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1698 Southold LI Census 
A Study of Identities
Town of Southold
Suffolk County
Long Island, New York 
By Norris M. Taylor, Jr.

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First name is "conventional spelling" - second, if any, is spelling in census
Numbers to the right of the names are the number in which they appear in the list (800 names)
You can tell how far apart families are by their number.. might connote a physical proximity
Families are not given in the census; they are "presumed" here, where surnames run together.
Single names between family "clusters" may be by themselves, or in the household above or below them.

Note: "Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" reports that numbers 483-??? are residents of Cutchogue. (Sequential number in census are in parenthesis following the family groupings)

Aldrich - Aldridge
Gersham, Jacob, Peter - in separate households. (383, 388, 518)
>Peter - listed at the end of a of the Coreys and just before Annis Reeue "widdow".

>Gersham - listed five names after Peter at the end of a Brown family and before the Pattay (Petty?) family

>Jacob - listed about 30-40 names further down the list, at end of a Booth family and before the family of Caleb Horton.

These three are sons-3 of Southold settler Peter-2 and Mehetable-2 (Swezey) Aldrich. Peter-2 (George-1) is mentioned as deceased in John Swezey's will of 1692. Mehetable is probably dead by the 1698 census, although it's possible she remarried and elsewhere, and the boys were indentured out.

I'm not sure what's happening with the land Peter Aldrich may have owned (including that left him by John Swezey in his will). Maybe it was letout till the boys were of age, or one of the Swezey's farmed it till the boys were of age. Jacob (above) and his sons settled in the "western" part of Southold, later to become Mattituck and Riverhead. The "traditional" Aldrich home, in Mattituck, was in the family until the late 1800's, and is probably the land inherited through John Swezey.

Peter and Gershom above disappear after this census. They may have moved to the mainland, or died. None of the published genealogies of the Aldrich family traces any descendants to these two brothers - but there is always a chance that a strand from one of these two may have "skipped" over to New Jersey, inland New York, Conn, etc.

A sister of these boys, Mary, reported by published Aldrich genealogies, is not found by that name in the 1698 Southold census. Whether she is dead, married,  or elsewhere, I do not know. It would appear there was a such a daughter, as there is an "extra" girl in the 1686 census for this family. I have found no evidence that her name was Mary, or what happened to her.

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Alibon - Allowbin, Allobon
John,  Hannah Junjr, Mary, Tabitha  (479-482) (Allowbin)

William (664)  (Allobon) (In Widow Elizabeth Youngs household)

Torrey, pg 9, shows two men, possibly father and son, or possibly one man with two wives, although that is not indicated:
Alibon/Allibone?, John (1653-1750) & Hannah __?__ (1656-1748), Southold, LI
Allaben, John & Tabitha? __?__; ca 1694?; Southold, LI
This census entry probably indicates this John did not have a wife (ie was a widower) and had three daughters in his household, one of whom was named after her mother (Hannah, Junr).

The 1686 census shows a John Aliebe with 2 males and 1 female. The extra male could be the William shown by himself in 1698. This would indicate all of the other children born 1686-1698.

Later entries in Salmon Records found:

05/07/1698: "John Alibon's son died buried". (Salmon Records)
1719, Oct: "[__] McKinnee & Hannah Alibin" married (this may be Hannah junjr above)
25 Mar 1724, John Alibon and Hannah Pike married (Perhaps a John born after the census?)
1 Sep 1720, "David mecoly & Cristian Alibon" married
Jan 9, 1748: "John Alibon's wife" died
Comparing the scenario presented by the census with Torrey's entry and Salmon Records makes little sense. It would appear a first wife was named Hannah (__) and a second wife, of unknown name, gave birth to the John Alibon who married Hannah Pike in 1724. The 1748 entry could be the wife of John-1 in the 1698 census or the Hannah (Pike) Alibon who married John-2 Alibon.

The separate entry for William could be a teenage son bound out, or a brother of John.

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Isaac, Sarah, Rachel, Sarah Junjr, Susannah, (John Washbourn, Susannah Washbourne) (1-7)
This is Col Isaac Arnold and his second wife: Sarah (Cornell) [Washburn] Arnold. John and Susannah Washburn are Sarah's kids from her marriage to John Washburn, of Flushing, who died in 1687-88. The daughter, Susannah Washburn, married Samuel Conklin in 1702.

An Isaac Arnold, probably this one, was mentioned as a cousin (could also mean nephew?) in Nathaniel Sylvester's 1680 will and also inventoried John Mapes estate in 1682.

The following entries by Torrey have dates that appear to be way too early. John Washburn didn't die till 1687 and there were Arnold children still at home in the above census.

"Arnold, Isaac & __?__ Sylvester?; b 1640; Southold, LI
Arnold, Isaac & 2/wf Sarah (Cornell) Washburn, w John; 30? Oct 1641 m lic; ?Southold, LI"
Cateret Gillam named a son Arnold Gillam, suggesting the wife of Cateret may be a daughter of Isaac Arnold. "Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" says she is, indeed, an Arnold.

I'm not sure which Arnold kids belong to which wife of Isaac Arnold as their mother.

There are future Arnolds in Long Island. Since there are daughters only in this household, there is either a brother or son not in the census, or a son was born after the census to generate those Arnold descendants - unless the later Arnolds come from Connecticut. This Isaac died 1706, and he and his wife are estimated to be at least in their forty's, maybe even fifties, here.

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Bailey - Baily
John  (183) - In household of Benjamin and Mary (Grover) Youngs.
??? Brother of Stephen ?? (There is no son of Stephen indicated in the "family style" vital records for that family in Southold Town Records, LI Sources Records, p 154-5)
Stephen, Mary, Hannah, Israel, Temperance, Jonathan, Christian  (345-351)
This is the family of Stephen Bailey. Mary (___) was his second wife, his first wife, Abigail Cooper, died Jan 15, 1685. This family and children are listed in the Southold Town Records (STR) (LI Source Records, p 154-5). Christian, not listed in STR, is likely a child. Children in the STR, not here, are: Stephen, Abigail, Nathaniel, Mary. Mary may be alone below. The compiler of the STR adds a footnote that a Benjamin Bailey, born per headstone in 1699, likely belongs to Stephen and Mary, even though not in the STR or the 1698 census.


Bayley, Stephen (  - 1715) & Abigil Hooper? 8 Aug 1673; Southold, LI
Bayley, Stephen & 2/wf Mary __?__; 15 Nov 1688; Southold, LI

The compiler of the Southold Town Records identifies the first wife of Stephen as Abigail Cooper, daughter of Thomas Cooper (of Southold, not the Thomas Cooper in Southampton). Perhaps a clerical mistake in Torrey..??

Mary (285) - In Jacob Conklin family

This Mary likely the daughter of Stephen that is in the STR, but not in Stephens family above.
Query: Are these Baileys related to the Baileys of Haddam, Connecticut??
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Theodore  (46) - In Jasper Griffing household.

To date, I have not identified this name or person in subsequent records in Southold.

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William  (73) - In household of Thomas and Mary (Christophers) Youngs.
A William Barnes married a Hannah Underhill about 1690 or so (Donald Lines Jacobus, NEHGR - Barnes 123:81-90, 1969, pg 82), but this fellow is without a family.. and that William was supposed to be of Westchester, NY??

John   (602) - In household of Henry Case.

(A John Barnes married Mehitable Booth on Oct 04, 1722 (Salmon Marriage Records)

Benjamin  (700) (Barns) - In household of Simon Grover.

There was an early Barnes family in Southampton. I am not sure if these fellows are from that group or not. The widow of John Salmon (See Salmon later) is reported to be a Barnes by Torrey. A John Barnes married Mehitable Booth in 1722 in Southold.

A snippet (ie not quite a "sketch") is included in Anderson, The Great Migration Begins, p 104, for a Joshua Barnes: 4 Sep 1632, "Josua Barnes is bound as an apprentice to Mr. Paine for 5 years from his landing, for L4 per annum wages, and L5 at the end of his term, to be paid to him by his said master." Anderson mentions records of Joshua Barnes in Yarmouth, Martha's Vineyard, and Southampton, LI, but concludes there is not enough evidence to conclude any of these records belong to the same man.

Joshua Barnes of Southampton and his first generation family are treated by Donald Lines Jacobus (the "Dean" of New England genealogists) in NEHGR 123:81-90, 1969.

Benjamen (714)
I have no further record of this name in Southold.
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Benjamin - Benjamen
Richard, Eliza, Anna, John, Richard junjr, Jonathan, David, Joshua, Joseph  (130-138)
This is Richard-2 (Richard-1) Benjamin and his wife, Elizabeth (__). Torrey match: "Benjamin, Richard (1646-1730) & Elizabeth  __?__; b 1681; Southold, LI. Based on the first born of 1681, these kids should all be under 19.
Waite widdow, William, Waite junjr, Anna, Hannah, John  (783-788)
This is Waite (__), the widow of Simeon-2, the brother of Richard above. Torrey says their first born was 1679 and did not know the identity of Waite. Waite died 1703 (Torrey). I find it strange that an Anna and Hannah above would be sisters because of the similarity of their names.
The immigrant Benjamin brothers, Richard-1 and John-1, are treated in The Great Migration Begins, Anderson, 1995. This is the most authoritative source of material for these immigrants. The Benjamin family had an in-law relationship with another early Long Island family, that of Barnabas Wines. John Benjamin, uncle of Richard-2 and Simeon-2 above, married Abigail Eddy, sister of Ann Eddy, the wife of LI immigrant Barnabas Wines. Abigail and Ann, in turn, were sisters of immigrants John Eddy of Watertown and Samuel Eddy of Plymouth.

Missing from census:

Bethia Benjamin md Thomas Booth, 12/10/1707 (SR)
Mary Benjamin md Benjamin Babcock, 11/02/1719 (SR)
James Benjamin died 6 Apr 1707 (SR)
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Dinah  (317)

I find no further reference to this name in Southold.

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Samuel  (702)
I find no further reference to this name in Southold.

There is a Samuel Bodman in Torrey, but only shows a residence of Boston. Not sure if the same man or another. "Bodman, Samuel & Mary __?__; b 1680; Boston"

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John   (600)
There are three John Bonds in Torrey, all showing residences in Mass, and all dead by 1698. I find no further reference to this name in Southold.
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John, Hannah, Mehitophel, John junjr, Obadiah, Daniel, Hannah junjr, Patience  (49-56)
This is John-2 Booth and his wife, Hannah-3 (Caleb-2, Barnabas-1) Horton. (Both named in Caleb Horton's 1699 will). First-born 1690, per Torrey, would indicate all kids under 8. That date should be probably be pushed back a couple of years, in order for there to be this many children.
William, Hannah, William junjr, Samuel, George, Hannah junjr  (80-85)
This is William-2 Booth and Hannah-3 King.  Hannah is Samuel-2, William-1. This family's VR's are summarized in Southold Town Records, Libers D&E (Ackerly) LI Source Records, Hoff, 1987, p 166.

Thomas, Mary, John, Thomas junjr, James, Giles, Mary junjr  (467-473)

This matches Thomas-2 Booth and wife Mary (__). He died 1706.
Charles, Abigall, (Mary Horton widdow), (Jean Mappon), Charles junjr, Abigall junjr, David  (511-517)
This matches Charles-2 Booth and Abigail (Mapham). (See Torrey). This Charles died in the year following the census.

The widow Mary Horton is Mary (Hampton) [Mapham] Horton, widow of Benjamin-2 Horton. Abigail (Mapham) Booth and Jean Mapham (Mappon above) are her daughters. McLaurin's Horton Genealogy claims this Widow Mary Horton is the matriarch Mary (Langton) Horton. But she would have no reason to be in this household - no Horton ties. It is more reasonable to conclude that Mary (Langton) Horton was dead by the 1698 census.

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Stephen   (27)

Prob a spelling variation for Boyer, sounds French. There were many Frenchmen in the early years of Southold: (L'Strainge, L'Hommedieu, etc.)

Perhaps the maker of this will:

Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744, Pp 3-4

Page 11.--In the name of God, Amen. I, STEPHEN BOUYER, of the town of Southampton, in the County of Suffolk, on the Island of Nassau, merchant, not well in body but of sound mind, thanks be to God therefor.

I leave to Mehitabel Herrick, widow, 10. To James Herrick, my gun. I leave to Francis Pelletreau, 200. To Hugh Gelston and his wife, each 5. To Stephen Rogers and Eunice Howell, daughter of Israel Howell, each 5. I give to Paul Droillet his bond, dated September 18, 1707. I leave to Stephen Bouyer Favier, 1,000. I leave to my kinswoman, Charlotte Favier, all the rest of my estate, real and personal. I make my kinsman, James Favier, and my kinswoman, Charlotte Favier, executors.

         Dated February 3, 1728. Witnesses, Job Sayre, Stephen Herrick, Nehemiah Sayre. Proved, November 19, 1730.

         [NOTE.--Stephen Bouyer was a Huguenot, and lived for many years in Southampton. In 1729 he presented to the Church two heavy Communion cups of silver. He kept a store and occupied, as a tenant, the old Woodruff homestead, afterward owned by Francis Pelletreau. His tombstone in Southampton bears this inscription: "Here lyes ye Body of Mr. Stephen Bouyer, of Arver, in France. Who came to this place in ye year 1686. Departed this life Oct. ye 24, 1730. Aged 73 years."]

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Bradley - Bradly
Christopher  (71) - in the household of his mother, Mary (Christophers) [Bradley] Youngs and his stepfather, Thomas Youngs.
This is Christopher Bradley, who married Mehitable Horton abt 1700. He is a Mayflower descendant, son of Peter and Mary (Christophers) Bradley.
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Jonathan, Eliza, Jonathan junjr, Eliza junjr, Hannah, Rachel (225-230)
This is Jonathan-2 (Richard-1) Brown and his second wife Eliza Silvester, daughter of Nathaniel Sylvester. All of these kids are from the first wife, who is unknown, per Lucy D. Akerly, NYGBR 31, 1900 Browne, Richard, 31:65-70, 1900.
William, Catharine, William junjr, John, Walter, Silvanus, David, Mary (289-296)
This is William-2 (Richard-1) Brown and his wife Catherine (__) and their children. Akerly, in The Brown NYGBR article, lists a son Solomon, who is not here, nor anywhere in the census. Did he die... or not born yet?? Elijah and Thomas born after the census.
Walter, Joseph, Daniel (385-387)
This is Walter-2 (Richard-1) and his sons, Joseph-3 and Daniel-3. Joseph-3 referred to Daniel-3 as his brother in his will. Joseph-3 later married Dorothy Tuthill. Walter married Jane Conklin just after the census, in 1700.

(Note: Don't find either Jane Conklin or Dorothy Tuthill in 1698 census?)

Richard, Dorithy, Richard junjr, Samuel, Dorathy, Abigall, Mehitobel, Henry  (538-545)

This is Richard-2 (Richard-1) Brown and his wife, and also his cousin, Dorothy-3 (Samuel-2, William-1) King. This family covered in NYGBR 31:65-70, 1900. A David born after the census.

Query: Where is Deborah, who later married her step-brother, Daniel Dayton?
She should have been  only about 5 years old at the time of the census?

This family is in Cutchogue in the census, but must have moved to Oysterponds shortly after, as most are buried in Oysterpond.

For Richard-1 Brown material, see NYGBR 31:65-70, 1900, Ackerly article.

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John, Hester, John Junjr, Joseph, Susannah, Mary  (401-406)
This is John-3 (John-2, John-1) Budd and his family. Many of the other Budds were in Rye, Westchester Co, New York.

These Budd marriages in the 1720's and 1730's are probably from this John. Their marriage dates suggest they could have been born after the census. This is speculation on my part, however. I know of no additional evidence supporting their parentage, although Hester was not a common name and would seem very likely to be a daughter from this couple. John-4 Budd (John, Jr above) was most likely not old enough to have had these children:

Salmon Marriages for Budds:

Nathan Budd md Elizabeth Petty, 9 Jan 1722 (SR).
Joshua Budd md Mary Lupton, 4 Nov 1731 (SR)
Hester Budd md Joseph Peck Jul 18, 1727 (SR)
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Martha  (492) - Following Goldsmith family
"Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" speculates she was a housekeeper or maid to the Goldsmith family.
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John, Ann, Gesia, Hester, (Eliza Rackett), (John Rackett), Ann junjr, Mary  (735-742)
This family is listed in Southold Town Records, (LI Source Records, p 165), with the surname of Carttrith. Their names are variously found in the records as Carter, Cartwith, Carttrith, Carteret.

Ann (__)  was married to John Rackett before John Carter and had Eliza and John Rackett. Note the Rackett Series in NYGBR 126:232 has the oldest daughter, Anna, as from John and Anna. The Town Record gives her date of birth before the date of marriage of John and Ann (___) Carter. This could be a mistake in the record, an illegitimate child, or a child from a previous marriage. This daughter's name is the same as Ann, and no other marriage is listed in the family's VR record in Liber E of the Town Records. Yet her birthdate before the marriage is a problem in knowing for sure if there was a different mom for Anna, and a first marriage for John Carter.)

Note: Mapes were below and above this family in the census.

Salmon Records:

1717, Jan 26, Silvanus Brown md Kesia Carter (Salmon Records)
The Gillam patriarch's first name was: Carteret, a possible spelling variation of Carter.. ?? Relationship??

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Theophilus, Hannah, William, Icabod, John  (358-362)
This is Theophilus-2 (Henry-1) Case and Hannah (___). This Hannah later married Jabez Mapes (1717) and Joseph Goldsmith (1736).
Henry, Tabitha, Henry junjr, Samuel, Benjamin, Tabitha junjr, Mary  (593-599)
This is Henry-2 (Henry-1) and Tabitha-2 (Jeremiah-1) (Vail) Case and their family.
Hanna  (627) - in the household of "widdow Martha Huthchinson", who was first married to Henry-1 Case.
Not sure who this Hanna is... ?? Dickerson says Hannah Case, daughter of Henry & Tabitha (Vail), is the Hannah Case, who married Philemon-2 Dickerson (Salmon Records) in 1709. This is likely her. If so, this is a grandchild living with her grandmother.

The matriarch of the Case family, Martha-2 (Corwin), is later in the census as the "widow Martha Hutchinson", as she married second Thomas Hutchinson.

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Thomas, Mary, Thomas junjr, Elizabeth
See Van Buren, TAG 10:201-2. An immigrant Richard Clark died at Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, will 1 Apr 1697, naming sons Richard, John, Joshua, Samuel, Ephraim, Thomas and Benjamin. Perhaps this family is the son, Thomas of that family, or perhaps a grandson.

There is also reported to be an offshoot of the Thomas Clark family of Ipswich in the Southold area shortly after the census (A Genealogical History of the Clark and Worth Familes, pp 443-4) This family seemingly unrelated to the New Jersey one. There are also Clarks in Southampton - at least two Samuel Clarks there about 1700.

1686 Census entry: Thomas Clarke: 1 male, 2 females. Since the kids are "normally" listed by age, the above arrangement of names suggests there was an older daughter, who may be dead or married; and Elizabeth, above may have been born after 1686 - if she is a daughter of Thomas, Sr. But, she could be a wife of Thomas, Junr.

Salmon Records:

1720 0428 Widw Catherin Clark died
1731 0424 Jonathan Clarks son
1705 0215 Sm Clark a child dead
1728 1200 Sm Clark junr child infant
1733 1017 Thomas Clark
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Eliza, Jerediah, John, Eliza junjr, Mary, Hannah, John junjr,  Abigall  (557-564)
This appears to be the family of John and Eliza (__) Cleaves. Another confusing entry.

Note that John is not at home, and Eliza is not referred to as a widow. There is a death record entry for a John Cleaves in 1707. But, Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony indicates the father died before the 1698 census and is not here because he is dead, even though the census taker didn't use "Widdw" for Eliza. Note there are two John's. Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony speculates there were two sons named John. If this is true, and the dad died before the census, then one of the sons named John died in 1707 and the other married Mary Hallock.

There is no entry in Torrey that I see that matches this couple and no Cleaves in Torrey, "of Southold".

This family is in Cutchogue in the census, but moved on to Riverhead shortly after.

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Coe - (Cox?)
Wm  (526)
This is likely the William Cox who married Abigail Coleman (See Coleman below) 07 May 1711. See Cox Families of America.

"Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" suggests this name (Coe in the census) should perhaps be "Cox."

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Abigall  (153) - Following Richard and Prudence Terry.
This is likely the Abigail Coleman who married William Cox, 07 May 1711. The Salmon Record only shows his name as ".... ....ox". Cox Families of America claims this to be William-2 (Samuel-1) Cox. She is likely a daughter of William Coleman, who in the 1686 census had 3 males and 3 females. She is likely the sister of the William Coleman in the 1698 census below.
William, Mary, Sarah, William junjr, Mary junjr, Sarah junjr    (505-510)
Torrey shows the death dates of William and a Mary/Sarah Mapes as 1705? and 1707?, respectively, suggesting this could be their family. However, I believe that this William and Mary/Sarah Mapes were both dead by 1698, or elsewhere than Southold. In my opinion, this is William-2 Coleman, son of William and Sarah (Mapes) Coleman. Note this represents a generation omitted from the Mapes and Coleman published accounts of this family.

The chronology of what is known of the Coleman family suggest this is a son of William-1 Coleman, born about 1770 and his wife, Mary (___). The first Sarah listed above would be a sister.

Entry in 1686 Census were: "Willm Colman: 3 males, 3 females". This would appear to be William-1, William-2, and John-2 (below); and Sarah (Mapes), plus two daughters: Abigail above and the Sarah following the Mary in the above entry.

The listed William junjr here in 1698 is almost certainly the William junjr, who married in relatively quick succession: Bethia Swezey - 1718, Mary Brown - 1724, and Mary Youngs - 1728 (Salmon Records). The Mary junjr is likely the Mary who married Joshua Curtice in 1727. The Sarah junjr is not listed in the Mapes Genealogy (which uses the Coleman Genealogy as a source.) and I have found no further record of her.

This couple, ie William-2 and Mary (___) Mapes, is then likely the parents of the following Colemans recorded in marriages in the Salmon Records in the 1720's:

1729 1211 Danll Colmon & Ester Curtice
1724 0723 Nathll Colman & Deb Row
1727 0417 Thoms Colman & Elesabeth Row
In trying to correlate the Coleman Genealogy, found in the published Mapes Genealogy, to the above entry, this appears to be the entry there for the son, William-2, and his wife, given there as Mary Brown, which is almost certainly a mistake. (There was a William Coleman married a Mary Brown, but that was in 1724... much later. That was William-3 Coleman. This identity of the Mary in this 1698 family, a presumed wife of this William-2, is unknown.)

"Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony", indicates that Mary is the wife of William Coleman and that the Sarah is a sister or mother of William. Since the census taker seemed to be fairly good at calling widows: "widows", I think it more likely a sister, or even a sister-in-law. This source is unclear on which William is the head of household.

I am not familiar with the evidence giving the identity of the matriarch of this family as a Mapes. It may come from the will of Thomas Mapes, which I understand exists, but I have not seen. There may have been two wives. Torrey gives her name as Mary/Sarah Mapes. The Mapes Genealogy says the wife of William Coleman was Sarah Mapes. The Coleman Genealogy gives the wife as Mary Mapes, and has apparently confused the two Williams. (The Mapes Genealogy gives Mary-2 Mapes as a wife to Samuel-2 Wines, son of Barnabas-1 Wines.)

"Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" reports that an early Long Island Coleman famly all perished together in a boat in crossing the Long Island Sound from Connecticut. I'm not sure what family that is or when this happened. There are several Coleman entries in the Salmon Records through the 1700's.

Jno (John)  (662) - Following a Youngs family
This is probably John-2, brother of the William-2 Coleman found above and one of the 3 males found in the 1686 census of William-1 Coleman. The Coleman Genealogy (source Mapes Genealogy) gives another brother, named George. His whereabouts in 1698 is unknown to me, or why he is placed in this family. George-2 Coleman would likely be born after 1686, if properly placed - unless there was a previously identified male not at home in the 1686 census. George-2 Coleman's place in the family of William-1 should probably be re-evaluated.

John-2 Coleman is possibly the the Coleman in the Salmon Records entry "  Colmon & Abigail Clark", which does not give a first name for the groom, in 24 Feb 1707.

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Conklin - Concklin, Conckline
John, Sarah, Sarah junjr, John junjr, Henry, Rachel, Thomas, Mary
Joseph, Abigall, Joseph junjr, John  (94-105)
These names are all run together in the census. I have split this listing onto two families. The first line matches John-3 (John-2,1) Conklin and Sarah-3 (Thomas2,1) Scudder and their family. The second line, apparently in the same, or next consecutive, household, looks like the family of Joseph-3 (John-2,1) Conklin: his wife Abigail-3 (John-2, Henry-1) Tuthill, and their two sons Joseph and John. The father Joseph died shortly after this census, Nov 23, 1698.

John named two more children in his will: Joseph and Elizabeth. They must have been born after the census.

Jacob, Mary, Jacob junjr, Samuel, John, Gideon, Mary junjr,
Joseph, Joseph junjr (276-284)

Here again, I have split these names, all running consecutively in the census, into two family groups. The first family matches Jacob-2 (John-1) Conklin and Mary-2 (Joseph-1) Young and their family. The second is Jacob's son, Joseph-3 and his son Joseph, junjr. His wife is not listed in the census, apparently missed or gone from the house, as I don't think she is dead yet.
Where are?:
Mary, Anna, Elizabeth Conklin, daughters of John-2, from his second wife, Mary (__)?

Sarah-3 Conklin (John-2, John-1) md John Laughton - perhaps in Southampton?

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Abraham, Margarett, Mary, Abraham junjr, Jno, Dorathy, (Patience Mayhew)

Isaac, Sarah, Isaac junjr, David, Jonathan, Sara junjr Phebe, Deborah  (369-382)

These names are all consecutive, but the names following Abraham comprise one family and the names following Isaac comprise a second family.

The first line matches Abraham-2 (John-1). His wife is Margaret Christophers, who married John Parker after the census (Torrey). Patience Mayhew is a niece of Margaret (Christophers) Corey. Margaret is Margaret-2 (Jeffrey-1) Christophers and Patience is Patience-3 (Joanna-2 md John Mayhew, Jeffrey-1 Christophers). A sister of Patience, Mary Mayhew, is in the Thomas and Mary (Christophers) Youngs houshold. That Mary Christophers (from Christopher) and this Margaret Christophers (from Jeffrey) are first cousins.

Isaac-2 is the younger brother of Abraham. Isaac's family's VR's are in Southold Town Records, Libers D&E (Ackerly), LI Source Records, Hoff, 1987, p 167-8. Following these two families are two names who may have been staying at their home at the time, Peter-2 Aldridge and Annis Reeve widdow. Sarah is suggested by the Corey genealogy to be a Cook. I don't where the evidence for that identity comes from. If the widow Annis Reeve is, indeed, a part of this household, that is a suggestion that Sarah is a Reeve.  She married first, Anthony Ludlam of Southampton, which could also suggest she was not from a Southold family.

Jacob, Ann, Jacob junjr, Ann junjr, Abigall, Jehoada, John, Benjamin  (632-639)
This matches Jacob-2 and his family. The Corey Genealogy identifies the wife as Ann Tuthill, but no source showing that name gives her parents, nor do I find her name in any records or Tuthill genealogy. The Corey Genealogy also does not carry the Benjamin as a son. I see no other Benjamins in the genealogy  that this could be, however; so conclude it must be a son.
According to Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony, p 20, John-1 Corey, the original immigrant, was prevented from taking title to land in the Cutchogue land dividend because of his Quaker beliefs. Whether John-1 was a Quaker is disputed by some genealogists. It may be that the situation with the Cutchogue land applied to John-2 Corey - who died in 1685 in Huntington, Long Island.

See "The Corey Family of Southampton and Southold, Long Island, New York", by Luce D. Akerly,  in Genealogies of Long Island Families, ed Hoff, GPC, 1987.

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Theophilus  (287) - In Conklin household
Theophilus-3 (Theo-2, Matthias-1) The Corwin Genealogy concludes that both of these Corwin parents are dead by the 1698 census and the Corwin children found "sprinkled" among neighbors probably all belong to Theophilus-2. Most of the children would have been teen-agers to young adults by now.

Note the Corwin Genealogy also gives a son David to Theophilus, who is not in the 1698 census. This is apparently based on a 1739 Salmon death record, "son of Theophilus". However, I believe this David belongs to Theo-3, not Theo-2, as there would be no reason for a David to be referred to as a son of Theo died before 1698 in a 1739 Salmon Record. It is more likely this was referring to a Theophilus who was living in 1739, therefore, a son of Theophilus-3.

Note also the Corwin Genealogy apparently does not assign the John Corwin (713) in the household of John and Jemima (Alsop) Paine. I see no reason to doubt that he is also not a son of Theophilus. Note that John-3 (John-2, Matthias) Corwin did have a son John, but he is presumed to be the one born 1705 (per headstone), after the 1698 census, married Elizabeth Goldsmith, Dec 20, 1732; and died Mattituck, Dec 22, 1755.

The Corwin Genealogy only traces Theophilus-3 and Daniel-3 Corwin, sons of Theophilus-2. Further records of the other children were unknown there. These daughters are very likely "unknown" wives to other Southolders who we don't the identities for.

John, Matthias, Samuel, Anna, Abigall, (297-300)
This is John-2 Corwin and his family in consecutive order with son John-3 and his wife, Sarah (__) and their family - see below. John-2 Glover's wife Mary Glover, is dead, as is daughter Mary-3 (Corwin) Mapes, first wife of Jabez Mapes. Daughter Rebecca-3 (Corwin) Osman is later in the census as husband of Abraham Osman; as is Sarah-3 (Corwin) Osman, wife of Jacob Osman. No further record for Anna or Abigall.
John junjr, Sarah, Sarah junjr, Eliza, Hester  (301-306)
This is the family of John-3, son of John-2, above, and directly following his father's family. His 1729 will is summarized here. Note that Eliza and Hester were not mentioned in his will. It is a slight possibility they could be sisters of this John junjr, or daughters who died before 1729, or daughters who moved off of Long Island before 1729 and provided for at that time. All of the boys would be born after 1698.

John Corwin
Dates: Written: 12/09/1729; Proved: 02/11/1729/30
Wife: Sarah (living)
Sons: John, David, Joseph, Samuel
Daughters: Sarah, Anna, Patience, Martha, Experience
 (Sarah, Anna, Patience, likely md, got much less than last two)
Grandson: "eldest son" of Jonathan Brooks
Executors: my wife Sarah, and my son John
Witnesses: Samuel Hutchinson, Silvanus Davis, Benjamin Hutchinson

Mehitobel  (355) - In David Gardiner household.
Mehitable-3 (Theo-2, Matthias-1) No further record.
Bethia (677) - In household of Samuel Youngs
This Bethia Corwin is likely the one assigned by the Corwin Genealogy to Bethia-3 (Theophilus-2, Matthias-1). No further record.
John  (713) - In household of John and Jemima (Alsop) Paine.
John-3 (Theo-2, Mathias-1) Not listed in the Corwin Genealogy, this appears to also be a son of Theophilus-2. No further record.
Daniel  (720) - In household of Joshiah-3 and Mary (___) Youngs.
Another presumed son of Theophilus-2. Married, first, Mary Ramsey. Married 2nd: 01/31/1723: Danll Curwin & Elesa Cleaves (Salmon Record).
Mary  (728) - In household of William-2 (William-1) Hallock.
Mary is probably another child of Theophilus: Mary-3 (Theo-2, Mathias-1). No further record.
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Samuel, Joseph, Sussannah  (416-418)

Note that Savage has no entries for Crook or Crooke at all. Torrey has only entries for female Crooke wives, none in Southold. So, this family has been ignored by "mainstream" genealogical publications.

This would be appear to be a widower Samuel with son and daughter. It is doubtful that Joseph and Susannah are a couple because a Susanna Crook married in 1717 and a Joseph Crook died "aged" in 1727. The head of household could be this Samuel Crook:

Abstracts of Wills Vol III 1730-1744
Pg 209

Page 6.--George Clarke, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief. Whereas, SAMUEL CROOK, of Southold, in Suffolk County, died intestate, Letters of Administration are granted to his son Samuel, June 29, 1736.

We also have:

Salmon Record marriages:

1717 0121 William King > Susanna Crook
1733 1220 Samuel Conklin > Mary Crook
1752 0218 Constant Havens > Elizabeth, wd Crook
1742 1124 Samuel Crook > Elizabeth, wid Hopkins
Salmon Record deaths:
1727 0802 Joseph Crook died aged
1738 0514 Widw Mary Crook
1736 0618 Samll Crook
1751 0519 Sam Crook
The Salmon Record for Susanna Crook and William King is probably to William-3 (William-2,1) King, born 1662, who had just lost his wife, Abigail Brown, in May 1716. There was likely quite an age difference. This marriage is not shown in the vital records of the family of William-3 in Libers D&E of Southold Town Records, however (see pg 162, LI Source Records.)

A likely scenario for the Samuels is that the above Samuel remarried an unknown woman, first name Mary (possibly a Paine-see reference to "cousin"Benjamin Paine in Samuel Crooks 1751 will) after the 1698 census, and then, had a son named Samuel, as well as a daughter named Mary (married Samuel Conklin Dec 20, 1733- see above). The Samuel in the 1698 census could have been the intestate 1736 Samuel Crook and his son, Samuel, the son therein named. (His older son, Joseph, having died 1727 - see above.)

That son Samuel, in turn, would have married Elizabeth-4 (John-3, Samuel-2, William-1) King, who was the widow of Abijah Hopkins. The Hopkins/King marriage recorded Salmon Records Dec 26, 1734. That Samuel then died 05/19/1751, leaving his widow to marry Constant Havens in 1752 (see above.)

The Samuel Crook who died in 1751 left this will:

Abstracts of Wills Vol IV 1744-1753
Pg 342

Page 392.--In the name of God, Amen, I, SAMUEL CROOK, of the town of Southold, yeoman, being in perfect mind. I leave all my estate, real and personal, and stocks of all kinds, and household movables, to my only son, Benjamin Crook. I make my loving brother, Benjamin Emmons, and my cousin, Benjamin Paine, both of Southold, executors.

         Dated August 5, 1748. Witnesses, Jeremiah Young, Samuel King, James Beebee. Proved, June 17, 1751. The executors having resigned, the widow, Elizabeth Crook, was appointed executrix, July 13, 1751.

In turn, his widow, then, Elizabeth Havens, left this will, naming her Crook grandchildren, obviously children of Benjamin Crook. Also note that Samuel Crook appointed his "cousin" Benjamin Paine as an executor, and his wife named "my trusty friend" John Paine, Sr as executor. The Crooks and Emmons had close ties to the family of John Paine of Wading River. The exact relationships that lead to the "cousin" reference in Samuel Crooks will I have not yet discovered. It may be possible that the "widow Mary Crook", who died 1738, and is possibly Samuel's mother, was a Paine. Note that Peter Paine had a daughter, Mary, who was of approximate age to be this Mary, wife of Samuel Crook. (In Widow Abigail Paine's household in 1698 census.)

Abstracts of Wills, Vol XIII, 1784-1786
Pg 70

Page 334.--In the name of God, Amen. I, ELIZABETH HAVENS, of Southampton, Suffolk County, Hogneck, being weak in body. I leave to my grandson, Samuel Crook, after my debts are paid, 5 lawfull money at eight shillings pr Dollar. The rest of my estate to be equally divided between all my grandchildren, namely: Samuel Crook, Walter Crook, Susana Crook, Abraham Crook and Benjamin Crook. I appoint my trusty friend, John Payne, Sr., executor.

         Dated October 23, 1784. Witnesses, Hannah Havens, Polly Nicheson and John Joseph Fraizer Montgomery. Proved, Suffolk County, December 4, 1784. Administration granted to David Corwithe, of Suffolk County, merchant, the executor having relinquished the executorship by an Instrument dated December 4th instant, New York, December 31, 1784.

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Curtis, Curtice - Curtjes
Caleb, Eliza, Joshua, Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Hannah, Richard  (337-344)
This is Caleb-2 Curtice/Curtis and his wife Elizabeth-2 Rider. Directly following Caleb & Eliza are his oldest son, Joshua and his wife Mary Youngs - followed by the rest of the children of Caleb-2.

Ackerly, at p 159 (footnote) of LI Source Records, indicates this is a Caleb-3, son of a Caleb-2 Curtice. I believe Ackerly has splintered one person in two. I believe the son of Richard-1 Curtice was this Caleb. If this Caleb is a grandson of Richard, his father would have had to have had him while young and then died early. I find no evidence that this person existed, ie I find no evidence that this 1698 Caleb is not Caleb-2.

The vital records for this family are preserved in Libers D&E of Southold Town Records (pg 159 of LI Source Records). The vital records of son Joshua are also in Libers D&E (pg 179 of LI Source Records).

A daughter of Caleb-2 Curtice, Elizabeth, given in those vital records, is missing from the above 1698 family. She was born Apr 17, 1673, and is presumably married or dead. If she married, I know not who she married.

"Calob Curtis" is in the 1686 census with 4 males and 4 females. The above daughters, Sarah and Hannah, plus the older Elizabeth and mom, account for the girls. The above son Richard was not born till 1689, so there was another male in the 1686 census not accounted for in this census. Since that person is not shown as a son in Libers D&E, it may be an unidentified brother of Caleb who moved from the area shortly after, or died an unrecorded death.

Richard-1 Curtice died in 1671. Caleb Curtice administered the estate of his father, Richard Curtice, in March, 1671. The mother of Caleb-2 Curtice, wife of Richard-1 Curtice, is proven by this will of David Carwithy:

Abstracts of Wills Vol I 1665-1707
Pg 3

"DAVID CARWITHY, Southold. "Mr. Carwithy being visited with sickness, desires to set things in order, being weake in body, but in perfect memory." Leaves to son Caleb "my best suit of clothes and a bed blanket." To daughter Martha a scythe and a Bible. To daughter Elizabeth Crowner 9 sterling. "As for my son David I left him his portion when I came from him," but adds 20 shillings. Makes daughter Sarah Curtis sole executrix.

         Dated August 30, 1665. Witnesses, John Conckling, Sr., Simon Grover, Jacob Conckling. Proved Nov.--, 1665. Sarah Curtis, "of Hashamomack, neare Southold," is confirmed as executrix, and Quietus granted October 5, 1666, by Gov. Nicoll.

         [NOTE.--This name, after many changes, is now Corwith, and the family are numerous on Long Island. - Pelletrau]"

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John  (686)
Torrey entry: "Daines, John & 1/wf Abigail Paine (?1676-  ); ca 1698?; Southold, LI" See Abigail Paine, junjr below.
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Evan, Mary  (502-503)

There was an immigrant Fulk Davis of Southampton. Whether this Evans is descended from him or not, I do not know. There were later Davises in Southold.

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Peter, Naomi, Philemon, John, Mary junjr, Naomi, Thomas, Mary (163-170
This is Peter-2 (Philemon-1) Dickerson and his wife, Naomi-2 (Thomas-1) Mapes, and their children.

The Mary is Peter's sister, Mary-2 Dickerson. The Mary junjr would be a niece namesake of hers, daughter of Peter.

Conspicuously absent is Thomas-2 Dickerson, Peter's brother. Baker thinks his death is that recorded in the Salmon Records in 1704.  The Dickerson Genealogy (Baker, 1978) does not trace any descendants for Thomas-2.

See Baker, Wesley L., Dickerson and Dickinson Descedants of Philemon Dickerson of Southold, Long Island, N. Y., 1978.

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William, Abigall, Abijah junjr  (264-266)
This entry matches William-1 Downs and his wife, Abigail Rider (See Torrey; Pioneers of Riverhead, p 24). I don't have much on the Riders at this point. Another Rider lady married a Reeve. I suspect the male Rider line died out, or moved away.

I don't know who the Abijah is. Arthur Channing Downs, in The Downs Family of Long Island supposes this is a spelling variation for Abigail, and is a daughter with the same name as the mother.  I doubt that. Abijah is clearly a different name than Abigail. This could be a nephew of William named after a father (brother to William), or a son named after an uncle, etc.

William and Abigail (Rider) Downs had sons William and John and a daughter Elizabeth (married Daniel Wells) after the census, who are the ancestors to many subsequent generations of Long Islanders.

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Margarett  (11)
Listed after Thomas Mapes family, may be in their household. (see Mapes)
John  (72) In Thomas and Mary (Christophers) Youngs household.

Charley  (527)

"Cutchogue - Southold's First Colony" speculates this is an Indian, particularly because of the use of the name "Charley" instead of Charles. This is possible, but I don't think likely, as Indians were counted and included in the final tabulation, but in a separate part of the census. Still, the census taker may have goofed and included an Indian in the "regular" list.
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Thomas, Mary (57-58)
Obadiah, Elizabeth  (59-60)

According to The Emmons Family, Edward Neville Emmons, 1905, these names match two brothers, Thomas-3 and Obadiah-3 Emmons, sons of Obadiah-2 (Thomas-1) Emmons, of Boston; but does not conclude they are the same persons:

"[14] OBADIAH, (twin bro. of Samuel) b. Boston, 8 Nov., 1671; m. 7 Nov., 1699, Judith, dau. Richard Hubbard, of Salisbury, Mass., b. 9 July, 1679. In a list of the inhabitants of the township of Southold, Suffolk County L. I., taken Sept. 1698, we find the names of Thomas and Obadiah Emmons; but whether these persons represent the subject of this record, and his eldest brother, we know not." [The Emmons Family]

The oldest brother, Thomas, is shown as born 7 Jan 1659.

If these Emmons are from that family, they would be related to an offshoot of that Boston family that migrated early on to East Haddam, Conn.

There was also an Emans/Emons family in Gravesend, Long Island. (See LI Source Records).

Absent the info that there were brothers of about the age to be the above, one could also speculate this entry was a "man, wife, son, daughter"; as well as "man, wife, son, wife of son."

I find no further record of these Emmons in Southold, but in 1729, two Emmons, probably brothers, married (Salmon Records), apparently on the same day. The entries are consecutive in the Salmon Records, although the Salmon Records entry does not actually show a date next to the Samuel Emmons entry.

1729 1121 Benjamin Emmons Hannah Hopkins
1729 1121 Samuel Emmons Elizabeth Rackett
And then, twenty years later, we have:
1749 1002 Benjamin Emmons Hannah Youngs
1751 0606 Solomon Reeve Elizabeth Emmons
Hannah Emmons is referred to as a daughter in the will of Gideon Youngs of 1749, indicating that the above Hannah Youngs was his daughter. Whether the 1749 Benjamin Emmons marriage was a second marriage for the Benjamin Emmons in the 1729 marriage, or a quite young son of one of the 1729 marriages (of Samuel or Benjamin), I do not know.

The Rackett Genealogy, given in the NYGBR, says the Elizabeth Emmons who married Solomon Reeve (Salmon Records) is a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Rackett) Emmons. (Bette Innes Bradway, C.G., NYGBR - Descendants of John Rackett,  (NYGBR, Series, 126:232-238 - 1995, 127:38-45 - 1996, p 236). However, that researcher appeared to be obtaining all of their information from the Salmon Records (apparently reaching their concluusion by matching Elizabeth mother/daughter names) and appeared to be unaware of the will of Samuel Emmons, which does not mention an Elizabeth. So, it is as likely she was a daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Youngs) Emmons as she was a daughter of Samuel; or, she may have been a daughter of Samuel and died before the 1772 will; or, she may have been a daughter of Samuel and simply not referred to.

Location: These Emmons seem to have moved west to the Wading River area of Southold, as they are neighbors to, witnesses to, or served as witnesses for, folks who are Wading River people.

Associations: Benjamin Emmons, Jr. was named executor of the 1762 will of John Paine of Wading River. Both a Benjamin Emmons and Samuel Emmons were named neighbors in that will. Samuel and Elizabeth Emmons witnessed the 1751 will of Josiah Glover, who disposed of land next to John Paine of Wading River in that will. Josiah's brother, Uriah Glover, married Sarah Hopkins, a sister of the above Hannah Hopkins, who married Benjamin Emmons. In turn, they were sisters of Abijah Hopkins, whose widow (Elizabeth King) married Samuel Crook, who in turn, called Benjamin Emmons his "loving brother" in his 1748 will. A Samuel Emmons witnessed the 1762 will of Joseph Robinson of Brookhaven.

In the 1770's we have the following wills of Samuel and Thomas Emmons, apparently father and son:

Abstracts of Wills Vol VIII 1771-1776, Pg 48

"Page 271.--In the name of God, Amen, May 27, 1772. I, SAMUEL EMMONS, being weak and sick. I leave to my eldest son, Thomas, 1/2 of my lands and meadows, and the other 1/2 to my son Benjamin, and they are to pay all debts. "And they shall take care of my well beloved wife, taking good care of her, and providing for her things convenient and necessary for her in her old age; but if they refuse she shall have just right to her lawful Dowry." I leave to my daughter Martha a home in my house so long as she remains unmarried. I leave to my two sons my farming utensils, and to my daughter Abigail a cow. I make my sons, Thomas and Benjamin, executors.

         Witnesses, Theophilus Philips, John Tuthill, Absalom Brown. Residence not given, but proved in Suffolk County, June 19, 1772."

"Page 153.--In the name of God, Amen. I, THOMAS EMMONS, of Southold, in Suffolk County, being weak in body. My executors are to make a full division with my brother Benjamin, of all the estate owned between us. And they are to sell all personal property except my watch, which I give to Benjamin Emmons, eldest son of my brother Benjamin. If the personal property is not enough to pay debts, they may sell land, the surplus to be paid to Benjamin Emmons, eldest son of my brother Benjamin, and to his third son, William, when of age. I make Josiah Lupton and Richard Robinson, executors.

Dated December 26, 1775. Witnesses, Mary Pain, Absalom Brown, Jr., John Pain. Proved, March 28, 1776."

The daughter, Martha, referred to in Samuel Emmons will, is likely the Martha Emmons who married Zebulon Woodhull, on Apr 13, 1780 (Mattituck Records). The Woodhull Genealogy reports she was his second wife and they had no children, although she became step-mother of his seven children, ages 6-16.

In a 1778 census is shown the households of a Benjamin Emmons and Benjamin Emmons, Jr with 8 and 7 occupants, in Wading River. A 1778 list of males giving oaths to the King shows:

Page 17, but not consecutive:

Emmons Benjamin, age 43,  born 1735, Farmer
Emmons Samuel, age 17,  born 1761, Farmer
Emmons William, age 16, born  1762, Farmer

Page 12, next to John Paine (probably grandson of John Paine of Wading River)

Emmons Benjamin, Jr., age 29,  1749 Farmer

One is tempted to see these names as correlating pefectly to names given in the wills of Samuel and Thomas above, except for one problem. The 43 year old Benjamin would only be 14 when the 29 year old Benjamin was born. Whether there was a mistake with the age, or there are more Benjamins in the mix (from either Benjamin married Hannah Hopkins or Hannah Youngs), I do not know at this point.

The 17 year old Samuel Emmons in 1778 is likely the Samuel Emmons who married Eunice Wines on Oct 16, 1782 (Mattituck Records).

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Franklin - Francklin
John, Philla, Jno, Mary, Samuel, Martha  (421-424)


Franklin, John & __?___; b 1692, 1666?; Southold, LI
Salmon Death Records:
1699 0211 Mary franklin burd
1699 0220 Jno franklin buried
1715 0423 [P]hiladelphia Franklin  Relict to Jn
1717 0307 Samll franklin daughter
1725 0227 Sm Franklin
1725 0303 Elizabeth Franklin   (32)
Salmon Marriages
1716 0214 Sm Franklin & Elesabeth Miller
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