjr, as would probably Hannah, md John Vail 1716.

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Eliza  (418)

At end of Noyce family, just prior to Reeve family

Lewis was a very common name in New England (Torrey has two pages of Lewis entries). There are Lewis names sprinkled through Southold records. I don't have a firm grip on their genealogy.

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Thomas, Deborah  (715-716)
This matches Thomas Longworth and Deborah-3 (John-2, Rev John-1) Youngs. See Youngs Family, Selah Youngs, 1907, pg 48.

Bethia Longworth is not listed here because she probably died before the census was taken. She is in the Salmon Death Records: 04/1698, "..thia Longworth" died (Salmon Records). Another daughter, Deborah is shown by the Youngs Genealogy to also have died before the census. The third child, Thomas Longworth, cited by the Youngs Genealogy is also not listed here. He also may have died, been "bound out" to an area not in the census, or born after the census.

The death of a Thomas Longworth, probably the one listed above, is in the Salmon Death Records, 01 May 1706.

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John, Richard, Samuel, John junjr, William, Thomas  (750-755)

Torrey shows a cluster (10 entries) of Lorings, all from Boston / Dorchester / Hingham. No entries in Torrey with a Southold location. I don't see any "Loring" entries in the early years of the Salmon Records. Not sure if this family is passing through, related to those Lorings, related to the Lorings of Hingham... ???

There is a John Loring in the 1686 census with 4 males & 1 female. So, one female has died, or if a daughter, married; and two males have been added.

There is a handful of entries for the surname "Lore" after the 1698 census, as well as a 1740 will for a Samuel Lore. This may be a spelling variation of this name.

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Thomas, Mary, Abigall, (Margarett Edwards) (8-11)
Thomas and Mary are likely Thomas-2 and Mary (__) (Wells) Mapes, Jr. Since they are reported to have not had children, Abigail is likely Thomas' sister. (maybe a niece?)

Mary (___) is the widow of William-1 Wells (his second wife) and the matriarch of many of the large Wells progeny of Long Island. I have found no death record for her, but she must have died about 1699-1708, as the Salmon Records have this date of death for an apparent second wife of Thomas: 16 May 1709 "[Capt] Mapes wife Ester died." There is an outside chance that the transcriber was referring to Esther (Horton), wife of Jonathan Mapes, but Thomas was consistently referrred to as Capt - I've not seen Jonathan referred to as a Captain. At any rate, this Thomas was definitely married to Bethia (Terry) Goldsmith, widow of Thomas-2 (Richard-1) Goldsmith, by about 1710 or so, as is evidenced by the Salmon Record for her next marriage: Mary 1715: "_r Richd Steer & Wid Bethiah Mapes."

The 1721 will of Richard Steer(s) is one of those interesting wills that mentions a significant number of collateral relatives and is quite an interesting puzzle to figure out. In the NYGB RECORD, Jan., 1977, Lynn Haims discussed Richard STEER and his will.

There are several reference to this Thomas Mapes in the printed Southold Town Records, including an interesting agreement between he and his step-son, William-2 Wells. It appears that Thomas Mapes moved in to the Wells house when he married Mary (__) Wells, when William-2 Wells was a child. Then William-2 Wells sued Thomas Mapes when William-2 Wells came "of age", for keeping his inheritance from him. The settlement of that lawsuit is in the Southold Town Records.

Margarett Edwards (11), apparently single, is listed next in sequence, probably in this household. Margarett Edwards is unknown to me.

Jonathan, Hester  (178-179)
This is Jonathan-2 (Thomas-1) Mapes and his wife Hester-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) (Horton) Mapes. Marriage reported in Salmon Records on Mar 17th, 1696/7 (or maybe 1697/8).
Jabez, Eliza, Sarah, Eliza junjr, Hannah, Ealse  (729-734)
This is Jabez-2 (Thomas-1) and his second wife, Elizabeth Roe, and their children. Sarah is definitely from the first wife, Mary Corwin, as the 1700 will of John Corwin, left to: "my granddaughter Sarah ye daughter of Jabez Mapes one cow". The rest of the children are likely from second wife Elizabeth.
Joseph, Ruth, Joseph junjr, William, Hannah  (743-747)
The Mapes Genealogy does not list this Mapes as son of Thomas-1. He is shown in Torrey with the notation "Quaker". Could he possibly be a son of the John Mapes, whose estate was inventoried in 1682? And... could that John be brother, uncle, or even father, of Thomas-1 Mapes??


MAPES, JOHN, aged 21, came from Ipswich in the Francis, 1634; but this name is so very rare in our country, that unless he d. in few yrs. we can hardly mistake in suppos. he was of L. I. where in 1662 goodman Mapes of Southold, was allow. to be made freem. of Conn. Perhaps  he had first been of Salem, at least Dickinson, who was at the same time with him at Southold, had liv. at Salem some yrs.
Estate of John Mapes:
"From "The Records of the Court of Sessions of Suffolk County in the Province of New York, 1670-1688", the inventory of John Mapes, Southold Court of Sessions, 5 Jun 1683, gives his date of death as 9 Oct 1682, and mentions only widow Martha Mapes.  The appraisal was made by Abram Corey, "Stepen bayly", Jonat: Horton, Joshua Horton.  The surety was provided  by Mr. William HALLIOCK and Thomas Mapes."

Passenger of the Francis of Ipswich:

30 April 1634. Passengers of the Francis of Ipswich, Mr. John Cutting, captain, bound for New England (landed at Plymouth or Boston, MA): from the Pubic Record Office, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU, England)

John Mapes, (age) 21
1634-21 = 1613 dob

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Mapham - Mappon
Jean  (514) - In Charles Booth household

Probably a sister of Abigail (Mapham) Booth.

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Hannah  (92)  >  (In Terry household?)

Sarah  (296)  > (In Brown household?)

Abigall  (441)  > (In Tuthill household?)

Mary  (455) > (In Wells household?)

Perhaps a French family, there were early Martine records in Long Island.

On Pg 171 of Southold Town Records, Libers D & E, LI Source Records compiled by Hoff, is the family of an Edward Brown and Mary Martine, no  marriage date, with first child, Jane,  born Jan 4, 1700/1. This Mary possibly No 455 above.

Note a Henry Martain was left 20 shillings in 1728 will of John Knowling, of Shelter Island.

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Mary  (74) (In household of Thomas and Mary (Christophers) Youngs
This is the Mary who married Joshua Young, as his second wife, in 1709. That Mary Mayhew was daughter of John and Joanna (Christopher) Mayhew of New London, Conn. (Youngs Gen). She was staying with her great-aunt, Mary Christophers. See Thomas Youngs below.
Patience Mayhew  (374) (In Corey household.)
John & Joanna (Christopher) Mayhew had a daughter Patience Mayhew (See Savage). Abraham Corey married Margaret Christopher, sister of Joanna Christopher, who married John Mayhew. Thus, I believe this Patience Mayhew is staying with her aunt and uncle: Abraham and Margaret (Christopher) Corey. Patience's dad died in 1696, and because she is here, I presume her mom is dead by 1698. See Corey household above.
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Christopher, Hannah  (640-641)
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Andrew, Margarett, David, Eliza, Margarett junjr, Hannah  (665-670)

I don't have much on this Miller family. Torrey has two Andrew Miller entries "of Millers Place", and also East Hampton in Long Island. I see two entries in the early years of the Salmon Records:

1716 0214 Sm Franklin & Elesabeth Miller
1731 1103 Wm Wickham & Ann Miller
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Mary  (171)
Just following Dickerson family

Probably another French name.

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Moore - Moor
Thomas junjr, Jean, Mary, Rachel  (255-258)
This is Thomas-4 (Thomas-3,2,1) Moore and his wife, Jane/Jean, whose identity was unknown by Torrey. For the vital records of this family, including children born after the census, see "Southold Town Records - Libers D & E, Extracts w Commentary", contained in Long Island Source Records, Hoff, 1987, pp 155-6.

There is an error in the commentary at pg 156 of the LI Source Records. It states daughter Mary above married Sylvester Lester. This is surely not correct. That marriage did not take place till 5 Jan 1770, seventy years after this census. This Mary is likely the one who married Sylvanus Davis, Dec 26 1722 (SR).

Widow Martha, (John Trusteen), Jonathan, William, (Mary Trusteen) (407-411)
This is Martha (___), widow of Jonathan-3 (Thomas-2,1) Moore. Jonathan-3 was a son of Thomas-2 and Martha (Youngs) Moore.

Jonathan-4 Moore (child above) married Margaret Graves Jan 08, 1707 (SR). He died May 02, 1716 (SR). She died a few days later: May 16, 1716 (SR). I have seen secondary sources report this Jonathan Moore moved to Orange Co and died there in 1728. I don't know what these reports are based on. If that is true, the issue of who the 1716 death record belongs to would need to be addressed. That record does not show "Jr" or "son" and therefore is assumed to be the Jonathan Moore from the 1698 census; and the Orange County Jonathan Moore would seem to be a different  person.

Mary (Moore) Tusten above (spelled Trusteen in the census) is a daughter of Jonathan-3 and Martha (__) Moore, having married John-2 Tusten, son of Thomas-1 and Priscilla (Benjamin) Tusten. (See Descendants of Lyon Gardiner, footnote 3 at pg 88.)

Nathaniel  (631) In household of John and Hannah (Moore) Terry
Hannah (Moore) Terry had a brother named Nathaniel in her father's 1698 will, but there is another Nathaniel in the household with their mother, the widow Sarah Moore. (See below) I have seen from secondary sources that this Hannah (Moore) Terry had a first cousin named Nathaniel Moore, from her uncle: Thomas-3 (Thomas-2,1). There is also a Nathaniel Moore who died 18 Feb 1699 (SR) - probably one of the two Nathaniels in the 1698 census, but I don't know which one.

Whether the Nathaniel Moore in the John Terry household is her brother, a cousin, or if her brother was counted twice in the census, is something of a mystery. See the Widow Sarah Moore household above.

Mary, (Joshua Sylvester), Joseph, Martha, Joseph junjr  (647-651)  (Following Jeremiah Vail family)
The Joseph, Martha, and Joseph, Jr. are probably a family unit, living next to, if not in, the household of Joseph's step-father and mother: Jeremiah and Ann (Hampton) Vail. Ann (Hampton) was married first to Benjamin Moore. The Mary and Joseph Moore above are likely hers, as well as the Benjamin Moore listed below with his own household, at 703-704.

Simon Grover, in his 1699 will, said: " I  leave to my daughter, Martha Moore, all my homestead, houses, and home lot." Then, in the Salmon Death Records, we have: Jul 18, 1727, "Joseph Moors wife Martha". This would seem to account for the Joseph and Martha above; Joseph, Junr being a son of theirs.

The Mary is likely a sister of Joseph and a daughter of Ann (Hampton) [Moore] Vail; although Thomas-2 and Martha (Youngs) Moore had a daughter named Mary, born Dec 15, 1650, who is otherwise unaccounted for.

I don't know how the Joshua Sylvester fits into the picture.

Sarah widdow, Abigall, Patience, Deborah, Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Martha, Eliza  (687-695)
This entry is somewhat perplexing. Sarah is doubtless Sarah-2 (Jackson) Moore the widow of Nathaniel Moore, who died 20 Apr 1698, leaving a will dated 19 Apr 1698, proved 26 Aug 1698, codicil entered at an unknown date after that. (Date of death given in Codicil filed with "Perogative Court".)

First, as to the identity of Sarah. She is identified as daughter of Robert Jackson, not Jeremiah Vail in the sketches by the Celebration Committee that prepared a book celebrating Southold's 250th birthday and it is quoted here, in part in Robert Jackson's sketch: "His daughter Sarah became the wife of Nathaniel, the son of Thomas Moore, shipwright, of Southold, and received a bequest by Robert Jackson's will in 1683. He, Nathaniel, became an active ship master, was employed to carry furniture to Lloyds Neck in 1678, lived until 20th April, 1698, acquired land in Westchester County and left a will, in which he called Jeremiah Vail his brother-in-law. It was hastily supposed from this that he had married a sister of Jeremiah Vail; but this was afterwards found to be an error. Vail had married Anne, the widow of Nathaniel's brother, Benjamin Moore, and in that way was his brother-in-law. Sarah, daughter of Robert Jackson, survived Nathaniel Moore, and died his widow on 10th June, 1733. Their son, Nathaniel Moore, Jr., died unmarried in 1699. Their daughter Hannah married John Terry (No. 654 of index, son of Richard) and left many descendants. Their daughter Abigail married Isaac Overton-page 502 of index. Their daughter Elizabeth married Christopher Youngs (No. 743 of index), and their daughter Deborah married John Boisseau, the Huguenot. Their was another daughter, probably unmarried."

This Nathaniel Moore names his father in his will: Thomas Moore; and is therefore Nathaniel-3 (Thomas-2,1), son of Thomas-2 and Martha (Youngs) Moore.

That will names father Thomas Moore, wife Sarah, legacy to son Nathaniel, legacy to "my FIVE daughters at ye age of eighteen years or the day of their marriage which shall first happen", brother-in-law Jeremiah Vail, and son-in-law John Terry. It then goes on to say: "if my son Nathaniel shall die before he comes of age yt then all his portion shall be divided among my daughters children as ye Executors shall see cause..." This last clause strongly suggests that Nathaniel-3 had no other sons - yet there are two other boys in this household in 1698, just months after his will was made.

Note there is a John Terry in this census with wife Hannah (Moore), this Nathaniel's daughter. In that household is a Nathaniel Moore. In addition, there is a Nathaniel Moore in this household, and two more boys.

There are five girls listed here, with Hannah, which would give SIX daughters.

It appears to me we have a mingling of the orphaned children of Thomas-3 (Thomas-2,1) - brother of Nathaniel-3 - among members of this household. In fact, there could be two households next to each other and we're not seeing the household division because of no break in names.

I therefore conclude, subject to new information. that the Widow Sarah is here presented with three of her daughters: Abigail, Patience, Deborah. Adding Hannah (Moore) Terry gives four daughters. Note that the will  was written in a confusing way so as that it is not clear if he means five daughters not yet married (plus other married ones), or a total of five daughters (including married ones).

Mather (LI Refugees) informs us that an Abigail Moore, apparently this one, married Isaac Overton shortly after the census. A Deborah Moore married a John Boisseau on Jul 17, 1725 (SR), but I think that marriage a bit late for the Deborah in this household, considering the ages of her parents; but, she was under 18 in her dad's 1698 will - so it could be her. I await corroborating evidence for that marriage for her.

Thomas, John, and Nathaniel would then appear to be sons of Thomas-3 and either in a separate household or in the same household with the widow Sarah. Note that they are probably older than the children of Nathaniel-3. Thomas-4, son of Thomas-3 gives a date of birth of 1663 in his VR's (Libers D&E, LI Source Records). All of Nathaniel's children referred to in his will, including Nathaniel and at least some/all of his five (plus) daughters, were underage. Only one is implied married, (not named), the wife of John Terry.

If we assume the names after the three daughters are another family unit, it would mean the son Nathaniel is the Nathaniel in John Terry's household, probably fulfilling the wish of his father: "ye Executors (including John Terry) .... also yt my son Nathaniel be put to learne such a trade as he do most incline to -".

That leaves the girls on the end: Martha & Eliza.  Eliza, or Elizabeth, married Christopher Youngs shortly after the census and is almost certainly a daughter of Nathaniel. The evidence is a 1704 deed where Christopher Youngs called John Terry his brother-in-law, when he bought the original home lot of Thomas Moore. John Terry was married to Hannah Moore and was called son-in-law by Nathaniel Moore.

That leaves Martha in question as to whether she is from Thomas-3 or Nathaniel-3. We've already accounted for five daughters of Nathaniel, but the will was worded in such a way that he "might" have meant five unmarried daughters.  We await further info before she can be placed to either Thomas-3 or Nathaniel-3.

Benjamen, Abigall   (703-704)

This matches Benjamin-4 (Benjamin-3, Thomas-2,1) Moore and Abigail-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. Caleb Horton specifically refers to both daughter and son-in-law in his will. See also Benjamin Moore will dated 1727. (Note: McLaurin's Horton Genealogy, pg 230, places a son in their family not in Benjamin Moore's 1727 will or his wife's will: Silas. His place in that family is doubtful.)

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Nashburn - Nashbourn
Charity  (116) > in Christopher Youngs household

I find no more records for her. There was also a Washburn family in Southold. In 1702, a Samuel Conklin married a Susanna Washburn (SR).  Could a transcriber have written "N" for "W" (ie Nashburn for Washburn)? (See Washburn in the 1698 census on page 3).

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Noyce - Noise
Francis, Perrsha, Catherine  (425-427)

This is likely an offshoot of the East Hampton Noyce family. I know nothing more about them.

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Osman - Osmond, Ozmond
Isaac, Chaterine, Martha, Prudence, Isaac  (259-263)
Isaac-2 Osman, son of Thomas and Martha (Purrier) Osman, probably the one whose death is recorded in Salmon records 7 Dec 1716.

His wife, Catherine, "reported to be" daughter of John and Anna (Wines) Elton. This marriage not found in Torrey, nor any marriage there for Isaac Osman or a Catherine Elton. I welcome any correspondence about her identity.

Jacob, Sarah, Mary, Sarah junjr,  Eliza, Hester, Pinnina, Hannah, Martha widdw, Sarah  (307-316)
This matches Jacob-2 Osman and his wife Sarah-3 Corwin (John-1, Mathias-1). The widow Martha above is the matriarch of this group: Martha-2 (William-1) (Purrier) Osman. The third Sarah is a mystery to me.
Mary widdow, Deborah, Phebe, Johanna, Mercy, Samuel  (323-328)
Mary is either the widow of John-2, Thomas-2, William-2, or Joseph-2... ?? Who does she belong to and what happened to the rest of these boys of the second generation?
Abraham, Rebecca, Joseph, John  (474-477)
This is Abraham-2 (Thomas-1). His wife is Rebecca-3 (John-2, Mathias-1) Corwin. Is it possible the "extra" Sarah in Jacob's household and the Dorothy, by herself in the census, are from Abraham?

Torrey shows a Martha (__) as married to Abraham, and that she died in 1706. This is apparently coming from Moore's Index. Torrey and Moore are obviously mistaken here. The 1706 death in the Salmon Records is the "widow Osman", and could be either Martha (Purrier) Osman or the "widdow Mary" above. In neither case could these ladies be a widow of Abraham, as he was living and in the 1698 census with Rebecca (Corwin), his wife as shown by John Corwin's 1700 will. The death record presumably belonging to him is dated 10 Oct 1719, so a lady dieing in 1706 would not be his widow. Further, Rebecca, the relic of Abraham, died 13 Apr 1731. The Widow Martha who died 1706 is likely Martha (Purrier) Osman, matriarch of the Osman clan.

Dorothy  (612)

Following the Joseph Reeve family and preceding the Barnabas Wines family. There is a Dorothy Osman who married Henry Wells in 1719/20 (Salmon Records). Is she a daughter of Abraham?
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Overton - Ouenton
Isaac, John, Thomas (145-147) - in household of Daniel Terry.
I find no Overtons in Torrey

These are the three sons of Isaac and Sarah (___) [Overton] Terry. They are in the household of their step-father, Daniel Terry and their mother, Sarah. It appears that John and Thomas died young, but Isaac lived until 1723, died then age 40 1/2.

Isaac Overton, apparently of the first (but maybe a second generation), was married to a Sarah (___). He died abt 1688, and she subseqently married Daniel Terry abt 1690.

Salmon Death Records:

1706 1024 Thoms Overton
1706 1228 John Overton
1723 1107 Isaac Overton    40 1/2
1803 0803 James Overtons child
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John Owen  (466)
Torrey reports an Evin/Edward Owen early in Southold. He has an estate inventory in early Southold records. Torrey also reports a Jonathan Owen in Brookhaven. A Owen article in TAG suggests this John was son of George Owen of Brookhaven. (James William Hook, "TAG 30:129-142, 31:33-39 - The Owen Family," 1954-5.)

Based solely on subsequent marriages found in the Salmon marriage records of Owen spouses who could be of age to be from this John and not having any further info about any parents for them, it is possible that this John is the father of. It is also possible these are children of Brookhaven Owen families marrying Southolders.

 1   John Owen 1669 - 1738
..  +[Mary?] (___) 1669 - 1740
............. 2   Jonathan Owen 1702 -
.................  +Bethia Terry 1700 -
............. 2   Probable Grandchildren Owen 1704 -
............. 2   Sarah Owen 1709 - 1735
.................  +Daniel Reeve 1708 - 1746
............. 2   Elizabeth Owen 1712 -
.................  +Daniel Terrill 1712 - 1739
.............  *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Owen:
.................  +John Corwin 1704 - 1740
.............  *3rd Husband of Elizabeth Owen:
.................  +James Petty 1712 -
............. 2   Martha Owen 1706 -
.................  +Samuel Clark 1708 -
Salmon Death Records
John Owen died 01/07/1738, date probably New Style
Mary Owen died May 18, 1740 (does not say relic of John, so could be another daughter).
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